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Don't Make Him Cry

Chapter Five - The Oppressed

By Sniffles


"I really hate my life."

"Would you quit bitching?"

"No! I really do hate my life."

"If you don't shut up I'm going to fuc-"


Elena and Reno both jumped as Tseng's voice rang out. They looked at him, their expressions equally frozen in shock. "Would you just shut the hell up? You're making so much noise even if we do manage to locate it, it'll know we're here before we can get close." Tseng snapped.

Reno and Elena nodded together, stepping just a bit closer to each other. Tseng in a rage was rare, and very frightening to see. Tseng made a soft snorting sound and started walking again. Reno and Elena were quiet. They walked directly behind Tseng and Rude followed just behind them.

"Sh." Rude suddenly stopped walking. He placed a finger against his lips. His eyes were bright as he gazed into the darkness of the trees.

Tseng paused, as did Elena and Reno. They all listened.

Off in the distance, so quiet it would have been missed by the others, someone, or something, was crying.


The night burst into flames. Rufus only had time to utter a brief warning before another projectile plowed into the ground by Seifer's feet. The resulting explosion sent them both flying. Rufus landed hard, so hard the breath was knocked out of him. But he was on his feet even before he could gasp air into his abused lungs again. "Goddamn it, I hate those bees!" He screamed (More like wheezed) as he pulled out his weapon and rushed into the trees.

They were Tsui's favorite creature, probably because they were the stealthiest and thus the deadliest of all his creations. Almost immediately he ran across one of them. In the dark it was hard to make out anything but it's shape. No matter. He attacked anyway. With a primal scream he raised his pistol, firing straight for the area he knew their brains were. He had to kill as many as he could and when the others smelt the blood of their comrades, they would flee.

The first bee went down easily. Behind it were two more. The bees biggest weakness, were their habit of travelling in compact, large groups. Another of their weaknesses was their fear. And one thing they really feared, were crazy humans. As Rufus ran to the other two, his pistol firing almost without him knowing it, he could feel the fear in them. It made his heart beat just that much faster.

They went down so easily he was almost surprised. He didn't let the emotion bother him though. He focused only on his anger. His hatred. If he didn't.. he would remember. /These creatures are the victims/ The thought thrust itself on him, /They didn't ask to be like this./

/Human once... they were all human once.../

He found five more just a few feet away.

/A mother... a brother... a sister../

Two down with one shot. They lined up nicely so the first shot went through ones brain, out of the back of his head and into the other's heart.

/An unwilling experiment... only wanting to live their life in peace./

The others put up more of a fight. He hardly felt the sharp claws that ripped at his back and arms. The blast of fire magic that hit him squarely in the chest only made him hesitate for a moment.

/And what do they get?/

He could hear them screaming to each other. And then the last one he faced turned and ran. His pistol raised, level and steady.

/Pain. Deformation and death./

The shot echoed loudly in his ears. He watched as the bee jerked, and then fell to the ground.



/What are these things?/ Seifer raised his hand, "Fire!"

And a sheet of magical fire burst from his palm. He didn't realize, or think about the implications. He had no GF. How could he cast magic? But he didn't think. He was in the heat of battle. He just acted and reacted.

The flames burned his face.


He shook his head lightly, charging at the next creature with a scream.

/So hot/

He glanced down. His hands were covered in blood. Red, human blood.

/These creatures are the victims Almasy./

Something hard slammed into his chest. He couldn't breathe. He hit the ground, the creature's weight atop of him. It's claws wrapped around his throat. /Die, die, die../ He could see it in the creature's eyes ... in those... those human eyes..

/They are the ones we should be fighting to save./

He shot it three times in the stomach. It didn't even flinch. It's eyes hardened with anger. /Hit them anywhere but in the brain and you'll only serve to piss them off./



The night sky lit up with sparkling energy. The creature's eyes widened fractionally as the bolt magic hit it squarely between the shoulder blades. The force of the bolt was so strong that the creature's head was removed. The resulting gust of blood coated Seifer's face.

He lay beneath the dead creature's twitching body. He didn't bother to try and move.

/These creatures are the victims-/

/They are the ones we should be trying to save-/

"You all right?"

Seifer didn't move when the voice called out. He didn't reconcile the voice to himself. Slowly his eyes slid shut. /Christ... what's happening to me?/



Zell shivered, rubbing his arms hard as he gazed around with his eyes very wide and confused. He was too warm, but the goosepimples on his arms contradicted the raging fire inside his body. "Shit." He muttered, his eyes darted to the gunblade lying on his dresser. "Why'd that bastard give it to me?" He wondered aloud with a little sniff.

He hated having to see that thing everytime he walked into his room. Everytime he did look at it he could hear Seifer's taunting voice in his head. /'What's your problem, chicken-wuss? Got a problem with ghosts?'/

Zell snorted, shaking his head hard. They didn't know yet if Seifer was dead. But then again, his eyes drifted to the shiny blade of that deadly weapon, Seifer would have to be dead before he'd let go of his gunblade. "Fuck Seifer. You've got everyone worried about you." Zell muttered, sitting down on his bed. It's abused springs creaked loudly as his weight settled on the bumpy mattress. It wouldn't have been so bad, if Zell didn't have a habit of bouncing on beds when he was particularly excited about something.

"You're a dumb shit, y'know that?" He was talking to the gunblade. /Crap... I've really gone over the deep end./ He thought with a little sneer. He didn't realize just how closely his expression echoed Seifer's customary sneer. He didn't realize and if he had, he would be horrified. "Getting yourself lost like this."

He laid down on the bed with a huge sigh. Placing his hands behind his head he let his legs dangle off the edge of the mattress as he stared at the gunblade. "Rinoa's beside herself. She thinks it's her fault ... in a way... I mean, I don't talk to her much and she doesn't confide in me but... I just get the impression that... ah dammmit! Why do I care?!"

He covered his eyes with his arm. "You're a prick. Either that or you have a prick shoved up your ass. One or the other, guess it doesn't really matter. The bottom line is you treated us all like shit...especially me."

He paused, feeling a strange sensation burn at the back of his lids. "Shit..."

"I don't know why... I care..."

With an angry curse he rolled off the bed and stalked across the room. He grabbed a pillow and thumped it over the gunblade. He stared at the now-covered gunblade. It was still creeping him out.

/Flames... burning so hot../

He rubbed his arms furiously. He was so warm. He closed his eyes.

/A headless body hovering over him, blood gushing, coating hi-/

His eyes snapped open. He muffled a cry and stumbled back. His eyes grew very wide as he looked around. "What the hell was that?" He gasped, rubbing his face.

There was no answer...

But then...

An empty room can't talk.... can it?


"What the hell is that?"

"A new breed... obviously."

"Is that a body?"

The foursome, formerly known as the Turks, came upon the clearing. The trees themselves were coated in red.. The crying sound they'd heard, orginated from a spider-like creature that lay twitching on the ground. Beside it were two bodies.

Two human bodies.

Two very bloody human bodies.

The spider-like creature had one of it's.. arms? wrapped around the smaller body. "Shit... that's .."

"Rufus." Tseng finished for Reno, his voice carefully devoid of emotion.

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