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Notes: Heh. I know nothing about war or battles. >.< But I guess you'll see that soon enough. ^-^ This chapter is just me being weird so uh... heh. Have fun... I guess.

Don't Make Him Cry

Chapter Two - Buzzy Little Bee

By Sniffles


Buuuuzzzzzzzzz. Rufus eyed the little bastard as it circled his head. The buzzing was driving him insane. If the little bug was just flying around his head it wouldn't bug him in the least, but that buzzing! Very slowly, and carefully, he drew his pistol.




Rufus smiled as the tiny body of the bug was blown to tiny little pieces. The buzzing stopped immediately and he sheathed his pistol, feeling quite satisfied with himself. He really hated bu-


He narrowed his eyes with a hiss. Angrily he swatted the area around his face. He succeeded only in creating a breeze. "Oh yeah. Fear me or I'll create a big wind and knock you over." Rufus grumbled with no little amount of self-hatred. He shoved the pistol into it's holster violently and got to his feet.

It was the ringing that first alerted his attention, and then a high pitched squeal and then-


He was thrown back several feet as 'something' exploded several feet from where he was standing. The once quiet camp exploded into action as soldiers came pouring out of their tents. As Rufus got to his feet, he felt a smile curve his lips. So much for that damned bug. It was either dead, or flying like the bees of hell were on it's tail. He felt strangely thankful to whatever had blown up. What had blown up? He frowned as his eyes scanned what had been his campfire. "Shit." He muttered.

"What happened?" A soldier ran to Rufus' side. He had a saber in one hand, the other hand was clenched into a tight fist as he gazed at the huge hole in the ground where a small hill had been just moments before.

"I'm not su-" Rufus stopped when he heard a very familiar ringing sound. "RUN!" He cried, his eyes going to the sky. He could see nothing.

But, as he stared up, just as the squeal started, he saw the briefest flash of light. /What is that?/ He wondered, as the soldier grabbed his arm and pulled him away. They both dove to the ground, covering their heads.


The explosion felt like an earthquake. Rufus felt intense heat touch his back. He felt hands slapping him, hard. "What the fuck are you doing?!" He screamed, rolling over.

"Your back is on fire!" The soldier cried. He picked up his saber and rushed to his feet. "Where are they? Who's firing on us?"

Rufus didn't pay attention to the panicked soldier. He was too busy doing his impression of a snake on the ground as he rubbed his back against the grass. The heat faded a bit and he rolled to his stomach. "Am I still on fire?"

But the soldier ignored him. More men were gathering around. They chattered nervously amongst themselves as they gazed up at the sky. Rufus grunted in disgust and he got to his feet. "Guess I'm not." He muttered grumpily.

He stilled as a pungeant odor filled his nostrils. He sniffed the air, nearly vomitting as the stench grew stronger. /What the hell?/ Then it dawned on him. His eyes flew to the trees. He squinted, staring at the leaves. For the longest time he saw nothing and then.. something moved.

Something that was definately not part of the tree. "They're in the trees!" He screamed, just as the squealing started.


There's a space, shortly after you summon a Guardian Force, where you lost consciousness. It's very quick, it hardly lasts a second, but it's just long to disorient a person. Especially when that person hasn't properly focused before summoning the GF. When Seifer found himself standing atop a table, in the middle of a bar, he was sure that somewhere along the line, he had hit his head hard and entered Wonderland.

The bar was full of people. The air was thick with uncirculated, stale air. But it was strangely quiet. Probably because he was standing on a table with his sword raised. All eyes were on him, and all weapons were pointed his direction. Slowly, he lowered the sword. "What the hell is this?" A voice cried angrily.

/That's what I'd like to know./ Seifer thought as he scanned the crowd. /How did I get here?/ He decided that he must have blacked out. That still didn't explain how he ended up here, wherever here was, but it was a start. "Is he part of the entertainment?" A waitress peered up at him, her wide eyes slightly unfocused.

"He's probably one of Tsui's spies!"

"Let's kill him!"

"WAIT!" A voice bellowed just when Seifer was starting to get worried.

The crowd grew silent as a figure made it's way to the table. "Come down from there." A deep, cultured voice ordered.

After a brief hesitation Seifer climbed off the table. He sheathed his sword, to show his good intentions, and faced the man squarely. The man was dressed in a crisp, very clean uniform. His shiny black hair was pulled back in a severe pony tail, and his eyes were covered by a pair of dark glasses that were pushed ridiculously high. The man studied Seifer silently for a moment, "Are you working for Tsui?" He asked, his voice sharp and quick.

"No." Seifer responded immediately.

"Hm." The man reached up and rubbed his chin. "Are you allied with anyone?"

"Balamb. SeeD."

"Never heard of 'em." The man dropped his hands and tilted his head. "What's your name?"


"Well, Almasy," The man held out his hand, "My name is General Calmay."

Seifer shook the man's hand.

"Welcome to the Avalanche army."

"What?" Seifer stared at the man in surprise.

Calmay just smiled smugly and turned, "Truss him up boys! We're heading back to camp as soon as I'm done my drink."

"Wait just one min-"

Seifer was cut short as something hard connected with the back of his head. He slumped to the ground, his ears ringing so loudly, and the pain so intense that he didn't hear the laughter and he didn't feel the hands ripping off his clothes.


Rufus couldn't catch his breath. The battle had been intense, WAY too intense for his liking. He glanced down, his uniform was stained with blood. So badly that it looked more dark red, then purple. Which was an improvement. He hated magic users. He really, really hated magic users. Especially mutated, mako infused magic users. They were a royal pain in the rear. Almost worse than bugs. Buzzy bugs. He HATED buzzy bugs.

He sucked in his breath and held it. He could only hold it for a few seconds before he opened his mouth and gasped vainly for air. /C'mon. Calm down./ He urged himself. But adreneline was running hot through his veins. He couldn't calm down. He wanted to keep fighting. Too bad they had already killed all the bastards.

"The general is going to kill us."

Rufus looked up at this comment and for the first time he took a look around. The camp was gone. What was left were a few scrap pieces of tent, and a huge, charred, hole. Gawd. The general would kill them when he saw what happened to his precious camp. They'd been camped here for three months. The general finally decides to go into town for a night off, and.. Rufus resisted the urge to laugh. It was amusing. It really was. In a sick, twisted sort of way.

"Here he comes!" The soldiers scrambled, trying to fix things up so they didn't look quite so bad. Which was a wasted effort. There was nothing left of their supplies.

Rufus watched with amusement as, within the space of two, maybe three minutes, a make-shift tent was put up using rifles and those stray pieces of tent. /Gawd... who recruited these morons?/

Then he heard the chocobos. He looked up and watched as the general and a handful of his right hand men rode onto the scene. Rufus could see the general's face from here. He watched as his look changed from uninterested to disbelieving. "What the hell is this?!" The general shouted, "I left this morning to an orderly camp, and I return to chaos!! WHERE IS MY CAMP!?"

"We had incoming sir!" Rufus called out, unable to hide the laughter in his voice. "Buzzy bees!"

The general turned to look at Rufus. Buzzy bees was the term used for Tsui's newest creations. They were human sized creatures, with human eyes, but bug bodies. Their attacks were mainly magic in nature. Their most common attack was to spit balls from their tails that had the force of any grenade. They were devious, intelligent and loud. Today had been the first time they'd ever snuck up on General Calmay's regiment.

"Buzzy.. bees." The general repeated slowly, "How the hell did they do this?"

"We didn't hear them coming sir. They launched a sneak attack." Pent rushed up to Rufus' side. Rufus glanced at him, wondering how the soldier managed to sound so deadpan.

"You didn't hear.. them coming?" The general shook his head, "Gawd! You morons! Who can NOT hear them coming? They're louder than the seven hounds of hell!"

"Seven?" Rufus muttered under his breath.

Pent bit his lip to stop himself from cracking a smile. "Wait! I don't want to know! I don't want to hear about it." The general said with a sigh. "I want a tent setup. You've got twenty minutes to gather the supplies that remain. NOW GO!"

The soldiers scattered to obey the general's orders. "RUF!"

Rufus flinched, like he did everytime he heard his 'name' being called. "Yes sir!" He saluted as the general rode up to him. "We have a new recruit. Show him the ropes."

Rufus nodded, resisting the urge to glower. He was not a babysitter. "Bring him over here. Ruf will take care of him." the general waved behind him, then kicked his chocobo in the side and rode off.

A soldier bounced up to Rufus and dropped a human-shaped body at his feet. He grinned, tipped his scraggly hat and then rode off after the general. Rufus stared down at the body. He sighed deeply and looked at Pent.

"Oh no. Don't look at me. I'm not babysitting!" Pent grinned, raising his hands. "Have fun. I uh... better help the others!"

With that, he ran off.

Rufus was debating wether or not he should just shoot the troublesome recruit when the body stirred. /Well, no point killing him. Maybe I can get him to do those menial tasks I hate so much./

/Like killing bees. Gawd, I really hate bees./


Rufus groaned and shut his eyes.

The little shit was back. Just as buzzy as before.

The perfect end, to the perfect afternoon.

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