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Don't Make Him Cry

Prologue - The Sorceress' Knight

By Sniffles

Peace. It's a foolish, outdated notion. Where there is mankind, there can be no peace. Ultimecia, she had it right. Destroy all the little beggers. Then, and only then will there be peace. I don't think she was all that crazy either. She was just sick of all the noise. I know how she felt. I know how I feel. I'm sick of the fighting, and the pretending. But I'm here, fighting for SeeD. I finally got in. I guess with Squall and his retard father running Balamb there wasn't much doubt that I would get in. Laguna feels sorry for me, and Squall... well, I don't care to think about Squall. He's still a sore point in my side.

I could have loved him, but he didn't give a shit about me. He and his precious Rinoa can rot in hell for all I care. They all know that I got into SeeD only because the President of Esthar felt sorry for me. You know much that hurts my pride? They laugh at me and whisper behind my back. They don't fear me anymore. Any respect they had for me is gone, it vanished the moment I became a goddamn SeeD.

Something whistles over my head and instinctively I duck. Shit. I have to stop letting my thoughts wander. Sure this battle is boring, but if I'm not careful there is a chance of getting hurt. "Shit, they've got us cornered!" Deakin, the commanding officer of this little excercise cries out. The fear is clear in his voice.

What a shitty leader. You never let your men hear or see your fear. They need you to be strong, and there he is cowering like a school kid. Bastard. I glance over the trench and see that yes, we are cornered. There are twenty, maybe thirty monsters, as well as twelve men. They are quickly advancing on our little party of twenty.

When all else fails...

I draw my gunblade, "Enough of this shit." I grumble, standing.

"What are you DOING Almasy! GET DOWN!" Deakin screams, scrambling across the ground on his belly so he can get over to where I am.

"You're all a bunch of sissies! Go back to nursery school and let a real man handle this!" I know it'll hurt their pride and I know they'll get mad.. at me. But they'll fight now. No holds barred. They'll fight and pretend everything they kill is me.

I leap over the trench and rush towards the closest batch of monsters. "YOU DUMB SHIT!" Deakin screams at me.

Maybe I am. It doesn't matter. The others are rushing towards our attackers now. I can see them from the corner of my eye. Good. Now the hunter becomes the hunted. That's the way it should be. I slash my blade through the nearest creatures forehead, it dies instantly, then I move to the next. I aim only for areas I know will kill immediately, no time to make these bastards suffer. Though I do enjoy making sick fucks suffer, now isn't the time. Now I need to cut them down to a more reasonable size before they overwhelm us.

Like I expected they're so surprised by our aggressive action that they don't immediately fight back. By the time they get their heads screwed back on their numbers are seriously depleted and we are once again having an even fight.

I guess they didn't realize something when they started this fight...

Nobody messes with the Sorceress' Knight.

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