Desire Stone

By Deena

The Grandidi Forest was a relatively peaceful affair. The thick foliage rustled every now and then as hungry creatures sought a stable food supply. At random intervals, Malboros would cackle but other then that, the silence was broken only by the gentle trickling of various water deposits and the crisp coiling of the wind.

Why then, if the ambiance was so very tranquil, were fowl fleeing high into the air and beasts scrambling though the underbrush? And, not to put too fine a point upon it, what on earth was making that horrendous racket? Was it a new breed of monster left over from the Lunar Cry? Some foreign species brought here during Time Compression? The wrath of God?

Perhaps not.

In a relatively small clearing, deep in the heart of the forest, two blond figures had stopped their journey.

"This is all your fault, chicken wuss!"

"No it ainít!" Zell fumed. "You didnít read the damn map right!"

"I gave the fucking thing to you to and you got us lost!" Seifer scowled down at his companion. "Damn dumbass!"

Clearly all was not well in paradise.

"Hey, itís not my fault Squallís writing is frigginí illegible!" Zell grit his teeth in anger. "íSides we were doiní fine Ďtil you decided to take a shortcut over that stupid creek!"

"Like it made a difference," Seifer sneered. "You were holding the map upside down!"

"Well itís not like you noticed!"

"Some SeeD you are, chicken wuss!"

"Same to you, shithead!"

Yes, it was true. Seifer was indeed back at Balamb Garden and heíd finally become a SeeD. Noticeably, not everyone was pleased with these turn of events, especially in light of the fact that certain individuals would now be forced to cooperate with the ex-Knight upon missions similar in nature to this one.

Zell kicked at a leafy bush and announced his opinion. "This sucks. I told Quistis I didnít wanna come here with you. I knew you were gonna boss me around and shit!"

"Just like I knew you were gonna fuck everything up," Seifer retorted.

"Your faceís fucked up!"

"Soís that chicken wing you call hair!"

Two set of blue eyes glowered at each other. If looks were Death stones, a Phoenix Pinion would be damn useful right about now.

Seifer turned away first and began examining their surroundings. "Fuck it. I donít wanna shit up this mission anymore than you already did. Come on, we gotta find that energy source."

Zell gave the back of Seiferís head the most nasty, vile look he could muster. Dammit, the guyís arrogance had no bounds! But Zell was as eager to complete the mission as Seifer was, so he dutifully turned back to the map. "If we can just get to the Chocobo Holy Shrine and head eastwards-"

"Gimme that!" Seifer ripped the map from Zellís hands. "Iíll show you how itís done!"

One hour and forty minutes later...

"Does that look familiar to you?"

Seifer stared at the meandering little creek that cleaved through the woods with something akin to trepidation. "No..."

Zell pointed to the two sets of footprints that stamped into the creek. "Well do those?"

Seifer was murderous. "Shit!" In a rage he hacked away some innocent species of fauna. "Fuck!"

"Deforestation is not the answer," Zell declared solemnly, secretly enjoying Seiferís rage. He yanked back the map from the older blond. "Now you canít blame me, loser. This time Iíll do the leading!"

Two hours and seventeen minutes later...

"You punkass chicken! Gimme that fucking map!"

And so on and so forth until...

"Hey Seifer? Does it look a little, you know, black to you?"

Seifer surveyed the scene and realized that it was indeed getting dark. "Yeah."

"We gonna make camp here?"

"Letís find a clearing. I donít wanna sleep in no shitty bushes."

Eventually the two would-be woodsmen found a grassy clearing surrounded by a host of tall, thick-trunked trees.

Zell wasted no time in plopping down onto a large patch of moss. "At this rate weíre never gonna find that frigginí 'mysterious energy fount'. Damn retarded map!"

Seifer snorted as he rest Hyperion against the base of a tree. "Iíll bet the stupid thing doesnít even exist. Quistis and fucking Squall prolly made the whole thing up to so we could 'learn to get along' or some shit like that."

Zell was horrified. "They better notíve! If this is some hoax, Iím gonna kill Ďem!"

"Yeah, get in line," Seifer replied with great feeling.

Their complaining and plans of murder were interrupted by a ferocious growl resonating in the distance.

"Blue Dragon," Zell classified. "One of us gotta take watch."

"Iíll do it," Seifer offered, leaning against a tree. "Little chickies like you need their beauty rest."

Zell gave him the finger as he unpacked his sleeping bag. "Gínight shithead," he announced before sliding into the bagís warm embrace.

Seifer prodded Zellís head with his foot. "Donít get scared, wench."

"Fuck you!"

With Zell sleeping and hence Seiferís main source of amusement out of commission, the wait was incredibly long. The forest was silent and dark and there was barely any action. Hell, Zell didnít even snore. Which was too bad because Seifer would have loved to pester him about that. Though the chicken was sleeping in a pretty cute way, on his stomach with his face buried under his pillow. Heh. The guy was such a dumbass.

Possibly about two hours had drudged along before things got interesting. From a very short distance away, possibly only meters, a thick cry sounded. Seifer vaulted to his feet and snatched up Hyperion. Finally some action! He bounded forward and nearly tripped over Zell.

Oh yeah, chicken wuss. Heíd forgotten about the hyper little idiot.

Quickly, he cast both Protect and Shell magic upon the sleeping blond. There, now no one could say that heíd deliberately let his partner get hurt or eaten or something. Satisfied, he plunged through the bushes as another shriek cut through the air.

An abnormally large Ochu was busy tearing apart the remains of a Jelleye. Annoyed at being disturbed, it began to flail its leafy limbs about. The ensuing battle was swift and Seifer was collecting Ochu tentacles when Zell came bursting through the bushes, stumbled over an exposed tree root and crashed to the ground.

Seifer surveyed the fallen boy with real annoyance. "That was smooth. Shouldnít you be getting some pretty boy beauty sleep?"

Zell painfully picked himself off the ground with a wince. "I thought you might be in trouble, asshole!"

"Like I need your dumbass help," Seifer scoffed, flicking Ochu goo from Hyperionís smooth blade.

But Zell wasnít listening. "Uh...whatís that?"

"What, you hallucinating now chi-"

Zell grabbed the older boyís arm. "Look, thereís something in the bushes over there! Itís like glowing or some shit!"

Seifer allowed the younger boy to drag him through the undergrowth. "This better be good. Itís almost my turn to hit the sack."

"Oh shut up."

They trampled a little further before coming to a halt.

"Guess Quisty ní Squall werenít lying," Zell breathed, in awe.

Seifer was inclined to agree. Near a crop of Starlla flowers were a pile of about six spell stones, glowing crimson in the night. The archaic runes carved upon the stones were ones that they were unfamiliar with.

"Iíve never seen any magic stones like that," Zell remarked, taking a step closer. "Theyíre not Aura stones or Death stones or Shell stones or Ultima stones or-"

"Letís test one out."

Zell turned wide eyes upon the tall blond, visibly aghast. "Are you crazy? We donít even know what they are! They could be dangerous!"

Seifer snorted. "Gimme a break, chicken wuss. Destructive magic stones are way bigger than support magic stones. These are obviously support magic stones. They ainít gonna hurt us."

"Fine." Zell folded his arms across his chest, looking unconvinced. "But Iím not testing Ďem. You do it."

"I will."

Seifer strode forward and picked up one of the luminous stones. A rapid rush of heat permeated his glove and spread throughout him.

He altered the stone into a spell before casting it upon himself.

Ribbons of filtered ultraviolet light twisted around him before surging into his skin. Glinting sparks burst out in arbitrary succession, filling his vision with pulsating color. The warm feeling within him deepened and expanded until his veins were saturated with scalding heat. His heart thumped a frantic tattoo beneath his chest and he felt...lust. Pure, viscous lust.

Gasping at the vivid sensations spilling throughout his body, Seifer braced himself against a nearby tree, breathless. "I know what it is..." he murmured throatily.

Zell was watching him with avid eyes. "What? What is it? Hey man, you gonna faint?"

"A Desire stone."

"Say what? I never heard of that before." A frown wrinkled smooth skin. "Whaddya mean desire exactly? Like wanting to kick someoneís ass? Sorta like getting pumped for battle? Well Iíd never need to use those stones Ďcause Iím always pumped!"

God the boy was dense.

He was also very, very, very cute. Cute and endearing and just really damn fuckable. His eyes were all wide and earnest and that tattoo was totally hot. He was still blabbing on about God knows what and Seifer couldnít help but notice that he had quite the sexy mouth. Pity he was using it to talk.

Well that could be easily rectified.

"...remember seeing Ďem in a book and I think theyíre extra rare or somethiní. Quistyíll know. Least we can go back now."

Seifer let go of the tree heíd been clutching, caught hold of Zellís arm and jerked him up against him.

Zellís eyes grew until they were roughly the size of the Desire Stones. "Whaddafuck?!"

"Shut up," Seifer growled before plunging his mouth onto Zellís.


Shit, Zell tasted good! He was like cherry jubilees in the summer and heated chocolate in the winter and liquid sex in between. Yes, this was what Seifer wanted. Zell in his arms, open and willing and dammit, why hadnít he never noticed the chicken in this light before? The guy was sweet.

Seifer tightened his arms around the struggling boy and deepened the kiss. He jabbed his tongue into Zellís mouth, licking and swirling at the spit-slick cavern. God, he was harder than heíd ever been in all his horny, teenaged years! Zellís squirming was slowly diminishing. His gloved hands came up to clench at the front of Seiferís coat and then he was kissing Seifer back.


They devoured each other, tongues sexing heatedly, bodies strung tight against the other. All previous feelings of rage and loathing and other assorted normal feelings were shrinking to give way to passion. Overwhelming, blistering, unbearable passion. It swept over them in great waves and everything else was forgotten.

"Oh shit," Seifer groaned, pulling Zellís ass up hard. His mouth breathed against tattooed skin. "You feel so fucking good."

Zell whimpered at the sensation of another erection straining against his own swiftly hardening flesh. He understood all too well now what kind of desire the stones were. Seifer was hot for him...for anyone actually. Obviously then, this was wrong because the older blond didnít really want him, he was just the only one around. And besides, this was Seifer. He couldnít have sex with Seifer, the guy hated him. And he hated him right back. "Uh, I donít think we should do this..."

"Why the fuck not?" Seifer demanded, tracing the delicate skin behind the ear with his tongue. He grasped Zellís tight ass and rocked his hips hard.

Zell gasped, hundreds of hypersensitive sensations coursing throughout his body. His erection was actually aching with lust...for Seifer. Of their own accord, his hips were thrashing back and there were just too many clothes between them. "You donít really want me. Itís...uhhhh...the stone..."

Seifer scribbled erotic abstract patterns against Zellís smooth neck. "I want you," he ground out in a husky voice. He forced himself to pull away slightly as he seized the front of baggy shorts. Roughly caressing the stiff shaft beneath with one hand, the other teased at moist lips. "And you want me too. Donít wuss out now, wench."

"Fuck off Seifer," Zell panted against gloves fingers. He pushed himself into Seiferís hands and it wasnít enough. "You hate me!"

"Quit whining," Seifer replied, clenching his hand around Zell. "I like you just fine." His teeth scraped against soft skin. "And Iíd like you even better naked."

Well, that was as much of an admission was Zell was gonna get. With Seifer doing that, most of the blood inside Zellís head was being redistributed to lower, indisputable regions. Undoubtedly logic was fighting a losing battle. And to be quite frank, he wanted this as much as Seifer did!

His hand slid beneath Seiferís coat, roaming over hard pecs. "Letís go back," Zell managed, breathing heavily. "I donít wanna do this in a patch of Poison Grass or some shit."

Entwined, the pair fondled and kissed their way back to the tiny campsite and onto Zellís sleeping bag. At Zellís insistence, Seifer hastily lit a Fira spell for light before stripping himself and the younger blond in a couple of frenzied moves.

"I canít believe weíre gonna do this," Zell cried as Seifer tossed aside their clothing. "This is totally fucked up!"

"Shut up chicken," Seifer ordered, lowering his body beside the smaller boy. He snaked an arm Zellís waist and yanked him up against him. Naked flesh teased naked flesh and they both groaned. "Fuck I want you!"

"Shut up," Zell mimicked before wrapped his arms around Seiferís neck. He crammed his mouth onto the older blondís.

They kissed lustily and impatiently, as though theyíd just discovered it. Hands roamed incessantly and turgid members ground furiously against the other as they ate at each other. Seifer fell onto his back, pulling Zell on top of him. He groped at Zellís ass while the smaller boy held Seiferís face in his hands, locking him to him.

It was a recklessly heady type of passion for both. The desire that had overcome Seifer was purely the result of the spell but the magic was waning and he found himself wanting Zell with such concentrated lust that he was literally throbbing for the younger blond. For Zell, the knowledge that this was Seifer touching him, as well as the touch itself was overwhelming. Somewhere in the back of his sex-fogged mind, Zell knew he was gonna regret this but obviously that moment was far to come. Besides, he was a horny teenager ruled by raging hormones and the fact that Seifer was willing and totally hot.

"Oh yeah," Zell puffed, breathing hotly upon the side of Seiferís neck. He rocked his hips, reveling in the insane sensitivity of his erection fondling Seiferís. Their slick cocks slid lusciously together, sweat providing just enough friction to make it sting but not enough to make it truly sweet.

Seifer grabbed at Zellís hips, trying to slow the writhing boy down, even as his own pelvis was arching up to meet Zellís thrusts. "You gotta stop," he grunted, digging his fingers into soft flesh. "Otherwise this is gonna be over way too fast."

"I canít help it," Zell wailed, trying to stop his wriggling and failing. "It feels good!"

"Goddamn it," Seifer cursed, forcing himself to push Zell aside. "I gotta fuck you." He hastily began to rummage through their provision packs for something, anything that could be used as lube.

"Whatíre you doing?" Zell cried, gasping. He clutched at his sleeping bag with moist, trembling fingers in order to keep from touching himself. "This ainít the time to take fucking inventory!"

Seifer glanced at the blond, who was writhing frantically and had to grin. The guy was such a dumbass but an appealing one at that. His cheeks were red in the wavering firelight and Seifer noted with great interest that when Zell blushed, he blushed all over. Heh. What a cutie.

"Shit, youíre one green chickie." Seifer smirked as he finally came across a corked vial. True Holy Waters were meant only to cure Zombie and Curse but the potion was thick and creamy and it would make for a fine lube. Afterall, when lost and horny in the Grandidi Forest...

"Look, are you gonna finish this or not?" Zell pursed his lips and scowled.

Seifer seized the glass tube. "Calm down wuss," he murmured, nudging apart Zellís knees before lowering himself leisurely onto the smaller boy.

They both groaned as sex flesh hardened fully at the intimate contact. Zell arched his pelvis, his legs coming up to flank Seiferís hips.

Seifer stared down into dilated pupils, curving his hand around the side of Zellís face. They were only inches apart. "You know what this is for, right?"

Blue eyes flickered left to the swirling violet remedy in Seiferís hand. "What the fuck? You gonna try ní cure yourself, asshole?!"

Seifer grinned at the outrage in Zellís voice. God, he was cute in a totally slow way. Seifer breached the distance between them and swiped his tongue across angry lips, tasting craving and sex. Zell promptly opened his mouth while shoving up at the older blond.

"This is for lube, shithead," Seifer whispered, his words falling upon parted lips. He ground his hips slowly, watching Zell gasp in pleasure. "You want me to fuck you?"

Zellís eyes were enormous. "You...uhhh...ainít putting nothiní!"

"Nothing?" Seifer upped the pace, circling and thrusting as he caressed Zellís bent thighs. He lapped at panting lips. "Then you do me."

"Ehhh?" Zell clutched at the older blond hard, quelling his pitching movements with muscled legs. "Are you shittiní me?"

"This isnít the time for games, wench." Seifer paused, basking in the sensation of having a naked Zell beneath him. The way his legs were wrapped around him...this was gonna be great. "I like takiní it."

"But I dunno what to do," Zell keened, running his hands over Seiferís back. "I never did this before!"

"I can tell." He scribbled his fingers beneath and over Zellís ass, wringing a whimper of pleasure from the younger boy. "Either you give it or you get it. Make the call, babe."

Zell unconsciously shifted and moaned softly as his much neglected erection chafed the other. "Alright, do it to me," he relented, sliding his hand up Seiferís lean chest. He teased at one stiff nipple. "I ainít wussing out, I just donít know what Iím doing."

Seifer chuckled and kissed Zell hard, gnashing his mouth over slightly swollen lips. "Yeah I know ya dumb cluck." With great resolve, Seifer raised his body from the warm, beckoning other and knelt between parted legs. "You know what Iím gonna do right?"

"I ainít stupid," Zell huffed, clenching his fingers around handfuls of sleeping bag. "If it hurts, Iím kickiní your ass!"

Seifer popped open the Holy Water vial. "Just relax, Zell. It wonít hurt." He coated his first two fingers liberally with the violet curative mixture. "Lift your ass up."

Zell squeezed his eyes shut as he arched his hips. "Thatís the first time you ever said my name."

Seifer teased one drenched finger at the entrance of Zellís ass. "If weíre gonna fuck, I may as well."

Zell bit his lip, his face scrunched up. "I canít believe Iím letting you of all assholes do this! I didnít take even Irvine up on his offer after Squallís B-day party!"

"That shitty cowboy can go fuck himself," Seifer retorted, taking hold of Zellís erection in his other hand. He ran a finger along the veined underside while working Holy Water into the boy. "Youíre my wench. "


Zell was incredibly tight. What Seifer had neglected to mention was that heíd only ever been with one guy and heíd been the bottom then. Oh well, why worry the hyper blond more then he already was? Seifer pressed at the engorged member, drawing out a harsh cry from Zell. He began to stroke Zell and with his other hand, eased his finger into the puckered ring of muscle. He paused for a moment, allowing Zell time to get used to the sensation before edging his smeared finger forward.

Zell choked out his name, his groin plunging into Seiferís hands. "This is...this is...ohhhhh..."

Zellís sexy whimpers were going straight to his cock and Seifer was feeling harder then ever. There was something amazingly erotic about leading someone through their first sexual experience, though he had to wonder if itíd as delicious as it was now if it was with someone else. Zell was dense and he didnít have the first clue about how sexy he really was. His lightly-toned, lean, tanned, smooth...the adjectives were endless, body was damn fuckable and he was open and unconsciously carnal. Plus the way he blushed and squirmed was enough to make Seifer wanna pound him into the ground for a few hours. Surprisingly, for someone who was short, he had a pretty decent sized cock, well better than decent, and Seifer wanted to suck him off. And be sucked off. Hmm, maybe a sixty-nine after this...

Seifer pulled out his finger before adding another. With tiny movements, he slid both dripping digits into the heated canal, halting before working further. He cleaved his fingers apart, widening the tight hole. Zell was oozing pre-cum all over his hand. He pumped leisurely at the drooling member, spreading the clear liquid around and upwards. He stroking the fleshy head and rubbed at the open, wet tip.

"You okay?"

"Just do it," Zell instructed thickly, gnawing down on his lower lip. "Iím gonna blow if you donít."

"And we donít want that," Seifer muttered, driving his fingers in further. "Does it hurt?"

"Sínot that bad," Zell wheezed, sweat marring his brow. He stifled a cry as Seifer pulled his fingers out a bit before ramming them in deep.

"Itíll feel good," Seifer promised. He loosed his hold on Zellís cock until his fingers were barely touching the stiff shaft. Carefully, he mimed what was soon to come, plunging his coated fingers in and out of the constricted passageway. The smaller blond was moaning now, his legs spreading further as he bent his knees.

"Canít you hurry it up? I canít wait any more!"

Well the guy asked and truth be told, Seifer didnít wanna wait much longer either. He withdrew his fingers, fumbled for the glass vial and began to smother his weeping cock copiously with Holy Water. He preformed the task hastily and clumsily as the urge to linger over his throbbing member was overpowering. His own touch felt so good. The violet liquid dripped all over Zellís sleeping bag but the way Seifer saw it, the bag was gonna get a lot more messy by the time all was said and done.

Mmmm juicy, messy sex...

"Put a lot on," Zell advised, watching him with hazy eyes. "I donít want you breaking anything in me. Youíre big!"

Seifer smirked, tossing aside the empty vial. "Youíre ought be glad Iím this big Ďcause your ass is gonna be on fire!"

"Quit bragginí and hurry up!"

Seifer scooted over to Zellís side and got comfortable on his back. "You wanna be in charge, chicken? You ride me."

"What?" Zell took in the impressive sight of the other blondís thick, engorged cock and shuddered.

"Hurry up," Seifer urged, struggling not reach down and masturbate himself. "Iím so fucking hard! Youíll be in control this way. Just lean over me and do it!"

Zell looked unconvinced as he awkwardly scrambled to his knees. "Okay but if I do this wrong then donít blame me!"

"Weíre banging not performing a goddamn scientific experiment!" Seifer was getting impatient. He needed to feel Zell around him and he needed it now! "Get your ass over here and fuck me!"

Well that much Zell understood. With hesitant, uncertain movements, he transferred until he was above Seifer, his knees flanking tanned hips, his hands flat beside high cheekbones. Zell reached down between their bodies to grasp hold of Seiferís enormous cock.

"Oh yeah," Seifer hissed, bucking up into tentative fingers. "Harder Zell."

Strangely charmed at the sound of his name falling from sculpted lips as well as fascinated, who knew the great conceit that was Seifer Almasy would rely upon him for pleasure, Zell obliged. He tightened his grip, relishing in the sensation of cupping something so smooth and heated and silky. It was foreign yet familiar and quite exciting, being able to give pleasure like this. Of course he had no reason to doubt himself, he was guy and he knew what felt good. He just had to do what he liked to Seifer.

Seiferís eyes were closed and he was breathing in shallow little jerks. Zell slid his hand up and down the drenched, enlarged member, feeling pre-cum and Holy Water drool over his fingers. Giving Seifer a hand-job like this was making him incredibly horny. He needed to feel this hard sex inside him and it was that simple. Molten lust was speedily overcoming his uncertainty. He clasped Seifer firmly and rearranged himself so that the bulbous, seeping head of the otherís cock was kissing his asshole.

"I canít wait," he panted, parting his legs and bracing himself upon Seiferís hard pecs.

Seifer looked up into shadow-cast features and shuddered at the sensation of Zell. "Go slowly," he bit out thickly, quelling the urge to grab Zellís hips and force him down hard. "Itíll hurt at first but youíll get used to it."

Zell squeezed his eyes shut and squirmed against the swollen apex. He could feel liquid pool against his ass and with a breathless gasp, he pushed down. Only a couple inches entered him and it was enough to make him want to stop. It hurt. "Oh fuck," he cried, tears springing to his eyes. "Seifer-"

"Donít stop," the older blond panted, struggling not to thrust upwards. "Shit Zell come on...itíll feel good, I promise!"

Seifer pleading and promising, there was a new one for the books. Right along with ass fucking.

Biting his lip, Zell worked his way down the slick rod, halting more than he was pressing on and driving Seifer insane in the process. He trembled as bit after thick bit penetrated areas previously uncharted. Zell stopped, only about half of Seifer throbbing within him and huffed for air. He blinked hard, clearing damp eyes and twisted his fingers around stiff nipples. Seifer grunted, staring up at him with dark, sex-hazed eyes. He looked so good...

"I donít know if I can take it all," Zell whimpered, his knees digging into the ground. "Youíre too big!"

"Keep going," Seifer grit out, his teeth clenched together. He curved his fingers around Zellís erection and stroked gently. "Please..."

"Unnnn," Zell moaned, both pleasure and pain weaving into him, fully inseparable. He caught Seiferís mouth and as the older boy began to tongue him, Zell impaled himself fully on the turgid length in one quick, savage plunge.

It fucking killed! His ass was on fire! He was never, ever going to be able to sit after this, that was for sure.

Zell cried out in pain into the otherís mouth but Seifer continued, kissing him hungrily and pumping him leisurely. Seifer arched his hips and touched something deep inside Zell. Something good.

Zell ripped his mouth away, gasping heavily. "Oh!"

Seifer managed a smirk as he thrust up for a second time. "Like that chicken?"

"Hmmm." Zell carefully lifted himself up a bit before impelling downwards. The head of Seiferís cock jolted against Zellís sweet spot, the tiny action wringing throaty groans from both blonds.

Gradually shifting, Zell repositioned himself so that he was no longer on his hands and knees but upright. He looked down at Seifer and cautiously moved forward. It still hurt but there was pleasure and the pain wasnít too bad, just weird. Afterall, it wasnít like he was used to having something jammed up his ass, least of all not Seiferís damn boner.

"Youíre killing me wench," Seifer forced out, letting go of erect flesh to clasp at bronzed hips. It was becoming excruciating to stay still like this, he needed to move. Zell was eating up his cock with an ass that was literally swallowing him. Being in Zell was like immersing himself in hot oil. It was liquid silk, smooth and scorching and so fucking tight. What he actually wanted was to push Zell to the ground and bang him steady until his ass was screaming his name.

"Quit calliní me that," Zell breathed, his torso heaving. The soreness was gradually diminishing, leaving him with the staggering sensation of being stuffed. His awareness twisted around Seifer and he couldnít differentiate himself from the other. His hands were damp against Seiferís waist as he shifted forward again. Blistering waves of pleasure coursed through his body and straight into his pulsating erection. He moved again, this time slowly rocking back and forth. Moaning at the feel of Seiferís cock kissing that hot spot deep inside him, he steadily upped the tempo.

"Move up and down," Seifer commanded throatily, reaching up to grip Zellís rigid rod. He began to jerk him off.

Gritting his teeth, Zell raised his hips a fraction before pushing down. Ohhhh, it was delicious. The feeling of Seifer giving him a hand job, coupled with the raw intensity of being penetrated by something so primal and bulging, ribboned through his veins and puddled deep into his stomach. This erotic pleasure was deep-rooted, stemming from Seiferís hard body and soaking into his own. Zell could have passed out for the desire was that concentrated but he needed it, this release that was waiting to rupture from his very core.

Zell repeated the motion, this time with Seifer thrusting up to meet his downward lunges. Harsh cries filled the quiet night as they scoured vainly against each other, seeking to find a balance. Eventually, they fell into a frenzied rhythm, moist skin scraping and eating at each other. Flickering firelight tinted them amber, the gentle crackling disappearing in the wake of other sounds; burning skin slapping burning skin, drenched shoves squelching succulently, raspy groans and nonsensical urgings.

Zell crammed himself full, pistoning his hips and jolting into Seiferís hand. All sense of time and individuality was lost, bleeding out in the presence of such inclusive lust. "Oh God," he squeaked, his head falling back as, without warning, Seifer seized hold of him and sat up.

They faced each other, Zell impaled on Seiferís lap and the rigid length rammed inside of the smaller boy budged and pressed in different and exciting slants. Zell shrieked the older boyís name, wrapping his arms around his neck and plunging his tongue into Seiferís mouth.

Seifer took over the tempo, working Zell hard onto his straining cock. He tightened his hold around Zellís drooling erection and their fucking turned rough, fast and vigorous. Zell ate at Seiferís mouth, trying to jam into him as completely as he himself was jammed. Their bodies lapped at each other, heaving and melting. Seiferís fingers came down to fondle at heavy balls and it only took a couple more slick strokes before it was too much.

Zell couldnít hold it in any longer and the orgasm that splashed out of him was overdue and sudden and enveloping. He ripped his mouth from Seiferís, his entire body arching and shuddering with cloying pleasure. "Oh fuck fuck fuck," Zell choked out, liquid springing to his eyes.

This was intense.

It lasted an eternity and not long enough. Zell blew his load all over Seiferís stomach and gulped in air, his lungs all of a sudden much too constricting. His grip around Seiferís neck grew slack and he buried his face against the otherís cheek, still trembling from what had transpired.

Nothing Zellíd ever experienced even came close to this. Holy shit on toast, as Irvine liked to say. No fucking wonder.

Seifer was still rigid inside Zell. With one fluid move, he shoved Zell backwards into the sleeping bagís embrace and continued to fuck him. Zell moaned, watching Seifer above him and marveling at how sexy the older boy was. He slid his palms over the hard planes of Seiferís chest, pinching at his nipples and wrapped his legs around lean hips.

"Youíre so hot," Seifer panted, thrusting and circling his hips. He was close and Zellís ass was literally swallowing him...

Zell fumbled around until his fingers brushed against Seiferís cum-filled scrotum. He squeezed at the sensitive skin, moaning as Seifer redoubled his efforts and bobbed against his prostate.

"God Zell! Fuck Iím gonna..." Seifer stifled a scream as he began to pour cum into Zellís engulfing passage. He rocked his body furiously, not wanting to orgasm now because this was so good and yet he couldnít hold back anymore...

He stuffed his mouth onto Zellís, tasting their shared sex and sweat and their orgasms. His body fell onto Zellís and for the moment, as they swapped salvia, their heartbeats pounded as one. The urgency fled, leaving behind a soft afterglow and their kiss was unhurried.

His satiated cock still twitching inside Zellís dripping ass, Seifer leaned up a bit. "Youíre the hottest lay I ever had."

Zell flushed, a ridiculous and meaningless action considering what theyíd just done but Seifer still found it endearing. "Yeah, you werenít so bad either." He squirmed a bit beneath Seifer and made a face. "I feel soggy."

Seifer smirked, looking pleased. "Least you arenít gonna get knocked up, chicken wuss."

Zell rolled his eyes. "Shut up, shithead."

"Yeah, alright." His mouth descended onto Zellís once more.

Zell blinked open his eyes and a sea of blue swam before him. Inches away from his face was Seifer, watching him with an indescribable expression etched upon his face. They stared at each other as the events of last night, along with the sting in his ass, came flooding over Zell.

Yep, we did the deed, his mind clarified helpfully.

Zell wondered if Seifer was regretting what happened last night. Not that any of it was his fault, he hadnít insisted on casting the stone. Of course he hadnít really put up that much of a protest but if Seifer even said one disparaging thing, well heíd be quick to remind him of who begged who last night.

"Whatíre you smirking about, dumbass?" Seifer demanded, his rich voice sending a crop of goosebumps spouting onto Zellís arms.

It was ridiculous, given that the morning was warm and bright. The sunlight was glinting onto Seiferís hair, tinting it gold. He looked yummy, as Selphie would say.

Shit. One night with Seiferís dick up his ass and heíd turned into a gushy pussy. How revolting.

"You mad about last night?" Zell looked directly into dark blue eyes. He was not some bippy airhead and he definitely wasnít a wuss. He could talk about this, that was for sure. "Pissed off Ďcause you hadda do it with me? "

Seifer gazed back, his face revealing nothing. "Are you? Gonna kick my ass, wench?"

"I oughta, given the way mine is feeling," Zell quipped. As an afterthought, he scowled up at Seifer. "And quit calling me a wench. I ainít no busty barmaid!"

"Mmmm, I know that." Seifer smirked, lazily trailing a finger down the arcs and curves of Zellís tattoo. "I think you need another tattoo, chicken wuss. One right on your ass." He tilted his head so that his lips lingered over Zellís ear. Long fingers traveled with maddening sluggishness down the smaller boyís side and onto said ass.

Zell shivered, heat diffusing throughout his body. His could feel himself began to harden. "What kinda tattoo?" he managed in a decidedly unsteady tone.

Seiferís tongue darted out to trace delicate skin with drenched licks. "One that says Property of Seifer Almasy."

Zell gasped as Seifer lightly smacked his ass. "You miserable fucker! That hurt, asshole!"

The older blond leered at him as he reached down to grab hold of Zellís erection. "Tell me how good I was."

"You first," Zell snapped, thrusting into Seiferís hand. He groaned as Seifer began scouring the sensitive surface of his swollen member with nimble fingers. "Uhhhh...that feels so good." He relented as Seifer worked his mouth down the side of his neck. "Last night was..."

"Was..." Seifer echoed, licking at faintly salty skin.

Zell sighed. "Something else. I didnít think youíd wanna do it to me again."

"Why not? You cute and definitely hot." He scraped his teeth over Zellís collarbone while teasing the tip of his cock. "That stone wore off in like two minutes."

"It did?" Zell jerked into long fingers as passion bubbled up inside him. Oddly enough, he felt relieved. "We gotta go back and get Ďem. Theyíre sípposed to examine Ďem and shit."

"Hmm. Want me to suck you off?"

"Seifer!" The guy had no thought for their mission! They werenít supposed to be screwing around, they were supposed to heading back home! "Yeah okay."

One hour fifty-three minutes laterÖ

"Does this place look familiar to you, chicken wuss?"

A quick scan of the premises revealed his fears to be true. "Fuck! Piece of shit map!"

Smirk. "Deforestation is not the answer."

"Oh fuck off!"

"Gimme the map, dumbass!"

~*~THE END~*~

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