Disclaimer: Squaresoft owns the FF8 characters, and I created Dylan, or "The Bastard" as Seifer would like to call him.

Notes: Sorry if Seifer or Squall seem out of character, but I believe that time matures a person.. somewhat anyway. And with certain events that take place, I think Squall has every right to act out of character.

Degrading The Lion

Chapter 1 - Dylan

By Redrum


My head hits the cold wall with a sickening crack. My body slumps to the floor, and the man standing over me looks down at me with anger. His hard, dark brown eyes, almost black pierce my flesh. His gaze is enough to cause me pain. So is the throbbing ache that resides in my head. His full peach lips curl back in disgust, delivering a sharp kick to my stomach with his heavy black hiking boots. When he feels that I have been dealt with properly he turns sharply, and bidding me a careless wave he leaves my dorm.

My breathing is unsteady, and a dull ache can be felt throughout my whole being. Luckily there is no blood, as he doesn't usually like to leave a mark behind. Or rather.. he doesn't care to leave a mark on me, but he doesn't want to mar any of the areas around us. By some miracle my skull has managed to keep intact from the rather hard beating, and no blood is to be found pooling beneath me.

Sighing quietly, I huddle into myself for warmth and drift off to sleep. Content at the moment to just sleep and take a shower when I wake up. I shouldn't be feeling any more beatings until the next weekend. That is, if he doesn't suddenly change his schedule around. I'll still be seeing him tomorrow for lunch, and he'll be expecting me to be clean and acting as though nothing has happened. And like I always do, I will put up my facade and no one else but us will know of the events that take place in this room, and many more.


God, how I hate that man. There's something off about him. He seems to.. ugh, I don't know! He just doesn't seem right. But if Squall likes him then I guess that's enough for me. It was a surprise to all of us when Squall came out of the closest, so to speak. But with recent events it wasn't that big of a deal. I came back to Garden after the sorceress wars, and was placed as the lowest ranking SeeD. But I was a SeeD, and that was good enough for me. When I came back I was surprised at the number of people who accepted me, sure there are those who will never forgive me, but their few and far between. And let me tell you, that was a surprise to me.

Anyway, he's sitting across from me right now. Damn bastard has his right arm wrapped possessively over Squall's shoulder, and is talking to Zell. The cafeteria's pretty quiet at the moment since it's only the morning. Quistis and Selphie are talking about something to do with the Garden Festival again, and Irvine is pretending to listen to them. Rinoa is staring intently at Dylan while he talks to Zell about the animals in the training centre. It's damn obvious how much she likes him. Squall has his head resting against Dylan's shoulder while he quietly sips his morning coffee.

"I really think they should get some of the higher level monsters in there. Even the T-rex's don't hold much of a challenge anymore." Yeah, like you can even beat a T-rex, asshole. "Oh yeah, I know what you mean. After we came back from the SS war nothing in the training centre was all that tough. Maybe some of us should send a complaint to Cid?" I flinch slightly at the mention of the SS war, but I have to agree that the monsters don't pose much of a threat anymore. "If Cid upgraded the monsters then the junior cadets wouldn't stand a chance of beating any of them and they wouldn't be able to get any experience. For those that are to strong for the training centre it's more like a stress relief thing then to gain experience, since we have enough of it." Definitely a good point Squally-boy. Never thought of it that way before. I guess it's true though, since I like to go in there at night to relieve excess tension.

"That's not the way I see it." My eyes narrow slightly as Dylan squeezes Squall's shoulder so much that he flinches, and his dark brown eyes stare intently into Squall's. The tense brunette mumbles something that I don't catch, though taking it to be something good since Dylan smiles brightly and kisses him on the forehead.

"Aww, their so cute!" Selphie cries brightly, I look over at her to see her bouncing in her seat, much like a five year old watching their favourite TV show. Quistis nods her head in agreement, and Rinoa just stares..

"I actually think he has a point. What's the point of having a training facility if the younger cadets can't train. It's not like we can just send them outside to fight the monsters in the forest." Dylan's eyes slowly meet mine, I almost flinch at the hatred in them. "Oh really, I don't recall asking your opinion." I shake my head angrily. "It's a free country mate, and everyone can say what they want to say whenever they want to say it." Irvine's voice drawls. I smirk in his direction and nod my head in thanks. He smiles at me handsomely and goes back to pretending to drift off into sleep, pulling his hat down over his face.

"You don't even come from this country buddy! So who the hell are you to tell me what I can and can not say?" "Actually he didn't tell you what you could or couldn't say, he merely said that it's a free country and Seifer can express his opinion if he wants to." Wait a go chickie. Didn't even know you had the brain capacity to follow the conversation for this long.

Dylan looks at all of us, his cold brown eyes narrowed in anger. "Come on Squall, let's get out of here." Squall raises his head slightly, looking like he was about to protest. Dylan gets up fast and pulls Squall with him roughly. I flinch slightly at the rough treatment, but Squall doesn't seem to mind so I let it go.

"C-ya ladies." Rinoa giggles slightly as Dylan smiles at her. Grabbing Squall with muscular arms he drags him out of the cafeteria. As soon as the couple is out of ear sought Zell pipes up. "Fuck, I hate that guy!" I see Irvine's head nod slightly underneath the large cowboy hat. "I think he's nice." Oh shut up Rinoa, it's not like your opinion isn't biased. Dumb female.

"Unfortunately I have to agree with Chickenwuss, Dylan's an ass. He doesn't deserve Leonhart." Violet eyes peak up at me from underneath an overhanging hat. I look down to avoid Irvine's piercing gaze.

"Everyone's good enough for Squall. I don't think he deserves Dylan." Irvine, Zell and I look at Rinoa sharply. Where the hell did that comment come from? "You bitch! Dylan doesn't deserve Squall! Just like you don't deserve anyone!" Muttering more obscenities Zell walks out of the cafeteria, followed by Irvine. Standing up abruptly I follow their lead and make my way out of the cafe. "Where you going Seifer?" Quistis, why don't you just mind your own business. I know you still have that crush on Squall and I but you don't need to know where we are every second of every day. "Hey! Don't walk away from me when I'm talking to you!" Go fuck yourself Instructor. "Watch your language!" Oops, guess I said that one out loud.

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