Death's Thoughts

By Redrum

Chestnut hair flowing in the salty wind. Grey-blue eyes staring into aqua. Powerful gunblade on offense in his leather clad hands. His face, a perfection of ice frozen in time. The faint glimmer of pain on his frowning face. On the outside, he radiates coldness and power. On the inside, molting lava, and loneliness. Never letting anyone get to close to him, he shows no emotion. Nicknames are thrown at him,''Lionheartless", "Ice Princess", "Puberty boy". They slide off with ease on his icy personality, but within him, each hurtful word stabs him in the heart, like his rivals gunblade twisting and turning in his chest.

As he falls to the ground not a single moan of pain escapes his proud lips, but his memories flash before his eyes; that one day, when the one he let close to him left and a single thought had flowed through his mind, "I will never let anyone get close to me ever again." From that day on, he had built his defenses like a brick wall around his soul, never letting anyone get near him. But little did that young boy know, he would be known not as the Ice Princess, but as having the soul of a lion, and a heart most man can only dream of having.

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