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This story takes place a few years after the game takes place. I don’t really elaborate on what happened to the other characters. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the story itself. I don’t really spend a lot of time on the other characters because they aren’t completely relative to the story.

All but one section is written in Seifer’s POV. The POV change is listed so don’t worry about being confuzzeled. :D

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Darkness Falls

Chapter Two

By Sodoshiin

I don’t care what the studies say, beer is most definitely a breakfast food.

It kept me distracted enough to ignore my band mates as they went on with their daily activities.

Yomi. Yomi was the lead guitarist. A year younger than I and already he’d been playing twice as long. He was the obvious choice for the lead, as in most mornings I would wake up not knowing my head from my ass and either one or both would be in pain for reasons I couldn’t quite remember. The girls seemed to love him almost as much as they loved Squall.

Edan was our basist, blonde, and the shortest, oldest member of the band. He’d been in the business longest and kind of led us through the initial ropes even before Squall had joined. Of the five of us he was also the quietest. In other words, he and Squall got along great, the leader and the commander. Never following too far behind Edan was his girlfriend, Sineade, who wasn’t REALLY a part of the band but I was surprised she hadn’t gone all Yoko Ono on us. At twenty she was over nine years younger than her man and a damn bombshell at that.

The final member of the band was Bach. The drummer. The baby of the group. The residential Man-Ho. A real Irvine Kinneas if you know what I mean. If anyone was going to run against me for the title of “most messed up member award” it would be him.

I made my way to the kitchen; everyone pretty much just ignored me.

I grabbed my coffee, my beer, stole the newspaper from the table and headed back to my room.

Just as I was getting comfortable, there was a knock at the door.

“It’s open.” I grumbled, opening the Sports section, and hunting through my pockets for a cigarette with the other.

I knew it was HIM before I even turned around. He had this aura about him that I could never quite understand, but it had always been there. I suppose it was one of the things that made people look at him, notice him, try to be like him.

“What do you want? If you’re just going to barrage me for last night save your breath. I don’t care.”

“I’m sick of fighting with you Seifer.” He leaned in the doorway with that way of his. You know, that way that just makes you want to hit him and drool at the same time. His arms folded over his chest, his head tilted slightly, chin raised in that superior way of his…

“Then don’t fight.” I told him without looking at him. I sipped my coffee, waiting for him to leave.

“I have a proposition for you.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “I doubt that you have anything I could possibly want?”

His answer was simple and precise. “Me.”

I nearly choked on my coffee.

“Here’s the deal.” he continued. “If you can stay clean for the rest of this week every night  I’ll start to sleep in the same bed as you....” he paused, as if making sure I was paying attention. I was. Hell, I was! “and for every week after that, I’ll wear one less article of clothing when I do it...”

I swallowed. What the fuck was going on??? “And what happens when you don’t have anything else-”

Squal’s gaze was even. “I’ll be your slave, for every day after that I’ll be yours in every way you want me.” His eyes slanted. “And I know you want me, Seifer. All you have to do is stay clean. Do we have a bargain?”

All I could do was blink at stare. Blink and stare. Blink and stare. Squall. Squall LEONHART was offering himself to me! I mean, I’d thought about it before, but no one knew! How the hell did HE figure it out?

My headed nodded before I actually told it to.

 “Good boy. Now just keep with the rules of the game.”

What the hell was I supposed to do? “Am I allowed to smoke?”

“For now I guess.” he tossed me a look. “Oh, one more thing. Until the time is up you’re not allowed to touch me without my consent. Got that?”

Another nod.

“Good.” He pushed himself off the doorframe and turned. “And if I find out you’ve been cheating the deal is completely off.”

Then he was gone.

All I could do was stare and blink.

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