By Purple Penguin

Laguna smiled at various guests that pasted him in the main hall of the palace. Most of them were governors from the other cities, FH, Dollet, Galbadia, Trabia and of course Balamb. They had the same meeting every five years but this one was the worst. Five years ago Cid Kramer was in charge of Balamb, Laguna liked him they got on well, not that he didn’t like Squall but it was complicated.

At the end of the sorceress war Balamb garden spent a lot of time parked near Esthar, the seeds helped to kill the monsters left from the Lunar cry. Laguna had got close to his son and not in a good way. Squall didn’t know they were related and he had a lot of his mother’s features. He was beautiful. Laguna had never thought of his son as a flirt before and he had trouble pushing the younger man away but when Squall tried to go beyond kissing, Laguna knew they had to stop.

It had been three weeks since he had told Squall he hadn’t spoken to him yet. At the meeting the seed commander refused to meet his eyes, he hoped Squall could forgive him for everything.

He looked up feeling someone watching him. He was shocked to look straight up into the eyes of Squall Leonhart who stood across the hall from him. The brunette smirked at him, the older man frowned he had seen that look before but that was when Squall didn’t know they were related, when he was flirting with Laguna.

The president glanced around hoping Squall was looking at someone else, he turned round and found a nice empty space to stare at. When he gingerly looked round Squall stood right behind him.

“EEP!” He turned quickly and backed up.

Squall chuckled. “Sorry, did I scare you?””

“Err… you’re talking to me.”

“You noticed that, huh?” The amused smirk didn’t fade.

“Err… s-s-s-s-so, how are you?”

“Good.” He lay a hand on Laguna’s shoulder and he jumped.

“Do I make you nervous?”

“You’re acting strange.”

“I always act like this around you.”

“Yes, but don’t you remember what I said about us being related?”

The brunette nodded.


“So we share a little DNA, so what?”

“So what? You’re my son!”

“No, I’m an orphan; you’re just my genetic donor.” The brunette smiled wickedly, his fingers played with the ends of Laguna’s hair. He kept it subtle so no one noticed.

Laguna was caught somewhere between running away screaming and giving in to Squall affection. This was wrong on so many levels it was illegal. Squall looked so much like his mother that Laguna felt himself slipping.

“I want you.” Squall whispered and chuckled when Laguna glanced around to make sure no one heard that.

“Don’t be so jumpy.” He paused. “Does anyone know?”

“Know what?”

“That you’re my father.”

“Only Kiros and Ellone.”

The Seed grinned. “Well they’re not here are they?”


“Dance with me.” It wasn’t a question. He dragged the older man out to the dance with the two other couples.


“What? They don’t know what they’re seeing.”

Squall looped his arms around the pretty president’s neck and brushed their lips together in encouragement. They started to dance together more like they were in a club than a ballroom. They soon became the centre of attention and when someone wolf-whistled them Laguna jumped while Squall smirked.

The jittery president pulled away from Squall and ran away.

Laguna poured himself a large whiskey with shaky hands, he was in desperate need of a cold shower and he hated himself for it. Squall was his son he shouldn’t be having these feelings for him.

He jumped when a pair of hands landed on his shoulders. He turned to see his smirking son.

“Hi daddy.” He leaned in to brush lips with the older man, he smiled when Laguna didn’t pull away and he licked at the other man’s lips, parting them to give a real passionate kiss.

Laguna gave in and closed his eyes; his hands ran through Squall beautiful brunette hair. He didn’t even realize they were backing up until the backs of his legs hit the desk.

Squall broke the kiss and trailed his lips down Laguna’s neck, nibbling and teasing the skin with his teeth. He unbuttoned the buttoned on Laguna’s shirt and slid the material off as his mouth moved to the junction where Laguna’s neck met his shoulder. Squall sunk his teeth in lightly.

The president gasped. The younger man’s hands roamed over Laguna’s skin as his mouth worked its way over the older man’s chest, stopping to worry Laguna’s nipples with his teeth, biting them non too gently. The older man moved to sit on the edge of the desk, propping himself up with his hands.

Squall trailed lower, his nimble fingers unbuckled Laguna’s belt. He lapped at the older man’s navel until he finally got his pants undone. Squall moved the offensive material down to Laguna’s ankles and the boxers quickly followed.

He looked up and grinned at Laguna. Glad to see he was watching. He lowered his head to breathe over Laguna’s erection, while their eyes stayed locked together.

The president whimpered slightly until Squall took the head of his cock into his mouth, wrapping his tongue around it. Squall still hadn’t broken eye contact.

Laguna cried out when Squall licked his slit and his eyes slid shut.

The younger man pulled away. “Don’t close your eyes.”

Laguna looked at him again.

“Watch me.”

The Seed went back to his task and worked more and more of Laguna’s cock into his mouth until he couldn’t take anymore without choking.

Laguna watched Squall’s head between his legs; he didn’t touch him because his hands were holding him up.

Much to his disappointment Squall pulled away far too soon.

The younger man removed his jacket and shirt quickly, as he stood up Laguna franticly fought with Squall’s million belts. The Seed smirked and let Laguna undo his pants while he leaned up to kiss the older man passionately.

As soon as his pants were undone Squall pushed them down his legs and stepped out of them, he didn’t wear any underwear.

Laguna moved back to lie on the desk but Squall stopped him. The president looked at him puzzled; his brain had stopped working ages ago.

Squall lay back on the desk and pulled Laguna down with him.

“Fuck me daddy.”

The president stared at the Seed for a moment. Squall grabbed Laguna’s hand and happily sucked on his fingers.

Laguna moved to straddle Squall’s hips, he knelt on the desk and pulled Squall up into his lap.


Laguna rubbed Squall’s entrance before slipping a slick finger inside. The brunette mewled and pushed back on the finger. Laguna added another, stretching him, not wanting to hurt him. Squall writhed on the desk; Laguna pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his cock. He pushed forward in one long firm thrust. He stopped when he was buried to the hilt to let Squall get used to it.

Squall moaned in pleasure and pulled Laguna down over him to kiss him.


Laguna pulled out almost all the way before thrusting back in again hard. Squall groaned and moved his hips to meet Laguna’s thrusts.

They started a rhythm together. They kissed passionately to muffle their moans, hoping no one heard them. Squall lolled his head back on the desk, panting with his eyes close. He gripped Laguna’s hair as he orgasm nearer and his pleasure mounted.

He called out Laguna’s name as he came, a couple more thrusts later and Laguna also came, shooting his seed deep inside the other man’s body. They lay there panting, covered in sweat.

After their bodies had cooled Squall’s phone rang. He leaned off the desk to pull his jacket nearer and fished it out of the pocket.


“Oh hi, Rinoa.”

Laguna sat up from his place on Squall’s chest.

“Yeah the meeting was fine; I’ll be home soon.”

Laguna looked and felt guilty, he knew Squall had a girlfriend.

“Yeah, my dad and me have been... bonding.” He smirked at the Laguna; the president stared at him in shock.

“I’ll see you later, bye.”

Laguna opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish.

“What?” Squall asked innocently.

“I can’t believe you sometimes!” He pulled on his boxers, collected up the rest of his clothes and left.

“Oh, come on, Laguna.”

The door slammed shut behind him.

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