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By WanderingTonberry

A silent shadow picked it's way down the empty dormitory halls, hugging close to the wall. He melted into the darkness, becoming one with the thick inky blackness that choked the halls. Late nights like this...Suffering from insomnia...He needed the cure...But sometimes obtaining such a cure was dangerous...In more ways than one. But nothing would stop this needy being tonight. No, not on a night like this one... With unfulfilled hunger, he quickened his pace.

His bare feet padded across the marble floor, making only the slightest of sounds. If he hadn't been sweating, he would have been completely silent. His feet created soft suction sounds as their soles stuck to the floor. If there hadn't been a Garden Faculty member making his rounds through the hall, he would have cursed out loud. Hyne, he hated nights like this. Sneaking out past curfew was easy...If only he could get to the cure fast enough. His skin felt clammy, his body buzzing slightly with need.

Yes...He was finally there. His fingers slid down the cool metal of the door, his cheek pressing against the barrier. Trembling fingers gently punched in the numbers of the keypad. He cursed softly as his sweating fingertips slid off the keys. With a soft sight, he stepped into the room, the soft swish telling him that the door had closed behind him. A soft breeze ruffled his hair and he looked toward the open window.

Arctic blue eyes danced over the figure lying still on the sheets of that bed...Yes...His silent steps carried him closer slowly to the figure lying in the moonlight. His soft pink tongue moved over his lips as he studied his love with rapt attention. The way the moonlight seemed to fall on just the right places...Accented each rippling curve...Each strong muscle...

The figure on the bed groaned softy, shifting. The black satin sheet that lay draped over his waist slipped down, exposing more creamy pale skin. Bright eyes grew, fixing on the soft bush of blonde hair exposed in the pale, ethereal light. The young man kneeled by the bed, running tentative fingers over the chiseled abdomen, tracing every well-toned brick in turn. His breath caught, feeling the muscles clench beneath his fingers. His loving gaze traveled up the length of the pale body, pausing on the harshly elegant features of his beloved's face.

"Seifer..." He whispered softly, standing. He dropped his jacket to the floor, landing with nothing more than a soft whisper. His belt soon followed, dropping on top of his forgotten jacket. His soft cotton shorts crumpled around his ankles, leaving him aching in his soft tented undergarments.

Zell crawled onto the unusually large bed, nuzzling Seifer's face. A soft purr escaped him and he pawed at Seifer's shoulder. "Babe...Get up. I need you...I need you tonight." He whimpered when all he got in responses was a soft grunt and a slight shift. He shook the tall blonde roughly. No luck there...

He crawled over his sleeping boyfriend, latching his velvety lips onto a caramel nipple. He suckled like hungry babe, tasting the soon-excited flesh. Deft fingers that held hidden strength traveled down the Aryan man's spine, pressing and popping kinks as he journeyed down. He was rewarded with a soft grumble, his lover's eyelids twitching.

"Nnn...Zell? What the fuck are ya doin' here? It's fucking late..." Tired and hazy oceanic eyes drifted to look at the electronic clock humming softly next to his head. He squinted, trying to read the bright green numbers. "Or in this case early." Seifer groaned, rolling over. "Why are you in my bed at 2:34, Love?"

Zell moaned softly, burrowing against Seifer's broad chest. He mumbled against the soft skin, lapping at the end of each sentence. "Mhmm...Mhmm.. Oh, I see.." Seifer mumbled, translating slowly due to his sleepy state. "So let me get this straight...You're suffering from insomnia again...and...No, no, Love, keep going."

The smaller blonde nodded, moving his attentions further up to the older golden-haired one's neck. He suckled, leaving a small love bite, then continued his confessions. Seifer moved his ear lower so that he could hear his little one's soft murmurs. "I see...You want sex, is that it?" He waited for the customary nod, then continued. "You should have asked earlier, Angel. I'm fucking beat." He closed his eyes again. Lying back.

Zell whimpered, biting his shoulder with his sharp fangs. His lover opened his eyes glaring. "Seifer...Please? Pwetty pwease?" He tried to pour on the cuteness, knowing that he wouldn't be able to sleep if he didn't indulge in his nightly treat. He may not get sex every night, but he sure as Hyne slept better if he did. Zell didn't even want to think about the mission to Centra tomorrow. He just wanted to be with Seifer and sleep the day away in his bed after a sweaty session of making love. "I have to be well-rested...and I you know I can't sleep without you..."

Seifer groaned. Hyne, he hated it when Zell acted all cutesy. He couldn't ever tell him 'no'! He growled. Seifer glared harder, but his harsh expression softened and he finally relented. "Alright. But you're going to go right to sleep after, alright?!" His small lover's angelic face lit up, nodding profusely.

Seifer let a knowing smile crack the straight line of his lips. "Alright then. Turn over, and on top of me." Zell complied quickly, setting himself over his lover's larger body, lying on his stomach. "Ass in the air, little one!" Seifer smacked the smaller blonde's round cheeks, trying to get him to do as asked. Much to his delight, the orders were followed quickly, a soft moan escaping the lips of the adorable being before him. Zell kneeled, still on his elbows and knees. He waited for the next order, contenting himself for the moment by nosing down the sheets covering the Aryan beneath his quivering body.

After a moment of squirming on Zell's part, he soon got used to the tongue lapping and tracing his puckered entrance. The little honey-haired martial artist rocked his hips back gently, begging Seifer to penetrate him. Oh, how he desired the hot warmth that was Seifer to fill him fully... To fill the intangible void... Not one to take orders from anyone, his mate said nothing, but continued the slow torture with his tongue. His licks were so and precise, a bit of his saliva dripping down onto Zell's inner thigh. Phase two...

"P-Please...Seif! Come on...I need ya ta ooo-...." Zell moaned softly as a moist finger pushed past the initial resistance of his opening. Seifer placed one large pale hand on Zell's hip, trying to steady him from falling as he thrust eagerly back onto the digit impaling him. "Y-You know...as good as this feels...I'd really prefer it you'd just fuck m-me...mmm..."

"You know I wouldn't do that so soon, Precious... Besides, you asked for it. Coming to my room in the middle of the night.... Or early morning, should I say..."

"Heh...Yah, not unless you're horny as hell-oooo!!!" Zell bit his lower lip, thighs quivering at the erotic stimulation of his prostate. Seifer smirked in the darkness, watching the pale light move to frame the writhing form of his love. He stroked the delicate body with reverence, enjoying the passionate reactions his touches wrought forth. The cries that escaped his mate intrigued him, their music ringing in the small, falling into a tempting rhapsody that called like Siren's song. He was trapped, being brought closer against his will...He needed to possess him once more. He shook his head, trying to get a hold of himself. No, he would prepare him adequately.

"Think you're ready for something larger than my fingers? Or would you prefer another?" He asked teasingly, knowing Zell would hate him for it. Without giving Zell a chance to answer, he slipped in another digit, stretching him slowly and with care. His mouth watered at the thought of pressing deliciously wet kisses to his angel's body. Perhaps it was things like this that made life worth living. His Zell... The shining jewel in his life...

"Yes! YES! Very ready! Zelly can take it! Yes he can!" Seifer's smile grew. So he was willing to play tonight...Fancy that.

"I'll take that as a yes..."

"Damn straight it's a yes! Come on!!!"

The scarred man chuckled, turning Zell around for a slow kiss. His tongue reached out slowly, his hands petting his lover's back to calm him. "Shh...All in good time..." He kissed the pout that appeared on Zell's lips away with a tenderness that calmed the little fighter's fevered blood a bit. He reached over to his bed stand, groping blindly. When not being able to find what his hand searched for, he spoke up. "Zell...Be a good little boy and help me find the lubricant..."

"I think we used it up last night..." He blushed, ears and cheeks pinking in the moonlight. He clambered off of his toned boyfriend, digging through the nightstand drawer. He whimpered, not able to find anything that would suffice. "Seifff....Don't you have body lotion or anything?"

"You're asking the wrong guy, love. As much as I enjoy massaging those cute little ass cheeks of yours, I don't house the stuff. Looks like someone is going to be making a midnight run."

Zell's icy blue's widened and he shook his head profusely. He really hated having to run back and forth from his room and Seif's...It was so far...And he didn't wanna put his clothes back on... Fuck it.

Seifer's eyes lidded as he watched his naked love bolt out his door and into the darkened halls. He relaxed on his slightly warmed sheets, waiting for Zell's return. He closed his oceanic eyes, a pale hand dragging over the cotton bedspread next to him. "Hurry, beloved...I might just fall asleep." He smiled, saying the last part sarcastically. Like he could drift off with such a massive proof of arousal nestled between his legs.

Arctic blues looked around quickly. He panted, turning another corner, his room far behind him. In his hand he clenched a new bottle of Green Tea scented body lotion. Zell's chest heaved as he dashed past someone in the halls, praying desperately that nobody recognized him. He panicked at shouts and he made a sharp right, disappearing into Seifer's room.

"I see someone was stupid enough to run past night watch."

"Shut up! <pant, pant> Here!" Zell chucked the good-sized bottle at his reclined lover, flopping down on the bed next to him. His eyes snapped wide as he felt another finger prodding his opening.

"Someone lost all their prepping. Guess I'll have to do it again!" Seifer heaved an overly dramatic sigh, pulling Zell across his lap. He took a moment to caress the round, almost chubby cheeks, then popped the top of the bottle open. He squeezed a dollop into his hand, coating his long fingers, then pressed them into the molten tightness that awaited him. He stroked Zell's inner walls with care, making certain not to miss a spot. Seifer indulged his boyfriend for his speedy return by pressing his prostate for a time before removing his busy digits.

Zell heaved a defeated moan, pushing back with his hips. He wanted those talented fingers back in his body...Though he was certain something much better awaited him. Seifer pulled him into a sitting position, handing him the bottle of skin-smoothing lotion. "Coat me." His oceanic eyes twinkled.

Seifer leaned back with a moan, his erection quickly slathered with the almost calming scent. He groaned softly as Zell lowered himself willing and eagerly onto his blood-engorged flesh. He steadied his mate, helping him fill the tight channel with his own body.

They exchanged soft kisses as they lay a moment in the lunar blessed light...Neither moved in any way. But soon the silence grew thin and Zell urged his blonde love to thrust. His slim, yet well built arms circled the older boy's neck, bracing himself for the gentle thrusts. His moans were thick with pleasure and restrained passion, lest someone hear their forbidden coupling.

It wasn't long before their passion was spent, splattering across skin and into the confines of another's twitching body. Their bodies stilled once more, basking in ethereal light once more. No words were spoken as the sweat on their skin cooled, leaving them chilly in the night air. The larger of the two pulled the covers close around them, not removing himself from his lover.

Zell wrapped his arms around Seifer's larger frame, eyes heavy and his body sated. He yawned softy, fangs peeking out for a moment, then disappearing from site once more. He pressed his cheek to Seifer's cooling skin, murmuring almost inaudibly.

The older of the two smiled. "Yes, same to you precious."





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