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Chapter Twelve

By Jamaica

“So then what happened?”

Squall glared at Fujin, who sat across the table from him with her Differential Equations textbook lying open between them. The girl simply waited, her red eye full of imaginary innocence. Squall wanted to strangle her.

“What do you think?” he spat. “They yelled at each other. Then they both left.”

Fujin chuckled. “No shit, genius. Irvine’s gone for two days and when he came back he found his girlfriend in bed with this gay guy. I’d be fucking pissed, too, if I was him.”

“Shut the fuck up then!” Squall frowned.

“It’s true.” Fujin shrugged.


She laughed. “From what I gathered it’s *you* who almost became one.”

Squall shot icy daggers through his eyes. He abruptly stood up and walked away from the table. Fujin, sensing she had crossed the line with her attempts at making him see this less seriously and cheer up, immediately followed Squall’s footsteps toward the cafeteria door.

“Hey! Hey!” She reached for his wrist. “I was kidding. I’m sorry.”

“Well, it’s not funny,” he retorted, still not looking at her.

“I’m *sorry.*” She did force him to stop walking. “Look, is everybody okay?”

He stared at her. “Come again?”

“Is everyone okay? Did Quistis have a concussion? Did Irvine cool off? Is Seifer likely to bother you again?”

“No, no, and yes.” He sighed lightly.

“Are you going back to that house?”

“Hopefully not.”

“Hopefully or prefers not?”

“Why?” He was still confused.

Fujin put her hands behind her back. “Well, if that house’s making you uncomfortable now, which I imagine it probably is, you can come and crash with me and Rin for a few days. It’s a co-ed floor anyway, and the RA isn’t that much of an asshole.”

Ah. That’s what’s she’s trying to get at. It actually didn’t sound too bad. The last thing he wanted right now was to go back to the house. Seeing Seifer was one thing he rather not deal with. There was also the apparent resentment from Irvine, not that he could blame the guy much, and the hurtful looks of Quistis that filled the atmosphere.

He had quickly dressed and made-up earlier that morning. He skipped breakfast, naturally, hopped on the bike and zoomed away from the house. Irvine’s yelling had woken Seifer, who seemed quite sober by then. Squall didn’t stay long enough to actually converse with Seifer to find out whether the blond remembers anything he had done the night before or not. Quistis was sitting on the sofa downstairs when Squall reached for the door; Irvine had just vanished with his car. For a split second, Squall wanted to sit next to the depressed girl and help her sort it out, but it passed when he heard Seifer’s footsteps coming down the steps.

He bolted then.

Now, half a day later, he was starving to death and wolfing down his lunch when Fujin decided to join him. The whole story spilled out when she casually asked about the bandage on his neck.

“You sure?” Squall asked.

“Yeah.” Fujin dismissed it casually. “No problem. I can just kick Rinoa on the floor and give you her bed.”

“In that case, no thanks.”

“God, kid, it was a joke again.” She rolled her eye. “It’s fine. Really.”

Squall shrugged his shoulders. “Okay, then. Thanks.”

Fujin flashed him a smile.

“*You’re* Squall? *You?* Wow!”

Squall saw Fujin rubbed her temples. “Yeah. We met before.”

“We have? Oh, sorry, then, I can’t associate names with faces, even the ones that really stand out. Well, then I guess you know I’m Rinoa.” The dark-haired Asian smiled.

Squall tried not to laugh when he heard Fujin mumble “unfortunately” under her breath. “Nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, same here. How long you’re gonna stay?”

He thought for a minute. “Uh, maybe a couple of days.”

“Why? I remember now, you’re Ellone’s brother!” The coffee eyes flashed. “Yeah, the name thing totally threw me off, like, major. But anyway, I thought you’re staying at that Trepe girl’s place with Almasy and Kinneas? What happened? Y’all had a fight or something?”

Squall raised his eyebrows. “Do you know them well?”

“Uh-uh,” Rinoa shook her head. “I know them from their jersey numbers. You know, last name and number on the back thing? I’m a cheerleader and I see them at games a lot. Plus, Seifer comes around once in a while with Raijin.”

“Oh, so you know Selphie.”

“Oh yeah.” Her expression showed extreme amazement. “Crazy girl, oh Lord! Her and that boyfriend of hers almost blew up the entire biology lab two weeks ago. My goodness. You didn’t hear about that?”

“No,” He usually wasn’t interested in these rumors flying around. “What happened?”

“I don’t know *exactly*, but I heard Selphie mixed some chemicals together that’s not supposed to be mixed together, and it caught on fire. Then her boyfriend tried to put it out with the first thing he grabbed, I mean, come on, *that’s* logical. And the thing he grabbed is like, super flammable, and the lab went ‘Boom!’ Nobody’s hurt, though, thank God.”

“Uh, as interesting as that sounds, let Squall put down his stuff first, shall we?” Fujin cut in.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Rinoa’s eyes went wide. “My bad. I gotta run anyway. I’ll see y’all later. Nice meeting you, Squall.” She ran out the door.

Fujin rolled her eye exasperatedly as soon as the figure turned the corner. “My Lord, she would not shut up! Whawhawhawhawha, on and on and on and . . . It’s so fucking annoying!”

Squall smirked. “She’s friendly enough. I like her.”

The look she gave him was good enough to make him laugh out loud.

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