Author's Note: The characters belong to squaresoft but everything else is mine. The characters may be a little off from their game-selves, but there is no way I can rip them out and put them in our world without severely changing their backgrounds, and if you change backgrounds, well, you change personalities. This story is inspired and influenced by works of Sodoshiin, Race Ulfson, Emily, and several others. Oh, and a lot of the pictures I had described are heavily inspired by works of the wonderful Japanese artist Maxim. Again, feedbacks are welcomed, both good and bad ones. (and flames still are laughed at) Thanks for all the people who liked Barbed Wire and provided feedback for me.



By Jamaica

It was a pretty house.

He stood in front of the walnut door, on the stone gravel beneath rolls of golden autumn leaves, as the wind moved his hair. The hair was always messy, much to his dislike. However, that was not what had caught his attention at the moment. He was too busy analyzing every detail of the picture in front of him.

The door was etched near one side, off-center and left plenty of room for the two bright windows, with the shimmery glass reflecting off the setting sunlight. The inside, however, was obscured with light-colored drapes folding into the windowpane. Neutral-grey bricks with bright mix of other fragments stood stably under the blue-black roof. Steps of smooth stone lined under the front door, complemented with a metal railing on each side. Bushes of undergrowth dotted along the base. The fading daylight encircled the entire structure, giving it an almost misty and at the same time distinctly shaded texture.

Very homey. Like the model on a picture of the brochure in the mail about this section of the town. It even had the accompaniment of chirping from the robins, hidden somewhere above in the tangle of yellow and orange.

He hated it.

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