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By Artemis

Zell headed for the library, his autopilot kicking in to hone onto the destination so that his mind was free to think about other things. Mainly to compose himself before he did something rash that could get him expelled. His anger was raging inside of him.

‘That jerk Seifer…I wish he would just leave me alone…I wish he would just find someone else to pick on…no, wait. I don’t want him to pick on other people either…’ And with that Zell was totally lost in his thoughts.

He entered the library and went to the back area. Grabbed the first thing that looked decent and sat down in an overstuffed armchair to think things through while trying to look busy. He flipped to the first page automatically while his mind churned away at things he had not thought about for quite some time.

‘He wasn’t always like this…He used to act just fine. Back in the orphanage. We used to get along. Everyone did. Selphie, Squall, Irvine, Quistis…Everyone. Well, as much as 3-5 year old kids can be expected…’


‘Oh dear God…’

"Hey, Selphie." Zell replied, standing. He plastered a grin on his face like he had been doing a lot lately. Seifer must have really been getting to him. He was usually so happy.

"Hey! Whatcha doing in the library? Doesn’t exactly seem like your kind of hangout…Seifer bugging you again?" She asked innocently, with her hands tucked behind her back and a knowing half-smile on her child-like features.


Leave it to Selphie to hit the proverbial nail on the head with a two-ton hammer…

"Uh…yeah, he saw me mess up in combat training today. A Grat kind of knocked me on my ass…He thought it was the funniest thing since stand-up. But, you know, whatever…"

Selphie just kind of looked at him. Understanding ad compassion had always been her strong suit when it came to people. She stepped forward and put a hand on his shoulder, squeezing reassuringly. Even though Zell was short he still felt like he towered over her at times like these.


Uh huh, life’s like this.
Uh huh, uh huh, that’s the way it is.


"Seifer is just a jerk. I don’t know why he picks on you like he does, but I’m glad you don’t let it affect you like other people would."

"Yeah, well, one day…I don’t know…He’s gonna to push me too far. I’d hate to think about it, but sometimes I just have to get away from him, cause’ I’m so afraid I’m just gonna beat him to a bloody pulp."

"Just remember, Zell." Selphie said giggling slightly. "Gunblade students are very strong also, second only to Martial Art students in overall fitness. I’d hate to have to drag you to the infirmary…"

"Ah, that’s a buncha crap. Where do you get your statistics anyway?" Zell growled out playfully. Faking some jabs at the giggling girl.

"Just look before you leap, will you, Zell?" The laughter gone form her voice. Selphie looked imploringly at her blonde friend.

"What? Don’t look at me like that! Whatcha thinking? I’m stupid enough to actually try and take on Seifer? Yeah, funny. Do I have ‘Moron’ written across my forehead?"

Selphie started to open her mouth…


"Don’t you dare answer that question."

Selphie giggled and turned to leave. "You better get going. Don’t you have a class in like 10 minutes?"

"Shit! I gotta go!" And with that the tattooed blonde scurried out of the library in a better mood than he had been in a while.

Zell hurried down the hallways. He had to stop by his dorm first. He needed to grab his paper that was due today. Thank goodness he had actually sat down and written it last night instead of leaving it to the last minute like he so often caught himself doing.


‘The hell? That felt like I just ran into a load of bricks…Wait…Oh God…There is only one person you can run into and it feel like you just got hit by a bus carrying a bunch of weight watchers…’

Zell raised his head and looked up from his position on the floor. One look upward told him all he needed to know. And all he knew right this second was that he was in some deep trouble.

"Hey, there ain’t no running in the hallways, ya know?" Raijin stated simply. He reached down and picked the blonde up in one swift movement. "Ya could run into someone, ya know?"

Now Raijin wasn’t the problem. He was actually a decent guy who just wanted to become a SeeD like everyone else. No Raijin wasn’t the problem. It was the one person who was always with Raijin.

"Chicken-Wuss…" The words were sneered out of the one thing in the whole world that caused Zell to fall into an oblivion of embarrassment. Seifer.


Cause’ life’s like this.
Uh huh, uh huh, that’s the way it is.


"You know better than to run in the halls, Chicken. This calls for a bit of punishment." Seifer rubbed his chin as though thinking of something horrifying to do to Zell when he burst out into laughter.

Raijin just looked at him with a funny look on his face. Something along the lines of Oh-My-God-He’s-Lost-His-Mind…again. Seifer stopped laughing abruptly and glared at both Raijin and Zell, who was still on the floor.

"You know what, Chicken? I’m gonna let you go this one time. Only because you were so amusing today in Combat Class. I must say only you could make getting your ass whooped by a Grat look that funny. So get your pansy-ass outta my hallway before I mop the floor with it."

With that Seifer picked Zell up from the floor and shoved him into the wall. Hard.


"So, Chicken-Wuss, why aren’t you—"


Jade eyes peered up at Cerulean blue ones from their new position on the floor.

‘Oh dear Hyne…What did I just do?’

"Hey! You don’t go hitting people like Seifer, ya little punk! Because people like me can pick ya up and snap ya puny bodies in half, ya know?" Raijin stated simply as he advanced towards the shocked, tattooed blonde.

Seifer was still on the floor looking like he had just been blindsided by a van driven by intoxicated chickens, when suddenly the dazed look in his eyes vanished, only to be replace by what looked like to Zell the Wrath of Hyne.

Just as Raijin was about to turn him into pudding, Zell watched in surprise as Seifer laid an arm on his shoulder to stop him.

"Leave him to me." Seifer’s voice froze the blood in Zell’s veins. There was no shock anymore. There was no fury. Just calm. Deadly calm.

"But Seif—"

"I said leave him." Seifer’s voice left no room for argument.

Raijin cast one worried glance at Zell and then turned to leave. Whatever he was planning to do to Zell probably wasn’t even a third as bad as what Seifer’s voice implied that he was going to do to Zell.

"Well, well, well, Chicken. When did you get some balls?"

‘Oh dear Hyne…I’m dead…I am sooooooo dead. What the hell was I thinking…Good question. Even better WAS I thinking? Damn…I wonder if I’m gonna be able to walk after this. No, wait. Seifer wouldn’t hurt me THAT bad. I mean, I could tell Cid. Ha! I win! He can’t hurt me without…

Zell’s internal monologue was cut short by the booming sound of a fist hitting the wall by the side of his head with bruising force.

"Don’t space on me now, Chicken. The party is just getting started."


"Shut the fuck up! You are gonna shut your mouth and follow me. You understand?"

Zell started to reply when Seifer’s fist yet again slammed into the wall with enough force to break bone. ‘Damn that must hurt…’

"I said you are gonna be quiet. Now, do you understand?"

Zell nodded. This was his fault. If he had just controlled his anger. If he had just waited a little bit longer than maybe Seifer would have just left him alone. But no! He had to go and punch him. The one time that Seifer Almasy might show Zell Dincht compassion and he had to go and get himself all riled up…

If only things hadn’t changed. If only Seifer was still the Seifer he had know back in the Orphanage. The one who had helped him play tag because he was slower than Selphie. Or the one who found him the best hiding places in Hide And Go Seek, places so good that even Quistis couldn’t find him…If only.


Chill out.

What ya yelling for?
Lay back…

Its all been done before.
And if you could only let it be,
You will see…


Zell followed Seifer back to the dorms in complete silence. The thought crossed his mind to just run. A voice, probably his last sane brain cell, kept screaming at him to just get the fuck out of there, but then another voice, softer, more calm, told him to accept his fate and take what was coming to him. Seifer had never hit him. Never. Sure he taunted and jibed, maybe even pushed him around a bit, but he never hit him. It was like an invisible line. Make his life miserable but never do anything that would warrant repercussions. This was his fault. He threw the first punch and as they stopped in front of Seifer’s dorm, Zell had the unmistakable feeling that his punch was not going to be the last one thrown today.

Seifer unlocked the door and held the door open for Zell, who walked in with his head down. Not wanting to meet his gaze. Seifer glared at the back of Zell’s head.

/At least he hasn’t tried to run yet. He’s just like the little kid I remember…/

Zell stopped in the middle of the room. And just stood there. He wanted to move. Wanted to do anything that didn’t involve standing here waiting for his ass to get kicked by his childhood friend.

‘I’m sorry Seifer. I just wish that you would tell me why you changed. Why do you hate me now?’

Tears started to form in the tattooed blonde’s eyes. His vision blurred only for a second before he blinked them back into oblivion, which is exactly where he felt like he was headed.

/What happened to him? Is he just gonna stand there and let me beat the snot out of him? No! He wouldn’t. He wouldn’t just give in like that. But he isn’t bluffing. I can see it in his body language. He’s always giving away how he feels. Like how he blushes when I tease him…/


I like you the way you are…
When we're driving in your car,

And you’re talking to me one on one but you've become…


Seifer circled Zell…once…twice. Looking down at the crestfallen head. Amazed at what he was seeing. This wasn’t Zell. Zell never hung his head a day in his life. Never. He was too courageous to admit defeat. He was too optimistic. He held too much faith in his friends to ever let anything get him down. He trusted people too much. Believed in them.

/He believed in you…/

Seifer’s head snapped up from where he had been staring at the top of the small blonde’s head. What was he thinking? Things had changed. They weren’t friends anymore. He wasn’t friends with any of them anymore. He hated them all. Didn’t he?

‘What is he doing? Prolonging the damn moment? Come on Seifer! Hit me! Make me forget the old Seifer. My friend. Show me that you really are the monster you love to pretend to be. Come on! Make me believe that you really have changed so that I can squash this stupid nagging feeling that you’ll ever be the boy that I played with…Just hit me…’

Zell stood completely still. He wanted so badly to move. To tap his feet. To snap his fingers. To do SOMETHING! But he didn’t. As much as he had lost his control out there today, he was not about to let that happen again. He couldn’t.

/It’s like he’s resigned to his fate. Like he’s just accepting whatever I wanna dish out to him. We’ll see about that. I know how to get him to fight back…I know ho to make him really hate me…/


Somebody else round everyone else.
Watching your back like you can’t relax.
Trying to be cool you look like a fool to me.
Tell me…


Seifer suddenly reached forward and hooked his elbow behind Zell’s neck drawing him towards himself. Zell looked up in surprise only to have a pair of lips come crashing down on his own.

Seifer wasted no time. He crushed the smaller blonde to his own body while pinning him to a nearby wall. He ran his tongue enticingly along the smaller and completely shocked blonde’s lips before demanding entrance into his warm mouth.


Why’d you have to go and make things so complicated?
I see the way you’re acting like your somebody else

Gets me so frustrated.
Life’s like this…
You fall

And you crawl

And you break

And you take what you get

And you turn it into honestly.

Promise me…

I’m never gonna find you faking
No, no, no.


Seifer ravaged the tattooed blonde’s mouth like he had just discovered the art. Running his tongue along the smaller blonde’s sharp fangs and full lower lip. Meanwhile, his arm removed itself from around Zell’s neck only to hold one of his wrists at his side, mimicking the movement with his other arm. Successfully pinning the passive blonde to the wall. His for the taking.

/Why am I pinning him down? He isn’t struggling. He isn’t fighting back. He hasn’t pulled away in disgust and called me every derogatory gay-guy word. Does he want this? No. He isn’t kissing back. He’s just…There. Like he’s just existing. /

Seifer’s lips hesitantly removed themselves from Zell’s flushed and slightly swollen ones. They worked there way down his jawline, biting and nipping at the sleek line of bone there. Zell still didn’t move.

‘Oh my god…Did he? Did Seifer just…kiss me? Why? It wasn’t exactly the gentlest of kisses. But it was my first one…’

At this point Seifer was getting frustrated. Why wouldn’t the little brat do something? Anything, for Hyne’s sake! Seifer’s lips moved lower, to right where the jaw meets the neck and began a sensual assault with his tongue on the sensitive flesh, nipping lightly and then soothing with long slow strokes on the irritated skin. A momentary tensing of the smaller blonde’s body and then nothing.

/Damn it…/

‘Do something! Fight back! What the hell am I doing?’

And yet, his body refused to listen to him. He still stood, pinned to the wall, completely passive. What was he doing?

‘You’re getting what you deserve. You threw the first punch and this is what he wants to even the score. And you’re going along with it, because you know you deserve it…’

Seifer was so frustrated at this point that the idea of just picking the smaller blond up and tossing him out of the room. It was really beginning to seem like such a good idea…

/No! He’s gonna respond. Whether he wants to or not. This isn’t the Zell I know. And damn it I want that Zell back. /


Why you have to go and make things so complicated?
I see the way you’re acting like your somebody else.

Gets me so frustrated.
Life’s like this…
You fall

And you crawl

And you break

And you take what you get

And you turn it into honestly.

Promise me…

I’m never gonna find you faking.
No, no, no.


Seifer was beyond frustrated. Zell had to have a hotspot. He just had to find it. Then when he did the fiery little blonde would do one of two things. 1) Throw him down and kick his ass. Or 2) Throw him down and ravage him like there was no tomorrow. Although, the first was what was supposed to happen, at this point the taller blonde was so turned on that he didn’t particularly care what happened.

Seifer’s mouth moved to the junction of where Zell’s neck met his shoulder. He kissed lightly; eliciting an almost imperceptible shudder from the smaller blonde pinned to the wall. Siefer smirked to himself and bit down on the tender flesh offered to him. That did it. Zell arched off the wall with a gasp and successfully brushed his lower torso against Seifer’s, causing the taller blonde to moan softly against his neck at the ever so light and sweet friction. He felt himself go instantly hard at the contact.

/Fuck it…I’m taking him. If he doesn’t want to kick my ass then fine…/

Seifer grabbed Zell roughly by the shoulders an spun him around, pushing the blonde onto the bed, straddling him. He grabbed the bottom of Zell’s T-shirt and removed it in one swift motion. Seifer took a moment to stare down at the blonde below him.

Zell lay there, his head tilted to the side an his chest rising and falling erratically. Sweat glistened slightly on his forehead and his brow was nit in concentration. Gods, he was gorgeous this way. But he would be so much more beautiful if he would just open his eyes and show him that he had some spirit in him.

Zell was slightly surprised by Seifer’s reaction when he threw him on the bed. He had winced slightly, expecting a blow, only to have been stripped of his shirt and straddle by the blonde.

‘Does he want me to react. Is that why he’s doing this? To get a reaction out of me? But I…he…couldn’t…want to…rape me…could he?’


You come over unannounced.
Dressed up like your something else,
Where you are and where it's at you see,
Your making me…

Laugh out when you strike your pose,

Take off all your preppy clothes.
You know you’re not fooling anyone,
When you’ve become…


Seifer wasn’t sure how much longer he could stand looking at the blonde beneath him and remain in control. He was going to rape him. Yeah, that’s right…rape. He couldn’t try and sugarcoat this one so that he could look in the mirror. Zell didn’t want this. He wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted, but it wasn’t this. He had to get Zell to hate him. So that he would avoid Seifer at all costs.

Seifer had tried everything to get the blonde to back off, but nothing worked. The teasing, the laughing, the mean jokes, the whispers…Nothing. He kept coming back. Looking at him with those hurt eyes that seemed to be asking: ‘Why?’

Why? Why? Because he didn’t want to get hurt. If no one liked him. If everyone feared him. Avoided him. Then he would never have to worry about anyone getting too close. Never have to worry about someone finding out his dreams and his fears.

Seifer’s anger fueled his next actions. He viscously rocked his cloth-covered arousal against the smaller blonde’s. Seifer had to bite back a groan. Too much tension. Too much pressure. Want and need. Too much.

Zell, however, couldn’t hide what was happening to him. His body responded. He felt himself go hard and he rocked back groaning, while clenching his eyes tighter.

Seifer reached up and removed his own shirt only to lower himself to the tattooed blonde’s chest and take a very hard nipple into his mouth. Zell arched into the touch letting a choked gasp escape his throat. It felt so good…Why would Seifer do this?

Then it hit him. Seifer was trying to rape him.

‘What would Seifer do if I made it quite obvious that this was a wanted thing? Wait…’

He wanted this? He wanted Seifer?

‘Yes, I want to convince myself. Convince myself that he is still capable of caring. That he is still my friend no matter what he says or does around other people…’

Zell opened his eyes only to see possibly the most erotic sight he had ever seen. Seifer had left off sucking his nipples to simply rock against the passive blonde. A sheen of sweat was shining on the taller blonde’s well-toned chest and neck and his head was thrown back at a delicious angle.


Somebody else ‘round everyone else.
Watching your back like you can’t relax.
Trying to be cool you look like a fool to me.
Tell me…


Zell slid his hands up Seifer’s Jean-clad thighs till they came to a rest on his gyrating hips, using his strength to force the taller blonde into an even more frantic pace. Seifer’s head snapped down and his eyes flew open when he saw that Zell had finally responded to his touches. His body was getting the best of him though. He needed out of his pants. Now.

Seifer reached down and began to undo the clasp on Zell’s over-sized pants. Getting off the smaller blonde for a moment to remove shoes and then the pants and boxers with a swift tug of his arms. Now Zell was laying there. Completely nude.

/Oh my god…he’s beautiful…What am I doing? I’m going to destroy him if I do this. /

Seifer let his eyes roam over the body presented to him. Caressing and touching the smaller blonde’s arms and chest. Defiantly ignoring the throbbing arousal between the tattooed blonde’s legs. Seifer was completely aware of Zell’s eyes on him as he did this.

‘Seifer, you’re not hurting me…I want this.’

After a moment more of gentle exploration, Seifer removed his own pants and boxers before settling down on top of the gorgeous body beneath him.

Hands wandered as Zell and Seifer’s arousal’s met for the first time unhindered by clothing. Both teens gasped as electricity arched through their bodies. Seifer reached down and stroked Zell’s blushing arousal. Zell pumped his hips upward accompanied by a wordless cry demanding release. If Seifer didn’t do something quick Zell was going to jump up and pin HIM to the damn bed.


Seifer looked at the blonde in surprise. Those were the first words that Zell had said the entire time. He was asking him to continue? His hand absent-mindedly pumped Zell’s member to an unfathomable pressure. He was close. So close.

"Seifer…" Zell breathed out.

"Do you want this?" Seifer asked. Trying his best to steel his voice from any emotion.

Zell cracked open an eye to peer at the taller blond who lay atop him. Why was he being like this? Of course he wanted this. He wanted his friend back. He wanted whatever Seifer had to offer him at this moment.

Jade eyes widened in surprise when they were suddenly centimeters away from Cerulean blue ones, locked in a kiss that was both heady with passion and filled with love and concern. Zell pushed open the taller blonde’s mouth and plundered the sweet warmth he found there, causing Seifer’s strokes to become frenzied.

"Seifer…I miss you…" Zell managed to get out before his body tensed in orgasm. A strangled cry broke from his throat as his body arched off the bed…


Why you have to go and make things so complicated?
I see the way you’re acting like your somebody else,

Gets me so frustrated
Life’s like this…
You fall

And you crawl

And you break

And you take what you get

And you turn it into honestly.

Promise me…

I’m never gonna find you faking.
No, no, no.


Zell’s world swam out of focus for a few moments until he was able to remember his surroundings. Seifer still straddled him, with an unreadable look on his face.

/I can’t do this. I won’t hurt him like that. /

Seifer began to remove himself from atop the smaller blonde and turned his back to put his clothes on. He was surprised when two strong arms circled his waist and he felt a forehead on his back.

"Seifer, don’t."

"Don’t what? Rape you? Ha! You’re funny, Chicken. Real funny. So what? You want me to finish this, so you can run to the headmaster’s office and get me expelled with a rape charge. No thanks, Chickie. No thanks at all." Seifer hadn’t moved from his position, and was still naked. It wasn’t that Zell could expel him that was making him so nervous, what was it then?

Zell could feel the tension in Seifer’s back as the accusations made themselves known.


Chill out.

What ya yelling for?
Lay back…

It's all been done before.
And if you could only let it be.

Then you will see…


‘Seifer, what makes you think we’re out to get you. You’re the one who changed. Who pulled away…I still care…’

Zell placed a chaste kiss between the taller blonde’s shoulder blades. He would convince him he wanted this. He would show him that he still cared.

Seifer turned around in the blonde’s grasp.

"Zell, you should—"

The insistent pressure of a mouth cut off the arrogant blonde. Zell wrapped his arms around Seifer’s neck and pushed him down onto the bed, straddling his stomach. He could feel Seifer’s arousal by his back. But chose to ignore it for the moment.

Removing his lips, he stared down at the Jade-eyed beauty.

"Seifer, why? Why did you pull away? Did you think that you could just stop being my friend like that!?" He said snapping his fingers in front of the blonde’s eyes. His anger was building, as was his own state of arousal. "We grew up together, Seifer! We played games together. We were best friends. You can’t just stop. It doesn’t work like that, Seifer. It just doesn’t. You’re my friend. And unless you give me one good reason why we shouldn’t be, I’m gonna finish this right here, right now…"

Seifer just lay there. Zell was naked and on top of him. His thought process was steadily dwindling to nothing.


Somebody else round everyone else,
Watching your back like you can’t relax,
Trying to be cool you look like a fool to me.
Tell me…


/Say something. A good reason. Anything. Damn it! /

"I’m gonna hurt you. That’s why. I hurt everyone. That’s why you gotta stay away from me. Because…" His voice trailed off. There he had said it. Now what?

"Seifer…you would never hurt me like that." Zell whispered as he bent down and lightly kissed him. "Ever."

Zell ran his hands up Seifer’s sides causing the taller blonde to shiver. He hands left fire in their wake, and Seifer felt like he was incinerating. Zell nuzzled his neck and Seifer felt something being placed in one of his hands. He looked over to see that Zell had handed him a small bottle of lotion.

/Probably got it from the table by the bed. Does he really want this? /

Seifer looked down at Zell who was still nibbling at his neck and suddenly tensed when he felt the little blonde’s teeth nip at the sensitive skin.

"Do you really want to do this, Zell?"

The blonde’s head shot up to look into jade eyes with a look of confusion.

"You called me by my name…" He whispered.

Seifer couldn’t help but grin. "Yeah, I guess, I did."

Zell bent down and ravaged Seifer’s mouth with a kiss that left his head spinning. The fiery little blonde’s tongue worked its way into Seifer’s mouth to taste everything that the blonde was. Fresh, sweet, sharp, bitter. All of it was Seifer.

The two battled for control for a moment before Zell finally gave in to let the taller blonde take control. Seifer expertly flipped Zell over so that he was now on top, and proceeded to jab his tongue into his sweet mouth. Their arousal’s lying against each other from base to tip. Zell’s hands found their way to Seifer’s waist, and started a gentle rocking motion.

Seifer threw his head back a moment as he let the feelings Zell was creating take over. Looking down at the blonde he smiled softly at the martial artist’s half-lidded eyes and slightly parted lips that were giving way to small, erratic pants of breath.

He reached for the bottle of lotion and liberally coated his fingers in the cool lightly scented fluid. He positioned one lotion-smothered finger at Zell’s entrance and gently pushed past the tight ring of muscle.

Zell’s body went rigid. He bucked away from the finger, his body automatically trying to rid itself of the intruder. "Ah! Seifer!"

Seifer stopped. He had only gotten to his second knuckle, and already he could tell that Zell was deliciously tight and hot. "Do you want to stop? It gets better. I swear."

Zell closed his eyes and nodded, as Seifer pulled his finger almost all the way out before pushing it completely back in. It wasn’t horrible. Just uncomfortable. Zell hissed as quietly as he possibly could. Seifer started to thrust the finger in and out slowly. When he felt that Zell could handle it he added another lotion-coated finger. Slowly, he scissored the two fingers gently stretching the quivering body beneath him. Suddenly Zell started to thrust back on the fingers with a low moan.

"Oh god…"

"Feel good?" Seifer asked with a grin. He had forgotten how happy it made him to see Zell happy. He had missed the blonde so much, since he had been adopted at the Orphanage.

"Uh-huh…Ah!" Zell’s body arched off the bed at an alarming angle as Seifer hit that one spot that caused sparks to fly across his vision.

Seifer chuckled low in his throat at the sight of a thoroughly aroused Zell. Zell was now writhing on his hand, body begging to be pleasured. "I think you’re ready, now."

"I had better be. I can’t…take…much more…of this…Seifer…please…" The small blonde was steadily losing his grasp of control.

Seifer removed his fingers and positioned himself at Zell’s entrance. He gently pushed forward and into the hot cavern. He was so tight. Slowly inch by inch he embedded himself in the hot little blonde beneath him.

"Oh God, Zell." Seifer eyes were half-shut and grasped Zell’s hips to keep the blonde from squirming. The smaller blonde was panting beneath him, his hands clenching and unclenching the sheets beneath him and his eyes were clenched tight, lips slightly parted.


Seifer bent down and kissed the smaller blonde with bruising force, causing him to gasp in surprise allowing Seifer to plunge his tongue into soft velvet. Seifer kissed Zell for a few more moments before Zell broke the kiss and moaned loudly pushing his hips towards Seifer.

Seifer hissed at the sweet friction. He pulled halfway out and pushed back in gently, loving the sound of Zell moaning beneath him. He set a pace filled with slow powerful strokes that left the smaller blonde breathless and wanting.

Zell knew that Seifer was being gentle, but he didn’t want him to hold back. He was strong. He could handle whatever Seifer could dish out. Hadn’t he always? Zell reached up and grasped Seifer’s shoulders while pistoning his towards the blonde causing him to go deeper than ever. Seifer moaned at the attack, but kept his passion in check.

Zell frowned at Seifer’s control. ‘Oh no you don’t, Seifer Almasy…’ As Seifer’s next thrust came forward Zell threw his hips as hard as he could against the blonde and then wrapped his legs around the taller blonde's waist, locking them in the sweet position.


Why you have to go and make things so complicated?
I see the way you’re acting…

Like your somebody else.

Gets me so frustrated
Life’s like this…
You fall

And you crawl

And you break

And you take what you get

And you turn it into honestly.

Promise me…

I’m never gonna find you faking.
No, no, no.


Seifer lost any control that he had at that moment. He pulled out almost completely and then slammed forward hitting that spot deep within Zell who cried out at the feeling. Seifer upped the pace to a frenzied pitch. Thrust after thrust he continually buried himself deep within Zell, hitting Zell’s prostate over and over again.

As Seifer began to approach the edge he reached down between their two bodies and grasped Zell’s erection, stroking it ruthlessly, while moving his other hand to the side of Zell’s face. He felt Zell tense beneath him, and felt the smaller blonde tighten around him almost causing him to fall over the edge.

"Seifer…!" Zell gasped out as the throws of his orgasm over took him, splashing his seed in between their two heated bodies.

That did it. Seifer felt Zell’s muscles constrict around him and with a few more thrusts he joined his new lover in the throws of passion.

"Zell…" Seifer whispered as he buried himself one last time in the smaller blonde. His body froze and he emptied himself deep within the blonde. Spasms wracked his body, and then he rolled pulling the blonde onto his chest.

The two lay there for sometime gaining their bearings and calming their bodies. When Seifer’s body has somewhat regained it’s natural rhythm he absent-mindedly stroked Zell’s feather-soft hair. The smaller blonde had fallen asleep in his arms, just like that. No hesitation, no second thoughts. Zell trusted Seifer and Seifer couldn’t understand why.

"Seifer?" Came the small, tired voice from the teen on his chest.


Zell sat up on his chest and got as close to Seifer as he could without actually touch the taller blonde’s face, looking him dead in the eyes.

/Oh god. Don’t let him say it. Not now. Not when I can’t protect myself. If he says it and then later takes it back, I’ll die. I know I will. /

"I love you, Seifer."

Seifer lay completely still in shock. Now what? They confess their love and all is forgiven? No! He didn’t deserve to be forgiven. Not after years of torturing the tattooed blonde. Not after making his life miserable when all Zell had wanted to know was why he had ignored him.

"Seifer?" Cerulean blue eyes looked worriedly into his own. They were begging for an answer, any answer, just not silence.

"Zell…I…can’t…you deserve better. I’ll hurt you. Have hurt you before…"

"Seifer, I forgive you. I don’t care about the past. I don’t care about anything but this. What we can have right now."


"Promise me." Zell cut in. Staring at him with a new urgency.


"Promise me you’ll at least try." He whispered, his lips barely brushing the taller blonde’s.

"Try what?"

"To forget, Seifer. To just try and love me. I can love you. No questions asked. But I have a feeling it’s going to be harder for you to accept this. So just promise me you’ll try."

Seifer cold feel the tattooed blonde’s breath on his lips. He loved the little blonde. He knew he did, but could he really change. Could he really become the Seifer that Zell remembered so fondly? Zell was willing to give him a second chance…Shouldn’t he be willing to give himself a chance, too?

Seifer leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on the smaller blonde’s lips.

"I promise."


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