Author notes: There might be a little disturbing content in it if you're uncomfortable with sharp objects. Other than that its a must read I think.

Close Shave

By Linkin Fantasy

The plastic covering of the lounge chair crinkled beneath Zell as he shifted in the seat.

"Sit still." Seifer ordered as he finished tying the last of the ropes to the chairs metal frame.

Zell tested the ropes one last time. He was bound to the chair, legs drawn back over his chest, thighs open exposing his genitails and anus. Ropes were knotted around his arms and legs leaving the middle part of his body open and exposed for Seifer's use.

"Do we really need these?" Zell asked.

Surveying his work Seifer asked, "Do you want me to accidently cut your balls off?" Zell shook his head. "And besides," Seifer added grinning. "I like seeing you helpless." Zell grinned back then remembered another more important question. "So is this safe?"

Seifer stood leaning over him. "Don't you trust me?" He ran his fingers over Zell's tattoo tracing every line. "After all you let some creepy biker guy do this to you." He said meaning the tattoo.

"He was a lisenced professional."

There was a gleam of a smirk in Seifer's eyes. "Yeah right." He stood and went to the bathroom cabinet taking out the instrument he needed then returned to his place in front of the bound blonde. Then he opened the razors top and checked the blade.

"Will you let me do you after?" Zell asked eyeing the razor in Seifer's hand. He looked down at Zell. "Me let you near my nuts with a razor?" He snickered. "Yeah right. But hey you could make it your romantic dream and maybe someday it'll come true." He reached over to the sink and placed the razor on the counter top. "But you need a shave too." Zell said looking at Seifer's fur surrounding his penis.

"Well if you're a good boy maybe I'll let you watch me do it." Zell smiled to that. Seifer took a small sponge out of a bowl of the sink, which was filled with water. "I'll tell you the story about the first time I did this," He squeezed the sponge out over Zell's body. "Of course it wasn't half as exciting as this and I wasn't tied down."

Zell watched carefully as Seifer put the sponge back in the water and grabbed the can of shaving gel. "Its gonna get a little messy." Seifer said absently as he squeezed some of the gel into his hand. "I like messy." Zell added still watching tentively. Seifer smiled shaking his head as he rubbed the gel in his hands. "The first time I did this I was in the bathtub." Zell raised an eyebrow to that. Seifer kept rubbing his hands together until he got a good lather. "Like I said it gets messy and the tub was the safest place I could think of for a first time."

He started spreading the lather over Zell's chest where the hair was in slow wide circles, almost hypnotically as he talked. "First I sat down in the tub and soaped myself up nice and slow. Just in the places I needed to shave until the urge to rub everywhere took over," Zell grinned as he stared at Seifer telling his story. "I absent mindedly started rubbing the gel all over myself." His hands made their way from Zell's chest down to his torso.

"My hands, arms, legs, chest, feet, everywhere." His hands moved from Zell's torso down to his groin. He soaped the boys cock, massaging lather onto his pubic hairs and between his thighs, over his balls. Then between his anus- wherever there was hair that needed to be removed. Zell's head fell backwards against the chair and he let out a breath.

"After I was lathered up I took the razor- I was crazy then- and started to shave my chest, slowly." Zell's head came back up to watch. "Don't be scared though. I'm still crazy but I know how to use the blade properly now." Seifer said reassuring the young boy. Zell relaxed again in his seat- well as much as he could being tied down to it. "But if you want I could get the blindfold?" He suggested. "No," Zell shook his head. "I wanna see."

Seifer chuckled. "Then open your eyes and look." He said holding the razor firmly in his hand he continued to shave the sparse hairs on Zell's chest. "Right up to the nipples in smooth even strokes, slowly I shaved myself." Making Zell shivver from moving the blade under his nipples then down to the middle of his torso. "Right down to the pleasure line."

"Pleasure line?" Zell repeated. "Right down here." Seifer replied drawing a straight line with the razor from Zell's chest down to his belly button. He did this a few times over and Zell arched his back a little from off the chair and Seifer used a hand to push his stomach back down steadying him. "Remember keep still." Seifer cautioned.

"So did you shave it all off?" Zell asked after relaxing back in the seat and Seifer continued to shave him. Seifer smiled to himself. "Never do, not then not now. I get rid of the thick stuff and always leave a little left over." "Oh." Zell said feeling a little more comfortable knowing he wasn't going to be completely hairless. "Then what?" He asked.

"Then I positioned my legs open so I could shave my balls. By then I was so hard I could have cum with just one touch," Seifer continued his story speaking lazily and Zell swallowed hard getting hard just thinking about it. "But I didn't...... not yet." He finished.

"Okay." Zell said not even sure why the word just came out of his mouth. Seifer paused his work and looked up at Zell, his body was flush from the heat being created in the bathroom. "Breath." He told Zell helping him relax. Zell did what he said and took in some air then let it out slowly.

Placing one hand on Zell's dick he began shaving the crease between his thighs and balls, first on one side then repeating on the other. Careful not to make any wrong or sudden moves he took the razor over Zell's sac slowly hoping the boy had enough will power- or sanity to keep still. When he finsihed getting rid of the hair in that sensitive area he kissed a lather free spot on Zell's inner thigh. "There."

Zell sighed out. "Will it itch?" He asked afterwards. "When the hair starts to grow back and for a little bit after its just been shaved." Seifer answered standing to dip the razor in the sink water cleaning it off, then he knelt back in position to finish the job and his story.

"Then came the tricky part trying to shave my ass," He scoffed a laugh and put the razor near Zell's opening. "I lied down in the tub and put my legs up against the far wall where the knobs are, got the razor in place and started to shave as best I could until I was as smooth as a baby." Zell's hole tensed when the cold blade touched his skin. "Yeah I tightenend up to, afraid I'd cut myself and Hyne forbid trying to put a band-aid between your ass." Seifer said and he carefully went to work shaving around Zell's butthole. Every now and then Seifer would lick at the fine blonde hairs before shaving them off. Zell tried to keep himself relaxed but his hips involuntarily bucked upwards everytime the wet tongue touched him. When all the hairs were removed Seifer squeezed more of the gel onto his fingers.

"Then just to ease the discomfort I rubbed the freshly shaved skin, moving my fingers in and out of my ass." In went his fingers coating Zell's hole. "Gods I was so fucking hard by then my dick felt like an iron rod."

Trying to ignore the fingers going in and out of his ass Zell asked. "So did you.... ya know masturbate?" Seifer was silent at first still concentrating on working his fingers in Zell's ass before he answered. "Mhm." Zell's eyes went wide with disbelief. "What you thought I wouldn't? Well lonely men do lonely things." Seifer said digging his fingers farther in and Zell inhaled sharply. "So did you like it?" "Don't you?" Seifer retorted with his own question no answer was really needed from either.

Zell's stomach rippled and his anus tightened around Seifer's fingers. "Then- well like you said I jerked myself off. Quite nicely if I remember. There was water everywhere." He chuckled lightly.


"Yup, did I leave that out that the water was running, steadily filling the bath tub. I was so entranced with what I was doing I didn't notice."

Zell tried to move his hips more forwards so Seifer's fingers would slide in more but he was tied down too well. "I think you need the bath." Seifer said pulling his fingers out. "Shower works fine." Zell said feeling suddenly cold and alone. "Untie me." He said but Seifer didn't move. "Please." Zell begged. Instead of untying him Seifer stood and straddled the chair standing in front of Zell's face. Zell's eyes immediately went to Seifer's erection which was inches from his face. Holding onto the towel rack behind the chair Seifer moved closer to Zell's face. When Zell lifted his head Seifer pulled back. "Don't move!" He ordered and Zell put his head back down.

Seifer rubbed the tip of his cock over Zell's lips, teasing him, daring him to open his mouth. "I think you want this." Seifer said still teasing him, at a lost for words Zell just nodded. "Open wide." Seifer said and before he could finish Zell had already openend his mouth and was now devouring the meat. "Ah." Seifer let out a sigh when his erection hit Zell's tongue and the boy immediately started sucking him off. Every now and then Seifer would pull out some making sure Zell never took in too much of him that he'd gag or choke. He moved his hands from the bathroom bar and into Zell's hair tossling it more than it already was. He twined his fingers with the hair while he fucked the small boys face.

Zell's own cock was throbbing below them he had his own raging hard on and wanted nothing more than to be fucked senseless. Seeing the pain in Zell's face Seifer pulled out of him and quickly began untying the ropes. "Fuck." He hissed when he couldn't get them undone right away. "Hurry up." Zell said feeling like his dick was about to explode. Seifer took a deep breath trying hard to concentrate on the ropes and not the desire to fuck Zell senseless. He'd finally got him free and neither of them wasted anytime getting into the shower.

The water was turned on neither really sure who'd done it, it didn't matter the urge was too strong. Seifer didn't waste anytime plunging himself into Zell's backside pressing the martial artisit against the shower wall. Zell moaned loudly as his body thanked him for finally getting some action. Seifer took Zell's butt in his hands squeezing the flesh firmly as he thrust in and out of it. Then he moved his hands forwards and around to Zell's dick and started jerking him off. The two groaned almost unheard through the loudness of the water spraying everywhere. Then Zell came spraying his cum on the shower wall. Seifer continued riding him until he came himself........

When it was all over and the two had regained themselves they stepped out of the shower into a pool of water on the floor. In their rush to do each other they'd forgotten to close the shower door. "Looks like we made a mess." Seifer said and Zell just laughed and made his way out of the bathroom sloshing through the water to get a mop.

"Water water everywhere and not a drop to..... drink." Zell sang and laughed again.

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