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By Drakon Sword

It was quiet in the library in Balamb Garden, considering that it is a library. Though it was fairly empty causing there not to be even the rustle of pages, or of clothing. Not even the tapping of computer keys echoed in the room. It was a freaky, unnerving silence. Enough to drive the quietest of people, nuts!

It was an unusual place for this young man to be. He leaned back in a red cushioned chair with a comic on his lap that he was trying to read. Though his mind refused to concentrate on it. His legs were resting on the table with his ankles crossed. He glared at the comic book stretched out on his lap, with his arms folded. He was lost in thought.

Okay! Unlike popular belief, Zell Dincht could be serious. He wasn't this overabundance of energy that never stopped. He did, on a rare occasion, stop to think and take things seriously when it was needed. And at the moment . . . it was needed.

Zell had one of the problems that you could love and hate at the same time. On occasion, people who are single, long for this problem. I, for one, do . . .

Anyway, Zell had to make a choice. A choice he has been putting off for months. A deceiving game he had continually played, denying the truth. Lying to his two lovers, and to himself. Hoping, wishing, praying that it would never end and he could live happily with them both. However, it seems that no gods were listening to him.

Zell sighed and gently stroked a temple. He couldn't choose. He just couldn't! He loved them both. Funny, that they are so alike, yet so different. Causing them to hate each other, but fulfilling a part of him.

Zell was in love with a silent, introverted young man he considered one of his very best friends, before they became lovers. His beauty was as cold as Shiva, yet made you so warm imagining his touch on your skin. His unruly chocolate strands that hung around his chin with grey eyes that morphed to a baby blue with a strong, pure emotion. Something that happened rarely, but anyone who saw it would easily give the world to see it again.

Squall Leonhart wasn't very talkative, yet his grunts, groans, and moans spoke louder than words. Squall did talk, occasionally. His words could cut through the strongest of men with his ice-biting wit, and could make the smallest of men feel very important and needed, when he so choose it. Squall may not speak very often, or for very long, but he knew exactly what to say to get his point across, and make you feel how he wanted. To think, the best talker was the one who spoke the least.

Squall could also play the great seductress with the simplest of gestures, and words. If Squall so chose, he could make anyone beg to touch or be touched by his 5'8'' lean, willowy, yet muscular body, by both male and female. Squall could turn his pheromones on and off like a tap.

Zell smiled, almost smelling, feeling, and being touched by the sultry package he loved. Squall and he had been together for over 6 months now. Squall broke up with Rinoa Heartilly after about a year of trying to make it work with the lovely, but not so bright, woman. She was too optimistic to make him a forever bubbly, talkative, open man. Something that Squall wasn't, and, frankly, never would be.

Squall and Rinoa broke up shortly after his 19th birthday. She seemed heartbroken for a while, but after a few weeks got over her 'true love' in no time, like she had with Seifer Almasy. Squall wasn't heartbroken either. He easily slipped back into the single life. One he lived for only a few years, before getting with Zell.

Zell had always felt something for Squall as the travelled the world, defeating whatever crossed their path. Though he never pursued it, or thought about it, mostly because Squall seemed to be destined for the lovely Rinoa.

When it was all over, the love everyone predicted between them just seemed to . . . . die. It was strong as ever at the end, but it just welted. Squall and Rinoa were obviously not meant to be. Though even now she stayed at the garden, still friends with everyone, including Squall.

After he had broken up with Rinoa, he seemed more inclined to hang out with the gang. Mostly Irvine, and Zell. Though Zell was more particular because Zell was single. At the time that was what Zell assumed because Irvine was busy courting the sophisticated Quistis, who he is now, officially, dating. However, now Zell knew different. Squall was trying to figure he feelings for him, and how Zell felt for him before reacting.

Zell could remember that day like yesterday. A day at the beach, tossing a volleyball in the cool, salty ocean with Squall as the others sunbathed. Or babe watched, like *ahem* Irvine Kinneas.

Anyway, the game was relaxed between him and Squall. A long weekend to relax. No Headmistress Xu (yes, she is the new headmistress) to call them for duties. No garden. For four days they were normal young adults, not SeeD's, having fun on the long weekend.

Squall looked to shore, and watched as a gay couple walked by. The two men held each other's hand as the walked to an open spot to sit. It wasn't the first homosexual couple they had seen, and probably not the last, but Squall continued to stare at the passing couples. At the time Zell didn't see it, but now he knew he was staring at them in curiosity, not disgust.

"Does that bother you, Squall?" Zell asked, holding his body up with the volleyball, letting himself float after swimming to retrieve it. He also watching the gay couple with a smile on his face. He knew what that was like.

"Does what bother me?" Squall asked, seemingly perplexed. Zell rolled off the volleyball, and swam to Squall.

"That gay couple over there. The one you were watching." Zell said, nodding to the couple as they stretched themselves out on a towel.

"Does it bother you?" Squall shot back. Zell noticed the uneasiness in Squall's eyes. Zell had been around him long enough that he had learned to read Squall's eyes.

"Nah! I'm bi-sexual. Actually if anything, I'm proud of them. Proud that they have admitted that they are gay instead of marrying a woman because it is expected by society." Zell said, shrugging.

"Really?" Squall asked, his eyes wide in a childlike innocense.

"Ya! I mean it takes a lot to admit it, and then go out and do it! Personally, I think it's pretty cool." Zell said, smiling.

"No. I meant being bi." Squall said, his eyes studying Zell. Zell couldn't help, but blush.

"Well-l . . . . uh . . . . ya. . . . . I guess." Zell said, scratching that back of his head. Half expecting Squall to swim to shore, disgusted.

"Have you had a boyfriend before?" Squall asked, turning himself to completely face Zell. Zell gaped at him.

" . . . . yes . . . . " Zell said, uneasily. Something in Squall's eyes was seductive, warm, and was completely turning him on, making him forget a certain someone.

"Am I attractive?" Squall asked, blunt as ever and cocking his head as he studied Zell.

"Wh-what?!" Zell stuttered, blushing redder. Though Squall persisted.

"Am I attractive to you?" Squall asked, monotone, not letting his eyes waver from Zell's. Normally, Squall hated to repeat himself, but he had changed after the sorceress wars. Zell was completely taken in by the gaze. Lost in the storm of grey.

" . . . . yes." Zell said, not fully realizing what he said till he had. Zell then gasped at his own answer as Squall gave a small smile.

Zell jumped in surprise when he felt a wet, cold hand touched his face. Zell snapped his eyes to look at Squall he was watching him with a certain possessiveness that made Zell's heart flip-flop.

" . . . . . Squall?" Zell asked, confused, yet so turned on that he was fighting not to jump Squall like he had been wanting to for the past few months.

"I like you too, Zell." Squall whispered as he lowered his lips to Zell's. Zell was lost as soon as the soft, cold lips touched his own. He returned to kiss, fervently. Caressing the warm, wanting lips on his own, totally oblivious to who and what was around them.

That was until a shrill whistle rang out. They jumped apart to turn to shore where Selphie Tilmitt was waving her arms, grinning like idiot.

"FINALLY!!! COME IN YOU TWO LOVEBIRDS!!! LUNCH IS READY!!!" Selphie called, cupping her mouth with her hands. Zell and Squall both blushed as people turned to look at them.

"Let's go." Squall said, taking Zell's hand in the water as they wadded back. Squall was reluctant to let go of his hand so he could eat, which made Zell's heart flutter. The gang seemed immensely pleased, and was happy for the two. Zell couldn't be happier as he and Squall started their relationship that day. Something he been dreaming of for a long time.

Though as this dream came true, a nightmare came up. One that he had temporarily forgotten that day. Who wouldn't with all the events? Finally getting one of the men you have loved and lusted for years, though refusing to admit it for a longtime. Problem is that Zell Dincht forgot about his other lover he had wanted for years that he was seeing at the time. Seifer Almasy.

Seifer Almasy, the ex-sorceress' knight, and Squall Leonhart's lifetime rival. A tall man at 6'2'' with closely cut blond hair that surrounded his chiselled, utterly masculine face. His bright jade eyes that matched his boisterous personality. The complete, and utter opposite of Squall, yet he loved him just as much.

Seifer was so hard, mentally and physically. He was hard to get along with because of his sneering, biting personality. His body practically screamed sex, yet like Squall, deterred it with his personality.

Instead of being cold and bitter like Squall, he was sarcastic and sneering. He knew how to make you cringe just in a different, but certainly just as affective, way. However, he was just as attractive and appealing to Zell as Squall.

Getting with Seifer was slightly harder then getting with Squall. Partially because Squall made the first move, if it hadn't worked out that way, it would have been very hard. Seifer, you had to break through the tough, asshole image he gave off. Squall, it was a cold ice shell that was bitter and silent. Both just as hard, but just as rewarding when you did break through.

Seifer never really returned to the Balamb garden. He went his own way, only keeping in touch with his two good friends, Fujin and Raijin, his posse. He went to Glabadia where he finished becoming a SeeD. He did it just to prove he could, and also to help with all the mistakes he did. He wasn't blamed for his actions with Ultemica because it was proven he was under a mind control, but people were still uneasy around him. Understandable, considering Seifer wasn't exactly the nicest person in the world.

After graduating, he left and went to Balamb where he started a life at. They needed someone to destroy the monsters around the town to keep costumers coming. Also to kill any that dared to step into the wall of the little town. Willing to give him a chance, they gave him the job.

That's when Zell met him. He was on his way to his mother's. It was about 5 months before he had got together with Squall at the beach. Almost a year after Squall and Rinoa broke up. He had gotten a present for Squall, and left it at his mother's so Squall wouldn't discover it.

Funny how as stoic Squall was, he lite up like little a child when it came to presents. When Zell discovered this, he teased relentlessly on having Squall's gift. Bragging about it, and constantly giving Squall contradicting hints. Causing the gorgeous brunette to whine, and growl. There was much to Squall everyone was slowly learning as he came out of his shell on his own, as time passed.

Anyway, Zell came into town to see a tall man with short blond hair, dressed in a dark-blue trench coat that flowed around the man's ankles like waves of an ocean with the collar pulled up around the man's neck to hide the part of the man's face, and neck. Black leather gloves, pants, and boots. Zell looked closer interested in who the man was. He was very nice looking. Very attractive, yet there was something naggingly familiar about him.

The man turned sensing that someone was staring at him. His jade, green eyes curious with the familiar scar between his eyes. A gunblade exactly like Hyperion at the man's side. Zell almost had a heart attack.

Seifer Almasy. The man who constantly teased and ridiculed him, yet, strangely, turned him on like no other. Well, except for Squall. Zell hated Seifer at first. Hated the teasing. Hated the name calling. And most of all, hated the fact that Seifer turned him on.

Seifer was so different from Squall. Both obviously masculine, yet in two different ways. Squall was average height, lean, and muscular. Squall had a cool, sultry manner to him, while Seifer was hard and muscular with deep, passionate aura. Seifer Almasy the bad boy that everyone fell for at least once.

"Well, well, well! Look who it is! Good old, chicken-wuss!" Seifer drawled as he turned. The man Seifer had been talking to, gave the gaping Zell a nod, and walked away to help someone else.

Zell opened his mouth to respond, and then shut. Doing this many times, not exactly sure what to say. He was too surprised to retort, or get angry with Seifer's name calling. Seifer just arched an eyebrow waiting for Zell to actually say something.

"Can't you say hi to an old friend?" Seifer asked, smirking. Zell just let his mouth gape open, and then snap shut in response. "Oh, stop flapping your mouth like a guppie! You look like you're blowing bubbles! It's becoming! Or, hey, I should call you, bubble boy! Ya, I like that!" Seifer said, rubbing his chin where a little goatee had grown.

" . . . Seifer?" Zell finally asked, blinking. Seifer shook his head. His jade eyes sparkling in delight in shocking the short, hyper blond. It wasn't everyday you caught Zell off guard like this. Seifer was enjoying himself immensely.

" . . . . chicken-wuss?" Seifer mocked, touching a black leather gloved hand to his chest. Zell finally getting his thoughts together, crossed his arms and glared. Seifer chuckled.

"Hilarious Seifer." Zell muttered, dryly. Seifer smirked. "What are you doing here? We haven't seen you in years!" Zell asked, frowning at Seifer. Seifer just sighed.

"I'm here because I work and live here." Seifer said, sardonically. Zell arched an eyebrow at him.

"Zell!" A voice called before Zell could continue his 20 questions with Seifer. Zell turned around just in time to be pulled into a familiar, loving embrace.

"Hey ma!" Zell said, temporarily forgetting about Seifer as he gave his mom a small hug. She pulled away smiling.

"Hello Seifer! How are you?" Mrs. Dincht asked as she saw the tall, nice looking young man behind Zell. She smiled at Seifer who nodded at her kindly.

"Hello, Mrs. Dincht. I'm good. Lovely day, isn't it?" Seifer asked, making small talk with a small, genuine, smile. Zell blinked.

"It is, isn't it?"" She said, placing a hand over her forehead to look out through the street as the warm sun beat down. "Come you two. I whip us up a little snack." She said, leading the way to her home.

"That isn't necessary, Mrs. Dincht." Seifer said, not following, shaking his head. She promptly shook head, clicking her tongue in displeasure.

"Come on! I'm sure Zell wouldn't mind." She said, giving her son a look. Zell shook his head, completely lost at what was going on. His mother had known about Seifer, and never said anything to him?

Mrs. Dincht lead the way to her home as Seifer gave in. Mrs. Dincht could be very persuasive. She unlocked the door, and left Zell and Seifer to follow. Zell still wasn't sure what to think of his mother being close to Seifer. Not to mention how respectful and polite Seifer was to her.

Seifer whipped his boots on the mat, and let his gunblade lean against the against the wall near the door. He removed his blue trench coat, and placed it on a hook. He then sat down in the chair across from Zell as Mrs. Dincht out various types of cookies, and some coffee. Pop for Zell. Zell wasn't a coffee drinker. He didn't need the caffeine.

"So what are you doing here, Zell? I wasn't expecting you till next weekend." Mrs. Dincht as she sipped her coffee. Zell opened his can of Sprite with a pop. Seifer stirred some cream into the black coffee, seemingly pleased, and comforted by Mrs. Dincht's hospitality. Almost familiar with the surroundings.

"I need to pick up Squall's birthday present. His father, Laguna is having a surprise party for him on his birthday, Thursday." Zell explained as he took a gup of his pop.

"So it's Leonhart's birthday on Thursday, eh? He's going to love having a surprise party." Seifer said, sarcastically. Mrs. Dincht didn't seem at all deterred by his tone.

"You'd be surprised. I have successfully driven him insane for the past 2 weeks by not telling him what his present is. I have teased him till he actually starting whining after he growled." Zell said, shrugging. Grinning evilly as he remembered Squall's snarls, and his whining, almost begging. Squall had changed a lot since days prior to the sorceress' wars.

"Really?" Seifer asked, surprised. Zell smirked, and nodded. "Now that is something I wish I'd seen." Seifer chuckled.

"Oh, we have it on camera. Selphie had her new camcorder with her at the time. She recorded it all. I think it's part of her gift. Squall has changed a lot since Ultemica." Zell said, his smile positively sinister. Seifer laughed, shaking his head.

"You two seem to be getting along . . . " Mrs. Dincht started to say, but was interrupted by the phone ringing. "Excuse me boys." She sighed, getting up, and answering the persistent ringing.

"So-o . . . . what's with the new look?" Zell asked, munching on a chocolate chip cookie. Seifer arched a eyebrow.

"Why? Don't like it?" Seifer asked, running a thumb over the blond goatee. Zell shrugged, and swallowed his mouthful.

"No. It's just . . . . different. I guess I could never see you dressed differently then before. I guess it makes you look more . . . sophisticated and mature. It's kinda nice." Zell said, narrowing his eyes, studying Seifer. Seifer squirmed a little.

"Ya, well, I did it because I was bored with my other look. I'm almost 21, not a brainless teenager. Besides, now I'm not as recognizable." Seifer said, shrugging it off. Though Zell could swear he could see a blush appearing on Seifer's cheekbones.

"It's cool." Zell said, giving a smile. Studying Seifer again. He decided he like Seifer with the goatee. Seifer's hair was spiked a little, and Zell really liked the new trench coat. He decided not to ask what happened to the other one.

"You've changed too." Seifer stated. Zell shrugged, and definitely blushed. Zell subconsciously ran a hand through his shorter spiked hair with reddish orange tips. He was wearing tan skater shorts, and an orange shirt.

"Ya, I guess I did it for a change. You get bored looking at the same person in the mirror every morning, you know?" Zell said, as Seifer smirked at his blushing.

"So-o . . . what has been happening at the good old garden?" Seifer asked, sipping his coffee.

"Since you been there? Well-l . . where to start . . . ." Zell said, tapping his chin. Seifer arched an eyebrow at him, waiting. "Well, Rinoa and Squall broke up almost a year ago after his 19th birthday at Esthar where his father, Laguna held a party for him. Xu is the new headmistress. Quistis is a instructor again. Selphie is still the social butterfly. Irvine is still a lady's man. Rinoa is still forever optimistic, over her 'true love' Squall after a week of moping.." Zell said, touching each finger as he rhymed it off, and giving finger quotations at explaining Rinoa's 'true love'.

"Look. I better go." Seifer muttered, finishing his coffee. Zell say a flash of longing, sadness, and jealously run passed Seifer jade eyes.

"Sure, man." Zell said as Seifer got up. "Where's Fujin and Raijin?" Zell asked, not wanting Seifer to leave, though Seifer was already putting his jacket on.

"They are in Timber. I haven't heard from them on a few weeks, but last I heard that they are still dating." Seifer said, as he straightened the collar of his beautiful, soft trench coat. "Say thanks to your mom for me. See ya!" Seifer called as he picked up his gunblade to leave.

"Sure! So, uh, Seifer?" Zell asked, catching the door before it closed. Seifer stopped and turned to look at Zell.

"What . . . ?" Seifer asked, blinking as Zell kind of fidgeted.

"Maybe we can talk again soon? I mean, I'd like to see you again. Ya know, catch up on old times. It has been 3 years, and you are . . . well part of the orphanage gang!" Zell said, scratching the back of her neck in a defensive gesture.

" . . . . sure. Maybe sometime. See ya." Seifer nodded, leaving. Zell watched him walk away. His jacket swivelling around him. The sun glinting off his hair. Zell felt the familiar stir in his pants, and cursed at himself, inwardly.

"Zell? Did Seifer go?" his mother asked as she entered the kitchen again. Zell sighed, and walked back in closing the door.

"Ya! He said thanks." Zell said, grabbing another cookie, chomping on it as his mother retrieved a new cup of coffee, since her other was stone cold.

"He's a nice boy. Been through so much pain with the sorceresses, but he still holds his head high." She sighed. Zell mused over his mother's thoughts.

Seifer was different. He wasn't as defensive, and sarcastic anymore. It was still there, yes, but he was maturer. The sorceress' war seemed to have made him grow up like everyone else. It was a humbling experience for everyone. It seemed, even for the ex-sorceress' knight.

"I better wrap Squall's present before he turns up, demanding to see it like a mad Chocobo looking for its chick." Zell commented, dryly though smiling at the thought.

"All right. The wrapping paper is in the hall closet." His mother said as he climbed the stairs to his room. Giving his thanks to his mother.

When Zell got back to the garden he never told anyone about his meeting with Seifer. To this day he didn't know why he didn't. It was important, but for some reason he didn't want to tell the rest of the gang. It was like his little secret. He didn't want to share.

The weekend after Squall's birthday Zell went back to Balamb, saying he was going to see his mother. No one suspected anything. It wasn't unusual for Zell to disappear to Balamb to visit his mother a few times a week.

Zell did go to his mother's to ask where Seifer lived. She told him that he lived in an apartment a little ways into the town. Thanking his mother, Zell took off to find Seifer's. Not really completely understanding the flutter in his stomach, and the tightness in his chest. Excitement was his only answer. Why? He wasn't so sure.

Seifer was surprised, almost shocked, when he saw Zell at his doorstep. Zell quickly explained his mother had given him his address. Seifer invited him in, and after a few moments of uneasiness, they started to talk and hang out. This was the start of many visits.

Zell found himself going to Balamb on a regular basis to see Seifer. He would go at least 2 days a week. He and Seifer would talk, watch movies, go out for lunch, visit his mother, anything that they felt like doing. They were the best of friends, though Seifer did tease Zell, and call him names, but more in a friendly teasing manner, than accusing or ridiculing. Zell didn't mind as he teased right back.

No one else discovered Seifer. They knew he was alive, but no one knew where, and no one went to the pain to find him. They felt that he rather be left alone. Seifer would come when he wanted to be found.

Also, no one ever really went to Balamb anymore. Deling City had become the huge spot to go out drinking and clubbing. Partially because they take a train there with Squall being the great Esthar President's son and war hero. Also they could crash at Rinoa dad's place because she had repaired her relationship with him when Timber was freed. The place was huge, and he wasn't there often, anyway.

Esthar had the best theatres, and they could get in free because Laguna owned it. Then there was Timber where had the best restaurants. Also Zone with Nida had opened a restaurant that had the best food on the entire planet. They were amazing cooks.

Overall, Balamb wasn't as popular anymore. They would only go there to get on the train, and for a little bit of shopping. Other than that . . . Balamb was just like home. It was comfortable with nothing really unusual. Also the gang got bored of it because they had gone there since they were like . . . 7?

3 months past, and Zell was continually getting closer and closer to Seifer. He couldn't deny it to himself anymore. He was in love with Seifer. Zell wasn't sure what to do. Yes, Seifer had admitted that he was gay when they talked about Rinoa at one point. Seifer explained that they weren't ever really together. He cared for her as a sister, never a lover. He dumped her because he finally decided to stop denying his sexuality.

At the time Seifer seemed nervous of scaring Zell off. Zell saw this, and instantly relaxed Seifer by explaining he was bi-sexual. Seifer seemed relieved, and Zell could swear he saw a flicker of hope in the jade cat eyes.

Zell couldn't take it anymore. He decided to do something. Taking fate in his hands, Zell went to Balamb with a determination he didn't know he really had. He was going to tell Seifer how he felt.

Seifer let him in, and before Seifer could fully shut the door, Zell pounced on him in an instant. Zell pushed Seifer till his back was to the door, and caressed the soft, usually smirking, lips. Zell could feel Seifer's lips were slacked in surprise, and could feel the tickle of Seifer's goatee. The sensation was mind boggling.

Even more mind boggling was when Seifer started to return the kiss just as passionately. Seifer's hands rested on his hips as the kiss became softer, but with just as much desire. Zell wrapped his arms around Seifer's neck as the continued to kiss, till Zell finally pulled away, panting for air.

"What was that for?" Seifer asked, breathlessly, his jade eyes sparkling with happiness as he made no move out of the embrace. Zell groaned as Seifer smirked.

"Because I wanted to. I have wanted you for a long-g time." Zell muttered, panting. Seifer chuckled, and caught Zell's lips in a quick little kiss.

"Good, because I have been driving myself mad not to jump and ravish you." Seifer muttered, stroking Zell's cheek with a tenderness Zell would have never considered a part of Seifer till the past few months. There was a lot more to Seifer then anyone would probably ever know. So far, Zell knew that most, and he was still learning.

"Why don't you?" Zell asked, huskily. Seifer sighed, and nuzzled Zell's cheek with his own. Zell closed his eyes, smiling softly.

"Why don't we go to that first movie first? Consider it our first date." Seifer asked, smirking as he pulled away to get his trench coat.

"You really know how to destroy my mood." Zell muttered as he tapped his foot waiting. Seifer laughed.

"Come on! It starts in 20 minutes." He said taking Zell's hand. Zell sighed. Begrudgingly, following Seifer.

That was their first date starting their relationship. Zell couldn't be happier, well till he got Squall too. Though that was also when the problems started. Mainly it was guilt. Guilt that he was cheating on both of them with the other.

At first Zell decided to play it out, and deciding who he liked the best. Or loved the most. Or treated him the best, and dump the other. No one would be wiser. Yes, it was cruel, but it made him feel better for awhile. That was until he realized that he couldn't choose.

Then there was the option of breaking up with both of them, and becoming their friends again, but it would be too awkward. He loved them both, and they both loved him. Returning to friendship would be too hard since he was more than willing to jump them on a regular basis.

Zell didn't know what to do, and he still didn't. He had been with Seifer for 9 months, and Squall 6. Yes, maybe he should dump Squall because he was with Seifer first and it would save Squall pain, but he saw Squall every day. It would kill him to see him pull away, and not to mention, try and contain his raging hormones.

Okay! You say, then dump Seifer. Well, Zell couldn't do that either. Seifer knew his mother well, and often went to visit her. She didn't know that Zell was dating both Seifer, and Squall. She just thought they were good friends. Breaking up with Seifer would cause him to stop visiting her, and she would ask what happened. Breaking up with either one would kill them, and any relationship he had with them. He couldn't back out now.

Now of course there was something that really made it hard. Really hard on him. Him as an individual. He loved them both with all his heart. Each one held one half of his heart in an iron grip.

Zell sighed, and stretched his arms to the ceiling. He was so confused. What was he supposed to do? He couldn't give up one, or both. He wanted them both. There was only one way to have them both without guilt, but he knew, considering the rivalry, they would never agree, or do it. Zell was frankly on his own.

Zell gathered his comic book, and left the library. Lost in thought as he walked down to the dorms. Running a hand through his blond red tipped spiky hair, sighing. He opened the door to his dorm, and shut it, immediately being plugged into darkness.

He leaned against the back of his door, blinking his eyes to adjust to the darkness. It was then he knew someone else was there. He felt soft, cool fingertips run down his arm in a caress that gave him goose bumps in anticipation. Instantly forgetting his problems, for the moment.

" . . . Squall." Zell whispered, as lips ravished his neck, and exposed collarbone. His buttoned shirt was slowly being undone as his nipples were being pinched. He groaned in pleasure. His shirt fell to the ground unheeded as the lips travelled up his neck to his ear, where his lobe was slightly nibbed.

"Mine." Was the only word spoken in the voice he knew so well. Zell instantly reached out, and touched the naked chest. He trailed his fingers along the taunt muscles of the well-defined chest causing Squall to groan in his own pleasure.

"Yes." Zell hissed into Squall's ear, rubbing his palms over Squall's erect nipples. He pushed his knee between the leather clad legs, rubbing the hardness there causing Squall to moan a little louder.

Zell pushed Squall back till they finally came to the bed. Zell quickly straddled Squall's waist, and with deft fingers undid the leather pants. He leaned to kiss the chest, completely removing the pants and smooth boxers underneath.

The small amount of light was all Zell needed when he saw the demanding length of Squall. He instantly incased the hardness with his mouth, causing Squall to gasp in pleasure and surprise. Something Zell considered music to his ears.

Zell massaged Squall's balls causing Squall to continue his disjointed groans telling Zell what he wanted, and how. He pumped up and down Squall's shaft as he held Squall's hips down, staying in control though Squall was the one who originally engaged this. Though Zell knew that Squall didn't mind being controlled. To him it was a major turn-on. Squall never took power very well, even though he was a natural leader. He just hated people relying and expecting him to lead them when he didn't now what was truly right, or wrong. He hated be the saviour. Unlike others who wanted power, and were corrupted by it, Squall just didn't like it.

Squall then gasped, breathlessly as his seed spilled into Zell's awaiting, hot mouth. Zell quickly swallowed it all, and crawled up to kiss Squall. He pushed his tongue into the slackened mouth. Their tongue tangled as he let Squall taste his own essence.

"Do you want me inside you?" Zell asked, huskily in Squall's ear as he pressed a finger into Squall. Squall just moaned in longing, and arched his back in response. That was all Zell needed.

Zell pulled away causing Squall to groan on disappointment. Zell quickly removed the rest of his clothing, and grabbed the lubricant from the bedside table. Joining the awaiting Squall in record time.

"Sh-h! I'm back, love." He whispered as he pushed a lubricated finger into Squall tight, heat. Squall moaned with pleasure. It was enough to make Zell's head spin. He quickly added another, and then another finger to make Squall continue his moans in pleasure, holding onto Zell let a raft in the ocean.

"Oh Squall!" Zell panted as he entered the tight heat that belonged to Squall. It was something he would never tire of. He would never ever stop loving this man of his dreams. Squall meant everything to him, just like . . . Seifer.

Squall wrapped his legs around Zell's waist, beckoning him deeper. Zell quickly obliged causing Squall to moan in utter ecstasy. Zell thought he would cum right there. Squall moans, and groans could turn anyone on.

Zell thrusted harder and harder into the heat causing the groans from Squall to grow louder, and louder till they finally screamed together falling from the heavenly heights they had visited for their umptieth time.

Zell rolled himself to his side, gathering Squall into his arms. Squall's head rested on his shoulder, already falling asleep. Zell could feel the warmth of Squall's breath trialing along his skin causing him to goose bump again.

"I love you, Squall. With all my heart." Zell whispered, combing his fingers through the hair he loved so. In response, Squall grunted in agreement, and pleasure. To Zell it meant the same words. Squall had said it once. Zell understood that was probably the hardest thing Squall had ever done. Though it hurt sometimes that Squall didn't say it back with words.

Zell sighed, content for the moment, closing his eyes falling asleep. He tucked the blankets in around them, and slowly fell into the bliss where he, Squall, and Seifer lived happily together. If only dreams came true.

Zell awoke with the sun shining in his eyes. He groaned in displeasure, and turned to look away from the blinding rays. Zell snapped a eye open when he rolled to find a empty spot at the other side of his bed. Wasn't someone supposed to be there . . . ?

Squall then walked in. His hair was wet, and even more astray than usual, dripping down on his shoulders to streak down his bare chest. A small green towel wrapped around his waist as he used another to rub his hair. Zell could smell the soapy freshness that Squall had after a shower. The light spice of aftershave, and mint from toothpaste.

"Mornin'." Zell said, groggily as he awoke. His tongue clumsy with sleep. Squall just smiled, and sat down on the bed. Zell reached out to touch the golden skin of his flank causing Squall to flex at the touch.

"You're in a good mood this morning." Squall said, as he shed the towel around his waist to dry his legs and arms.

"Hell! Anyone waking up to a sight of you would make anyone's day!" Zell scoffed, rolling on his back, stretching like a cat as he yawned.

"Ya, but you're the only one I wake up to." Squall murmured as he stood up pulling on a pair of black boxers, and jeans. Zell watched him with a feeling of slight shame that he tried to hide. He had woken up to someone else quite a few times over the past 6 months he had been seeing Squall as well . . .

"You have to work today?" Zell asked as Squall threw on one of one of his black tank tops from the closet. Squall had started to keep clothes in Zell's room, and Zell did the same. They were constantly waking up in the other's room needing clothes.

Squall nodded as he sat on the bed again to put on his boots.

"Ya. Quistis asked Rinoa, Selphie, Irvine, and myself, to do a demonstration for her class today." Squall said as he reached over to the bedside table to retrieve his necklace, watch, and earring that he removed last night when he came into Zell's room.

"That's right! And I declined because I promised to see ma today." Zell said, staring at the ceiling knowing bloody well it wasn't his ma he was going to see.

Squall turned to look at Zell. He smiled a warm smile, and leaned down to kiss Zell gently on the lips. As Squall went to pull away, Zell wrapped his arm around Squall's waist to hold him to his body, and deepened the kiss with a quick lick of his tongue.

Squall quickly obliged, and steadied himself by placing a hand on either side of Zell. He returned the kiss with earnest, and with a moan of pleasure to boot. Zell just gripped him tighter, and duelled with the other willing tongue with pleasure.

"Zell . . . . " Squall said, breathlessly as he pulled his mouth away. Zell wouldn't have it, and yanked him back down for another deep, passionate kiss that Squall melted into.

"Hm . . .?" Zell asked in his throat as he finally let Squall go.

"I have to go to my room to get my gunblade, and be at Quistis' home room in 15 minutes." Squall murmured in Zell's neck. Zell just sighed, letting Squall completely go so he could get up.

"I'll see you later, right?" Zell asked as Squall got up. Squall smiled and nodded as he left the room.

". . . . . whatever." Squall teased as he left. Zell groaned, and threw a pillow at the retreating figure. Squall easily stepped out of the way. Zell heard the door close with a gentle click, and chuckle from Squall.

Zell sighed as he stared at the stark white ceiling, watching as the sunlight shining through his blinds played in the titled ceiling. He could still smell Squall on his bed sheets. Mind you, they slept in each other's sheet pretty much every night. Again Zell lost himself in his thoughts.

What was he supposed to do? As much as Zell wanted it to? This wasn't going to last forever! Sleeping with Squall, and then running of to Balamb with the pretense of seeing his ma, but really to see Seifer. Someone was going to find out, or discover something. He was lucky enough that Squall was always busy with something else, and never asked to visit his ma with him, but what if he did? He would be toast, or close to it.

Actually, Seifer probably wouldn't show up. He would probably do a 'U' turn, and leave, just thinking Squall came with him as a friend, not at all assuming Zell was lovers with Squall. Seifer had explained to Zell that he tried to avoid the gang as much as possible. Whenever anyone saw him they either never recognized him, just continued on their way, or he would quickly leave seemingly unnoticed. No one knew he was there, or never pursued him to find him, which suited Seifer just fine. One of the reasons why Zell's secret was still a secret.

Zell groaned, and pushed his bed sheets aside, paddling over to the washroom to get a shower. It seemed that lately every spare moment he used to brood over his problems. Squall had to be rubbing off on him.

He had a quick shower, and changed into beige skater shorts, a navy tank top with an orange buttoned shirt over it. He threw on his white running shoes with orange laces, and left his bangs down because he was late. He promised he'd meet Seifer at the dock to go for lunch at the small café near the water's edge.

Quickly, running down the halls, he got to the front gate, and started down the path to Balamb. He didn't run into any monsters along the way, luckily. He still had Queazcolt because they couldn't fully prove that Guardian Forces erased your memory. I mean, how much of your childhood do you remember? I sure as hell don't remember much.

However, GF's were only given to those who wanted them, and were completely capable of handling them. The gang who saved the world from the sorceress got to keep theirs, but new ones were given to SeeD's, who wanted one, and were deemed capable by the headmistress, and their instructor.

Panting as he entered Balamb, Zell stopped to catch his breath for a few moments before speed walking to the dock. There he saw the man he was looking for standing confident, and sexy as ever.

Seifer's hair was teased a little while the wind played with the spikes, and his goatee nicely trimmed. His ocean blue trench coat bellowed around him while underneath were smoky-grey pants with a navy blue dress shirt. Hyperion was at his side since he was the protector of the town, and the ocean breeze seemed to make his creamy skin glow. Zell almost got a hard on right there.

Seifer turned almost instantly, sensing someone staring at him. Not to mention Zell was panting heavily. Anyone could hear him a mile away. Seifer smirked, and arched a golden eyebrow at him while checking his watch on his left wrist.

"You're late." Seifer said, as Zell dragged himself over, not breathing as heavily. Zell shrugged his shoulders as he went into his long line of excuses that he had thought of on the way.

"My alarm clock didn't go off - " which was true if you didn't count Squall, but Squall didn't wake him kinda late, "I had to shower because I was training yesterday and *pant* didn't have one the night before - " he still wasn't lying, "then by the time I found out what time it was, I realized I was late, and ran around mad getting dressed! *pant* Then I ran all the way here, and I'm really, really, hungry!" Zell explained, with the energy he was known for.

". . . done?" Seifer asked, with his arms crossed as Zell panted again, nodding. Seifer shook his head.

"Well, *pant* other than, I love you?" Zell offered, giving Seifer the puppy eyes. Seifer stared at him blankly with his arms crossed. Zell pouted, and pressed his hands together, praying as he begged.

"All right. All right! Let's get something to eat, I'm hungry too." Seifer sighed, shaking his head as Zell cheered, jumping up and down. Zell never ran out of energy it seemed.

"Thank god! I thought you were really angry at me for a moment there!" Zell said, running a hand through his bangs as Seifer took his hand, and started to lead him to the café. Seifer shook his head.

"Nah. Not worth it, especially sense I was late. I was just here before you." Seifer said, smirking. A teasing glint in his cat green eyes.

"Bastard!" Zell gasped, making a motion to punch Seifer. Seifer just took his other hand, and held the fist.

"Wrestling is for later. Conserve your energy. That's why we are getting something to eat first." Seifer murmured, seductively causing Zell's heart to skip a beat.

"And here, I thought you were taking me out because you loved me, and wanted to spend some quality time together like other couples. It seems you only want me to get into the sack with you every waking moment." Zell said, dryly as the entered the café.

Seifer smirked, and bent down to catch Zell's earlobe between his teeth to nib. Zell felt his knees go weak as he attempted to keep walking as Seifer continued his nibbling.

"Of course. Why would you think any thing else?" Seifer asked, whispering in Zell's ear as they sat down. Zell flopped into his chair since his knees did give out as Seifer let his ear go, and walked to his chair. Seifer sat in his smoothly, and with ease.

"You know, I am not a walking sex toy." Zell muttered, crossing his arms in a pretense to be mad. It seemed to be constant teasing between them.

"Really? I didn't think you were good for anything else. Well, I guess other than eating hot dogs, and being the most energetic person in the world." Seifer offered as he looked the menu over. Zell went to retort, but then stopped, and tapped his chin in thought.

"Hot dog eating, yes, the most energetic person, no. I think Selphie beats me in that competition." Zell said, smiling as he also looked at his menu. He already had a good idea what he wanted.

"Though only by a close second." Seifer said, dryly. He could remember the hyperactive, sunny, never seeing the rainy cloud, Selphie. Selphie was great, and a good friend to everyone, but sometimes she was too perky.

"Some guys like her for that. Energy all the time, includes the bedroom." Zell said, rising, and lowering his eyebrows quickly over the top of his menu. Seifer chuckled.

There was silence for a short amount of time as they looked over the menus, and waited for the waitress. Zell didn't mind silence, or quiet time anymore. Probably another trait, that Squall had rubbed off on him. Zell enjoyed just sitting with Seifer, and mingling with his presence and aura.

Zell heard Seifer put his own menu down, and Zell could feel Seifer's eyes on him. It made him feel special as a small smile came to his lips. The menu still hid him from Seifer's view, but it seemed not for long because Seifer pulled the menu down to look at Zell. Zell just cocked an eyebrow at him, waiting for a explanation.

"I love you, you know that. I also know that you are going to order hot dogs for lunch, and just reading the menu to drive me insane." Seifer stated, calmly as his green eyes watched Zell, who sighed.

"I love you too, Seifer, but you know me too well." Zell muttered, wryly, which caused Seifer to smirked. Zell scowled, but a smirk came to his lips, and softened as Seifer reached out to caress his cheek.

"Can I take your order?" The waitress asked, politely, when she came over. Seifer slowly removed his hand, and ordered what he wanted. Zell quickly followed, letting the waitress smile warmly with an approving twinkle in her eye as she left.

Seifer, and Zell quickly went into a conversation of new movies, and video games while the waited, and ate when their meals arrived. Zell was a complete fanatic when it came to Playstation. Strangely, Seifer was pretty attached to it too. Seifer wasn't as enthusiastic as Zell, but enjoyed it just the same.

When they were finished, their waitress named, Lora gathered their dirty dishes as Seifer asked for the bill. She smiled, and nodded as she went off. Then returning with nothing in her hand, just grinning.

"It's on the house. Mr. Dunstan says 'thanks'." She said, smiling. Zell was confused, and blinked as Seifer smiled, and gave her a 10 dollar bill.

"Tell him, 'you're welcome', and keep this for yourself." Seifer said as he gathered his coat, and Zell came up beside. Zell saved his questions till they left.

"What was that about?" Zell asked as the walked up the dock. Seifer smiled, and took his hand as they walked.

"Trevor Dunstan was out a few nights ago with his friend, Calvin Oxford making trouble. I happened to be out at the time when they were attacked by a wave of monsters. I got them back to town safely, and a bit bruised up, but alive. Mr. Dunstan, his father was furious as was Calvin's mother. Both were immensely thankful, and it seems I have found the café he owns. I guess, he still letting me know how much he appreciates luck." Seifer said, shrugging. Zell knew the two boys. They were about 8, and were planning to be SeeD's. They weren't overly bad, just curious, and enthusiastic.

"Luck? Don't you mean you?" Zell asked, as they walked. Zell knew they were headed to his mother's. She was out at Timber playing Bingo with her friends. She did once a week at, what she and her friends called, 'the best bingo hall' which was in Timber.

"It was luckily that I was out there, hunting at the time. I had a strange hunch that something was up, and happened to come along in time. It was pure luck, that I came along to find them." Seifer said, as Zell unlocked the door to his ma's.

"Maybe, but it was skill which killed the monster, no?" Zell said, pushing the door open. Seifer followed Zell in, and shut the door behind him.

"I suppose, but killing a monster also includes luck." Seifer countered which caused Zell to groan. Sometimes Seifer would take a compliment, and blow it up like his chest. Other times he would argue, and counter the compliment till you were ready to kill him. Both ways, Seifer was very infuriating.

"Shut up!" Zell growled, stomping into the kitchen after removing his shoes. Seifer also went to removing his shoes, blade, and trench coat, then following Zell in. Seifer wrapped his arms around Zell's waist from behind, and instantly latched his lips to Zell's earlobe.

"Okay. As long as you find something else for my mouth to do, chicken." Seifer teased as Zell turned into his embrace.

"You - !" Zell went to retort on the nickname, but his lips were instantly pressed by other warm lips that caused all reason to go out the door. Seifer quickly gave a small lick on Zell's lips, bidding entrance which Zell obliged to.

Zell went to work undoing Seifer's shirt as Seifer pressed his hips to Zell's. Zell's mother wasn't going to be home till dinner which was hours away. It seemed Seifer also knew this as he rocked his hips against Zell's causing Zell to moan at the feeling of their erections rubbing each other.

"Bedroom?" Zell asked, pulling away to breath. Seifer also was panting, and it seemed his lips were already red from the friction of their kiss.

"Bedroom." Seifer stated, as the two lovers ran to the bedroom trying to rid themselves of all their garments on the way.

"That was so-o embarrassing!" Selphie wailed, lifting her head off the table to say her few words, and then returned to the position on her head in her arms on the table. All you could see was a wide open mouth, and tear-filled green eyes, and then back to a mop of auburn hair.

"It wasn't that bad, sweetie." Rinoa said, stroking her lover's back in comfort. Rinoa, and Selphie had just recently gotten together. They were always friends, but it seemed that a few nights ago, it stepped to something more intimate.

"Oh yes it was." Squall muttered, wryly. Which he quickly received death glare in stereo, and more soul-wracking sobs from Selphie. Squall quickly went back to his lunch of a BLT toasted sandwich, and a can of coke.

"Come on, Selphie! It truly wasn't that bad!" Irvine said, joining in to help make Selphie feel better. She just continued to cry as Rinoa stroked her back.

They were called to do a demonstration for Quistis to help her class make decisions on weapons. Quistis had a younger class, and they were getting to exam time to help make decisions for what weapon to choose. Quistis had asked other SeeD's, who had different weapons to also attend. Quistis was able to bring at least one person for every weapon, and it was quite a success, all expect for one thing.

It seemed not to be Selphie's day when it was her turn to demonstrate her own weapon, the Nunchakus. Selphie fumbled, and fouled all the way through causing Squall, and Irvine jumped in before the monster could get out of control. Rinoa came in to cure, and get Selphie out of the way. It was a complete mess, and utterly embarrassing for Selphie, who ran off as soon as she could, crying. She was still crying.

"Yes it was! I made a complete fool of myself, and probably made Nunchakus the most unwanted weapon. I am a complete failure!" Selphie wailed again, as Rinoa continued to try and console her.

"How's Selphie? Still bad?" Quistis asked as she walked up. Selphie was busy crying on Rinoa's shoulder as Rinoa coed at her, trying to make her see the good side of things, which didn't seem to be working.

"Ya. She thinks she is a complete failure, and refuses to eat." Irvine said as Quistis sat beside him and Squall, which was across Selphie and Rinoa.

"Oh please! I am trying to eat." Squall muttered, dryly as Irvine kissed Quistis deeply. Irvine had, somehow, finally convinced the sophisticated blond to date him after much courting. Somewhere along the line of flowers, cards, poems, and sweet kisses, she gave in.

Irvine was a complete romantic as he was a player, or lover boy. Quistis, like everyone else of the gang, had seen him at work, and knew he was doing the same with her. At first, she considered it flattering, but just a tease. Then she started to get annoyed when all her classes found out with the notes and flowers on her desk. They would start getting on her case to go out with him.

Quistis then went to have a talk with him after about a month of flowers, and other such romantic moves that she would enjoy if it wasn't Irvine. Not that she didn't like Irvine, but she assumed he was only doing it for a challenge, and maybe a roll in the hay, sort of speak, nothing more.

Quistis went to Squall, Zell, Selphie, and Rinoa first for advice, who weren't any help. Squall just shrugged, and grunted, not offering anything. Zell seemed to preoccupied with other problems to help anyone else, and she didn't bother asking what it was. Rinoa was too big into the romantic ideas to really help, and Selphie just smiled, not really offering anything.

Getting to her wits end, Quistis went to Xu, who just teased her relentlessly on it. Quistis was tempted to ask Nida, and maybe Nida's lover, Zone. Till she finally decided just to have a heart-to-heart talk with him when no one was around.

She went to his room after dinner, and asked to go for a walk. She talked to him, and she realized as they talked, how real his intentions were. He admitted that he had liked her for a long time. That he didn't want to play around anymore, and he wanted to have a real relationship with her. He said he was a horny teenager anymore, and thought he should consider settling down with one woman for a real relationship.

Something Irvine said convinced her, and the two started casually dating. Irvine was truthful to his word. He was sometimes overly friendly with some women, but would stop when he realized he was falling into old habits. Not to mention, Quistis would glare at him, or find some else to do and avoid him for a few hours if she caught him flirting.

However, through all the mistakes and such, the two got along well. Irvine wasn't a player anymore, and Quistis seemed to be less strict. He should her a good time, and she showed him how to treat people with respect, and to take certain thing seriously. The two started to date seriously as they seemed to grow on each other, in the case right now, literally.

"Right, and if Zell was here, you would be lip-locking too." Quistis said, smugly as she leaned into Irvine's arms which was around her waist.

" . . . . whatever." Squall said, going back to his sandwich, and trying his best to ignore the freaks around him. He really loved them all, but the demonstration went to shit. He received a few good bruises on his side, and leg from saving Selphie. Not to mention he seemed to have a bad feeling for some odd reason. It seemed the Quistis felt it too because she seemed to be studying him carefully. Quistis seemed to have deemed Squall's attitude a little blacker than normal.

"Why am I not surprised?" Irvine muttered, after Squall used his favourite word. Squall smirked at him, which seemed to calm Quistis' watchful eyes down from X-raying him. Quistis was still forever protective of him, which he didn't mind. It's nice to know someone cares, but sometimes she didn't know when to leave it alone, and stepped over the line.

"Where is Zell anyway?" Rinoa asked, Selphie was busy blowing her nose, but it seemed the playful glint was back. Selphie was getting over her little traumatic event of embarrassment. Too many other things to worry about.

"He's in Balamb. He'd promised to visit his mother today." Squall said, finishing his sandwich.

"Ya! And he got out of Quistis' little charade!" Selphie whined, scowling. She grunted unladylike, and crossed her arms.

"Just be happy he wasn't there to observe you little accident." Squall said, scowling at her in return. Selphie looked at him, and then promptly burst into tears again.

"You're *sob* so cruel!" She wailed, and ran off. It seemed even when she ran there was still a slight skip. Squall was instantly received death glare in stereo, again. It seemed it was his day to walk into everything.

"Meanie!" Rinoa growled, smacking the back of his head which caused Squall to glare at her retreating back as she ran after Selphie. He rubbed his head, and turned back to the other two, who were glaring at him relentlessly.

"What the hell was that for, Squall? You don't need to be so mean. She's already upset, and embarrassed as it is." Quistis said, somewhat softly as Squall stared at his can of pop. Irvine snorted.

"I didn't mean it. I'll apologise later, when she calms down enough to talk to. I guess I'm not overly impressed with the demonstration either." Squall sighed, shrugging. Quistis nodded as Irvine sighed.

"No. It wasn't the best demonstration in the world. What in the fuck did we have to fight monsters, anyway? We could have just paired off, and spared!" Irvine said, frowning as he adjusted his brown cowboy hat.

"It was pretty near a disaster, wasn't it? I thought monsters would work because you could show the full power of the weapon when having nothing to hold back, and can kill." Quistis sighed, running a hand through her loose strands that had fallen out of the braid that was tied down her back.

"It makes sense. We would have held back fighting a fellow human. Unless of course your rivals like Squall, and Seifer." Irvine chuckled, as Quistis smacked his arm. Squall just sighed as he, absentmindedly, stroked the scar between his eyes.

Squall never got angry about the rivalry anymore. They were both fucked up teenagers then, and they made their mistakes. Squall wasn't sure if he and Seifer would ever be friends, or just stay as acquaintances that had grown up together. Squall didn't hate Seifer, it was just jealously between the two of them.

Squall would never admit it at the time, and still wouldn't say it openly to anyone, but he was jealous of Seifer. He always looked up to Seifer. Seifer was strong, confident, and passionate, not to mention masculine. Squall strived to be that way. Seifer was what he wanted to be, and never could be.

Seifer did what he wanted, and believed in, even if it was wrong. He was passionate, even arrogant, but he alway seemed on top, and feared nothing. Squall had fears, though he hid it all away in his tight, cold interior.

Seifer was the reason he picked up a gunblade. Seifer was the reason he became a SeeD. Seifer was the reason he was one of the top students. Seifer was the reason he met Rinoa, who helped him understand that if was safe to trust in others, and pull out of his shell. Seifer was the reason he fought, and won against the sorceresses. Seifer was the reason he was doing a lot of things. Seifer was pretty important, as much as he bullied, in Squall's life. Things may have been different without him, but maybe not necessarily for the better.

As much as Squall hated the battles and rivalry, Squall needed it. Fighting the one person ahead of him. Seifer was always that little bit better then him, which made Squall fight to overcome him, but never could. Though Squall did in the sorceress wars, but Squall to this day thinks it was because he wasn't there.

Seifer had been royally mind fucked. He was controlled, and that was a known fact. Squall liked to think that because it wasn't really Seifer, and that's why he was able to beat him. The passion, and desire to win which Squall knew Seifer had, wasn't there. He was just a shell of himself, which probably also made Squall angrier, and lash out harder to win to get Seifer back. As well to go back to the way things were. Nothing did go back though, in some ways it was good it didn't, and Squall didn't mind so much.

Squall threw out his trash in the garbage as Irvine, and Quistis talked. Squall wasn't sure what to do, and Zell was still in Balamb. Squall respected the fact Zell went to see his mother on a regular basis, though Squall was always too busy to go with him. Zell never seemed to mind, but Zell always had time, or made time to go with Squall to see Laguna.

"Where are you going, Squall?" Quistis asked, as Irvine walked off to get some ice cream for her, and himself. Quistis didn't have a class for a little while, and she always spent her free time with Irvine as long as she didn't have papers to mark, or a class to plan. However, Irvine would help, or train while she did.

"I was thinking of going to Balamb to meet Zell. I haven't seen his mother in a longtime, and he always comes to Laguna with me." Squall said, rubbing a temple, feeling guilty. Quistis sensed this immediately.

"Did he say something to make you feel bad about not going with him?" Quistis asked, frowning as Squall shook his head.

"No. Never. I just feel guilty, and besides, he's not back yet. Maybe I just drop in to say hi." Squall said, smiling. Quistis returned the smile, though she had a feeling that if Squall went to Balamb things were going to take a different turn. Maybe even spin out of control, but necessarily end up bad. Just confused.

"Why not? What do you have to lose? You have some free time, anyway." Quistis said, as Squall gathered his leather jacket, and threw it on.

"Ya, right. I'll see ya later!" Squall said, waving as he took off.

"Squall! Don't forget to apologise to Selphie later!" Quistis yelled at him. Squall waved a hand as he mentally made a note not to forget to do that. He liked Selphie, even if she was too hyper at times, but that was what made Selphie . . . Selphie. Just like Quistis, who was the mother hen of the group. Irvine was the player, as Rinoa was the romantic one. Everyone fit one piece of the puzzle in one way or another.

Squall walked out into the crisp air, and smiled. The sun shone brightly causing him to squint as the wind whipped around his body causing his hair to flutter, making it messier, if it was possible. Squall walked down the path, not in any hurry in the least.

However, as Squall walked grey clouds started to roll in. Not very quickly, but it seemed that a storm was on its way, and Squall hurried a little, not sure if he really wanted to get caught in the down pour.

He walked into Balamb, and looked around the nosy streets. Balamb had lost its luster to the Garden. Many just came to get on the train to go somewhere else, or just for quick shopping for certain potions, and such. Balamb was a nice homy place, but with Esthar and Deiling City, it was like the country.

Squall strolled down the street to the Dincht household, and then knocked on the door. Squall waited as he received no answer. Scowling, he knocked a little harder, and again he received no answer. Not even a rustle from inside. Then again, Zell and his mother may have gone out.

Having a bad feeling, Squall decided to try the door. Frowning as the door opened, it was unlocked. Unsure, Squall stepped in, tentatively. Squall didn't call out incase there was a burglar. He rather catch the thief unhanded, then have them know he was there first.

Squall placed his hand on the halt of his gunblade as he entered, and shut the door quietly behind him. Locking it, he looked down to see shoes. White ones with orange laces which he knew were Zell's, and black leather boots that Squall didn't know whose, though he had a bad idea who. Squall made his way into the kitchen. That when his heart started to race, and the blood started to rush in his ears.

On the kitchen floor were various pieces of clothing thrown about. Squall scowled as he recognized Zell's orange shirt, but Squall didn't recognize the long, navy blue trench coat, or the blue dress shirt. Squall was starting to have a real bad feeling as he fingered the ocean blue trench coat that was thrown on the back of the chair, a familiar smell wafted up at him. He didn't recognize it, but it seemed to be on the tip of his tongue, or rather nose. He just couldn't seem to remember. Squall looked up the stairs as he heard thumping, and various groans of pleasure.

Ignoring the bad feeling, and the pit in his stomach, Squall walked like air up the stairs. He could be very quiet because of his training. Part of the training for a gunblade was being an assassin, and assassins had to be silent as air.

Squall cringed when a stair creaked, but it was barely heard over the noises from upstairs, and Squall knew what they were, though he refused to believe what it implied. Zell would never do that to him, would he?

Squall was about three stairs from the top, but since Zell's door was open that was a far as he needed to go to verify what he refused to believe. With what Squall saw, Squall felt the whole place spin.

There was Zell underneath a blond, tall man, writhing in ecstasy as the man's hips steadily rocked back and forth which were covered by sheets, presumably into Zell. Zell caressed the man's chest as they temporarily kissed. Both were panting as the room reeked of sex.

Squall gripped the wall with a black, leather clad hand, as he tried to make the world from spinning so he could think straight. Though it spun of control as he finally had somewhat of a good look of who the man was.

Squall was sure he was going to toss his cookies right there. There in that bed with his Zell was his lifetime rival, ex-sorceress knight, Seifer Almasy. He looked different, but Squall, like the rest of the gang who had grown up with him, would recognize him in moments.

Taking a few deep breaths, Squall walked down the stairs trying to keep his head, and stomach in check. Barging in, and demanding an explanation was an option, but Squall was too lost, and sick to even consider doing such a thing.

Rather clumsily, Squall made his way down the stairs, and out the door, this time noticing the gunblade that leaned against the wall. Seifer's gunblade, 'Hyperion'. Squall felt his stomach heave, and his heart sink as he ran out the door. He fought with it for a moment as he unlocked it, but finally got out, unnoticed by the lovers upstairs because they were making too much noise to hear Squall.

Squall leaned against the door as he greedily sucked in the fresh air. The sun wasn't shining so bright since the clouds had completely covered the sky, almost as if the cover the day. Like a sheet covering a lover. It seems that Squall had been in there longer than what it seemed.

Running out to the path back to the garden, Squall attempted to gather his wits. The person he trusted, and loved most in the world was cheating on him. He was being used as Zell continually went to Balamb to meet Seifer. Seifer was in Balamb, and Zell went to him, instead of visiting his mother. It was all too confusing, but one question remained, why?

Why was Zell cheating on him? Why did Zell lie, and run to Balamb with the pretense of meeting his mother, but really was having an affair with Seifer Almasy, who seemed to be in Balamb? Was this why Zell was never upset that Squall was too busy? How long had this been going on?

Stopping at a tree, Squall promptly tossed his lunch as he leaned against the tree, choking. Squall panted as he leaned his back against the tree, titling his head up the sky as a few raindrops fell. Without much warning rain poured down, and mixed with the tears streaming down Squall's face, just like the time long ago. When his Sis left.

Funny, how life seems to repeat itself. Here he was in exactly same position, and feeling that exactly the same feeling as the rain poured down, almost as if it was trying to wash the pain away. To wash the betrayal, loneliness, anger, sorrow, and abandonment. Though as it rained, it just soaked and drenched his clothes, not at all cleansing his soul.

Squall wrapped his arms around his torso, not because he was cold, but in comfort. Comfort that he didn't feel, and felt that he never experience again. He was left again. Why was it that the people he trusted, and loved always left him? Why was always left in the cold?

Squall let the rain soak his clothes, making them a second skin. The rain poured down on him like kisses from a lover. The cold water, cooling his heated skin. Closing his eyes he let the water wash his face, and tickle his eyelashes. The rain relaxed him, and calmed him enough to walk back to the garden.

Pushing away from the tree, Squall finished his trip back to the garden, ignoring everything, and one around him. He entered the garden, letting his shoes squeak on the floor as water dripped off of his making a trail as he walked. No one dared to look at him because of the haunted look in his eyes. It would scare the bravest of souls.

Somewhat of a plan in mind, Squall walked to Zell's room, and unlocked the door. Squall didn't touch anything, not even the light. Squall just walked over to a chair, and sat in it. Leaning back in the wooden chair, and crossing his arms, watching the door. Squall ignored everything around him, including his soak clothes, as he waited. He was going to clear everything up before it went any further.

Zell whistled as he walked though the halls of the garden. He was happy, and feeling incredibly good. He was still on the high after great sex, and nothing could bring him done, or at least he thought.

They had heard someone knock during their passion, but ignored it. Seifer barely heard it, and laughed when Zell made a joke about going to answer it. They laughed, but the joke didn't last long when Seifer went back to work to taking Zell to heaven.

Since it was raining, Zell stayed longer because it was an excuse to use if Squall asked why he was late. Simple, it was raining, and I didn't want to walk back in the rain, so I waited for it to stop. No questions, no problems. Besides, Zell's ma wouldn't be home till probably after dinner because she usually stayed out with her friends for supper at a restaurant when they went to bingo.

Zell went to unlock his door, but found it was unlocked, and knew instantly the Squall was in there. Smiling, while hoping it was too obvious that he just had sex, he slowly opened the door.

The room was dark, but Zell received no assault like last time. There was nothing, though Zell could sense, and feel Squall's presence. Feeling a little pensive to the tension that seemed to be hanging in the air, Zell turned on the light to see Squall watching the door like a hawk from the other side of the room on a chair.

Zell did a look over. Squall seemed fine. Dressed normal, gunblade at his side, his hair was little damp, but his eyes . . . they were cloudy. Dark grey like the storm clouds that had passed over earlier. Yet, they held no emotion. Nothing, which made Zell shiver at the chill in his eyes. As cold as Squall's GF, Shiva.

"Hey Squall! What-cha up to?" Zell asked, cheerfully as he sauntered in. Squall made no move expect for his eyes which followed him. Zell had a really bad feeling as silence fell between them.

"Why are you so late?" Squall asked, softly, but command in his voice was evident. Squall stayed in his position leaning back in the chair, and his arms crossed. Zell leaned against the wall with his hip.

"It was raining, Squall. I stayed with ma till it stopped so I could walk back. Shesh! I wasn't going to get soaked when I could stay dry! You know, summer storms! They come and go!" Zell said, teasingly, though confused to what this was getting at.

"Hn." Squall grunted, a scowl forming on his forehead. Zell assumed that what the problem was, and it was overcome. Smiling he walked over to Squall, and sat on Squall's lap, straddling him as he leaned his chest against Squall's.

"Hey! You're all wet! Did ya get caught in the rain? Why were you out? You could catch a cold, or something!" Zell said, touching Squall's damp chest. In some areas it was still quite wet, but Squall didn't seem to notice, or care.

"Is that what you call him now?" Squall asked, calmly yet darkly which completely threw Zell off, mentally. Not to mention, scare him.

"Wh-what?! Who?! What are you talking about?!" Zell asked, staring at Squall, incredulously, but his heart skipped a few beats in fear.

"Seifer. Do you call him ma while he fucks you?" Squall asked, even darker, but not moving. Zell blinked as his heart stopped.

"S-Seifer? Wh-what do you mean?" Zell asked, gulping in fear. It made sense. That was why Squall was wet, haunted, and pretty much unresponsive. He came out, and saw Zell with Seifer. Squall knew, and didn't seem at all impressed, like Zell figured.

Squall pushed Zell off of his lap, making Zell flop onto the floor on his butt as he stared at Squall with wide, fearful eyes, gaping, and a pale face causing his tattoo to clash with his skin. Squall stood up, and glared at Zell, clenching his fists at his side.

"Why?" Squall croaked, his voice betraying his hurt. Zell bit his lip. "God dammit, Zell! WHY?!" Squall yelled at Zell, causing Zell to cringe, and turn away.

Squall stared at Zell's back, and hastily scrubbed the tears away. Squall licked his lips, and ran a hand through his hair as he received no answer.

"You know, I was feeling bad that I didn't ever go with you to see your mom, and you never made a big deal about it. Today we finished early do to some problems with the demonstration, so I went to Balamb to see you, and your mom. I go in because the door is unlocked, and I didn't hear anyone. I was worried so I went in and found you and . . . ." Squall stopped, that was the most he had said in a longtime. He stopped as he felt his throat close.

Zell rocked back and forth with his arms wrapped around his knees as silent tears ran down his face. He was caught, he was finally caught. Zell could feel shame, guilt, and pain rip through him. He had been waiting for this day, waiting for it to explode in his face, but he never expected so soon, or this way.

"You know Zell, I really loved you, and I thought you loved me. I thought we had something special, but you just go and . . ." Squall's said, his voice still soft, though choked up with emotion. The emotion that everyone he accused him of being without. Lies, is what they were.

" . . . Squall . . ." Zell reached his hand to Squall from his place on the floor. He didn't expect Squall to take his hand, or forgive him like that, but he also didn't expect Squall to hit it away so violently.

Zell's hand was thrown away, and it hit the floor with a smack as Squall glowered. Zell had seen Squall only get like this when Seifer challenged him. Even then, this face was only seen in the middle of a battle. It was a rage that was so cold that it burned, yet Zell could see disgust. Utter, and complete disgust. It hurt Zell to no end to see the look given to him, and him alone. It hurt more then his hand that had hit the floor.

"Don't Zell." Squall commanded, slicing the air with the same hand that hit Zell's. Zell stopped everything, including breathing for a few moments. "Just don't. I . . . I don't think I'll ever want to see you again. I trusted you as much as I loved you. Now, I don't trust you, but I do still . . ." Squall shook his head since he couldn't finish. Squall gave Zell one last meaningful gaze before he walked away, his controlled footsteps carrying him away. Never to return.

The shutting off the door echoed in Zell's ears as what had happened fully hit him. It was over. It was truly over. He had lost Squall because of his selfishness. Just because he took everything the two were willing to give him, and in return he lied to them. He played with them, and their emotions. He loved them though.

" . . . Squall . . . I love you . . ." Zell murmured, brokenly in the empty room. Tears dripped off his chin. " . . . but I love Seifer too . . ." Zell then sob as he curled himself into a ball to cry. He did. He loved them both. If he couldn't have both, he'd die, or rather have neither . . .

Quistis knew immediately that something was wrong. Rinoa, Irvine, Zell, and herself, were sitting around the table at lunch the next day. This was usual, the group wasn't always together, and not all in the same place, but it was the tension, and moods she was feeling. Not to mention, Zell looked like shit.

Rinoa was talking to Irvine about some new movie that was coming to theatres. Discussing what the critics had said about it, and the actors that were in the movie. It was actually quite an interesting conversation, even Quistis was pulled in. However, the one you think would be an enthusiastic player was silent. Zell usually was always on top of the latest news, and movies that he was always dragging Squall to see with him.

Not today it seemed. Zell was completely silent as he played with the straw in his water. The hot dogs Rinoa had gotten for him when she was getting her own lunch, were untouched. The water, maybe a few mouthfuls were missing. Zell seemed completely out of mind. His body was still there, but he was dead, mentally.

Physically actually, he didn't look that great either. His posture was drooping as he slouched over the table. Zell's eyes were red rimmed, his hair flat from its usual spikes, and his clothes lacking the zest he always seemed to have. Quistis was going to question what was wrong till Squall walked in.

Zell looked at Squall, and Selphie who had just arrived. It seemed that Squall had apologised to her all ready for his comments yesterday, for she was smiling and holding his arm in a friendly gesture. Bouncing as she dragged him in, not noticing the suddenly tension that had fallen over the room as Zell, and Squall looked at each other.

Zell had turned to look at the giggling of Selphie to see Squall at her arm. Squall was staring at Zell, without any emotion that made Zell cringe, and look away. Quistis saw the flash of pain that crossed Squall's features, but he continued his way in, stiff and calculated. Zell shoved his hot dogs away as he seemed to think.

Squall then sat down in front of Quistis with Rinoa between him and Zell. No one seemed to notice that they had been no exchange between them. Usually, Squall would have sat down beside to Zell, where Zell would have greeted him with his usual energy. Then a tender kiss would be exchanged, and then a conversation and/or eating would begin. This time there was nothing except glares. It seemed they had a fight.

Quistis waited as Irvine and Rinoa left to got to the library to go on the Internet to find more about the movie that had been discussing. Selphie left then remembering she had promised to help a student in the Training Centre. Thus, leaving Quistis, Zell, and Squall alone at a table in the cafeteria. Neither Squall, nor Zell would look at each other. Zell was staring at the table, while Squall looked at the wall and other students with his arms crossed.

"All right. What happened?" Quistis asked, assuming it had been a little spat between them that could be rectified if she got them to talk. However, she had a feeling that it may be more, but it was best to get them talking first.

Squall just looked at Quistis, and glared. Almost daring her to say more. Zell cringed again, and started cracking his knuckles nervously. They both still refused to acknowledge the other's presence. Quistis sighed.

"Come on. Whatever this little spat was, you'll get over it. Best to start talking now, and get back together." Quistis said, taking a drink of her pop while Squall scowled. Zell shook his head, and looked at the wall opposite of Squall's direction.

"We aren't getting back together." Squall said evenly, monotone. Quistis blinked at the finality of his tone. Noting the wince from Zell. Quistis was about to protest when Zell seemed to make up his mind, and get up slowly, making his way out, determinedly.

"Squall, what do you mean? What happened?" Quistis asked, now thoroughly concerned. Squall's words were chilling, and Zell reaction was so opposite of his usual reactions. Normally, he would protest, and make a big scene, but not this time.

"Leave it, Quistis." Squall said, his voice carrying the command he always had. The commanding ability was why he was made the Commander during their excursions around the globe when the sorceresses were a threat. Funny, how the best commander hated the job and people at the time. No emotional strings to hold him back. He was still the best SeeD in the Garden, and had a lot of respect, but he stayed as far out of it as he could. He had refused the Headmaster job, where it was then given to Xu.

"Squall. Don't ignore me! What happened? You can't fool me! I've known you long enough to know who to see right through you, buddy." Quistis said, pointing at her eyes that were hidden behind her glasses. Squall looked at her, and she could tell he was considering his next action. The pros and cons of every action that was a possibility. Squall also knew she would go to extreme lengths to get it out of him. Including scolding at him like he was a 5-year-old till he told her.

"We had a fight." Squall said, his arms falling to relax on the table. Already, Squall's tough exterior was falling. The ice was melting as he considered the fact that he knew Quistis a long time, and she had become a very close friend to him. Taking the place of Ellone as an older sister that he tended to rely on.

"About what?" Quistis asked, softly. Squall was quiet. Again she could see Squall considering if he should tell her or not. This time it was taking longer, and he seemed even more reluctant to give in. "Squall. I'm not going to judge you on what you say. Whatever you tell me is only between you and me." Quistis explained, touching Squall hand lightly in reassurance. It seemed that was all Squall needed.

"He cheated on me." Squall said, softy as he bowed his head. His forehead resting on his other palm, and Quistis gripped Squall's hand tightly. She wanted to scream in her outrage, but Squall didn't need her freaking out. However, Zell was going to get it later.

"Who? When? Where? Why?" Quistis murmured, containing her rush of emotions as she noticed a tear trickle down Squall's cheek. She instantly took a napkin, and dabbed his wet cheek. Squall sighed, as she removed the napkin after wiping the evidence of the tear. It was the only one, but it seemed Squall was still struggling for control. That tear had been the one of many he had cried earlier.

"It seems that all this time, Zell has been going to Balamb to see his other boyfriend under the pretense of seeing his mother." Squall explained, shaking his head as Quistis bit her lip.

"How did you find out?" Quistis asked, tightening her grip of Squall's hand as he took her pop to have a drink. She gave no protest since he needed it. His voice was getting scratchy.

"Yesterday, when I went to see him, and his mother. I wanted to make him happy, but it seemed someone else was. I walked in on them." Squall explained, pinching the bridge of his nose; in attempt to cease crying, or in pain of a oncoming headache, Quistis wasn't sure. Maybe both.

"Christ! Why? Why the hell did he do this?" Quistis asked, outraged. Squall gripped her hand in response, telling her to calm down, which she instantly did.

"I don't know. I truly don't know, and frankly, don't want to. It's over Quisty. I don't trust him anymore, and I don't think I ever will again." Squall muttered, biting his lip. Quistis sighed, and shook her head.

"Did you see who it was?" Quistis then asked, and received a snort in response. She rolled her eyes. "Nice to see your wit isn't completely missing. I mean, did you recognize the guy? Would you be able to point him out if you saw him again? Do we know him?" She asked again, rectifying her first question. There was a few moments of silence before there was a response.

"Yes. I know him like the scar on my forehead." Squall said, pun completely intended. He almost chuckled at the pure insanity of it.

"Who was it?" Quistis asked again, unsure to why Squall was so hesitant to telling whom the man was that Zell was cheating with. "I'm not about to think you are lesser of a man because of whom Zell cheated with, Squall." Quistis muttered, looking at Squall like he was an idiot. He ignored her as usual.

"I'll tell you, if you promise not to freak out, or say anything. What I say is between us and it doesn't leave. You can't even look at Zell differently because of who I say." Squall said, sternly.

"Of course, Squall. What am I going to do? Broadcast it?" Quistis said, nodding her head in agreement. Squall nodded back as he seemed to search for the words. Quistis was patient, though she was also itching in curiosity.

"Seifer. Seifer Almasy." Squall said so softly that Quistis had to strain to hear it. She blinked a few times as Squall watched her. Everyone knew Seifer was alive, but no one knew his whereabouts. It seemed that they now knew.

"Seifer, eh?" Quistis said, calmly. Squall nodded, and ran a hand through his hair, seemingly content with Quistis' response. It had taken her a few moments to gather her wits to respond. Squall had also seen the surprise cross her features.

"Ya. Weird, ne? I never thought Seifer and Zell would ever look at each other that way. It seems impossible." Squall said, cracking his knuckles almost nervously. His voice slightly cracking under the strain. It seemed that you take habits of the person you love. Amusing actually.

Weird, yes. Impossible, no. Quistis thought. While being their teacher, she began to notice things that they themselves probably had never seen. She had also learned more about them then anyone could ever imagine.

At the time, the three of them never got along. They were all opposites. Each a side of a triangle. Seifer was the arrogance, confidence, and passion. Seifer was basically the fire of the three. Squall, who was the complete opposite of Seifer, complimented him well, just as Zell did with the two of them. Squall was the ice with his cool, calculated, almost robotic, ways. The third was Zell. Zell was the energy of the three. He was electricity, bouncing everywhere with enthusiasm, and exuberance that neither Seifer, or Squall could ever dream of having.

As much as they rubbed each other the wrong way, they were meant to be together. Each needed the two others to teach, and learn ways that the others didn't have. What they had was strange, and as much as they fought, they needed each other. Just like the three elements needed each other, and worked together. That was one of the reasons why she put them into a group. Even though they fought, they were the best students, and she was hoping they would get past it all to work together as a team. It never worked, but it seemed Zell had already breeched two bridges. One being Squall, and the other Seifer. All was left was either Squall, or Seifer to build the one between them.

Funny, actually. Considering having Seifer, and Squall together. Out of the three, they got along the worst. Hence the scars on their faces. It had always been ugly between, but considering they were complete opposites, it was a given. Yet Quistis had seen the sparks weren't all created in anger. If Zell kept it up, he may end up with two beautiful lovers, instead of settling for one.

"I think I'm going to go do some training. I need to work out some of this tension." Squall muttered, standing up. Quistis gave a smile, and stood up as well.

"I see you later. Let me know if you need anything. I'm always here." Quistis said as Squall gave her one of his, unusual, but breathtaking smiles before making his way off. Quistis watched him walk away, and shook her head.

Zell was on the right track, but probably one of the hardest. How the hell was he going to tame the fire, and melt the ice enough to get them to see the other as a man, and not an enemy? Or did destiny have another plan?

The sun was far too bright far as Zell's concern. It was positively glaring as he walked to Balamb. Though candle light would seem bright after all the stress his eyes had been under lately. Considering the past events, and the fact that he had pretty much cried last night away in his frustration, anger, and sorrow. Today was not going to be his day.

Zell sighed, and rubbed his forehead, his feet scrapping along the hot pavement. Life had taken such an unexpected turn, that Zell was still spinning with the aftershocks. However, his intent was clear in his mind. What he had to do, with no second thoughts.

Zell was going to go to Seifer, and tell him everything. Admit the truth because he didn't need Seifer finding out, and flipping at him. Seifer deserved the truth, not a pile of lies like he fed his other love, Squall. If he lost Seifer, then he would lose Seifer. Actually, Zell counted on the fact that Seifer would break up with him. To Zell, it was a given, considering Seifer's temper. Then again, who would want to stay with a person that cheated on them?

Zell winced at his own questioned. He certainly wouldn't stay with anyone who cheated on him. Why did he expect that either Seifer or Squall would? Squall reactions were completely justified. What did he expect would happen would they found out? A party?

Squall reactions had hurt, but Zell deserved everything Squall threw at him, and what Seifer was also going to throw at him. Zell loved them both, but he had no right to play with them that way. They both deserved respect and love, not a bunch of bullshit.

What Zell planned to do was suicide. Seifer was going to flip out, and probably do something that wouldn't be pretty. Seifer still had his temper, and Zell wasn't exactly sure how Seifer would react, but he had a good idea that he if he left with his life, he'd consider himself lucky.

Zell shook his head as he came to Seifer's apartment door. Zell stared at the door, fearfully, for a few moments. Willing himself to dig up any confidence, courage, and dignity that he had left. He had to do this. He loved Seifer enough that he would tell him the truth. Tell him everything he deserved to know.

Zell knocked somewhere in his thoughts. Zell jumped when the door opened and came to face the one he loved just as much as Squall. The other was he was going to lose. Zell almost wanted to breakdown at the lovely sight of his lover, but Zell wouldn't let himself. He loved Seifer enough that he would this for him, and for Squall.

"Zell? Hi! What-cha doing here?" Seifer asked as he took in Zell's appearance. Red-rimmed eyes, flat hair, clammy skin, wrinkled clothes, and slouchy posture. It was enough to make anyone concerned.

"We need to talk." Zell said easily, avoiding any contact with Seifer as he walked in. Seifer also noticed this with confusion. Seifer followed Zell into his living room as Zell sat stiffly, but with determination. It vaguely reminded him of Squall, or even himself at times.

"About what?" Seifer asked, sitting across from Zell. Zell started to fiddle with the bottom of his shirt, but then stopped abruptly when he realized he was doing so. Seifer blinked, unsure what to think of Zell's attitude. He was worried, but Seifer was going to wit till Zell said what he needed to say before he reacted. Something he learned after his excursions with Squall. Think before jumping.

"About us." Oh that was the dreaded conversation. Seifer resisted the urge to cringe. This was something he had heard before. Can you say, 'Rinoa'? However, that was the past, and something he liked to leave there. It wasn't exactly his best of times.

"What about 'us'?" Seifer asked, his voice carefully calm as Zell started to crack his knuckles. He next, and other habit. Seifer knew Zell too well. He knew that Zell was nervous, but was determined to get this out. Just as determined as Seifer was to fix whatever the problem with 'us' was.

"I have something to admit." Zell said, flexing his fingers, but his knuckles were beyond cracked. Seifer reached out to stop his twisting of fingers, and Zell jumped, pulling his hands away if burned. "Sorry." Zell muttered, after settling down.

"What's wrong? Christ! You're a nutcase! You look you've been to hell and back." Seifer said, brushing a few of Zell's bangs back.

"You had to make this hard, didn't you?" Zell murmured, dejectedly. Seifer tensed, feeling frightened of the meaning. Finally letting himself start to panic. Was he losing Zell? If he was, he wasn't going to give up without a fight.

"Zell . . . what the hell is going on? I feel like I'm in a time warp. What am I making hard?" Seifer asked, his voice calm, but his mind racing. He had changed a lot from the Sorceress days.

"Seifer, I have something to tell you and I want you to stay quiet. To say nothing as I explain everything to you. When I'm done, You can speak, all right?" Zell asked, looking into Seifer's eyes. Seifer looked back, and was amazed by the amount of will Zell had to say what he had to say.

"All right." Seifer said, nodding his head. Zell nodded back as he looked back at his hands. A few moments of silence stretched between them before Zell started to speak.

"I've been with you for about 9 months, right?" Zell asked, and Seifer nodded, not breaking his word he had promised earlier. "I love you Seifer, and I always will. I always have, it's just I love someone else too. Just as much, and that's why I cheated on you." Zell said, biting his lip as he looked at Seifer, who blinked but kept his self control. It was hard, especially since he wanted to snap. Luckily, he was still in shock. Zell had cheated on him?

"I didn't do it on purpose! Or at least, not completely. It's just when the offer came, I couldn't refuse. It wasn't till after I fully realized what I was in, but I loved you both so much that I couldn't decide. I couldn't dump one, and keep the other. I was just . . ." Zell said, holding his hands up in surrender. Seifer clutched his fist, fighting for control.

"How long?" Seifer asked, his voice tight. Zell ran hand through his hair, though stiffly. Zell knew that the explosion was soon.

"About 6 months." Zell said, cringing when he saw Seifer 's fists go white. Zell started to fiddle with the bottom of his shirt again. He knew the next question, and he wasn't sure if it was wise to answer it.

"Who?" Seifer asked, and Zell winced. Zell loved Squall, and he promised not to lie to either one again, but Squall's life was endangered, wasn't it? "Who, Zell?" Seifer demanded, more menace in his voice.

"Squall." Zell said, meekly. The explosion he had been expecting did come.

"LEONHART?!?!?!" Seifer roared, standing up. Zell stood up too, ready to flee if necessary. "You cheated on me with my lifetime rival! What is this? Some sort of sick joke?!" Seifer bellowed, as Zell cringed, but refused to back down. He had brought this down on himself.

"Look! I didn't tell anyone that we were togther! No one knew where you were, except me. Squall and I were getting close, and I was attracted to him like I was you when we were growing up. You were both out of reach, but one day Squall took the next step!" Zell defended himself, though he could feel himself breaking under the strain.

"And you just couldn't refuse, could you?" Seifer growled, throwing his hands up. Zell grimaced, and clutched his own fists as he fought for an answer.

"No. No, I guess I couldn't. I couldn't refuse him because it was like a dream come true. A wet one at that." Zell said, smirking at the double meaning to his last comment. His first kiss with Squall was in the water, not to mention he was having wet dreams about Squall at least three times a week. The other times it was Seifer. Better yet at times, it was both.

"So what exactly do you feel for Leonhart? Is he just an easy fuck? Or am I?' Seifer said, calming himself down, though Zell's smirk was getting to him. Did Zell find this amusing?

"Neither, Seifer. I'm not that low. I love you, haven't I made that clear?" Zell asked, sounding hurt as he looked at Seifer imploringly. Seifer narrowed his eyes.

"Then what do you feel for Leonhart? Passing lust, or is it something deeper?" Seifer asked, in his biting sarcastic tone. Enough to make the toughest of men, wince. Zell did that for sure.

"I love him." Zell said with such clarity as he looked into Seifer's eyes. Seifer was taken aback by the truth in Zell's eyes. The phrase echoing in his eyes as Seifer tried to gain the ground he had just lost. Finding his fire again.

"How the fuck can you love two people at the same time? It's impossible Zell. You fucking with one of us, that's for sure. What would Squall think if he found out?" Seifer asked, somewhat mockingly.

"He did." Zell murmured, feeling his heart break at that thought of Squall's earlier words. He had lost Squall for good.

"Really! Is that so? So, how did the bastard take it? Finding out that his lover is fucking his rival. Does he want to jump in for a kinky threesome?" Seifer said, his sarcastic tone still not at all wavering though he was falling apart inside.

"That's not the point Seifer." Zell said, quietly.

"Then what is?!" Seifer roared, and caused Zell to cringe. Though Zell refused to meet Seifer eyes as he stared at his shoes. "You know, I 'm not sure what to think of this. Here you are, telling me that you have cheated with the last person on earth I want to be in the same room with, if I can help it. What did I do wrong?" Seifer asked, glancing at Zell, who started to crack his knuckles again. An old nervous habit. "However, one thing still really plagues me. Why tell me? You could have dropped Squall, and not ever let me know, Scott free. Why tell me, and cause all this havoc, huh?" Seifer said, his tone getting softer, but more in thought then anger, or sadness.

"I told you Seifer, I love you so much that I don't want to lie to you, or hurt you." Zell said, looking back up at Seifer. Tears welled up in Zell's lashes. Seifer wasn't that moved.

"You already have!!!" Seifer exclaimed, throwing his head up as he shouted at Zell. Zell bit his bottom lip. "You speak of love for me, and of Squall. However, I'm wondering if we are speaking of the same love. Maybe this is some sort of fucked game you're playing with yourself. Kinda like Rinoa with both Squall, and I. Taking Rinoa's place, are we? Favouring the idea of loving us both. Maybe it's something with the swords." Seifer jeered as he sneered at Zell. His face inches from Zell, who glared at Seifer. Zell caught the double meaning to Seifer's last word.

"I'm not anything like that Seifer, and you know that!" Zell said, poking Seifer's chest with a index finger. Seifer just arched an eyebrow at the burning in Zell's eyes at the beginnings of anger. "I love you, and I love Squall! I don't know why I love you both, but I do! Why can't you see that?!" Zell wailed, somewhere between anger, and at his lost hope.

"It's hard to believe that you love us both while off fucking one behind the other's back. It's a little farfetched, don't ya think?" Seifer said, his voice still carrying the anger, and stiffness from before, but a little softer with his own pain.

"NO!!! I love you, and I love Squall! You both fill a part of me, and I need both of you! You know, I didn't know till lately, but I have for a long time! That's why I came to tell you! Squall found us together, and broke up with me when I returned yesterday. I then decided that if I couldn't have him, that I can't have you either. I love you both so much that I rather have neither than one. It's too painful. One always reminding me of the one I don't have, and want just as bad. I can't do it. I love you two both so much." Zell started to whisper at the end. Tears streaking his clammy, pale skin. It made Seifer's heart wrench, not to mention the words hit his soul with like a bullet.

"What do you plan to do? You came here to break up with me?" Seifer asked, his voice dangerously soft. Whether in anger, pain, or some sense of thoughtfulness, Zell wasn't sure as he hastily scrubbed at his tears.

"I think a' kinky threesome', as you put it, is out of the question, so yes. I have come to break up with you Seifer. Never to see you again, and live my life alone, yet for a short time having the two men that I have grown up with and wanted all my life, unknowingly till now." Zell murmured as he looked out the window. Almost as if it was all just coming to him now. Seifer clutched his fists.

"Is that all you have to say? If so, get out." Seifer said, softly, but demandingly with his arms crossed. So much like Squall, but so different. Zell bit his lip.

Zell said nothing as he looked at Seifer face, which was turned to stare at the wall. Zell then sighed, and dragged himself out. Unknowing to the sad, but thoughtful stare he was receiving from Seifer as he walked out. Zell wasn't sure what to do know, but maybe seeing his ma would help out. Ma's were good at mending broken hearts.

After Zell had left, Seifer flopped onto the couch, and rubbed his temples. Out of all the bad things to suddenly turn at your doorstep to spin your life around, that had to be the last one he had thought of. That is if he had thought of it. Zell cheating, a possibility though not likely. With Squall Leonhart?! That was a surprise. Not that Seifer thought badly of Squall, it was just Squall was . . . well . . Squall?

He, and Squall had always been at each other's neck. Striving to beat the other, and overcome them. That was what made them rivals. Squall, for as much as Seifer said that he hated him, was always there. Even when Fujin, and Raijin weren't, Squall was always there to help him out, or vise versa. Strange, how there were enemies, but always willing to cover the other's back. Maybe it wasn't hate between them . . . ?

Seifer shook his head as a bitter smirk came to his lips. He had never really thought about this often, not till Zell had sparked some things within him. He had considered his relationship with Squall after the sorceress wars, but never went to see Squall, or the rest of them, to make up, sort of speak. Seifer didn't hate Squall, and he never would. It was more jealously, frustration, and anger that caused it to seem like hate. Seifer was frustrated with Squall because he could never get close, no one could. Squall shut himself away, and let no one close. Actually, if Seifer thought about it, he was the only one that was anywhere near close to breeching the ice shell around the 'Leonhartless'. However, it usually lead to certain scars. Indicating the one that he carries on his forehead.

Seifer would never outwardly admit it, but he was jealously of Squall as will as he admired him. Squall was always so calm and emotionless, making him the superior soldier out of the two of them. Squall was the perfect soldier. Pain meant nothing to him, and he wouldn't breech the mission unless there was no other turn. Squall would complete it, even if it meant his own life.

However, times had changed, and so had Squall. No one would admit it, but Squall had been suicidal. Though Seifer knew now, and times when he was conscious during the sorceress wars, Squall had changed. Squall had a personality, and liked to live. Squall wasn't the cold heartless bastard everyone made him to be anymore. From what he had heard, and seen, Squall was the human being he had always suspected that lay under the layers of ice.

Seifer was jealously of Squall for the reason Squall was better than him. Seifer could never take orders because he didn't like to be pushed around, though Squall was a robot. Push the buttons, flip the switch, and he would go. Seifer always questioned them, or did what he thought was best, which occasionally . . . oh all right pretty much all the time, backfired. Squall was superior in that sense, and he hated it.

Now, Seifer had found out that the man he loved was with his rival as well as himself. He saw the truth in Zell's eyes when he proclaimed his love for him, and Squall. It was so strong, and passionate. Zell wasn't lying. Zell loved both Squall, and himself with his entire being. As much as Seifer consider how ridiculous the idea was, it was true. Somehow Zell seemed to split his heart into two, and gave one to him while the other belonged to Squall. That is if the heart was at all split into two. Maybe Seifer and Squall shared Zell's heart. Either way, Zell loved them both.

Then the question was, how much did he love Zell?

Seifer shifted in his position on the couch as leaned his forehead on his palms while his elbows rested on his knees. With slow, but firm strokes, Seifer ran circles over his temples to release the tension in his body. He was slowly relaxing the muscles that were tense. He couldn't believe he was considering this.

A threesome? A triad? Is it even possible? Seifer had heard of it discreetly in certain circles, but they were considered fairly juvenile. A one night thing, or even long term ones caused problems, or the least hurt feelings. Often with young people who had racing hormones, or were experimenting. However, with what Seifer was considering for this triangle would be taken light hearted because Zell was serious, and there was love, not over zealous hormones. They also weren't brainless, sex crazed teenagers anymore. This was a slight bit more serious.

Okay. So there wasn't love between Seifer and Squall, but there was attraction. Seifer couldn't deny it, no one could. Squall was that silent, mysterious, sexy type. He was somewhere in everyone's dream; wet ones that is. Seifer always thought, and always well think that Squall was gorgeous. Seifer also knew Squall well enough that there was a certain familiarity between them. Some things that Zell, and no one else would ever understand. No to mention, Seifer knew how to push Squall's buttons.

So, you do really love him. Considering a threesome to let Squall in to keep your love, Zell, happy. You're sunk, buddy. Seifer thought to himself, but just smirk instead of trying to deny it. He loved Zell. Seifer loved Zell so much that he was willing to let another in to keep him happy. Not that it was like a huge stretch. Squall wasn't a girl, and wasn't butt ugly, far from it actually.

With this decided, Seifer had to figure out a way yo get Squall to agree. It wasn't immensely hard, Seifer just had to tap the right buttons like he had always done, and Squall would fall exactly where he wanted. Or at least Squall did usually. Okay. Half the time Squall took him by surprise. If he knew Squall, then Squall undoubtably knew him. He just have to gain complete control of the situation. What's the best way? Taking them by surprise.

Changing to go out, Seifer gathered ideas for a plan. He was going to pull Squall into this insane, though very arousing, idea. Zell would be happy, and he would have more sex then he knew what to do with. There was no denying, Seifer was indeed a satyr. Before Zell, he had done quite a bit of sleeping around. Not like he was a slut or anything like that, but there were those relationships outside of school that last a few months. Rinoa being one.

Seifer then was making his way to Balamb Garden with his ocean blue trench coat bellowing out behind him. His soft black leather pants clothed his legs while a black t-shirt covered his muscular chest with his silver collar around his throat. Hyperion at his side for the sake of being their incase of monster, but also the gunblade had become his security blanket. The one thing that was always there, and felt comfortable with. Everyone had something that is a certain normality.

There was a slight glitch in Seifer's step when he came to the entrance to the garden. He hadn't been the near, let alone in, the garden since he was a student. He felt a rush of nervousness, but with Zell on his mind, he determinedly made his way in. His plans weren't prefect, but he was going to find Squall. Seifer looked up at the familiar, but large building as he stood in the front steps near the fountain. He was going to find Squall . . . somewhere . . . in the big . . . garden . . . oh boy!

"Seifer?! Is that you?!" A startled, feminine voice asked. Seifer turned abruptly to face a familiar woman. Her height at 5'6'' with her golden blond hair tied back in a beige claw clip that matched her pants. A casual white tank top covered her appeal bosom, and white sandals strapped onto her small feet. Seifer couldn't help, but smile at the gorgeous woman he had known all his life.

"Quistis." Seifer said, smirking as he crossed his arms. Quistis looked him over, noting the changes. She arched an eyebrow at his appearance and stance, but a guarded look still in her blue eyes.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She demanded, crossing her own arms. Seifer knew instantly that she knew of Zell cheating. Zell must have told her, but then again she seemed angry at him. Quistis didn't know the whole story, so maybe Squall . . .?

"It's nice to see you too, Instructor. It seems you have also heard of the little love triangle that Zell, Squall, and I are mixed up in." Seifer said, mocking with her title. Quistis just glared at him, waiting for him to continue. "Look. I didn't know any of this, till about an hour ago. Zell was dating Squall behind my back, and me behind Squall's. I want to talk to Squall. I think it would be best." Seifer said, dropping his arms, and his attitude. Quistis seemed relieved. Whether it was because he had come to talk, or because he had dropped the facade, Seifer didn't know. Maybe both.

"Squall told me about it. Or at least what he knows. I don't think Squall gave Zell much time to explain." Quistis said, sighing as she stroked her forehead. She then sat on the ledge of the fountain. She patted the cold stone beside her, gesturing Seifer to take a seat. Seifer shook his head, but stood near with his arms crossed. Luckily, no one was around.

"I find that amusing. I'm usually the one that never sticks around to hear anything." Seifer chuckled, only half heartedly. Quistis brushed some of the strands of hair that escaped her clip off of her face.

"Squall only told me that he went to visit Zell and his ma, and saw you two together. He came home, broke up with Zell, and Zell I guess had no explanation. Do you have anything to add, or are you just as clueless as Squall and I?" Quistis asked, looking up at Seifer from where she sat. While doing this, she admired him. Seifer was a gorgeous man, and the sun's rays were making him even more so as it made him glow. Not to mention, his coat was fluttering in the breeze, and looking like he had just stepped out of a magazine cover. He was an amazing man.

Quistis had her infatuation with him as she did Squall, and Zell. Zell had been first because he was the cute, athlete that everyone fell for. Then Seifer with his black humour, masculinity, and bad boy attitude. Everyone had their rebellious moments, and Seifer was intriguing to her bookworm world because of his rebellion. Then of course was Squall, the silent, mysterious, and secretive personality. Each lasted for a short time, and never became anything. They were three gorgeous men, as was Irvine. She had Irvine now, and was more then content.

"I've been dating Zell for about 9 months, supposedly he got with Squall about 3 months after. 6 months he has been trading his time between us, and falling in love. He proclaims that he loves us both with his entire being. That's why I'm here." Seifer explained, as he huffed, sitting beside Quistis. Quistis patted his back, and smiled warmly.

"You believe him?" Quistis asked, no conviction in her voice, but it instantly caused Seifer to tense. She pulled back as Seifer glared at her. She wasn't afraid, but she was slight intimated.

"I saw it in his eyes. Zell wasn't lying. Squall owns either one part of his heart, or he shares it with me. And you know as well as I do, Zell isn't the type to cheat, unless it's unusual circumstances. I think this counts." Seifer said, stiffly. His glare harsh as he looked at the composed blond beside him.

"I wasn't questioning Zell's love. I was questioning how much you do. It's obvious he loves you both very much, otherwise he wouldn't be cheating." Quistis said, simply. Seifer grunted.

"He was very convincing. Zell said, he'd rather have neither of us, then one because the one that he had would be constantly reminding him of the one he didn't have. And I do love him. I like to think I love him as much as he loves me." Seifer said, remembering Zell's words. Quistis nodded as the sun warmed them.

"So you've come to talk to Squall. What have you planned?" Quistis asked, sounding very interested, which she was. Seifer just sighed in response for a few moments.

"I don't see why we don't put this triangle in full working order. It would make Zell happy. Then maybe he can make a choice, or one of us may leave for someone else. I think someone leaving because of the love for another, Zell maybe able to handle it a lot better. Losing one because of himself is hard on him." Seifer explained, rolling his shoulders. Quistis murmured something in her throat as an agreement.

"You do really love Zell, don't you? Considering a threesome with your rival to make him happy. I think that has to be the ultimate show of trust, and love. However, can you handle it?" Quistis asked as Seifer stood up. He gave her a dark look for a moment before he spoke.

"It isn't a question if I can handle it. It's if Squall can, and how much does Squall love Zell. That's why I have to talk to Squall. We need to discuss this." Seifer said, running a hand though his hair. Quistis also got up with her arms crossed.

"Are you really going to be able to put away the rivalry to keep Zell happy? Are you just going to push this hatred away, and work, live, and care for each other like friends, or lovers do? Is that even possible?" Quistis asked, looking at Seifer with a hand to shield her eyes from the sun. Seifer just sighed.

"Quistis, you of all people know that hatred isn't what parts Squall and I. I was a simple rival to beat the only one that was an equal. I don't hate him, and I'm not sure if this is going to work. I can't promise anything, other than I am willing to try for Zell's sake. It will make him happy, and I will still get to love him freely." Seifer said, shrugging, but determined that he would try. Quistis smirked as she dug into her pocket.

"Here." Quistis said as she pulled out her ring of keys. Then removing one key off she handed it to Seifer. "It's the key to Squall's room. He's in the Training Centre last he told me, but I'm not sure. Just go in his room, and wait for him. You do know where his room, don't you?" Quistis asked as Seifer closed his hand around the key, looking at his ex- instructor with shock.

"Yes, but why? Why are you doing this?" Seifer asked, confused, and suspicious to her intent.

"Simple. I know how much Zell loves Squall, and how much Squall loves Zell. I see now how much you love Zell, and Zell has to really love you to hurt and cheat on Squall. This is a triangle, and something has to be done. You have good intentions, and realistically, you're the only one that is able, and will convince Squall to participate." Quistis explained, giving a small shrug of her shoulders after she pocketed her keys.

"Thanks, I think." Seifer said, still suspicious. Quistis eyes were glowing, and Seifer had a feeling that there was more then she was saying. She seemed to know more than what she was saying. Quistis knew more than any of them knew.

"You're welcome. Now go! That's an order, soldier." Quistis said in her stiff, no-nonsense voice. Seifer just smirked.

"I could never follow orders very well, Quistis. You of all people should know that." Seifer said, as Quistis flipped her hands at him to go.

"Shut up, Seifer."

"You too, Quisty." Seifer chuckled as he quickly made his way into the garden. He wasn't walking, but not quite running. He was moving fast enough that he didn't catch people's attention, but was getting to his destination quickly.

Seifer came to Squall's door. He knew where it was. It was the same door he came to often during their years at the garden. The one he would knock on to challenge him, or give him his notes from class. Also, there were the times he knocked to get Squall to hurry up to go to the library to work on projects that they were put together for. The always got an A.

Unlocking it, Seifer walked into the clean, and cool room. Seifer shut the door behind him as he looked around. It was pretty much the same. Maybe a few more things that didn't really suit the Squall he knew. Probably Zell's touch.

Seifer came to the desk, and noticed that a picture frame was facing down. Scowling, Seifer picked it up, and looked at the picture. It was a picture of Zell, and Squall at the beach. The two were about the same height as they were in each other's embrace. Squall had his arms around Zell as he looked in the camera. Zell was holding a volleyball in one arm as the other was wrapped around Squall's neck. Squall was giving a small smile as Zell kissed Squall's cheek with his eyes closed. Seifer couldn't help, but smile at the happiness Squall was giving off. Seifer has never seen Squall look so happy. Zell looked just as content to be in Squall's arms.

Seifer slumped into the swivel chair, and put his feet up on the stacks of paper, and books on the desk. He looked at the picture, trying to figure out the flutter in his stomach, and the tightness in his chest. Was it jealously?

No. It was excitement. Why? Seifer wasn't sure. Was it because the picture proved that there was a very strong chance that Squall would join the threesome, and that he would finally make Squall happy instead of pissed.

Seifer snorted at the idea, and put the picture down. Taking a book to flip through as he waited. Only half paying attention as he flipped through the fiction novel. It seemed like a good book. However, Seifer's eyes strayed back to the photo.

It was excitement that there was a chance of having both of those gorgeous men that he grew up in his grip. To be able to hold them, and give them pleasure. That is what it was. Seifer was excitement with the prospect of having them both. He loved Zell, but Squall was gorgeous, and has always been intriguing to him in some way or another. There was a chance he could have both. It made him jittery with anticipation.

Squall rolled his shoulder around in a circular motion as he walked down the hallway, and his gunblade, 'Lionheart' tapping his legs as he walked. Squall knew he had bruised it when the T-Rexar threw him onto the wall, even though he couldn't see his shoulder since it was covered by his grey t-shirt. Squall went flying with his left shoulder the first body part to make contact. Squall was pissed after, and finished it off with Shiva's help. It still hurt, but Squall didn't think it was worth a Cure. To be honest, he had given himself one, but it didn't help much. It helped his other scraps, but not his shoulder.

Squall went to unlock his door to his room, but found it was already unlocked. Frowning in slight confusion, Squall opened the door, half expecting the intruder to be Zell to make up with him. Squall wanted to be with Zell again, but Zell had cheated with Seifer. As Squall was mad at Zell for cheating, but there was something else. What? He wasn't sure, but it was strong. Jealously? No. That's ridiculous.

Out of all the people Squall expected to see, Seifer was the last. There, Seifer was in his chair with his legs up, resting on his desk. His blue trench coat brushing the floor, and contrasting with the black clothing Seifer wore. The black shirt, and leather pants fit Seifer nicely as it showed off his muscles, and curves. His trimmed hair glowing in the sunlight that shone through the window. His goatee nicely trimmed, and overall looking at his best. Squall didn't fully understand the stirring in his pants, and didn't want to as he ignored it.

Seifer turned in the chair, his legs falling off the table as he came to face the gapping Squall. Seifer smirked, his infamous smirk as he leaned back in the chair, crossing his arms as he faced the shocked Squall.

"Hello, Leonhart. Surprise to see me?" Seifer asked, mockingly. Squall snapped his mouth shut, and promptly glared. Seifer just smirked wider.

"What the fuck are you doing here? What do you want?" Squall asked, scowling as he crossed his own arms, ignoring the pain in his shoulder. Seifer noticed the slight flinch as Squall moved. He already had an advantage. Squall was hurting.

"They are the same thing, Squally. I pretty sure you know why I'm here. Or maybe you're denser then everyone thinks." Seifer said, mockingly, shifting a little in the chair, causing it to creak. Squall scowled even deeper, not all liking the nickname.

"Look, Seifer. I broke up with Zell, so you can have him. You won, happy? Don't even bother gloating. Just go." Squall growled, moving away from the door to the washroom. Seifer got up with a loud creak from the chair, and caught Squall's arm before he got too far.

"As much as I like to leave with my prize, I can't." Seifer said, mockingly. Squall arched an eyebrow as he turned back to Seifer, showing Seifer that he had Squall's full attention. "That isn't what Zell wants. Actually he broke up with me too. I wasn't aware of what he was doing till a few hours ago, but he did make one thing clear." Seifer said, pulling his arm away to run a hd through his hair.

" . . . and that is?" Squall drawled.

"He loves us both. He was dating me 3 months before you, so for 6 months he has been dating both of us. He wants you, and me. Basically, we are in a triangle, and Zell wants us all together. He rather have neither, then just one of us. That's why he broke up with me." Seifer said, his voice carefully monotone, but he knew that Squall could tell he was hurting. Squall also knew he had a plan.

" . . . and?" Squall asked, crossing his arms again. He could tell that Seifer had a plan. Squall hated it, but he could see the love and devotion for Zell whenever he spoke his name. Seifer wanted Zell back, and had a plan to do it. However, it seemed to involve him.

"I suggest we do what he wants." Seifer said, breezily. Squall stopped.

"You mean . . . engage in a threesome?" Squall asked, taken off guard as he looked into the steadfast aquamarine eyes that were watching him.

"Yes." Was the only response Squall got. Squall blinked at the figure before him as it hit him. He loved Zell, but . . . Seifer? He didn't love Seifer, and he never would? How the hell could Squall pretend to get along with Seifer. It's not like they have a good track record. They could hardly stay in the same room together, let alone share a bed.

"You're insane." Squall replied, finally. He found his voice, and shook his head as he took a step back.

"Why? You want Zell, don't you? You love him, don't you? Then prove it. Or maybe you just think you're in love." Seifer challenged, and just like every other challenge he threw at Squall. Squall took it head on.

"Don't ever, ever, question my love for Zell." Squall snarled, dangerously. Seifer arched an eyebrow. "You know that isn't what I'm getting at. It had nothing to do with Zell. It's us. We can barely stay in the same room." Squall said, echoing his earlier thoughts. Seifer stroked his goatee thoughtfully.

"And you know why?" Seifer asked, cocking his head as he studied Squall. Squall looked back at him, emotionlessly. Better to show no emotion, then a weakness.

"Because we are rivals." Squall supplied, shrugging.

"Not quite, Leonhart. You and I both know that the rivalry was more then us striving to beat the other. It was more then gunblade, being a soldier, exams, monsters, and grades. There was another tension that caused frustration." Seifer said, approaching Squall, who didn't move. Squall had to bend his neck back to look up, and continue facing Seifer as Seifer continued. "It was attraction and lust, Leonhart. Pure lust." Seifer said, simply. Squall blinked. Squall was taken off guard by what Seifer said, and not to mention the tone it was said in. It was like he was talking about the weather, or something else trivial in everyday life.

"What?!" Squall choked as he stared wide eyed at Seifer. Seifer just smirked, and came closer to Squall, who quickly backed away uncertain. Unfortunately, Squall was quickly met with the wall.

Before Squall could protest, he was up against the wall with Seifer in front of him, smirking. Seifer had one hand on Squall's sore shoulder, while his other arm wrapped around Squall's waist. His knee was between Squall's legs as he pushed Squall up enough that there wasn't 6 inches between them anymore. It was more like 3 inches, width wise.

"Let go!" Squall snarled as he struggled against Seifer. Seifer held Squall steadfast. However, Squall didn't stop till he yelped in pain when Seifer started to squeeze Squall's bruised shoulder. Squall grabbed Seifer's wrist of the arm on his shoulder, and glared at him panting from his earlier struggles.

"Don't bother fighting me. Physical fighting, I, and even Zell, could always beat you. I'm bigger than you, and Zell being trained in the martial arts. Behind your gunblade you're scary, but people who know you, and are bigger, aren't afraid. I, being the main one." Seifer explained, and Squall knew he was right, but it didn't make the situation any better.

"Fuck you, Seifer." Squall growled, trying his best to control his body. Seifer's body heat was making him aroused. Something he didn't want. No. He couldn't.

"Maybe." Seifer chuckled as he lowered his lips to Squall's. Squall kept his lips stiff, and cold to Seifer warm lips moving over his own. Seifer didn't give up as he continued to caress the soft, pouty lips of Squall. It took some time for Squall to break, but Squall started to return the kiss in a haze of lust that Seifer had explained earlier.

It was true. There had always been an air of lust, and attraction between them. Squall had had his share of wet dreams which Seifer was his partner, not that he ever admit it. There actually was a time, long ago when they were he was barely 13, they had shared a kiss. Squall had started it, but neither had forgotten. It was one of the reason Squall pulled away. Seifer had teased him relentlessly on it for months, mostly because he liked it, and didn't understand why.

Squall, rather timidly, moved his lips against Seifer's. Almost asking. Seifer was thrown off guard for a moment, but quickly deepened the kiss. Squall moaned deep in his throat, and Seifer, reflex, squeezed Squall's shoulder. Squall whimpered in pain till Seifer released it.

"Sorry." Seifer apologised, his callused fingers stroking the bruised shoulder. Squall didn't let him say anymore as he quickly engaged Seifer in another deep kiss. Seifer returned it eagerly as he pushed Squall's shirt up to caress the skin underneath.

Squall gave a gasp when the cool finger touched his heated skin. He put his hands in Seifer's shoulders, and Seifer continued to trace his chest, and abdomen. In a haze of lust, Seifer undid Squall's pants, and put his hand in to stroke the clothed covered hardness. Squall quickly pulled away.

"Don't Seifer." Squall panted, shaking his head. Seifer hand on his was too much. He had given already, but Squall knew that once Seifer touched him, it would be too far. There would be no turning back.

"Leonhart. I won't deny it, but I have wanted you for a long time. I love Zell, and I think this attraction . . . lust . . .whatever, is enough to keep is all together. For Zell, and ourselves. If I can't touch you, then it won't work. You need to give in. I'm not your rival anymore, I'm a man." Seifer said, almost pleadingly. His warm breath breezing over Squall's face, which had turned to the side to avoid Seifer's lips.

"Why?" Squall asked, his voice soft, and imploring. Seifer tensed, slightly.

"I don't know, Leonhart. I truly don't know. However, I don't see why we question it. There is nothing wrong with indulging in lust. Besides, this way we both have Zell, we make Zell happy, and we fulfill are dreams, and desires we have had with each other." Seifer sighed, as he turned Squall chin so Squall would face him. He looked into the baby blue eyes, and gave a small soft smile.

"I'm sorry Squall, for all the bullshit with the sorceress. Sorry for everything that happened when we were teenagers. Messing up royally. I want to make it up to you, so let me." Seifer said, as he stroked Squall's face. Squall finally sighed, and embraced Seifer closer.

"I'm sorry too. However, you can only touch me, if you promise never to hurt me again. Never to fall into the bullshit again." Squall murmured, his lips a bare inch away. Seifer smirked, and quickly found Squall's hardness again. Squall moaned when he felt cold air on his erection when Seifer pulled down his boxers.

"I'll try." Seifer said, as he started to stroke Squall. Seifer hadn't promised, but it was enough for Squall. At this point, promises were pointless, and fruitless. Squall held Seifer close as they kissed deeply again. Squall moaned, and groaned into the kiss as he was brought closer, and closer to release.

"Seifer . . . " Squall sighed when he came. Seifer kissed him deeply, his tongue running along Squall's teeth, and playing with Squall's tongue before he let Squall down. Squall collapsed, sitting on his butt with his back against the wall as Seifer disappeared into the washroom, washing his hands before coming back out.

"That went well." Seifer muttered as he came out. More to himself as he dried his hands on a towel, then tossing it to Squall, who whipped himself down. "I guess we should tell Zell, no? Unless you don't want to try a threesome." Seifer said as he gave Squall hand to bring himself up.

"Do you really think it well work?" Squall asked, as he adjusted himself, and zipped up his pants. Seifer shook his head, and kissed Squall's forehead in affection that caused a flutter in Squall's chest.

"No, I don't know, but it's worth a try, eh?" Seifer said, absentmindedly stroking his scar. Squall scowled at the floor.

"I suppose." Squall murmured.

"Let's find Zell. I think he should know, and I have a hard on from hell that I'm sure you wouldn't mind taking care of, but I want to get this all figured out first." Seifer said, quickly making his way out to go to Zell's room. Squall watched him, feeling a little hurt, and jealous, yes jealous, at the way he was determined to find Zell. Not to mention, wanted Zell to take care of his erection.

"How long will this last?" Squall asked the empty room. His voice barely a whispered as he asked anyone. Of course he received no answer. Squall didn't understand what was fully going on. Let alone what he was feeling. He was too confused, but all he knew was that he was tied in some new game, and he was intrigued.

"Leonhart?!" A voice bellowed down the hallway. Squall jumped, and quickly made his way out, Seifer was waiting, and Squall quickly followed him to Zell's room. Squall felt a little hurt that after that he was still 'Leonhart'. "Let's go!" Seifer said, and Squall nodded. This was beginning of something, but no one knew exactly what.

Zell made his way back to his room. His ma was out, and was no help. He stayed and punched his anger out on his punching bag for a few hours before having a shower. Deciding that maybe it was best his mother wasn't there to see him in the mess he was, Zell left to go back to the garden. It was going to be hard to see Squall, but he would deal.

Zell sighed as he opened his door to his room, not even fully realizing that it wasn't locked, and there was a light on. He didn't realize what was going on till he was suddenly against the shut door with someone's, familiar, lips ravishing his own.

"Seifer?" Zell asked, when the lips pulled away. Both were panting for breath, and Zell looked into the warm, soft aquamarine eyes that were studying him. Probably looking his own red-rimmed blue ones. "What . . . what are you doing here?" Zell asked, softly as wrapped his arms around Seifer's neck, not even fully realizing he was doing it.

"Leonhart, and I have a little surprise for you." Seifer explained as he pulled at little away from the embrace to turn to squall, who was sitting in a chair flipping through a magazine. Looking emotionless as ever.

"What's going on?" Zell asked as Seifer gestured for Squall to stand up. Squall put the magazine on the desk, and walked over to them, very slowly. Zell could tell Seifer was getting impatient.

"Leonhart, and I have decided that we will indulge in a lust that has always been between us, and make you happy. We are willing to be a threesome as long as you are." Seifer said, smiling as he returned his embrace to Zell. Squall was leaning against the wall not to far from them.

"Really?" Zell asked, not fully believing his ears. It was like a dream come true. He could hardly believed it as he turned to Squall for confirmation. Squall simply nodded, a small smile on his face as he did so. Zell turned back to Seifer who was grinning.

"Now, I think we should try this threesome thingy, don't ya?" Seifer asked, not letting Zell answer as he lowered his lips to Zell's. Gently gripping Zell's derriere, and slowly making circles. Zell moaned in pleasure, and the unbelievable happiness that he was finally with his two loves who cared for each other too.

Squall watched the two blonds kiss. It was deep, and sensual, and it was going straight to his head. The one that was hidden by a zipper, and cloth, that is. Squall wasn't sure exactly what to think of what had happened in the past 24 hours, but it was certainly arousing. He loved Zell, and he felt something unbelievably strong for Seifer, which Seifer had called lust. Now here he was with them, and they were all in a relationship. It was mind boggling, not that he outwardly showed this. He was still uneasy around Seifer. Old habits die hard.

Squall was then thrown out of his thoughts when lips pressed against his own. Squall found himself against the wall with Zell kissing him. Smiling, Squall quickly returned the embrace, and deepened the kiss without restraint.

Zell moved Squall forward, and Squall didn't realized he had done so till another set of hands were on his body. Squall gave a little jerk, but then realized as the hands were Seifer's as they massaged his tense muscles. He could feel Seifer pushing up his shirt. Together, Zell and Seifer removed Squall's shirt. Then their own clothes following his own.

Next thing Squall knew, he was on Zell's bed with Zell in the middle between him, and Seifer. Seifer, and Squall shared a kiss over Zell as Zell kissed Squall's neck. Squall could feel two hands on his shaft. One being Zell's, and the other Seifer's. They were both bringing him to a unbearable hardness.

"Can I be inside you?" Zell asked, unnecessarily far as Squall's concern. Without any hesitation, Squall took Zell's erection in his hand, and lead it into himself. Seifer seemed surprised by this, but Zell wasn't. Squall liked a little pain with his pleasure.

Squall moaned mindlessly, once Zell started to thrust. The pain was aggravating as tears escaped his closed eyes. He felt lips on his cheek catching them. Squall looked to see Seifer kissing the tears away. Squall gave a small smile as he took Seifer's face in hand, and lead him for a deep kiss. Seifer obliged as Zell sighed approvingly.

"You're beautiful." Seifer stated as he brushed a few locks from Squall's face as Zell still gave slow, purposeful thrusts. Squall felt the same flutter he had been feeling all day since Seifer came in his chest. It was becoming familiar whenever Seifer gave him a certain amount of attention. "And you're unbelievably sexy." Seifer said to Zell as the kissed deeply over Squall.

Then Seifer entered Zell over Squall, so that Squall was baring all the weight. Great the smallest, he was the skinniest and lightest of the three, Zell was shorter but not smaller, was on the bottom. Squall didn't mind though. It was arousing just to watch Seifer take Zell. He could have got off right there, though Seifer quickly reached around to take care of Squall's erection.

For at least an hour, Zell thrusted into Squall as Seifer thrusted into Zell. The chain went on as they finally came to a certain release. Squall was first because of earlier, then Zell, and finally Seifer. Zell licked his essence away before they shared the few kisses before collapsing to sleep, spent.

"I love you." Zell said, kissing Squall deeply, letting Squall taste himself. Then turning to Seifer he kissed him too. "I love you too." Zell said, almost unnecessarily. Zell then curled up around Seifer, but pulling Squall to curl up behind him.

"I love you too, Zell." Seifer said, simply, his voice tired. They lied there like that for a long time. Zell, and Seifer fell asleep in moments, but Squall couldn't find sleep so easily. He lay there, wide awake, watching his new lover, and his long-term lover, sleep.

Squall couldn't sleep because something was missing. Physically, he was completely sedated. Content even, but mentally . . . something wasn't there. Something that he couldn't fully describe, other than a certain emptiness.

Squall sat up, and watched the two blond lovers sleep. Their chests rising and falling as they curled around each other. Squall scowled at them in thought. There was something missing. Something in him, something in this new relationship. He wasn't sure what it was, but all night he stayed up watching them, trying to figure out what it was.

Whatever it was, Squall felt empty without it.




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