Chocolate Kiss

By Redrum

He looks so lost.  So depressed.  I wish I could go to him.  But he has to work this out himself.  He has to understand that he's not alone.  But maybe I'd be helping him more if I came... Rinoa.

I watch as she kneels beside the Lion.  I wonder if she'll be able to wake him.  Using her sorceress powers she tries to awaken him but it only proves to be in vain.  She lets out a heart wrenching sob and holds his leather clad body to hers.

Oh no!  Wake up!  I need you!  Please... wake up for me, I want you to know... that I care for you.  That I love you..  Squall.

Bright light shoots down from the heavens, smoky clouds give way to clear blue skies.  Dull lifeless ground shimmers with violets, reds, every colour you could imagine!  But most surprisingly of all, I watch as storm blue eyes greet the world.

Even from the place I stand, where the dry land of my mind meets lush grass, his eyes catch mine.  Even from this vast distance, his eyes pierce my heart.  Just as my gaze upon him cast shivers down his spine, and a tingling in his groin that he's never felt until now.

Our connection is broke when Rinoa's plump face comes between us.  My hopes plummet to the ground, only to come souring up again when Squall's eyes meet mine over Rinoa's shoulder.  I see passion, lust and love in that gaze, and I'm sure my own jade green's mimics the love that has finally come to surface after many years of ignorance.

Squall gently pushes Rinoa to the side and slowly makes his way over to me.  While he may radiant the essence of calm, I'm far to impatient to wait for him as I brake into a run, crossing the barrier that is my sub conscious onto ours.  We made this meadow.  Our love is what makes these flowers bloom.  My soul joined with his is what makes the sky blue.

Our arms wrap around each other, his head rests against my muscular chest, and my nose is overpowered by the sweet perfume of him.  He raises his head and I watch as his small pink tongue glides smoothly across his full  lips.  Squall may be the Ice King, but he is also what Wet Dreams are made of.

I lean forward, watching his sweet lips pout as he stands on tip toe to meet me.  I hold back the small chuckle, knowing he wouldn't appreciate my teasing of his height at the moment, and blanket his lips with mine.  Every emotion we've ever felt towards the other pours into our first kiss, and I plan to make sure it's not our last.

"Mmmm... Seifer"  Ahhh, the sweet rapture of the first joining of lips.  So pure, so inexperienced, so sweet!  Just like the faint traces of chocolate I taste on his warm tongue as I venture into the Lion's mouth.

I always did love chocolate...

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