Author's Notes: The Seifer/Zell bit was going to be one chapter and then the Seifer setting up Squall/Zell was going to be other chapter but I stuck them together so no one could bug me for another chapter.


By Purple Penguin

After the war not much had changed. Zell ran through the halls cursing under his breath.

"Chicken Wuss."

"Shut up Seifer!"

The tall blonde hurried to catch up. "Whatís the rush chickie? Stick around itís fun."

"Only for you."


"I am not a chicken!"

"Right, you wouldnít let those fireworks off with us!"

Zell spun round and pointed at him. "I. Was. Five!"

"You didnít want to jump off that cliff in Dollet."

"I did though."

"Only cause Squall did and we all know youíre hot for him."

"I am not."

Seifer shrugged. "Doesnít matter Iím sure heís not into chicken."

"I. Am. Not. A. Chicken!"

"Prove it!"

Zell opened his mouth to speak then shut it again looked nervous. "What do you want me to do?"

The taller man grinning making Zell feel worse. "Thatís my boy chickie, come with me." He wrapped an arm around the shorter boyís shoulders. "You see with Raijin and Fujin gone thereís only me to wreak havoc and nowÖ youíre my newest recruit."

Quistis and Selphie sat in the cafeteria, the blonde had made an Instructor again. "I donít think we should be talking about this."

"But why? Itís not like Iím talking about Irvineís skill in bed or anything?"

The instructor blushed.

"Youíre an instructor so if I think my friend is acting strange you have to help, right?"

"We should let Zell sort out his own problems, you know him, heíll bounce back and- Whatís that noise?"

"What noise?"

"That yelling noise, you hear it?"

Selphie strained to hear. "Oh yeah, itís louder now!"

Zell ran into the cafeteria completely naked, yelling at the top of his voice he ran round all the tables and then back out again. The two girls shared a look before running to the door to watch the little blonde run into all the other rooms too and then finally into the training centre and not come out again.

Selphie turned to Quistis. "So what do you think is up with Zell?"

"Heís lost his mind, we have to talk to him."

"Right." Selphie nodded, looked back at the training centre. "Now?"

"Err- tomorrow when he has clothes on."

The petite girl nodded in agreement.

Seifer leant on the wall in the secret area laughing his head off. "That was the best!"

"Shut up!" Zell pulled his pants on.

The larger blonde grinned, watching Zellís hard body as it disappeared under his clothing. Chickie looked at him. "So thatís it right? Nothing else to do?"

"Are you kidding? Weíre just getting started!"


"Of courseÖ you like hotdogs right?

"Whatís that got to do with anything?"

Seifer grinned. "Cafeteria raid!"

"Raid? Us? When? How?"

"Tonight you can take as many hotdogs as you can carry."

He frowned, not liking that idea too much. "W-What time?"

Seifer smirked. "At midnight, Iíll come get you."

"Midnight? But-"

"Listen do you want to be a chicken all your life?"

Zell sighed. "No."

"Good then Iíll see you laterÖ" he paused. "And your buttons are done up wrong."

The little blonde cursed as he pulled on black pants, black sweater, and a pair of sunglasses. If he was doing this he was doing it right, Seifer couldnít say he wasnít trying then. No way he wanted to get caught so he wasnít taking any chances. Seifer obviously needed his expertise, so he couldnít chicken out, he was no chicken.

Zell looked in the mirror squinting to see as the sunglasses made a dark circle around his vision. He grinned, knowing he looked the part. There was a knock on the door and he went to answer it. Seifer stood there wearing what he usually did, a grin on his face that slowly slid off his face when he saw what Zell was dressed in.

Zell tried at Seiferís grey trench coat. "You havenít even tried."

"What the hell are you wearing?"

"What?" He looked down at himself. "I look the part."

"You look ridiculous."

"I do?"

"Zell itís midnight and youíre wearing sunglasses."

He pointed at Seifer. "HA! This is my disguise so people wonít know itís me."

"And you donít think the tattoo will be a give-away?"

Zell paused. "I didnít think of that."

"Uh huh." Seifer turned. "Letís go chickie."

"Well Iím keeping the sunglasses."

"Yeah whatever."

The two walked down the corridor with Seifer explaining the plan, he turned the corner but Zell didnít see him go because of the dark sunglasses in a dark hallway. He carried on walking forwards. "Seifer? Seifer where did you go?"

He turned in time to see a pissed looking Seifer storm up and rip the sunglasses off putting them into his top breast pocket.

He looked a little sheepish as the other man stared at him then shoved him in the right direction. In the cafeteria Zell made a small noise causing Seifer to raise an eyebrow.

"Sorry, itís just so exciting."

The tall blonde frown. "Uh huh, start loading up on those hotdogs will you?"

"Err- Seifer?"


"What do we do with all this stuff?"

"We carry it."

"But thereís a lot here shouldnít we get-?"

"What? Lunchbox? A handbag?"

Zell frowned. "Whereís the point in a raid if we donít take a lot? They wonít notice a few missing hotdogs." He stopped in shock as the other man swept out a few cupboards. Vinegar bottles smashed and pots bounced as they hit the floor and rounded under cabinets.

"W-what the hell are you doing?"

"Making a mess."


"Youíre right they wonít notice unless we make a mess. Now start grabbing them hotdogs."

Zell shrugged and watched Seifer while he picked up as many hotdogs as he could carry. The tall blonde ran out ahead of him towards the fountain with the stone fish in the middle spurting water. He took a hotdog from Zell and shoved it into the fishís mouth then removed the sunglasses from his pocket and put them on the fish.

"All done. Let go chickie."

"B-but I like them glasses."

"Youíll get them back."

Zell loaded hotdogs into his fridge. "So thatís it right? Weíre done?"

"There was one more small thing." Seifer smirked at the unsuspecting chickie.

"What?" He frowned as Seifer really did close the gap, slowly grinning.

"Or are you chicken?" Seifer caught him up and carried him away to the bed. To his surprise and annoyance Zell flipped them over to straddle him. "What if I what to top you?"

Seifer scoffed. "No way!"

"You chicken?"

The tall blonde smiled. "Yeah." He said and flipped them over again to kiss the little blonde happy at Zellís confused expression.

Zell frowned. What didnít he think of saying that?"

Zell milled around outside the commanderís office for hours. Oh god, Seifer canít be serious, he couldnít, he was so dead. He thought the sex thing was the one last thing that Seifer spoke of. Oh well he couldnít back out now he was no chicken. He gulped and raised a hand to the door, knocking on the wood.

"Come in."

He peeked in round the door, Squall looked up from his paperwork putting down the pen when he saw his friend. "Zell what are you doing up here?"

"Err- I-umÖ.." He walked up to the desk gingerly. "Squall I- Iím sorry."

"Sorry? What- Mph?!"

Zell leaned across the desk and kissed him quickly, pushing back from the shocked Squall.

"Iím sorry, please donít hurt me!" He winced, waiting for the blow, his eyes tightly closed.

No blow came instead lips blushed against him again, causing Zell to open his eyes in shock. Squall had a scary expression on his face, scary for him anyway, he was smiling and in an odd way.


The brunette nuzzled into his neck like a big cat. "Do you know how long Iíve waited for you to do that?"

Zell drew back in shock and guilt, forgetting his embarrassment. He was so going to kill Seifer.

"UmÖ yeahÖ Squall?"

The brunette looked up, that strange un-Squall-like look in his eyes.

"IÖ. UmÖ have to goÖ. Now."


Hmm, he hadnít thought it would be that easy to escape, although Squall was a workaholic.

"Iíll come find you later."

"UmmÖ. YeahÖ" He ducked out of the room quickly.

Zell stormed into the library ignoring the looks the staff gave him and glared at Seifer. "I have to talk to you."

"What is it chickie? Iím busy."

"You set me up!"

"Donít know what youíre talking about?"

"Squall! I kissed him and now heísÖ. very odd."


"So? Is that it? Heís my friend and I donít want to hurt his feelings, a-and you knew didnít you?"


Zell glared harder.

"Okay yeah I did, itís it so fucking obvious."

Zell sat down in one of the free chairs. "So now what do I do?"

Seifer smirked. "You know you like him."

"I do not!"

The other blonde gave him a look. "I donít, at least I donít think so."

Seifer shrugged. "Fine do what you want, thought Iíd give you a hand as youíre such a chicken and heísÖ. Squall."

Zell got up quick. "I hate you." He muttered as he turned away.

"Love you too chickie!" He called after him.

Zell sighed in relief as he sagged against his dorm door. All day of avoiding Squall, that guy was persistent.. In the cafeteria he hid behind a girl and followed her out, on the first floor he sat behind a large plant pot and got cramp. At least he was home and planned to stay there till morning, Squall couldnít get him. He sighed and walked into the bedroom and reached for the light, switching it on. He froze in shock, horror and lust.

"Hi." The brunette said from the bed, thank god he was dressed sort of. Squall sat on his knees on the bed a long leather coat on with just the top three buttons on the coat done up.

"W-what are you doing here? How did you get in here?"

The brunette held up the master key innocently. The commander and headmaster had a master key to open all the room in garden in an emergency.

"Thatís for an emergency."

"It is an emergency."

Zell doubted that, edging towards the bed with his eyes locked on the brunette. Squall undone a button as he got closer.

"Wait, stop undoing those buttons!"

"Why? You started it, you kissed me remember?"

"Yeah and about thatÖ you see the thing is thatÖ IÖ..ummmÖ."

Squall reached out and pulled him into sit on the side of the bed, the blonde leant back as the brunette smiled at him. "I wonít bite."

Zellís eyes betrayed him by watching the next button get undone, eying Squallís lean body, he quickly looked away.

"Squall listen I- What are you doing?" He asked as he felt Squall pick up his hand and move it towards his own body.

"You arenít touching me." He moved Zellís hand to his hard cock wrapping his hand over the little blondeís own hand and started to stroke himself.

The blonde just stared, feeling the heat in his palm and watching Squall arch back obviously enjoying the touch. The stormy eyes opened and watched him. "Want you, donít you want me too?"

The blonde moaned and moved to undo the last button himself, pushing the taller man into the sheets.

He was no chicken!

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