Author's Notes: Slight AU, set before the seed exam but Selphie and Irvine are there and Quistis is still an instructor.

Notes: Here we go then the end is nigh.

Chained to you


By Purple Penguin

He gazed at the ceiling thinking back to that morning. Today had been the day he'd been dreaming of for months, the day the cast came off. He had been down in the infirmary all morning with the doctor doing exercises. She had warned him to do nothing strenuous; he'd smirked at the time. Wasn't like he was going to run a marathon or anything.

He shivered, pulling the sheets over his naked body. Stupid Irvine and his stupid horny thoughts and his stupid porn sites he had introduced Zell to. He had expected all the stuff Irvine looked at to be full of girls; it was surprising to see some gay sites in the cowboy's laptop. He made some excuse about them being Selphie's or something. But now he had spent his free time getting horny and Seifer wasn't in yet.

He'd thought of taking care of it himself but he'd just got the cast off and had wanted to show his lover how flexible he was now.

He rolled onto his side to get comfy, by the time Seifer got in he was half asleep with his eyes shut.

The tall blonde raised an eyebrow and ran a hand over his lover's body through the sheet making the other man jump.

"Waiting for me chickie?"

"You take too long."

"I've never had any complaints before."

The little blonde chuckled, playfully punching his lover in the arm.

Seifer leant down and locked lips with his lover, hands touching under the sheet.

Zell flinched. "Cold hands." He explained.

His lover chuckled, cupping the little blonde face kissing him again harder this time.

Fingers undid his shirt buttons to slip a hand inside.

Seifer chuckled. "Feeling frisky are we?"

The shorter man sat up causing the sheet to fall away to reveal his partial erection, his lover cupped his lover's face with one hand using his other hand to grip Zell's cock coaxing it to full hardness.

The little blonde groaned, pushing his lover's shirt off his shoulders, Seifer let it fall to the floor as fingers started to unbutton his pants.

The taller man pushed them down his legs, pushing his lover down on the bed with one hand, climbing onto the bed straddling him. Lips locking with his lover again, Zell's hands ran over the other man's skin, turning his head to the side as Seifer's lips found his throat.

Seifer reached out a hand to rummage in the top drawer of his bedside table.

The little blonde moaned when their erections rubbed together, Seifer closed the drawer and soon a slick finger circled his entrance, teasing, not quite giving him what he wanted.

"Please." He moaned. Trying to thrust onto Seifer's fingers.

His lover relented, pushing a slick finger into Zell's tight hole causing the blonde to arch and pant.

"Seifer... Please..." He whimpered.

His lover added another digit, watching his fingers get swallowed up by Zell's tight little body, watching his lover writhe he lost his patience deciding the shorter man was prepped enough.

Seifer brushed a finger over the head of his lover's cock, grabbing Zell's hips he slowly pushed into his lover's tight channel.

His eyes falling shut, letting out a moan of pleasure as muscles clenched around him, so unbelievably tight.

The little blonde moaned, pulling Seifer down for a kiss.

"Move." He hissed into the other man's ear.

Seifer started to thrust into his lover, trying to keep it slow and steady at first but Zell was writhing beneath him desperate for more.

"Seifer." He whined.

The older man dropped his patience and started to thrust in hard, gripping his lover's hips. His cock brushed the other man's prostate causing him to cry out and arch off the mattress, fingers clutching onto the older man.

The pace quickened, Seifer kissing his lover hard feeling fingers grip his hair tugging none too gently. A hand stroking Zell's erection in time with the rhythm they'd set, Seifer lips and teeth nipped and kissed along Zell's collar bone.

The little blonde was the first to fall over the edge, breaking the kiss to cry out his lover's name. Seifer released his lover's cock to thrust faster into Zell wanting his own release. His lover clamped his muscles down causing Seifer groan as he came biting his lip hard.

He calloused onto Zell's body. Both panting.

When they'd caught their breath Seifer leant up slight looking down at his lover's body.

"You got the cast off, you didn't tell me."

Zell chuckled. "Thought you might notice."


The end, at last.

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