Author's Notes: Slight AU, set before the seed exam but Selphie and Irvine are there and Quistis is still an instructor.

Chained to you

Chapter Sixteen

By Purple Penguin

Seifer and I had walked back to garden early after saying goodbye to ma; the taller blonde had an arm wrapped around my waist for support.

Waking up naked beside Seifer had been. Nice, we had been sharing a bed for a while now but usually we at least had boxers on.

Ma had seemed happy that we were happy, I don't think she heard anything at least I hope not.

I glanced up at Seifer to see him watching me.


He smiled. "Nothing."

"You were watching me."

"Aren't I allowed to look at you anymore?" He asked, pressing a kiss into my temple.

"No, I mean yes- I mean.... You know what I mean."

He chuckled. "Yeah, you always did have a way with words chickie."

He didn't answer at first. "Hey wait, was that an insult?!"

He sniggered.

"Well was it?!"

"If you don't know don't ask."

He folded my arms. "I'm not talking to you anymore."

"Okay then." He smirked and we fell into silence, Seifer's looking at me again he knows I hate silence, he's waiting for me to crack well he'll have a long wait.

23 seconds later.

"What are you doing?"

Seifer grinned in triumph. "You spoke, I win! I'm great and you're not!"

"You did not win! You cheated!"

"Did not!"

"Did too, you touched me."

"I was touching you to start with."

"Not like that you put a hand under my shirt."

"I did not!"

"You did, felt it!"

Someone cleared their throat. I looked up to see that we were now standing in front of the garden gates already and Xu stood with her arms folded.

"I see some things never change."

"Xu Seifer was harassing me I think you should give him detention."

"What?! Why you little-!"

"Seifer!" The red head warned. "I thought you two were friendly now." She smirked.

The taller blonde grinned. "Oh we are." He grabbed me in a bear hug and squeezed me.


"See? We're best of friends right chickie?"

"Instructor help!"

He lifted me over his shoulder and marched off to his dorm where I was staying temporarily.

To the people we passed by I called out. "Help! Rape! Assault!"

Seifer just laughed and no one batted an eyelid. What if I really was being assaulted then what? That lot were useless.

The door opened after Seifer typed in the code and I was dumped none too gently on the couch.

"Ow! You asshole, what the hell was that for?

"It was for your own good chickie." I lay sprawled on the couch.

"My own good? What the hell does Xu think now?"

He shrugged. "Fuck her."

I wrinkled my nose. "No thanks." I reached out and grabbed his trouser leg. "Sit." I commanded.

"Woof, woof." He sat down but instead of beside me he sat on me, straddling my waist.

"Bad puppy, go sit on the floor."

He smirked.

My eyes widened and I struggled as he started to lick me, along my neck and throat.

"AHH! Very bad puppy!"

His fingers tickled my stomach and ribs.

I struggled and wiggled more. "Seifer, stop it!" I tried to push his hands away. "Get off!"

He chuckled in my ear. "If I'm a dog are you my bitch chickie?"

"No! I'm a dog owner and you don't have a bitch because you're a gay dog." He paused. "Besides you'd have probably have had the snip by now."

Horror filled the green eyes that hovered over me. "What?!"

I gave him an innocent look. "Can't have you chasing all the other pretty puppies in the street."

He jabbed me in the ribs hard and I yelped, wriggling away from his fingers. "I don't want to be a puppy anymore." He sealed his mouth over mine, hands stopping their tickling to run up under my shirt over the planes of my chest.

I groaned into his mouth, an arm wrapping around his shoulders.

He pulled away and I pouted at him.

"Don't look at me like that."

"Like what?"

"All pouting and shit."

I grinned. "Why? Do you think I'm sexy?"

He smirked. "Of course I think you're sexy, I mean look at you." He ran his hands down my body to emphasise his point.

I felt quite smug at his answer.

"Don't let it go to your head Chickie, I don't date ugly buggers."

I made a face "So if I was ugly you wouldn't bother with me?"

He paused to think about it. "Well I may have you around for amusement."

I scowled and hit him in the chest.

"Ow." He said playfully. "Careful there chickie that nearly tickled."

He hit him harder and he rubbed his arm with a wince. "Ow!"

"You asked for it."

He grinned and caught my smirking lips in a kiss, light and brief.

There was a knock on the door and he broke the kiss. I gave my lover a light shove. "Go see who that is."

He raised an eyebrow. "What am I now your slave?"

"Yep now get the door wench!"

Seifer climbed off me with a chuckle. "Yes master."

I leaned up to try and see who was at the door as it opened; soon it was clear by the familiar voice and Seifer's lack of joy when greeting the newcomer.

The girl walked into the living room and I flopped back down to the cushions. "Oh god it's you."

"Well that's a nice way to greet a friend." Selphie stood with hands on her hips.

"Hi Selphie." I waved somewhere in her direction without looking up from the sofa.

"What are you doing here?" Seifer added, following her into the room.

She huffed. "Trying to get rid of me?"

"Yeah, I want to ravish the chicken here."

I laughed, ignoring the insult. "Yeah Selphie hurry up and leave so Seifer and I can fuck like bunnies."

My lover chuckled and I saw Selphie grin. "Really? Can I stay and watch?"

I shook my head.

"I'll be real quiet you won't even know I'm here I promise."

"Did you want something Selphie? Or did you pop round on the off chance that you'd catch us at it on the floor?"

"No, but that would be good to see. I thought you'd like to know that I've decided to get back together with Irvine."

"Really? That's great, so what are you doing here?"

She looked sheepish. "Well I can't find him."

Seifer laughed. "You've been apart for one night and you lose him, how careless."

"Yeah well are you going to help me find him or not?"

"Selphie where can he go? Have you checked his dorm? Or the training centre?"

"I knocked on his dorm door but there was no answer and I checked the library, training centre, cafeteria and even the infirmary just in case.

"In case he pulled a muscle jerking off over you in your absence."

I laughed.

Selphie wrinkled her nose. "No, in case he missed me so much that he attempted suicide."

Seifer laughed hard, too hard.

The petite girl frowned. "What's so funny? You don't think anyone would miss me so much that they would attempt suicide?"

"I think they might kill themselves to get away from you."

She kicked at him, missing as he got out of the way. "I hate you sometimes Almasy."

"I know."

I chuckled and he walked round the sofa to hit me in the arm. "Ow! Will people stop hitting me?"

"I don't know what you're laughing at either."

"Okay. Okay don't beat me!"

She grabbed my arm and pulled me to the edge of the sofa. "What are you waiting for? Come on, help me find my Irvy."

I groaned as Seifer helped me to my feet.

"Irvy's probably in hiding if he has any sense." We followed the petite girl out of my dorm and down the hall.

We had managed to lose Selphie early on in the search by Seifer hinting that he could see the cowboy in the distance so the annoying midget had run off.

I leant against the wall outside Irvine's dorm as Seifer knocked on the door, politely at first then harder.

"Irvine! It's Seifer! I know you're in there, open up!"

No answer.

He knocked louder.

"Come on man, open the door!" I added.

The door opened to show the cowboy with one hand pressed to his forehead, which he then rested on the door. "Please don't yell." His eyes were half closed in pain, looking a bit green.

Seifer chuckled. "You look like hell."

"Thank you, I feel like it too, trust me." He let go of the door to let us in.

Irvine was shirtless, clad in only a pair of black pants that looked very creased; the ever stylish cowboy was nowhere to be seen.

"Rough night?"

He nodded.

"What happened?"

He paused, looking confused. "I-err- don't remember."

I smiled and Seifer laughed.

"It's not funny." He paused. I do remember drinking- with Quistis."

"Instructor Trepe?"

"Yeah we were drowning our sorrowing, her because her crush is gay and me because Selphie dumped me."

"But she didn't."


"Yeah she's looking for you to make it up to you.

Violet eyes looked up through spread fingers with interest. "Really?"

"Yeah you should get dressed and go find-"

Someone groaned. "Oh, I think I'm going to be sick."

All three of us stared in shock as our blonde instructor stumbled out of the bedroom thankfully she was dressed, her clothes looking creased and slept in. Irvine looked as shocked as we were.

"W-where did you come from? You two didn't-"

They glanced at each other.

"Did you!?" I insisted.

They groaned, hands going over their heads. "Not so loud!"

"I don't think so; I would have remembered something like that."

"But you don't know?" Seifer asked.

"Well- I woke up on the floor." Quistis muttered, looking greener by the second. "And fully dressed." She glanced at Irvine. "But I-I remember kissing you..."

The cowboy glanced at her. "You did?" He thought back, it hurt his head to think about it. He could remember kissing her, the blonde was sprawled in his lap, he remembered touching her and then- and then- What happened after that? He didn't remember.

"What happened after that?" He asked.

The blonde girl clapped a hand over her mouth with a groan and hurried to the bathroom.

Seifer made a face while I still glared at Irvine. "Did you sleep with her or not?"

"I don't know! I don't think so."

"Maybe you should think hard about it before you speak to Selphie, yeah?"

He nodded.

"Come on Seifer." I headed for the door with my lover following me. As I pulled the door too I asked Seifer. "Do you think we should tell Selphie we found him or not?"

"Let Irvine tell her what he wants when he wants yeah?"

I nodded. "So..." I started with a change of subject. "Now Selphie's gone are you really going to ravish me like you said?"

He laughed. "Maybe later."

I pouted. "What do you mean by maybe later'?"

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