Author's Notes: Slight AU, set before the seed exam but Selphie and Irvine are there and Quistis is still an instructor.

Chained to you

Chapter Thirteen

By Purple Penguin

I leant back on the uncomfortable metal chair in the cafeteria, my cast propped up on the chair opposite me with the metal coloured table between the two chairs.

Bored, bored, bored, bored.

I tipped my chair back casually. Six weeks till I can take the cast off that meant no training for over a month I didnít think I could stand it. Doctor Kadowacki was very firm about the training ban and when I did get this stupid thing off I had to have these pansy ass exercises to get my leg used to training again.

This sucked.

I relied on crutches to get again or at least I was supposed to but very often I went without them. The cast reached from just over the top of my knees to the top of my ankle, I wasnít supposed to put weight on it but it didnít hurt through the cast it was just uncomfortable so I just hobbled around. The doctor had decided it would be too difficult for me to get around in my dorm alone even though I pleaded with her that I was fine and had been living alone for years but oh no one broken leg and suddenly Iím a cripple. Now I was temporary living with Seifer, I mean so okay I like being around the blonde but I could look after myself I was nearly 18 and havenít lived with anyone since I left home at 13 for Hyneís sake. Living with Seifer was a lot better than the alternatives though, either a longer stay in the infirmary with the plain walls and flickering lights or dorm checks daily from a pokey little annoying nurse. I shuddered just thinking about it. Or living back home with Ma, of course I liked to visit my mother but that way I wouldnít just have to go with out training but also no garden, friends or Seifer.

Irvine visited everyday, guilt driven visits I think. I shifted uncomfortably, the chair tipped too far back and I made a desperate grab from the table as I was flung to the floor. "YYIIIEEEPPP!"

I hit the floor in a graceless heap and shoved the chair away angrily. It was the middle of the day so no one was again to help me up, classes would be over soon so hordes of cadets would swarm in here and see me sitting on my ass. I hated being coddled; this cast seemed to make people think I was a completely helpless baby. There was only so much I could take. I know the thought of being coddled by Seifer may seem good and at first it was I meant I wasnít complaining about the massages, he was very good at that and if I needed anything all I had to do was drop a small hint and he did it for me. That got annoying real fast, I wanted to do things myself but oh no Seifer could move quickly than me and stopped me from doing anything. Another thing I hated was that as soon as I touched him or kissed him deeper than he wanted he backed off and went cold on me. If I was as crippled as everyone thinks I am then I would be bored and in need of some sex but it seemed I was too "vulnerable". I knew it was all because of this stupid thing. I hit the cast in frustration.

I want sex dammit!

These girls that walked in starred at me in shock and promptly left again.

Did I say that out loud? I blushed. I had a hot, sexy boyfriend so why the hell wasnít I getting laid? I had tried that trick of just trying to turn an innocent massage into something else but it always some sort of excuse like ĎOh I think I left the oven oní or ĎIs that the phone I hear?í

Well left night I ripped the phone cord from the wall and triply checked the oven but he slightly managed to slip away. He was gone by the time I woke up this morning and we usually met up for breakfast and lunch and I hadnít seen him all day so I think heís avoiding me.


I blinked up at Selphie. "What are you doing down there?"

"I fell." I shrugged, hating feeling so useless.

She placed her hands on her hips like an irritated mother. "And where are your crutches?"

"Um- Seiferís dorm-?"

"Why arenít you using them?"

"Oh come on Selphie, Iím not a baby I donít need them."

She sighed and held the chair steady so I could grip it to pull myself up. "Thank you." I muttered as I dropped into the metal seat again.

She glanced around teasingly. "No nurse Almasy today then?" Thatís what she called Seifer; I donít think he knew on the count that she hadnít been murdered yet.

"No cowboy today?"

"Well he does have a life besides me you know, unlike some people." She grinned.

I frowned. "Shut up!"

She dropped into the chair opposite me, her head in her hands, elbows on the table. "But I think you two are cute together."

"Well I think heís avoiding me now so donít get too excited."

"Avoiding you? Why? Tell Auntie Selphie." Her expression turned serious. "What did you do?"

"Me? "Why are you blaming me when you donít know?"

Her frown hardened and I wilted. "Okay I pulled the phone cord from the wall."


I hit the table in frustration. "Seiferís being so difficult, heís so- nice."

She smirked. "Oh no! Nice? Run while thereís still time."

I glared at her. "But I want-" I leaned in and whispered. "Sex."

"SEX?!" She yelled in a loud voice.

I glanced round. "Selphie! Donít tell everyone!"

She giggled. "Donít tell me Seifer doesnít put out, wait till I tell Irvy!"

"NO! No telling anyone! He normally would probably but he thinks Iím-um-"


I frowned. "NO! He thinks Iím small and vulnerable and heíll be taking advance and all that, I think."

She giggled. "Maybe you should have tried dating Irvine."

I shook my head. "Donít you get jealous sometimes?"

She looked confused. "About what?"

"Your cowboy is such a flirt he walks down to the hallway and winks at those girls that follow him around."

"They do not follow him around."

"They do and I bet the Instructor has a thing for him too."

"Trepe?" The petite girl looked doubtful. "No way sheís hot for Squall."

"Maybe but heís gay so all that affection has to go somewhere right?"

She seemed to think about it for a while before hitting my arm. "Zell! What are you doing making me all suspicious like that? My Irvy would never do that!" She laughed. "Besides the Instructorís always keen to show how much she hates us lot."

She stood. "Classes should be over by now so I think you should head back, Seifer will be looking for you."

I winced.

She smiled. "Donít worry Iím sure heís forgiven you by now." She looped an arm around me to help me to Seiferís dorm.

"I can manage Selphie."

She scoffed. "Then why were you sitting on the floor?" I just frowned in silence letting her help me rather than arguing with Selphie; she was good at winning arguments.

As we got to Seiferís dorm, the tall blonde appeared from inside. "Where have you been? Iíve been looking for you."

"I found him!" Selphie cheered, bouncing slightly while holding onto me.

"Selphie! Youíll knock me over!" I protested.

Seifer narrowed his eyes. "And where are your crutches?"

I moaned in annoyance. "I donít need them, will you both stop going on about it?!"

I got two disapproving looks.

"Iím not baby I donít need mothering!"

Seifer smirked at me and I winced. I knew that smirk and if I could have run away I would have done. Instead I put my hands up in front of me.

"Seifer." I warned.

"Aww." He cooed to Selphie. "He doesnít want to be the baby."

I shrieked when the floor disappeared from under me and I was lifted into strong arms. Selphie giggled.

"Seifer! Put me down!"

He cradled me like a baby and rocked my gently in his arms.

"May be the baby needs spanking!" Selphie suggested though her giggles.

My eyes widened. "What?! Selphie! Donít go putting answers into his head!"

The blonde chuckled and turned, heading off down the corridor with me still in his arms. "Come on I have a surprise for you."

Selphie pouted behind us. "Ooh but I wanted spankies!"

"Go ask Irvine!" I yelled back to her as Seifer rounded a corner.

"So, where as we going?"


"Training centre?" I asked hopefully.

He scoffed. "Nowhere in garden.

To my surprise I was taking into Balamb to a quiet part of town and headed towards this wooden building then a hand was placed over my hands. I tried to pry it off.


"Wait a minute, surprise remember?"

I was placed on the ground on something soft, my hands felt the material, think it was straw or hay. The hand was removed and suddenly this huge yellow feathered thing was right in front of me.

"What the-?"


"Chocobo!" I flung my arms around the bird that tucked its head under my chin to be hugged. Seifer reached a hand over the wooden fence that separated us to scratch the birdís head.

"The guy here says heís terrible at breeding, terrible at racing and heís only earning his keep by giving kids chocobo rides."

"Terrible at breeding? Maybe heís gay."

Seifer chuckled. "Maybe, the Chocobo guy that works here named him hope thatís okay with you."

"I just call him Chocobo, or Choco for short maybe."

"Well now heís Zeus."

"What sort of stupid name is that?"

"All the birds have names of gods or strong characters, thereís a Xena too and Hercules."

I wrinkled my nose.

Seifer chuckled and leaned down to kiss me. "Raijin and Fujin are home soon from their mission."

"Are you going to tell them about us?"

"Eventually, see if Raijin forgives me, he always did have a thing for you."

I wrinkled my nose. "Raijin?" I shuddered.

Seifer hit me on the back of the head. "Hey heís still my friend remember?"

"Sorry." I muttered. "Get me out of here." I told Seifer. "Iíll never look at Raijin the same way again."

"Yeah it was a shock for me when I found out; I was a little worried heíd go mad from lack of sex."

"Shut up, Seifer!

He just laughed at me.


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