Author's Notes: Slight AU, set before the seed exam but Selphie and Irvine are there and Quistis is still an instructor.

Chained to you

Chapter Eleven

By Purple Penguin

The day started off well with me waking up curled to Seiferís side in the hospital bed, which was a lot nicer than being on the chocobo and I remembered thinking that I could get used to waking up in Seiferís arms. The sun shone through the window trying to interrupt my sleep time, I buried my face into Seiferís chest. I understood him not wanting to wear a gown but he was starting to smell a little. I chuckled at the thought and he stirred in his sleep so I bit my lip not wanting to disturb him and also not keen on telling him he stunk. I frowned to myself a few days ago I would have loved to have something I could use to insult the arrogant blonde with and now what? Now I didnít want to hurt his feelings? Think Iím going soft or something. I looked down under the covers at his ragged cut off jeans, thinking about all the times we got wet on our journey itís no wonder he stunk.

This journey of ours was enough to put me off water for life, except showers of course. No more swimming for me, no more baths or coastal missions. I could imagine us all getting ready for the Seed exam and then finding out itís a sea related mission. Iíd have to say ĎSorry instructor as much as Iíd like to be a Seed Iíve made a promise to myself to never set foot in deep water again.

Okay so I guess that would never work but I would like to avoid vast areas of water when Seifer was around. Although if something water related happened to him he might get killed if-you know- I wasnít around to protect him and I didnít want that to happen.

Maybe I could give up handcuffs in the future that was what got me into this mess in the first place. I smiled mentally at the pact; Iíll tell Seifer when he wakes up to make it official. I shut my eyes again but the smile slid from my lips and slowly opened my eyes again. On the other hand if Seifer and I-you know- got cozy Iíd like to think Iíd be experimental so maybe weíll need the cuffs after all. I mentally shook my head, so what else could I give up? Seifer? Nah, couldnít give him up I donít think heíll let me. What about Irvine? I donít think Selphie would be too happy about that and if you ever wanted to get laid all you had to do was go out with the cowboy, heíd charm them in and then when he tells them he has Selphie they rebound on whoever he happens to be with. Although if I had Seifer I wouldnít need to get laid again by anyone else. I sighed, it was all so confusing, I donít think thereís anything I can give up. Weíll both have to just be more careful thatís all. The blonde took in a deep breath, his chest rose high and fell beneath me and he shifted. I placed a kiss on his chest then a few more down the centre of his chest to his abdomen. He groaned in part annoyance. A pair of sharp green eyes snapped open and glared down on me. I glanced up innocently.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Nothing, just thinking." My fingers traced invisible swirls across his chest running over his muscles. He watched my fingers move till a hand reached out and stopped them.

"Donít." He said, holding onto my wrist.

I smirked. "Whatís the problem?" I squirmed on top of him, raising an eyebrow. "Morning wood problem?" I wiggled on top of him, feeling the slight bulge in what was left of his pants.

He hissed and abruptly tipped me off him. "Well maybe you shouldnít sleep with your cute little ass so near to my crotch."

I smirked. "You think my ass is cute?"

I smirked back. "I think all of you is cute Chickie." He leant down to kiss me briefly then added but donít touch me up in hospital.

I grinned. "Do I make you hot Seifer?" I asked in the same teasing voice that you had used for me many times.

"Donít let it go to your head or Iíll have to take advantage of you." He grinned.

"Really?" I copied his expression and he chuckled.

"Donít want the nurses accusing me of sexual harassment now do we?"

I pouted a little. "Well then can I take advantage of you?"

He grabbed my ass and I yelped he chuckled, someone cleared their throat and the same nurse looked in. She frowned at Seifer and gestured to the door.

He sighed and struggled out of the bed. "Alright Iím going." He paused in the doorway and blew me a kiss.

I wrinkled my nose. "Fuck off."

He chuckled and disappeared from sight with the nurse following him.

I slumped in the bed, now what am I supposed to do? I lay back and must have fallen asleep because when I woke up a lunch trolley sat beside the bed. No chance of getting hotdogs in a place like this. I sat up to see what was for lunch. The first place had some rice with a brown sauce and some meat that looked suspiciously like that Imp me and Seifer had had to eat. I wrinkled my nose at it and picked up a plastic cup with fruit pieces in jelly. I pulled the top off the fruit cup and dug a bit out onto spoon taking a gingerly bite. It tasted ofÖ. Nothing.

"Mmmm, tasteless crap." I muttered, setting it back on the tray.

"You know, you should eat to keep your strength up."

I looked up at the familiar voice. "MA!" If it wasnít for the cast on my leg I would have jumped out of bed instead I almost fell out of bed, she stepped forward and hugged me to prevent my face getting squished on the floor. I was bombarded with the usual motherly question. Are you okay? What did the doctors say? Etc, etc.

"Iím okay ma." I smiled at her.

"I heard you had a fight with another cadet and he got the two of you into trouble."

I frowned. "Who told you that? This wasnít Seiferís fault; in fact he saved my life."

She looked a little confused like she had only heard half of a story. "Isnít this the same young man you were in the orphanage with?"

I nodded.

"The one who you used to come home complaining about, telling me how much you hated him?"

"Well yeah butÖ"

She gave me a look.

I sighed. "Itís different now." I insisted. "Seifer brought me to Timber, if it wasnít for him I doubt I would have got here alive." I hadnít realized that Iíd lowered my head but my ma lifted my head with two fingers under my chin gently.

"You care about him?"

I blushed and slowly nodded.

"Does he care about you too?"

"I think so, he kissed me."

She smiled. "Well thatís good, it is good right?" She looked at me steadily.

I nodded and smiled ago with her as he patted me on the head like she used to when I was little.

"Are we interrupting something?"

I looked up this time to see Irvine and Quistis. "Wow guess this is really my day for visitors huh?"

Ma stood from her place on the edge of the bed. "Iíll go get a coffee or something and leave you guys to talk." She kissed me on the forehead and stepped past the cowboy.

"Hey man, you two doing okay?"

"Yeah Irvine, weíre both doing great. Seifer has a room around here somewhere too."

"Not anymore he doesnít." The nurse came up to the bed. "He was discharged a moment ago and he left."

I frowned. "He left the hospital?"

"Yeah, said something about badly needing a shower before he took off."

"Did he say if he was coming back or how we could contact him?" I asked.

She shook her head. "No he just went."

I pouted and couldnít help feeling a little hurt that he hadnít bothered to say goodbye first or tell me where he was staying.

Irvine rolled his eyes. "Typical Seifer huh? Always thinking about himself."

I tried to smile back but bit my lip a little. "Yeah." I muttered. Not like I was hiding anything from Irvine really Iíll let Seifer tell him when he wanted too.

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