Author's Notes: Slight AU, set before the seed exam but Selphie and Irvine are there and Quistis is still an instructor.

Chained to you

Chapter Nine

By Purple Penguin

I sat with the trench coat pulled around my body tightly, my back pressed to Seifer’s naked chest, once the rain had stopped we had set off again on the chocobo. And no, we weren’t you know- like that, I think we were closer but in a friendly way, I don’t know what went wrong towards making something more of us but he’d hold me and kiss me on the forehead but I enjoyed all the attention but no mad kisses or promises of anything more.

We were out of the heavy forest now and out of open plains, I could almost smell the Timber air, we were so close to it. Seifer had promised me we would make it by nightfall. When we both got to the town, got some medical care, some food, drink and a proper bed maybe then I’ll ask if it meant anything, if I mean anything. I thought he was being nicer to me than usual though I was sick I hoped it meant more than that. I closed my eyes feeling a little sleepy thinking about the this time Seifer really confused me before our little adventure.

I thought I dreamt it but then I was a little worried that Seifer entered my thoughts at all not least like that. I remembered fighting in the training centre, CD player sitting in my trouser pocket, headphones in my ears, fighting Grats to the beat. The place was empty, it was midnight it had to be because you weren’t allow to have music playing in your ears when fighting in case something snuck up and ate you I guess but it helped me concentrate so I just made sure I was never caught. Anyway I was busy fighting this T-Rexuar that I found amongst the Grats when it fell dead something tapped me on the shoulder, I could hear a thing with the music blasting in my ears so I attacked whatever it was, grabbing hold of it and throwing it over my shoulder. The thing hit the ground in front of me, my ears didn’t hear the flow of curses that streamed from his lips but I saw his lips move and it saw his body fall to the floor at my feet. I starred at the sprawled blonde and ripped the headphones off.

“Seifer man what the hell are you doing here?!”

He sat up rubbing the back of his neck, eyeing my CD player. “Can’t you read the frigging warning signs?!”

“It helps me focus.” I told him, shuffling my feet sheepishly.

He snorted, picking himself up off the ground and brushing off the dirt off his pants. “Isn’t it past time you were back in the hen house?”

“Well what about you?”

“I’m training.”

“Well so am- wait, you’re not armed.” I eyed his right side where Hyperion normally hung from.

He looked down as if noticing this for the first time then opened his mouth to give a smart reply but shut it again when he couldn’t think of one. I smirked, I had never seen Seifer like this before it was funny.

I gave him a break and looked beyond him to the secret area. “Got a secret girlfriend I don’t know about?”

He scoffed. “Hardly.” Wriggling his nose in disgust though I wasn’t sure why at the time. “I came out for a smoke, fucking Cid put a sprinkler system in my dorm to catch us.” He smirked. “He must think we’re really fucking stupid to fall for that, the thing huge and sticks out in the centre of the ceiling.”

I nodded, expecting him to say something or march off in that way that Seifer did but he just stood there looking uncomfortable. “So….?” I prompted.

“So- I’m off…. Then.” He frowned before side-stepped me, I turned around and walked him disappear with a frown of confusion. The next bit is why I thought I dreamt it, the next thing I can remember is waking up in the infirmary with the doctor telling me Seifer had brought me in after he found me unconscious and bleeding. She told me she wasn’t surprised that I didn’t remember by the huge lump on the back of my head she said it looked like I had fallen out of a tree. I don’t remember going anywhere near a tree. I opened my eyes, maybe I could ask Seifer, he’ll remember right?

I nudged him. “Seifer? Seifer!” I looked back to see that he had his eyes closed, he couldn’t be asleep because he would have fallen back off the chocobo. “Seifer?”

He groaned. “Chickie, you ruined this great daydream I was having.”

“Sorry, what was it about?”

He smirked. “Whipped cream.”

I frowned. “What? Whipped cream?”

“Yeah, you were there.”

I frowned then looked back to as he chuckled looking at me with the widest grin ever.

“Ugh! You fucking pervert!”

He laughed. “Hey, can you blame me? You’re the one that’s sitting pressed against me here!”

“Because I’m wounded remember, you can’t take advantage of me!”

“Maybe not here but I can in dreams.” He laughed. “I didn’t hear you complaining earlier.” He told me with an innocent expression.

I glared at him feeling the deep blush creep up my neck to fill my cheeks. I turned around to lean on him again. “Can I ask you something?”


“Do you remember a few months ago when you were in the training centre and we met and then you left then somehow I ended up in the infirmary.”

He stiffened against me.

“What? What happened? You have to tell me I don’t remember!”

“What bits do you remember?”

“Just that, we talked, you left then I woke up in the infirmary and my shoes were missing.”

He sighed. “Okay so first I didn’t leave and sorry about your shoes, I couldn’t dig them out.”

“Out? Of where?”

“Okay it was kind of funny- you know- till I realized you weren’t moving that wasn’t so funny.”

“What happened?!”

“You were fighting a T-Rexuar, I tossed you into the air, which is how you got the bump on the head, remember that bit?”


“Well Ifrit killed the Dino the stream broke your fall, you know that little muddy trickle but I could get your shoes out of the mud. I swear that stuff’s like quick sand.”

“That puddle stole my shoes!”

“Pretty much yeah!”

“Puddle 5, Zell 0.”

“What? Five?”

“That thing also my hair gel, torch, comb and something I borrowed from Squall, never gave it back to him.”

He frowned. “What? Why the hell did you have that stuff in the training centre? And what did you borrow from Squall?”

“The comb, torch and gel were in my pockets not all at the same time but when I was training and I can’t tell you what I borrowed from Squall?”

“Wasn’t a dildo was it?”

“Ugh! Yuck! No!”

“Then why won’t you tell me?”

“Because he told me not to, because it would ruin his bad ass image.”

“But chickie Squall doesn’t have a bad ass image, he has a girly iceberg cock sucker image.”

I looked back at him in disgust. “You say the nicest things sometimes.”

“I know.” He smirked. “So, what did you borrow from Squall?”

I paused. “Moisturiser.”

He opened his mouth but I stopped him. “Before you say anything I-I have delicate skin.”

He nodded with a smirk. “Uh-huh, that was your manly comeback?”

“I-I-err- Oh shut up Seifer!”

He chuckled. “You know moisturiser has it’s uses.”

“Are you being perverted again?”

“Why chickie, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He said innocently.

I frowned suspiciously at him.

“Anything else Squall owes that I should know about?”

“Well he has eyeliner?”

“Really?” He grinned stupidly.

I chuckled. “So glad Squall amuses you so much.”

“Have you seen him in any dresses that I should know about?”

I rolled my eyes. “No, I didn’t mean that sort of eyeliner, I meant-you know- Goths and that.”

He pouted. “Oh that’s less exciting.”

I chuckled. “What about you? Any dresses I should know about?”

He pointed to himself. “What with my legs?”

I laughed. “I think you have nice legs.”

He grinned. “Thanks chickie.” I kissed my hair. “If you ever feel the urge to put on a dress, do me a favour call me and get me to come over, I’d love to see that little chickie ass in a dress or skirt.”

I snorted. “Dream on.”

“Oh I will.”

I grimaced. “Well don’t tell me about it.”

He grinned. “Shh, I already have this great dream planned out in my head to work with.”

I poked him in the chest and frowned but he didn’t respond just shut his eyes with that silly grin on his face.


Notes: Okay Final Fantasy H I agree about the quick pace, the kissing bit wasn’t supposed to get here till at least Chapter 12 but I’m at college with 20+ assignments to do before the end of June so I really have to get one or two of the three on-going fics finished soon.

And thanks for all the reviews, I live for reviews!!!

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