Author's Notes: Slight AU, set before the seed exam but Selphie and Irvine are there and Quistis is still an instructor.

Chained to you

Chapter Seven

By Purple Penguin

Night had fallen, the chocobo was tethered to a tree branch and I leant on the tree trunk hugging my torso, finally now that I wasnít hot I wished that I was. I watched the tent stopped rise as Seifer fixed it up again for the night. It didnít really provide a lot of warmth or comfort but it was protect from the wind at least it stopped bugs crawling over us in our sleep.

"Okay." Seiferís head appeared from the erect tent. "I think thatís it."

"You think? What if it falls on us while weíre sleeping."

"Weíll wake up."

I frowned at the obvious answer. He chuckled. "And weíll fix it, itís not going to kill us if it does fall on us." He gestured to me. "Now, in you go." He picked me up and put me at the flap to the tent so I could shuffle in backwards and lay on my side. Seifer followed me into the tent and zipped up the door though the wind was still getting in through the ripped corner, chilling our bare feet. I lay on the material floor of the tent it wasnít very comfortable but better than it was.

Seifer settled down beside me. "Good night then." He told me and lay on his side, facing me. His eyes closed.

I watched him before shuffled up to his side. "Donít get any ideas." I told him as I pushed back his trench coat slightly so I could rest my head on his warm chest and pull the coat around us both. I settled against him. He felt tense under my hand that lay flat on his chest. He felt warm and strong under my palm. He was watching me when I looked up at him. He shook his head and my nose brushed his chin.

I chuckled.

"Glad you think this is so amusing." A cool hand pressed to my forehead for the fortieth time that night and slid down one of my cheeks.

"You feel better?" He asked me.

"I think so, I donít know Iím not so tired anymore."

"That because you slept the day away." His hand still rested on my cheek, finger tips stroking slightly.

"I didnít realize you were such a mother hen."

"Hmm?" He asked.

"You, never thought youíd mother anyone."

I think he just pouted. "I donít mother people."

"You do!"

"I donít- itís called protecting people." He nodded, looking happy with his definition. "Like white knights."

I smiled. "So youíre my white knight then?" It was a joke, I thinkÖ I donít know what it was, I just said it, okay?

He smiled back. "Do you want me to be?" The hand on my non-tattooed cheek had moved down my neck with his fingers stroking my jaw bone and throat absently.

"Maybe- till we get to Timber and I can walk again."

He grinned. "Does that make you the damsel in distress?"

"No" No damsels, I a- err peasant boy."


"Yeah you know like in movies when the hero finds a side-kick earlier in the movie."

"What movieís this?"

"Umm- Robin hood?"

"But he was a boring old thief and Iím a cool white knight."

I sighed. "Youíre missing the point, the point is-" I frowned. "What was the point again?"

He sighed into my hair, his warm breath hitting my skin. I wrapped an arm around his shoulder to get more comfortable so I could press my face into his shoulder.

"Go to sleep Chickie."

"Not tired."

"Then let me go to sleep."

I nodded my head slightly. "Okay."

He rested his head on the ground, still lying on his side now with me pressed against him. I glanced up at his handsome face, I can say heís good looking right? Heís my friend. I frowned. Butt he isnít really, Seiferís not a friend itís only recently that I started to think of him that way, I guess heís grown on me. Today we managed a whole day without arguing and he hasnít said a bad word against me all day. Iíve decided itís either because Iím his own company especially if we never get to Timber and Iím the last person heíll ever see or he was still feeling guilty about the whole thing and blames himself. Probably the latter.

I had slept all day so I wasnít at all tired. Absently my fingers moves over Seiferís chest and stomach. I traced the lines of muscle and along his ribs. He had quite the six pack not that I was surprised, I couldnít walk around with a lump a of metal attached to my waist all day, every day. I wonder is heís hung. I squeaked. No need to be thinking that, I didnít want to know. Well okay I did want to know but only out of curiousness.

I continued to explore Seiferís body with my fingers, wonder what he was dreaming of, I hoped I was doing anything to influence heís dreams. Staring in another manís wet dreams was not on my to do list, especially Seiferís dreams. How would I be able to look at him again? I studied his face, absently moving my fingers over his body, a finger brushed a nipple and I quickly pulled my hand away, scared that heíd wake up but he didnít. I smirked and while watching his face in case he stirred I brushed my fingers over one nipple. He gasped in his sleep and I smiled as it hardened under my touch. I moved my fingers to the other one pausing to instead breathe warm breath over the pink nub. I also hardened up and I grinned. This was fun.

The blonde made a noise in his sleep. Maybe I was influencing a few dreams now but in dreamland I could be anyone.

"Who are you dreaming of?" I whispered to the sleeping man.

Okay I know I should have stopped there but I was hooked and I really needed a name so I continued to tease him, running my fingers down his hard stomach.

Thatís when he whispered my name. At first I panicked, I thought he had woken up but he still looked peaceful. I instantly removed my hands from his body and studied him in confusion. That means heís thinking of me right? In what way? I started to think of all the things, must be a sex thing, got to be a sex thing, why does it have to be a sex thing, I really donít want it to be a sex thing. I turned over with my back to him to try and calm down. Okay donít panic, this could be perfectly innocent. On the other hand that was all my fault, stupid boredom now Iíve gone and made Seifer like me. I froze when he rolled over in his sleep to hold me, his chest pressed to my back, arms around my waist and chin in my hair. I sighed, trapped by his arms and shut my eyes, lying my head on the floor.

I awoke slowly, bits and pieces of my dream still fresh in my mind. Zell was there, not surprisingly, not a sex dream this time just a nice dream, a me and Zell being together sort of dream. Shame I had to wake up really. I stared at the tent material above me, I tried to move my arm but it wouldnít move, now other one moved but it was lying on- something. I felt the weight on top of me and raised my head to see fluffy blonde hair. Zell lay on top of me and now I was lying on my back, how did that happen?

My right arm was trapped beneath him, his face was buried in my chest with arms laying on either side of my body.

I smirked, I would have pushed him off me before waking him if I could move, donít want to traumatize the poor chickie. I shook him gently. He groaned in his sleep and shifted to press his face into my throat and gave me a face full of hair.

I chuckled and he jerked awake. "What? Huh?" He turned his head quickly brushing his hair across my face and bumping noses with me.

I bit back a smirk, settling on a smile. "Morning." I said to him.

His beautiful eyes widened, first looking down at my face then trailing off to see how he was lying. He made a Ďeepingí sound and half jumped, half fell off me to lay flat on his stomach on the flat of the tent.

I chuckled at first. "Donít worry chickie I didnít molest you in your sleep."

He rolled onto his back and groaned. "Whyís you wake me up, I never wanted to wake up."

"We have to get moving."

He pressed his hands into his face. "I feel like crap."

I rolled onto my side next to him. He blinked up at me, flushed skin slightly sweaty even though it was quite a chilly morning.

"Youíre burning up again."

"If you hadnít woken me up I wouldnít have felt like this."

"Well what would you have done, slept forever?"

He just groaned.

"How about breakfast? That enough to encourage you to get up?"

He peered at me through his parted hands. "Depends on what it is."

I sat up and reached out for my gunblade that I had placed at the entrance of the tent. "Well Iíll go see what I can find."

"Oh no, no more Squall-slugs please."

"How about roast Tonberry?"

He made a face. "Just go get something, if itís horrible donít tell me what it is."

I lay back down on the tent floor as Seifer left. I guess he couldnít remember any of his dream as he wasnít acting uncomfortable or anything so thatís good. I didnít even have the energy to lift my head up even. The zip at the door of the tent jingled, I kept my eyes closed with an arm over my forehead.

"That was quick." I said as I heard someone shuffling inside the tent.

Fingers brushed my arm, up to my chest then over my neck.

"Seifer What-?" I opened my eyes wearily.

A purple ugly face peered at me, my eyes widened on the Imp who hovered over me.

"AHH!" I raised my arms to grab the creature but it dodged and rubbery hands wrapped around my neck, squeezing. I choked, trying to shove the monster away from me but my vision was blurry both from the fever and from choking. A large blur appeared behind the creature and something silver swung at us, I shut my eyes. The grip loosened then disappeared from my neck and I heard the imp shriek in pain. I opened my eyes to see the Imp impaled on Seiferís blade.

"Well done chickie you found breakfast."

I held a hand to my neck and coughed. Breakfast?

"You okay?"

I nodded. "You canít-" I paused to cough. "Eat that."

"Why not? Itís a meat eater, think of all the protein this little guy has to offer."

I frowned. Protein?

"Now come on I need you to cast fire so I can roast this thing."

I rose to my hands and knees to follow Seifer.

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