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Also, after the second Sorceress War, Rinoa and Squall dated for a year untill they broke up. the following year , Zell and Squall dated for a year untill Squall cheated on Zell with Rinoa.


Chapter Two

By WaitingAngel

last time in BrokenHeart

Seifer woke up slowly from his sleep. His eyes greeted him to a very beatiful sight to behold.

Zell was fast asleep in his embrace, looking like a sweet , innocent...

*Angel...????...where did THAT come from?!?!?!...*

As if sensing his agitation, Zell woke up slowly . First one eye opens, which closes immedately after a sunray hits it...trys to open it again...along with the other eye. Blinks and then he yawns loudly , Streching like a feline in the process.


"I...thank you for helping me off the floor Chickenwuss"

"...i m sorry about your legs Seifer..."

"What happened?"

"I can t tell you the details but...there was and pushed me out of the way from a speeding car..."

"So that s why your here??you feel guilty??"

"Sorta...but thats not why i m here, have been here for the past 3 months at your side while you were in a coma..."

"then why?"

"...i ...why don t i get you breakfast?"

"Why Zell...just tell me why"

"We were friends..."


for a momment, Zell looked hurt but he Quickly turned his facial expression into a happy Zell face.

" want something or am i going to just get you some hot dog cake "

" dog cake???"

"Yeah...the cafeteria makes them especially for me!"

"Uh...i ll just have a cockatrice sandwich with a frozen mocha slushy"

"Okay...i can get those...see ya...oh and don t even think of getting up...wait till i get back...'k??"


Zell just rolled his eyes at him and left.

* and chicken can get along...and he didn t get mad when i called him chickenwuss...*

Squall woke up when he felt something nibble on his ear...

strong arms encircled him and a warm breath kissed his ears softly.

"Morning love..."

"Mmmmm...morning Torin...yawns..."

Squall turned and snuggled closer into the warm embrace.

"Tori (nickname)??"


"Can we stay like this for a while?"

"Anything you want love"

They stayed there for a while...everything was peaceful until...


They both groaned.

"Hey Squally! ll never guess what i heard from Zell in the Cafe!!!"

Selphie Tilmitt Shouted over the closed door.


"Selphie!...hyne its not even 7:15 yet...go back to bed!!!" Squall yelled back.

"But Squall...its about Rinny!!!"

"What did she do now? let me guesse, no one wanted to have sex with her last night so she decided that GF will do fine, or a large pen for that matter..."

"Uh uh...not tellen ya untill you come out" She said chirping.

They both got out of bed sighing. making sure to look decent first, they walked out into the living area .

Squall opened the door while Torin went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

As soon as he opened the door Selphie started talking.

" Rinoacaughtthisdiseaseandshemightdieandshedoesntknowityet"

Squall felt like his head was spinning. after all, who can talk that fast in the morning without taking a breath?

He frowned as he tried to decipher what she had just said...which was futile so he just said:

"Selphie, can you repeat that slowly ?"

She was about to repeat it when Torin walked in the livingroom.

" Baby, breakfast is ready ...uh will you be joining us miss?"

"...uh, my name Selphie Tilmitt...wait a mo...did you just call Squally here 'Baby' ?"

"...ah the way my name is Torin Valos ..."

"...Did you spend the night here, Torin?" She asked.

As for the answer to that, they both blushed hotly.

She looked fron Torin then Squall then back to Torin.

"...Wow! Squall got laid!!!"

"Selphie!!!!" Squall shouted as he and Torin blushed harder.

"Anyways...Rinoa caught this disease called Syphillis or something"

"She caught...does she know?"

"Well not yet...but i bet she does now"


"Well...i kinda told a few of my friends..."

"A few?"

"Yeah a few"

"A few is how many?"



"I have lots of friends!" She said indignantly

Meanwhile, in the infirmary, Seifer and Zell ate quietly .

The silence was broken by a girlish scream. in an instant, Zell got into a battle mode and followed the scream.

He ran towards one of the rooms and found Quistis sitting up on one of the doctors examination table.

" Quistis?" Zell then spotted Irvine lying on the ground.

"Zell...what are you doing here?"

"I heard you scream..." he answered.

"That wasn t was Irvine"

Zell raised his eyebrow. He then asked :

"What happen?"

"I told him i was pregnant...Zell?"

The tattoed blond's eyes widened and he was gaping.


"Pregnant...hey Zell !"

His eyes rolled back and he too fainted.


"Oh dear! how am i gonna tell them that i wasn t the only one showing these symtoms ???"

Seifer stared out the window. It has been over an hour since Zell had left and he honestly missed the company.

He sighed. Just then, Dr. Kadowaki (Is that how you spell it???) walked in.

"How are you feeling today?"She asked him,

" Bored...where's chickenwuss? "

" I assume you mean Zell ? "

He nodded.

" Oh ...he and Irvine are resting in two of my spare rooms "

"What happened ?"

" They fainted "

" Why ?"

" I m afraid that s classified of my patients requested that no one should say anything untill they announce it "

"So in other words...i have to wait untill later when Zell is here and he tells me?"

" When he wakes up, i m afraid he has to promise secrecy"

" Oh Please...this is Chickie were talking about, he can t keep a secret if his life depended on it ..."

"Has he told you what happen to your legs?"

"Yes but he didn t give me the details"

"Then he can keep a secret "

" Sooner or later i ll find out "

" Mr. Almasy, you ll only find out when you memories returns "

" Well how am i suppose to get my memories back when no one would -"

" Mr. Valos will be here in the afternoon to help you with your memories "

"Who s Mr. Valos ?"

"From what i heard from a couple of students, he's Squalls new lover "


"Yes, everyones talking about it...Selphie saw them this morning in Squalls room, apparently, Mr. Torin Valos spent the night with Squall"

"Who's Selphie ?"

"Oh...silly probably don t remember her..."

"You said earlier that Chickie and some guy named Irvine was in you spare he Chickies lover?!?!"

The doctor just raised an eyebrow.

" What if he is ?"

"So he is Chicke s lover ..."

She just sighed and abruptly left when another girlish scream was heard that morning.

" chickie has a lover "

He frowned. for some unknown reason, he felt hatred for this Irvine...

" Bet the @ sshole is really ugly, must have crappy teeth and a f**ked up hair...yeah...he must be ugly and stupid...he doesn t deserve Zell..."

" Irvine!" Selphie shouted.


"Zell!" Quistis shouted.


Dr. Kadowaki's assistant frowned.

" Men ! " She shook her head.

Both Selphie and Quistis looked at her. they then looked at eachother and agreed :

"Men !"

Selphie and Quistis giggled .

Dr. Kadowaki then walked in "What s going on here ?"

Her assistant answered her "Both Ms. Trepe and Ms. Tilmitt here is pregnant"

"Both of you?" she asked QS

They nodded.

She looked at Zell and Irvine and shook her head.

"Men " she muttered.

Squall and Torin walked together towards the infirmary with their hands in eachothers waist.

Squall smiled happily.

Squall didn t care if people stared. he was happy and he' s in love.



" ...I love you "

Torin grinned like a cheshire cat.

" I love you too "

Squall sighed and pulled him closer.


Seifer turned towards the door and said, "Come in "

Squall came on followed by the man he saw when he just woke up.

"Seifer ...this is Torin Valos...he s going to help you with your memories"

The man named Torin smiled at him.

" your Squalls new lover..."

Both men blushed.

"Who did you hear that from?" Squall asked .

"The Doc..."

" travels fast...sigh..."

"Squall...everyones talking about it! "

" Oh well...its better that they know that Squalls off limits now " Torin saind nonchalantly.

Squall shook his head and smiled as Torin pecked his cheek.

"Look, if your both going to be all mushy, don t do it here..."

"Whatever" Both Seifer and Squall said at the same time.

"Alright...Squall, i need to go in his subconcious now because he s getting impatient. "

Squall nodded and let Torin do his stuff.

Torin walked over to Seifer and touched his forehead.

Seifers head

Flashes of memories came to Torins mind.

* Seifer and Rinoa fighting *

*Seifer at another field exam*

*Seifer calling Zell chickenwuss at Dollet *

*Seifer clapping for the new SEEDs *

*Running away to help Rinoa *

*The Sorceress possesing him *

Fades out

Torin gasped . strong hands kept him from falling down.

"Torin! are you okay ?"

Torin looked at his loves concerned face.

"Yes...I need to rest before i can do that again"

Seifer suddenly said : "So I was a Soceress' pet that how my legs got injured ?"

"No...the Sorceress War happened over a two years ago."

"I'm 20 years old? "


"Can we do it again?"

Torin shook his head " I need to rest first"

With that, Squall led Torin out of the room just as Zell walked in .

"Zell?" Squall asked.

"I just woke up...fainted twice today ...giggle..."

Squall frowned.

"Are you okay?"


Irvine walked in, bumping into Zell.

"Oops...giggle..." Irvine said.

Squall looked at Irvine. "Irvine ?"


The doctor was leaning on the wall " Their still in a state of shock "

Squall raised an eyebrow then asked "Can Torin lie down on one of your spare beds?"

"Of course..." She said as she led Squall -who was now carrying a sleeping Torin-out of the room and into the other rooms in the infirmary.

Seifer looked at this 'Irvine'...

*Damn he ' s ugly!* he thought *What's up with his hair...he looks like a girl...he doesn t even have a fashion sense...DORK*

Seifer glared at the ugly dork, he glared harder as the dork put his arm on His Chickens arm.

Zell and Irvine where hysterical...they just couldn t believe it. Irvine had not only got Selphie pregnant but also Quistis.

They giggled at everything untill the docs assistant cast a sleep on them.

"Will Chicken be alright?" Seifer asked the assistant.

"Yes, after they rest..."

Seifer shook his head and muttered " Crazy Dork "

"I have to go and put these two in our last spare room"

"You mean in the same bed?"

"Yes, the other one is currently occupied by Mr. Valos"

"...uh...i ll share this bed with Chickie"

"No really, thats a nice offer but they can share a bed "

"No, i insist..."

She was hesitant but agreed to it.





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