This story has no setting in the game, just a mingle of characters. I even confused myself when I threw Irvine's name into the mix... so don't think about it too hard, just enjoy! (Please?)

Boys Who Play With Boys, Boys Who Play With Toys

By Kumaguro

Squall woke from flashes of light he could identify through his eyelids. The sunlight was distracting enough as he tried to stay in bed just a little longer but when the flickering light and quiet rustling and grunting became too much for him to ignore, Squall opened his eyes. He opened them to a sight of Zell doing his morning workout. Zell was doing his last kicks and punches in front of the window and in Squall's view. Zell didn't realize that Squall had been so rudely awoken.

"Will you put some clothes on?" Squall asked, throwing Zell out of his own little world, causing him to trip on the side of his foot and crash into the floor.

Zell SHOULD have some clothes on. How many people do morning exercises naked? Well, Zell did, for one. Of course, this was no surprise to Squall. He knew Zell did everything he could naked; work out, sleep, swim, eat, anything. And he never wore underwear.

"Hey!" Zell exclaimed as he rose from the floor. "How'd you sleep?"

Squall scrubbed his face as he rolled onto his back.

"I don't remember," Squall groaned, "What the hell happened last night?"

Zell sat on the bottom of the bed, putting on his socks.

"I dunno," he started, "but you didn't complain..."

Squall crawled out of the sheets and met with Zell. He hugged Zell from behind, watching Zell's gloveless hands putting his socks on his feet.

"Why would I complain," Squall insisted, "you were with me, weren't you?"

Zell seemed strangely quiet, almost nervous. He never looked at Squall, but looked on, forward. He tried to change the subject.

"Gosh, Balamb sure is pretty, isn't it? It's so great to be home."

Squall smiled.

"You're doing it again."

"Doing what?"

"Trying to change the subject."

Zell choked. What to say now? Squall continued. He pushed Zell off the bed.

"...And I didn't mean like THAT, silly."

Zell hit the floor and lay in the buff, face up, smiling and spread out like a star and with much the same glow.

"So what DID ya mean?" Zell inquired.

Squall laid his whole body face-down, his arms hanging off of the bed. He, too was naked, his white behind exposed to the crisp air. And he was looking at Zell's white body but mainly his eyes.

"I mean that I trust you with my life. And that's more than I can say for anyone else."

Zell was a little surprised to hear those words from Squall. He didn't trust anyone. Zell looked up at Squall.

"You trust... me? With your LIFE?"


Zell got up.

"What are you, NUTS? ME? I'd be the FIRST one to do you in! Notice you got so hammered last night that you don't remember how you slept. That was MY doing! You're fuckin' crazy!"

Squall ran his hand over his face once more.

"Irvine is the one that provoked me to drink."

"Yeah, but I let you do it."

"You couldn't have stopped me."

"I could have tried..."

"Look, you know very well that I put on a face every time I get challenged," Squall said as he turned onto his back, "It doesn't stop with Seifer."

Zell sat up against the bed, raising his knees and resting his elbows on them after running his fingers through his messed-up golden hair.




"Wanna know who won the liquor contest?" Zell asked, rubbing his bare hands.

Squall dropped his head into his shoulder.

"Judging by my hang over, lack of memory and intolerance for alcohol, I'd say not me."

Zell turned around to look Squall in the eye.

"And you'd be right. So what time is Quistis coming to get us?"

"11:00, I think." Squall groaned as he looked at the clock on Zell's dresser. He looked around, noticing that there was only one bed and no cots. "Where did you sleep last night?"

Zell stood up and walked to his dresser and opened a drawer.

"On the other side of the bed. Why?"

Squall covered himself with the sheet. He looked self-conscious all of a sudden.


Zell stood up, holding clean pants, and a shirt. He smiled devilishly.

"You have ANY idea how frisky you are when you're drunk? I had to beat you off all night!"

Squall sort of blushed. He covered himself more with the sheet.

"How did I get naked?"

Zell put on his pants in Squall's view.

"I got you naked. Like I said, you didn't complain much. Look, we may have known each other for like, ever but we've never shared a room; how was I supposed to know how you slept? And I'm sorry, I was naked, too but that's cuz I can't stand clothes any more than I have to."

"It's okay, Zell. I trust you. You know more about me than everyone at Garden. I trust you."

Zell's face seemed to flush pink.

"Aww... Stop it."

Squall got up from the bed. He walked toward the small bathroom which had been recently installed, located in the southwest vicinity of Zell's room. Still naked. Zell threw on his last bits of clothing and he could hear the water in the bathtub running. Zell was a little curious as to what Squall was thinking when he was prancing around naked and leaving the bathroom door wide open. But he wasn't curious enough to pursue it. The water was now sounding of hard jets in the tub. Okay, big deal, Squall was going for a shower. Zell was still too full of energy to just sit and wait for Quistis to show up. It was only 7:00 in the morning. The boys had four hours before she would assemble with them. So, while Zell waited for Squall to get out of the shower, he decided to continue his workout on the dock.

And so he went to the docks behind his house. He began his air kicks facing the water then did some impressive back flips and spinoffs on the ledge before returning to his house.

"Ma, I'm back!"

Ma Dincht came out of the kitchen to greet her son.

"I didn't even know ya left. But since you're here, you may as well make yourself useful. Here."

She handed Zell a broom. Zell smacked himself in the forehead. Now he remembered why he snuck out of his bedroom window. Oh, well... He took the broom and swept the entirety of the main floor. Ma Dincht came back to see Zell's progress.

"It looks nice. Thank you."

"No problem, Ma and hey, you gonna see the bathroom I installed later?"

"Your friend is still in there, isn't he?"

"He must be out of the bathroom by now. I'll go check up on him."

Zell left for his room upstairs. As he reached his room, Squall's voice shrilled.


Zell laughed. Squall had only a small towel covering his waist. His body towel-dried and hair still wet. And he was concerned about the trip home? Zell fell backward, laughing so hard. He found it hard to breath or not hurt himself since he was laughing so hard.

"That's all you have to say?!"

"Don't mess with me, Dincht!"

Zell composed himself, his attitude going from silly to serious.

"*Ahem* I drove."

"*Ahem* You drove? YOU drove?"

"Yeah." Zell replied breathlessly.

Squall forced his lips in towards his teeth, upward to his nose. It almost seemed like a smile. He processed what new information he was presented with. Regardless, he was NOT impressed. He scoffed disgustedly and shook his head.

"Unbelievable. Un-fuckin'-believable," Squall said as he gathered his clothes from the floor. They were scattered everywhere. He wondered how his clothes could have gotten everywhere.

"I'm a good driver."

Squall approached Zell almost accostingly, violating Zell's personal space. Squall stared into Zell's eyes. Zell seemed significantly taller than Squall but that's because Zell was wearing his shoes and Squall was bare foot as well as just about everything else.

"But you're not a licensed driver."

Zell contestingly stepped one foot closer to Squall with an open-mouthed smirk.


"And you know it."

Zell walked away from the hostile grounds of intimidation. He knew he couldn't win.

"Hey, it's not my fault I got my license taken away. So I went a little fast. So what? I still got my T-board..." Zell said as he picked up his hover-craft.

Squall put on his boxers.


"What's that s'ppose'ta mean?" Zell demanded as he put his T-board back in its resting place.

Squall now had his pants and socks on. Zell approached Squall in an attempt to intimidate him once more.

"You know exactly what I mean." Squall snapped.

Zell took his two forefingers and shoved them down the loose front of Squall's pants, gripping his belts, and pulling Squall closer to him by the waist. Squall's face came close to Zell's as he gasped with surprise. Zell put his mouth in almost direct contact with Squall's. The blond boy breathed into Squall's slit-open mouth. Squall could feel his heart pounding in his throat. FEAR! He was approached in such a manner that he had never been before. It was different, somewhat erotic but Squall was a little more concerned with the fact that Zell might actually kiss him. He was semi-aroused but more paralysed, almost numb with fear, thus not moving, though his lips trembled. "I'm STRAIGHT!" He thought.

"Is that a challenge?" Zell growled almost seductively.

Squall inched forward quickly till his lips met Zell's. His lips did a quick scraping of Zell's and Squall inched back. IDIOT! Why did he kiss him?! What the hell was going through his mind?! But he quickly skipped back to hostile intimidation, looking into Zell's confident blue eyes.


"Fine," Zell smirked, "get dressed and I'll see you outside the city in 10 minutes."


Zell smiled and took his gloves from his dresser. He began his descent down the flight of stairs leading to the small atrium. When he got there, he tried to hop out the door quick enough to avoid any more chores.

"Bye, Ma! I'll be home soon!"

"Not so fast." Ma Dincht's voice was heard, screeching Zell to a halt as he reached the door.

He slumped his shoulders and turned around to see his mom holding a small brown box.

"I want you to deliver this next door before you go anywhere."

Zell let his head down in an act of disappointment. But he smiled to himself subtly, thinking how lucky he got off.

"Yes, mama. Right away."

He left the house, still smiling to himself under a mask of sorrow. He skipped next door and delivered the package. He continued down the street and went to the extremities of the small city.

Not long after, Squall joined up with the blond, toting his Gunblade alongside which was now the Lion Heart. A wind blew by the SeeDs that heightened their confidence. Zell smiled and went down into his fighting position. Squall lift his Gunblade.

"You sure you don't want a weapon?"

"I'm gonna do just fine, thanks." Zell said as he lifted his knuckles to his lips and kissed them for luck. "After all, they're Ehrgeiz."


"Well, aren't you gonna come at me?"

"Just about ready."

The boys duelled mentally while walking around in the circle of hectoring, weapons drawn. Zell looked a little too confident for Squall to feel comfortable. This was just a friendly battle as it was but still, the hostility was very real.

Squall was still a little hung-over but there was only a little tingling pain left in his head. He'd still be able to fight, he decided. And finally, he lunged at Zell, his Gunblade high and glimmering in the morning sunlight. With a grunt, Squall forced his Gunblade into a speedy descent which was blocked between the knuckles of Zell's hard gloves. With a grunt from Zell, he swung his free hand at Squall's stomach. Squall dodged the thrust and threw himself backward. He started throws similar to his Fated Circle attack which Zell evaded with backflips and high jumps.

The fight went on for 5 minutes without either guy stopping to catch their breath. At one point, Zell managed to trip Squall and tried to jump on him, fists drawn, but Squall lifted his feet and when Zell reached him, he was thrown over top of Squall. Both boys got up and charged for each other immediately.

Squall charged at Zell once more with his Gunblade directed at him. Zell grabbed the blade by the tip and raised it above him. Squall could see himself falling into Zell. Zell was smiling so confidently. Squall could tell that Zell had something up his sleeve, but what? Too late to find out, he thought. Zell dropped himself on his back, raising one foot. Squall fell into it and was launched into the air behind Zell. He hit the ground with great force. When he got up, he fell to one knee. He needed a rest. Zell stood waiting for Squall to attack him again. But both took advantage of the moment to catch their breath.

Zell wiped his nose and realized that he was bleeding from his knuckles quite a bit. One glance at Squall and he could see that he, too was bleeding- from his wrist. But Squall noticed Zell bleeding profusely from his right forearm. This must have been quite some fight to have both boys bleeding so much.

Squall decided to end the fight with one final blow. He charged at Zell the same way he just did and Zell reacted the same as well. He waited for Squall to throw himself at him but this time, Squall did not run his blade at Zell. At the last second, he dropped the Gunblade and kicked Zell in the hands covering his stomach. Zell lifted Squall's fall so that neither boy got hurt when they fell to the ground. Squall had Zell pinned. He was straddled over him. He looked into his eyes and was grunting and panting loudly. Squall won the fight. He defeated Zell. Right? Zell took a second to catch his breath but after that, he smiled devilishly which again struck fear into Squall's soul. Squall was again thrown into the air behind Zell. With a loud thud, Squall hit the ground and immediately was pinned by Zell, looking deep into his eyes, breathing heavily. Shit! Zell was gonna kiss him! It was in his eyes!

Zell had placed his hands over Squall's wrists which were above his head. Zell's thighs were straddled around Squall's stomach. His shirt was raised enough that Zell's pants were the only thing covering his bare skin. The boys panted heavily.

When their breath was caught, Zell growled in what Squall perceived as a seductive manner.

"Had enough?"

Squall found it impossible to answer for several minutes. Hmm.. What to say?

"Fuck you, Dincht. Fuck you." Squall finally responded, pushing Zell off of him.

Squall got up. As he did so, he thought about how he should have probably let Zell kiss him. He kinda wanted him to. Oh well, we'll let that one go. But once again, Squall fell to the ground. He'd been tripped by Zell and once again pinned. Zell was also in his face, smiling evilly and seductively. Squall had a hand to his chest which was in Zell's grasp. Zell's body was firmly pressed against Squall. He didn't complain, though. Wasting no time, Zell gently placed his lips on Squall's mouth. Squall didn't kiss back.... for a while. Soon, he became insistent on sucking and nibbling on Zell's lips, mainly the bottom one since it was easier to reach. Zell got closer to Squall. The boys licked inside each other's mouths and around their teeth, wrestling tongues and lips. Squall's intoxication was no longer that of the alcohol but that of the kiss. He was taken by the roughness of the blond.

And Zell was all for it, too. He was glad he decided to follow through with the thought of kissing the gentle array under him.

Their tongues danced around one another, wet and warm, caressing each other. A sighful moan came from Squall's throat. Zell was happy to see that Squall was enjoying the kiss so much. Squall wasn't sure why he was letting himself kiss another boy but sure enough, he was and didn't plan to stop for a while. But Zell had other plans. Sure, he may have found himself a little attracted to Squall and enjoying the kiss but there was a purpose to what he was doing- He was going to win the battle, if not with violence, then with passion; something he'd learned from Seifer.

Zell found himself enjoying the kiss a little too much and decided to end it. He swept his tongue inside of Squall's mouth with his tongue and sucked on his bottom lip before finally pulling away. Squall got in one last peck at Zell's lips before Zell got up and extended a hand to help up Squall. He took it.

Squall was still dizzy. He fell into Zell who held him up, gazing deeply into his eyes. Squall had to do it again and Zell couldn't help it. They cupped lips and gently wrestled with their lips and tongues. Each boy could feel each other's heart pounding. The two held each other tightly, like lovers.

A car drove out of the city. The boys heard the motor humming and slipt apart, covering their lips. After the car passed by, Squall thought that he could resume his intimate moment with Zell. He put his arms around him and kissed his closed lips. Zell didn't kiss back. Squall was taken, defeated. Zell won! Squall wanted him. He was at his mercy. So... How to break the news to him. Squall pulled away when he realized that Zell wasn't kissing back and a smile took over his pale lips. Squall looked at Zell. He was thinking something. Shoot.

"I win."

Squall grew hot with anger. But not only anger, but uncontrollable hormonal rage. He wanted to hit and kiss Zell all at the same time. But it was time to end what went on for the last 10 minutes. He scoffed angrily and began walking back to the city. He was grabbed by the wrist and pulled back into Zell's arms and had one more kiss planted on his gasping lips. In time, the boys pulled away and made their way back to Zell's house to wash up.

When the boys got back to Zell's house they came in quietly but there stood the Big Bad Rascal.

"You kissed a boy, Zell? That's worse than kissing a girl! Yuck!"

Zell approached the small boy and grabbed him by the collar, glaring into his eyes.

"You say one word to Ma or Pa and I will hang you by your ankles on the clothes line."

"*Gulp* 'Kay, I'll keep quiet."

Zell released the boy.

"Hey, Zell, can you teach me to fight like you did out there? You know with some mad-wicked gloves and stuff?" the Big Bad Rascal asked while punching the air forcefully.

Zell messed the youth's hair up.

"Sure thing, squirt. But I gotta have my shower first so, don't tell Ma I'm in yet, 'kay?"


"Squall, you have the option of roaming or what have you. I gotta wash the blood off and stuff." Zell said as he noticed the blood on Squall's clothing. "On second thought, come with me and we'll get you clean for Quisty, too..." He led Squall up the stairs.

When they got there, Zell began undressing immediately. Squall took off his jacket, looking pensively at his forearm. There was so much blood. He looked at Zell who was bleeding more-so. Squall felt bad for what he must have done to him somehow. He approached Zell with caution. Zell usually got pretty bitter when he knew he was forced to shed blood.

"Can we do a spell?"

"Won't be necessary. They're just nicks." Zell said as he dropped his pants in front to Squall.

Zell may have been naked in front of Squall before but this was the first time Squall felt himself wanting to peek at his package. He was pretty well endowed.

"You'll see the blood all gone when I get out of the shower."

"Can I go, too?" Squall hesitated to ask, but somehow managed to.

"WITH me?"

"Well it's not like we have anything left to hide from each other and I already had ONE shower and I'd hate to waste any more water that I have to."

Zell smiled, thought then laughed. Squall stripped down to his boxers anyway. He intended to shower even if it wasn't with Zell.

"What's so funny?"

"Waste water? Our back YARD is water!!! But I gotta make one thing clear, bro." Zell started as he approached Squall and sat him on his bed. "I'm attracted to you. But that kiss was just something I wanted to do but it's not my dream to be gay, so, I don't want to make you think that we should be 'partners' or anything like that."

Squall looked down almost in disappointment.

"I thought it meant something. But nothing *I* would pursue. It's fine. I'll wait for you."

Zell kneeled between Squall's open knees. He looked into his eyes.

"I'll take you on for that shower, though."

Squall smiled and scoffed unconvinced. Zell tugged his lips to one side of his mouth then tugged Squall from the bed and to the new bathroom. Squall didn't fight.

"Changed your mind so soon, bud?" Zell asked as he ran the bath water.

"Just didn't think you'd take it seriously."

Zell turned to Squall as he ran the shower water.

"Why not? Should I not have taken you seriously when you told me you trust me?"


Zell got in the shower, expecting Squall to follow him in. But he didn't.



Zell decided to just have his shower. Maybe Squall changed his mind after all. Zell got under the shower head and wet his face and hair, leaving the shower curtain retracted, letting Squall know the offer still stood. Zell closed his eyes and scrubbed his face and wounds then ran his hands through his hair. He continued his bathing ritual as he usually would, beginning with his shampoo job. Lather, rinse, repeat. While repeating, Squall coughed which threw off Zell's groove. He accidentally opened his eyes and got some suds in his eyes.

"Ow! Shit!"


"Ow, fuck. That stings."

Squall cleared his throat. Zell had his eyes clenched tightly as he tried to rinse the soap from them. Eventually, he was able to settle the stinging suds. Then he washed down the rest of his body as Squall watched with no real reaction on his face. Zell walked under the shower head again, eyes closed. The water was hot and he was enjoying it to the full. He'd completely forgotten that Squall was watching as he ran the last suds around his torso, focussing gently around his nipples and down to his thing. He touched himself gently under the hot jets, softly moaning. With his eyes still closed, Zell bent down slightly to wash his thighs. Upon his re-ascent, he felt gentle hands caress his hips. He continued the rest of the way up till he was fully erect- in more ways than one. His eyes were still closed as he rolled his head back, his mouth opening. He could feel wet hair brush his shoulder and collar bone along with soft, familiar lips creating a suction. He felt breathing and licking on his neck and hands rubbing his abs and pecs. He moaned exhalingly.

Zell whispered, "Oh... Seifer..."

Somehow, the body behind him forced him to face him, lips placed firmly against any part of Zell that could be reached before they met his lips. The boys again held each other tightly, kissing, eyes closed. Zell knew this was familiar territory and it wasn't Seifer. Zell gently pulled away, opening his eyes and breathing heavily.

"I didn't- I didn't mean it-"

"Sh-sh-shh-shhhh..." Squall whispered as he placed a finger on Zell's lips to hush him. He looked into his eyes. "Just kiss me, okay?"

Zell did so without protest. He held Squall firmly against his body, gripping his buttocks and holding his pelvis against his. Squall held Zell. If he could hold him any closer, he would have but there was only one way that could happen now. But in the mean time, kissing worked out just fine for him. Zell massaged Squall's mouth and tongue with his. Wow, Zell was amazing, Squall thought. But how far would they take this? He could feel his pulse racing, his heart pounding and thing throbbing. Of course, he could feel the same things from Zell.

Squall took his hands and massaged the muscles on Zell's torso and back, eventually getting to the back of his neck, seizing control of the blond. This forced Zell to kiss him harder. Hard was not a problem for either boy, however. They were not virgins and knew how things were played on themselves so it would be easy to determine what each other needed and wanted. But neither boy was going to proceed with any sexual discrepancies to please the other, only themselves. They both knew it. They were playing a game of Give and Take- You give, *I* take. But something like that would never work both ways. The boys parted and Zell pushed Squall under the water, immediately massaging his hair. Squall moaned and inhaled, knowing he'd been seduced. He closed his eyes and imagined himself being lifted into heaven with an angel behind him; Zell. His eyes opened slightly when he could no longer feel Zell's hands on him. He turned slightly to see Zell offer him a bottle of shampoo. He took it and placed a small dab in the palm of his hand, thinking where he was supposed to put it. There were really three places he could have put it... But in the end, he put it in his hair. He lathered then stuck his head under the water, suds streaming down his face, he felt Zell's strong hands grab his chin and his lips forced upon his. With both mouths open, Squall could taste the soap in his mouth. He bet that Zell could as well. Neither one complained.

The boys continued to kiss until the water finally rinsed away the last evidences of soap at which point, Zell pulled away again. Squall opened his eyes to make sure he knew where his pseudo-lover was going. Zell picked up a bottle of liquid soap and put some in his hand as opposed to Squall's. Squall had to think about that for a second why but it became pretty obvious when Zell asked him to turn around and he felt slick hands rub against his shoulders, giving him a delightful massage. The massage continued down Squall's back, down to his hips then progressed to the front. Zell's hands had to be the best things God had ever created, Squall thought as he whispered a moan and purred. Zell's gentle fingertips ascended from Squall's tummy to his pecs, massaging them firmly and Squall let out an even louder moan. Zell moved in so that his body was completely pressed against Squall's. Squall could feel a little poke in his right buttock. Zell finished the massage by returning to Squall's usually-tense shoulders. But Squall was limp. Every where but one. He rested himself against the wall as he decided to finish washing. Under the water, he scrubbed his wound clean which wasn't that deep. Nor were Zell's; his came clean under the water and a light soap from before.

Squall looked over at Zell's hot erection then looked up at his face. Zell was looking at him adoringly.

"You wanna taste it?" Zell asked only semi-seriously.

Squall nodded and got his limp body to the floor of the tub. He got to his knees and gripped his fingers firmly into Zell's muscular thighs. Then came the kiss; the "special" kiss between mouth and forbidden territory. As Squall advanced on Zell, Zell's body grew extremely weak. Thank God he decided to put in a shower bar. He held onto it as Squall did what pleased both boys in such equal amounts. Zell was already pushed to the limit of arousal and it didn't take long for him to climax. Squall retracted himself and looked up at Zell who was panting heavily. Zell watched Squall swallow what he gave him. His head jerked a little but then he looked up and smiled. Squall looked back down at Zell's manhood which was still dripping a specific white fluid. Squall placed his tongue on the tip of it and kissed the final drops away. He went up to the point where his lips were aligned with Zell's pecs again. Zell was having a hard enough time keeping himself up let alone from falling on Squall. The boys were each other's pleasure dome and that was pretty cool. Squall continued on Zell. He caressed his nipples; one with his index and middle finger, moving counter clockwise and the other with his tongue moving up and down. Zell was more sexually frustrated than he'd ever been. He grabbed Squall's head and lead it up to his mouth. As much as he was enjoying being pleasured, he needed his lips on Squall again.

The two of them kissed each other's lips and held each other once again. Squall later buried his head on Zell's chest, his hair under Zell's chin. They hugged without letting go. There was silence that allowed the boys to settle down and think. Squall giggled.

"What?" Zell asked almost in a whisper.

Squall pushed away from Zell slightly and looked into his eyes.

"Seed from a SeeD."

Zell turned Squall around and grabbed the liquid soap again. This time, he started washing Squall in the front of his waist. He had to figure why be pleasured and not give in return just a little? Zell pulled Squall's back into him and wasted no time massaging Squall's hard appendage with his slicked hands. Squall let out a loud moan as he fell into Zell even more. He'd been so indulged, he couldn't even stand. Zell supported him with his other hand, holding him around his waist.

"Oh, you're perfect; so perfect." Squall whispered in an aroused exhale.

Zell sank his mouth into the trunk of Squall's neck, causing him to let out a loud, exasperated sigh. Squall knew he'd have a hickey to show for this. But he didn't mind at all. In fact, he enjoyed the whole ordeal so much that he aided Zell in his onus, placing his hands over Zell's. Zell kissed up behind Squall's ear and tugged on his lobe with his teeth and the other part of him in his grasp. Squall's heart pounded as did his throbbing member. Finally, holding back wasn't working for him anymore. Zell watched over Squall's shoulder as he spilled his seed into the bathtub. Squall took a deep breath as he watched the evidences of something that really shouldn't have happened go down the drain. He took Zell's hands and rubbed them up and down his torso.

"That was amazing." Squall managed to release.

Zell made one final rub of Squall's torso and gave him one last tug. Squall turned to Zell and grabbed his lips with his teeth. A final kiss ended everything. The boys pulled away and got out of the bathtub. Zell turned off the water and Squall fetched the towels above the laundry hamper. He threw one to Zell and put one in is hair. When Squall was able to see again, he noticed that Zell was getting dressed rather hurriedly. Squall understood why, he just wished that Zell wouldn't react the way he was.

"Can you please settle down? You're making me nervous." Squall asked, wrapping the towel around his waist.

Zell was upside down, running his fingers through his bangs violently. He threw himself upward and faced Squall.

"Oh, and nothing else did? We just RUINED our friendship and me being upset is making you NERVOUS?!"

"Why do you say that?"

Zell fell on his back on his bed, scrubbing his eyes, almost like he was scratching them out.

"Oh, God, Squall, how can we be friends knowing what we did?"

"God, Zell, it was just a fling..."

"A fling? Just a FLING? Thanks." Zell said sarcastically.

Squall grabbed his clothes and began putting them on.

"So, you're saying that we can't be friends anymore?"

"You know we can't. What we did in there was what gay couples do to each other when they're not fucking. I am not gay, Squall and I don't intend to be- ever or act it. And what happened in there is not to leave this room or I will kill you myself."

Squall stood paralysed. He couldn't believe what Zell had said to him. No longer friends? They were the closest people anyone had ever seen... Maybe it was all a bad dream. Nope. Reality was just that cruel. Squall felt his body trembling and he looked down at what he had in his hand. Two rings. One, his Griever and the other, a silver band with a platinum cross on it surrounded by roses shaping a figure-8. It was a gift from Zell to represent eternal friendship. He could put neither ring on as he was catatonic. Stricken down for the first time in his life. Nothing ever hurt so much. Zell, too was hurt but he was serious about ending the friendship with Squall. He felt there was no other way. Once he got his shoes on, he looked up at Squall who was only half-dressed and not moving toward progress. Zell couldn't see what Squall had in his hand but he knew it was something significant. He got up to finish preparing himself for Quistis to return but first decided to look at what caught Squall's attention. The rings. A sharp pain shot through Zell's heart. He felt all the muscles in his mouth try to reach the floor. Squall's fixation never ceased. His breathing became shallow and laboured. Zell knew he had hurt Squall more than he had intended. There had to be something he could say to break the eerie silence.

"If I hadn't kissed you..." Zell started but never finished. He knew that the truth was that he had already kissed him and there was no taking it back. Besides, it was his fault. He took Squall's hand in his grasp and Squall looked up at him. "Sorry."

Squall's next words haunted Zell.

"You said if I let it leave the room, you would kill me. Do you promise?"

Fear ran its cold hand down Zell's back. Squall was either really hurt or being dangerously petty. Either way, Zell didn't know the answer or how to phrase it.

"Why would you die for me? It's just me."

A single tear rolled down the front of Squall's right cheek. Zell knew then that Squall was more than devastated at the thought of losing him as a friend. He'd never seen Squall cry before and he probably never would again.

"I love you Zell, and I just wish you could be my friend."

"Is that all you want?"

"Is for us to be together and fight beside each other." Squall leered at him. "But you're right. Let's end the friendship. I don't want to remember you."

Gee, that hurt.


"Yeah." Squall said defiantly.


"Okay. I'm ready to forget you now."

Zell placed a hand over Squall's eyes and blew gently over his face and hair. The boys once again locked eyes. Silence. But that passed.

"Hi, I'm Zell Dincht."

"I'm Squall. Nice to meet you."

The boys shook hands.

"You see? This is how we rebuild."

"We're not friends yet."

"So it's okay if I kiss you?"

"I think so. Sure."

Zell took Squall's chin and kissed gently upon his lips then parted.

"Not bad."

"Not bad at all." Squall replied as he finished getting dressed. The boys were ready to leave. Squall started for the stairs when Zell's voice halted him.



Zell advanced to Squall with something small from inside his drawer. He took his hand and removed the silver ring. In its place, Zell put on a thin, gold band, almost in the shape of a heart with a cross under it with the markings "Forever" across the top. Squall examined the elaborate piece in great detail.

"You made this."

"What gave it away?"

"Only you understand the cross. Thank you."

"I love you, too, Squall."

"....Whatever." Squall tried to suppress a giggle. He couldn't. He threw himself on Zell, giving him one heck of a peck on the lips then parted.

The boys went downstairs to wait for Quistis to take them out for training.

Ma Dincht served the boys some tea as they waited for Quistis to come and bring them back to Garden.

"Thanks, Ma."

"Yes, thank you, Mrs. Dincht."

"You're quite welcome, boys. Now finish your drinks before leaving, okay?"

"Yes, Ma."

Ma Dincht went back into the small room located east of the front door. The boys finished their tea. Squall played with the top of his cup a little. Zell watched the delicate fingers trace the mouth of the cup.

"Something bothering you?"

"I don't wanna go to Garden. Not just yet."

"Too much excitement for one day, huh?"

"Yeah, you could say that... I mean, all we're doing is running through the Training Centre."

"You know, there is one way we can get around it..."

"What are you suggesting, Zell, that we ditch?"

"Yeah, let's play hookie!"

"Quistis will not approve of this."

"That's the point, baby. Now you coming or not?" Zell asked as he stood up.


"Fine. I'm going. I'll see you tomorrow, then." Zell said as he straightened his clothes and wove his fingers through his hair. "Hey, what time is it?"

Squall checked his watch.

"Eleven now."

"Oop. Well, I'm off, then. You?"

Footsteps were heard outside the door. It was Quistis, the boys knew very well. She was never late. Zell looked at Squall. Both of them looked like they were going to be caught in a drug deal or something.

Ma Dincht came to the door and opened it.

"Hello, Mrs. Dincht." Quistis greeted.

"Ah, Quistis, come on in, let me get the boys for you."

"Thank you."

"Zell Dincht! Get down here this instant! Your instructor is here to see you!"

There was no response. The boys had virtually disappeared.

"Those boys, I don't know... They probably just went back up to his room, ya know. Why don't you go get them?" Ma Dincht said to Quistis.

"Alright." Quistis replied as she ascended to Zell's room.

Once there, Quistis looked around. She assumed that it would have been easy to find the boys but to much in vain. She sighed in disappointment and went back downstairs.

"They're not there? That little shrew, eh? Well, I'll bet you'll find them at the dock, ya know. Sorry my son is such a nuisance."

"It's perfectly alright, Mrs. Dincht. In fact, I'm glad that we have Zell on board with us. I'll go to the docks."

And so she did. The boys were nowhere to be seen. Quistis searched the entire city but again with no luck. It became obvious that the boys were not in the city. There were two options. Either Squall and Zell went to Garden on their own or they were purposely avoiding her. Either way, she didn't care. Her only job was to gather the SeeD members and if she tried, that was all she could do. She reached the city garage and drove off.

Squall and Zell watched the car drive by them. They were hidden in the small forest by the city.

"Well, there she goes. Guess we're off the hook."

"Think she knows?"

"Please. Quistis is weak, not naive."

"Ah. True. So what do you wanna do now?"

"Well, it's not exactly like I planned to skip training today, so, I'll let you lead."

"You sure that's wise?"

"Sure can't be any worse than what Seifer makes me do."


"So, why did you say his name earlier?"

Zell blushed. Then scratched his head.

"Uh... Heh..."


Zell sat on the ground, his left leg extended, his right curled, his left arm behind him and his right elbow on his raised knee.

"See... Uh..."

Squall sat down while waiting for the answer.

"Okay, here goes." Zell exhaled. "I've never told anyone this to anyone... But you, I can trust..." Zell took a deep breath and continued. "Seifer used to sexualize me when we were young."

Squall was silent for a minute.

"That's sick."

"He told me that if I told anyone he would hurt me even more."

"God, Zell, I didn't know..."

"That's the point. He was like... gentle and stuff but he just needed a little satisfaction a lot of the time."

"What did he do to you?"

"Well, every time he wanted to go, he'd walk up behind me with his hands on my hips... Like you did and then we'd be alone and he'd want me to like, kiss him, his naked torso or give him head or a hand job..."

"Did he ever rape you?"

"Nope. I'm still an ass virgin."

Squall approached Zell, holding his hands. He took off both of their gloves so he could feel Zell's hands. There were white scars that had long since faded but Squall could bet that when they were fresh, they hurt. He looked into Zell's eyes sympathetically.

"How did he hurt you?"

Zell looked at the mutilations on his hands.

"He cut me. With his Hyperion. The reason they're so faded is 'cause I quit protesting after a while. I was kinda forced to enjoy it."

Squall caressed Zell's hands. He put one up to his cheek.

"When did this stop?"

"Who said it did?"

Squall was at a loss for words. He took Zell's gloves and put them on him tightly then approached Zell, going between his legs. Squall couldn't help but kiss Zell's lips sincerely. He pulled away and looked into Zell's distressed eyes.

"Is that why you hate going back?"

"Yep. But let's not talk about that anymore. What do you wanna do?"

"I thought I left that up to you to decide."

"How about we find us some monsters?"

"Alright. Wanna make out first?"


Squall planted himself on Zell, making him lay down on the dirt. The boys kissed and kissed and wrestled lips and tongues. Squall felt really bad for always dismissing Zell as a child and decided that every chance he got, he would satisfy Zell to make up for all those times he'd been assaulted by Seifer. He began by sliding a gloveless hand under Zell's shirt, grazing his bare flesh. Zell moaned softly when Squall reached his nipples and massaged his pecs. Squall was heard giggling. He pulled away.

"God, you're sexy. You're just so sexy."

"Just kiss me, pretty boy."

Squall did as he was told. The boys' pulses began racing again and their breathing became heavier. Things got hot under the sun. Squall had to strip off his jacket. When he raised himself from Zell again, he managed to get his jacket off. Zell repositioned the boy above him. Zell was now on top of Squall. He took off his jacket as well before sucking on Squall's lips. Squall let Zell do what he wanted with him even if the blood in his lips were reaching the surface. He'd never felt a heartbeat in his mouth like this before. But the pain was too much. Squall had to tempt Zell to stop kissing him. He started raising himself up. Zell got off of him.

"What's wrong?"

"It just hurt."

"Sorry. I guess I just got a little carried away."

"Don't get me wrong... I liked it... I like kissing you..."

"Should we go find us some ass-kickin' victims?"


The boys got up and began to hunt down anything in need of killing. Not even two minutes later, Zell threw Squall into a tree and held him tightly. He kissed the brunette's lips and chin.

"I'm sorry, Squall, I'm so sorry, I just can't keep my lips off of you."

"Just keep them there, then."

And then came the next ferocious kiss. It was rough and rigid especially with Zell forcing Squall into the tree but they were so involved in the moment that they didn't even think of it. Squall wanted Zell to force himself on him to the point where he could be stimulated by the feel of the tree bark rubbing. Zell knew it and did so. Hot flashes took over the boys' bodies as passion shot in waves. Each boy's moans caused the other to moan louder in arousal. After the battle of delicious sounds subsided, Zell kissed down Squall's neck and collarbone. Stimulated sighs erupted from Squall. The sounds filled Zell with hot energy and stimulated his senses to the full. But just then, he could hear another sound, not coming from him or Squall. A rustling in the bushes... He pulled away from Squall and the passionate endeavour ended. Not a final kiss or anything. Just retraction and serious faces. Squall exposed his Gunblade and let the reflection of the sun shine in the bush. Seen emerging, a giant caterchipillar came charging toward the two. They went into their fighting positions and waited for the caterchipillar to make its first move. It did. It threw itself around Zell first thing but he managed to beat it off. Once it was clear of Zell, Squall took his Gunblade to it. Green blood spattered all over the ground, covering Squall from the forearms down to his boots.



Zell went in for the kill. He jumped up to the big ugly bug and gave it a few good punches. The hits seemed to be really effective but not enough. The caterchipillar advanced on Zell and bit hard into his neck. Zell let out a loud yell of pain. Squall decided to be rid of this thing once and for all. He grabbed the handle of his Gunblade and speared it through the nuisance. Letting Zell out of its grasp, the caterchipillar hit the ground and deteriorated with a weird noise, quite possibly its last exhale. Zell hit the ground, almost unconscious. Squall rushed to him. Zell was too weak to speak. Poison! Fuck!

"I don't have any antidotes!"

Zell closed his eyes and leaned his head back. It was hopeless.

"There's not enough life in me to be saved in time..."

"What am I gonna do? Do you have anything on you?"

"C'mere," Zell managed. "I do..."

Squall leaned into Zell as he asked. Zell attempted to lift his bloody hands up to Squall's head but he was too weak. Squall assisted him as Zell placed his hands on Squall's temples. Squall felt a hot flush fill inside his head. Zell had given him a spell. Magic.


"No. It's Life. You know how it works..."

"Zell, no..."

Zell placed his hands on his sides and closed his eyes, resting and relaxing.

"You use it like any other spell. Don't worry about me. Once I'm dead, the poison will be neutralized so it won't be a problem bringing me back."

"No, Zell!" Squall shrieked in fear. Tears filled his eyes as he watched Zell confidently pass away. "Don't leave me! I can get help!" He placed his hand under Zell's neck and looked into his lifeless face.

A new sensation swept over Squall. Death just became real for the first time. He hadn't even thought about dying until that moment. Zell was dead in his arms. Evil thought! How could he think such a thing at a time like this?! Such a thing as "While he's dead, he won't know what I do to him." That's sick! Squall decided that before anything else came out of the bushes, he would revive his sleeping beauty. He admired Zell a minute longer then made the choice to revive Zell as he expected. But first, the fairy tale method. He held Zell tight in his arms and leaned into him slowly. He pressed his lips on the gentle body under him. Hungrily, Squall began to eat out Zell's entire mouth. Should he be ashamed for this? Would he be ashamed if he had done this while Zell was alive? He ended by gently kissing each of Zell's lips then massaging the flesh around his mouth with his finger. Then he placed his hands over Zell's torso and whispered the word; "Life." Squall never had to use this spell before and the results frightened him a little. A green glow surrounded Zell and that seemed to be it. His eyes opened and they looked deep into Squall, once again, scaring him. A small smile curled on Zell's lips.

"Couldn't wait to kiss me, huh?"

"How did you know?" Squall said as he tried to cover his blushing cheeks.

"That satisfied look in your eyes..."

"I'm glad you're back."

"Me, too. It's too soon for them to be putting me into the ground yet."

"I missed you."

"You mean you missed me kissing you back."

"I know how you feel about a relationship with me, Zell and maybe it's just best if you don't have to know about what I do to you... And besides that, it'd be kinda weird since we're both straight. And if kissing you is crossing the line, I won't anymore."


Squall gently pinched Zell's lower lip and started playing with it. Flicking it. Admiring it. Zell looked into Squall's eyes as he played with his lip like a child would with a new toy. He was fascinated. It was cute. In Zell's opinion, anyway. He pulled away from Squall, sitting up.

"Tell me, Squall... If I were to change my mind and agree to a relationship, would you be loyal and be with me forever?"


A kiss said it all. Zell and Squall were now a couple. Aw...

"So it's settled, then?"


"We belong to each other?"


Zell leaned back and lay down, closing his eyes, soaking in the sun's rays.

"I think I need to go back to Garden. Gotta see Dr. Kadowaki about treatment for my wounds."

"That's fine." Squall responded, rather disappointed his day of hookie was cut short. "Okay."

Squall got up. Zell was still a little weak and needed help which Squall happily provided. Zell had his arm over Squall's shoulder for support as the two advanced toward Garden.

"I think I should make something clear about my orientation, bud."

"'Sup, bro?"

"Before you, I never would have considered a guy to be my life partner."

"Same here but why was that such big news?"


Zell stopped Squall and looked him.


Squall scratched his head.

"You kissed me."

"Well, no, you kissed me first..."

"That was hardly a kiss."

Zell put his arm back around Squall and the boys continued walking.

"So why did you do it?"

"I thought you were going to kiss me first."

"Okay, I'll let you have that one..."

"So, what do we tell everyone when we get back?"

"What do you want to tell them?"

"How about nothing for now and see who catches on first?"

"Oh, I see... 'Our little secret'?"

"Exactly. But don't think I won't let you kiss me in public."

"Oh, so now you're letting me?"

"I'll let you kiss me anywhere you want."

Zell stopped Squall and looked into his eyes, smirking.

"Anywhere, you say?"

Squall kissed Zell's bottom lip and looked back into his eyes, mouth slit slightly.

"Anywhere." The whisper past Squall's lips vibrated in the air between his and Zell's lips.

Zell placed his lips on Squall, sucking gently before pulling away.

"Mmm... I'll take you up on that. Later. When I have my strength."

"Well, then, let's get you that rest..."

A short walk later, the boys made it to Garden and met up with Quistis and Selphie in front of the panel.

"So, is there a reason I couldn't find you this morning?" Quistis said coldly.

"Squall and I were necking in the bushes." Zell said with a seemingly fake smile on his face.

Squall leered at Zell. His smile faded.

"Are you going to help the rookies through the Training Centre or am I to expect you to run off again?"

"We'll be there." Squall said.

"Zell, you look horrible. What happened?" Selphie inquired, placing a hand on Zell's cheek.

"Had a boot with ugly bug."

"Oh. Okay."

"I need some sleep so I'll see you guys in a bit, 'kay?"

"Just make sure you make it back in time for the 2:00 run."

"Sure thing, boss." Zell said as he saluted and began leaving.

Selphie and Squall walked with him toward the dorms.

"So, Squall, heard you got totally plastered last night..."

"Sure did..."

"Irvine told me you passed out after ten shots."

"I have low tolerance. So?"

The group was now passing the quad.

"Cripes! I forgot to see the Doc!"

"Do you want to go back?"

"Nah, I can hold off..."

Squall could see Seifer advancing behind Zell. Zell's expression shot of fear once Seifer got behind him. Squall had a whole new look of resentment toward Seifer. He couldn't believe what the bastard had done to Zell since youth. Seifer's subtle movement were never this well read by Squall before. No wonder he never knew what went on. He could never have detected the signals. He noticed Seifer's hand subtly cupped around Zell's waist and a look of desperation on Zell's face.

"You didn't come in last night." Seifer said, referring to both boys but Zell especially.

"You're quite observant." Squall snapped with more resentment than usual.

"Ooh, Squall... Ouch... I'll be off now anyway. See you in the Training Centre later." Seifer said while leaving toward the dorms or so it would seem. "Don't forget your diaper, baby."

Zell was looking down at the floor. Squall knew why. He pulled Zell away from Selphie and whispered.

"Zell, you don't have to go."

"No, you don't understand, I DO. If I don't, he'll hurt me!"

"Keep your voice down. Look, stand up for yourself. You're just about an adult. You don't have to take this anymore."

Squall grabbed Zell's wrist in a feeble attempt to hold him back. With no resistance, Zell retrieved his arm, glaring into Squall's compassionate eyes.

"I'm going. Don't interfere, don't say anything."

Zell left.

Squall waited a few minutes by the quad, chatting with Selphie to keep down suspicion. But he couldn't take it anymore. He knew that his newly-sworn life partner was being molested by his mortal enemy. Finally, he convinced Selphie to let him run off for a bit.

He ran to the parking lot as quickly as he could claiming to questioners that he just wanted to run instead of jog. He made it to the parking lot, overhearing a harsh conversation between his love and his hate.

"You feel relieved. Who did you find last night? Or, fuck, was it this morning?"

"Ungh- It-it's no one. Nobody. I didn't-AAH!"


The sound of Zell slamming into the car sent chills down Squall's spine. He wanted to help him but decided to listen to more. He wanted to know what forms of abuse went on and would guarantee this was the last time it would happen.

"Now... Who was it? Was it that puberty-bitch?"

"Don't talk about Squall that way..."

"Or else what, bitch? You gonna do something to me?"


"No, I think you will."

"Seifer, please, don't..."

"Naw, come on... You're gonna do it. And tell me what that bitch, Squall is like."

"He's- unh! He's not- *whine*"

"Oh, baby, that feels so good."


WHAT!?! First Zell is asking "no" and now, he's agreeing that it feels good?! Whatever was going on, Squall knew he had to put an end to it. He walked around the corner, armed with his Gunblade. He practically raced to Zell's assistance, the tip of his Gunblade pointed toward Seifer's neck.

"Okay, that's enough."

Seifer pulled away from Zell who was lain against one of the cars. Both boys looked toward Squall. Seifer gasped. The tip of the Gunblade was pressed against his neck.

"How much further do you think I could go before I pierce you a new windpipe?"

Squall got a good look at Zell. He was naked on the car, his face wet with tears. Squall had never seen Zell cry before. Zell had one of his hands reached toward Seifer and Seifer had one on Zell as well. They'd been masturbating each other. Zell took his hand off of Seifer's manhood. Seifer managed to turn his head to face Zell.

"Baby, don't stop."

Zell was about to do as he was told.

"Don't touch him, Zell."

Zell pulled his hand back.

"Alright. Alright... Fine, you can have him..."

"You are never to do this again, Alsamy, or you will be cut down where you stand. Got me?"

Seifer grinned.


However, Seifer hadn't yet pulled away from Zell. In fact, he leaned into him and kissed the front of his cheek, licking, tasting the salty tears from Zell's eyes. Without lowering himself very far, Seifer's lips were met by Zell's. Their lips pecked at each other's, grabbing and licking like Squall had never seen before. This was definitely one thing he wanted to try later on. WAIT!! Seifer was kissing Zell!

"*Ahem* Okay, that's enough."

Seifer and Zell ended their kiss by massaging each other's tongues then returning to the lip pecking, Seifer kissing Zell's salty cheek then one last peck on the lips. Seifer slowly pulled away, looking deep into Zell's soul. Squall wanted that done to him. It looked dangerously delicious. Seifer looked at Squall, signalling an assurance that he would not assault Zell anymore. Also, it looked like he was going to kiss him. Why not let him? He wanted to experience Seifer so badly. Seifer leaned into Squall, his lips nearly meeting his. Squall pulled away before Seifer was given the opportunity.

"I made a promise to someone that I would be forever faithful."

"Okay. I understand." Seifer said as he zipped up his fly. "Now, I'm sure you understand, too..."

"...Right. We don't say anything, you don't say anything."


"It ends here, Seifer. Either you find yourself a girlfriend or a boyfriend but Zell is spoken for."

Seifer smiled and looked at Zell. He threw him his clothes.

"If I had known..."

"Hey, man, it's new..." Zell said as he dressed.

"Fine." Seifer smiled and walked away.

Zell looked at Squall coldly.


"I told you not to interfere. You just made things ten times worse on me!"

"What are you talking about? He said he'd back off."

"He's been saying that for the last ten fucking years! The only last time is the time before he does it again!"

"Zell, settle down."

"SETTLE DOWN?! He was gonna fuckin' rape me! How can I settle down knowing that I'm no longer safe?!"

"Seifer implied that he wouldn't touch you so long as I'm around, right?"

"Yeah, that I know for sure."

"Then, I'll never leave you."

Zell was silent.

"Isn't that what you want?"

"Yeah, yeah... I'm just so friggin' embarrassed is all."

"I like the view."

"I'm sure you do." Zell said as he started putting his clothes on.

Squall stopped him and looked up and down Zell's naked body. He was beautiful. Softly toned muscles, skin as white and creamy as milk, eyes that, even under such circumstances, seemed to sparkle. He looked down at Zell's bellybutton. There was a white fluid that had formed a puddle inside of his navel.

"Is that Seifer's?"

"Yeah. I gotta clean that up." Zell said, trying to get up and away but was again stopped.

"Don't move..."

Squall was simply titillated by the sight of his gorgeous boy kissing another gorgeous boy. He wanted to follow up on Zell's experience. He started by kissing his lips, holding the bottom one between his teeth and letting it snap back as he continued his way down to Zell's pecs, closing in under his ribs, licking down to the small puddle. Zell became quickly aroused by the sensation of Squall's tongue drilling into his navel. He moaned and put his hands through Squall's hair. When the signs of Seifer were finally erased, Squall continued his journey. Zell liked being pleasured by the one he cared for. He looked at it as someone else doing what they wanted to show him that they cared about him. He knew that Squall cared. Squall was doing such an impressive job on Zell and he knew it. Zell was lain on his back to enjoy everything to the full. His moans let Squall know that he was doing his part right. He managed to look down at Squall and speak between heavy breaths.

"You know... It makes for a GREAT sensation if you hum."

Squall pulled away and replied sharply.

"I don't hum. And I don't dance."

Zell pulled Squall up to him by the collar.

"Oh, I think you're gonna hum. And you're gonna dance."

"In time, maybe."

Zell tried to pull Squall in for a kiss but Squall forced himself away and went back down on Zell, sucking harder than he did at any point in time before that. Zell moaned with pleasure. Squall allowed Zell as much control as he needed to compensate for the pain he was probably caused. Zell began moving himself into Squall's mouth slowly which Squall didn't seem to mind. He still managed to suck hard, swallowing his saliva when needed. He decided to heighten his lover's pleasure by ending the silence and stimulating him the way Zell had suggested. He began humming. Zell let out a frustrated yell and threw his head back. He'd never experienced something so thrilling. Zell reached his peak. Squall came back up to Zell. Zell watched him swallow, again straining.

"You don't have to do it."

"I don't mind, really."

"You know what? I'm really worn out. I think I'm gonna go for a nap till the run."

"That's cool. Mind if I join you?"

"I don't mind. But do you?"

"How could I?" Squall said, looking deep into the slit of Zell's mouth.

One lip scraping and that was it. Zell got dressed and fixed his hair, scrubbing his face of the excess tears. The boys left the parking lot and proceeded to the dormitory.

Once there, Zell got undressed again and went under his sheets. He looked over at Squall who took off his jacket and started undoing his belts.

"I sure am glad we wound up together."

"Me, too," Squall said as he lay on the bed next to Zell, gazing deep into his eyes.

Zell lay back, closing his eyes, getting ready to rest.

"So... You gonna wake me up when it's two?"

"Yeah. My run is at one and Seifer is at noon- Uh, no... I'll make sure I keep Seifer with me, okay? Just to be safe."

"If you insist... I trust you."

Squall smiled. He kissed Zell on the forehead and lay down next to his beau. Not long after, Zell was asleep. Squall could tell because Zell was ever so softly snoring away and smiling. He was off in dreamland. Squall decided soon after that he would let Zell have his nap alone. There was no point in just staying there if he wasn't going to sleep. He got up and looked at Zell's quiet form, sleeping. He was an angel. Squall kissed him on the forehead and made off to find Seifer.

It was 11:45. Fifteen minutes before Seifer would do his run with the rookies. But Squall knew exactly where to find him. In his room.

There was a knock at Seifer's door.

"Yeah?" Seifer voiced. He was looking up at his ceiling, thinking about his life.

Squall opened the door and popped his head in.

"I didn't say you could come in, Leonheart. And besides that, I thought we were done talking."

Squall walked in fully, looking at Seifer who was staring coldly back.

"There was something else."


Squall closed the door behind him and walked over to Seifer's bed.

"Where's your jacket and belts?" Seifer inquired.

Squall had a look of absence.

"Zell's room."

"So, what, you're fucking already?"


"Look, why are you here, puberty-boy? I don't like to be bothered before a run."

Squall sat down on Seifer's bed. Seifer gave him a look that told him he was not welcome.

"Watching you and Zell today really turned me on..."


"Uh..." Squall got up. "I mean, I just came here to say that I want you to leave him alone from now on but if you insist on doing anything to anyone, do it to me."

"Why would I want you?"

"Because I won't object."

Seifer smiled evilly. He grabbed the top of Squall's pants and pulled his hips toward him. He slowly began to unzip Squall's pants, putting a hand inside. Squall's pulse raced.

"So, you'd be my compliant bitch?"


"Why the change of heart all of a sudden? What about that show before?"

"When I was cleaning Zell, I- Oh, God you were delicious."

Seifer grinned evilly. He pulled Squall into him by the collar.

"So you like that, huh?"

"Uh-huh." Squall responded dizzily and breathlessly.

Seifer pulled Squall's lips into his. What a rush! Squall finally got to kiss Seifer and was enjoying it fully. There was no passion involved but both boys enjoyed the kiss anyway. Seifer forced his tongue so far down Squall's throat that he started to choke. Seifer pulled Squall's face away from him and pushed him down his body. Squall undid Seifer's pants and coaxed his member to join the rest of the world. Squall kissed it and bobbed over it. Seifer closed his eyes and stretched out his entire body. He wove his fingers through Squall's hair and forced him to continue the motion at what Squall felt was an uncomfortable pace. It was then that Squall understood what he had gotten himself into; Seifer took all control. Shoot. Squall felt a surge of pain in his heart. He was partly protecting Zell but partly being selfish and unfaithful. Also, he was being forced. Zell never did this to him and it didn't feel good coming from Seifer. Eventually, Seifer changed his motion. He held Squall's head tightly in place and humped forward. A tear streamed down Squall's face but he did nothing to stop what was going on. In time, Seifer relieved himself into Squall's mouth. The mouth-raping stopped. Seifer pulled Squall's face up to look at him. Squall still had a mouthful of Seifer. A minute went by and Squall was still staring at Seifer, mouth full, eyes looking pained. Seifer looked quite satisfied. Finally Squall managed to swallow. He didn't twitch or anything. He cleaned the inside of his mouth with his tongue. Seifer pulled Squall back down to his lips. He demanded wordlessly, one more kiss before pushing Squall back up.

"You decide whether it's worth it to be my bitch."

One last tear ran down the front of Squall's face. Seifer smiled and put himself back in his pants. Squall did as well. But he didn't smile. He had nothing to smile about. Seifer got up. It was time for him to go for his run. He went to the door and looked at Squall. His expression was that of seduction and triumph.

"What do you think... bitchhhh?"

Squall looked up at the taller boy, disgustedly.

"How can a monster so heinous... taste so sweet?"

"It's just irony."

The boys kissed once more and Seifer opened his door, allowing Squall to leave.

Squall returned to Zell's room to gather his things. Zell was sleeping uneasily. His pained moans made Squall insecure. Zell began mumbling in his sleep.


Squall wondered if this was conscious or not. But either way, he decided to talk to Zell.


"Gotta be careful... I'm gonna get you... ZzZzz.."

Squall sat next to Zell on his bed. He rubbed the hair away from Zell's face.

"Aw... Cutie."

"ZzZzzZz... Are we gonna be like a real couple?"

"We can be anything you want."

"Zzz.. I need a kiss."

Squall smiled and leaned into Zell. He placed his lips on Zell's and got a response. Zell sucked inside of Squall's mouth and Squall became indulged in the security of kissing someone that he could trust. Zell's eyes never opened until they glared sharply at Squall as he pulled Squall's head away from him, leering at him.

"How could you?"

"How could I, what?"

"With Seifer?!"

"God, Zell, I- I, uh... Um..."

"Just forget it. Forget it."

"Zell, you're angry-"

"Fuckin' right, I'm angry! You voluntarily became submissive to Seifer?"

"I did it to stop him from coming after you."

There was silence.

"You did what?"

"I convinced Seifer to get off your back."

Zell sighed of anger. He said nothing.

"Did you want him to continue or something?"

"I was just hoping you would stay away from him. Guess that was just too much to ask, huh?"

"I think you wanted him to keep going."

At first, silence. Zell took Squall's hand and looked at the ring, playing with it a little.

"I'm still not over him, Squall..."

"Then I have an idea." Squall got up. "Come on."

Zell got up and dressed. Squall escorted him out of the room.

Meanwhile, in the Training Centre, Seifer was running 3 SeeD cadets through the circuit. They made it in front of the Secret Area without much trouble. They finished a battle with a Grat when Seifer noticed something glimmering in the distance. He convinced the cadets to wait for him in the Secret Area while he took care of what he saw. He advanced to what distracted him. When he made it to where he saw they glimmer, behind a bush, he was immediately jumped and forced to the ground. Zell and Squall pinned Seifer with his arms twisted behind his back.

"Ow! You fucking bastards! Get the hell off of me."

Squall and Zell were laying over top of Seifer, lightly panting.

"Not just yet, baby."

"Yeah, we're just getting started, bitch."

"Wasn't very wise to come here alone, was it Seifer?"

"What the fuck are you doing here, puberty-Ahh-!"

Squall twisted Seifer's arm.

"Hey, there will be no name calling, here... Now, where did that gag go?"

"I got it."

"Thanks, Zell."

Zell handed Squall a piece of cloth resembling a handkerchief. Squall stuck it between Seifer's teeth as Zell held him down. Seifer tried to fight off the attack but to defeat. He yelled as loud and angrily as he could but the sound was too muffled to draw any attention.

"Oh, hush, Seifer. You're OUR bitch now..."

Seifer growled and glared at Squall. Squall looked aroused but wasn't really. His act of confidence instilled fear into Seifer for the first time. Especially since Zell was helping him and he could exact his revenge on him now. Shit. Zell nibbled on Seifer's ear lobe, causing Seifer to yell as loud as he could. But Zell continued kissing and licking against Seifer's neck and ear. He breathed hotly against Seifer's neck and jaw, arousing soft moans instead of yells. Maybe it was the kissing or maybe it was the soft rubbing of his torso initiated by Squall. Both boys had Seifer down, each one holding down an arm and a leg. But Seifer wasn't fighting anymore. Although, he was flipped onto his back now... Zell pulled away from Seifer and straddled him. He and Squall opened Seifer's coat and shirt. There lay a half-naked wonder, gagged and held down. Zell rubbed his hands up and down Seifer's torso before settling his lips on one of his hard nipples. Seifer moaned, his eyes closed, his head turning violently from aroused frustration. Squall went down to the other nipple and made soft nips at it. Seifer could barely contain himself anymore. His moans sounded like begging pants through his heavy breathing. Zell pulled away and looked at Squall.

"What do you say, Squall, should we take off the gag?"

"Why?" Squall said without a care for Seifer.

Both boys looked at Seifer's desiring eyes. Squall didn't want Seifer to have any satisfaction whatsoever so it was all about what he and Zell wanted to do to him. Zell shrugged and went back to moisten Seifer's nipple. Seifer's chest rose and fell quickly. There was nothing he could do to be in control. Dammit!

Zell pulled up from Seifer. Okay, enough teasing him. Now came time to get something out of it again. Squall was waiting for his lips. And so the two kissed. Their tongues danced like they had before. But they were a little sloppy this time. Squall latched his arms around Zell to hold him into him and Zell held him back. Seifer watched as the two boys jerked each other's heads back and kissed, fondling each other's mouths as if they were sweet delicacies in need of devouring. Over and over again. Seifer realized that his hands were no longer held down. He untied the gag in his mouth and sat up. He was inches away from the boys' mouths. He looked on intrigued by the sight. His mouth was spread open in need of being attended to. He watched the mouths as they eventually spread apart, their tongues still kissing, wrestling. All of a sudden, Seifer felt as though he'd been attacked by the two mouths. His mouth was being ravaged not by one but two sets of lips and tongues. Like clockwork, Zell and Squall took turns ramming their tongues into Seifer's mouth. Seifer used his liberated hands to massage his rivals' backs.

But finally, the two alleged assailants pulled away from Seifer. Seifer took a deep breath and exhaled with a sigh. Then he licked his lips.


"Zell and I have decided that we want you to be our toy. But you're OUR bitch."


"It'll be just like this." Zell said.

"That's great." Seifer said, in agreement.

"You will have no control." Squall stated bluntly.

"But it'll be like this?"



"Well, we're gonna leave you to your run. Come find us later tonight."

"Where are you going?"

"Zell, still your call."

"I think we'll fuck, how about?"


"You guys are so mean! Don't tell me that and leave..."

"Well, we did. So, goodbye, Seifer." Squall said as he helped Zell to his feet.

"Come by around 10:00 if you feel... 'up' to it." Zell said with a seductive curl on his lips.


Without another word, Squall and Zell made off. Seifer had to return to his band of rookies. And so he did. With whole new views on the two younger men he'd molested for so long. Fuck! He was whipped! Squall and Zell won!

3:00 came and went. The boys had all finished their runs and noticed that Seifer was nowhere to be seen.

"Guess he went shopping."

"I'll bet you're right."

"Damn, am I ever sweaty..." Zell stated as he began undressing.

Squall took off his clothes as well.

"Do you think we should ask for joining rooms?"

"Sure. Sounds excellent."

"Then we can always be together." Squall said as he held Zell, looking into his eyes.

"Well, you DID say you would never leave me..."

"You bet."

"But now I gotta shower. You coming?"

A laugh found its way past Squall's throat.

"What's so ha-ha?"

Squall covered Zell with his body.

"Because of the day I've had, I never really stopped!" He said, pecking Zell on the lips. (That's a cum joke)

"So, are you coming?"

Squall nodded. He finished getting undressed and followed Zell into the small bathroom. Zell turned on the water. Squall admired the bent-over boy and his firm, white buttocks. He watched as Zell walked into the shower. Then followed.

"Gy-aaah!! It's freezing!"

"Oh, Squall, know you nothing?"

Squall started to hyperventilate.

"What.. do.. you..mean?"

Zell too, began hyperventilating. The water was completely on 'cold'. He placed a hand on Squall's face and his famous devil-may-care grin surfaced.

"Cold water and the sex drive?.. Oh, baby, come on... I'll keep you warm..."

But it was obvious that Squall was cold. The colour in his lips was not natural. In fact, they were going on blue. Zell pouted and turned up the heat.


"I didn't mean to spoil your fun, Zell..."

"I know... You'll make it up to me..."

"And then some." Squall said, staring into Zell's eyes. The steam was now surrounding him, his wet hair falling on his face, blood lining his distinctive tattoo... He was a vision. A vision that had to be eaten. Squall reached his teeth to Zell's lips. Zell pulled Squall into him intimately. His lips were released and Zell gazed seductively into Squall's eyes, breathing lightly, brushing Squall's mouth with his lips in a dance of seduction. He pushed Squall into the shower wall and licked his mouth, kissed his eyelids, brows, the scar on his forehead, his hairline, his jaw, chin, ears, neck, collarbone, then his torso.

"Zell, you're so great."

Zell said nothing but continued to kiss Squall. He kissed a nipple and massaged another. Squall moaned and closed his eyes. He wove his fingers through Zell's wet, fallen hair. Zell continued on Squall, licking, titillating, teasing, pleasuring, enjoying. He got to his knees and held Squall's hips into him. He kissed the small pouch under Squall's navel, nibbling, licking, caressing, sucking on it... Squall opened his eyes and looked down at Zell. He wasn't progressing.. Weird... Or maybe, he just didn't intend to... But he was aroused by the swaying movements of the boy below him anyway...

Finally, Zell went back up to meet Squall's lips. He pulled away after the short kiss.

"You ready?"


Zell smiled and turned Squall around, ramming him into the shower wall, this time, his front was forced into it. He made a wet slamming sound and let out a slightly shocked moan when his cheek hit the wall. Zell was hunched over Squall, his body covering Squall entirely. Squall felt hands rub his sides and lips suck on the back of his neck. He extended his buttocks to allow Zell to take him but he didn't. Zell peeled off of Squall and got the liquid soap. He put it in his hands and put it on Squall's back. Okay... Weird?.. Then he felt kissing on his back.. Oh, how invigorating... And amusing... The kissing followed to the crevice in his back. It tickled. But then again, Squall was seriously ticklish. Zell's hands groped their way to Squall's front, lightly pinching his sides and pecs. Zell's tongue traced from the top of Squall's buttocks to the base of his neck. Squall sighed of sexual frustration.

"Zell, are you ever going to get yourself inside of me?"

"Not yet... I can't do it to you yet... Not here."

"Mmm..then where?"

Zell's lips caressed Squall's ear.

"In Heaven."

Squall was reminded of his daydream from earlier. He agreed he would wait. Every minute longer would make the final result all the more sweet. Like the last kiss in the shower before the boys towelled off.

"Notice how cold the water got when we go out?"

"Guess we spent an awful long time making out in there... What time is it?"

Zell looked at his clock.

"9:00. Shoot. We have an hour before Seifer gets here..."


"So, are you cool with him being our little pet?"

"You mean sex slave?"

"Whatever turns your cranks..."

Zell smirked and pulled Squall in for a kiss. They'd previously decided what to wear and had the same outfit delivered to Seifer's room. Tonight would be perfect.

Seifer was in fact shopping and when he returned to his room, there was a uniform on his bed. A SeeD uniform. Guess the other two wanted him to wear it. Seifer wasn't a SeeD and maybe the boys just wanted to see him in a suit... That would be nice...

10:00 came by. There was a knock at Zell's door. Zell got up and answered with Squall right behind him. They were both dressed in their SeeD uniforms and were cleaned from head to toe, perfumed and well groomed. The door was opened and there stood Seifer. Dressed in the SeeD uniform, cleaned, groomed, perfumed, gorgeous. Zell found it hard to contain himself from kissing him. But somehow he managed to propose to Seifer.

"Come in."

Seifer did so.

"Thanks. I brought us a little something." Seifer said, sporting a bottle of champagne.

"That's the expensive stuff..."

"Well, you know, I had the money, so I thought, 'Hey, why not do something nice for all of us?'"

Squall approached Seifer. He took the champagne and passed it to Zell and looked up and down Seifer's body.

"God, you look so... perfect..."

"Yeah, I can't wait till we get you out of that..." Zell said as he looked at Seifer, filling three glasses on the table with the champagne. He handed a glass to both Squall and Seifer then retrieved his proper glass.

"So, should we... toast to anything?" Seifer suggested.

"How about to our new orientation?" Zell proposed to Squall.

"No... I think we should toast to..." Squall focussed on Seifer. "..our conquest."

Seifer looked seriously offended. He looked angry. But that passed very quickly and a warm smile flooded his lips.

"To your conquest."

The glasses clinked and the boys sipped the alcohol.

"Whoo! That is strong!" Zell commented as he removed the glass from his lips.

Seifer walked up to Zell, holding his waist, looking deep into his eyes. Seifer had put down his drink on the table and pressed himself hard against the flushed blond. Squall downed his drink and watched as Seifer began his true seduction. Zell's breathing became heavy, his breath brushing Seifer's mouth. Seifer couldn't help it. He passionately grabbed for Zell with his lips. Wow... His first meaningful kiss and Squall watched, fondly. Squall took Zell's glass so as not to drop it as Seifer massaged his mouth with his lips and tongue. Zell was more invigorated than he'd ever been. Sure Squall was fresh and pure and left him feeling that way but Seifer had an aura of danger that neither him nor Squall could ignore and try adding PURITY to it... Squall watched on jealously as Seifer kissed Zell into a wall and into Heaven. Seifer pulled away from Zell enough to suck little marks on his cheeks and neck. Zell's eyes closed and his head involuntarily shifted from side to side as he gasped for air. He was breathless. A moan began to emerge but was quickly muted when Seifer kissed him again. But then he pulled away, giving Squall a chance to do as he wished and to whom. At first it seemed Squall was going to go for Seifer but he went to Zell, sucking on his neck, causing the same involuntary action as from Seifer. He licked up to Zell's mouth before kissing him. The kiss was perfect. It just felt perfect. Squall couldn't figure out why. Maybe it was because he knew what was to come. Or maybe it was all that alcohol in his system... Either way, he was so aroused that he just wanted to stay on Zell forever. He felt Zell attacking the buttons on his uniform. He pulled away and helped him undress him. So eventually, all that was left on Squall was pants and boots. My, how kinky... Zell placed his gloveless hands on Squall's naked torso and moved into him. He kissed in between his pecs down to his navel, drilling it like Squall had done to him earlier. Squall's stomach muscles twitched when Zell probed certain places of him. Zell then decided to turn on the kink. He bit the exposed skin under Squall's navel, holding it in his teeth. Squall let out a soft yelp that was more of a shock of bliss. He felt Seifer trace his soft muscles starting at his shoulders, moving around the rest of his body, closing in on what lay beneath the fabric of his pants. Squall's head began to jerk much like Zell's had. The sensation was too much. Zell kissed up on Squall, Seifer kissed behind his ear. Two boys on him at once! WOW! Two gorgeous boys on him at once! They were both so gentle and understanding of Squall's body and its needs. Seifer tucked his hand into Squall's pants, gently- ever so gently massaging his quickly hardening appendage. Squall's head rolled back. He moaned and tossed and reached out for the boys. Zell attended to his lips. They needed attention.

After another one of those perfect kisses, Squall gently pushed Zell off of him, looking at him hungrily. He pulled Seifer out of his pants and Seifer took his lips off of Squall's shoulder. Squall turned to face Seifer and, along with Zell, attacked Seifer's mouth and clothes. They both pushed him on Zell's bed which was covered with red rose petals. He lay back as Squall worked on his jacket and Zell on his pants. Not long after, he was naked, free standing and glowing. Zell hovered over Seifer, ready to kiss him but something stopped him; Seifer had his hands extended as he removed Zell's jacket and then started on his pants. Seifer wasn't in the position to take Zell's pants off so Zell pulled away enough to do it himself but was again stopped. Squall did it for him. Zell watched Squall's adoring, focussed eyes in awe. Everything was perfect. So perfect. Once the belt was off and the zipper down, Squall went to his knees to yank down Zell's pants the rest of the way. He admired Zell's own free standing beauty before giving it a kiss but only one. Zell knew it was too soon to come and didn't want to be tempted anymore than he was. He pulled Squall up and stepped out of his pants. Squall lay Zell on the bed next to Seifer and went for his own pants but Seifer did it instead. Squall was still the one to take off his boots. He leaned into the boys and was gently hovered down by the aid of Seifer's knees. Squall was stretched over the two bodies. The heated flesh compensated for the cold room and the boys massaged anywhere their hands could reach and kissed the same. Seifer noticed that Squall seemed to attend to Zell more than him. But that was okay, they WERE the ones who were promised together. Seifer felt so great being welcome to join them. He watched Zell flip Squall on his back and take charge with the kissing and the rubbing of the bodies. Seifer watched the dance for several minutes, awaiting his turn when reality struck. Squall said it himself; he was a toy, a conquest. This was revenge for what he had done to Zell for so many years and what he did to Squall earlier that day. He was not welcome. That sucked. He got up and started to put on his pants. He was stopped at mid-thigh. He looked up at the hands that stopped him then looked at the body that possessed them. Squall and Zell looked hungrily at Seifer.

"Ah-ah, ah..." Squall whispered seductively.

"We're not finished with you, yet." Zell finished.

"I can't go through with this. I can't go all the way." Seifer confessed.

Squall's hands rubbed Seifer's torso while Zell's hands rubbed behind his neck.


Seifer didn't respond. He looked pretty nervous, though...

"Nothing. I think I should just go. Let you two be to yourselves." Seifer started as he tried to get his clothes on. But he was stopped and forced to gaze into Zell's gorgeous blue eyes. Not a problem.

"Tell us. We understand."

"No, you won't. It's embarrassing."

The boys sat Seifer on the bed and kissed his ears and neck. They fondled his entire body, trying to coax the truth out of him.

"Is that a camera?" Seifer commented as he noticed what looked like a video camera in the ceiling across the room that seemed to be facing the bed.

"Yeah." Zell said, grabbing a remote and turning on his TV. "There's us."

Seifer noticed that the VCR under the TV was recording.

"You tape all your sex scenarios?"

"You think that's kinky? Squall's got mirrors."

Seifer looked at Squall who smirked.


"You'll have to come see it sometime."


"So, what was it you were going to tell us?"

Seifer sat on the bed and sighed of frustration. Zell turned off his TV but didn't touch the VCR.

"I... I don't know how to tell you guys."

"You can try..." Zell said as he leaned Seifer down and hovered over him, sucking on his lips.

"I've never..."

Zell pulled away. He knew what Seifer was getting at. But just to be safe, he let Seifer tell the story instead of stating conclusions.

"I mean... I'm... a..."

"Seifer, just say it."

"Virgin. I'm a virgin."

WHOA! This shocked the boys. Seifer a VIRGIN?! No wonder he had so much sexual tension. But still!! Seifer a VIRGIN! The boys let out a sound sporting shock and disbelief.


"A... virgin?"

"Total. Yep."

"The whole time?"


"Well, Squall, I guess we're just gonna have to break him in nice and slow then."

"You mean you guys have already fucked?"

"Not each other yet, no. But today we converted for each other and we intend to do all the things that bad boys do. And you're our top bad boy." Zell said, once again, sucking on Seifer's lips.

Seifer let out an exasperated moan. Zell had a hand on Seifer. Things were about to begin.

Squall gently pushed Zell off of Seifer and placed himself between them, his face to Seifer, his behind to Zell. Guess this is how it's gonna go... Squall kissed Seifer and arched himself back, looking at Zell. Seifer rubbed his hands up and down Squall's torso.

"I want to remember our first time as being natural and passionate. Don't worry about hurting me. Remember I love you."

"I love you, too."

The boys cupped lips then Squall went back to Seifer, first kissing him then working his way down his body while his rear closed in on Zell's hips. Squall pleasured Seifer again, slowly taking in every inch of him. Seifer wanted so badly to hold Squall down but fought such an urge. He reached over to the table, grabbing his champagne glass and sipping the liquid but almost choking at the sudden change of pace Squall forced on him. He raised his glass and Zell took it. Zell took a drink of it and wrapped his arms around Squall, dripping the remaining contents of the glass on Seifer's stomach. It settled in a small pool in his navel. Squall went up to it and drank from Seifer again.

"Oh, this is so..." Seifer started.

"Perfect?" Zell finished.

"Mm-hmm..." Squall mumbled.

Seifer took a deep breath and exhaled blissfully. Squall finished drinking the champagne and kissed back down to Seifer's beautiful member. Seifer moaned in almost a sudden jolt. He felt teeth. That was a first. But he soon realized that Squall was just getting him off in a new wild and kinky way. Zell decided it was time to access Squall. He hunched over the bent-over boy and kissed his back in areas that forced moans out of Squall's mouth, the sound reverberating over Seifer's hardness. Oh, this was three-way bliss or at least, it was about to become that way. Zell lifted himself off of Squall, placing his hands on Squall's hips. He used one hand to position himself behind Squall's rear and penetrated him a quarter of an inch. Squall let out an airy moan and bucked into Zell without ever pulling away from Seifer. However, Zell hadn't entered Squall anymore than what he put in. But slowly, Zell pushed himself into Squall with little protest. But Squall let out a heavy exhale, letting go of Seifer. It only took a few seconds to find a rhythm the three 'men' could agree upon and take pure pleasure in. Seifer met one hand with one of Zell's which was placed on Squall's body. He took the hand and brought it over underneath Squall, wrapping Zell's hand around Squall's hard appendage. He put his hand around Zell's and added to the rhythm of Squall's bucking, rubbing, sucking and... humming.

"Oh, god!" Seifer yelled, pulling his hand off of Squall, throwing his head from side to side violently in eruption but Squall never pulled away from him.

It was a surprise that with all that stimulation, Seifer had not yet released his immensely growing tension. And neither did the others. Zell pumped at Squall's erection and still, thrust slowly into him in a dance and Squall knew it. This continued until Seifer knew he couldn't hold back anymore. He didn't pull away because he knew Squall loved the taste of him. He let him taste him. The most he could. Squall never removed himself from Seifer but continued to suck and kiss as much as he could get out of Seifer. Seifer's body began shaking and he moved uncomfortably. He couldn't stay still anymore. Squall's body was next. He started moving in directions he couldn't control. He bucked into Zell as much as possible and looked back at him, whispering the words;

"Fill me."

Zell's body also began moving in awkward positions. Enough was enough. The boys had to finish it. Zell kissed on Squall's neck as Seifer grabbed his manliness, yanking to the extreme that what Squall experienced was ALMOST pain. Even more now, Squall's body shook as did Seifer's under him and Zell's above him. Seifer knew what would accomplish the end. He began moaning out loud. Squall followed. Then Zell. Sure enough it worked. Zell filled Squall with hot seed, causing Squall's moans to quickly become screams of pleasure. Zell pulled out of Squall so that he could make his way around him. Seifer and Zell joined hands and yanked on Squall's hard, ready and willing arousal. Squall was on his knees, body exposed to the cool air, with two sets of hands on him, looking down at Seifer. Squall watched as Seifer took his hands off of him and repositioned himself to his hands and knees, his face nearing Squall's erection, a smirk on his lips. Squall took a deep breath, his chest expanding and raising to the sky. Seifer opened his lips and covered Squall's tip. But that was all it took. Another scream.

"Oh, god!!!"

Squall released in and around Seifer's mouth, losing himself completely, falling faintly back into Zell's arms. What didn't find its way into Seifer's mouth fell to the bed.

"I got you... I got you..." Zell said, kissing the base of Squall's neck.

That was it... A triple climax. The boys were breathing heavy. They were hot from the blood rushing and cold from the combination of the air and sweat. The air smelled so sweet. A mix of passion and expensive champagne. The three boys looked at each other with loving glances. Squall smiled and leaned down on Seifer, giggling when he felt Zell leaned on him delicately. They all held each other like lovers. That's what they were...

"That was beautiful." Seifer commented the obvious.


"Yeah..." Squall giggled.

"What's so funny?" Seifer asked.

"Zell was right..."

Zell laughed. He got the joke.


"He hummed... and he danced... like an angel." Zell added as he kissed Squall's cheek.

Seifer looked adoringly into Squall's eyes but shifted his focus to the scar between them. He rubbed it gently with his forefinger, almost not believing it was real or that he'd done it. He felt so ashamed. Then he took one of Zell's hands from Squall's body and examined the palm. He looked so ashamed as he gazed into Zell's gorgeous eyes. A tear rolled off of Seifer's face. He was sorry for scarring his two beautiful partners and it showed with that single tear. Zell kissed it away in a forgiving smile. As Zell pulled away from Seifer, Squall blew a raspberry into Zell's cheekbone. The boys laughed... Seifer sincerely took Zell's hand, however and kissed his palm, caring for it like he'd never cared for anything ever before. He examined the ring on Zell's finger. The ring was a thin, gold band, almost in the shape of a heart with a cross under it with the markings "Forever" across the top. Squall looked at the ring as well, smiling...

"You made two?" Squall asked.

Zell just chuckled.

"What?" Seifer asked.


"No, what?" Seifer insisted.

Zell and Squall both kissed Seifer on either side of his face. Zell got up.


"Settle down, toy." Squall said, quieting Seifer as well as reminding him of his position.

Zell went to his drawer and pulled something out. He then returned to the bed where Squall dismounted Seifer to give Zell a better lean-in. Zell took one of Seifer's hands and on it, placed the same ring he and Squall wore. Seifer looked at it, almost questioning its significance.

"The marking is never ending,"

"The gold is precious,"

"The heart is love,"

"And the cross is you."

Zell and Squall explained.

"No one ever forgets their first love," Squall told Seifer, "and you just happened to be ours."

"So very long ago. 'Cause we were young then it passed." Zell finished.

Seifer was touched by what Squall said then hurt by Zell's conclusion. But it was the truth that he was not a part of the couple's love. He was just an object...

"But I think we'd be willing to give you another chance..."


"Yeah, someday..." Seifer said, agreeing.

Squall snuggled back on Seifer's warm chest then Zell snuggled them again. The three held each other again.

"Some day, huh, Squall?" Zell whispered.

"Yep..." Squall said sleepily. "Some day..."

"I wonder what day TWO will be like..."

"Shh... Let's just hang on to today as long as possible."

Zell looked over at the clock. It was after midnight.

"Day one ended half an hour ago."

"Mmm... I guess this is what forever is like, then..."

"I'm gonna like that..."

"I love you, Zell."

"I love you, too, Squall. And Seifer?"


"I'll always love you..."

"That's the first time I was ever told that..."

"It won't be the last..." Squall started, "because I'll always love you, too."

"So, this is love, huh?"

"And love is forever."


"G'night, lovers."

"G'night, lovers."

"G'night, lovers."

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