Boys At Play

By J. Marie

Warning!!! This is a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Irvine Kinneas and Zell Dincht from Final Fantasy VIII. It is rated NC-17. I'm not even going to explain what that is any more. You should know by now. This is kind of a PWP, but who cares? I don't normally like this pairing, but my assistant, SorceressKnight worked so hard I felt I should reward him for his help. And he was stuck on Irvine and Zell. I have to admit, the pairing is growing on me. But I'm sorry, but having Irvine be gay is definitely OOC. I can however, swallow him being bisexual. Heh heh. I said swallow. Anyways, I hope SorceressKnight likes this, cuz if he doesn't I'm gonna kick his ass! And BTW, this story actually fits very neatly into the "Soap Opera" continuity. See Chapter Four for details, and the aftermath of this story. This story, however, takes place during Chapter Three. ^_~

"So then what'd she say?"

"Well, I told her she wuz really hot and I'd like her to come back to my dorm......"

"You already told me that. What'd she after that?" Irvine Kinneas sighed. Zell had drunk an entire bottle of BiCardi by himself, and was shit-faced. Irvine had drunk a bottle himself, but could hold his liquor far better than the petite blonde.

"Oh. I forget....." Zell Dincht giggled.

Irvine giggled as well, unsure as to why, but it didn't really matter.

The two boys had escaped from the SeeD celebratory ball. Both had struck out with their women. Selphie had slapped Irvine for hitting on another girl and told him he was going to sleep by himself tonight. Zell had danced with Heaven for awhile, but the cold woman had kicked him in the groin when he had tried to convince her to sleep with him.

"Man, we're a couple o'losers......." Irvine sniggered, pouring them both another glass of wine.

Both young men had decided to crash in Irvine's dorm since his room was closer. Neither had really wanted to be left alone, and decided to get drunk together.

"Yeah. I can see why Seifer's gay now..... It's easier for him to get sex. Women are so stingy....." Zell giggled, falling over on the carpet.

Irvine downed his glass thoughtfully, giving Zell an odd look. "Yeah, they're awful stingy with sex. They hoard it like it's some sort of door prize for good behavior....." Irvine grinned.

Zell picked himself off the carpet, and forced the room to stop spinning. He shook his head. His spikey hair was drooping into his face, and Zell was drunk enough not to care. Irvine stared at Zell in a different light, trying to think of Zell the way he would think of a girl.

Zell was adorable, any way you looked at it. Even with his blonde hair scraggly, he was cute. His face was almost childish and he had these big blue eyes. His facial tattoo did nothing to detract from his appearance, and only made him seem slightly exotic. He was petite for a man, not even five and a half feet tall. His frame was muscular, but sinewy, leaving him still looking slender. His ass was perfectly shaped, nicer than even Quistis'. He was wearing a tank top and his SeeD uniform pants, as both boys had thrown their jackets to the side upon entering the room.

Irvine was not drunk enough to lose control of his faculties, but drunk enough that all his inhibitions had been lost. He'd always wanted to try out sex with another man, as a new experience in his quest for pleasure. Irvine had just never got the balls to do it, or found anyone with the inclination to experiment with him.

Zell gave Irvine a goofy grin. "Hey... you're staring at me like I'm a rabbit and you're a wolf.... Knock it off," Zell giggled, trying to stand up.

"I'm just kinda horny....." Irvine said, standing up as well, surprised that Zell made it to his feet on his own.

"Kinda? Irvine, you're a dog.... You're a total satyr. I'm surprised you don't walk around with a permanent erection," Zell laughed and then tipped to the side, collapsing conveniently on Irvine's bed.

"Actually, most of the time, I do," Irvine grinned, feeling himself grow aroused at the sight of Zell squirming on his bed.

"Not surprised... Hey, man, you mind if I crash on your bed?" Zell asked, unable to recover his equilibrium enough to get off the bed and stay off.

"Not at all," Irvine said, removing his own clothing. He stripped nude and unfastened his ponytail, letting his thick butterscotch hair fall in waves around his shoulders.

Zell rolled over and looked at Irvine, noting that the pretty Galbadian was wearing nothing but his cowboy boots on and approaching the bed. Zell was completely drunk enough to find most everything funny and wonderful. He would have agreed to kissing a Grat in this condition.

Irvine was truly beautiful. Zell had yet to find the man who didn't want to look as good as he did. Well, except for Squall who didn't care about looks, and Seifer who seemed obsessed with Squall. Sure, Squall dripped sexuality and seemed almost anyone's wet dream come to life. Sure, Seifer was the picture of the ultimate masculine Adonis. But Irvine was just plain beautiful. He had wavy butterscotch colored hair, that fell to the middle of his back. His face was delicate, almost feminine, and he had beautiful violet eyes. His body was lean and slender. And he was hung like a horse. Zell unconsciously licked his lips, wishing he could look like that.

"Hey, Irvy.... Why ya naked?" Zell asked innocently.

"I always sleep naked," Irvine grinned, crawling into his bed.

"But the cowboy boots?" Zell asked as Irvine reached over to turn on his stereo. The sound of j-pop filled Irvine's speakers.

"I like to have my boots on when I have sex," Irvine said and rolled over, leaning over Zell's petite frame.

"Oh. Who you having sex with? Is Selphie coming?" Zell asked innocently.

"Nope. Guess.... Why don'cha let me help you take those clothes off? It's gonna get pretty uncomfortable sleeping in them," Irvine said in a cheerful voice.

"Sure..." Zell giggled, taking off his tank top as Irvine tugged his pants off.

"Nice, Zell... You got a great body...." Irvine whispered, reaching up to pull off Zell's boxers.

"Thanks..... Hey, why you taking off my boxers?" Zell asked, squirming when the cold air of Irvine's room hit his exposed groin.

"Now I know how the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood felt," Irvine chuckled, straddling Zell.

"My, Grandma! What a large dick you have!" Zell quipped, laughing obscenely at what he thought was a hilarious joke.

"Thanks..." Irvine grinned, and leaned down to kiss Zell's laughing mouth. Zell's heart-shaped mouth formed an "O" in surprise. Irvine continued to kiss the blonde, drawing Zell into the kiss. Zell kissed back after a minute, unable to resist the pleasing sensation of Irvine's lips against his own.

"Hey, Zell, you ever 69ed before?" Irvine whispered into Zell's ear. Zell felt his body grow warm.

" 'Course... It's a bitch to get oral out of a woman without 69ing," Zell giggled, unable to even put two and two together at the moment.

"I'll suck you off, if you suck me off," Irvine whispered, letting his hands slide down Zell's impressive chest.

"Sure..... What am I sucking on?" Zell laughed as Irvine got off him and then placed a creamy thigh to either side of Zell's head, dangling his erection in front of Zell's face.

"My dick.... what else?" Irvine laughed, and bent down to take Zell's semi-aroused cock in his own mouth.

Zell blinked. He moaned at the feeling of Irvine's wet mouth enveloping his shaft. He felt Irvine's tongue slide against the underside, and then begin to suck on him. Zell would have completely forgotten what he suppose to do, but Irvine pressed his aching erection against Zell's mouth. Zell opened his mouth and took the impressive shaft completely into his mouth, suckling on it.

Irvine moaned around Zell's cock, vibrating the head. Few were able to take him to the hilt in their mouths, but Zell had shown the ability to shove five hotdogs in his mouth at the same time, so Irvine wasn't really surprised. He was quite pleased though.

Irvine closed his eyes and continued to suck, finding that oral with another man was far better than with a woman. Irvine even found himself enjoying the taste of Zell in his mouth. His precum tasted strongly of wine, hotdogs, and Zell's own unique flavor. He rolled his tongue along the sides of Zell's shaft, knowing exactly what to do, because Irvine knew how he personally liked it. He could feel Zell moan around his own erection. Zell rewarded the slim cowboy by reaching up and grabbing his balls, squeezing them gently.

Irvine got a wicked thought and slipped his middle finger into Zell's opening, causing the petite blonde to arch and squirm. Irvine never stopped sucking, but left his finger inside Zell's tight opening until the blonde relaxed and got accustomed to the presence of Irvine's finger. As soon as Zell was relaxed, Irvine slipped in another finger, which caused the same reaction. Being fingered was something that Irvine enjoyed, but few women were adventurous enough to participate. Irvine used his two fingers and found Zell's prostrate and pressed up against that, knowing it would drive the blonde wild.

It certainly did drive Zell wild, and he orgasmed within the space of seconds, filling Irvine's mouth. Irvine greedily sucked Zell's cum down, liking the taste. When he was certain that Zell was done, Irvine sat up and withdrew his fingers, kneeling over Zell's face as he was sucked. Zell had paused in the middle of his orgasm, but quickly resumed and with more vigor, determined to pay Irvine back for his incredible orgasm. Irvine pressed his hands against Zell's firm pectorals, resting his weight there to make it easier for Zell to suck on him. He closed his eyes and smiled at the feeling of the suction of Zell's mouth on his cock.

Irvine finally came with a loud "Yee-haw!" and was pleased that Zell happily sucked him dry. Irvine lay down next to Zell, breathing hard and recovering.

"Better than hotdogs....." Zell muttered, his eyes fluttering sleepily.

"It's not sleepy time yet, Zell," Irvine grinned, tapping Zell awake.

"More sucking?" Zell yawned.

"Nah..... Something else I wanna try...." Irvine grinned and rummaged in his nightstand drawer for his bottle of lubrication. He always kept a tube or two handy.

"Oooh! Yoda says there is no try! You can only do!" Zell laughed.

"That's right, Zell. Yoda was right. 'Cuz I'm gonna do ya......" Irvine grinned lecherously, gazing down at Zell's adorable body squirming underneath him.

"Jedi Master says.... um..... I forget what the Jedi Master says about that," Zell laughed.

"Star Wars was great..... I'd like to move there. All the girls there are easy. I mean, Luke got away with kissing his own sister," Irvine laughed, turning Zell over on his stomach.

"You wanna kiss your sister? You don't have a sister!" Zell said, sounding confused.

Irvine brought Zell to his hands and knees and gazed adoringly at the petite blonde's perfect ass. "It was just an example. But I wanna practice a different Jedi Master technique... Let's pretend we're in The Phantom Menace," Irvine grinned, stroking his hands across the round firmness of Zell's ass.

"Oh, alright. But why are you touching my ass?" Zell asked, still not completely understanding what was going on.

"Come on, Zell. We all know that Qui Gon was fucking Obi Wan....." Irvine whispered, gripping Zell's cheeks tightly.

"He was? I musta missed that scene........." Zell muttered, sighing at Irvine's touch.

Irvine got on his knees, positioning himself behind Zell. "You are too adorable, Zell....." Irvine whispered as he lubed himself up.

"You make it sound like I'm a Disney character....." Zell giggled, moaning when Irvine slipped his fingers inside the boy, lubricating Zell's tight entry.

"Christ!" Irvine cried out when he entered Zell's virgin opening, amazed at the complete tightness of it.

"Ah-ahh!" Zell cried, squirming at the pain of being stretched to accommodate Irvine's incredible size.

"Relax, Zell....." Irvine cooed, as if he was calming a virgin. He gripped Zell's hips, and began to thrust slowly into the petite boy.

"Ummmm........." Zell moaned, squirming slightly, the pain fading as Irvine touched his prostrate. He squirmed slightly, never having felt anything quite like this. He was hard and Irvine hadn't even touched his dick.

"Oh, man, Zell. You are so fucking tight.... I'm dyin' here," Irvine moaned, thrusting harder, his long, dark eyelashes fluttering.

"Irviiiiiiiinnnnneeeee......" Zell cried, finding the feeling of Irvine thrusting straight into his a-spot the most incredible thing he ever felt. His eyes fluttered, and he was dripping onto Irvine's bedsheets.

Irvine was breathing heavily, moaning at various intervals, instinctively pounding away at Zell's ass as his pleasure mounted. Zell cried and pleaded for Irvine to do it harder, rocking on his hands and knees at the force. Irvine happily obliged, slamming Zell so hard that his head banged against Irvine's headboard. The hyper blonde didn't even seem to care and rocked with the rhythm, leaking profusely.

"Irvine!" Zell cried out, going stiff as he orgasmed, releasing himself on Irvine's sheets. Zell's muscles contracted as he orgasmed and that sent Irvine over the edge.

"Zell!" Irvine cried, coming just as Zell stopped, filling the smaller man with his seed.

The two boys collapsed against each other and Irvine rolled over, and pressed Zell against him. Irvine began kissing Zell's face, hugging the smaller SeeD.

"Man, Zell, that was the best sex I ever had..." Irvine whispered, wondering why Zell wasn't saying anything.


Zell was asleep, a happy smile on his childish face.

The two young men woke slowly. Zell opened his true blue eyes and gazed deeply into Irvine's pretty violet eyes. Irvine grinned at him. Zell grinned back.

The he realized he was naked and tangled up with Irvine in the bedsheets. He felt slimy and the scent of sex greeted his nose. The memories of what exactly had transpired the night before assaulted Zell's mind.

"Whoa!!!!" the two men jumped apart and off the bed, staring at each other in abject horror.

"I... oh, man," Irvine said slowly.

"You... you asshole!!" Zell screamed.

"Um, Zell, look.... this is isn't as bad as you think it is..." Irvine said slowly, watching the petite blonde purple in anger.

"You fuck me like I'm some stupid whore and it's suppose to be not that bad?!?!?!?!?!?" Zell screamed, balling up his fists.

"Hey! You were as horny as I was last night!" Irvine defended.

"You took advantage of me, you lecherous bastard!!!!!!" Zell screamed and roundhoused the pretty cowboy, knocking Irvine to the floor.

Irvine held a hand up to his purpling eye. He'd never been hit that hard before. "Look, Zell..... I'm sorry...." Irvine's lip quivered.

Zell was shaking in anger. "I've never been treated like this, ever!! Not even when Seifer used to pick on me when we wuz kids!!! I feel so used!! I'll never love 'em and leave 'em ever again!!" he screamed.

Irvine blinked. He hadn't meant to hurt his best friend's feelings. Out of all the people he knew, he respected Zell the most. He and Zell hung out all the time, having fun. They had each other's backs in a fight and always stuck up for the other when things got rough. It was one thing to sleep with a girl and send her on her way, but entirely different when he actually liked the person he'd slept with.

Zell turned to leave, stomping, but Irvine moved quickly, grabbing the adorable blonde's wrist. "Zell.... I'm sorry. I really am. I didn't mean to hurt you," he said quietly.

Zell spun around, glaring hotly at the tall cowboy. "That doesn't make it okay for you to fuck me when I'm drunk off my ass! How am I suppose to trust you?" he asked.

Irvine hung his head. "I wasn't thinking about all that, Zell. I was drunk too. All I thought about was how cute you are," he said slowly. He realized that he could lose his best friend over this.

Zell sighed and turned his face. "You are such a lech. I can't believe I had sex with you! I've never thought about men like that before," he said, his anger draining.

"Come on, man. We both went to Kiros' lecture. We both thought about it. We just never did anything about it. Come on, don't be angry. It was the best sex of your life! I know it was the best sex of mine..." Irvine grinned, squeezing his friend's hand.

Zell sighed, trying to look angry, but failing. "Christ, Irvine... What is this gonna do to our friendship?" he muttered.

"I don't know. That's an awful lot of thinking for me..... But let me make it up to you, at least," Irvine muttered, leaning over to lick Zell's ear, a hand slipping down to Zell's naked groin, clutching the youth's growing erection.

Zell moaned, his own hand reaching over to rub Irvine's already hard cock. "Irvine, you are the horniest man I ever met..." he sighed, letting his ear be nibbled on.


Zell and Irvine jumped, startled by the sound of Selphie's screeching voice. They stared haplessly at the angry girl, who had her fists clenched around her nunchaka.

"Irvine, you bastard!!! It's one thing when you fuck another girl, but now you're fucking a man!!!!" Selphie screeched, whapping Irvine with her nunchaka.

Irvine yelped and bolted naked from the room, wearing nothing but his cowboy boots. Selphie followed, hot on his heels, occasionally striking out with her nunchaka.

Seifer watched the spectacle calmly, as the soon-to-be-former couple ran down the hallway. He wondered what got Selphie so riled up.

"Irvine!!!! Where the fuck did you put my clothes???" Seifer heard Zell yell from Irvine's doorframe, completely naked. Seifer raised an eyebrow when he realized Zell was wearing dried cum, and judging from the locations on his body, Seifer doubted it was from masturbation.

Seifer gave Zell a sour look. "Hello, chicken wuss. Have fun last night?" he asked bitterly, remembering Squall running away from him last night, right in the middle of a steamy make-out session.

Zell blushed and covered his crotch with one of Irvine's pillows. "Um, I have to find my clothes in this mess.... Later!" he cried.

"At least somebody got laid last night," Seifer remarked, smirking.

Things were getting interesting in Balamb Garden.


See Chapter Four of "Soap Opera" by J. Marie for the aftermath!!

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