Black and White

By J. Marie

This is a lemon yaoi fanfic about Kiros and Laguna from Final Fantasy VIII. As it stands this a PWP, or at the very least a short story with graphic sex scenes. If you rate stories, this should be a NC-17 rating. If you have a problem with male homosexual relationships, interacial relationships, or are under the age of 18, do NOT read this story. As far as I know, this is the only American yaoi encounter involving Laguna and Kiros. I hope you like this story, so enjoy, and try not to get your computer sticky. *hee,hee* ^_^

Laguna Loire sighed as reached into his inbox again, realizing that despite the fact that he had been signing official Esthar forms for the past five hours, his inbox only seemed to grow rather than diminish. He brushed his raven black hair as it fell into his eyes and placed the new form down in front of him. He gaped at the atrocious handwriting before him, attempting to decipher what appeared to be heiroglyphs at first glance.

He eventually found that if he stared at the multitude of bubbles and swirls he could make out English.

Well, at least Squall will be taken care of by Edea. He's already learned how to walk. She'll take better care of him and Elle than I could. I just hope she doesn't teach them penmanship. Swirls, bubbles, and curly que's are nice, but not to that extent. Geez, he thought to himself as he placed the almost incomprehensible piece of stationary in his folder.

He looked out the large bay window of his presidential suite to gaze at the beautiful Esthar, all thoughts of presidential paperwork flown from his mind. Gods, I miss Raine. I wish she was here. But she's gone, and I'm all alone. Kiros says that Wards says that I should start dating again, but I don't know, he thought, his beautiful, delicate features softened in sadness.

"Dinnertime!" called a familiar voice. Laguna spinned his swivel chair to see the tall, sinewy form of Kiros Seagill, sans ceremonial garb, carrying a dinner tray.

"Uh, hi. What are you, uh doing here?" Laguna stammered out, surprised by his friend's sudden appearance and the black catsuit he was wearing that complimented every tightly packed curve of muscle Kiros had. What the hell am I thinking?

Kiros rolled his brown eyes at the stupid question his friend asked him. He held the dinner tray under Laguna's face with a sardonic expression on his beautiful face. "Usually, when someone says dinnertime, and carries a dinner tray, they're coming to bring you dinner. Ususally," he said, displaying his usual sharp wit.

Laguna grinned sheepishly. "Oh, right, sorry. I was, uh, thinking," he said, running his delicate fingers through his glossy black hair, unconsciously arching his back and revealing his slender, willowly build.

Kiros tried not to look like he was admiring his long-time friend's beauty. "You? Thinking? Is the world coming to an end?" he said as sarcastically as ever, his dark features never revealing his lust for Laguna. Gods, he's so beautiful. Will he never notice me?

Laguna smiled at his dark-skinned friend, wondering if Kiros knew that he and Ward were the only people he had left that cared about him. "I know, but I'm a president now. Gotta think sometime. Thanks for dinner, though," he said as he reached for his bowl and began to eat.

Kiros took his own bowl, eating his soup delicately as he observed his pale friend eating dinner. He couldn't help but giggle as Laguna slurped his soup and accidentally spilled some on his white button down shirt.

"Shit!" Laguna howled as hot soup burned his soft flesh and stained his clothes.

Tears were forming in the pretty man's eyes as he glared hotly at his handsome friend. "That's not funny, Kiros. It hurt!" he whined.

"I'm sorry, Laguna," the tall man cooed, consoling his friend, "Here, let me help you."

Laguna looked down at his ruined shirt. "Um, okay," he said.

Kiros set down his bowl and walked over to Laguna. He stepped up in front of him, and began to delicately unbutton Laguna's shirt.

Laguna grabbed his hands. "What are you doing, Kiros?" Laguna asked sharply.

Kiros smiled at his friend with his typical smug smile, as if everything that happened was part of his plan. "Getting this shirt off, so I can make sure you don't blister," he said smoothly.

"Right," Laguna said, feeling foolish for thinking it was anything else. He watched the long-limbed man step over to the dinner tray, and pick up one of the unused cloth napkins and dip it in his ice water, soaking the cloth. He walked back over to Laguna and placed the cold, wet cloth against Laguna's smooth chest.

Laguna stared at Kiros, feeling very warm, despite the cold cloth on his chest. He stared up at the taller man, his beautiful aquamarine eyes meeting deep brown ones. Kiros looked deeply into his friend's eyes searching for a glimmer of emotion that might match his love for Laguna. And found it.

"Um, Kiros. I'm okay, now... Kiros?" Laguna stammered as Kiros bent his head down to Laguna's height. He leaned into his face, noting that Laguna drew back, but not by much. He let his dark, generous lips hover over Laguna's sweet, petal pink ones. And then he gently touched his lips to Laguna's.

Laguna's eyes went impossibly wide and he tried to say something, but was muffled by Kiros' gentle kiss. He felt shock creep over him as Kiros' lips kissed him more urgently and then slipped his wet tongue into Laguna's slack mouth. Laguna felt fear and confusion by this unexpected display of affection. Or was it unexpected? he asked himself.

Kiros drew back, noting that the object of his desire was not responding to his kiss. He stared into Laguna's eyes agin, seeing shock and confusion, and even a little fear. "I'm sorry, Laguna. It will never happen again.," he said quietly as he turned away, heading for the door.

Laguna watched hurt and pain cross his friend's face as he walked away. He felt something then, something familiar, yet new. He ran over to Kiros and grabbed his hand, pulling him away from the door. "Wait, Kiros," he said.

Kiros turned and looked at Laguna, hurt changing to hope.

"I didn't mean... I mean that... I mean... I...," he stammered, unsure of his emotions, or Kiros' emotions. Unsure of why he stopped Kiros from leaving. He became silent as Kiros placed a long, tapered finger to his lips.

"Do you want me to?" Kiros said gently, staring into those aquamarine bedroom eyes of Laguna's.

Laguna wasn't sure about what Kiros was asking, but was sure at the same time. He looked up shyly into Kiros' beautiful brown face, and smiled timidly. "If you want to," he whispered.

Kiros smiled widely, white teeth flashing against dark brown skin. He leaned over to Laguna slowly, wrapping his sinewy arms around the delicate man. Laguna seemed surprised by the movement, but not displeased. Kiros led him slowly over to large double futon that Laguna kept in his office. Laguna seemed a little frightened, but allowed himself to be led by Kiros.

Kiros gently eased the pretty, raven-haired man onto the futon as he rolled it out, licking his lips in anticipation of his long-awaited fantasy. Laguna started to tremble as he lay back on the bed, unsure of what he was supposed to do. He had only been with one woman, his late wife, Raine, and most certainly never thought about being with a man before now.

"Kiros, I... um, I...," he whispered before Kiros silenced him with a passionate kiss. This time Laguna responded back, even letting his tongue explore Kiros' mouth, finding the taste of it exciting. Kissing a man was different from a woman. Kiros was harder than Raine, bigger, and here, Kiros was the dominant one, not Laguna. Laguna found the role of a woman new, but not unwelcome.

Kiros drew back from the kiss, letting his tongue lick Laguna's soft lips. He let his hands slide from Laguna's back down to his buttocks causing Laguna to gasp. He continued to kiss Laguna as stroked his backside, allowing Laguna time to adjust to the new sensations.

Almost like taking a virgin, but I suppose as far as men go, Laguna is a virgin, Kiros thought as he slipped his hands to the lip of the front of Laguna's pants. Laguna stroked Kiros' toned chest, testing a theory by stroking Kiros' nipples through the material of his catsuit with his thumb, causing Kiros to gasp.

Kiros grinned at his new lover and slowly unbuttoned Laguna's pants and pulled them off, taking shoes and socks with them. He tugged at Laguna's underwear, causing the smaller man to stop his ministrations and watch Kiros. Kiros pulled Laguna's underwear off and admired Laguna's naked beauty. He layed the delicate man down on the bed, spreading his legs. Laguna started to tremble again.

Kiros stretched his long fingers over Laguna's stomach, watching Laguna's partial erection become more aroused. He gently slid his hand down to Laguna's penis, letting his long fingers gently stroke it. Laguna began to moan, his hips thrusting instinctually into Kiros' hand.

Kiros smiled and pulled back to remove his own clothing, pleasantly surprised when Laguna, eyes dreamy with anticipation, aided his undress. Kiros was on his knees, and watched, Laguna come to his knees as well, and start to suck on Kiros' right nipple, causing the dark-skinned man to moan in pleasure, arching his back as Laguna's tongue ran circles around his hardened nipple, then move on to the next, his mouth sucking gently on it.

Kiros pushed Laguna down on his back suddenly, causing Laguna to cry out in surprise. He wrapped Laguna's pale, slender legs around his own slim waist, moving up so his erection touched Laguna's. Laguna looked down and gasped at Kiros' manhood which was the biggest Laguna had ever seen. Kiros smiled at his lover's reaction and began to gently rub his erect penis against Laguna's. Laguna cried out in pleasure, his hips taking a mind of their own as he thrust in rythym to Kiros' own thrusts. Each thrust was deliciously pleasurable, more intense than either man had ever known.

Kiros reluctantly pulled back from the rythym, listening to Laguna's whimper for more. Kiros silenced him with a finger, pleased that Laguna's eyes were heavy lidded in pleasure. Kiros bent down to touch his lips to the tip of Laguna's penis, listening to his pretty lover's moans of ecstasy. He slid his tongue out slowly, letting it circle the tip of Laguna's penis. He proceeded to slide his tongue up and down the underside of the smaller man's shaft, while Laguna ran his fingers through Kiros' silky hair. He then went back to the tip, lapping it like a dog until it started to drip. Laguna cried out Kiros' name as he tore Kiros' hair free of the braids in his ecstasy. Kiros ignored the mild pain and reached up to undo his braids, letting his long, silky black hair tumble onto Laguna's stomach. Laguan started to run his fingers through Kiros' beautiful hair, begging him not to stop.

Kiros complied by enveloping Laguna's erection with his warm mouth, sucking gently. Laguna cried out again, accidentally pulling on Kiros' hair, thrusting into Kiros' mouth, wondering how much longer he could hold out. Kiros took the pain in stride and began to suck harder, falling into the rythym of Laguna's thrusts. Laguna's cries and moans were gaining momentum and volume. Kiros wondered what the secretary was thinking at these sounds.

Kiros sucked on Laguna until he suddenly went stiff and released into Kiros' mouth. Kiros continued to suck on Laguna until he was sure he had every last drop of Laguna's semen, and then swallowed. He then sat up, so he could see Laguna's face. Laguna was panting heavily, dripping with sweat, eyes half closed. Kiros smiled at his lover and kissed him gently on the lips.

"You are sweet, my love. Not only in your personality and beauty, but in your taste as well, " Kiros whispered into Laguna's dainty ear, stroking his chest. Laguna blushed and looked into Kiros' alluring brown eyes.

"Thank you... I mean.. well..," he stammered and sighed,"What, um, do you want me to, um, do to, um, you...?"

Kiros chuckled at his lover's embarassment. "In time, sweetness, I will show you many things for you to do. But for the moment I will settle for something simple," he answered with a deep chuckle, once again positioning himself between Laguna's thighs. He draped Laguna's legs over the crook of his elbows, and leaned forward to gaze into Laguna's eyes. Laguna strained to stretch with this new position, as Kiros slowly brought Laguna's own knees up the same level as his ears, realizing Kiros was displaying his trademarked grace and agility in a very interesting way. Laguna giggled then gasped as Kiros rubbed his erection against Laguna's opening.

Kiros looked into Laguna's bedroom eyes and asked quietly, "Is this all right with you, my love?"

Laguna nodded his head in assent as Kiros gently eased himself into the tight opening. Laguna winced at the slight pain, but soon relaxed as Kiros rubbed his stomach against Laguna's scrotum. Laguna leaned back, allowing Kiros to enter him fully, surprising, yet pleasing Kiros. Kiros gently began to thrust into Laguna, his arms spread wide, as were Laguna's legs. He arched to let his stomach rub urgently against Laguna's scrotum, giving him stimulation at the same time.

This time it was Kiros' turn to moan, as he arched his back, so his face was mere inches from Laguna's. He was thoroughly enjoying Laguna's tightness around his penis, and began to thrust harder and faster into Laguna as his pleasure mounted. Laguna moaned in pleasure as Kiros' stomach rubbed his scrotum with intensity. Kiros began to cry out Laguna's name as he started to reach his peak, feeling Laguna thrust into him at the same time he thrust into Laguna. He arched and stretched and thrust his hips, and was rewarded by Laguna practically screaming in pleasure as Kiros found Laguna's spot deep within him.

Kiros let loose a crescendo of cries of ecstasy as he climaxed in Laguna, releasing his seed at almost the same time as Laguna. He slowed and then stopped his thrusts, laying his head down on Laguna's chest, panting heavily. He listened to his lover's heartbeat as they both recovered from their exertion, letting himself go soft inside Laguna. He was pleased when Laguna scooted down so Kiros would be able to stay inside him and be more comfortable.

Kiros was positive the secretary was having kittens outside.

Laguna looked out his bay window, life continuing as normal outside in his new country of Esthar. He then turned his gaze upon his friend, his lover. He noticed how Kiros' dark brown skin and his pale peach contrasted in the dark, looking more like actual black and white in the dim shadows of his office.

He called me his love. Did he mean that, or was he just saying that?, Laguna thought to himself as he stroked Kiros' beautiful hair. Hair as beautiful as he is. "Kiros? I have a question for you," Laguna said softly, his clear tenor piercing the silence.

"Hmm?" Kiros said drowsily, half asleep.

"Do you really love me? Or did you just say that?" Laguna asked with a slight tremble to his voice.

Kiros snapped up and looked deeply into Laguna's widened eyes. He saw confusion, longing, fear, and... love?

"Yes," Kiros said softly, leaving his fate in the the hands of an overgrown child.

Laguna smiled softly, happy to know that he wasn't left alone after all. Kiros loved him... and he loved...

"Kiros?" he asked.

"Yes, Laguna?" the tall man said, his voice trembling with the knowledge that Laguna was going to tell him that he still loved Raine.

"I love you too,"he said simply, unaware of the immense joy he had given Kiros. He felt Kiros kiss him softly and settle back to resting his head on Laguna's chest, a smile gracing his face.

Kiros was still inside of him as Laguna reached down to grab Kiros' hand, intertwining his delicate fingers with Kiros' long ones. He gazed at their hands in the shadows, the contrast of the light and dark skin.

Black and white. Together.


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