Betraying the Lion's Heart

By Ryan Wong

"Your training for today is over, you may leave and prepare for your next class," announced Quistis in a reserved and professional tone mimicking the style of speech all instructors seem to adopt after their acceptance into the Garden. However, Squall stopped listening after the word "over". His attention was focussed on the heaving hulk of his opponent with beads of sweat rolling off his steaming body reflecting the light filtered through the glass roof of the training room. For a second, time stood still and was only interrupted by a breeze carrying the pungent scent of his arch nemesis, Seifer Almasy. The golden-haired-demon stared defiantly back at Squall with a malicious grin on his well-chiseled face, "I guess I was too much for you handle." Squall could only manage to make a curt retort, "Not while I'm still standing."

He could not imagine that no matter how hard he trained in the light of dawn, nor how many hours he practiced with his majestic gunblade in the dark of night, he still could not bring Seifer down to his knees, nor could Seifer force him to admit defeat. Both proud young stallions, naked to the waist, continued their stare-down as the bell tolled ending another day of training in the Garden. As usual, Seifer stands to his full height and laughs contemptuously, "Though you have put up a good fight, you are still no match for me." With a sharp pivot of his perfectly sculptured hips, he turns around flexing the heavy set muscles of his bronze shoulders, "You are no longer worth my attention and I am hitting the showers." Squall continued to remain his position as he watched Seifer headed towards the locker rooms in his irritating, yet intoxicating strut reflecting his own confidence in his prowess as a superior swordsman. "I do not know how, but one day I will bring you down, you'll see," Squall whispered under his breath before lifting his body from his battle stance and began walking towards the locker rooms, "one day."

He still could not fathom why Quistis and the others could no longer remember the time they spent together in the orphanage as he opened the shower room door and testing his gunblade with the long, firm fingers of his powerful hands, a trademark of a gunblade specialist. Only Seifer and he are left with the fading memories of their innocent youth before their unexpected acceptance into the Garden. Squall could still tell from staring deep into Seifer's blue eyes that he still remembered their imaginary sword fights by the beach with branches for swords and wits for armor. Even then, they were competitors battling each other to the edge of exhaustion, trying to bring the other down to his knees. Squall sometimes wondered if Fate brought them together and that one day, Fate will also drive them apart.

His train of thought was momentarily broken by the sound of Seifer's locker door slamming shut. Within a fraction of a second, Squall recovered his composture only to have it shattered at the sight of Seifer's well built torso. Seifer's back was still turned towards him and for the moment, Squall could fully, but briefly, admire what he tried not to express least to betray his innermost emotions. His eyes caressed the large, rigid blades of muscle outlining the solid curves of his nemesis's neck towering over his well defined shoulder muscles. He could not help, but to notice the beads of sweat clinging mercilessly to the shimmering valley of his back exemplifying his magnificent muscled laden v-shaped torso. Seifer has taken off his pants revealing his jock strap which displayed cruelly two firm globes of flesh dimpled on the sides from the many workouts at the gym after classes. Even they were shining from the excess perspiration of his opponent and Squall wondered how much more tentalizing they would be if Seifer would take his jock strap off.

Suddenly, Squall stopped himself. What am I doing? he exclaimed in his mind. This could not be happening, he is my arch enemy, I have no desire to be with him. I hate him, yes, I hate him. After all, Squall rationalized, I have known him to be the bully since we first met until now and loathe the sight of him, the sight of the arch of his back, the power of his thighs, the fluidity of his movement

"I see that you were watching me," interrupted Seifer with an emotionless tone with his back still turned to Squall, "I can watch you from my mirror on my locker door." The hair prickled on Squall's neck as the pectorials on his chest suddenly tensed from their relaxed position from the discovery. There was a moment of silence. Squall could not hear any of the shower taps being used and could only see steam rolling over the tops of the lockers. The smell of fear and desire lingered threateningly in front of his flaring nostrils as his eyes burn with guilt and shame from watching Seifer undress. Time stood still. An eternity seemed to passed before Seifer continued, "Why did you suddenly stop?"

Both silent figures suddenly turned to face one another, eye to eye. For less than a second, a mutual understanding was shared between them. They gazed into each other's frightened eyes questioning each other's intentions only to discover the genuinity kept hidden behind them. The air suddenly felt a lot heavier than before as it wrapped around the two souls trying to battle their own emotions, trying to salvage what is left of their own crumbling identities. "You have not answered my question Squall, why did you stop?" Seifer repeated in a tone to match the weight of the air around them. Thoughts raced through Squall's mind while panic streaked across his eyes. "I.."

"Speak up!" Seifer interrupted sharply before taking a menacing step towards the figure sitting before him. Squall stood up and backed up a step in fright. His lips were quivering for the words his mind refused to let him say while his body trembled from the hulking mass of the blonde giant in front of him. Squall could see Seifer's swollen biceps tense instantly to his gaze. His pectorials were heaving like his own and were still heavily spotted with sweat from the training they had earlier. His abs became more defined as they rippled from Seifer's sudden movements glistening from the steam around his body while the muscles of his thighs seem tighten and sway to the motion of his hips conveying a sense of overwhelming power. "Answer me!"

Anger flashed across Squall's eyes. His thoughts no longer raced through his head, but instead, they are all focussed on the towering mass of power before him. He then remembered the times when Seifer laughed at him for having a smaller frame with that malicious look of defiance on his face and the curl of cruelty on his lips. Summoning all of his courage with his last intake of breath, he said with a rising tone of exasperation, " I have always hated you. Ever since the first time we met in the orphanage, I loathed the way you would pick on the others and especially me. You were always more confident in your attacks than I was and no matter how I tried to be like you, you were always a step ahead of me. Now that you and I are the only ones left who remember the past, I feel more alone than ever."

Time stood still for a moment as Squall raised his head to meet the gaze of Seifer. He was still standing in the same position, with his arms resting upon each other framing his round, gleaming pecs, but there was a look of curiousity in his eyes that he has never seen before. Squall averted his eyes again and shifted his gaze to the shiny tiles on the floor, each reflecting a small image of Seifer. " With every fight," Squall continued in a laboured tone, " I wanted to hate you even more, to curse the day I met you, but whenever I see you, in the training centre or at the cafeteria, there is a part of me that yearns for something that I can't describe. Though I wished that one day I would no longer have to see your face, I feel closer to you with each passing moment. I could not help looking at you, seeing you as my arch nemesis and as somebody I have grown up with. You were always there no matter where we were, leering at me in the corner of my mind or stalking me in my dreams with your laughter. Yet, I hunger for your unignorable presence, and would find my eyes feasting upon your agile body while I am absorbing myself in the strength of your willpower, let alone your perfectly sculptured body. You were something I can never become, somebody I can never defeat, and yet.." There was an awkward pause as Squall's voice trailed in a whisper. "I love you."

Squall's eyes seem to burn, he could not bring himself to look up from the floor. The steam seemed to have wrapped around them making the room seem smaller and warmer as if they were the only ones left alive. Though his broad shoulders no longer ache from the combat exercises, his heart was beating hard enough for ten fights with Seifer. Squall did not notice that every muscle of his body was tensed and glowing from sweat and that his breath grew shorter and shorter with every passing moment. His arms swelled up defining the perfection of his triceps while his lips felt as tender as the hairs standing on the back of his neck. A single bead of sweat trickle down along the valley of his back as it slightly arched as if the weight of his words were more than his steaming body could bear. I still can't believe I finally said it, Squall thought and a surge of heat welled up under his eyes. But as he turned his head towards Seifer searching for a glimpse of understanding and approval, all he could see was his arch enemy unsuccessfully trying to stifle a laugh.

Seifer then bursted out laughing as an expression of betrayal and shock registered upon Squall's blushing face. His cruel laughter echoed throughout the entire locker room and soon it filled every crack within Squall's na´ve mind. All of the memories of being mocked and laughed at by Seifer flooded back into his vision and with each one came the sharp pain of rejection and defeat that sliced through the depths of his heart. From the embers of love Squall felt for Seifer flared a bonfire of hatred and contempt for his nemesis that he never experienced before. Born from the accumulation of all the times he was scorned at by Seifer, his new found hatred flowed through his veins like burning lava and seeked an outlet to stop the laughter of a thousand Seifers from different parts of his life. "Stop laughing," Squall yelled painfully at Seifer whose body shook powerfully with each vibration of his own laughter, "stop laughing!" Squall could no longer notice tears streaming down his eyes as his line of vision was filled with the laughing Seifer, all he could feel was the void within him seeking to consume the last of his dwindling composure. In a moment of pure rage, he forgot about the love he had for Seifer and with a sharp pivot, his tightly clenched fist lunged towards the laughing giant.

Unfortunately, the countless hours of training made Seifer's reflexes quick enough to dodge the blow leaving Squall falling with outstretched hands trying to grasp onto anything to regain his balance. His hands caught onto a band of latex which then ripped asunder as his body fell to the ground with a soft thump. With tears of rage in his eyes, Squall tried to lift his body up to tear his arch nemesis apart when he noticed a pair of torn white briefs in his hand. His eyes immediately darted up towards the ceiling only to meet Seifer's completely engorged lance of man meat hanging defiantly in the air. The pungent scent of precum drifted into Squall's unsuspecting nostrils filling them with Seifer's manly odour and it was so overwhelming that Squall almost collapse from its strength. Squall then noticed the head of Seifer's manhood was glistening with precum and had a drop hanging precariously after its tip. Instinctively, Squall open his mouth and rolled out his tongue fast enough to catch it as it fell to the ground. A surge of ecstasy filled his mouth as the drop of precum came into contact with his long awaiting tongue as his eyes closed to allow all of his senses to be focussed on his tastebuds. As Squall opened his eyes again, he saw Seifer lips parted to speak. "I was laughing because all I wanted was your body, not your love."

However, that was all Squall needed to hear as his trembling hand reach up for Seifer's aching sex desiring to feel its power within the grasp of his hands. The naked Seifer grunted softly as his hands stroked them with the gentleness of a feather. Squall's head rose from the ground with enclosed eyes and began rubbing the shaft of Seifer's manhood along his blushing face. The combination of the shear heat generated by his man meat along with its pungent scent almost knocked Squall out flat as his chest heaved with a thousand breaths at once. A trail of precum streaked across his burning face as flaming tears of relief fell from his baby blue virgin eyes soaking the head of Seifer's dripping sword of flesh. Groaning in sheer ecstasy, Seifer raised his head to the ceiling and closed his eyes as his hands reached down towards Squall's large shoulders. His large, strong hands then grasped upon his supple, yet surprisingly firm shoulders and pulled Squall's bobbing head closer towards his inflamed groin. The sudden explosion of heat cause Squall to give out a small yelp; he has never been this close to anybody in his life for every new touch and emotion was more terrifying and wonderful than the last. A little shocked at Squall's small outburst of passion, Seifer found himself sitting a nearby bench while cradling Squall's upper body between his powerful thighs. As if experienced in the arts of sexual excitement, Squall then begin sucking on Seifer's right thigh with his trembling crimson lips. His cheeks flared up once more as his eyes burning with the fires of countless hours of sleepless nights playing with this same fantasy foreplay. How his lips have hungered for the tip of Seifer's manhood, but something held him back as he watched Seifer's dart from the floor to the ceiling several times. " I want this moment to last forever" Squall thought amidst the range of emotions raging in his sweating head. "I don't want to be alone anymore!"

With that last thought, his eyes jerked open momentarily as his tongue began to travel higher and higher up Seifer's right thigh. Seifer's entire body was heaving in the rhythm of his ravenous tongue as it glided along his thigh, he was finally under his mercy! With a renewed passion, Squall watched Seifer's pectorials glisten from the dim light of the locker room with his abs rippling with every deep breath he took. The muscles bridging Seifer's broad shoulders and neck were bulging from the intensity of the emotions he felt as his hands fell from Squall's neck and onto the bench trying to balance his sore and hungry body. Squall could feel Seifer's ass tighten as his hands groped in the mist searching for something to hold on to while he pushed his head further down into his groin. His lips then instinctively parted once again to unleash his greedy tongue as it caressed the wrinkled layer of flesh under Seifer's throbbing sex. With a flick of his tongue, Squall managed to slide his balls into his mouth rolling them one by one and flicking them every other second. Seifer then groaned louder than before as a sense of heaviness anchored around his tensed shoulders; he was fighting the urge to prematurely cum. "If I did not know any better, I would think that you are not a virgin." Seifer uttered as his hoarse words fell from his lips onto deaf ears. Slurping noises filled Squall's inflamed ears as his tongue embraced the globes of flesh in his mouth exciting him to a higher state of ecstasy; even in his wildest dreams, he could never hear the same noises his mouth was producing at the moment, is this my final fantasy? Now Seifer's arms were shivering from the intensity of the waves of passion emanating from his groin like the supports of an unstable bridge. "It is time."

With the last flick of his tongue, Seifer's balls bounced carelessly out of his mouth. Though Squall's cheekbones felt as if they were about to shatter, his slightly parted lip traveled along the shaft of Seifer's manhood and stopped upon its mushroomed tip. Squall then released a virgin's sigh from the depths of his soul. An expression of pain registered immediately upon Seifer's glistening face as if he was injured by a gunblade during a long practice. His breath become more rapid and unstable, he was trying hard not to cum and it made Squall even more ravenous in his attacks of sexual passion. His lips then lightly brush against the tip of his sex sending a sudden shudder along Seifer's arched spine and causing his own shoulder muscles to contract all at once. Squall could feel Seifer's manhood expanding as his lips opened slightly to let it enter into his mouth. Simultaneously, Seifer began to run his fingers through Squall's hair with one hand and stroking his neck with another. Seeing that Squall was still in a kneeling position, Seifer decided to take his sexual revenge on his dangling balls. Squall could feel Seifer's foot rub against his inner thighs causing him to pause to catch his breath with Seifer's lance of flesh still trapped in his mouth. His own penis was about to burst from the excitement of licking Seifer's penis. Trying to ignore Seifer's foot rubbing against his penis, Squall focussed his attention on his tongue. It slowly crept along the shaft of Seifer's sex embracing each and every vein, sensing the stiffness of his rigid rod to the softness of his velvety head. With a little effort, Squall was then able to flick his tongue like a snake and feathered Seifer's penis. Seifer suddenly grimaced from the sheer pain of trying to hold it in as tears emptied from his red eyes again. "Now it is his turn to feel the pain I have harboured for so long," Squall thought with a chuckle. "I have been waiting for this moment for too long."

Squall began to slowly suck upon his manhood with a renewed passion causing Seifer's body to bolt from his position sending beads of sweat splashing upon his face. Squall's hands then gripped onto Seifer's wet ass and pulled it closer to his face while being careful not to choke. Unexpectedly, Seifer then quickly withdrew his tool from Squall's mouth and gasped for a second before he uttered, "No, not yet, I am still not done with you yet." With that jumble of almost incoherent words, Seifer placed two of his fingers into Squall's hungry mouth allowing him to suck on them instead. Squall could feel Seifer's body grow less tense as slurping noises filled his head once more. After what seemed to be an eternity, Seifer withdrew his wet fingers from Squall's ruby lips and with his other free hand, he wrapped his arm around his waist and heaved him from the floor wet from the precum and sweat of both lovers. With the crack of Squall's globes of flesh between his legs, Seifer reached between his legs and with his wet fingers, began probing along Squall's ass rim. A virgin himself, he began to slide his fingers slowly into the Squall's hole with the gentleness of a feather. However, Squall suddenly experienced new waves of intense pain and ecstasy in his ass as Seifer's fingers dug deeper and deeper. He could feel his anus contract around Seifer's fingers and gradually loosen them to allow them more freedom. Tears of pain began to streak from Squall's eyes evaporating from his flaming cheeks as moans escaped from his desensitized lips. His back was arched beyond belief and his chest heaved with each probe. Squall could feel his shoulders ache as if the weight of the world was upon his shoulders and his abs burned from the helpless position his body held, in fact, his entire body ached for what Seifer was about to do next.

With one short breath, Seifer lifted Squall's entire body with both hands and jammed his wet penis into his hole while it was still fresh from the anal probe. In one brief moment, Squall could feel his cherry being squished as ripples of pain and ecstasy yelled through his entire body only to find an opening through Squall's mouth. Squall could now feel Seifer completely in him and a sense of relief washed over him numbing his screaming anal muscles. With his hand still grasping on Seifer's broad shoulders, he felt his back arched even further back as his hips swiveled to adjust to his new position. Now his groin was as hard as a rock from the sudden repenetration of his anus. Trying not to cum, Squall tried to loosen his anal muscles to allow Seifer more freedom to thrust his rod deeper into his hot body. To his utter surprise, Seifer then bent his head into Squall straddled groin and began sucking on his manhood with vigor. A sudden burst of colour exploded in Squall's line of vision as he felt for the first time what he gave Seifer in the beginning of his sexcapade, a fantastic blowjob. As Seifer thrusted his rod deeper into Squall, he would sucked even harder on his penis creating a rhythm that could rival any symphony. All Squall could do was to shout in ecstasy and arch his back until his eyes met the row of lockers behind him. All sense of space and time vanish from his mind. Pain no longer mattered for he was in state of perpetual bliss. Soon he could hear Seifer's breath grew more distinct and laboured while his own became shorter and more high pitched. Squall could feel his nipples on his tensed pecs stiffen to the extent of exploding and blood vessels in his temples about to pop from a combination of exhaustion, pain and pure bliss. Before he could cum however, Seifer gave one long last thrust with his hips and Squall felt an explosion of hot liquid spilling into his insides and out of his hole. He could no longer see the locker room with its steam and grey lockers, but could only see the man he has grown to hate and love. For once, he did not feel alone and felt complete, a smile registered upon his face.

However, his happiness was short-lived as Seifer pushed Squall off his knees unexpectedly before he could cum in return. Squall could feel the seconds pass before his body smashed onto the cold tile floor with Seifer's juices dripping out of him. Shock replaced joy as he tried to stand up from the ground and face what he assumed to be a mutual lover. What he saw scarred him deeper than any sword would ever cut. Seifer, with his rod still dripping from his cum, stood upright laughing menacingly at the fallen Squall. His laughter echoed through the locker room once more, but this time, it was fuller and darker than anything Squall had heard before. "Fool, you think that I will let you enjoy your moment of satisfaction," Seifer said with a cold smile on his satisfied face, "I have finally beaten you completely by robbing you of your virginity while allowing you not to enjoy the best sensation known to man!"

Tears of anguish, hate and betrayal welled up in Squall's eyes as his mind tried to fathom what had just happened. It was only a moment ago that he was in a state of pure bliss. Now, he has literally hit rock bottom in the emotion pool. Every pore of his body wanted to scream in pain as he stood up and grabbed his clothes. "Why? You fucking bastard!" Squall yelled with tears streaming down from his eyes like fallen angels. " I gave myself completely to you and this is how you repay me? I will get you one of these days and then you will be sorry!"

"Its better than being a second rated gunblade wielding whore," retorted Seifer sharply as he took one last look at the pathetic figure of Squall before he turned his back on him.

Squall wanted to scream and attack Seifer head on, but tears kept pouring from his eyes as his heart laid shattered forever. He had never felt so betrayed in his life, to have his only dream and worst nightmare to come to life at the same was more than he could bear. Moments before, his entire body was in the throes of passion, now all of his muscles were burning with anger and hatred towards the man he loves. Suddenly something clicked within his head. Words came tumbling softly out of his quivering lips, "I will force myself to forget about you and my past so that I will find and fall in love with a girl to spite the love I know we both share. That will be my ultimate revenge." Squall hastily put on his underwear and rushed out of the locker room while Seifer's back was still turned towards him. He failed to see Seifer's shoulders suddenly tense through his tears as he uttered the last word.

Seifer stared at himself in the mirror and found himself crying. " I knew it when I saw that look in your face before I came that you were meant for somebody else instead of me," he whispered under his breath hoping that maybe Squall would be still around to listen. "But I will always love you even though we are never meant to be together." He slowly dressed himself in silence and felt fate resting heavily upon his shoulders while tears continued to pour from his eyes. "Goodbye my sweet Squall." Seifer said in a soft voice before exiting the locker room and into the light of day

The End

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