Chapter One

By J. Marie and Rufus Safer

Warning!!! This is a lemon yaoi fanficiton starring Seifer Almasy and Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. It contains graphic sexual situations involving two males. Male homosexuality, child abuse, non-consensual sex (i.e. rape), and other unusual sexual circumstances may offend some readers. Do NOT read this story if you are easily offended. The story was written from rp logs between Rufus Safer and myself, and was edited by her originally, and redited by me, J. Marie. It begins about a year before Final Fantasy VIII began, and then branches off into an alternate universe.

Squall stood in the doorway to Seifer's sleeping space and quietly admired the blond. Both men were fully dressed, having just returned from separate classes.

Seifer looked up from where he was putting his gunblade case and smirked at Squall. "What the hell do ya want now, Leonhart... I'm tired... If'n ya want me to kick yer ass again, it'll have ta be later," he snarled.

Squall just stared at him and leaned in the doorway. "Whatever...."

Seifer looks annoyed. "I'm gonna hit ya every time ya say that. That is so annoying. Now get outta her, I'm gonna shower..."

"Fine..." Squall walked off a little ways and waited for Seifer to get undressed.

Seifer ignored Squall, and stripped for his shower, not really bothering to close the door all the way, figuring Squall had left to brood somewhere. Squall walked to the door and peered in at Seifer. The blonde didn't notice him and turned on the shower, carefully hanging his precious trench coat on a hanger, muttering to himself about annoying pricks. Squall bent over and undid one of his many belts, rapping it around one hand before entering the bathroom while Seifer was getting wet.

Seifer still didn't notice Squall, because he had the water running over his head and ears and he was singing a Gaelic sounding song to himself, looking more pleasant than Squall had ever seen him look in public. Squall shut the door behind him and used his belt to secure it to the near by rail so someone would have to work on untying it to open again. Seifer turned around and stopped singing, realizing that someone was in his shower, and started to open the curtain. Squall undid another of his leg belts and smiled at Seifer.

Seifer gaped at him in shock and then looked enraged. "Leonhart!! Ya prick!! Get lost, it's my damn turn in the shower!!" he thundered.

Squall used that second belt to tie back the shower curtain so that all of Seifer could be viewed.

Seifer blinked his eyes, giving Squall a weird look and backing up, wishing for his gunblade. "What the fuck are you doing Leonhart?!!! Have ya lost yer bleedin' mind?!!!"

Squall shrugged. "Whatever," he said and removed a third belt, this time going right up to Seifer.

Seifer punched Squall for saying "Whatever". He slipped on the water, causing both him and Squall to tumble to the shower floor. Squall licked his lips and used the belt to tie Seifer's arms together behind his back.

Seifer had a shocked expression on his face. "What are you doing, Squall?!!! If you kill me I swear I'll come back and haunt your crazy ass!!" he sputtered, thrashing in the water.

Squall silenced Seifer's lips with a soft kiss. He was working on undoing his own clothing and removed another two belts and rapped them around Seifer's legs to pull them apart easier.

Seifer looked shock and thrashed around confused by the kiss. "Oh great, yer a crazy faggot!! What are ya doin'!?! Let me go!!" Seifer covered up his fear with anger.

Squall was now completely nude and sitting between Seifer's legs in the wet shower. Taking the remaining belt he made a loop and pulled it tight around Seifer's throat with a grin.

Seifer looked at him evenly, his pale green eyes blazing. "Leonhart, if you do this, I will kill you..." he choked out, his tough guy talk disappearing rather quickly.

"Do what?" Squall asked, his hands starting to travel over Seifer's wet muscles.

Seifer glared at Squall. "Take what ya didn't ask for... You spent your whole life shovin' me to the side when I wanted to be with you... And now you're gonna..." he chokes, getting aroused at the caresses, "Get the fuck outta here..."

Squall pulled some on the belt around Seifer's neck, constricting his breathing. "Hush..." He told him, bending down to kiss him again. One hand found Seifer's cock and started to stroke it.

Seifer choked and started to cry, getting even more aroused, his tough guy demeanor completely vanished. Squall kissed the tears lightly, his own hard cock rubbing against the hot of Seifer's ass. Seifer tried to turn his face and thrashed violently, his bigger body knocking Squall off of him. Squall pulled more fiercely on the belt, constricting Seifer's breathing even further. Seifer gagged, but continued to thrash, his tears mixing in with the shower water... Squall pulled tighter and slid back between Seifer's legs, making it clear he will not release until Seifer behaved. Seifer stopped struggling, becoming faint from lack of air. His body was still shaking. Squall relaxed the belt a little so Seifer could breath as he once more rubbed his hard cock against Seifer's entrance. Seifer sobbed, trying to arch his body away from Squall. The lack of air had made him limp again.

"Crying?" Squall asked, moving down and licking Seifer's tears as one hand fondled the blonde's balls.

Seifer choked and turned his blazing green eyes on Squall. "Fucker..." he choked, "You're... gonna... die..."

"So?" Squall asked him, being very calm as he licked his tongue over Seifer's neck, starting to push slowly into him.

Seifer cried out at the intrusion. "Bastard... thought you... better... than this," he choked, thrashing again, which only served to arouse Squall more.

Squall moaned softly and pulled the belt tighter, pushing himself all the way in with one thrust. Seifer gurgled and became aroused again, still squirming desperately. Squall started to thrust, holding the belt as tight as it was. In his other hand he gripped Seifer's cock, stroking it with his thrusts. Seifer moaned and gurgled, still trying to curse Squall out. Squall became even more aroused and arched. The brunette closed his eyes and moaned loudly as he proceeded to ram himself in and out of Seifer, holding onto him by the belt he was also strangling him with.

Seifer gurgled and began to thrust into the rhythm, despite himself. He moaned and sobbed at the same time... "Please... stop..." he begged, his macho demeanor completely vanished.

Squall didn't seem to hear him. He tightened the belt, cutting off Seifer's air completely as he continued to ram. Seifer gagged and thrashed again... this time from lack of air. His arousal wilted in Squall's hand again because he couldn't breathe. Squall let up the belt pressure just a tad to let a little air in. His cock started to leak and he pumped his hips even harder into Seifer. Seifer nearly choked on his air as he sucked in air. He went limp, his body more concerned about his air than being raped. Squall cried out as he orgasmed, and once more constricted the belt around Seifer's neck tightly. Seifer choked again, thrashing from the odd sensation of hot liquid spilling inside of him combined with the fact that he couldn't breathe again. Squall pulled out of him and licked his lips, looking down at Seifer. He then removed the belt from Seifer's arms and walked off, leaving him still choking from the belt around his neck.

Seifer didn't follow, because he was too busy removing the belt. When he got it off he began to sob loudly, curling up into a fetal position on the bottom of the shower. Squall couldn't hear him crying for he was lying on his bed, reading something. Seifer stayed there for a couple hours until he managed to get himself to his feet. He stumbled almost in a daze to his room to put his clothing on. His hands fell on his gunblade case and the fog lifted, his pale green eyes lit up with fury. Squall had fallen asleep on his bed, naked because cause most of his belts had been left in the bathroom with Seifer.

Squall woke up to cold steel being pressed against his neck, cutting it ever so slightly. Squall opened his eyes and gazed up at Seifer.

Seifer's pale green eyes almost seemed to glow with rage. "Nap time is over, mother fucker... Now you're gonna pay," he growled, pulling Squall up by the hair. Squall noticed that Seifer had his belts in his hand.

Squall started to wonder what Seifer had planned. His blue eyes were still just as calm as when he was raping Seifer, looking back into the blonde's eyes. Seifer hit Squall on the side of the head to daze him, but not knocking him unconscious. He took the belts and tied Squall's hands to the bedposts, then his feet, causing Squall to look like a man who's about to be drawn and quartered. Seifer pointed his gunblade at Squall's head and then cast a Cure to clear Squall's head. Squall blinked and groaned softly. He turned his head and looked at Seifer, still wondering what Seifer was going to do to him.

Seifer sneered at Squall. "Guess what, Squall... We're gonna play a little game..."

"And what might that be?" Squall still looked far to calm.

Seifer sneered at Squall again. "It's called 'Truth or Dare', Leonhart. You don't tell me the truth and I'm gonna take it as a dare to hurt you," he hissed. Seifer cut Squall on his left pectoral ever so slightly to prove his point.

Squall gritted his teeth but said "Whatever..."

Seifer kept his previous promise and punched Squall hard enough to give the dear boy a fat lip.

"You had a question?" Squall coughed.

Seifer smirked at Squall. "Why the FUCK are you so goddam calm, Leonhart?"

Squall tried to shrug but he was tied to tight. "Don't care..."

Seifer sneered and got in Squall's face. "Fine, tough guy... Would you care if I cut your dick off?"

"......" Squall just stared at him.

Seifer cut Squall on the abdomen. "Wrong answer, Leonhart!"

Squall gritted his teeth and squirmed a little as he started to bleed.

Seifer pointed the gunblade back at Squall's head. "Any particular reason why you... raped... me, asshole?!!! And don't tell me Diablos made you do it..." he screamed, spitting in Squall's eye.

"I wanted to..." Squall told him, looking back at Seifer.

Seifer looked enraged and grabbed Squall's balls, squeezing then twisting. Squall grimaced and narrowed his eyes at Seifer.

Seifer sneered and let Squall go. "Because you wanted too... Well, I want to do this..." Seifer growled as he carved his name into Squall's stomach.

Squall shut his eyes, a whimper escaping his lips as blood starts to pour off his stomach and onto the bed.

Seifer went back to sneering. "This would be so much more fun, if you were HIM instead... I'm gonna fuck both your sorry asses..." Seifer suddenly stopped mid-sentence and Squall felt a thump as Seifer's gunblade hit the bed.

"Who?" Squall asked, opening his eyes to look at him.

Seifer seemed to be in a daze... his face looking remarkably like a scared little boy. He just stood at the edge of Squall's bed, humming to himself softly. His pale green eyes were unfocused and cloudy. Squall sighed and closed his eyes again, feeling his blood flow. Seifer, still in an apparent daze, lay down on the bed next Squall and curled up next to him, Squall's blood soaking into Seifer's shirt. Seifer laid his head on Squall's chest and began to cry piteously, like a little boy who's been hurt.

"You're crying?" Squall asked him, opening his eyes again

Seifer continued to sob, much like he did when he was being raped, his tears mingling with Squall's blood.

"Thought you were going to kill me." Squall said. Seifer stopped crying and just lay there, curled up by Squall, his hot face resting against Squall's chest. Squall sighed, his head on his pillow and blood mixing with Seifer's tears. Seifer fell asleep like that, whimpering.

"I thought you were going to kill me..." Squall sighed, staring up at the ceiling and waiting for Seifer to wake up.

After a couple hours Seifer woke up, his dazed expression quickly changing to one of confused fury as he jumped away from Squall, tripping over his long legs and crashing to the ground. Squall opened his eyes and turned back to Seifer, blinking at him.

Seifer was sitting on the floor looking confused, angry, scared, and hurt. "You fucker..." he croaked.

Squall rolled his eyes and looked back at the ceiling. "Whatever... I don't care."

Seifer blinked his eyes, his mind clearing of its rage. "You... did that... just to get me to kill you... Didn't you, Leonhart?!!!!" he roared, leaping back up to pull Squall up by his hair again.

"So what? You were good..." Squall winced, his head being pulled.

Seifer banged Squall's head up against the headboard. "I never do what people want me to do, Leonhart... What I'm gonna do to you is gonna be far worse than death..."Seifer growled and used Squall's remaining belts he found to truss Squall up and remove him from the bed. Seifer wrapped Squall up with a blanket, covering him completely.

Squall squirmed, coughing as his air was cut off. Seifer ensured that Squall could still breathe and begin to pack, his eyes once again glowing in anger.

"What are you doing?" Squall coughed, still squirming.

Seifer smirked as he hefted his duffel bag and Squall's slight form. "Thought you didn't care, Leonhart..." he growled, sneaking out of the room, heading towards a secret exit he knew about.

Squall rested over Seifer's back. "Just... wondering..." He muttered.

Seifer headed out of the Garden, sneaking along to the nearby forest, and headed to a small cave he found as a little boy.

"What is this place?" Squall asked, looking around as much as he could.

Seifer headed deeper down the cave deep into the earth, towards the most ancient part of it that he found as a boy... "Ya know, fer a guy who don't care, yer awful curious, Leonhart..." Seifer growled.

"Whatever...." Squall closed his eyes again.

Seifer was a man of his word and took Squall's head and slammed it into the cave wall for saying "Whatever" again. He dumped Squall on the ground after about an hour walk, removing the blanket so Squall could see. Squall was a little dizzy from his head being knocked against the wall. The blood had dried by now as he tried to look around.

Seifer was walking away from Squall, heading towards a large cave wall. The cave wall had a huge carving of Griever's head and was covered in ancient runes... Standing on a dais was a little girl, about six years old. She was completely naked and did not move, breathe, blink, or speak... She looked like she was in stasis of some sort. The cave was lit by magic torches and glowing chains that were tied to the little girl. She was absolutely beautiful... with dark mocha skin and white gold hair... She had bright purple eyes and cat ears and a tail...

"Where are you going?" Squall asked, cocking his head as he looked at the cave walls. He never knew such things existed any where near garden.

Seifer spun around to face Squall after he reached the dais with the little girl. "She's a Sorceress... the daughter of a god... The first I think... And that's a GF carved on the back wall. Griever is his name, I think. Don'tcha know, Squall? You wear his emblem on yer necklace..." Seifer sneered.

"And the ring." Squall said quietly.

Squall continued to look as much as he could at the wall, and at Seifer. He shivered for he was naked and the cave was drafty.

Seifer smirked and turned back to look at the little cat girl. "Yeah... What's with the Griever obsession, Squall?"

"I... I think it was my mother's or father's... I've always had it."

Seifer smirked. "This was my father's gunblade... and his father's before that... and so on until you go back to her.... Ardami... Her knight was one of my ancestors, I think..." Seifer said in a thoughtful voice, his rage seemed to be gone.

"Whatever...." Squall lay his head back down.

Seifer turned around, instantly becoming angry again. He stalked over to Squall and punched him in the stomach with all of his impressive strength. "What I tell you 'bout that shit, Leonhart?" he snarled and dragged Squall by the hair over to the young Sorceress in stasis.

"Grrrr..." Squall squirmed, the wound starting to open again and bleed. "Why... why are you taking me here?" He hissed.

Seifer laughed cruelly. "Told ya, Leonhart... Got something worse than death planned for you. I've got a revenge to plan... And yer gonna help me..."

"And what might that be?"

Seifer grinned and pulled Squall up, and faced them both towards the little cat girl. "She's a Sorceress, Squall... MY Sorceress... She called me in my dreams to her when I was young... She told me to bring the one who has heart of the lion and the sign of the beast about him... I don't know... 'Leonhart'?... Wonder what the bitch is gonna do to you... Sure gonna be worse than what I was gonna do..." Seifer snickered, pushing Squall closer to the little girl.

"Whatever..." Squall obviously didn't care that Seifer was going to hurt him for saying that.

Seifer slapped Squall hard. "Any last requests, Leonhart?" he hissed, pushing Squall closer to the dais.

"No..." Squall looked at the girl then at Seifer a moment, then back at the girl.

Seifer grinned and pushed Squall onto the dais, which lit up as soon as Squall landed. The chains lit up and broke, releasing the young Sorceress. She blinked her eyes and stared at Squall curiously.

Squall was still completely naked, and bleeding down his chest. His lip was also bleeding and there was a line across part of his chest. The small Soreceress cocked her pretty face at Squall, her cat ears flickering. She reached out silently and touched him, healing his wounds. His outfit appeared on him, as well as his gunblade. Squall blinked, looking at his clothing and his gunblade. "What the?" Squall muttered.

Why do you not care, Lionheart? She asked telepathically.

"... I... just don't." Squall looked down.

Seifer looked shocked, expecting the little girl to do something horrible to Squall. Squall had expected that too and frowned.

You have no value to me if you do not care. He has no value to me if he is filled with petty anger. What is the source of your pain? She asked, her angelic child's face full of questions.

Even Squall's thoughts were blanked, glancing slightly at Seifer.

Seifer looked angry. "You were supposed to kill him!!! You bitch!!! Give me your power so I can kill them both, both of them who hurt me!!" he snarled.

"Thought you were going to kill me yourself..." Squall told him.

Seifer looked enraged and rushed Squall with his gunblade. "If she won't, then I will!" he shouted, enraged that things are not going his way.

Squall stood there, just looking at him, not even bothering to lift his own gunblade.

Seifer was paused in mid-air, and levitated off the ground, along with Squall.

I do not desire your deaths. What is the source of your pain? She asked again, telepathically.

Squall sighed and folded his arms. "Why do you keep asking that?" He said aloud.

The little girl looked vaguely irritated. What is the source of your pain?

"I don't know..."

She nodded her head and turned her gaze to the seething Seifer. What is the source of your pain?

Squall frowned again and sighed, sitting down in the air.

Seifer snarled, frustrated. "Leave me the fuck alone, bitch... It wasn't suppose to be like this..."

The little girl bared her cat teeth and hissed like a cat. What is the source of your pain?

"Your fault, Seifer..." Squall told him. "You're the one that decided to bring me here..."

Seifer hissed back, sounding feral. He growled at Squall. He looked at the little girl. "I don't remember, you fucking bitch!!! Are you happy?" he screamed.

Then I shall you the source of your pain... she said mentally as the world spun and shimmered.

Squall and Seifer slumped in the air, unconscious....

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