Belong to Each Other

Chapter 2

By Sukunami

Leaning comfortably against a tree, I keep an eye out for my human to appear in the short distance.  I can vaguely feel his presence coming nearer, but not until our bond is complete will I be able to determine his exact location.  Yawning wide, I curse myself for leaving the beauty before the completion of this joining.  I knew what would happen, but everything was obviously going too fast for Squall.  I didn't want to scare off my life partner from the beginning.  Then again, I had already tried to kill him so it's not like I could not much worse.  It was a fortunate thing the scrawny thing actually fought back, making me want to his death last.  I wouldn't have known until afterward that he...

Shaking my head, I force the dark thoughts from my mind.  That's past and he is alive.  Currently pissed at me, but certainly alive.  The image of him glaring at me brings a smile to my lips.  Someone weaker than me could be frozen in place by those cold eyes.

Looking up, I see my human top the small rising just before the forest.  He walks towards me, his footing determined but there is a hint of unsteadiness.  It was to be expected considering he hasn't slept or probably eaten in days while traveling.  The stubborn fool.  I was going to go after him this morning until I felt he was already coming this direction.  With the incomplete bond, it is easier to find each other if one remains stationary, thus I forced myself to wait for him to appear.

Somewhat out of breath, he stops several feet in front of me.  Angry blue-gray eyes fix on mine though his hand is thankfully not near his blade.  With a smirk, I push up from the tree and close the distance between us.

"Stop.  No closer.  I'm only here to get this curse off of me."

The poor human.  He hasn't a clue what is happening to him.  "Sorry, there's no curse or spell to remove from you.  It's a bit more complicated than that."

"Then what--"  He sways a little, his hand going to his temple.

"You're tired, right, Squall?"

Almost reluctantly, his expression softens and he nods slowly.

"Follow me.  I've already setup a place where we can sleep tonight.  That is, if you can trust me yet."

"...Do I have a choice?"

The words are somewhat painful to me, but he does have a point.  "No, not really."

With that I walk to the night's sleep spot a short distance away.  I spent part of the day placing wards surrounding the small area so that we could sleep without worrying of something attacking like those wolves of only two nights ago.  It feels like so much longer.

After lighting the fire with a simple spell, I sit back against a flat boulder that faces the flames.  I motion to my human, beckoning him to join me.  He gets stiff and doesn't move from his spot.

"Come on.  I haven't slept either so get that nice ass of yours over here and we can finally get some shut eye."

"Why do I have to?"

I sigh.  "It's too bothersome to go over it now, but I'll give you the short and sweet version.  A bond is forming between us.  Our bodies don't want to do anything else but complete that bond.  Physical contact can make up for the bond, thus we can can some fucking sleep.  Got the idea?"

The lack of a response tells me that he feels hesitant to believe my words.  Can't really blame him.

"How about this - you come over here and if you aren't asleep by the count of thirty, you can scamper away."

He continues to stare at me for several moments afterwards until finally walking towards me.  Tensely, he sits to my side but not too close. Certainly not close enough.  I lean over a bit to place an arm around his waist and pull the smaller man up against me.  He clearly doesn't care for the contact, but he doesn't resist me either.

"Shall I count or you?"

He sighs, and then to my amazement he fully relaxes against my body with his head resting on my shoulder.  "Shut up and let me sleep."

Still stunned, I can only sit and watch him until well after he falls asleep.  Risking movement, I manage to wiggle my tails out from behind us and lay them lightly on his lap.  Dead to the world, he doesn't react to the added contact.  Truly I thought it'd take quite a bit more effort to get him in this position.  Leave it to fate to give me someone impossible to read, but at least he is truly something lovely to behold.  With a pleased smile, I close my eyes and feel the calming warmth to my side.  Sleep came too soon after.

Overly cheery birds wake me from sleep, but for the first time in my life there is something nice to wake up to.  Looking down, I notice the quiet man is wide awake and already scowling this early in the morning.  Smirking, I squeeze my arm tightly around his waist and brush my tails along his thighs.  A brief blaze of irritation flashes in the stormy eyes.

"If you're awake, let me up."

"That's an interesting idea, however," I lick the side of his neck.  "We haven't had breakfast yet.  Just as we couldn't sleep, it's better to eat while like this."

"Are you going to take my arm as you planned before?"

I chuckle against his skin.  "Ah, so little you know of the youko lifestyle.  We can eat food other than human flesh.  In fact, rumors of our tastes quite out do the reality of it."


Squall leans over as far as he can in my hold to grab the strap of his travel bag.  Dragging it over to us, he takes out a small package along with his canteen.  The bundle is unwrapped to reveal bread of swirling light and dark brown.  After breaking the small loaf in half, he places one of the sections in my lap.  Nothing readable on his face, the brunette bites into his bread while leaning back into my hold.  Though I don't really care for bread, I take my half and sample it.

"Hey, this is actually good.  It has a sweet hint to it."

"It's the honey."

"Oh?  It almost sounds like you made it."

He shrugs and then drinks deeply from his canteen.

The small meal is over with quickly, Squall practically leaping from my grasp once it loosens.  I just smile at the brunette as I get up from the hard ground and stretch.  We head into the forest with me in the lead.  It would have been amusing to let the human lead for a while, but I'd rather not waste my time.  Enjoying the feel of the man's closeness and the sound of his breath, I don't mind the lack of words for most of the morning trek.

"When are you going to explain this bonding to me?"

I look back at him and smile.  "You only had to ask.  First, what do you know of youkos?"

"They kill humans on sight.  How could I know something beyond that?"

"Honestly, you'd think there would be some kind of books or something on us.  Well, the first thing to understand is that we have innate magic, much like elves but not as powerful.  Bonding requires at least one of the pair to have magic abilities, thus two youkos could bond or, in our case, a youko and a human.  There are three so-called purposes for the bond.  One, it protects soul names."

"Soul names?"

"A-ah.  In your case, 'Squall'.  Someone powerful in the arts can use the soul name in dangerous spells, but bonding protects your name from that.  No one really knows why, but a theory is that the names are some how tied up the bonding magic, thus it can't be used otherwise.  Second purpose of the bond is that it becomes a kind of booster to both members of the pair, increasing their magic and other abilities."

"And the third?"

"Well, the last reason sounds like something old wives come up with, but it's a joining of two compatible people.  Compatible in abilities, bodies, and love.  To youkos, bonding is typically a kind of marriage, as you humans call it."

Unsurprisingly, he stops in his tracks at that one.  I turn around and look straight into those guarded eyes.

"I'm engaged to be married.  I can't go through with this."

I sneer at the comment.  "What's a human marriage except a pathetic promise with words?  Anyhow, we can't undo the bond that's been started."

"I haven't started some bond."

"There are three parts of a bond, and see if you recognize any of it - the sharing of blood, names, and body."

"...You tricked me," he says with narrowed eyes.

"Be that as it may, it was bound to happen.  A bond just doesn't start because two people lick each other wounds, that is unless a natural bond is being formed.  A natural bond is a fated bond."

"I don't believe in destiny."

"Whatever you want to think, but because the bonding has started, we have to finish it.  Understood?"

"By sharing bodies?  Am I supposed to eat your finger or something?"

I smirk at the beauty then walk up face to face with him.  Gripping his chin tightly with my hand, I bring our lips close.  "No, my lovely.  We fuck."

Stormy eyes open wide just before I kiss him.  He resists for perhaps a moment before responding to the kneading motions of my lips.  How I wish I could just take him right here before he has too much time to think.  Reluctantly I pull back from that lusciousness and look into blue-gray eyes as they shift from dazed to piercing.  For once, the brunette seems speechless rather than preferring not to speak.

"Unfortunately, we can't complete our bond at this moment.  I've prepared a site for tonight with protective wards so we won't be interrupted.  Shall we continue forward?"

Smiling, I release the hold on his chin and turn towards the direction of tonight's destination.  Soon after, the sound of his footsteps joins mine.  Though he doesn't speak the rest of the trip there, I can practically hear the workings of his thoughts.  At this point, we are too far into the forest for him to get back out safely without me, so he probably won't leave on his own.  I just hope he doesn't get violent in reaction to my plans for tonight.

Just after the sun sets, we reach the site I picked out the day Squall left the forest to that human village.  Closing my eyes, I confirm that the wards are all functioning properly.  The only thing left is the permission of the quiet man.

"This is the place."

He clutches the strap of his pack.  "Once... if we are bonded, do we have to stay together?"

"If you wish it, we can live separately.  It's practically impossible with the incomplete bond, but doable once our business is done.  Although, I'll have to take a month of your time in several months for payment of such a deal."

"A month?  Why?"

I wave a hand.  "Nothing important.  One month for a lifetime without me.  I don't consider it a poor deal."

"...Very well."

I can't help a smile at how simple this turned out.  Without a moment to spare, I walk up to him and place a hand on his cheek.  Taking the strap from his hand, I throw the large bag to the ground.  Carefully examining the stormy eyes, I find masked tenseness.

"Don't tell me you are inexperienced in these matters.  One of your desirability?"

"I've never found the need to...become experienced."

"Hmmm, then I accept the honor in teaching you."

As I take his lips with mine, I claw the interfering clothes away from his chest.  He struggles away and glares at me.

"What, you have a spare set of clothes in that bag.  Go with the moment."

He sighs.  "I'll take off my own pants, thank you."

I frown.  "You are just no fun."

While he removes his remaining clothing, I take off my own quickly so that I can witness him strip.  Being the first time I've seen the exposed lean body, my breath stalls.  He has a natural soft brown coloring to his skin which shines slightly in the dimming light.  Muscles are tight along his small frame, deceivingly weak in appearance.  Fully naked, he straightens and brushes dark hair from his eyes to stare at me.  I feel a small breeze against the back of my legs as my tails wag in excitement.

"Come on," I say as I grab his hand.

I have to half drag the silent man a short distance away, though still within the radius of my wards.  I stop and let Squall look at the setting for that night.  A large, clear pond sits calmly before us with the water dark except for reflected white light of the rising full moon and a few scattered stars.  The sounds of approaching night are peaceful and perfect.

Still holding his hand, I turn the man to face me.  I take him into my arms, and after a moment to enjoy the feel of skin on skin, I skillfully lower him back onto the soft, mossy ground.  With one hand placed along the side of his head, I reengage the kiss he had stopped short earlier.  Meanwhile, my other hand wanders the unexplored territory of his body.  I note the couple instances of hitched breaths for future possibilities, but continue further down the loveliness without much pause.  Within good time, I find the target of my quest.


"Shame on you, Squall.  It doesn't seem like you are paying enough attention to the needs of your body for it to be this eager."


I lightly finger the already stiff organ to listen to more of those delicious sounds from his mouth.  Kissing a flushed cheek, I grab his harden cock in a firm grip and pump slowly.  Two hands fly up and grab my shoulders more strongly than I would imagine possible.  First thinking he'd push me away, I smile as he does nothing beyond squeezing and releasing along with my motions on him. 

After spending some time on the throbbing member, I chuckle at his quiet whine in protest when I release my grip.  Lightly brushing against his sack, I let my fingers go even lower while remembering to retract the claws my hands usually bear.  The entrance into virgin realms causes the brunette to moan in discomfort, but he knows what all of this is about and doesn't complain.  Soon enough, he grows accustomed to the different experience and discovers the enjoyment it can bring.  Once again, I remove my hand to his disappointment.

"No, not yet, my lovely."  I sit up onto my knees, my erection in plain view.  "I need you to come here.  Your back to me."

His eyes dazed and suspicious look at me as if trying to read my mind.  Apparently deciding to go with my lead, he gets up onto his knees and straddles my thighs carefully.  Placing my hands on his waist, I direct him slowly backwards to my aching need.

"This will hurt, but I think you can handle pain just fine."

Without waiting for a response that probably wasn't coming anyway, I position him and then let him lower at his own pace over my member.  He hisses at the intrusion, but nothing more.  Surprisingly, he goes almost fully on me, his tightness agonizingly wonderful.

"Don't move until I say, Squall."

With effort I block out enough of the sensations he was coursing through my body to place my hands on his stomach and perform the first half of the spell without error.

"What are--"

"Place your hands on mine and say you accept."

I feel his hesitant touch on my hands.  "I...accept."

Instantly, green light of the spell's activation shimmers in the air and then enters his exposed body.  Squall arches back from the impact, perhaps even unaware of impaling himself further onto me.  Unfortunately, I notice this action all too well.  Forcing the pleasure away, I utter the final piece of the spell.  With it completed at last, I let the feel of the brunette's warmth overwhelm me.

"Squall..."  I nibble at his earlobe.  "Whenever you're ready."

He takes a few shuttering breaths and then rises up slowly.  My hands returned to his waist, I don't let him go too far and lead him back down.  Quickly he gets used to the motions and picks up speed.  Only at one time does he pause, a moment when I assume he is hit with unexpected pleasure.  It's hard to restrain myself with such lusciousness surrounding me, but I want him satisfied first... if possible.  The world seems empty except for us as I sink further into passion as I meet his thrusts with my own.  Squall lands on me hard several times until he abruptly stalls as he comes onto my legs.  The orgasm flowing throughout his body echoes through our completing bond and pushes me off the edge to come within him.

Circling my arms around his waist, I pull us back to lie on the ground.  After carefully removing myself from him, I roll Squall over to face me.  His face is still flushed, the redness highlighting his browned skin perfectly.  I lightly kiss his forehead and move my tails to brush along his moist thighs.  Stormy eyes open wearily and avoid contact with my own gaze.

"Are you hurt?"

He grunts something to which I take as a "yes, but I'll live".

"So, want another go at it?"

"Perverted youko."  His redden cheeks brighten slightly, suggesting to me he would certainly care for more but that foolish logical side is still fixed on the supposed marriage to come.  I'll just have to persuade him otherwise.

"Come on, let's get cleaned up and then catch some rest.  It'll take you at least another day and a half to get out of the forest, so you might as well take the morning off."  I rub his tight ass fondly.  "You're going to be sore tomorrow."

He pushes away from me none too gently.  He stands up a bit wobbly, but manages to the pond on his own power.  With a smirk I join him quickly in the dark waters and pounce the smaller man.  Rising back up from the water, he looks frightening with hair plastered on his head and blue-gray eyes shining in the moonlight.  In a quick movement, he grabs the back of my neck with a pinching hold.  Wincing in anticipation of an attack, the now familiar feel of his lips against mine shocks me.

"Tonight.  For tonight, it's only us."

Studying the stormy eyes, I straighten to my full height.  "It doesn't have to be, you know."

"I've made a promise."

"Do you care that much about her to simply put our bond aside?"

"No.  But it's not like I know you."

"And yet you feel something for me nonetheless."  Just as I feel something for him, the urge to never let him go creeping into my thoughts.

"Please, Seifer, just take this night from me.  I can't give you anything else right now."

Lost in the storm of his eyes and the flow of hidden emotion that I can sense through our bond, I nod in agreement.  For now it is enough.  Pressing him close to me with one arm around his waist, I run fingers in his wet hair.  Unsure arms manage to encircle my waist in a loose hold.

"You said my name."

"I've said it before."

"Only once, when I asked you to say it in exchange of me leaving."  Leaning back, I rub a thumb along his lower lip.  "It still sounds amazing with your voice."

"... ..."

"When we're separated, all you have to do is call my name.  I will come for you right away."

"Planning on stalking me?"

"Idiot, I can hear you over our bond.  Can't you feel the connection between us now?"

In response, he rubs a rough hand up my chest and then hooks his arm around my neck.  "I'm sick of talking.  Just do whatever you want with me."

I smile at the smaller man, but don't say anything else.  The words he meant to say are clear enough - 'I don't want to talk about something I can't let myself have.  Make me forget.'  There will be plenty of time another day to coax this beauty back to me.  And I'll be damned if I don't make the most of this single night he is giving me - the first night that we belong to each other as according to our bond.

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