WARNING! PLEASE READ BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH THE FICTION!: First off, let me announce that I love Seifer, Squall, and Zell very much and that it was hard for me to make one of these characters the “bad guy”. Especially one that I’m sure a lot of you wouldn’t like to be the bad guy, but hey, this is what makes stories interesting. Please deal with it and open your mind up just a tad more. Thanks. =)

Anyway, this fiction contains Lemon, Shounen-Ai, non-consensual sex, male/male relationships, and GRAPHIC content. Please do not read this story if you are under 18, or if you cannot handle these situations. This is for your own good. I do not own any of the characters, locations, items, or anything else portraying to Final Fantasy VIII (8). The sole purpose of this is merely for entertainment purposes. Please do not sue me. I have nothing to give.

With that out of the way, enjoy the fic!

Believe me, Squall...

A Final Fantasy VIII fanfiction by SilverWing

His long, silver gunblade shimmered in the dim sunlight, unlike his eyes. His storm colored eyes were dull, no matter what kind of light they may be exposed to. His soft, chocolate brown hair swept gracefully across his face before he brushed it away with a cool, leather covered hand. He sighed softly, watching the small white cloud that escaped from his lips curl into the icy air. His cheeks were the color of cherry blossoms, barely blooming in the spring. He shivered slightly as he cast another blizzard spell, making the atmosphere around him even colder than before.

“What the hell are you doing, Leonhart?” A familiar, rough voice startled the young man. However, he didn’t turn around to face the other, nor did he answer. The other man slid the tip of his own gunblade across the ice floor, digging a deep wrinkle in the ice. “Answer me,” he said, his voice as cool as the ice. Finally, the man turned around and looked at the other. The other man had eyes in which anyone could see the rich, green Balamb fields. His hair was short and sun colored. His appearance was welcoming and harmless: so unlike him. The grin he wore never came off.

“If you won’t answer me, Squall, then fight me,” he breathed, bringing the tip of his own gunblade to Squall’s right temple. However, Squall did not even flinch. Instead, he stood up, clutching the handle of his gunblade.

“Fine, Seifer,” Squall responded, his voice nothing like the other man’s. Squall’s voice was solemn, yet angry. A mix of emotions that almost matched the language that his eyes spoke. The other always loved this about Squall--that and everything else.

They stood facing each other, positioned to fight, drawing out their gunblades. Finally, they advanced towards each other; the connection of silver clashing was heard throughout their private world. The sounds echoed off the crisp walls, filling their ears with each other’s violence. Seifer allowed his lips to curl up into a grin as he held out his leather-clad palm to Squall before casting a fire spell. The heat flew to Squall, hitting his chest and throwing him back onto the ice. Squall snatched his gunblade and stood up just in time to see black flash between his eyes. He then saw red on his gloved hand and on the pure ice. He felt the hot, metallic liquid crawl down the bridge of his nose and down his cheek.

Squall, enraged, gripped the handle of his own gunblade and brought it up, leaving his mark on Seifer. Ironically, it was identical to the one Seifer had given him, only facing the opposite direction. Squall stood as he gazed at the crimson creeping down Seifer’s face just as Seifer was doing to him. The metallic music ceased as they stained the white floor with their blood and watched each other do it.

“We’re the same... you and I.” Seifer finally spoke, his voice a much softer tone than before. Squall only looked away, refusing to listen to his ex-lover. “Squall, we’re meant to be together. You know it. It’s fate.”

“You’re crazy,” Squall muttered sadly. Now he turned around, unable to look at the beautiful man in front of him. “Seifer, it’s over.”

“It’s not,” Seifer responded as he walked in front of Squall, lifting the tip of his gunblade to Squall’s left cheek. He pressed the tip on Squall’s cheek, making him look at Seifer. Seifer looked into Squall’s eyes, looking for the emotions that Squall refused to reveal. To everyone else, Squall’s eyes were emotionless, but Seifer could read them just as well as he could read anything else. Squall’s eyes showed him that there was sadness and love in those eyes. It was just as Seifer presumed: Squall wanted him back as much as he wanted Squall back. Seifer grinned, pressing his lips against Squall’s gently. Squall responded to the kiss almost immediately, pressing his tongue against Seifer’s teeth until Seifer opened his mouth and allowing Squall to slip his tongue inside his mouth. Squall let his gunblade drop to the floor with a loud clash that echoed around them as their tongues mingled with each other’s. Seifer brought his hand behind Squall’s head and held him there as he began to kiss Squall with passion and need. Squall kissed Seifer deeply, knowing exactly how to kiss Seifer with a way that drove him crazy.

Squall licked the bottom of Seifer’s tongue with long, soft strokes before pulling his tongue away, not giving Seifer a chance to lick his tongue back. Squall got the reaction he was expecting and hoping for. Seifer wrapped his arms around his slender waist and pulled the frail man towards him before thrusting his tongue inside Squall’s mouth and kissing him forcefully. Squall loved it when Seifer took the lead. He was such a good leader. However, Squall was just as good a leader, which is why he began kissing Seifer back, fighting to be superior over Seifer.

Immediately, as he always had, Seifer sensed what he was doing. Seifer pulled away from the feminine boy and grinned at him before lifting the tip of his gunblade up against the soft skin underneath Squall’s chin.

“No you don’t,” Seifer growled seductively. “I’m in control of this one.”

“Who says?” Squall grinned, absolutely aroused by the power Seifer was trying to have over him, by his words and by his actions. “Why can’t I be in control for once?” He continued, taking off his leather glove and running a bare finger down the edge of Seifer’s gunblade, although the tip was still pointed underneath his chin. Squall wasn’t scared, though. He knew Seifer would never kill him. Seifer needed him too much. And Squall needed Seifer. Seifer leered and grabbed a fist full of Squall’s hair, pulling his head back powerfully as he removed the blade from underneath his chin.

“You like control, don’t you?” Seifer asked, his seductive growl never leaving his voice as he pressed his lips against Squall’s forcefully as Seifer manipulated Squall’s head, directing him. Squall moaned weakly, enjoying Seifer’s roughness. Immediately the cold wind and ice around them failed to make them shiver as the heat of their kisses warmed them. Seifer let go of his head, and slithered his hand down Squall’s leather clad back and around to the front of his pants. Squall moaned softly as he felt Seifer’s expert hands start to undo his belts, however he paused when he remembered...

Squall then pulled away from Seifer, almost completely reluctant to.

“Wait. I can’t do this,” Squall growled to himself, rather than Seifer.

“And why not?” Seifer asked, frustrated both sexually and mentally.

“Zell,” Squall said quietly. “I love Zell. I can’t do this to him.”

“He’ll never know, Squall. Look, who’s around? No one. It’s just you...and me,” Seifer whispered as he stood behind the frail man and showering kisses on his neck.

“No, Seifer,” Squall responded, walking away and picking up his weapon off the floor.

“Squall...” Seifer called for him, almost pleading. Squall stood motionless as Seifer stood in front of him. Seifer took off one of his gloves and wiped the blood off of Squall’s porcelain face. He smiled at the beautiful stormy-eyed youth before kissing the wound on his forehead. “Be with me again. I’ve grown. I’m wiser now. I can control myself.” Squall closed his eyes, missing the feel of Seifer lips on him just as soon as he had pulled away.

“It’s too late, Seifer. Please. It’s too late...for both of us,” Squall said, looking deep into Seifer’s rich green eyes before turning and walking away, leaving Seifer Almasy standing in the freezing atmosphere watching Squall Leonhart, the only love in his life, walk away. Seifer Almasy watched sadly as his bittersweet tears mixed with his blood. The blood that came from a wound that would scar him.

“Squall! What happened to you?” Zell asked alarmed at the sight of Squall, who still had blood dripping from his wound.

“Nothing. A bad fight, that’s all,” Squall replied, a little more coolly than he had planned.

“Bad fight...?” Zell said slowly, taken aback by Squall’s curtness. “Well, maybe you should see Dr. Kadowaki. It looks pretty bad.”

“I’m fine, Zell. Really,” Squall replied quickly. Zell stayed quiet. The quirky blonde raised an eyebrow, analyzing his lover. Zell Dincht wasn’t stupid. Zell knew by now how Squall worked. He knew every move, flick, glance, quiver...everything about Squall. By the way Squall moved, Zell could tell exactly what was wrong with him and Zell knew what was wrong with Squall at this moment.

He had just had an encounter with Seifer Almasy.

Zell was used to it. Squall would always become detached from Zell whenever he would talk to his ex. This hurt Zell. Even though Squall would say he loved him, he knew that he still had feelings for Seifer. It was that obvious.

“What did Seifer say?” Zell asked, walking towards Squall, who was putting his gunblade away safely. He just shook his head as he took off his leather jacket and hung it up neatly.

“Please, don’t worry about it, Zell.”

“Why don’t you ever want me to worry about you?” Zell protested, spinning Squall around so that he was facing him. Squall sighed, leaned in and kissed Zell tenderly on the lips. He then wrapped his arms around the spiky blond haired boy.

“I’m sorry. Just a long day. I’ll explain after I’ve gained some strength,” Squall said softly, caressed Zell’s cheek affectionately.

“Okay.” Zell smiled, satisfied with Squall’s answer. Squall then decided to retreat to the bathroom, closing and locking the door securely behind him. After the reassuring click of the lock sounded, Squall pressed his back against the door and closed his eyes. He could feel Seifer’s lips on his and Seifer’s hands over his body and it was driving him crazy.

Squall then proceeded to shed his clothes and turn on the shower. He needed one. A nice, soothing hot shower. He needed to rinse away Seifer’s unusual sweet scent that he so desired. Squall sighed as he felt the hot water roll down his sleek, soft chest, stomach and thighs.

“Dammit, Seifer,” Squall muttered to himself. He closed his eyes and the face of the blonde teenager appeared in his head, haunting him. Squall then slid his hand down his stomach and wrapped his long, slim fingers around his throbbing member. He leaned his body against the dripping tile wall and began to slide his hand up and down his length.

“Seifer...damn you. Seifer,” Squall whispered aloud as he moved his hand faster and faster. He could still feel Seifer’s lips on his neck and lips and his hands over his body. He remembered when Seifer and Squall would lay in his bed, feeling each other’s bodies, and kissing, entering and entwining with one another for the first time. It was their first time, for both of them, being with another boy.

“Touch me, Squall,” Seifer would plead with him until the feminine boy would agree and touch him all over his body and wait for Seifer to do the same back to him.

“Seifer...” Squall moaned very softly before releasing his seed over the clear, shower doors and the floor. He breathed deeply, letting himself get hypnotized by the sound of the water. He felt his heart beating quickly...much like it would after a night with Seifer.

This wasn’t working for him. He needed to talk to Zell. And he needed to find Seifer...fast.

Seifer loved hourglasses. Watching an hourglass was literally watching time slip away from you, slip through your fingers, to be forgotten. This is how he felt. He felt like time. A forgotten period in Squall’s life. An unimportant period of time, or a shameful one, that Squall would rather forget than re-live. Seifer reached over and snatched the small silver hourglass and gracefully turned it over and set it back down on the oak nightstand. He watched again as the small grains of time slipped through the miniscule opening. He saw his tears, pain, anger, and happiness in that hourglass. He saw it slip away. However, no matter what he did, Squall would always remain above the pile of sand. He wouldn’t slip away.

Seifer sat up in bed, looking around. He let the small fan in the room breathe cool air onto his bare chest. He couldn’t sleep. The memories of the day before played in his mind, not to mention with his mind. He missed Squall so much. He wanted him, needed him, loved him, hated him...everything. But he loved him most of all. Deciding that he could no longer sleep, Seifer dressed quickly, snatched Hyperion, and headed out the door in search of some sort of comfort. The Training Center seemed appropriate enough to let out his frustrations.

As he entered the Training Center, he was greeted by the solitude of the lush green trees, plants and forest like aura. If he wasn’t so bothered, he would have sat down underneath one of those trees and relaxed. However, to Seifer, that didn’t sound like a good way of releasing frustration. With that last thought, Seifer walked deeper into the center and began slaying everything in his sight. Dead monsters littered the floor as Seifer continued to kill the somewhat defenseless, yet deadly, monsters. Finally, Seifer turned a corner, his gunblade raised in the air, prepared to kill another monster. But he stopped when he saw the person in front of him.

“Hello, Seifer,” he said, a little sadly. Seifer put down his gunblade slowly before looking at the boy in front of him.

“Hey,” he said softly. He just looked at the youthful boy, not really knowing what to say to him. “What are you doing here?”

“Training. I presume you’re doing the same thing,” he said.

“No. Just letting out some frustration,” Seifer said as he examined the boy, looking at him more closely. He stood proudly in the dim moonlight. His extreme gold hair flared out violently, reflecting the boy’s personality to a T. His mischievous ocean blue eyes glittered as the moonlight traced the tattoo on the youthful boy’s face. Seifer was breathless for a moment. He could see why Squall was with him; Zell was beautiful. This was something he had never noticed before.

“It must be about Squall,” he murmured half bitterly, half sorrowfully. Zell looked up into Seifer’s jade eyes and sighed. “You know he still loves you.”

“He loves you, too. Don’t think he doesn’t,” Seifer shot back, slightly bothered by the fact that Zell would even doubt Squall’s affections.

“He loves you more, Seifer. That much is obvious. Though, I don’t know why. You abused him so much.” Zell might as well slapped Seifer across the face and told him that he was a worthless piece of shit. That would have been better than digging up the memories of the past. And the worst memory too, the reminder of why Squall and him broke up. He was not so much as physically abusive, but verbally. He would emit the cruelest insults at Squall, claiming no one cared about him and that those who said they did, were just using him for what they wanted. He would proclaim that everyone was against him, that Zell and Irvine thought he was disgusting for being gay, that Selphie and Quistis were annoyed to hell of him, and that Rinoa wished he would die for breaking her heart by falling in love with her ex-boyfriend, who was Seifer of course. Squall was a rock at first, not believing anything he would say, but the more Seifer screamed the lies at him, the more Squall started to believe him. This is when Squall became suicidal. Extremely suicidal. He would do everything in his will to kill himself such as overdosing on drugs, drink and slit his arms, rather than his wrists, so that he could bleed faster. Nothing worked, but Squall had a scar on each of his arms as reminders. Those scars were also caused by Seifer, which still needed to be healed by him.

“I was wrong,” Seifer finally spoke. “But I have changed.” Zell looked up at him and nodded.

“ I sense that,” Zell said. His eyes then trailed up to the bridge of Seifer’s nose and then farther up to his forehead. He stared at it for the longest time before finally reaching up to touch it. Seifer caught his hand before he could lay a soft finger on the wound. He didn’t want anyone to touch it. Only Squall.

“It’s exactly like Squall’s,” Zell whispered.

“I know,” Seifer said sadly.

“And only he can touch it,” Zell said, even more quietly. “I feel like I’m just coming between you two. That I’m causing you, and Squall, pain.” Zell paused and turned away. “Maybe I should just leave.”

“No, don’t. Zell, I’m sorry. I can’t shove these feelings away. Maybe I should be the one to leave,” Seifer said, feeling extremely guilty now. The tattooed faced blonde turned to Seifer and walked up to him. He looked into his eyes before pressing his lips against Seifer’s. Seifer stood there, shocked as he felt the other boy’s lips invade his own. Not knowing what to do, Seifer let the boy kiss him as Zell wrapped his arms around Seifer’s neck and licked his lips. Zell then began to leave a trail of kisses up to Seifer’s earlobe.

“I can feel Squall inside you,” Zell whispered into Seifer’s ear as he began to kiss and suck on Seifer’s neck hungrily. Seifer could feel Zell’s erection growing through his clothes.


“I want to know what you do to Squall.” Zell breathed again. “Touch me. Touch me, Kiss me, Love me... just like you do to Squall.”

“Zell, do you know what you’re asking me to do?” Seifer said, utterly surprised by Zell’s commands, or rather pleads. This was getting out of hand. Before he could think of a reaction, Zell had leaded his hand to his crotch and manipulated Seifer’s hand to massage his own erection.

“I want to know, Seifer. I want to know. Let me be your Squall, just for the moment. Just for tonight.”

Seifer was loosing his breath. Everything seemed to be spinning. It was like a surreal dream. As if the sand in his hourglass had stopped completely. He could feel hands on his chest, on his stomach. Unbuttoning his pants.

Touch me.

Lips were on his neck, his ear, and chest. Kissing him. Kissing him eagerly and lustfully.

Touch me, Kiss me, Love me...

He opened his eyes, to see Squall. Squall with blonde spiky hair, illuminating blue eyes, and black smeared on his face.

Just like you do to Squall.

“Squall.” Seifer cried out. He felt hands massaging him. Massaging the throbbing member in his pants.

Let me be your Squall...

“I’m here.” The blonde haired Squall spoke to him. His voice sounded like Squall, but a disillusioned Squall.

Just for the moment.

“Please, Squall,” Seifer pleaded as small tears escaped his eyes. Tears of love, confusion, and need. “I need you, Squall.”

Just for tonight.

As Squall kissed him again, Seifer sneered. He tasted different. Bitter. Seifer opened his eyes to see Squall’s face dissolve off of Zell’s. Seifer looked at Zell wide eyed, noticing that Zell was about to enter him at any given moment.

“Get off,” Seifer whispered, barely audible.

“Huh? Why? Don’t you want me?” Zell asked as he rubbed his erection against Seifer’s. “I’m your Squall.”

“Get. Off,” Seifer said through clenched teeth, not giving Zell anytime to move as he shoved him off and stood. He had to be impressed about something. Zell had slipped his pants off so fast and swiftly, Seifer hadn’t even noticed. Or had he? He slipped his pants on and continued to straighten himself out. “What the fuck was that about, Dincht? Just...who te mother fuck do you think you are?”

Zell stayed quiet. Seifer looked at the boy who had his pants undone and pulled down. “I wanted to feel... what Squall feels. I wanted to know... why he loves you so much.”

“If you think that I love Squall for the satisfaction of a quick fuck, you’ve got another thing coming, Dincht. I love Squall more than you will ever love him.” Seifer scowled at Zell. He picked up Hyperion and began to walk away. “You’re sick.” Seifer spat at Zell before leaving the Training Center for good. Seifer had planned to leave the Training Center calmed, but it just left him feeling angry, sad, and more frustrated than ever.

He opened his eyes, looking at the blurry world around him. Blue, cold, still and quiet. Very much like he was feeling right now. He couldn’t forget how much Zell’s blue eyes burned like fire when he woke to them that morning. How angry, fierce, hurt, and...rejected...they were. It was scary. Especially the words he spoke.

Squall had woken up that morning to Zell, staring out at the Garden from the balcony of the dorm room they shared.

“You’re up early.” Squall yawned as he rubbed his eyes and sat up in bed. Zell shrugged and walked back inside.

“Yeah, well, I couldn’t sleep much last night,” Zell responded, sitting down next to Squall. Squall wrapped his arms around Zell’s waist and rested his head on his back.

“Anything wrong?” Squall had asked.

“No. I was just thinking about how lucky I am to be with you. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

Squall smiled. “I feel the same way, Zell. But I think if it came down to it, we’d survive somehow,” Squall said, thinking rationally as always.

“No. I don’t think so,” Zell said. He turned around so that he now faced Squall. “If I lost you, I’m pretty sure I’d die. No. I’m positive.”

“You wouldn’t.” Squall made a face. “Don’t say that.”

“I’m not joking around about this.” Zell lowered his head.

“So you’re saying if I left you... you would commit suicide?” Squall asked, raising his eyebrows. Outside, Squall made the charade of calling Zell’s bluff, but inside, something about Zell’s tone of voice scared Squall.

Zell looked at Squall in the eyes and responded: “Yes.”


Everything was hazy after that. The only thing he remembered was walking absentmindedly to Selphie’s dorm, falling on his knees, and...watching his hands become fuzzy. Watching Selphie’s face become unclear, as well as his thoughts. He was so depressed and so confused. Zell was gone by the time Selphie had finished listening to Squall’s dilemma and dragged Squall back to his dorm room.

“You need to relax. You’re hysterical right now. Let’s go to the pool,” Selphie suggested. She sat Squall down and grabbed a beach towel, Squall’s black board shorts, and a white T-shirt. Squall didn’t even remember undressing in his dorm room. He didn’t remember walking to the pool either with the gray beach towel slung over his shoulder. He hardly remembered anything.


Squall’s lungs were burning. He needed air. Wanted air. But he didn’t want to leave the solitude of the cool, quiet world he had grown so accustomed to. He wondered why the whole world couldn’t be like it was now. It was suddenly, when he felt a hand grab a fist full of his hair and violently pull him back up to the surface. Squall gasped, greedy for air, and surprised at how long he’d been underneath the water.

“If you're think about drowning, you'd better forget it. I’m a certified lifeguard, thank you very much.” Selphie grinned as she disappeared underneath the water and reappeared at the other side of the pool. Squall sighed. It was worth a try. He thought to himself. Squall dived underwater again and joined Selphie at the surface.

“Hey, Squall. You hungry?” she asked. Squall shrugged.

“Not really. Why? You want to grab something to eat?” he asked, hopping out of the pool swiftly and grabbing his gray towel.

“Yeah. I’m starving. How about a trip to Balamb? I’m sick of hot dogs,” Selphie suggested, snatching the warm, yellow towel that was lying next to Squall’s. Squall chuckled softly as he dried his hair and then his body. He wrapped the towel around his waist, feeling suddenly self-conscious when he noticed a group of girls staring at him and giggling. Inside, he laughed. Don’t they know I’m gay? I thought everyone knew. They must be freshmen. He turned to Selphie, silently urging her to hurry up as she gathered her suntan lotion, a couple of books and sunglasses in her small tote bag. She, too, wrapped the sunny colored towel around her waist.

“Come on, Squall. Let’s go.” Selphie smiled as she grabbed Squall’s arm and led him away.

About fifteen minutes later, Selphie and Squall were off to Balamb. While Squall was dressed in his usual comfortable black leather pants, black boots and a tight white muscle shirt, complete with the Griever necklace, he had to admire Selphie for the amount of maturity she had gained ever since the battle with Ultimecia. Not only did she not wear that childish yellow, overall denim skirt, but also now, she wore a cute Khaki skirt, a dark red halter top and black leather boots that went mid-calf. Selphie looked, without a doubt, extremely attractive enough to make Squall, in some way, want to be straight again. Squall laughed at himself at the thought. It was amazing though how Selphie had changed. Selphie had gone to a girl Squall could hardly stand being around for ten minutes to a girl that he had confided his deepest secrets to. Yes, she had matured that much.

Selphie was the one driving, which was fine with Squall. It gave him time to rest and think about all that was going on. He was scared to leave Zell now. In some way, he didn’t take Zell seriously, but in another way...he did. Zell had experienced loss in his life. Probably so much that he didn’t want to experience it anymore. Which is what caused the threat of death. What was he going to do? He had to give it more time between Seifer and himself. As much as he just wanted to jump back into Seifer’s strong, protective and loving embrace, he couldn’t. Not just yet.

“Just be patient, Squall. If Seifer really loves you, he’ll wait.”

“And if he doesn’t?”

“Then he really wasn’t the one you needed,” she replied simply.

“So cliché,” Squall muttered.

“Cliché, but true. If Seifer was in this position, wouldn’t you want the best for him and Zell?” Selphie asked, looking over at Squall. Squall looked down at his bare hands. He wasn’t used to seeing his hands so...naked. His skin felt so soft and looked so pale. Like a china doll. He liked it. He wondered how Seifer’s bare hands would feel.

“I want to tell Seifer why. So that he’ll be more patient. He’ll have a hard time waiting without knowing whys” Squall said softly.

“Do what you think is right. Just don’t do anything rational.”

“What is rational?” Squall asked, scoffing.

“Anything not drastic.” Selphie laughed, shrugging. They virtually stayed quiet the rest of the way to Balamb. About ten minutes later, Selphie pulled into Kert’s Bar and Grill and parked the car. They got out and sat down to eat. After Selphie ordered her steak meal and Strawberry Margarita and Squall his dinner salad and extra huge can of beer, they got to talk about the Garden and how much it had evolved.

“Here are your drinks. By the way, you have a very nice friend at the bar,” the waiter commented.

“What do you mean?” Selphie piped up.

“Well, there’s a blonde man at the bar who is paying for your whole tab. Drinks and all. You two better enjoy yourselves.” The waiter laughed and set down the Margarita and beer. Squall looked at Selphie and raised his eyebrow. She just shrugged.

“Go see,” she said. “And share the juicy details.” She laughed, trying to lighten up Squall’s mood. Squall gave her a small grin before getting up from the booth and walking to the bar. It didn’t take long for Squall to find the short-haired blonde downing Black Russians. Seifer had an excellent alcohol tolerance. He was the only one Squall knew that downed three Liquid Cocaines, four shots of straight Vodka, two shots of both Scotch and Whiskey and still knew where he lived, why he was living here and his phone number four years ago. It truly amazed Squall.

“Hey,” Squall squeaked. Seifer turned around.

“Hi.” Seifer smiled before turning back to his fifth Black Russian.

“Got paid today, I assume,” Squall mumbled softly. Seifer grinned and chuckled.

“I’m glad the message got to you. I’ll have to give the waiter a good tip.”

“I’m presuming you’d like to talk?” Squall questioned hopefully. Seifer stalled before nodding.

“Have a seat.” Seifer sighed, waving at the bartender for another Black Russian. “You want anything?”

“No thanks. What did you want to talk about?”

“About Zell,” Seifer said, playing with the empty shot glasses on the counter. “I know you’re with him and all, but, I just want to let you know I don’t think you should be with him.”

“I should be with you, right?” Squall scoffed, looking away from him.

“Why do you always assume I’m so selfish?” Seifer looked at Squall deeply.

Squall shrugged. “It’s what I’m used to.”

“You still don’t believe I’ve changed?” Seifer said, more of a statement than a question.

“It’s hard to believe you anymore. When I do, I get hurt,” Squall mumbled. Seifer sighed deeply.

“I know. And words can’t express how sorry I am. But, listen to me this once and believe me.”

“I’ll listen.” Squall looked into Seifer’s eyes confidently. Seifer looked back into his eyes, softly.

“Okay,” Seifer spoke to him, barely audible. “Zell, uh...” And Seifer did something Squall hadn’t seen him do in five months. Seifer began to blush furiously, yet not of cute embarrassment, but of ashamed embarrassment. Squall smiled softly, looking at how Seifer’s normally pale cheeks turned cherry red. “Fuck this. Squall, Zell tried to fuck me yesterday.”

Squall’s face fell as he stared into Seifer’s eyes. Zell? Why would Zell do that to him when he loved him? He wouldn’t. But as he looked at Seifer, something told him that he needed to believe him. He wanted to believe him.

“You don’t believe me.” Seifer spun his body to Squall so that he was facing him. He gently grabbed his arms and shook him even more gently. “Please Squall, listen to me before you think anything else. Okay? Please?” Seifer pleaded with him looking him in the eyes the whole time. Squall nodded, afraid that his voice would fail him. Seifer sighed before letting go of the other boy. “I went into the training center late at night since I couldn’t sleep for...various reasons,” Seifer paused as he nudged his leg against Squall’s lightly. “And that’s where I ran into Zell. We began talking about you. He said he felt as if he was causing you and me pain by coming between us. He thought about leaving, but I said I would instead. This is where things got weird. He looked at my cut and mentioned that you had one just like it. He was going to touch it, but I stopped him. That’s when he started rubbing up on me, kissing me and pleading me to love him like...” Seifer stopped for a moment and looked down at his hands. “Like I love you.”

Squall looked up at Seifer and then down again. “He wanted you to treat him like me?” Seifer nodded.

“So you’re saying if I left you...you would commit suicide?”


“He threatened to kill himself,” Squall mumbled. Seifer’s head shot up.

“He did?”

“Yes. If I ever left him.”

“I take it that encounter in the Training Center was planned.”

“What does that mean?”

“Don’t you see? If I had given in to Zell, he would have run to you and reported the whole thing, which would make you distrust me more than you already do,” Seifer stated. “That bastard. Does he think I’m stupid?”

“How far did he go with you?”

Seifer shook his head. “He didn’t get inside of me. He was about to when I snapped out of it.”

“Snapped out of it?”

“I wanted him to be you. I saw you. But his lips didn’t taste like yours. You taste sweet...” Seifer traced Squall’s lips with the tip of his finger lightly. “In more places than one.” This caused Squall to blush furiously. Seifer always knew the right words that would turn him on. “Listen, I know this is a lot for you to comprehend, but think about it. After you’re done having lunch with Selphie, go to the dorm and rest. You know where I’ll be if you need me.”

Squall nodded and stood up.

“Thank you, Seifer.” Squall spoke elegantly as he leaned over and kissed Seifer on the lips. Seifer wrapped his arms around the smaller boy tenderly and held him tight as he kissed Squall back eagerly. When they finally parted, Squall’s eyes seemed to be glowing, as well as Seifer’s, and Squall’s cheeks were a perfect rosy pink. Seifer grinned.

“You have the same look on your face that you have after we’ve had sex.” Squall laughed.

“And you have the same look that you get when you’ve hadn’t had enough.” Squall grinned before walking away from the blonde-haired boy. Seifer continued to watch the petite boy walk away.

“Hum, spunky.” He grinned to himself. “I like spunk.”

The door to his dorm room creaked open to reveal the tattooed faced boy that Squall had been waiting for since this afternoon.

After Seifer had told him what had happened between himself and Zell, Squall talked to Selphie about it to see what he should do. They discussed it and decided that Squall would confront him about it. Which is what he was going to do now.

“Hi, Zell,” Squall greeted as he stood up. Zell smiled and threw his books on the floor.

“Hey. How was your day?”

“Good. And yours? Did you pass your physics exam?”

Zell smiled even more. “Yeah! I think I did great!”

Squall offered him a small smile. “That’s good.”

“So what do you have on your mind?” Zell asked, sitting on his bed. “You look kind of troubled.”

“I am.” Squall sighed. Here goes nothing. “I heard some really disturbing news today.”

“Oh yeah?” Zell raised an eyebrow. “What was it about?”



“What happened last night when I was asleep? Where did you go?”

Zell looked at Squall blankly, unable to answer his question as quickly as he had hoped. “What brought this up?”

“Answer me.” Squall stood up, tall and firm, and although Squall was now strong, Zell knew his weak point. He knew it all too well.

“Seifer brought this up, didn’t he?” Zell worked quickly, forcing his eyes to become glossy while garnishing them with pain and hurt. “What did he tell you?”

“He told me what I needed to hear,” Squall spoke.

“What? That I was going to rape him yesterday? Do you honestly believe that? After everything he’s put you through?” Zell sobbed as fake tears began to cascade down his cheeks. “Fine. I’ll tell you what happened yesterday.”

Squall’s defenses were weakening, and fast. Zell was doing a damn good job but he needed to keep it up. Come on, Dincht. Think of a Lie. Think.

“Yesterday night, I couldn’t sleep. I was tossing and turning, but I didn’t get one bit of sleep. I decided to tire myself out by going to the training center. So I did.” Zell sobbed again and wiped his face. He needed to keep it up. “While I was there, I ran into Seifer. You know how Seifer is, always pissed off for some reason or another, so I just decided to say hi and be on my way. Too bad it wasn’t so easy.”

Zell looked up at Squall. Squall’s face had softened immensely. So much that Squall was easily starting to believe his lie. Good. Keep it going. And make it good.

“I passed by him, and Seifer started picking on me and yelling at me, saying that I was the one that was keeping you and him apart. He was talking crazy, Squall! He kept saying that I should leave, die, or do something to get out of the way between you two. But, before I could respond, He had pushed me to the ground and pinned me. I couldn’t move. Then, he said, ‘No. I know what I’ll do. I’ll have you before Squall does. That should ruin the fun between you two.’ And I was so helpless. I tried to fight him, Squall, but he was so strong. But thank God for Fujin. We heard rustling so he got off of me, I pulled up my pants and ran just as I saw her come out of the bushes. That’s why I was so distraught when you woke up. I was so scared.”

Zell began to cry again, burying his face in his hands. “God, I’m so ashamed.”

“Shh, it's okay.” Squall comforted, wrapping his arms around Zell tightly, and rocking him back and forth. “I believe you.”

“You do?” Zell asked, clutching on to Squall tightly. Squall nodded as he kissed Zell’s forehead.

“Yes. I believe you.” Squall said as he held Zell protectively. As Squall looked out the window, cursing himself for believing Seifer again, Zell grinned to himself.

I knew you’d believe me. As much as you want to believe Seifer, you can’t. You won’t let yourself be fooled, even if he’s not fooling you. But you’ll never know, because you can’t trust him. You trust me, and that’s made you an even bigger fool. No matter. At least I have you, Squall. You’re mine. All mine.

Zell sobbed again as he buried his face deeper into Squall’s chest.

“Shh, don’t worry. I’m here,” Squall whispered, trying to soothe Zell when in reality, Zell was already relived.

I’ll get you, Seifer. Squall thought to himself. You’ll pay for lying to me again. And trust me...it will be the last time.

The stealthy, slim young man walked down the hallway, making not even a single sound. He clutched the handle of his gunblade tightly as he stopped in front of the door that led to his room. After tapping in the code for the room, which he had memorized after living with him for nearly a year, the door slid open quietly. The man walked in and didn’t move after he heard the door slide shut behind him and lock mechanically. He then inched closer and closer until he was by his side. He watched the other man sleep so peacefully. It was a shame he had to do this, but he didn’t want to feel anymore pain. Anymore mistrust.

Slowly, the man set the edge of his gunblade at the other man’s neck. Getting ready to slit his throat clean, Squall closed his eyes.

Goodbye, Seifer Almasy.

He began to push the blade down, until he felt himself flying off of Seifer and the weight of his Gunblade pulling him away.

“What are you doing?” Seifer sat up in bed, turning on the light beside him.

“I’m going stop the pain you’re causing me.”

“What?” Seifer looked at Squall confused. Squall was in his fighting stance, his eyes absolutely clear of gray as a hypnotizing Cobalt color flashed through them.

“You lied to me!” Squall screamed. “You lied to me again! I trusted you, Seifer! I trusted you to tell me the truth. But all you told me were lies!”

Lies!? What the fuck? You’re talking about Zell, aren’t you?” Seifer stood up now, enraged.

“Yes! That’s who the fuck I’m talking about! He didn’t try to rape you. You tried to rape him! Because you’re so fucking jealous! Jealous that him and I are together and we’re not!” Squall spat, clutching his gunblade tightly. Seifer didn’t speak. He only stared at the love of his life, yelling at him. Accusing him of lying to him. Again.

“You think I’m lying again.” Seifer sighed. “You think I haven’t changed.”

“That’s right.” Squall spoke, quieter now.

Seifer stood in front of Squall, face to face. Squall stared at Seifer in the eyes before raising the gunblade to Seifer’s neck again.

“Kill me, Squall Leonhart. Please. Because I would rather die, than live with you not trusting me anymore.” Seifer spoke quietly and sadly. “I love you, Squall. And if you can’t believe that, I don’t want to live. So kill me now. Get it over with.”

Squall looked into Seifer’s forest green eyes. The eyes he fell in love with. The eyes of the man he absolutely was and is in love with. Squall stared at Seifer who was staring back at him. Challenging him. Squall pressed the blade up to his neck harder to see Seifer’s reaction. Seifer only drew in a sharp breath and held it, waiting for the cut. He wasn’t going to fight this and Squall knew it. Squall then threw the weapon across the room. The gunblade flew through the air and stabbed the wall firmly as Squall crouched down and allowed his tears to pour down his cheeks.

“Fuck you. Fuck you, Seifer.” He sobbed burying his face in his lap. Seifer let out his breath in relief as he looked down at Squall. He didn’t doubt for one second that Squall would kill him. He knew Squall. If it wasn’t for the love Squall had for him, Seifer would have been dead minutes ago.


“Don’t touch me.”

“Listen. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything, whether its my fault or not, but this time, you’ve got to believe me. Zell isn’t as innocent as you may think.”

“Seifer, I don’t need this now, okay? Just go away.” Squall sobbed softly. Seifer, always the one to defy against orders, wrapped his arms around Squall tightly.

“I don’t care what you say, I’ll be here to protect you. I’m always here for you, and always will be. Please, let me help you,” Seifer spoke gently to Squall. Squall was delicate. He needed to be handled with care, especially at that moment.

“I’m just so confused. Why does everyone lie to me? Why the fuck does everyone lie to me?” Squall growled angrily. Seifer only hugged him tighter.

“Because, no one wants to loose you. You’re precious, beautiful, and absolutely elegant. No one would want to loose a precious jewel as you,” Seifer whispered, kissing Squall’s cheek affectionately.

“So everyone tells me lies to keep me around? Fuck with my emotions, toss me around like some kind of doll, and hurt me? And everyone wonders why I prefer to be a loner.” Squall snorted, as he rested his head on Seifer’s shoulder.

“I know, I know. Listen, I think you need your rest. I’m sure this day has been hard on you.” Seifer soothed as he ran his naked fingers through Squall’s silky, chocolate tresses.



“I want to believe you.”

“Are you sure you will?”

“Yes. I’m going to.” Squall sniffed and raised his eyes up to meet Seifer’s. “I know you’re the one I should trust. I don’t know why I didn’t. But you’re the one.”

Seifer smiled and kissed Squall softly on the cheek once more. When he pulled away, Squall looked up at Seifer and kissed him gently, yet passionately. Seifer responded slowly, not wanting to rush the Squall for fear he’d run away. However, Seifer began to have second thoughts about that when Squall began removing Seifer’s jacket and shirt.

“Are you sure you want to do this? Now?” Seifer paused as he held Squall’s hands tenderly. “I don’t want you to rush into things.”

Squall smiled. “I’m not rushing. I want to be with you again, Seifer. I love you. No one else. Not even Zell. I want you to love me, and make all these lies disappear.” Seifer nodded and looked Squall in the eyes.

“I’ll make the lies, and your pain, disappear, my love,” Seifer whispered as he kissed Squall again. They kissed passionately as they continued to undress each other until both of them were completely exposed in front of each other. Seifer stared at Squall unbelievably. Squall was absolutely exquisite with his petite, porcelain body, finely formed muscles, and illuminating face. It was true about Squall’s eyes. They changed color with different emotions, but only Seifer saw Squall’s eyes this color. Everyone was used to the stormy gray eyes or his rich, sapphire blue eyes, which indicated he was pissed beyond belief. But only Seifer saw the clear, sky blue eyes Squall had. Only Seifer knew that this color represented happiness, peace...and utter arousal. His eyes complimented his rosy cheeks perfectly.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Seifer breathed as he reached out and ran his hand down Squall’s smooth neck, chest, and stomach.

“And you are, too,” Squall whispered as he continued to stare at Seifer’s body in awe. Seifer’s body was an opposite of his own. Seifer had a bigger built body, with even more finely chiseled muscles, visibly rising from his body. His normally bright green eyes had darkened to a deep jade color and were slightly covered by a few strands of Seifer’s sun-colored hair. “Seifer, I can’t take it anymore.”

Seifer grinned. “How long has it been?”

“Way too long,” Squall answered back. “I need you.”

“I want you.” Seifer grinned even more as he laid Squall’s back down his bed. Seifer captured his mouth once more as he wrapped his fingers around Squall’s arousal and began to pump him softly. This provoked a sweet moan from Squall, which urged Seifer to continue. As he worked on Squall with one hand, Seifer had opened the drawer to his nightstand and pulled out small bottle of lubricant with his other hand.

“I had hoped I’d be able to use this again.” Seifer grinned as he held up the bottle while letting go of Squall for a moment.

“With who?” Squall grinned as he began to rub himself slowly. Seifer grinned and leaned over Squall.

“You know I’d only use this with you,” he murmured as he licked Squall’s lips with the very tip of his tongue. Squall smiled.

“Good. Now hurry up before I get blue balls.” Squall grinned as he rubbed his erection against Seifer’s.

“Since when do you get to be the dominant?” Seifer sneered as well as he poured some of the lubricant in his palm. He lubed up two of his fingers and pushed them into Squall quickly, wanting him even more than before. Squall groaned.

“Mmm, I’m just telling you to hurry.” Squall moaned, moving his hips down on Seifer’s fingers, making his fingers probe deeper.

“That better be all,” Seifer said as he continued to stretch Squall and rub his shaft, slowly increasing speed. Squall moaned as he felt Seifer jacking him off and stretching him out at the same time. Seifer’s thumb grazed over his slit as he probed Squall’s sensitive spot.

“Oh, fuck. Seifer... it feels so good. I need you. Now.” Squall moaned loudly, not caring about anyone else in the dormitory building.

“Shh, quiet.” Seifer grinned. “I love hearing you moan for more, but lets not have everyone know what I’m doing to you.”


“Not yet.” Seifer licked his lips as he watched Squall’s cheeks redden with utter pleasure as he rubbed his sensitive spot, over and over again, making Squall moan louder each time.

“Seifer, if you keep doing that...I’m not going to last much longer,” Squall gasped as soon as he could. Seifer grinned.

“Okay. I’m on my way.” Seifer laughed softly as he rushed to lube up his own, long erection. “You haven’t had this much in a long time. Think you can handle it?” Seifer asked as he lifted Squall’s hips off of the bed and positioned his member at Squall’s opening.

“Damn right I can.” Squall grinned and then drew in a sharp gasp as Seifer shoved himself inside Squall in one thrust. “Holy...Shit...”

“How does that feel?” Seifer purred as he drew out and then thrust himself back into Squall. Squall moaned loudly as he sank his nails into Seifer’s arms.

“Good...mmm...so good.” Squall moaned as he felt Seifer drawing out and then in, turning his thrusting into a slow-paced rhythm. Seifer then, once again, wrapped his slender fingers around Squall’s now throbbing member and began pumping to the same speed as his thrusting.

“You feel so good, Squall. So good...” Seifer moaned as his rhythm began to increase rapidly. Squall moaned in response, joining in Seifer’s rhythm by pushing his hips down onto Seifer, making Seifer go deeper inside of him. As their breathing increased, so did their rhythm. It increased rapidly, so that both of them were struggling for air, but not wanting to slow down one bit so as not to miss any pleasure.

“Seifer...I...I’m not going to last...” Squall gasped as he saw bright stars distort his vision. Seifer groaned as he pumped in to Squall harder and faster.

“Squall...Squall!” Seifer screamed as he came, shooting his hot seed deep inside of Squall. “God...Squall...” He moaned weakly as he continued to pump Squall’s erection.

"Oh...Sei...Seifer!” Squall screamed as well, not too far behind, as he bled his cum over his stomach and Seifer’s hand. Seifer and Squall then inhaled deeply before Seifer collapsed next to Squall, still inside of him. They stayed there for the longest time, not talking, only embracing each other tightly, happy that they had finally found each other again.

“I’ve always loved you, Seifer,” Squall finally spoke, quietly and gently. Seifer smiled and kissed the scar which he gave him, softly.

“And I’ve always loved you, Squall.” Seifer smiled as Squall kissed his own scar, imitating his actions. The stared at each other for the longest time and as they licked their lips, they both tasted each other’s blood. They smiled at each other and then closed their eyes, holding each other tightly.

“We’re the same...you and I,” Seifer said softly. He felt Squall smile at the line. The line Seifer had said when they’d given each other the scars.

“We’re meant to be together.” Squall then looked up at Seifer. “It’s fate.” Seifer smiled and kissed Squall sweetly, both of them tasting each other’s blood.

“Yes. It is,” Seifer responded before they both closed their eyes and drifted off into a deep, peaceful slumber.

When Zell awoke the next morning, Squall was nowhere to be found. Squall didn’t have classes that day, didn’t have anything planned, so his whereabouts were gnawing endlessly at Zell’s mind.

“Training Center? No. Well, maybe. Cafeteria? Might be there. Fuck, where could he be?” Zell cursed to himself before dragging his body out of bed. He showered quickly, dressed, and did his hair before setting out to look for his lover. As he stepped out of the dorm and locked the door behind him, he spotted Seifer’s door opening down the hallway. Not wanting to be spotted by Seifer, Zell ducked behind a nearby plant where he continued to watch the handsome blonde, even as Seifer kissed someone in his room and left while the person in the room closed the door. However, before the door closed, Zell’s face was then drained of all color as he saw a Griever pendant swing out of the door and then back inside before the door had shut.

Heat built rapidly inside of Zell. He didn’t need to see the face to know that it was Squall. His Squall. His foolish, untrusting Squall. Yet, Zell must have vastly underestimated his lover, for he wasn’t as foolish as he had hoped. He was back with Seifer, obviously. As he realized this, Zell’s fists burned with a passion to kill not only Seifer, but Squall as well. If he couldn’t have him, no one else would. Especially Seifer. Zell stood up and could still see Seifer walking down the hallway, almost to the doors. Zell sprinted, wanting to meet up with Seifer before he could take one step outside. He wanted to be alone with Seifer.

“Hey, you fucker,” Zell snarled as he stopped a few feet behind Seifer. Seifer turned around, raising his eyebrow at the fiery blonde.

“What do you want?” Seifer asked, annoyed. Zell came up to him and wrapped his hands around Seifer’s neck securely, pressing his thumbs into the soft spot of Seifer’s neck. Seifer did his very best to keep his face and demeanor calm and collected.

“What the fuck did you do to Squall? I know you’ve seen him.”

“I haven’t seen him, so fuck off.” Seifer hissed, pushing the younger blonde off of him before turning around.

“Don’t turn your back to me.”

“Or else what? You’ll get the boogie man on me?” Seifer grinned, taunting Zell.

“I’ll kill Squall.” Zell said, his voice absolutely absent of the Zell he’d grown up with. This Zell had the voice of a jealous, over-raged asshole whose threats should definitely be taken seriously. Seifer’s grin disappeared.

“You don’t know where he is.”

“He’s in your room. I saw everything. Including that nauseating kiss goodbye. The one that’s usually reserved for me, but that’s beside the point. I want you out of here, Seifer. Tonight. If you’re not gone, you’ll regret staying here.”

“You’re crazy. I won’t let you do anything to Squall. Squall isn’t as weak as you think, you bastard.” Seifer spoke, his voice low, but Zell grinned.

“Oh yes he is. You’re so naïve. Squall is the weakest being I’ve ever known, especially when it comes to you. Didn’t you see it last night? I know his intention was to kill you, after what I told him of course. But naturally, he’s no Lion. He weakened underneath your gaze, your charm, and wit. You could tell him that you love him, you’ll protect him for all eternity and that you would travel half way around the mother fucking world for him and he’ll be putty in your hands. Isn’t that true, Seifer?” Zell grinned, stepping closer to Seifer. Seifer didn’t say a word as he moved his gaze from Zell to down the hall, back to his room, silently wishing Zell would stop. Even though he loved Squall desperately, he knew that what Zell was saying was true. Squall was still definitely weak. “Isn’t it true, Seifer, as you made love to him, how easily he became yours again? After gentle persuading, he was in your arms, rocking to your rhythm of sweet lovemaking? Isn’t it true, how easy that slut is? You know that’s all he is now. Just a whore that you and I share.”

“Shut up. Shut the fuck up,” Seifer growled, outraged at how Zell was talking about Squall. Seifer grabbed the front of Zell’s shirt and pulled him close to his face. “You leave Squall alone. Both of us.”

Zell only grinned before leaning forward and kissing Seifer’s lips softly. As soon as he felt Zell’s lips brush his own, Seifer threw him to the floor. Zell only laughed as he stood up and looked Seifer in the eyes.

“That seems like the only way I can get you off of me,” he said before delivering the blow: “You have until midnight, tonight. If you’re not gone, Squall dies, no matter where he is.” Zell spoke, his voice void of any emotion. They both stared at each other for the longest time before Zell grinned. “And I am serious.” Zell said before walking off, leaving Seifer there by himself. As Seifer looked at the boy walking away, he realized that for the first time, he was actually scared of Zell Dincht.

It was dark now. The moon shone brightly, illuminating the entire garden with a soft, blue glow. It was enchanting, with the stars twinkling above and the crisp air blowing through the small trees. As beautiful of a night it was, it was a night that both Squall and Seifer feared, but Zell anticipated. Throughout the day, Zell watched, as Seifer would walk, stand or sit, no less than three feet away from his beloved. Doing his best to watch over him and protect him. While people thought strangely of this behavior, no one dared to ask.

Yet, Zell enjoyed watching the two looking all around them to detect any possible threats, but there were none. They weren’t leaving, of course. Like the soldiers they are, they prefer to face their fights, instead of run away. How quaint. It was almost sickening. Now, Zell was walking to Seifer’s dorm room. It was around eleven. He had an hour to leave the garden, and was sure he wasn’t going to, which is why he had to launch his plan.

“So what do I do?” the girl asked, for maybe the fourth time.

“Just tell him that Dr. Kadowaki needs him and that it’s very important. Tell him that Xu sent you. Not me.”


“Rinoa, dammit. Seifer won’t listen to anything I say. Even if it’s important, he’ll scoff it off. You know that by now.”

“Yes. I understand. Okay. Here I go,” she said. As she walked away, Zell grinned. Oh, Rinoa. It’s a pity you and Squall never made it as a couple. You two are both naïve. Along with Seifer. You all deserve each other. He thought to himself as he watched Rinoa knock on the door. Seifer nodded, and listened, with Squall behind him. Seifer looked at Squall and nodded as he walked out, leaving Squall alone in the dorm. Seifer followed Rinoa to the infirmary as Zell walked out in front of Seifer’s door.

“Well, well. This is where we meet for the last time, my love,” he whispered as he punched in the door code. He had memorized it after watching Seifer enter the room once from his hiding place. He thanked God for a photographic memory. The door slid open and the slid closed behind him after he walked into the room. He grinned when he heard the electronic snick of the lock. Squall turned around, expecting to see Seifer, but instead laid his wide, unsuspecting eyes on Zell.

“Miss me?” he asked, as he began walking towards him. “I bet you did.”


“Shh, my love. Let me speak first.” Zell grinned as he pinned the taller boy against the wall. From his back pocket, Zell pulled out a small dagger and pointed it at Squall’s neck. “Why Seifer? Huh? Why? What is it about him that you have to leave me in the middle of the night, fuck him, and stay here until morning? Why do you do this to me?”

“Oh please. You make it seem as if you’re going to die without me.” Squall snorted, looking Zell straight in the eyes.

“No. That’s where you’re wrong. You’re the one that’s going to die without me.” Zell grinned as he threw Squall onto the bed, using not even a fourth of his strength. As soon as he saw Squall struggle to get up from the bed, Zell flew on top of him, dagger in hand. “Don’t move. Don’t you fucking move.” Zell scowled as he ripped off the white t-shirt Squall had on with his bare hands. Squall whimpered, helpless for the third time in his entire life as he felt the cold steel blade pressing against his neck and Zell’s hot, wet lips trail down his chest.

“Stop...” Squall breathed, almost scared to talk as he now felt his pants being violently unbuttoned and unzipped by expert hands. “Please...Zell...”

“You’re so beautiful, Squall. You know that?” Zell breathed as he shoved Squall’s pants and boxers off in one swift move, exposing his legs and his half-erect length. Squall closed his eyes, breathing heavily as he felt Zell’s weight disappear to be replaced with the sound of more clothes being discarded. When he opened his eyes again, he saw Zell completely naked, dominating him. “Oh, Squall. You don’t know how much you mean to me. How much I love you.” Zell whispered as he kissed a bitter trail from his neck to Squall’s lips. Zell then spotted the scar on Squall’s forehead and raised a hand to touch it.

“Zell...” Squall whimpered softly. His eyes were closed, but he could still sense his hand reaching for the scar that Seifer had marked him with.

“This scar...means so much to you, doesn’t it?” Zell whispered as he gazed at it. Squall only opened his eyes in response, silently pleading him to leave him alone. Zell looked at Squall briefly before he divulged his tongue and licked the scar with the very tip of his tongue, leaving a wet trail across the wound. Zell looked down at Squall again to see tears cascade slowly down his cheeks and soak his soft, auburn hair. “He can’t mean that much to you.”

“He does,” Squall snarled. “More than you’ll ever comprehend.”

“Maybe,” Zell spoke softly, before grinning. “But right now, my beloved, I don’t give a shit what you think about that prick.” Zell laughed as he positioned the head of his shaft against Squall’s opening and thrust in hard, ejecting a painful cry from Squall.

“Zell! Stop! Please!” Squall cried out as Zell began to agonizingly thrust in and out of Squall, satisfying only his pleasures.

“Oh, Squall, is this what you want? Is this how you like it? Tell me, dammit! Tell me what you want me to be!” Zell cried out, as he continued to thrust himself deeper into Squall, caught up in the moment of ecstasy. Squall’s cries of protests soon turned into whimpers and sobs, pleading Zell gently to stop the pain he was causing him. “All I wanted was you, Squall. Was to stop feeling so alone, and this is how you repay me? After sheltering you, loving you and protecting you from him? This is how you fucking repay me?!” Zell screamed as he inched closer and closer to his climax. He then leaned over until he was inches from Squall’s face. “You want to know how I feel?” Zell hissed as he thrust into Squall one more time. Squall moaned as he felt Zell pull out of him roughly and cover his scar in his seed.

Zell roared with laughter as he saw Squall’s eyes shine with fear as he sprawled up and cowered as close as he could to the wall. Zell gripped the dagger between his hands and raised it high above his head, focusing all his attention on Squall’s seed-covered face and not noticing as Squall’s hand dipped between the wall and the bed.

“And this, my love Squall, will be the last time you see the face of someone who truly loves you.” Zell laughed, and as he stabbed the air with his dagger, the grin on his face turned to fear as he felt a longer knife pierce into his abdomen. Zell looked up into two dark blue orbs, filled with anger and hate, which belonged to Squall.

“Goodnight, Zell,” Squall whispered as Zell collapsed onto the bed and closed his eyes for the last time. Squall stood up and stared down at Zell. The now, peaceful SeeD, lying on Seifer’s bed. He would always remember him, but he would never forgive him.

As he stared at Zell’s lifeless body, Squall sighed and touched Zell’s tattoo one last time. “It’s finally over.” He whispered before the door whizzed open.

“Squall!” Seifer cried out as he ran towards Squall, embracing the naked boy tightly. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. Now, I’m at peace,” Squall whispered into Seifer’s neck, ignoring the squad of campus security surrounding Zell’s nude, dead body and flashes of photography.

They had no one to fear anymore.

A figure, dressed in black leather pants, white muscle tee and a black jacket, stared at the block of cement without regret. As the boy held the yellow daisies that reminded him so much of Zell’s hair, he didn’t smile. His gray eyes traced Zell Dincht’s name that was engraved on the cement as the soft wind flew through his feathery hair.

“What happened to you?” Squall asked, addressing Zell’s soul. “I would have saved you but, then I think to myself, would I have wanted to?”

A soft wind blew in response. He kneeled over and set the daisies down in front of his gravestone and then stood again. “Goodbye, Zell Dincht. Take care. Wherever you are.” He spoke before turning his back and walking away from him for the final time.

“Ready?” Seifer asked as he entwined his fingers with Squall’s. Squall nodded and smiled. “So what did you say?”

“I just said goodbye. I guess you can say I officially released myself.”

“Always need to finish the job, huh?”

“Always. Especially this one.” Squall smiled, letting the cool wind caress his face. Seifer smiled as he looked at his true love.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I’m fine. In fact...this is the happiest I’ve ever been in such a long time.” Squall stopped walking as he squeezed Seifer’s hand gently. Seifer smiled as he brushed Squall’s porcelain cheek with his fingertips.

“So am I. And now, we can finally be together.” Seifer smiled and Squall nodded as they embraced each other and kissed, lovingly and gently, feeling free and content that they had each other again.

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