By Kumaguro

After Time Compression wore off, Zell and Seifer found themselves leading lives different from what they were used to. Zell had found an apartment in Balamb and Seifer moved to Dollet. No one seemed to express an interest in Seifer after what had happened. Zell, being the hopeless helpful that he was took it upon himself to entertain Seifer a little, making frequent visits to Dollet.

Finally, Zell invited Seifer over to his place for the casual cup of coffee. Seifer mannerly accepted. The two talked about old times, work, anything they could think of to keep from getting that awkward pause that usually comes before that awesome kiss. But not that it would happen... Seifer certainly didn’t seem gay, let alone interested in Zell. And like HELL Zell would make a move on Seifer! And risk getting smacked upside the face?

"You know what? It's been a while since I got laid."

"What's that have to do with me being here for coffee?"

Zell went behind Seifer and rubbed his neck.

"Just sayin'. I've been horny as sin and I have no way of getting off. And It sucks."

"So... what are you gonna do about it?"

"I dunno... I'll think of something..."

Zell let his hand trail down Seifer's chest.

"If you want your coffee cup, just ask. I'll hand it to you."


Seifer pulled out of Zell's hands and reached for Zell's cup. When he returned, he repositioned himself so that his back was not facing Zell. He handed him the cup.

"Ain't it cold? It's been an hour since you touched it."


Zell spilled some of the coffee on Seifer's thigh.

"Oh, shoot! I'm sorry." Zell said as he went back around the couch.

Seifer only jumped at the cold but was not upset about the stain. Zell grabbed a small towel and got to his knees.

"Hey, Zell, it's fine; it'll come out..."

"Yeah, but I needed a good way for you to let me get this close without you running away."

"What do you mean?"

Zell's hands reached for the top of Seifer's dress pants. Seifer's hand grabbed one of Zell's slender yet muscular forearms. The two locked eyes.

"Let it go."

"Make me." Zell defied.

The two had a staring contest before Seifer gave in and let Zell go. Zell smiled in satisfaction and opened Seifer's pants. Seifer began to pant, unsure of what Zell was doing. Zell pulled the taller boy's pants down, past his thighs and settled between his knees. Seifer stared down as Zell eyed the bulge in those dark grey boxers. The young blond put his fingers in the elastic and Seifer grabbed his arms again. The two looked at each other.

"Your body wants it... And I think you do too... Am I right?"

"So what if I do?"

"I wanna give it to you."

"Why? Why should I let you? Why should I believe you?"

"Just let me do it."

Another contest ensued and Zell rose victorious as Seifer pulled his eyes away and sighed. The younger boy pulled down Seifer's boxers, exposing the taller man's anxiety. Zell said nothing before he dove his mouth over his friend. Seifer gasped and shuddered, his erection growing in Zell's mouth.

"Zell, why?"

Zell didn't answer. He only brought his hands under his chin and massaged Seifer's jewels with his fingers. Seifer moaned loudly as he had nothing else he could do. Though he did put a hand on the back of Zell's head. Zell continued to bob over Seifer and teased with his tongue. Seifer layed his head back, taking in all the pleasure. He closed his eyes and moaned for Zell. Zell was heard chuckling. But the reverberations of his mouth over Seifer's muscle was also felt and well welcome. Seifer fell into a short spell of unconsciousness, yet he was conscious of the feeling of a young man on his private area.

"What am I doing? What is he doing??? Why did I let him? How does he know I-- What if he doesn't. What if he's--UHN!"

Seifer snapped back into reality, sitting forward. He removed his hand from Zell's hair.

"Zell, get off, I'm gonna come!"

Zell pulled away and looked at Seifer.


Then he went back down on Seifer. Seifer knew then that Zell wanted him to do it in his mouth and did so with a loud grunt. Zell eventually pulled up and wiped his lips with his knuckle.


"It's late... I don't wanna sound rude but you should leave me so that I can get to bed. I have a big morning, you know?"

"Um... Sure... can we talk sometime?"

"Yeah, I'll call you. In about a week, I have a night off."


The two went to the door. Seifer put his bottoms back on. When the two of them got to the door, Seifer faced Zell and looked at him warmly.

"So call me."

"I will."

Seifer put a hand behind Zell's neck and pulled him in for a kiss. Zell didn't seem to go with it. Whether it was nerves or disgust, Seifer didn't know so he pulled away.

"Sorry. I'll see you."

Seifer left and Zell closed the door behind him. He leaned against the door.

"He... kissed me..."

“Maybe he just did it ‘cause I... Maybe he thought I... Maybe I shouldn’t call. But I want to... C’mon, Zell, pull it together! Seifer only did it to thank you!! But he DID say to call him. But what if he expects me to... I don’t mind... Do I, don’t I?”

“Two weeks. Did I disgust him that much? What the hell happened?! It was so VIVID, how could I forget? Why isn’t he calling? He knows my number...”

The phone rang.


“You doing anything tonight?”

“Well, actually, I was planning on going out to see the posse.”

“Oh. Okay, then, I’ll call you some other time if it’s better.”

“Do you wanna come with?”

“No, I don’t wanna intrude. I’ll wait till you’re free.”

“Zell, if you wanna do something, I’ll change my plans. I haven’t seen you in a while. I’ve seen them today.”

“Whatever. You know where I live.”

Then Zell hung up his phone.

The clock struck 12.

“I guess he’s not coming then.” Zell told himself as he flopped on the couch.

He opened the front of his pants and reached a hand in. He massaged himself gently, moaning within his own space. He began reliving his ordeal with Seifer. Every second, every sensation... The very image brought him to a full erection. His moans became louder and his breathing erratic. He could imagine that it was Seifer holding him with his big, strong hands, massaging him into ecstasy. He was ready to release himself when the bell should ring at the door.

“I’m in bed! Go away!”

“Okay, well, g’night.”

“Seif-Seifer!” Zell shouted as he raced up from the couch and opened the door, hiding behind it.

“That’s just an excuse. Wanna come in?”

“You look like you’ve been busy. You sure you want me in?”

“I’m not begging you if that’s what you think.”

“Okay, then.” Seifer said as he entered.

Zell tucked himself into his pants as he closed the door. He led Seifer into the living room. The two sat opposite of each other.

“Can I get you anything to drink?”

“No, thanks. I had a couple beers.”

“Oh. So you did go out.”

“Just for a bit. Then I made my way here.”

“Oh. Cool.”

“You’re sitting kinda funny...”

“I’m fine...”

“Are you in pain?”

“Don’t look there.”

“Why not?”

Seifer got up and took off his jacket and gloves. He approached Zell and put a knee between the young man’s legs.

“What’s wrong with looking there? Are you... ashamed?”

Seifer seductively gazed into Zell’s eyes and rested a finger on Zell’s bulge.


“Don’t what?”

“Just don’t.”

“Okay, I won’t if you tell me why you... treated me then didn’t call.”

“I did it because I wanted to. There’s no other reason. Then I got freaked out when you kissed me.”

“You don’t think I was freaked out when you put my dick in your mouth?!”

“Look, I don’t like you in any special way! I just did it BECAUSE.”

“Because what?”

Seifer began rubbing Zell through his pants.


“That’s not a reason.”

Zell began panting.

“Are you... getting revenge or something?”

“No, I’m just doing it... because...”

Seifer slid his hand into Zell’s pants, massaging his heat. Zell began moaning for Seifer this time. Seifer smiled at Zell’s expression. The tattooed boy’s face was floored in ecstasy. Then his face strained and he clutched onto Seifer.

“I’m gonna shoot.”


Zell groaned in release, falling back on the couch in a deep exhale.

“I think you... should go.”

“Alright.” Seifer said as he removed his hand from Zell and stood up.

“You’re not even asking why?” Zell asked, a little offended that Seifer didn’t question him.

“No... Why would I? It’s not like we have feelings for each other... Maybe I just crossed a line. When you want to see me again, you’ll call me. Am I right? And if you don’t, I won’t mull over you. It’s okay.” Seifer professed as he put on his jacket.

Zell grabbed a shirt that was next to the couch and used it to wipe his stomach clean. He put himself back into his pants and stood up. Seifer turned around and his mouth was greeted by Zell’s. The two kissed for a few seconds before Seifer pulled away.

“I appreciate the thanks but...” He stopped.

He didn’t know how to finish that statement. He began to go to the door.

“Where are you staying tonight? Isn’t it a little far to walk back home? Are you getting a ride?”

“No, mom, I’m not going home and I don’t have a ride.”

“Where are you staying, then?”

“Have you seen how beautiful it is up on the hill? The weather is perfect to be sleeping outdoors tonight. I’ll go home tomorrow.”

“Wanna just stay here tonight?”

“No, thanks. I’m set. I’ll see you around.”

“Look, we don’t need to do anything, you can have the couch.”

“No, I want to sleep outside.”

“Tsk. Fine. I’ll call you sometime.”


Then Seifer was gone.

A short while later, Seifer made it to where he wanted to be. The view of the city lights was breathtaking. He swore he could see the lights of Esthar in the horizon. Then he went to the ground and used his arm as a pillow.

Hours later, Seifer was awoken by the sound of rustling, approaching him. He woke with a start and drew his GunBlade, not leaving his place. Sure enough, he saw a tall slim figure making its way towards him. He gripped his GunBlade tighter, unsure of when he should react. The beast made a screaming sound and fell. Then familiar grunts were heard as well as the jangling of chains as they whipped the monster to death. Seifer threw himself back into the grass and sighed. The victor went up to Seifer, masking the moonlight which glowed beautifully in that night.

“I’m not even going to ask.”

“I thought you might be cold.”

“I’m not. Like I said, it’s beautiful here.”

“Then it’s not safe.”

“Zell, what the FUCK do you want from me?”

“Your company, okay?!”

“So, why did you wait two WEEKS to call me?”

“I was nervous!”

“WHY would YOU be nervous!”

“I thought I could blow you ‘just because.’ Then you go off and kiss me! What the hell was I supposed to think?! I didn’t want a relationship, I wanted company!”

“Sure, and you’re the one to tell me to leave.”

“I didn’t want you to get the wrong idea.”

“So, what, Zell, you wanna fuck and run? No strings attached?”


“Then get your pants off and let’s go!”

Zell halted in shock.


“You backing out, now, Chicken-Wuss?”

“Uh, no... But you made me nervous.”

“C’mon, you’re not gonna be the one who needs the erection so either you plant yourself on me or you go home.”

“I’ll be good, I promise.”

“God, you make me horny, Zell.”

Zell’s insecurity disappeared like his clothing. He tore off his garments and proceeded closer to Seifer.

“There’s that happy erection I’m talking about...”

Zell collapsed of excitement. He landed himself on top of Seifer. He looked deeply into his eyes. Seifer was growling seductively. Zell silenced him with his mouth. Then he pulled away to undress the gorgeous boy under him. Soon Seifer was also naked. The two were on Seifer’s jacket which must have been used for their blanket. Zell sat back down on Seifer and the older man held the younger man’s torso in and pulled him down for a kiss. Zell hesitantly kissed then pulled away.

“Seifer, I... I don’t know if we should...”

“Too attached?”

“Yeah...” Zell replied nervously.

Seifer just smiled.

“Straddle me the other way.”

Zell did so, confused. Seifer pulled Zell’s hips into his face. The young blond moaned loudly when Seifer’s hot mouth was on his erection. Seifer took Zell in his mouth and Zell soon realized that he could do he same. He grabbed Seifer’s hard muscle and forced it down his throat. Seifer was so thrown off that he bit down on Zell. Zell was shocked enough that he did the same. But they both kinda liked it. Then the two worked into a bobbing rhythm, pleasuring each other. Zell knew he was ready to come and wanted Seifer to do it first. He increased his speed and sucking strength. Seifer did the same. Zell couldn’t handle the pleasure anymore. He removed his lips from Seifer and let out a groan as he released his excitement in Seifer’s mouth. Seifer sucked Zell clean then Zell turned to face him again.

“You give it so good!”

“Well, now let’s see how you take it.”

The boys kissed and Zell repositioned himself on top of Seifer’s manhood. Without much thought, he covered Seifer’s shaft with his small body. The two moaned of pleasure. Seifer grabbed Zell’s sides and rubbed him forcefully. The young man panted as he perched up and back down on the strong boy. Zell rocked in every direction on Seifer, bringing them both to near orgasm. Seifer grabbed Zell’s erection and stroked it gently. Zell moaned of pleasure. Seifer’s talented hand brought Zell to another orgasm. Zell collapsed on top of Seifer, pressing his lips to the older boy’s. Seifer went with it and pushed Zell away, panting heavily.

“C’mon, I really wanna get off.”

“Then do it inside of me. You’re not afraid, are you?”

Seifer shook his head, grabbed Zell in for a kiss and ejected himself within the younger man. Zell moaned loudly. Then he fell back down on to Seifer’s lips. Zell sat off of Seifer. The two cuddled.

“Wow.” Zell commented.

“Yeah, wow.”

“Can you believe it only took me 5 pages to get laid?”

“Yeah, not much of a story, huh?”

“I guess not. I wonder what Kuma-Chan is doing that she’s slipping.”

“Probably all that Urgent Symphony stuff.”

“Don’t poke fun. Terry’s awesome. And the comic IS pretty impressive.”

“Hai, hai.”

“Hey, Seif, we don’t have to do the relationship thing, right?”


“‘Cause I wanted this to just be a ‘because’ thing where we just do it... No strings.”

“Yeah... And we can do it... whenever.”

The two kissed then dozed off and woke up the next morning, trapped inside another adventure conceived by the brain power of Kumaguro. (May God save them)

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