Balamb Brothel

By Purple Penguin

Squall squirmed in front of the headmaster.

“Now Squall I was very disappointed to hear the sort of things that Galbadia garden had to say about us and rumours that this garden has became something of a brothel. I hope that is just rumour. Now I don’t understand how you managed things but I’m back now and some things have got to change around here.”

“Yes sir.”

“Gather the top seeds in classroom 2A will you? I want to see how far things have gone.”

“Yes Sir.” The brunette turned and walked into the lift, taking it down to the very bottom of garden. The lights in the basement were dim, lots of seeds had their businesses down there, all sorts of things got sold down there. Sex toys, magazines, porn videos, some people sold person photos, videos etc. There was a stage in the corner were various things took place, tonight was supposed to be strippers night but that had to cancelled since the headmaster’s return.

After discovering that the garden was full of very horny people not just the cadets but the staff and seeds too, Squall found there was a lot of money that could be made. With all the money that had been raised so far the garden had been able to have a swimming pool added and two lounges one for the seeds and one for the cadets. Everyone loved that Squall was in charge of them.

The brunette walked straight over to the stage and took the mic. “Can I have your attention please?”

Everyone stopped talking, working etc and looked up at Squall.

“It’s over! The headmaster’s back and it looks like he’s have to stay!”

The room was filled with groans of disappointment.

“Tone it down for a while, don’t let the headmaster see anything that goes on down here and I’ll see if I can get rid of him.”

He put the mic back and headed to the lift again. The magazine seller stopped him. “Will we have to stop business for good? What about stripper night?”

“I don’t now what’ll happen. All things like that have been put on hold for a while.”

He guy looked upset. “Will you buy a magazine for old times sake?”

“Sure.” The brunette brought two gay magazines and tucked them under his arm as he headed back up the lift.

Squall headed for the lounge, he had changed a lot since he took over garden. He had found out he was gay and sent Rinoa packing. He had a very close bond with his three best friends Irvine, Zell and Seifer. That bond probably had something to do with the fact that they had all had sex with each other at some point. He was close to his female friends too but not that close.

Squall entered the seed lounge to see the usual scene. Irvine cat in the arm chair near the window, Zell was sprawled over a bean bag in front of the TV and Seifer sat on one side of the sofa.

The cowboy smiled up at him. “Hey darling.”

The brunette leant on the back of the sofa and Seifer arms reached up to link his fingers with Squall’s. “Hey baby.”

Zell offered a loped sided wave from the floor. “Hey Squall.”

The brunette gave them a tight smile.

“What’s up? Something wrong?”

Squall walked around the sofa and landed in Seifer’s lap, leaning back on the strong chest of his best friend.

“The headmaster’s back.”

“No way!” Zell yelled. He struggled to get up, slipped on the bean bag and fell on his ass with a thud. Everyone winced. “No one help me up then.” He perched on one of the arms of Irvine’s chair.

“Cid knows what’s been going on and he’s not happy. If he stays we’re finished.”

“Oh and it’s stripper night too.” Zell winced.

“I had to cancel that.”

Selphie ran in. “Squall I just heard-” She paused seeing Squall in Seifer’s lap. “Awww aren’t you cute?”

“We’re not a couple Selphie we’re just friends.”

“...Who have sex.” Seifer added.

Squall gave him a look in warning.

“What? We do.”

“Well not last night.” He tone turned teasing. “He had something where to be”

“Don’t help Irvine’s ego he’s not better just desperate.”

The cowboy gave him the finger. “Funny because I didn’t hear you complaining.”

Squall tried to look sad. “And I was all alone last night.”

Zell looked up. “What? Squall was alone last night?” Dammit!”

They all laughed. “Too late Chickie.”

Selphie gigged. “Anyway was the headmaster mad?”

“Yeah he wanted to see all us top seeds in classroom 2A.”


“Yeah... Well in minute he can wait. Selphie can you go round everyone up please?”

“Yeah okay.” She turned to go but paused cooing over Seifer and Squall as the brunette tucked his head under the other’s chin and the blonde kissed his hair.

“Selphie? Today would be good.”

“I’m going.”

“We’ll go too.” Irvine pushed up and gestured for Zell to follow. “We’ll see you guys up there?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

By the time Seifer and Squall got there the others were already sitting down and wired up to some sort of machine.

The headmaster smiled. “Glad you could join us gentlemen. As you can see the others are all hooked up to lie detectors, I’m determined to find out how far things have gone and I need the truth from all of you. Please take your seats and I’ll hook you up.”

The couple shared worried looks but did as they were told.

“Right now everyone just listen to the questions and the machines will tell me if the answer is yes to any of the following.”

All ten of them looked at each other for a moment.

“Are any members of this garden prostitutes?”

Squall’s buzzer and some of the other’s buzzers went off.

“Have any of one ever sold yourselves for money?”


“Have any of you ever brought sexual material?”

All the buzzers went off.

“Have you brought this material from someone in this garden?”

Again all buzzers went off.

“Do acts of a sexual nature ever take place here for public entertainment?”

All buzzers went off.

Squall cringed with each question, each time he was getting closer and closer to being kicked out. His nightmare was coming true in less than a day he’ll be kicked and forced to live on the street as a common whore he was sure of it.

“Did any money from for the extension come from the sales of sexual acts or materials?”

All buzzers went off again.

The headmaster sat back. “Well that was very educational wasn’t it?”

Everyone cringed.

“Squall can I see you in my office please?” He left the room.

The brunette slumped on the desk. “I’m finished. Game over.”

Seifer put an arm around his shoulders and Zell and Irvine turned around to face him. “It may not be that bad.”

“How can it not? He knows everything.”

Squall left the classroom and headed straight for the headmaster’s office.

“Ahh Squall there you are. Do you know who these prostitutes are? I think they should leave it’s not a very good image for the garden.”

“Yes sir.”

“How much money do we make from this?”

“50,000 Gil a year sir.”

“Hmmm you know I think we should just tone it down a bit, not make it so obvious to the likes of Galbadia.”

“Y-You mean you don’t mind? Really? So I’m not fired then?”

“Of course not.”

The brunette grinned.

“Where are these sales taking place?”

“The basement.”

“I’ll have to go and have a look, you know just to keep an eye on things of course.” Hw turned to Squall “Dismissed.”

The brunette grinned in the elevator. He already wondering if Zell, Seifer and Irvine would be up for some celebratory sex.”

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