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By Kaerith


I woke up slowly. The first thing I saw was Squall Leonhart's tousled hair. I looked at the clock. Seven. I shrugged my shoulder a little. "Squall? Time to wake up." He opened his eyes, smiling when he saw me.

"I knew you would still be here."

"Morning, sweetie," The endearment made his smile widen. I kissed his forehead, and gently pushed him up. I stood and yawned, raising my arms above my head. Squall looked at the skin of my belly I had expposed.

"Can I see your scars, Seifer?" he asked softly.

I raised my eyebrows in surprise. "Why?" I asked while I pulled off both shirts. I fidgeted a bit while he looked at my chest and arms. The scars contributed to why I thought Squall wouldn't love me. They were proof of my depression and despair.

"Why were you afraid of letting me see them?"

I shrugged. "I thought you wouldn't love me after I showed you how much I hate myself."

He stepped closer, removing his cuffs. "You still love me despite these, right?" He displayed the white lines.

"Of course I do."

"Why wouldn't I feel the same way?" He raised a hand to my bullet scar, tracing the scar lightly with a finger before kissing it. My nipples hardened as he covered every scar with kisses, as if the touch of his lips could heal them They did, in a way. In my imagination I saw the scars disappear and felt lighter. I gently lifted his wrists to my lips and kissed them away.


I sat down with Quistis and Zell. "Hey, Zelly, where's Squall?"

"I dunno," he said between bites of sausage. "And don't call me that!"

"You know!" I declared, pointing at Quistis. She wiped off her smirk and feigned innocence.

"Why would I know, Selph?"

"Here they come," Zell said. I turned. Squall and Seifer were walking over to the table. I squealed when I saw they were holding hands.

"You two finally got together!" I danced happily. "I knew you'd make a cute couple!"

"Wha-" Zell's eyes widened as he spit out chewed waffle. "This is a surprise to me."

I patted Zell on the head. "Poor Zell. Don't like the waffles?"

Seifer smirked. "Go back to eating your wieners, Chicken."

"I'll leave that to you two, thanks." Zell teased. "But don't call me Chicken!"

"I'll try, Chi-" Seifer's response was interrupted by Squall's lips. Instead, he closed his eyes and kissed back.

"WOOO-HOOO!" I yelled, and danced around. Quisty and Zell joined in my cheering. I noticed we had the attention of the whole cafeteria once again.

"Love you, Squall."

"Love you, too… Kevin."

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