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A World Apart

Chapter 2

By Zen

Seifer was already having a bad day and he hadn't even been there an hour. First he'd found out that he was on probation and wouldn't graduate unless he showed some improvement in his grades, and then, when he looked up his class schedule, he'd had the misfortune to discover that that bitch Rinoa was in every last one of them.

'What does this world have against me? I try, I really do, but whatever I do isn't good enough to...UMPH!'

Seifer glanced down at the person who ran into him, his frown dissipating as he took in the sight. 'Wow...what a smile, she's beautiful. And those eyes, you could drown in those eyes...' His reverie was short-lived, however, quickly broken by the soft apology given by the other student, which revealed that SHE was actually a HE.

'Great, as if this day couldn't get any worse, I was about to make a move on a guy!'

Angrily, he stalked down the hall and slammed his fist into an open locker door, smashing it closed from the impact and leaving a nice dent for the person who would next occupy it.

Everyone moved out of his way, most with fear in their eyes – he couldn't say that he didn't like it, because he did, but not for the reason that everyone thought. Instead, it kept them from getting close enough to realize just how scared he was.

His whole miserable life up to this point had been a walking nightmare. A drunken father who beat him every chance he got, which lately was just about everyday, and a whore of a mother that would sleep with anyone she could, provided they paid the rent. All he ever wanted was a loving family and a good home – instead he got this.

Stepping outside, Seifer lit a cigarette, knowing full well that he'd get detention for it if he got caught, but anything was better than going home. He just didn't want to do that anymore – nobody cared and nobody was going to make it change.

His mind wandered back to the smile he'd been given, it had just been a damn smile but it had lit up his world, and for a moment he'd been beautiful. Beauty for him was a something of an oddity, everything around him was always ugly or dirty or cheap...there was no beauty to be seen anywhere. And yet, he'd still recognized it when he saw it for the first time – in another guy. The irony of that was not lost on him.

He'd thought he knew what beauty was when he first saw Rinoa. She was pretty, and smart too, which was why at first he didn't understand what she saw in him, but he realized soon enough – he was a way to make her father angry. She had used him, and then laughed with all her friends afterwards. God, how he hated that bitch. She'd made him feel like life might be worth living after all, only to then take that hope and smash it into a million unrecognizable pieces...

The first bell rang, startling him from his thoughts. He stubbed out his cigarette with the tip of a steel-toed boot, grinding it furiously into the concrete. There would be no detention today, unless he started a fight or he got caught at lunch, either way it made no difference.

His off-white trench coat sailed out behind him as he made his way to his first class, daring anyone to get in his way.


(End Chapter Two)




A/N: A short Chappie but I had to put Seifer's POV into things.... Hope you like and Review!

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