A Tragic Tale

By Redrum

"No!" Squall screamed as he saw his best friend lying in the corner of the room, blood oozing from his wrists. The boy in the corner of the room lifted his head wearily, golden hair covering his beatiful tear streaked face. Squall ran over to the blond taking of his belts he tried to stop the blood flow. Proving useless, he took the blond in his muscular arms and tried not to weep.

"Zell, how could you do that?" He asked the boy. "Please don't leave me." Zell looked up, sky blue eyes meeting storm clouded ones. Just seeing the sadness on his best friends face, broke the dam. As silent tears streamed down Squall's face. "No.. one.. cares.. N..No one will.. miss. me." Zell choked his words out, each breath he took could prove to be his last. "I care. Your friends care. Everyone cares about you. I'll-We'll all miss you." Squall couldn't manage to finish the sentence as heart retching sobs took over his whole body.

"Please, don't cry for me. I've lived my life to the fullest, but now that I see someone cares.. it's too late to do anything about it. I loved having you as a best friend Squall you mean a lot to me."

"No!" Squall screamed as his closest friend in the world shuddered and took his last breath of life. "I'll miss you, Squall. Please don't blame yourself." Sky blue eyes closed, and there ended the life of Zell Dinct. Loved and cared for by all.

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