Author's notes: I am writing alternate endings for this one... And it's not finished so I'm not yet completely satisfied with it. Also, I'm a little disappointed that the direction is shifting from what I initially had planed, though this is more elaborate and I guess it's nicer... oh, well, let's ye be the judge, ne?

A Taste of Your Own Medicine

By Kumaguro

“I’m gonna start going with you.” Seifer huffed as he pressed a cool cloth into Squall’s swollen, bloody lip.

“No, just ignore this. It won’t happen again.”

“How do you say that? It’s the third time it’s happened this month and it’s only the 5th!”

“Seifer, you don’t understand! I just wanna go out! And when I go, he’s always there.”

“Then find a new way to get home. I don’t wanna see you bleeding all the time.”

“But you see me more this way.”

Seifer took his hands away from Squall and glared at him.



Squall lay down on his stomach and Seifer put his hands on his shoulders, massaging him.

An hour later, Seifer got up off of Squall’s bed and grabbed his jacket. He tossed the bloody bandages in the waste basket next to Squall’s night stand.

“Thank you again.”

“No sweat.” Seifer said as he left the room, closing the door behind him.

Squall sighed and lay back on his bed, his bare torso exposed to the crisp night air. He sighed again with a smile forming at his lip.

The next night, Squall went back to that club in Balamb and had a few drinks before deciding to head home. Like he had every previous night, Squall went in the direction of that dark alley between the club and another building. Seen dimly in the lamp light, a boy was leaning against the wall, his back to it, his arms crossed, his head down, his eyes closed, his smile... incredible.

“How come you keep coming this way?”

“Because it’s quicker to get home.”

“Yeah, right... You waste all that time getting stopped...” The mysterious boy started as he slid out of the light, walking toward Squall. “Is it that you never learn? Or would you like to be taught a lesson?”

Squall could feel his heart thump. The boy approaching him was shorter but he radiated of confidence.

“I just wanna go home.”

The blond, spiky-haired boy scoffed.

“You guys hear that? Pretty-boy here wants to go home.”

The blond’s friends laughed. The boy grabbed the back of Squall’s hair and looked him deep in the eyes. Squall was mesmerized by his exotic tattoo and his stunning blue eyes. His kind vision was destroyed when he felt the blond boy shake him harshly.

“Must be NICE to have a place to call home, huh? Bet you got it good where you come from.”

“You have no idea–“

“Well, fuck you!” The blond yelled, forcing Squall into a wall behind him. “You’re right, I HAVE no idea!” He approached Squall. “Because no one would EVER take in the little guy at Balamb Garden!”

“Is this what all this is about? You wanna become a SeeD?”

The blond pushed Squall into the wall by the neck, keeping his hand there. His other hand came up, a small blade protruding from a pocket knife. Squall gasped at the grace that the knife travelled and the look on that boy’s face. The boy smiled, sending chills down Squall’s spine.

“How much money you got on you?”

“20 gil.”

“I’ll take it.”

Squall reached his hands down to his front pant pockets when he was nudged closer into the wall.

“Don’t even try it. I’LL get it.”

The blond reached into Squall’s front pocket. He shuffled the fabric once his hand slid inside. He fumbled but there was nothing. He looked at Squall angrily and tried his other pant pocket. Still, there was no luck. Squall could see the boy’s eyes turn into daggers as he ripped his hand out of Squall’s other pocket. He took his hand and forced Squall’s neck into the wall.

“You’re gonna fuckin’ owe me if you don’t hand over that money!”

“It was supposed to be in my pocket. I guess I dropped it or something!”

The boy threw Squall into the open and went in for an attack. He kicked Squall’s chin up, forcing the brunette to fall back. Then he got up and got a good look at the blond boy.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t be coming back this way.”

“Yeah, well, if you were me, you’d know that there was no point to thinking twice.” Squall said coldly as he walked away, never looking back.

The blond boy could only wonder what he meant. He dismissed it and walked off with his friends.

“Yo, Z, how come you only rough up that guy, there?” The blond boy’s friend asked.

“I dunno... I guess just ‘cause he reminds me of someone.”


“Good question. And as long as he keeps coming this way at night, I might be able to figure it out.”

Squall made it back to his room, somewhat struggling to take off his jacket.



“How did you figure?”

“You must be some glutton for punishment, Squall, that’s all I can say.”

Squall walked toward Seifer who was sitting on Squall’s bed. Seifer had rubbing alcohol in his hand as well as a small towel.

“I only bit my lip a bit and he kicked me upward from my chin.”

“So he has some martial-artistic skill, then?”

Squall sat in front of Seifer. Seifer put down his bottle of alcohol and opened a small tube of ointment. He opened it and dabbed some on his finger. He then raised it to Squall’s lip.

“Yeah. He moves like the wind. He’s so graceful.”

“And what does this mean to me? That you might be liking this boy?” Seifer asked, putting his finger inside the bottom part of Squall’s pink lips.

“Cold. Stings.” Squall complained in a somewhat whiny tone.

“It’ll numb the pain.”

After Seifer got it in, he withdrew his finger. But before he could, Squall wrapped his lips around it and sucked lightly, taking all the ointment with it. The boys met eyes. Seifer took his finger back.

“Why do you do this to me?”

“I dunno. I just feel silly when I’m alone with you.”

Seifer repositioned himself as Squall layed himself back on his bed after kicking off his boots. Seifer put all of the treatment things on the floor and straddled himself over Squall. He took off his heavy trench coat and lightly placed his hands on Squall’s collarbone. Squall winced.

“Where does it hurt?”

“It’s tight right up in my neck. Below my jaw.”

Seifer lightly probed Squall’s neck and found the spots that needed relaxing. He applied gentle pressure that warmed Squall’s aching muscles. Squall closed his eyes and tilted his head back to make Seifer’s access to him easier. Seifer could feel Squall purring in his embrace. He wanted to do a few other things but forced himself to keep on task. It only got harder for him to concentrate when Squall began to moan of pleasure and Seifer had turned his massage down to Squall’s neck and shoulders. Squall seemed to enjoy the whole ordeal. And eventually, he, with the help of Seifer, removed his shirt and pants then Squall turned on is front, allowing Seifer to continue his invigorating massage on Squall’s entire back. He could feel his own bones popping back into places that caused his body to sigh of bliss. He was so relaxed.

“Mmm.. Seifer, you are a god.” Squall mumbled, his speech slurred by lack of effort and the fact that his pillow was crammed in his face.

Seifer said nothing and continued his massage for several minutes. In time, Squall stopped moaning of bliss. The only sound that could be heard in that room was that of Squall’s light breathing. An hour had gone by that Squall was now asleep. Seifer leaned down, holding onto Squall’s shoulder and kissed the trunk of Squall’s neck. Then he got up, off of Squall and grabbed his coat. The door quietly opened and closed and Seifer was gone.

Squall woke up with the most invigorating feeling he’d experienced in a while. He sighed as he stretched, his eyes closed, his lip in a smile. He opened his eyes and looked at his alarm clock. It was time for him to get up.

Later on, he met Seifer in the cafeteria for breakfast. He was sitting at their usual table and watched for Squall as he approached the table with his breakfast in hand.

“So, how did you sleep?”

“Phenomenally.” Squall said as he took his seat. “Your hands are a gift.”

“Well, I’m glad you enjoy them.”

“So, how did YOU sleep?”

“I didn’t. Just trained.”

“You know, that isn’t healthy.”

“Well, neither is smoking but you never seem to wanna rant about that one.”

“I will one day.”

“So, tell me about this boy.” Seifer directed as he lift his orange juice to him lips.

“Not much to say, I think. He’s obviously got some issues. And I think he applied to become a SeeD cadet. From what I got from him, he’s jealous.”

“And you say that’s nothing? Garden turns its back on so many people. There isn’t enough room as it is. We’ll all be sharing rooms within the next few months in order to change the fact that Kramer will be taking almost all new applicants.”

“Well, except you.”

“Well, that’s what you get when you’re the founder of the Disciplinary Committee.”

“You don’t accomplish much when everyone’s doing as they’re expected.”

“Hence, I train.” Seifer smiled.

“You wanna take me along sometime?”

“To what?”

“Train. I wanna learn your stuff so I can hold up better against that guy.”

“Just fight him back.”

“I only learned to fight with magic and my GunBlade. I’d kill him.”

“Oh, I see your point. Yeah, sure we can train together. Provided that you aren’t gonna be going out, of course.”

“Okay, I’ll make time.”

“You’re going back, aren’t you?”


Seifer smirked.


And of course, Squall went back to the club and sat at the bar. Later, he left the scene and made his way to the alley where he again saw the blond boy with the tattoo. The boy advanced to Squall and his friends did as well.

“You know, if we’re gonna keep meeting like this, I should at least get your name.”

“Why? So you’ll know what to scream when I fuck you from behind?”

The boy’s friends grabbed Squall and held his arms tightly behind him, making it impossible for him to move.

“It’s no business of yours what my name is. Yours on the other hand, I wouldn’t mind having.”

“The same goes to you. I’m without a name.”

“You wanna play that game?” The boy asked, his face in Squall’s. “‘Cause I love games.”

Squall looked away and felt a gloved hand with bare fingers run under his shirt. He looked at the boy who was focussed on his task. He smiled mischievously as he touched a sharp pendant within the shirt.

“Well, well, what’s this?” The boy stated as he took his hand out of Squall’s shirt and took the necklace off, over his head.

“No, please. That was a gift. It’s very special to me.”

The friends let Squall go. The boy put the necklace over his neck.

“You wanna try to get it FROM me?”

“No, but I want it back.”

“Oh really?” The boy asked, pulling Squall in by the collar of his shirt. He put his mouth next to Squall’s ear. “Then you’ll have to come back tomorrow and get it from me.”

“‘Kay.” Squall whispered.

The boy pushed Squall away and left with his friends. Squall watched the blond boy and wondered what he had planned next.

“....Well, at least he didn’t hit me.” Squall thought as he walked home.

When Squall made it back to his room, Seifer followed right behind him.

“You’re back early.”

“I didn’t drink tonight.”

“You look in good shape. No one bug you tonight?”

“He took my Griever.”

“Oh, shit–“

“He told me to go back and get it tomorrow.”

“You’re fuckin’ retarded, aren’t you? You know what he’s gonna do?”

“No, but I want my Griever back.”

“I’m gonna go with you.”

“No, you’re not.”

“You think you can stop me?” Seifer said defiantly, approaching Squall.

“I’ll let you kiss me if you wait for me.”

Seifer softened, almost recoiling, looking childishly young and embarrassed. He blushed as he heard his own words and his voice breaking.

“You promise?” Seifer said, looking away.

“Yeah, but you have to promise not to follow me.”

Seifer looked up at Squall, smiling sillily and happily.

“Okay, then, I’ll wait for you.”

“In the mean time, you wanna rub my back?”

Seifer smiled again.


Squall proceeded to take off his jacket and Seifer advanced, tucking his fingers at the edge of Squall’s shirt. The two of them lifted Squall’s shirt up and Seifer tossed it aside. Squall let his hands back so that Seifer could be the one to free him from his pants this time. After they made it past Squall’s hips, his pants were discarded and the gentle brunette was laid down on his bed and Seifer promptly straddled him. Squall lay on his back and Seifer hovered over him at arm’s length. The two looked at each other like old friends, like lovers. But then Seifer closed his eyes and turned his head away.


Squall turned around so he was on his stomach.

“I’m sorry, Seifer, it’s just kinda... you know... odd that we would know each other for so long only for you to tell me, ‘yeah, I’m gay and I’ve been in love with you for years.’”

“Well, don’t make me regret that I told you.” Seifer said as he put his hands on one of Squall’s shoulders.

“I won’t.”

There was a lingering silence even as Seifer massaged Squall’s shoulders.

“If you don’t mind me asking, when did you fall in love with me?”

“Well, it’s kinda hard to tell... I think that my fondness just grew for you as we grew up together. So close, we never kept secrets... The fact that our rivalry never interfered with our friendship... The silly way you’re always trying to be better than me...”

“Not better, the same.”

“You wouldn’t wanna be the same as me, Squall.”

“But then I could have your wonderful hands...” Squall said sleepily.

Squall yawned. It was obvious to Seifer that Squall would be falling asleep on him soon so he wouldn’t get into any big conversations.

“Physically, how would you say this guy looks?”


“How so?”

“....He’s exotic... Got a tattoo...”

“Oh. How does that look?”



“.....Sexy.” Squall pushed past his throat as he moaned and turned his head to the other side. His eyes never opened.

“G’night, Squall.”

“Night, Seifer.”

“I love you.” Seifer whispered in Squall’s ear.

“I know.” Squall smirked, never opening his eyes.

That worked out well for Seifer so Squall didn’t see the disappointed look on Seifer’s face when he didn’t get the response he wanted.

An hour later, Seifer left Squall’s room after kissing him on the cheek again.

The next night, Squall went back to the club. But this time, instead of going in, he waited for the mysterious boy to show up.

“You came early.”

“I was more motivated to come here anyway.”

The blond boy approached Squall, sporting the Griever necklace around his neck.

“Where are your friends?”

“I told them not to come.”

“How come.”

“‘Cause you’re none of their business.”

“What, and I’m yours?”


“What do you want from me?”

The boy pushed Squall into the wall behind him. He pressed his body close to his, limiting his movement.

“I think the question is; ‘what do you want from me.’ You came back to get your precious lion but you would keep coming back anyways. Why?”

Squall was silent.

“Answer me.”

“.........You... fascinate me.”

“Oh, really.”

“Yeah... You’re so unique from anyone I’ve ever met. Your personality and your tattoo...”

“You a faggot?”


“You want your jewellery back?”


The boy walked back until his back met with the wall behind him.


Confused, Squall did so. He was immediately jerked in by the jacket and his lips were harshly pulled into the boy’s. Startled, Squall tried to pull away but the boy just tried harder to keep him there and won. Squall gave up trying to fight and went along with the kiss. His pulse raced. He was so nervous and it felt so wrong but at the same time... good, different. Squall had never kissed a guy before and this mysterious boy was a good start. AND he was a GREAT kisser! Squall’s breathing became more laboured and he could feel that the boy’s was as well. The flow of his blood started to head south and Squall knew this would be a problem. He reached for the front of his pants only to feel the blond boy’s hand on himself already and his hand shifting to grab Squall’s hand. Squall’s hand was taken and pressed against the boy’s...

“Oh my god! My hand is on his dick!” Squall thought.

The blond’s hand forced Squall’s to massage him through his jeans while he was still being pulled in to kiss him. Then the exotic male slipped his tongue into Squall’s mouth, sending him waves of new sensations that Squall’s body took in like a new drug, unsure how to respond to it. The more Squall fell into the kiss, the more his hand fell into the boy as well. A loud moan emerged from the boy to fill Squall’s mouth. The moan was replied to with an equally arousing moan but after Squall let out his sigh of passion, he was thrown away from the tattooed boy and he looked at him fearfully while breathing heavily. Squall did the same.

“I’m not doing this to please you. It’s supposed to hurt you.”

“You DID hurt me.”

“Good.” The blond stated as he wiped his lips. “Now, get out of here before I make it a physical hurt.”

Squall took that as a hint to get home.

When he made it back to his room, Seifer was waiting again with medical supplies beside him.

“You look horny.”

“You didn’t follow.”

“Well, you don’t look hurt... So I guess it’s okay that I believed you would kiss me.”

Squall sat next to Seifer on his bed.

“No, Seifer, I won’t kiss you. What I promised was that YOU could kiss ME.”

“How long do I have?”

“Three minutes.”

“Okay.” Seifer agreed as he started to peel off Squall’s jacket and shirt.

“What are you doin’, eh?”

Seifer looked up at Squall.

“I don’t wanna waste a single second that my lips can be on you.”

“What does that have to do with my shirt?”

“Well, you didn’t tell me where I could kiss you. I figured I could ‘play naive’ and kiss you where I wanted. Unless you’re protesting, then I won’t...”

“I’m not protesting.”

Squall’s shirt was lifted and he felt a sharp bang on his chest. His Griever was back.

“How odd.”

“Hmm?” Seifer mumbled as he removed his own shirt.

“It’s back.” Just then, Squall noticed his ring missing. “Christ!”


Squall thought about telling Seifer that his ring was missing. That meant that he would have to go back to see that boy and get it. He was well-rewarded for listening to him when he told him to go back the last time... A smirk washed over his face then he snapped back to reality.

“Nothing. It’s nothing. Now kiss me.”

“With pleasure...” Seifer drawled as he walked his hands around Squall’s body, bringing his lips closer to Squall. “I know you wanna do it so just do it. If I know that you do for sure, I won’t get carried away.”

Squall smiled and set his watch. Seifer waited for the beep to gently press his lips into Squall’s mouth. He took in the younger man’s lips and suckled on them as he pushed him onto his back, never breaking contact with him. As Seifer slowly lift his mouth from Squall’s, he grinned as he looked into Squall’s eyes, still keeping his tongue touching Squall’s which was playing with his. Seifer ran the flat of his hand down Squall’s side, starting from his underarm, pulling his hand down to his waist. Seifer used his grip to pull Squall’s body in, taking his tongue from Squall’s hot orifice to his hard, protruding nipple. He nursed the flesh for a few seconds before trailing his tongue back to Squall’s mouth. Seifer settled himself comfortably over top of Squall and kissed him again, Squall joining in a play battle of tongue wrestling. Seifer moaned softly into Squall’s mouth, Squall exchanging the tone. Seifer moaned louder and buried his tongue in the far back area of Squall’s mouth. Squall moaned of bliss. Seifer tried his hardest to be as close to Squall as he could when he heard the piercing beeping of that watch. Seifer pulled away disappointed with a groan and grunt of anger.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Seifer...” Squall halted Seifer from further moving away by placing his hand under Seifer’s chin, directing his eyes to face him. “YOUR time’s up, not mine.”

Seifer gazed into Squall’s eyes and he was now the one being dominated. Squall laid him down on his back and straddled him. He leaned in and sucked Seifer’s lips then pecked small kisses down to Seifer’s own hard nipples. Seifer pushed a desperate moan past his lips and Squall forced even sexier sounds from his partner after that. He swirled his tongue around Seifer’s flesh, pinching the sides of his torso in an attempt to pull him in closer. Seifer’s body arched into the sensation.

“Oh, god, Squall, what did you I do to deserve such pleasure?”

Squall’s tongue ran up from in between Seifer’s pecs, up to his neck then his lips fell on Seifer’s, barely making contact.

“It’s not what YOU did... It’s what *I* wanna do for me.” Squall said as he smiled and leaned his lips into Seifer, sucking slightly. Then he came up and Seifer wanted to follow. “You taste so good. You taste so sweet. I wanna... Wow...”

Seifer smiled.

“You didn’t drink.”


“You meet him?”

“Yeah. He gave it back.”

“He didn’t hit you or anything?”

“No... But he... Oh, never mind...” Squall blushed.

“Thank you for letting me kiss you.” Seifer said to avoid any awkward silences.

“Thank you for keeping your promise. You wanna keep that same promise for tomorrow night?”

“Tomorrow? Why? What’s gonna happen tomorrow?”

“Oh, I dunno... I just wanna know that you won’t follow me and then I can taste your lips when I come home.”

“Then I promise. I’ll wait for you so I can kiss you. Do I get four minutes next time?”

“Sure. Though, I still feel the best things in life come in intervals of three.”

Seifer smiled. Squall laid down on his stomach and folded his arms in front of him, resting his head on them. Seifer straddled over Squall’s legs and started running his hands up and down Squall’s back. Soon Squall felt something else running up and down his back that wasn’t a finger. It felt warm and wonderful.

“That tickles.” Squall giggled.

Seifer licked his spine and went as far down as he could until he met with Squall’s pants then he kissed the flesh and went back up to massage Squall’s back. An hour later, Squall was asleep. Seifer covered the object of his affection in a sheet and left to go to his room.

The next night, Squall went straight for the alley. The boy was there waiting for him.

“You’re mighty early.”

“I figured I’d be the one to wait for you to come. It’s the way it should be.”

“How come?”

“‘Cause I said so.”


“So, come on.”

Squall advanced to the demand. The boy pulled Squall in by the jacket and looked at him, examining his lips and features. His eyes seemed to grow hungry. Squall could feel the boy’s grip drop from his jacket to his waist, pinching him, pulling him in closer.

“I brought money. Can I buy you a drink?” Squall asked, his lips brushing the boy’s.

“I don’t want a drink.” The boy said, his lips brushing back.

“Then what do you want?” Squall asked again, his hand reacquainting with the boy’s jeans.

The boy put his hands on Squall’s face, holding it close to his.

“Well, I don’t want YOU to want it...”

“I don’t want it. I only want my ring back.”

The boy grinned and pulled Squall’s mouth into his own, suckling his supple lips. Squall leaned in close to the boy and massaged him deeper. Squall felt a firmness in his grip and he understood that he had to be gentler but there was little he could do to fix that. The boy took Squall’s hand away and unzipped his fly. His strong gloved hands grabbed Squall’s bare hand and forced it into...

“He didn’t–“ Squall’s thought was interrupted when his mouth was ravaged again by the boy whose fangs dug into Squall’s lips.

His mouth couldn’t coordinate well with his hand given the new circumstances so he cupped the fanged boy and just kissed with him. Once he’d settled into a no-brainer, fantastic kiss, Squall stroked the boy with his middle finger, starting at the base and reaching his fingertip to the blond’s tip. The blond moaned loudly into Squall’s mouth. The sound was not returned. Squall figured that if he lead on that he enjoyed the ordeal, the blond boy would stop doing what he was doing. And he didn’t want him to?

Squall stroked using a few fingers at a time, running them from the base to the tip, each time, drawing more blood and more cries from the tattooed wonder. The blond uncontrollably sucked in Squall’s lips forcefully, causing all the blood in his lips to start surfacing Squall had to pull away.

“I’m not finished with you.”

“You started to hurt me.”

“So? It’s not my intention to be nice about it, if that’s what you think.”

“I know. So, I’ll see you tomorrow, then? And buy you that drink.” Squall said, pulling away, putting his ring back on and straightening his jacket.

“Yer fuckin’ leaving me like this, you little shit?”

“Like what?”

“I’m gonna get fucking blue balls ‘cause of you! God, did no one ever show you how to jerk off properly?!” The boy whined as he leaned himself back into the wall, desperately trying to relieve himself.

Squall approached the boy and looked down at his problem.

“I’ll help you if you tell me your name.”

“That’s blackmail.”

“Fine, then I won’t help you.” Squall said as he began to walk away.

“Wait!” The boy panted.

Squall turned around.

“Please. I’ll tell you if you help me.” The boy pleaded.

Squall knew that the boy needed help. He walked back up to the boy and wrapped his fingers around him. He slowly went down, pushing his weight into the wall with his free hand so he could guide the flesh to track a glistening line from Squall’s navel to his nipple where he made the tip rub against his hardened nub. Squall looked up at the boy.

“You know what I want to hear.”

The boy panted. Squall positioned himself to his knees. He held the boy’s sword of flesh and suggested he would put his mouth on it with his facial gestures. The blond anticipated assistance and knew what he had to do to feel released.

“It’s Zell. My name is Zell!”

“Mmm... Pretty exotic name for such an exotic boy.”

“Okay, so now you can suck on it!”

“Don’t you wanna know MY name, Zell?”

“You can tell me tomorrow when you buy me that drink.”

Squall smirked and put his lips over the tip of the throbbing organ. The blond groaned of frustration. He knew that he could be heard throughout the alley but he didn’t care anymore. There was a brunette, a BOY sucking on his most precious piece.

“Oh, my god, what am I DOING? Am I actually doing it?!?!” Squall’s thoughts darted to his actions.

The blond’s moans of pleasure were answer enough that what Squall was doing was right and he didn’t seem to mind it. Every time he got to see the blond boy was a good one, regardless of what happened. Squall dropped the muscle from his lips.

“I’m straight!” Squall screamed.

“Me, too, don’t worry, I won’t tell.” Was the blond’s response as he held on to Squall’s shoulder and inserted himself into Squall’s mouth.

“That was good but you didn’t go far enough.”

Squall understood but he didn’t have a chance to argue when the blond pushed him onto himself completely, actually forcing Squall to choke and gag with no chance to breath until the blond pulled out slightly then back in and so on. Squall felt that he was being violated and used. Then he remembered that that was what he should be feeling with this boy. Especially if Squall shouldn’t be enjoying it for himself or that boy. But he did. Then he was pushed away with a chance to suck off the tip once more. He could taste Zell’s pleasure. It tasted good. He licked his lips in anticipation to taste more.

“Ii ko da.” Zell mumbled as he reached to finish himself off.

Squall watched Zell wrap his hand around his shaft and jerk quickly back and forth. He watched small amounts of fluid fall from the small opening and to the ground. He didn’t want to waste the creamy sweetness. He stopped Zell’s hands from what they were doing and he dragged his tongue from Zell’s base to his tip, gesturing what he had been doing with his fingertips.

Zell groaned as he released everything into Squall’s mouth. Squall gagged back what he couldn’t hold in his mouth and tasted the rest. Zell lift Squall up off of his knees and lift his face to meet his.

“Swallow.” Zell whispered.

Squall did so and Zell pulled him in for a kiss. Zell’s mouth felt cold compared to his heat from below but it was sensational. Zell swept his tongue inside of Squall’s mouth before pushing him away slowly. He gazed into Squall’s crystal blue eyes, gave him one last kiss and walked away, putting himself back into his jeans. Squall shuddered and walked home.

Seifer followed Squall into his room. Squall immediately began stripping his clothes off.

“How come you’re all smiles?”

“I’m just horny.”

“Well, yes, I can see that.”

Squall stripped down to his underwear. He removed them as well. Seifer looked away, blushing.


Squall approached Seifer and grabbed his jacket. He began disrobing his friend instantly.

“Squall, what is getting you off?”

Squall removed Seifer’s shirt and began tugging at his belt.

“I only get the foreplay.” Squall replied “You get me off.” He whispered into the slit of Seifer’s lips.

Seifer made certain not to kiss Squall yet. His lips fully retracted when he felt his pants hit the floor.

“I’m dirty. I need to take a shower then I’m going straight to bed. If you still wanna kiss me, you’ll have to join me.” Squall said as he went into his small bathroom.

Who was Seifer to argue? Of course he followed Squall in and removed the rest of his apparel. Squall hopped in the shower and waited for Seifer to enter after him to close the door. Squall turned to Seifer and the boys held each other, looking into each other’s eyes.

“I don’t know what that boy does to you but I think I’m starting to like it.”

“That’s good, ‘cause so am I. So, kiss me now.”

“Yes, master.” Seifer said mockingly as he leaned his lips into Squall’s, sucking gently under the hot jets of the water.

After a few minutes of one amazing kiss, Seifer slowly pulled away.

“Are you... thinking of switching teams or something?”


“For.. HIM?”

“Don’t worry, Seifer, if I did, I would also make you one of my guys.”

Seifer felt himself getting hard at that suggestion.

“Oh, god.”

Squall looked down and assessed the problem.

“Looks like you need a hand with that...” Squall suggested as he stroked Seifer’s shaft.

“Mnnn– Don’t– Not unless you plan to finish–“

Squall seized Seifer’s lips and held him closely. Seifer put his arms around Squall while Squall kept his hand around Seifer. But then Seifer broke the kiss and all the contact that came with it. The boys looked at each other, panting.


“No, this isn’t what you want, Squall, it’s not you. Not what you need. This boy is fucking with your head. You’re not gay. He’s just showing you a world that can bring temporary bliss but eternal pain. Isn’t he the same guy that hurt you just a few nights ago?”

“What are you complaining about? YOU’RE getting something out of this!” Squall said, advancing.

“Squall LISTEN to yourself!” Seifer commanded as he threw Squall back into the shower walls.

Squall leaned back, shocked, hurt. He thought. A tear fell from his eye.

“You’re right.” Squall whispered, defeated.

The boys stood in silence as their erections died down.

Seifer licked his lips.

“Do you want me to rub your back?”

“Maybe... it’s best if we don’t touch each other for a while.”


Seifer stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel. He towelled his hair and threw another towel to Squall. Squall stood still in silence. He watched Seifer leave the bathroom and heard the bedroom door open and close minutes later.

Squall lay on his stomach, trying to pretend he was being massaged... Hours and hours went by and only a single tear fell from Squall’s eye. He spent the rest of the night trying to figure out whether it was from pain or exhaustion.

“You look like shit.” Seifer said as Squall approached their table for breakfast.

“I FEEL like shit. I didn’t sleep.” Squall said as he sat down.

“How come?”

“Your hands... Your amazing hands... I need them.”

“You never needed them before I told you I was... You’re a fuckin’ tease and I think–“

“Okay, fine, then, look, I’m sorry! I’ll get used to the way things used to be. Fuck. Just don’t be there for me anymore, alright?”

“I can’t do that, Squall.”

“Yeah, why not?”

“Because seeing you hurt makes me sad..”

Squall sighed.

“....Are you going back?”


“You’re completely hopeless.”

Squall cracked a smiled.

Twelve hours later, it was time to hit the bar scene. Squall made his way through the alley and he came across that blond wonder again.



Zell approached Squall and pinned him to the wall behind him.

“I’m so glad to see you again.”


Squall was silenced when Zell kissed him harshly into the wall. Squall managed to tense his mouth up, disallowing the unwelcome tongue and lips.


“I don’t wanna–“

“It’s never about what YOU want, don’t you get it? Now kiss me.” Zell tried to advance but was rejected. “Oh, I see... You wanna buy me that drink first. Okay. Let’s go buy me a drink.”

Zell quite literally dragged Squall into the club. They sat at the bar and Zell ordered them each a beer and 3 shooters.

“Aren’t you afraid your friends might see us playing nice?”

“They go where I tell them to go. I made sure they didn’t come the last few nights.”

“You really hold the leash, huh?”

“I like control.”

“That so?”

“Uh-huh...” Zell said as he downed his beer.

After those drinks, Zell pulled Squall’s tipsy body out into the alley again and threw him into the wall again, running his hands up, under his shirt and planting his lips into Squall’s. Squall tried feebly to free himself but he was too drunk. It was so obvious to him that Zell had more of an alcohol tolerance than him. Zell continually kept his body on Squall’s. The fight ended when Zell was forced away but not without ripping a small part or Squall’s lip open.

“C’mon, now, don’t be that way, I wanna get off before I send you home.”


Zell played with Squall’s nipples and pressed his body against his, trying to go in for another kiss but tasting blood. Squall felt his hand being pulled into Zell’s pants again but Squall retracted. Then he felt a sharp piercing pain in his stomach. He gasped and fell to his knees.

“Do you just wanna give me the head or how does that work now?”

“I don’t want this, I don’t want this, I don’t want this!” Squall repeated to himself over and over in his head.

Squall looked up at Zell with tearful, angry eyes.

“I only came to buy you a drink and tell you my name. That is it.”

“That so?” Zell questioned, stroking Squall’s face with the backs of his fingers.

Squall was pulled up by his hair. Zell looked directly into his eyes.

“So what’s you name?” Zell whispered, his lips about to surround Squall’s.

“Squall.” His words filled Zell’s mouth and wrapped back around his lips .

Zell pulled away, horrified. His look changed immediately as he flung a fist at Squall’s face and nailed him in the temple. Squall fell and hit the ground. When he woke from unconsciousness, he began walking home.

Back at Garden, Squall walked past his room and made it to Seifer’s. Without knocking, Squall let himself in. Seifer was reading while laid back on his bed. He looked at Squall who was bleeding from the head and mouth, tears flooding down his face.

“Oh, Christ.” Seifer got up, approaching Squall.

Squall broke into sobs and Seifer held him tightly. Seifer stood, holding, comforting Squall for 27 minutes before he was finally settled down. He looked into Squall’s pained eyes.

“What happened?”

“He expected me to– He expected me– *sob* I don’t want that!!!”

Squall bawled in the safety of Seifer’s arms a few minutes more. After that, Seifer gathered some cloths and dampened them in his small bathroom. He returned and removed all the blood from Squall’s face.

“You can stay here tonight.”

“I’m so sorry. I have no one else to turn to.”

“It’s okay, I know. I understand.”

“He hurt me really bad tonight.”

“I know.” Seifer said as he removed Squall’s jacket.

The boy was soon stripped of all his clothes and hidden under the covers. He lay on his stomach and Seifer placed his hands on his shoulders.

“You want one, right?”

“Yes, please...” Squall said, sleepily.

Seifer massaged Squall’s back and rubbed every muscle he could to make Squall feel good, safe.

The next morning Squall woke to the same feeling he felt right before he dozed off the night before.

“‘Morning, sunshine.”

“I get a morning massage, too? This is wonderful.”

“Not really; this is the same one.”

“You never stopped? You’re too good to me. Too rough on yourself.” Squall said as he rolled over to look at Seifer. He stretched, his torso exposed to the morning sunlight.

“Can I get a morning kiss, then?”

Seifer smiled and leaned down, kissing Squall on the lips.

“No, I want one... here.” Squall said, directing Seifer’s face to his nipple. Seifer looked back at Squall’s face that didn’t have a sense of humour on it, only a legitimate request. Seifer leaned down and took the flesh between his lips, sucking gently, swirling his tongue around it. Squall moaned of pleasure, sending one too many thrills through Seifer’s body so he sat back up.

“You see, Squall, whomever you end up with, it’s supposed to feel that good.”

“Wow.... I think I’ll just go gay for you then.”

Seifer looked away.


There was an awkward pause.

“You slept with Quistis, right?”

“Yeah, but that was technical. It was the best way for her to get broken in and I figured if I had sex with a woman and enjoyed it, then, maybe I wasn’t gay and being in love with you was nothing more than fondness. I was wrong... Sleeping with her was the most unsatisfying thing I’d ever done in my life and I’ve had my share of fuck-ups.”

“I know.”


“I DO love you, Seifer. You know very well, I’d give up my sword for you.”

“And you live by your sword.”


Seifer leaned in and pecked Squall on the lips before standing up. He headed for his door and left. Minutes later, he came back and tossed some of Squall’s clothes on the bed, next to him.

“Get dressed when you’re ready. I’ll be in the Training Centre if you need me.”

Then Seifer left.

That night, Squall went to visit Seifer.

“I wanna go.”

“Please don’t.”

“I don’t know why... But I wanna... I just wanna see... see him again, you know?”

“Yeah, I know... When you just wanna spend every minute with that person even if they tear you apart?”

“Are you implying that I hurt you?”

“.....But you still make it feel SO good...”

The boys smiled. Squall went to lay down on Seifer’s bed. Seifer put on his jacket and kissed Squall on the forehead.

“I’ll see you when I get back.”

Then he left. Squall snuggled into the duvet comforter and lay there waiting for Seifer to return to give him a back rub that encouraged him to sleep.

Zell stood in the streetlight waiting for Squall to show. A tall, dark figure emerged from the shadows, a cloud of smoke seen above his head.

“It’s not...” Zell thought. “Who the hell’re you?” He shouted.

The figure approached and said nothing. Soon, seen in the light was a tall man with short corn-silk hair and a devilish smirk that started to make Zell nervous. Seifer approached the younger man, tossing his cigarette aside. Zell watched horrified as the tall tree of a man came closer, his mouth opening slightly as if he was about to whisper words of death. But he just kept coming closer.

“I’m someone you’ll wish you never fucked with.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t even know you.”

Seifer cornered Zell, his body almost pressed against the smaller boy’s. Zell turned his face away, avoiding eye contact as well as the chance that Seifer might kiss him.

“You’ve been hurting my boy.”

“What, you mean Squall? ‘Cause I’m done with him.”

“So, how come you were waiting for him?”

“None of your fuckin’ business–“ Zell started as he was pushed to lean over a trash can, his arm being twisted behind his back.

“No, no, uh-uh... When it comes to Squall, it’s ALWAYS my business.”

Zell whined in pain but his cries were ignored. Seifer leaned in, pressing his body against Zell.

“You see, I KNOW you’ve done some things to Squall that have messed with his thinking, forcing him to believe he might like boys. Well, he doesn’t.” Seifer leaned in, his lips cupping Zell’s ear. “But *I* do... And do you know what I like even more? Huh?” He whispered somewhat seductively. “The way they sc-ream my name when I give it to them hard and long, just writhing in their agony but they BEG me to keep going. And what I LOVE the most are pretty little virgin punks and their TIGHT little asses.” The emphasis on those words encouraged Seifer to ram himself into Zell, forcing him to shed tears of fear.

“I only wanted to see him! I didn’t think he would come willingly so I kept taking him! I just wanted to spend some time with him and see him!” Zell sobbed desperately.

“That so?” Seifer asked, pulling Zell up by the bangs and forcing him to look into his eyes.

Seifer nipped the side of Zell’s lip and looked at him hungrily. “Well, I’ve got just the thing for you, then. C’mon.”

Seifer took Zell away.

Later, Seifer showed up back in his room. Squall looked as the door opened. Seifer had a satisfied look on his face.

“What happened?”

“I’m BACK! I FINALLY have someone to discipline!”

“Oh, yeah? Who?”

Seifer removed his jacket and sat next to Squall. He put his hands on Squall’s shoulders and began his massage.

“Didn’t catch his name but he was such a fuckin’ little pussy. I bet he’d make a great bottom.”

“Did you put him in the cell?”

“Yup. I’ll deal with him first thing tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Squall said sleepily. “Hey, Seif, if you want, you can hop under the covers with me.”

“I only sleep one way; naked.”

“I won’t mind. I’ll just keep my pretty tan silk boxers on then.”

“Oh, my god,” Seifer blushed. “You actually wear those?”

“Yeah, they’re my favourite. So soft, so... So... so you...”

The Squall dozed off.

The next morning, Seifer went to see Zell in the cell where he spent the night.


“The FUCK you want?”

“You’ll show me a bit more respect than THAT, sweetheart, if you wanna make it through my rule.”

Seifer stood in front of Zell. Zell didn’t look up.

“Look at me.”

Zell didn’t comply. The Hyperion GunBlade pressed against Zell’s face, forcing him to look up at Seifer.

“Why were you always so rough on Squall?”

“Because... Because... At first it was because I needed someone to rough up. But then it was because something about him bothered me. Like his jewellery. Then...” Zell looked away, ashamed. “But then, I found out his name. So, I... won’t be bothering him anymore.”

“What’s so significant about his name?”

“I can’t tell you. You don’t know.”

“Tell me, boy.”

Zell glared up at Seifer.

“My name is Zell Nikkolas Dincht. Does my first name ring a bell for you? ‘Cause it sure as hell didn’t for Squall!!”

“Zell, Zell, Zell....” Seifer tossed the words aloud in a low tone. “Nope, can’t say it does.”

“You don’t remember me, that’s why! We used to stay at the orphanage together! You, me, Irvine, Selfie, Quisty, Sis and Squall! Does the nickname Chicken-Wuss help any?!”

“No! But that’s perfect! Thanks! Now I have something to call you! Chicken-Wuss! That suits you so well! As for the rest, I guess I’ll have to take your word for it seeing as I can’t remember thanks to those GFs... But, shit, wait till Squall finds out that the guy molesting him was his very own childhood playmate!”

“Don’t tell him, PLEASE!”

“I don’t keep secrets from Squall, Chicken, and I especially wouldn’t keep one for YOU!”

“Seifer, I’m begging you!–“

“How the FUCK did you know my name?!”

“I never forgot it! You used to torment me as a child!”

Seifer leaned into Zell, forcing Zell into the wall behind him.

“And now I get to do it as a man. This is so perfect!”

Zell wanted desperately to change the subject.

“So, you turned out gay, huh? Figures.”

“You think you can get me angry with that little comment?” Seifer asked, violently throwing Zell into a laying position on his small, steel bed. “Nope! The point is I AM gay and weeping boys appeal a GREAT deal to me.”

“I’m not weeping.”

“You COULD be.” Seifer said as he tore Zell’s shirt wide open in one clean rip. “I’ll tell ya, you’re quite well-built.”

“You fucker, that’s the only shirt I got here!”

“That’s okay, Zell, you can just strut around naked, here. No one will ever come here and see you.”

Seifer casually removed the rest of Zell’s clothes until he was naked under the towering blond.

“Is it that cold in here that your nipples would be so hard?”

“Oh, god...” Zell muttered, looking away, embarrassed.

“....Or is it something else?” Seifer asked as he looked down, noticing that Zell must have been rather enjoying his extenuating circumstances. “Do I sense another gay one on my hands?”

“No.” Zell barked.

“Then how come you’re sporting wood?”

“It’s just– you just...”

“Well?.....” Seifer urged as he drew one of his hands that were pinning Zell to rub down his chest, his stomach then reach his anxious arousal.



“You’re gonna stop when I need to shoot, aren’t you?”

“Why would I ever do a thing like that?” Seifer asked in a tone that almost implied he would. “I tell you what; I’m gonna get you hard. And for every inch you grow, it’s equal to a day you spend in this cell. With me as your master.” Seifer purred his last statement in Zell’s ear.

Seifer started gentle tugs, nice and slow, up and down, titillating Zell to the extreme. Seifer notices the tattooed boy’s lips twitch.

“Do you want me to kiss you?”


“Good.” Seifer said as he leaned his lips into Zell’s but he immediately pulled away.


Seifer didn’t respond. He inched his way down until his lips met with one of Zell’s pink nipples. Zell moaned and he felt himself get a little bigger within Seifer’s grip.

“Oh, my god...” Zell whimpered, his voice trembling.

Seifer came up and threw Zell’s hands to the top of his bed violently, forcing Zell to react in pain. Seifer got in Zell’s face and grinned spitefully. Zell exhaled in pain. Seifer devoured the younger man’s mouth in a fanged kiss that only lasted a few seconds. When Seifer pulled away he noticed tears falling from the sides of Zell’s eyes.


“You’re hurting me.”

“Good, then. Cry ‘cause it hurts. Now you know how Squall feels!”

“I didn’t mean to hurt him! Just dominate him!”

“Oh, you like control, huh?” Seifer said cooly.

“I live for it.” Zell whispered in Seifer’s ear. “Dominating, being dominated... It just turns me on.”

“Oh, really? Then what if I turned this little scenario into a dom-slash-sub for you, huh? Would you like that?”

“I don’t know. I don’t wanna think about it. I just wanna go back.”


“I have no home. I was adopted by these squares who haven’t even thought to file a missing person’s report when I left 6 months ago.”

“So, where you been staying?”

“Here and there. Well, not here. I applied but... Wait, what the fuck do you care about me? Just get off me and let me go home.”

“Uh-uh... What about our arrangement?”

“What arrangement?”

“One day for every inch...” Seifer said as he sat up, over Zell, dragging his hand down Zell’s chest and dragging both of their focuses on Zell’s erection. “And I’d say you’re not leaving for at least a week.”

“Fuck...” Zell said, turning his head away.

Seifer stood up. He noticed Zell lick his lips and smile slightly then blush. Then Seifer just walked out of the cell.

“I’ll let Squall know you’re here. He may pay you a visit.”

The door opened and closed. Zell sobbed and put his underwear, pants and shoes back on. He found no point in putting his shirt back on seeing as it had been torn in half. He wiped his eyes and put his jacket over his shoulders. Then he just sat in the shady darkness, almost hoping that Squall would come to see him.

Hours later, Zell was disturbed by the loud thud of the opening door and the blinding light that forced him to squint to try to make out the figure at the door. He couldn’t so he forced his eyes closed until the figure approached him.

“Something smells good.”

“I brought you something to eat.” A sweet voice said.

Zell was now able to open his eyes and look up. He saw Squall looking down at him, smiling, holding a tray.

“....I figured you’d be hungry.”

Zell looked down at the floor. He was silent. Squall sat next to Zell, putting the tray in front of Zell. It wasn’t accepted.

“I’m not hungry. I made myself sick just thinking about what I did to you.”

“....You know, I should be angry about what you did to me... But I’m not. I’m not going to forgive you but I won’t say anything...”

Zell showed no response.

“...Except... That... I don’t regret doing anything...” Squall said, about to stroke Zell’s hair behind his ear.

But Zell turned away.

“I mean it.”

“.....I’m sorry.”

There was silence.

“So, what did you bring me?”

“Hotdogs. They’re pretty hard to come by but I asked the chef to make them special. I figured they’re easy to eat and digest... So, you could keep your strength.”

“Thank you.”

“Aren’t you gonna eat them?”

“Yah.... When I’m ready.”

“When will you be ready?”

“I dunno.”

“Eat.” Squall said, taking one of the hotdogs and putting it to Zell’s lips.

Zell looked at Squall and opened his lips. Squall inserted the hotdog a little bit and Zell bit down. Squall pulled the hotdog away, allowing Zell to chew. Squall watched in awe how even in the dim light, that powerful jaw could look so chiselled, so defined... and that throat... The swallowing power! Zell licked his lips.

“Wow... That’s probably the best hotdog I’ve ever tasted...” Zell said as he gently took the hotdog from Squall’s hand.

Squall watched Zell eat the hotdogs in silence. When Zell finished eating, he turned to Squall.

“Can I...” He looked away again. “Fuck, just...”


“Just go, okay? Please?”


“Because when I see you, I get ideas. And they’re not good.”

“Ideas like what?”

“I can see myself taking advantage of you. And I can’t do that. Not ever again.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s not right! And I’m straight! Like YOU are!”

“Nothing is wrong with curiosity.”

“Shut up. Don’t try to go there.”

“Hey, where’s your shirt?”

“Seifer tore it up.”

“Oh, that’s too bad....” Squall mumbled as he edged Zell’s jacket off of his shoulders.

Zell showed no reaction. Squall just looked at Zell’s body and couldn’t resist but touch it. He ran his fingers from the back of Zell’s neck, down to where they met his pants. Squall then ran his fingers up to the front. But just then, Zell turned to him, looking aggressive. He lunged at Squall and pinned him back against the wall but Squall returned the force, holding Zell down against his bed. Zell huffed in surprise. Squall just exhaled sharply.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m just making sure you know who’s in control.”


“God, Zell, you’re so sexy you just make me wanna do things to you that I shouldn’t.”

“Like what?” Zell asked coyly.

“Oh, no, I’m not gonna tell you... And I’m sure as hell not gonna show you.”


Squall leaned down and kissed Zell softly on the lips. Zell joined him. The boys sucked and tasted each other, exchanging sexed moans that were well welcomed by both boys. Squall used his advantageous standpoint to massage Zell’s naked torso, focussing mainly on and around his nipples. After minutes of an exhilarating kiss, Squall pulled away and went down, kissing down Zell’s neck and collarbone, blowing soft breaths on the freshly wet skin. He finally met with Zell’s nipples where he licked, nipped, suckled, nibbled, nursed and tasted Zell for all he was worth. The sensation was phenomenal. Zell moaned continuously, allowing Squall comfort that he was pleasuring him the right way. But minutes later, Squall was too aroused by the situation that he had to pull away, lean back and free himself from the binding confines of his pants. Zell did the same. He began stroking himself but noticed Squall only had his hand on himself but wasn’t jerking. Zell looked at the length Squall was holding.

“Fuck, that musta HURT in there.”

“Yeah, it did... Matter of fact. Unh.” Squall managed to respond as he slowly moved his hand.

“You gotta go harder and faster than that. Like this.” Zell demonstrated, pushing Squall’s hand away, grabbing the brunette’s erection and jerking it with speed, force and grace.

“No, stop. Stop!”

“What, why?” Zell asked as he took his hand back.

“I’m not going to come for you.”

“Tsk. Fine.” Zell said, continuing to relieve himself. “That sucks ‘cause I was kinda anxious to taste you.”

“How come?”

“Because when you did it for me.... I could taste myself on you. And it was good. It was sweet... It tasted like...”

“Honey. That’s what your mouth tastes like, too. That’s why it’s so nice to kiss you.”

“And your mouth tastes like Strawberries. I bet you taste like that, too...”

“I dunno. Guess you’d have to try to find out.”


“But I won’t let you.”

“Good. ‘Cause I don’t wanna.”

“Good. Well, I guess that’s all for now, then.” Squall said as he got up and put himself back in his pants. “I’ll come by tomorrow and bring you something.”

“When can I expect to see you?”

“When it’s good for me.” The softening voice said before the big bang of the door came then that dreaded white light blinded Zell again.

The door closed and then there was silence.

Squall made it back to his room. Seifer was sitting on his bed, waiting.

“You like him, right?”

“......I suppose I do... But I don’t want to admit it. Having him here is making things easier on me. I find that I can be strong. Dominant. Things I never was before.” Squall approached Seifer and sat next to him on his bed. “He gets me horny...”

Seifer removed Squall’s jacket.

“The control... The idea of having someone do what you want them to do...”

Seifer massaged Squall’s shoulders.

“The power...”

Seifer kissed and caressed the base of Squall’s neck.

“The... Heaven...”

Squall leaned back with his eyes closed. Seifer held Squall and kissed his lips, sucking on him selfishly, taking him in for himself. And Squall gave in to Seifer’s silent demand. Also, somehow without words, Seifer leaned Squall back on his bed and the boys managed to remove each other’s clothing, putting new kisses on at least one new piece of skin that was exposed until both boys were completely naked. Seifer looked into Squall’s eyes to confirm a request of his. Squall nodded and Seifer kissed him on the lips and worked his way down the fragile boy’s porcelain form until he reached Squall’s most precious area. He gazed at the erect piece of flesh before blowing kisses on it then hotly placing the tip in his mouth. Squall groaned sexfully at the sensation as Seifer dragged his mouth over Squall’s shaft more and more, little by little. Seifer suckled Squall’s member for several lustful hours, keeping Squall at the peak of climax without crossing the line.

“Ai shiteru, koi.” Squall mumbled below his breath.

Seifer slowly pulled away, looking up at Squall.


“I’m ready.”

Seifer smirked.

“That’s not what it sounded like.”

Squall smiled back.

“Finish me, kiss me then I’ll tell you again.”

Seifer anxiously went back to his previous ordeal. Squall was pushed to the limit within seconds, forcing him to let out a loud cry of bliss and his seed into Seifer’s mouth. Seifer came up, smiled and went up to kiss Squall, open mouthed. Squall accepted the kiss and took in the taste of himself. The boys swallowed the evidences or indecency and lay there on Squall’s bed, arm in arm.

“I said ‘I love you.’”

“Then you called me ‘Koi.’”

“.....” Squall blushed. “That’s what I want you to be.”

“Oh... my god...” Seifer whispered as he leaned into Squall’s lips and lost himself in the most amazing kiss.

A little later, Seifer started with his massage on Squall. That night, the boys held each other as they slept wrapped in each other’s arms.

The next morning, Squall reached over to hold Seifer... but he wasn’t there. Squall figured that he went off to the cafeteria without him or something but then he caught a glimpse of the time.

“Only 6? Aw....” Squall groaned as he rolled over, ignoring the missing body from his bed.

“Good boy.” Seifer said, his lips still grazing Zell’s.

Zell trembled under the towering blond. His lips quivered and his breath was shaky, a tear falling from his eye. Seifer gave Zell one last kiss before peeling his naked torso off of Zell’s naked body.

“You know, you make me and Squall very happy with you being here.” Seifer told Zell as he put his shirt back on.

“Why? How do I make HIM happy?” Zell asked, sitting up.

“You get him horny then he throws himself in my arms. Making me VERY happy.”

“You mean, I don’t pleasure you?”

“Maybe on a minimal scale. I’m like you, I like control and dominance. Anyway, I’m sure Squall will be in to see you soon. Don’t try anything stupid. He’s my sworn lover now.”

That was the last thing Zell heard before the loud bang of the door opening then closing. Zell cried in his hands.

An hour later, Squall went to see Zell. He sat next to the half-naked boy.

“.....I brought you some hotdogs again. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No. Thank you. They’re really good.”

“....Aren’t you going to eat them?”

“I don’t wanna eat, I wanna die!” Zell cried in his hands once more.

Squall rubbed a hand on Zell’s back.

“Why? What... what happened?”

“Seifer! He... he...” Zell sobbed. “He uses sex to hurt me and he hurts me so much!”

“Aw... Zell...” Squall soothed. “He’s just teaching you a lesson...”

“You mean you know?”

“Of course. Here in Balamb, we’re allowed to punish an offender by inflicting the same treatment that got them arrested in the first place. So, like, by the end of this all, you won’t even THINK about getting off at the hands of another guy. But I think he’s using it to his advantage and doing it to get you back for what you did to me... I wish he wouldn’t but it’s been a while since Seifer’s had anyone to discipline and he seems to have taken quite a shine to you...”

“Can’t I just make it up to you?”

“....I dunno...”

There was silence.

Zell took the tray of hotdogs from Squall and put it on the other side of himself. Then he looked back at Squall, focussing on his lips. He put a hand on Squall’s jaw, taking his thumb to pull down Squall’s bottom lip, exposing the pink, wet flesh. He gently dove his lips into Squall’s and was promptly joined in the kissing. Zell kissed Squall passionately, gently. It was a wonderful kiss... Squall didn’t think that Zell could kiss so... so... wow...

Squall pulled away. He looked into Zell’s eyes.

“Did Seifer also teach you to kiss like you mean it?”

“What do you mean?”

“You never would have kissed me like that.”

“.....He told me that you were his lover. Is it true?”

“We haven’t done anything yet, but I promised him. Being with men, well, Seifer, is what I want.”

“Could you... be with me, too?”

“You’d have to convince me.”


“That’s up to you to decide.”

“But what do you WANT me to do?” Zell asked, looking into Squall’s eyes sincerely.

“I want you to tell me... why you hit me that night when I told you my name.”

Zell looked away.

“..........................................If it were any other name, I wouldn’t have cared... But that name... It means... that I... That you’re...” Zell couldn’t finish as he started crying.

“What’s the matter?”

“Do you even remember who gave you your pendant?”

“......I remember it was a gift... from someone special... But that’s all I remember. Why?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to know why you wanted it back so badly.”

“You’re changing the subject. Why did you hit me?”

“Because you broke the chain in which I had control over you.”

“You never had control over me.”

“Oh yeah? Then how come you always came back?”


Squall knew Zell was right.

“You’re right. You HAD control in that alley. But not here. Seifer and I own your ass here. Don’t you forget that.”

“If I had liberty here, I would change that. But whilst you have me locked up here, I have to be molested by that monster.”

“What did he do to you today?”

“.....He jerked me off really hard... It hurt until I came... I was on my back and he was on top so I got it all over myself. I’m dirty and sticky and sweaty... What I wouldn’t give for a nice, hot shower...”

“You notice Seifer’s mouth tastes like cinnamon?”


“I’ll bet he tastes like it down there, too...”

“So? What are you getting at?”

“Maybe if you gave him heat, he’d let you have a shower.”

“But I don’t wanna do that.”

“You’d rather do it to me?”

“Well... No... But I don’t wanna lose the chance to be with you because you’re sworn to Seifer.”

“How come you say his name so resentfully?”

“I have a lot of anger towards him.”

“Oh, I understand.”

“I’m not gay.”

“Okay. Fine. And I guess that I am. Big deal. You’re still the first to kiss me.”

“But you have no idea how nice it feels...” Zell articulated as he gently leaned into the brunette once more.

But Squall pulled away.

“I’ll tell you what; what if I let you have a shower in my room?”

“You’d let me?”

“Yeah. But I’ll have to cuff you so you don’t try to escape.”


Squall reached behind him and pulled out some silver handcuffs. He allowed Zell to put on his jacket before he put on the cuffs.

The two walked through the halls and made it to Squall’s room. They entered and Squall locked the door behind him. Zell looked at him questioningly.

“Can never be too sure.”

“Oh. Um... Can you...” Zell inclined as he presented the cuffs. “I can’t get my jacket off with these on.”

“Of Course.” Squall said, walking up to Zell, keys in hand.

Squall unlocked one of Zell’s cuffs and looked at him smugly.

“I won’t run away.”

Squall pulled Zell into him, his face close.

“Ii ko da.”

The cuffs were open and Zell was able to remove his jacket.

“Wow, you really do need to shower...” Squall commented, looking at Zell’s sticky stomach.

“I told you. That and staying where I do, it’s hard to keep clean anyway...”

Zell removed the rest of his clothes in front of Squall. Squall wasn’t sure if Zell would actually do it, but sure enough.....

“Where do you stay?”

“No matter.” Zell made his way for the bathroom. “The point is, where I go, I’m not missed so it’s fine.”

Zell got in the shower.

“You don’t have a family?”

“I was adopted! Don’t you rememb– uh... Never mind...” Zell calmed himself.

Squall entered the bathroom.

“What are you talking about? How would I remember?”

Zell said nothing and took a few minutes to shampoo and soap up. Then he came out of the shower and grabbed a towel.

“I’m sorry, it’s not you. I’m sorry.”

Zell towelled off completely and looked back at Squall. Squall looked like he was ready to burn a hole right through Zell with this eyes. Zell saw the look in Squall’s eyes and it was obvious that he curled in fear.

“Um... Will I be getting clean clothes as well?” Zell asked, cowardly.

“.......” Squall glared. “Get in the room.” He commanded.

Zell moved slowly, trying to now cover up his white body as best he could with that little towel.

“NOW!” Squall forced, causing Zell to run out of the bathroom.

Squall followed Zell out of the room.

“Put your hands out.”

Zell did so. Squall put the hand cuffs back on and threw Zell back onto his bed. Then he straddled over Zell and grabbed the chain between the cuffs.

“Squall, what’s wrong?”

Squall took a second pair of cuffs and caught the cuffs to the bedpost above Zell’s head. Then he went down so that his face was in direct face with Zell’s.

“You know something and I’m not going to let you leave until you tell me what it is!”

“Squall, please!–“

“SHUT UP! Now tell me!”


“Oh, you wanna play, huh?” Squall barked, forcing Zell into the bed. “‘Cause I love games.”

Squall dismounted Zell and straightened his clothes.

“Oh, yeah, by the way, are you still hungry?”

“Uh... kinda..”

“Still want hotdogs?”

“Sure!” Zell mentally kicked himself for sounding so excited.

Squall walked up to Zell, his crotch in the vicinity of Zell’s face but the blond’s eyes were looking up at Squall.

“You wanna eat MINE?” Squall growled.

Zell made an inaudible whimper as he closed his eyes and turned his head away.

“Fuck you, Zell.” Squall walked away. “Fuck you in your tight little hole.”

“Fuck you, Squall! You’re just gonna leave me here?!”

Squall made it to his door and turned around.

“Yeah. Until I get around to coming back. I think I might go out for a drink tonight, though so I’ll see if I won’t have Seifer check upon you or something.” He opened his door and stepped out.

“Wait, Squall!”

But Squall was gone. Zell gained enough slack from the cuffs to bring his hands to his face and cry.

About two hours later, Squall came back into his room to find Zell uneasily asleep. He sat next to the naked blond on his bed.


Zell showed no response. Squall nudged Zell awake.


“NO!!!” Zell sobbed loudly.

He refused to open his eyes and sobbed stubbornly for a few minutes. Squall realised how cold Zell’s hands and feet were and threw his blanket over him. After a few minutes of that fit, Zell managed to settle down a little bit and then finally gained enough composure to talk.

“You’re such an asshole, Squall, I hope you know that.”

“What, for leaving you here?”

“For forgetting me.”

“You’re going back to that?”

“How could you possibly forget me? You promised you would never EVER forget.”

“Well, I obviously have... Are you going to tell me who you are?”

“Only if you take the cuffs off so I can look you in the eyes.”

Squall undid the cuffs and Zell sat up, looking deep into Squall’s eyes.

“Do you remember that orphanage?”

“.....I was taken from one when I was old enough to become a SeeD cadet. But I don’t remember that... In training, here, we use things called Guardian Forces or GFs for short. They have the ability to protect us in battle when they’re junctionned to us. They make up half of our being and override our ability to remember since they control that part of the brain. So, I’m sorry if I’m supposed to remember you but I don’t. If you were a SeeD Cadet, you’d understand.”

“.......I made you that Griever, Squall. You really don’t remember? I made you all of those gifts so that you would like me but you were too busy chasing Sis and Seifer around to even give me the time of day! You really don’t remember me? ‘I’m gonna tell matwon!’?”

“Oh, shit! Chicken-Wuss!”

“Don’t call me that!” Zell demanded, turning his head away.

“I remember THAT much!”

“Well, fuckin’ good for you, then, ‘kay?”

Zell covered himself up with a pillow.

“Zell, anything that happened in the past should stay in the past, okay? Being here at Garden makes it impossible to dwell on anything that isn’t present or future related. The only way for you to understand that would be if you became a SeeD.”

“I tried. But I didn’t make it in.”

Squall took off his gloves and jacket.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m tired. I take a nap in the middle of the day and now is that time. I’m gonna get ready then call Seifer to get you.”

“No, please, can’t you bring me back? I’ll be good!”

“What do you have against Seifer?” Squall asked, taking off his shirt.

“The... he hurts me. I hate him. I never can remember a time that I liked him. Please don’t let him hurt me?”

Squall felt Zell was being truly sincere. And he was begging. That defiant blond he knew days before was completely changed. Seifer’s therapy was working.

“...” Squall took off his pants. “I’m not taking you back. You’ll have to stay here. You were sleeping before I woke you. Are you still tired?”

“......I could sleep off that migraine...”

“Fine.” Squall took off the rest of his clothes, leaving only his chain and ring. “I get the wall side.”

“........okay.” Zell blushed. He knew he shouldn’t have been looking but he couldn’t resist. Squall had a cute body. It was nowhere as defined as Zell’s own but Squall possessed a grace that Zell could never match with his rigid, muscular form.

Squall laid next to Zell, putting a hand on the blond to bring him down as well.

“Nice to see you’re no longer a pussy, Zell, kinda sad to see you turn into such a bitch, though.”

“Nice to see you, too, Squall.” Zell said, obviously offended by Squall’s comment.

Zell leaned into Squall and kissed his lips. The boys closed their eyes and didn’t say another word.

An hour later, there was a knock at Squall’s door then a sweet tenor voice called out.

“Squall? You awake? It’s me...”

There was no response. Squall and Zell were asleep above the covers, using each other’s body heat for warmth. Seifer used the key Squall gave him to open the door. He gasped when he saw the two boys together.

“You little FUCK!”

The emphasis and volume on the last word was enough to wake both boys. Zell responded immediately and sat up, cowering, trying to hide his vulnerable body.

“Squall is not your bitch! You’re MINE, remember?!”

“Seifer, it’s not like that...” Squall said, sleepily, carelessly. “I brought him here.”

“Is he doing you any favours?” Seifer asked, staring Zell down.

“Nope.” Squall yawned and stretched.

“Well, don’t you think he should? I mean, you DID get him out of the reigns of the disciplinary committee.”

“You think? Really?” Squall asked, layed out completely on his back, an erection forming at the suggestion.

“Oh, no, please, don’t make me...”

“Zell, you can shut up with the begging, okay? I’m not going to give you everything on a silver plate just ‘cause you loved me as a kid...”

“Yeah, so on your knees, Chicken-Wuss.”

“‘Ey! You knew that one, too!?” Squall said, excitedly.

“Well, I had to be reminded but, yah!”

“How can you guys be so fuckin’ casual?!”

“Seifer and I have an understanding. Anything the other does is acceptable within reason. Him jerking you off is not cheating because it does nothing for him. And you giving me head isn’t cheating ‘cause it was his idea.”

“......You’re making me do it?”

“Yeah...” Squall and Seifer replied in the same tone.

Another tear fell from Zell’s face as he moved over to between Squall’s legs.

“And quit crying, ya wuss. It feels good and he tastes great!”

Those words didn’t comfort Zell in the least as he stared Squall’s tip in the eye. He opened his lips and he could see out of the corner of his eye that Seifer was pulling up a chair.

“Pervert!” Zell thought. “Only a sick fuck would be making me do this, let alone watch!”

Zell looked up at Squall. That look on his face said that he was waiting for him to do it. Zell sighed and put his thumb and forefinger around Squall’s anxious arousal. He opened his lips more and put the tip in his mouth. Squall let out a sound that sounded halfway between a moan and a laugh. Zell would have looked up at Squall but what was the point? He went down a little further and Squall moaned louder. Zell seemed to have a pretty good idea of what to do so he lift his lips up only to go down again.

“That was good but you didn’t go far enough.”

Zell ripped away from Squall and looked at him, anger radiating from his mouth.

“Why do you have to ghost everything I say?”

“You used those words on ME for good reason. I’ll do the same. Now, suck.”

Zell almost seemed defiant. He practically sat up and his eyes said ‘make me’. He could see Seifer stand up out of the corner of his eye and he was approaching him. But it was more of what he felt that scared him. Cold metal grazed from his neck to his face then glided down his naked torso. Squall was found tapping Zell’s semi-erection, forcing it to bob. He was smiling so it must have amused him. But then Zell felt Seifer run the cold steel barrel along his shaft then place it next to it for comparison.

“What do you think?” Seifer asked Squall.

“I want to talk to you about what we’re going to do with him.”

“Later, right?”


Seifer leaned over Zell and bit into his neck. Zell let out a moan of shock and pain. He watched Seifer insert a single bullet into the chamber. Then he closed it and cocked it.

“If you take your lips off of him or do anything to hurt him, I’ll pull the trigger.”

“Oh, God...” Zell squirmed.

“Just do it, Zell.” Squall demanded.

Zell looked scared when he looked at Squall but he made his descent and put his lips on Squall again. He felt Seifer run the gun around his back and his other hand was on the back of his head. Seifer forced Zell to go all the way on Squall, making him gag and choke. But Squall moaned in pleasure so if Squall was enjoying it, he wouldn’t tell Zell to stop. Zell let out a muffled yell of protest which only seemed to stimulate Squall even more.

“Oh, this feels incredible!” Squall sighed loudly.

“That’s good.” Seifer replied.

Zell was relieved a little when Seifer took his hand away, allowing Zell to pull up enough to breathe. But then he felt the gun probing around his small pucker. He almost pulled away but remembered the threat. He didn’t want to risk it so he just yelled in protest, arousing Squall even more. Then the tip of the smooth metal found its way inside of Zell, again forcing disliking sounds from him.

“Ouch! Seifer, watch it! He’s nipping.”

“He’ll be more careful... Won’t you, sweetheart?”

“Uh-huh...” Zell muffled.

But then he let out another pained yell when Seifer went deeper with the weapon. This made Zell want to get away, in doing so, he leaned into Squall’s manhood further now. He cried and screamed over Squall, sending waves of pleasure to his whole body. But Squall didn’t like what he was seeing. He didn’t like the idea of Zell being forced into what he was doing. And he certainly didn’t like the fact that he was crying about it. Seifer pushed the gun in as far as he could and pulled it out before pushing it back in again. Zell cried over Squall’s organ and it no longer sent good feelings. Seifer wrapped his hand around Zell’s own piece and started stroking it.

“Ow, Seifer, stop it! You’re making him bite!”

Zell pulled off of Squall.

“I’m sorry; I’m trying so hard to be gentle.”

“Tsss-tss-tssssssssss...” Squall soothed, looking at Zell and reaching for his face.

Squall put Zell back on himself. He looked up at Seifer.

“I want you to put it away. You and I can play with it later.”

Seifer smirked and removed the gun from Zell’s behind but he continued to stroke him.

“I’m ready now.” Squall said.

Zell knew he would have no choice but to let Squall come in his mouth so he stroked at Squall and sucked a little harder, dragging his tongue around the flesh until Squall groaned in release. Zell slowly pulled away and sucked Squall clean. He liked that Squall tasted like strawberries and he took in every bit of the taste that he could, occasionally returning to just lick the happy organ. Zell pulled away and looked back at Seifer.

“Hey, asshole, you’re distracting me.”

Seifer and Squall laughed and Squall sat up.

“Do you think we should take him to the room?”

“Thought never crossed my mind...”

“Well, do you want to?”

“Yes, of course!” Seifer said as he held onto Zell’s member, still stroking it.

“Where are you taking me?”

Squall managed to get Zell’s face to his chest. He directed Zell’s mouth to one of his nipples and Zell licked it. The friction of his tongue felt like there was a big cat licking him. Squall moaned. It still felt so good.

“Somewhere where we all get to have a lot of fun. Come to think of it, Seifer, I’ve never done the room... Have you?”

“Only once. Should be fun to do it again.”

“So, Zell, Seifer and I have to do some training. We’re gonna take you back to the cell, alright?”

“What’s the room?” Zell asked as he pulled away.

“You’ll find out anyway when we bring you.”

Zell watched Squall smile mischievously. Squall and Seifer dressed Zell in some of Squall’s spares and brought him back to the cell.

A few hours later, Squall and Seifer ran into Squall’s room, panting and laughing. They promptly undressed themselves and each other before running into the bathroom and hopping in the shower. They held each other and kissed.

“So, what is it you wanted to do with Zell?”

“What do you think about making him a SeeD cadet?”

“You serious?”

“Yeah. Think about it; he wants to become a SeeD, he certainly would qualify, and... if he’s here, you can do whatever you want to him...”

“But I wanna do everything to YOU...” Seifer purred, pulling Squall in.

“Can we keep him?” Squall asked seductively.

Seifer grinned and kissed Squall.

Eventually, the boys pulled away from each other long enough to wash up and get out of the shower. They towelled off but didn’t bother getting dressed when they went to Squall’s bed.

Seifer lay Squall down and kissed him again but then he withdrew, smiling as he began a descent. He kissed down Squall’s body, drilling his tongue inside of the brunette’s navel before continuing downward. Squall’s moan almost sounded like an open-mouthed pout when Seifer put his mouth over him fully.

“Oh my– Seifer...” Squall panted.

He was overwhelmed by the idea that Seifer would deep-throat him so soon. Seifer just continued his work like a pro.

Squall’s moans eventually turned into a soft mewling sound, almost resembling singing. Seifer regrettably pulled away from Squall and chuckled quietly.


“I’m sorry, it’s just that noise you’re making is so... cute.”

“What’s ‘cute’ got to do with it?”

“It’s funny.”

Squall dropped himself on his back and groaned.

“Please don’t tease me...”

Seifer returned up on Squall, kissing his earlobe.

“Oh, Seifer... This is nice.”

Seifer lay on top of Squall. He held the brunette and took a deep breath.

“Yeah.” Seifer sighed.

Squall wrapped his arms around the blond and licked inside of Seifer’s ear. Seifer giggled.

“That tickles.”

& #8220;Good.” Squall whispered before he kissed up on Seifer’s neck and collar.

Seifer moaned blissfully and gripped onto Squall’s shoulders. He moved slightly to kiss Squall’s lips.

“Mmm.. Stop it. You’re making me horny.” Seifer said between kisses.

“Is that so bad?” Squall asked, running his fingers along Seifer’s sides.

The boys kissed again. In good time, Seifer pulled away and lay his head on Squall’s chest.

“Do you think you would ever wanna have sex?” Seifer asked casually yet insecurely.

“Of course. But when I’m ready. This whole thing needs time to sink in still.”


“In the mean time, you can use Zell to vent your sexual frustration.”

“He doesn’t do it for me.”


“It’s you I want and love, Squall. What I do to Chicken-Wuss is strictly disciplinary. The only pleasure I get out of tuggin’ on his peepee...”

Squall chuckled.

“...Is that I know justice is being served.”

“You don’t think raping him with a gun was going a little far? Or forcing him to choke on my dick? Which... I’m not complaining, feels so good... But you’re going to release him as damaged goods, destroyed.”

“Squall, your memory must already be fading. You don’t remember all the nights you came home bleeding? And that night he made you cry. I have no sympathy for what I do to that boy nor do I think he even has any for himself.”

“I saw him cry while having a nightmare. He is still human.”

There was a silence stirring. Seifer stuck out his tongue and flicked Squall’s nipple. Then he leaned over it and sucked on it. Squall let out a pleased moan.

“I thought... we were having a... serious conversation.”

Seifer just continued to suck and roll his tongue around Squall. His hand reached down to Squall’s erection. The mere touch was enough to make Squall hard. Seifer tugged on Squall gently as he continued to suck. Squall let out that mewling noise again, forcing Seifer to stop his tasks and draw back, laughing.

“Oh, Squall, you’re so cute!” Seifer said, going up and kissing Squall on his lips.

Then he went down, dropping himself to his knees off the bed.

“How come you like doing it?”

“Because having this inside of me is the best I can have from you right now. And you taste so sweet. You know when the blond did it, I was so jealous that he didn’t leave anything for me. That and the sensation in my mouth is fabulous.”

“Fabulous, eh? You really ARE queer.”

Seifer smiled and went down on Squall.

An hour later, Seifer finished the job for Squall. Then he gave him another one of those magnificent back rubs, easing Squall to sleep.

The next morning, Squall woke up, expecting to lean over and reach for Seifer. But he wasn’t there. He got up, looking around then looking at his alarm clock. It was time for him to get up anyway.

“Mmm...” Seifer said, pulling away from Zell, licking his lips. “That’s nice.”

“Yeah, well, don’t get so used to it ‘cause in five days, I’m outta here.” Zell breathed, taking in Seifer’s lips.

“So, why are you so insistent on kissing me today?”

“Because I... I just remembered today that I’ll be leaving this place. And leaving you!” Zell said between kisses.

“What’s with the kisses, then?”

“You’ll get me off and I’m gonna start enjoying it. I’ll take you and Squall for all I can before I never come back here ever again.”

“You’re not concerned about Squall?”

“Nope! He’ll just forget about me all over again. So I’m fine.”

Zell leaned in to kiss Seifer again but was stopped.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa... You mean to tell me that you don’t care?”

“Why should I? Just tell him that he can use me for whatever he wants while I’m here. He may as well. I’ve already been invaded. There isn’t anything left that hasn’t been done to me–“

“You’ve never been fucked, though.”

“Okay, so one thing. But I don’t care if you do. I don’t. I’m gonna be gone and that’s all that matters.”

“You’re one selfish little fuck, you know that?”

“What about you? You’re hurting me so that Squall will thank you. And you said it yourself, he gets hot with me and he gets off with you so you’re both happy.”

“You know he really wants to make you a SeeD cadet. Just so you two can play together.”

“Why do you say it that way? I thought you two were reserved to each other.”

“But we like to play with you, Zell, so much...” Seifer said, licking up Zell’s neck.

Zell leaned his mouth down and took Seifer’s lips. But Seifer pulled away enough to kiss and lick down Zell’s neck, nursing his collar bone. Then he pulled away.

“Okay... Get up.”

Zell got up, off of Seifer’s lap.

“You’re... done with me for today?”

“Well, maybe not today but for now...” Seifer started, straightening his clothes. “But I think I just might let Squall do it for me tonight.”

Zell mildly smiled. But then focussed his attention to his quickly growing erection.

“You wanna a tour of Garden?”


“Alright, come on.”

“Don’t I get a minute to get dressed?”

“No, just come naked. What do you have to care? No one here knows you...”

“I guess I’ll just stay here, then.”

“Suit yourself. It’s a beautiful day out and the light is shining in nicely.”

“Well, I’ve never been one for mornings, anyway. I live the night-life.”

“Fine. I’ll see you later, Chicken-Wuss.” Seifer waved as he left.

“....Bastard.” Zell mumbled as he sat back down on his bed, pulling on a pair of black sweat pants Seifer brought in for him.

Zell lay on his side, closing his eyes. Not long after, he managed to doze off.

It was class time. Squall went and met Seifer at his desk.

“What are you doing after class?”

“Just some training. Why?”

“I wanna play in the bedroom.”

“Ah, hell, let’s cut class, then!” Seifer said excitedly, standing up.

“No, no... I wanna stay for class. The anticipation can eat us alive.”

“Sounds good. But that’s so long...”

Squall leaned into Seifer, his lips almost touching his promised, his eyes looking into his.

“And just to make it agonizing... I wanna let you know that I’m going to do things to you... that are going to make you cream... so many times.”

“Oh... Shit, I think I just did...”

Squall grinned sexfully, licking his lips as he pulled away from Seifer and sat at his desk.

Seifer leaned back, closing his eyes, biting back a groan. Squall knew that Seifer now had to fight off an erection from stirring.

Throughout class, Squall could see the pained look on Seifer’s face from the corner of his eye. He could see that the usually-cocky blond was having a hard time focussing and almost felt sorry for him. Seifer looked like he was in pain. Squall thought of all the things that were racing through Seifer’s mind that could distract him so easily. And he thought what would happen if he couldn’t deliver...

When class finally let out after two of the longest hours of both Seifer’s and Squall’s lives, Seifer smiled, got up and escorted Squall out of the class.

The two made it to Squall’s room and together, they feverishly disrobed Seifer then Squall.

“Lay down.” Squall instructed sweetly.

Seifer complied. Squall went into the drawer of his night stand and pulled out a small tube.

“You’ve already planned for me?”

“Well, yeah. From the time I get up in the morning to the time I see you, I think of a LOT of things. Like you in class. Imagination get the best of you?”

“Time and time again.”

Squall leaned over Seifer and kissed him. Then there was a knock at the door.


Squall pulled away from Seifer.

“Oh, shit.” He muttered. “What?!” He yelled.

“Can I come in? I wanna ask you something.”

“I’m kinda busy. Can’t it wait?” Squall asked as he kissed down Seifer’s flawless form.

“I saw you go in there with Seifer. How busy could you be?”

“Come back later!” Squall yelled.

He and Seifer were both gathering Seifer’s clothing and Seifer ran into the bathroom. Squall put on a robe.

“You know, even the suspicion of homosexuality within the Garden is punishable by expulsion–“

Squall opened the door and the boy behind it fell in.

“Hey, I thought Seifer was here.”


“Yeah, I know for a fact that I saw him. I take it you two are an item?”

“No. What did you wanna know?”

“I know he’s in here and I wanna watch.”

Seifer stormed out of the bathroom in a towel and glared at the boy.

“If you DARE tell anyone, I’ll make SURE you’re the next victim of the disciplinary committee.”

“You’re gonna threaten ME, Seifer?”

“Mr. Almasy.” Squall corrected.

Squall and Seifer threw the boy on Squall’s bed.

“And if you’re not careful, you may be calling him ‘sama.’”

“I’m gay, too. I just don’t have anyone. If you let me watch or join, I won’t tell anyone.”

“I got a better idea that doesn’t involve us.” Squall stated.

This grabbed the two other’s attentions.

“Go to the cell. The stud in there will do what you tell him or you can be rough, no problem. You do NOT have the right to rape him but you can threaten him if you like.”

“Squall, are you sure–?” Seifer asked.

“Yeah. He’ll get what he wants and you and me can be alone in peace. Am I right?”

The boy agreed, leaving with a smile.

There was the loud bang and the blinding light again. A figure could be seen.

“Squall?” Zell asked, sensing the anxiety and happiness in his own voice.

The boy said nothing. But he came closer to Zell. When Zell could finally make out the figure, he realized that it was neither Squall nor Seifer.

“My request is simple; I want a favour or I’m given the liberties to fuck you raw. If you comply then this can be really easy.”

“What do you want me to do?”

The boy said nothing. But Zell heard him unzip his pants and he saw him walk forward.

“I just want you to stroke it.”

“Fair enough.” Zell reached out his hand but the boy held it.

He sat next to Zell and he lift his shirt.

“Stroke my dick and kiss my torso. When you get me off, I’ll be done with you.”

“Okay.” Zell shrugged.

He used one of his hands and ran it from the boy’s chest down his body till he met with the topic of discussion. At first he teased and it immediately received lustful coos from the boy. Then Zell focussed his oral attention on the boy’s muscular chest, teasing his nipples with his tongue. Zell knew when the boy’s arousal was strong enough to be jerked and began to do so. The boy’s breath was laboured and quick, and pants of lust could be heard. Zell drew his attention away from the boy’s chest and dragged his tongue down his ripped abs, continuing until he almost met--

“What are you doing?”

“The sooner you come, the sooner you’ll go, right?”


“Well, then I wanna get you off as soon as I can.”

“You are one sweet bitch.”

Zell put his lips around the boy and sucked at length while stroking him into orgasm. The boy released into Zell’s mouth and Zell spit to his side. He then went up on the boy, pinching his nipples as he continued his way up to kiss the boy.

“Whoa, whoa... No kissing.”

Zell sat away.

“Thanks. That was nice.”

“So, should I tell you my name?”

“Why? I don’t care. You’re not a name to me. You’re just a nice little vessel. Seifer and Squall didn’t want me to join their party so I thought I’d have my own.”

“You... used me?”

“Well, why else would I be here?” The boy asked as he put his clothes back on properly.

Zell stared off in confusion. The boy passed by him and patted him on the shoulder.

“Thanks for that, sweetheart. I hope to see you again sometime.”

The door thumped, the light blinded the hurt blond and the light faded. The boy was gone. Zell put his hands to his face and cried.

Zell had cried himself into exhaustion. He fell asleep but a short while later, he was awoken by the feeling, the marvellous feeling of a hot orifice on his shaft and another hot mouth on his nipple. He opened his eyes and looked down. He gasped.

“Oh, look, he’s awake.”

“Good. Now we can finally have some fun.”

The boy from before came back and he had a friend with him.

“Miss me, sweetheart? I was telling my friend here how well you eat cock and he decided to give you a suck while you were asleep.”

“And fuck, does your precum taste good.”

“Thanks.” Zell said sarcastically, closing his eyes and throwing his head back into his pillow.

The other boy grabbed Zell’s thighs and flipped the tattooed blond over on his stomach then he grabbed his hips and pulled them into himself, forcing Zell to a doggie position. The boy from before knelt in front of Zell, positioning himself in front of Zell. Zell knew he had no choice in the matter and opened his mouth. Things got a little more difficult when the boy behind him pulled his arms up and tied them behind is back.

“Squall was also telling me how you like being controlled.” The boy from before said as he rammed himself into Zell’s mouth.

Zell let out a pained gasp but then was adjusted. But then Zell felt something unlike anything he’d ever felt before. A warm, wet protrusion was circling his tight ring. He groaned but it only seemed to excite the boy inside his mouth. The tongue on his behind trailed down from his pucker to his jewels, down his shaft where a kiss was placed. Zell moaned and groaned, unable to determine what he was experiencing. He was half-way torn between pleasure and pain and couldn’t decide whether it was worth the pain for the pleasure. When he felt the lips pull off of him, Zell thought he would be left alone. But it was quite the contrary. From between Zell’s legs, the boy behind him placed their shafts together and began to thrust, stroking the two together. He held the two of them together with one hand and used the other to palm Zell’s round butt cheek.

“So firm...” He said.

“Yeah...” The boy agreed.

After another groan, something seemed to spark on all three boys to force them all to climax simultaneously. When the boy withdrew from Zell’s mouth, Zell immediately spit to the side.

“Awww... Don’t like the way I taste?”

“You taste like snot.”

“Well, no matter. I’m not in it for you anyway.” The boy said, dressing himself.

“That was sweet, baby.” The other boy clicked his tongue.

Zell collapsed on his sticky sheets and was untied, he faded out and into consciousness. The next thing Zell had realized, the boys had both left. He was used again.

Not long after, Squall showed up to see Zell with a tray of hotdogs. He was shocked to see Zell sitting there, naked, holding himself as if he’d been violated, crying softly. Squall reached a hand to Zell’s face.



Squall’s hand was beaten away.

“Don’t you ever touch me!”

“Oh, my God, Zell, what did they do?”

“Nothing I wanna discuss. They’re no better than Seifer. They’re worse... At least Seifer would kiss me. Not make me feel like a whore. I’m almost appreciative...”

Squall sat next to Zell, passing him the tray of hotdogs. Zell wiped his eyes and face then took a hotdog. He couldn’t deny that he was starving.

“You look like you could eat the asshole out of a skunk.” Squall tried to comment playfully.

Zell threw the tray to the ground and overtook Squall, strangling him, forcing him on his back on the bed but the two fell to the floor, their feet still on the bed. Zell was sitting on top of Squall, choking him angrily.

“Bet that skunk would be one happy fuck! You wanna guess how I know that it feels good, Squall?! HUH?! Look at me, what you can see in this dark, cold prison cell! I’m crying! I’m dirty with sweat and cum stains and as long as I’m here, I don’t think I’ll ever be granted the opportunity to stay CLEAN!”


“You told him to come after me! WHY, Squall?! Why would you and Seifer do that to me? I said I was sorry for what I did to you and now I just wanna be left alone long enough to go home! I wanna go home! And I don’t even have one!”

“Zell, I can’t breathe!” Squall gasped as Zell let him go.

Zell stayed perched over top of Squall looking more hurt and angry than Squall had ever seen. Zell was right. It was hard to see his face clearly in the dim light but he could see the anguish in that boy’s beautiful blue eyes. After a few minutes of panting, Zell managed to speak again.

“I just wanna feel wanted.”


Zell got off of Squall and sat back down. Squall knelt between Zell’s legs, looking at the blond.

“*I* want you, Zell. I want you to stay here with me.”

“What about Seifer?”

“I’m torn between the two of you. But couldn’t I have both?”

“I don’t wanna share you.”

“Then how do you feel about being the one who’s shared?”

“I don’t wanna be hurt or used. I wanna be wanted. I wanna be loved. I wanna be free.”

“You wanna leave.”


“You don’t wanna become a SeeD?”

“I guess want that more than I wanna leave...” Zell said, intrigued.

“If you got in, would you wanna be with me and Seifer?”

“I could become a SeeD?!” Zell asked excitedly.

“I’ll have Seifer and myself prepare you for the cadet exam. If you pass, you’re in. And I wanna help you pass. And when you’re a member of Garden, the boys that don’t care for your name will KNOW you by name. And they won’t be able to touch you.”

“You would do that for me?”

“Silly Zell, I’m not doing it for just you; I’m doing it for the three of us.”

Zell smiled. He leaned in to kiss Squall but was stopped..

“Kiss me once we get you clean, ne?”

Zell smiled again.

A few minutes later, Zell and Squall made it to the cadet’s room. Zell was a little taken when Squall immediately stripped off his clothing, leaving the blond visibly filthy, naked and blushing.

“Wow... I like it when you do that.”

“Well, the sooner I get you naked, the sooner I’m happy.”

“Then I’ll always be naked, I guess...”

Squall escorted Zell into the bathroom. Zell ran his water and got in when the temperature was right. Zell made full use of the water, shampoo and soap and cleaned his skin as well as he ever could. He closed his eyes when he kept his face under the jets and could hear the shower door open. He was going to pull away but knew it was only Squall so he stayed calm. He felt Squall’s hand hold his torso in, pulling him slightly so that Squall could kiss the trunk of Zell’s neck.

“I just wanted to be with you.” Zell whispered.

A husky voice emerged from behind Zell. “We’ll make sure you pass that test so you CAN be...” Seifer’s voice never sounded so sexy.

Zell let his body fall limp between the boys as they held him, running their hands over his clean, white skin. He moaned when he felt both of their lips on his neck, under his ears. Squall’s hands busied themselves with Zell’s chest as his lips suckled at Zell’s. Seifer’s hands snaked down the younger blond’s torso, finally reaching around his shaft.

Zell moaned into Squall’s mouth and the sound was greeted happily. Zell fell into Seifer and his grip. The two taller boys continued to kiss and fondle the youth for what seemed like only seconds. But the water was cold by the time they’d noticed that minutes, maybe hours had gone by. They all reluctantly pulled away from each other. By this time, Seifer had actually settled Zell’s throbbing erection with gentle strokes, putting it to rest.

“Mmm... Wow...”

“Zell, I overheard the guys talking earlier... I’m not leaving you in the cell anymore.”

“Why? What did they say?”

“They were planning a group affair... So I think it best you pass the exam or get the hell out of Garden.”


“So, shall we start once we get out of the shower?” Squall asked.

“Squall,” Zell whispered., “You two have exhausted me beyond reasoning. Think I can have a bit of a nap first?”

Squall looked at Seifer. Seifer nodded.

“You know, Zell, your timing is really starting to suck. Squall and I can’t even fool around because of you.” Seifer growled into Zell’s ear, holding him tightly from behind.

“I’m sorry if your bringing me here is an inconvenience to you.” He commented sillily.

Squall let the water fall onto Zell’s body and he gave it a once-over with his hands to clean off the kisses, at the same time, massage and fondle the shorter boy’s body.

In good time, the boys got out of the shower, towelled and dressed. Except for Zell who went straight for Squall’s bed, naked. Seifer and Squall agreed to leave Zell his peace and left the room, leaving him to sleep.

As the boys were leaving, there was an announcement on the P.A. system. It was Headmaster Cid.

“Could Dr. Kadowaki please contact the headmaster in his office, please. This is a serious emergency.”

“Sounds serious.” Seifer commented.

“Should we go check it out?” Squall asked.


The two made it to Headmaster Cid’s office. Seifer entered without request which startled the already jumpy headmaster.

“Sir, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing that you should be concerning about, really.”

“Sir, I have my ways of finding anything out, now, you can save yourself a lot of credibility if you just tell me what’s going on.”

Cid sighed.

“It’s Symon and Ecka. Two young men who thought they could have a little fun being promiscuous...” He started. “They’re as good as dead, now.”

The young men were shocked.

“But Symon is– unless you mean–“

“I thought you expelled students for sexual misconduct, not KILL them.”

“Oh! No, silly boy, no. Ahem. I’m expecting Dr. Kadowaki to see me so we can discuss their condition. Apparently they both screamed and were found, one sodomizing the other. But they were unconscious, staring blindly into nothing, one laying on top of and inside of the other. They’ve been brought to intensive care but we must determine what caused them to enter a comatose state.”


“Any ideas, yet, sir?” Squall inquired.

“I have one idea... But there’s been no way to prove it. That’s why I need to see the doctor.”

Just then, Dr. Kadowaki entered the room.

“Sir, you called for me?”

“Yes, I’m sure Xu has filled you in on what’s happened?”

“Yes, she has. Very sad to hear. Symon and Ecka seemed so bright...”

“I need you to run some blood tests and a cat scan, a thorough examination of the brain activity. See if they had any spells or Guardian Forces junctioned.”

“Yes, sir, I’ll get on that right away.” The doctor said as she left.

“So, boys, is there anything I can do for you? I’m very busy so, if you’re finished, I need to get back to work.” Cid said, sitting at his desk.

“Actually, sir, there is one thing.” Squall spoke up. 

“Out with it, then.”

“Seifer’s prisoner. We both think he’s a good candidate to become a SeeD cadet. He would make an excellent soldier for us.”

“And, what do you propose?”

“That he take the exam. And if he passes, to accept him into Balamb Garden.”

“Okay, then. Have him ready for the written exam tomorrow morning and the physical by the evening.”

“Thank you, sir.” The boys said as they left, happily.

As the boys went down the elevator hand in hand, they tried to figure out what Cid was getting at.

“What would a Guardian Force have to do with sex?” Seifer questioned.

“I dunno, but by the way he was talking about it, it sounds like this isn’t the first time this has happened...”

“You’re right. But let’s not worry about that now. We have a day to teach Chicken-Wuss what he needs to know to pass.”


The boys made it back to Squall’s room. Seifer shook the sleeping beauty awake.

“Get up, sweetheart.” Seifer said as he smacked Zell’s behind through the thin sheet that covered him.

“That’s Chicken-Wuss to YOU, asshole.” Zell pointed without opening his eyes or lifting his head from the pillow.

Squall sat at the bottom of the bed. Zell sat up sleepily.

“I thought I was gonna be allowed to sleep.” Zell yawned, stretching.

The sheet fell off of his torso and Squall assaulted Zell, grabbing his arms and throwing them above his head, landing him back on the bed and seizing his lips in one ferocious kiss.

Zell tried to pull away to have time to adjust to the shock but Squall was too strong. Squall swept inside of Zell’s mouth with his tongue and dismounted the boy.

“Wow, Squall, now I see what you mean about control...” Seifer stated.

Squall and Zell smiled.

“Okay, Wuss, get up. We have a LOT of work to do.”

Zell sat back up. Then he got out of the bed, standing naked in front of both cadets.

“So, what am I gonna wear?”

Seven hours of drilling information into Zell’s head passed like winter. Everyone was tired and ready to sleep or kill.

“...And her element is...?”

“Shiva... Shiva... Shiv... Shiver... Ice!”

Seifer and Squall sighed of relief.

“Well, that’s everything, then.”

“Good. Time for sleep.”

The boys took off their clothes and tackled Zell to the bed between them. They kissed him on the cheeks and Seifer got up. Squall rolled on his back and Seifer mounted him.

“Uh... If you’re gonna do it, I’ll wait outside.”

“No, silly, we’re not gonna do it. This is something I do with Squall every night.”

Seifer put his hands on Squall’s back.

Zell lay jealously as he heard Squall’s soft, blissful moans turn into breathing and light snoring. Zell waited two hours before rolling over and trying to get some sleep. Seifer took his hands off of Squall and covered him with the blanket. Zell felt Seifer straddle him.

“You’re still awake.” He whispered.

“I can’t sleep here.”

“Turn on your front. I know you want one, too.”

Zell did so and Seifer’s hot hands felt so good against Zell’s cool skin. Zell was massaged to sleep next to Squall. Seifer put the covers on top of the boys and lay between them.

The next morning, Squall held the boy next to him and kissed him. He moaned and opened his eyes.

“Where did Seifer go?”

“Training Centre.”

“Oh.” Squall let go of Zell.

“Do you want me, Squall?”

Squall got up, off the bed.

“Sure, I do. Why else would I make you a SeeD?”

“Not to make a boy’s dream come true?”

“Nope. This is for me.”

Squall looked at the clock.

“Did you sleep well?”


“Good. Because your exam is in one hour and fifteen minutes. You can NOT be late or you immediately fail.”


Zell got out of the bed but tripped. He landed to his knees, in front of Squall’s naked...

“Yum, yum...” Zell joked.

Squall chuckled. He thought Zell would just get up but the perky blond grabbed him and took him wholly, sucking back then standing up.

Zell got up and looked at Squall in the eyes with a confident, cocky look on his face. Squall’s knees went weak.

“Oh, shit... You fuckin’ tease.” Squall cringed, trying to control his erection.

Zell smiled mischievously and grabbed Squall gently to force him to look at him.

“When I pass the exam... Can we celebrate? Just you and me?”

“Well, what do you have in mind?”

Zell pressed his naked chest against Squall’s.

“I’m thinkin’ you, me, naked... maybe a little leather... but definitely naked.”

Squall peeled away from Zell, finding his clothes.

“You’re getting me hard. You have to stop it long before I leave because I am not going out there with a hard on.”

Zell walked back up to Squall, cupping him with his right hand. Squall’s eyes were directed to Zell’s.

“Then just don’t leave.”

“You wanna pass that exam, don’t you?”

Zell released Squall and looked away.


“Then come with me and Seifer to the Training Centre. You need to be ready for the physical exam later on today.”


In time, the boys managed to keep their hands off of each other long enough to make it to the Training Centre.

“I was starting to think you didn’t love me anymore.” Seifer said, panting.

“Not gonna happen, Seifer, you know I love you more than anything.”

Seifer walked up to Squall and held him, breathing heavily as he looked hungrily into Squall’s eyes. Then he took a breath and consumed Squall’s lips along with it. Then he pulled away and looked at Zell.

“Ready to fight, Chicken-Wuss?”

“Don’t CALL me that!” Zell snapped.

“You said to call you Chicken-Wuss. Fine, I’ll just call you ‘Sweetheart,’ then.”

Zell yelled and lunged himself at Seifer. Seifer’s reflexes were more than cat-like as he dodged every punch and kick that Zell threw at him. He eventually gave up the game and grabbed Zell, putting him in a headlock.

“Don’t call me... Please, you can call me Chicken-Wuss but PLEASE don’t call me that...” Zell begged as tears fell from his face.

Squall walked up to Zell, concerned.

“Why, Zell? Why can’t we call you that?”

“Because that’s what he– what THEY... They called me...”

Seifer released Zell and Zell fell to his knees. The two taller boys knelt down and hugged the sobbing blond.

“Remember, Zell; when you pass, they’ll never think of doing it again.” Squall tried to comfort.

“Squall, are you forgetting that they’re vegetables now?”

“Hey, sometimes, encouragement is a good thing.”

“What happened to them?”

“We dunno yet. But Squall and I are gonna find out.”

There was an odd silence.

“But come on, you can’t expect to pass the fighting test if that roundhouse was the best you got.”

“Tsk. Fine.” Zell agreed as he hauled himself up.

The others also rose to their feet.

“The exam’s in half an hour. What do you wanna do till then?”

Zell had his eyes on Squall who was lifting his eyes to meet the tattooed blond.



“I’m only kidding, Squall. I need to train. But I think I’d rather go over the questions for the written if that’s okay.”

“Sure.” Seifer said, sitting on a fallen tree. “It’s the most potent fire spell.”






“How do you summon an Guardian Force?”

“You junction it. Then you call it by name and tell it you need its assistance.”

“How many of one type of item can you carry on your person at a time?”

“A hundred. Come on, I know this stuff! Challenge me!”

Squall and Seifer looked at each other. Squall smirked.

“During a parade or any other ceremony, what is the proper position for a GunBlade to be positioned if the soldier handling it is directly to the left of the podium?”

“Aw, fuck.” Zell moped as he sat down on the ground and crossed his legs. He put an elbow to his knee and rested his chin on his fist.

Squall sat next to Seifer and they both admired Zell as he thought hard for the answer. He looked so cute when he was pensive.

“Do you need a hint?” Squall asked nicely.

“No,” Zell said bitterly. “Because now my mind is in the gutter.”

“How did you turn that one into something dirty?”

“Position, GunBlade, weapon, an erect position, you guys got me thinking about Squall’s dick!”

Seifer threw himself from the tree and jumped on Zell, tackling him to the ground, punching him once in the face. After that, Zell retaliated. He threw Seifer off of him and attempted to lunge at him but Seifer threw him back to the ground and pinned him, sitting on him.

“It’s a trick question! The answer is that the GunBlade wearer can NOT stand to either side of the podium because it’s claimed that the GunBlade is the most dangerous weapon to possess because it can never be properly sheathed! Thus, if the weapon can’t be covered, it can’t be anywhere near people where it has a potential of injuring them!”

“Is that any reason to assault him?!” Squall asked bitterly.

Seifer glared at Squall.

“The written is a test of distraction. His thoughts will be read throughout his exam. If he’s thinking about your cock, then not only will he not get in but depending on how deep they go, Zell’s thoughts could have you expelled!”

“Oh.” Squall recoiled.

Seifer helped Zell up from the ground and wiped the small drop of blood off of his lip. Zell grabbed Seifer’s wrist and made a pained face. Seifer grinned and took Zell’s mouth in gently for a kiss. Then he pulled away and looked at Zell who was blushing.

“If you’re gonna think about anything, think about me, okay? Anything that is read about me can be translated as discipline.”

“Okay...” Zell agreed silently.

“Now, let’s clean you up for the exam.”


Time for the exam was SOON. Squall and Seifer pushed Zell into the special room and closed the door behind him. There was a single desk in the middle of it and the walls and floor and ceiling were white and completely bare. There was a mirror facing the front of the desk but Zell knew it was one of those observation ones where it was a window on the other side. He took a silent initiative and looked at his watch before sitting down. He took a deep breath. He picked up the pencil and began the exam. He looked at the questions and thought hard, his reaction never changing as he answered one question after the next. Somehow, throughout the exam, Zell began to look a lot more angry and fill out the questions like he wasn’t even thinking about what he was putting. He was quickly glancing at the multiple choice if he was looking at all and scratched in his answer quickly. He seemed to not be concentrating at all. It was impossible for Squall and Seifer to go into the observation room so they waited outside for him. After only five minutes, the door opened and Zell stepped out into the hall.

“You’re done so soon?”

“It wasn’t that hard.”

“But there was a hundred questions! The best anyone should pull is fifteen minutes!”

“I read fast, alright!? Now, lets go train for the physical while I wait for my results.” Zell snapped as he headed for the Training Centre.

The boys shrugged, not about to argue and followed Zell to the Training Centre.

When Squall and Seifer got to where Zell was, they were a little taken by his burst of energy. They watched him viciously kill a Grat. He then threw himself at Seifer, attacking him with swifter kicks and punches than Seifer could dodge. Zell knocked Seifer to the ground and pounced on him. Seifer was already too hurt to move when Zell pinned him and punched him, hit him, smacked him... Squall watched, horrified before he managed to grab Zell off of the older man.

“Fuck you!” Zell barked at Seifer as he tried to free himself from Squall.

Squall was surprisingly strong. He held Zell back despite the fight he put up.

“Squall, if you don’t let me go, I’ll do the same to you! Let me the fuck go!”

“What did he do to piss you off?!”

“I was so nervous in that room all because of what he told me! You fuckin’ scare me! Almost to the point that I don’t even wanna be here! Fuck you! I hate you!”

Seifer didn’t even bother to try to get up. He just lay there and took a deep breath.

“You fuckin’ think this is funny? Wipe that fuckin’ smirk off your face before I beat it off!”

Seifer got up, maintaining that eerie smirk. He got in Zell’s face. Squall just held Zell back but knew that if he was given any slack, Zell would hit Seifer to the ground again. Seifer seized Zell’s lips in a whimsy kiss. Squall was expecting Zell to bite or fight but he found Zell leaning in, complying with Seifer. Then Seifer pulled away and the sound of suction rang through Squall’s ears.

“I just wanna... be angry at you. Can’t you even grant me that?” Zell whispered.

Seifer let his lips drag across Zell’s, breathing hotly into the slit of his lips.

“I need to torment you somehow, Zell...”

Zell pulled away.

“Alright. Train me.”

The boys fought for hours, getting warmer and having to remove their shirts, making it harder for Zell to focus with two half-naked men. At one point, he hit Seifer away and tackled Squall to the ground, kissing him then kissing down his hot sweaty torso, landing his lips on one of Squall’s nipples. Squall moaned of pleasure. Squall felt that Zell was rushing so he was sucking quite hard. But it felt good! Seifer cleared his throat. The boys ignored Seifer’s frustrated sound and Zell went back up to kiss Squall. The boys kissed full-mouthed.

“He has fifteen minutes.”

The boys pulled away, an inhaling suction sound emerging.

“Oh, shit.” Squall said flatly.

Zell got off of Squall. Seifer threw the boys their shirts. They put them on and Seifer also put his on.

“You’ll be fighting against Nida. He specializes in physical manipulation. And since you rely on physical attacks, make sure when you strike, you don’t leave yourself open.”

“Why are you telling me this, Seifer?” Zell questioned Seifer’s informational integrity.

“Because Squall wants you to succeed.” Seifer said as he walked away.

Zell was thrown into another room. But this one was bigger and looked similar to the Training Centre. Zell looked around, noticing another observation room. He smiled to himself, dejectedly then the door opened again. Zell looked to see who it was.

“Are you Nida?”

“Yes, and you’re Zell, I presume?”

“Yes. So, are we gonna be fighting?”

“Yeah. Shame I have to rough you up. You’re gorgeous.”

“You are, too.” Zell blushed.

Zell went down into his fighting position and Nida seemed to be gathering energy or something. He closed his eyes and breathed in deeply, putting his hands in a prayer-like position. Then Zell saw his eyes snap open and a grin over took him. Zell was frightened.

“Don’t be afraid of me, Zell. I want you to pass this exam but I won’t let you win easily.”


The boys approached each other. Nida swung the first punch. Zell dodged it. Nida’s foot was soon to follow but Zell evaded the brunette once more then took a swing himself. Nida was quick, though and put his open hand toward Zell’s face, making contact. Zell’s face was thrown back and he was tripped. He fell to his back but quickly flipped back to his feet. He spun, his arms and foot extended. Nida evaded Zell again but when Zell completed a rotation, he kicked, hitting Nida to the side. Nida grabbed Zell’s leg and threw him to the ground again. Zell kicked again and rose, lunging himself at Nida. He saw the smirk form on Nida’s lips as the brunette shifted to the side slightly. Nida waited until Zell was close enough and raised his knee. Zell’s body curled over Nida’s knee and before he would feel pain from the impact, he grabbed Nida’s upper leg and used it to push himself up and jump away. He landed on his feet and faced Nida who was surprised. The boys exchanged punches, blocks and kicks until each one had a rather impressive cut on their cheeks. Zell finished with a roundhouse, kicking Nida to the ground and pinning him there.

“So, when is the fight finished?” Zell panted.

“You have me down. You’re done.” Nida said, catching his breath.

Zell got up and helped Nida to his feet. Then he wiped the sweat from his brow and scratched his scalp.

“That was a good fight.” Zell said, leading Nida to the exit.

“Yeah, we should do that more often.” Nida replied.

Nida slipped in front of the door. Zell reached his hand out to reach the handle. He fell into Nida. He looked up to see the taller man smiling. Zell now had his hand around the handle. He looked up again at Nida to ask him to move but he was lost in his dark eyes.


“Would you like me to move, Zell?”

“Not when you have your hand there...” Zell blushed.

Nida’s curious hand massaged Zell’s piece thoroughly, forcing Zell to moan and lean into Nida. He welcomed the blond with his mouth wide open. He sucked in the taste of Zell’s mouth and Zell found himself tasting the boy. Zell pulled away lazily and looked at Nida.

“Aren’t you... afraid about getting kicked out of SeeD?”

“I’m not a cadet. I just fight.” Nida replied, pulling Zell in again for a kiss.

Zell kissed with Nida a second more then pulled away, smiling.

“I like the taste of kiwi.”

“Good.” Nida growled.

Nida put his hand over Zell’s and opened the door. When the boys stepped out, there was Seifer, Squall and Headmaster Cid.

“Nida, I’m very impressed with your skills today. In fact, I’d like you to consider taking the written for me.” Cid said.

“Yes, sir.” Nida agreed.

“Ah, Mr. Dincht, I believe?”

“Yes, sir. Zell Nikkolas Dincht. SeeD cadet applicant.”

“Well, Zell. I was equally impressed by your performance in there.”

“Well, thank you, sir.” Zell said humbly.

“However, I’m a little befuddled by your written exam.” Cid pulled out the test.

“What’s wrong, sir?” Squall asked, peeking at the exam.

“Well, the thing that grabs me is that you got a perfect score. In five minutes, that doesn’t make sense. But I watched you do the exam myself so I know you didn’t cheat.”

“So, what’s the problem, boss?” Seifer asked casually.

Cid handed Zell a sheet of paper. Zell examined it in horror.

“This was the transcript of what activity went on in your head while you took the exam.”

Seifer and Squall went around Zell to read with him.

“Well, I guess so. Hmm.. Okay, let’s just get past this thing... No problem, you don’t ask me questions, I won’t ask, either. Okay, so, Question one. Sure. ...Yeah. Okay, 2, yah... Mmhmm... Yup. Yup. Uh-huh... ‘GunBlade’ Don’t think about it. Just answer the question. Don’t think about– think about Seifer. Him hitting me. Don’t think about it! Just get through the test! I just wanna fuckin’ be left alone here! Just fuckin’ focus on the test! Okay! FOCUS! Come on, ZELL! LOOK AT THE QUESTIONS! Just fucking read the questions instead of looking at them! I’m already on what page? 6? Only 2 more to go. I’m gonna fail. I’m not even reading the questions! That’s the point of this exam is– *Gasp* they’re reading my thoughts! Fuck! What am I gonna do now!? I may as well just fail. I mean, I did the last time. There’s always a reason. I wonder what it was last time. At least back then, I didn’t know there could be such a monster as Seifer. But now there is and he hurts me and it’s all in the name of discipline. FUCK! Drop the pencil, stand up, you’re done, Zell, and there’s no point in looking the exam over since you don’t know what the HELL you wrote down! Fine, get up, open door, leave this place!”

“You fucking blew it, Dincht.”

“I couldn’t control it, okay? I’m sorry. Sir, I’m very sorry, I was distracted.”

“That was 50% of the exam, Zell! The other half was competence. Now, you’re very brilliant and a very skilled fighter... But I’m afraid I can’t accept you.”

“Why not, exactly?”

“Well, exactly,” Cid said in an almost mocking tone. “Your attitude sucks shit.”

Zell’s face shot down in anger.

“Okay, I heard what I needed to.” Zell said as he started to walk away. “Thanks, Squall, it was fun.”

“Whoa, Zell, where are you going?”

Zell pivoted on his heel and faced Seifer.

“You said that if I don’t make it, I have to go ‘cause I’m not safe here. So, I’m gone as promised.” He looked at Squall. “I had no fuckin’ intention to stay for YOU, it’s MY life. I may have loved you when we were young but you hurt me because you forgot me! But now I’ll let you forget me and I’m gonna be hopping bars and making my living by whoring my body to the sickos in Balamb but thanks to Seifer, I may enjoy it!” Zell turned back around. “So long, Fuckers.”

Squall made a sound. Seifer looked at him. Squall was trying his hardest to hold back a cry.

“His attitude?!” Squall snapped at Cid. “You wouldn’t let him stay because of his attitude?!”

“I didn’t want to embarrass him with the truth.” Cid said flatly.

“What is the truth?” Seifer asked, pulling Squall in to comfort him.

Cid bowed his head.

“The new computer in the observation room doesn’t only read thoughts but images of those thoughts as well.”

“So, does he beat himself up mentally as well?”

Cid blushed.

“He was imagining Seifer... I don’t think I can even say raping because he wasn’t crying... The point is his homosexual thought could be the basis of something deeper. And I have a theory about gays and until I’m 100% right on my theory, I can’t have any kind of inappropriate behaviour in my Garden.”

“What’s your theory?”

“I’d rather keep it under wraps until I know for sure. I don’t want to sound like a maniac or a pervert.”

“Sir, right now you seem like a prick if you don’t me observing.” Seifer said.

“And you two seem like a couple.” Cid snapped, implying something grave.

The boys were stunned.

“And what if we were?” Squall snapped back.

“Then I’d be losing two of Garden’s finest SeeD cadets.” Cid replied solemnly.

“We’re best friends, sir, we look out for each other. I truly love Squall. Is that so wrong?”

“.......Just don’t do anything stupid. If you two wish to make a public display of your affection, the room is your only possibility. Ah, Dr. Kadowaki! What news?”

The doctor advanced.

“You were right. They each had GFs junctioned when it happened.”

“Any spells?”

“Ecka had one Fire.”

“This is excellent news, Doctor! Boys, you’re saved! I wish I could say the same about Ecka and Symon....”

“We had no way to be sure about this until now, Sir, it HAD to happen.”

“But I care for all of my cadets. I wish it hadn’t come to this.” Cid said solemnly.

Cid began to walk away.

“Thank you, everyone. I need to go and collect my information.”

Squall and Seifer looked at each other, trying to understand their wayward Headmaster.

“I wonder what he knows.” Squall said, taking off his jacket.

“Guardian Forces, male intercourse, comas, suggestive thoughts...” Seifer threw around as he sat on Squall’s bed. “I don’t know how they’re all connected... He seems to.”

Squall sat next to Seifer and buried his head in Seifer’s lap.

“Why did you arrest him?”

“He hurt you. That’s all I remember. Arresting him was justified.”

“We’re not gonna remember him in a week, are we?”

“You might remember that a blond gave you that hickey on your nipple but I think that’s it... You may very well think it was me.”

“I don’t want to forget him again. I hurt him last time.”

“And he’s hurting you now. Or should I say ‘again’?”

Squall cried softly.

“I liked it when he was here.”

“Me, too... But don’t worry, it’ll pass.”

“My heart feels broken, Seifer. It hurts already.”

“It’ll fade. A little bit everyday. You don’t remember what he did to you before, do you?”


“See, that’s proof.”

“I don’t know if I can forget HIM that easily.”

Seifer pulled Squall’s head up to look into his eyes.

“You can try...”

Squall licked his lips and kissed Seifer. Then he pulled away and looked into his deep blue eyes.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Seifer replied.

“I didn’t say it so that YOU had to say it.”

“I know. I’ve been dying to tell you all day. If I could, I’d tell you all day and I’d tell everyone.” Seifer said as he leaned Squall on his back and kissed him.

Squall began to undress Seifer and was soon aided in his task. When Seifer was naked, Squall’s clothes were soon to go as well. The boys kissed lustfully for hours before Squall turned on is front and Seifer massaged him into a slumber. He kissed Squall behind his ear and lay next to the beautiful youth.

The next morning, Squall reached over and pulled Seifer into him, kissing his jaw. Seifer put his arm around Squall. Seifer was still very tired and showed very little other signs of life. Squall straddled Seifer and kissed down his taut muscular form. He drilled his tongue in Seifer’s bellybutton before continuing and coming face to face with a semi-erection. He licked his lips and put them over the rapidly burning organ. Seifer jumped from the bed, startled.

“What are you doing?” Seifer asked, sounding almost angry.

Squall pulled away, shocked by Seifer’s tone.

“I just wanted to... taste you...” Squall said, sweetly.

Seifer’s face immediately softened. He leaned in and kissed Squall then leaned back.

“If that’s what you want to do, then I won’t stop you.”

Squall smiled and kissed Seifer’s manhood.

An hour later, the two left Squall’s room and made it to the cafeteria. It was strangely uncomfortable. All the cliques seemed to have a worried look on their faces. The boys sat at their table, looking around.

“What do you think it is?”

“Shh...” Seifer interrupted.

The two were silent.

“They all know what happened to Symon and Ecka.”

“Wow, your hearing is great.”

“Better be.” Seifer scoffed, sipping his orange juice. “You’re not gonna eat?”

“I already had my sausage this morning.” Squall joked.

The two laughed but Squall’s face soon dropped.

“You’re thinking about HIM, aren’t you?”

“......Yeah... I wonder if he was serious about what he said; not wanting to stay with me, whoring himself for money...”

“How about we try to go find him tomorrow?”

“Why not today?”

“We’re in lock-down. SeeDs aren’t supposed to know. It’d make them nervous. So, tomorrow, we’ll go to Balamb and find your boy, okay?”


The next day, the boys left Garden and set off for Balamb. Seifer drove and Squall held himself nervously.

“Why are you shaking?”

“I’m nervous. I’ve never gone to him to find him. In the alley, he was just there and in Garden, *I* had the power. Now I’m going to him...”

“Don’t worry about it. When you see him, tell him that you came to see him so that you don’t forget him. THAT’S guaranteed to piss him off.”

Seifer parked the car and the two set off to find Zell. There was a large group of men standing outside of one house and they were all cursing at each other, trying to look into the windows.

“He’s in there, right?” One boy asked.

“Yeah, maybe him and Nida are too tired from all the fucking.” Another replied.

“Fuck, I wish we coulda seen that.”

“Me, too.”

“Nida’s in there?” Squall asked Seifer quietly behind the crowd.

“Yeah, this is where he lives. Rumour has it, he’s a bondage freak and he charges good prices for shows.”

“You think Zell is in there with him?”

“Maybe. Could find out.” Seifer said as he pushed himself to the front of the crowd and stood in front of the door.

“Hey, watch it! I was here first!”

Seifer turned and glared down at the boy. The boy shrunk and walked away. Seifer banged on the door. Squall joined Seifer and the door opened. Nida popped his head out.

“You don’t have a reserv– Seifer... Hi.”

“May we come in?”

“Uh, yeah... Sure.”

Nida welcomed the cadets into his house, locking the door behind them.

“I’ll get straight to the point; is Zell here?” Seifer asked Nida bluntly.

“Yeah, but he’s sleeping.” Nida replied.

“Where is he?” Squall asked sweetly.

“In the room next to the chains. On your left.”

Squall went off.

“So, you really do this, huh?” Seifer asked.

“Yeah, it’s great! Zell’s having fun, too. I got him in a sixty-nine yesterday and he LOVES the guys that come in and give him head.”

“So, they come in and pay to favour him?”

“More like savour...”

Seifer smirked. “That’s funny.”

“Zell? Hey, Zell, you awake?” Squall said quietly as he walked in the room.

He closed the door behind him and walked over to the bed where Zell was sleeping quietly on his back. Squall leaned down and kissed Zell’s lips then knelt beside the bed.

“I’m so sorry it’s come to this... I don’t know how to love a whole lot. Maybe what I feel for you NOW is love... And that’s why I don’t wanna give you up.” Squall confessed as he stroked Zell’s hair. “I think...”

Zell’s eyes opened slowly and his head turned to face Squall.

“...I love you.”

Zell smiled and rolled over to cup Squall’s cheek with his palm and kissed him on the lips. Then he rolled back on his back, closed his eyes, stretched and took a deep breath. As he inhaled, the sheet fell off of his chest, exposing bite marks and welts from a whip.

“It’s nice here.” Zell finally spoke.

“What happened to you?” Squall asked, concerned.

“Oh! Nida found me! Haha! Just as I was coming into the city.”

“I meant your sores.”

“....We roughhoused. Man, was it fun!”

“So... You’re... happy here?”

“Hell, yeah. Guys come in here and pay to give ME head! And they stop when I want them to and Nida has this strawberry oil that we put on each other and lick it off and I can take a shower or a bath when EVER I need or want to! I can’t go wrong here. But why are YOU here?”

“.............I just wanted to see you again.”

“Okay. Well, stop by whenever. I’ll be here.”

The door opened and Nida came in.

“Good morning, Zell.”

“Good morning, babe. Is that guy that gives head with his teeth here?”

“Your fan club is waiting outside for you.” Nida said, advancing to the bed.

He sat next to Zell on the bed and reached under it. He pulled up what Squall thought was leather straps but minutes later, it was obvious what it was. Zell was slipped into a bondage suit and had leather straps around his wrists. The ‘suit’ was a strap around his neck, one leading down his back and front and crossing under his pecs. Nida kissed Zell and played with one of his pecs. The two kissed for a few seconds before Nida pulled away.

“You think I should get you a nipple ring?”

“Maybe...” Zell replied timidly. Well, Squall, I appreciate the visit. Have Nida set up an appointment. We can have fun.”

Squall stood up and left.

“What’s wrong?” Seifer asked as Squall stormed out of the room.

“He’s a bondage whore.” Squall replied as he grabbed Seifer’s wrist and led the two of them out of the small house.

The two made it back to Balamb. There was very little conversation on the trip back. When they were on their way to the cafeteria, they encountered Headmaster Cid.

“Good day, sir.”

“Good day, gentlemen. How are you today?”

“M’eh, could be better but all thing s considering, could be worse.”

“Always the optimist, eh, Seifer?”

Seifer grinned.

“Will you two be participating in the room?”

“Are we allowed?” Squall asked.

“Yes, of course. All members of Garden are allowed. It’s a program that allows for all sexual frustrations and insecurities to be laid to rest. Don’t you agree? Seifer, I remember when you first did the room... You and Quistis and Ecka all knew exactly what you wanted and exactly how to get it. Do you not remember how good it felt to finally release that tension?”

Seifer grinned ear-to-ear. He bowed is head.

“I remember how good it feels, yes, sir.”

Squall smirked as well.

“Well, I look forward to your presentation.” Cid said as he left to the Doctor’s Office.

“You know what? I’m not hungry.”

“Me neither.”

“Wanna do some training?”


The two made it to the Training Centre and went to the Secret Area. Squall leaned against the rail and pulled Seifer in to kiss him. Of course, he did so without protest. He wrapped his arms around Squall’s waist and held him close. Squall pulled Seifer in closer and snaked his tongue into Seifer’s mouth, massaging him. Seifer let a naughty hand climb up under Squall’s shirt and pinch the brunette’s nipple. Squall moaned inside of Seifer’s mouth. Seifer pulled away and laughed.


“You made that cute sound again.”

Squall ignored Seifer’s statement and pulled him in for a luscious kiss. Minutes later, Seifer found the willpower to pull slowly away from Squall.

“What do you think Cid meant when he said we were saved?” Seifer whispered in his sexy, tenor voice.

Squall turned away, nipping his lip.

“I’m practically giving myself to you and all you can think about is that pervert?”

“No, Squall, it’s not like that; it’s just that if you and I get intimate, how do we know the same thing won’t happen to us that happened to Symon and Ecka? Squall, I love you and I want us to be together...” Seifer took Squall’s chin and had him look into his piercing blue eyes. “But I want us to be safe.”

“You know, that’s probably the most reasonable thing I’ve ever heard you say.”

Seifer smiled.

“Attention everyone; sign-up sheets for the Show Room are now available in the Quad. Thank you, that is all.”

“I swear, Cid only lets us do this so he can get a hard-on and no one would notice in comparison.”

“SQUALL!” Seifer said, shocked to hear Squall of all people make such a comment.

“What? You don’t believe me?” Squall asked, pulling himself closer to Seifer.

“Come to think of it, maybe you have a point.” Seifer chuckled. “So... you wanna participate? Give him a show he’d never forget?”

“Well, apparently, you had quite the fan club after your first time, you sure you wanna do it again?”

“To molest you publically,” Seifer said, winding his arms around Squall’s body, snaking his fingers through the brunette’s hair, “hell, yeah.” Seifer used his grip in Squall’s hair to pull him into a violent kiss which Squall welcomed.

The boys pulled away from each other and took a deep breath.

“So, let’s go sign up.” Squall suggested as he lead Seifer out of the Secret Area.

There was a knock on Zell’s door. Nida’s head popped in.


Zell was an exhausted heap on the bed, naked, sweating, bleeding, gentle tear stains on his face. His chest was rising and falling quickly but his breath wasn’t laboured. His eyes couldn’t focus on Nida so they looked somewhat through him. Nida walked up to Zell on the bed and sat next to him, stroking the blond’s frayed bangs to the side of his clammy face.

“Rough day?”

Zell uttered a sound that wasn’t distinct. But Nida understood that he was sore and tired.

“I was thinking we could take a bath and then play a little bit with my strawberry lube.”

Zell cocked a smile.

“I knew you’d like that.”

Zell pressed his lips over his tongue before attempting to push himself up and was helped by Nida. The hot-tub-like bath had already been drawn in the bathroom next to Zell’s room. The boys got in and Zell took a cloth then scrubbed his small wounds clean, invigorating himself with the hot water on his face.

“You did really well today, Zell. Everyone loves you.”

“Good. That’s good. Thanks.”

“.....Do you like it here, Zell?”

“Yah, I love it. Why?”

“Because I’m really thinking of taking that test.”

“What do you mean?”

“All my life I wanted to become a SeeD. And here, I’m given the chance because I trained for it all along.”

“......So, what’ll happen to me?”

“I can leave this place for you to take care of. I mean, you’ve seen how I do business, it’s not hard at all.”

Nida turned Zell so that the tattooed boy’s back was facing him. He took Zell’s cloth and started washing gently.

“I don’t wanna be left alone here.” Zell said quietly.

Nida stopped with the cloth.

“I thought you told me that that’s what you told Squall; that you wanted to be alone.”

“I lied... I just wanna be wanted... Like I am here. You want me, right?”

“Absolutely. So does the entire male population of Balamb.”

“Why is that? Because I taste like honey?”

“Pretty much, I suppose... I mean, aren’t you happy with that, though? You get HEAD constantly AND you get to come a hundred times a day AND get paid for it AND you can be tied down if you want or be in control... Where does it go wrong?”

“...No matter what, I still feel like I’m being used...”

“It doesn’t help if I tell you the truth that you ARE, does it?”

“I love you, Nida. I love that you don’t lie to me. I love that you’re beautiful and that your mouth tastes like Kiwis. I hate that you’ll leave me for Garden.”

“Oh, Zell...” Nida soothed by holding Zell from behind, kissing below his ear.

Nida heard a desperate whine come from Zell. He turned Zell around to face him. Zell was holding back tears and it looked like it was killing him. Nida grabbed Zell’s manhood under the water and took a breath before exhaling. Then he went underwater. Zell gasped but was quickly lulled into pleasure. His tears escaped him and he was panting with excitement. Nida resurfaced, smiling at Zell. His face was beautiful.

“Do you wanna go to the bedroom, now?”

“Yeah...” Zell blushed.

Nida grinned and took one of Zell’s nipples in his teeth. He suckled at it then pulled away, standing up in the tub. Zell grabbed the brunette’s legs to hold him still and put his mouth over Nida’s appendage, pulling him in as closely as he could. Nida wove his fingers through Zell’s hair and moaned with pleasure. Zell moaned as well as he took Nida fully, licking and sucking, driving each of them wild.

“Zell... we’re... not in... the room yet...” Nida panted.

Zell ignored Nida and continued sucking on him. Nida’s knees went weak and he found himself trembling, unable to stand. As he started to sit back down in the water, Zell picked him up and leaned him against the side of the tub. Nida moaned happily.

“Oh, Zell, this is nice...”

Again, Zell ignored what Nida had to say and licked and kissed and bobbed Nida into orgasm. Nida huffed when he released into Zell’s mouth. Zell was welcoming of the sweet fluid as well as very selfish. When he was able to get every drop of Nida that he could, he trailed his tongue up Nida’s sweaty body and kissed him. Then Zell pulled away, making a sweet, satisfying sound from the suction. He gazed deeply into Nida’s eyes.

“Time to go to the bedroom.” Zell said, stepping out of the tub and grabbing a towel.

Nida did the same.

Zell dried himself off as he made it over to Nida’s room. It was only a little bigger than the one Zell was staying in but it looked smaller with all the bondage gear and kinky sex toys. Zell approached Nida, took his towel away from him and threw him on the bed. He then walked over the brunette on his hands and knees, dominating him. He held Nida’s hands above his head and Nida felt cold metal encircle his wrists then he heard the two satisfying clicks. Zell looked down at Nida hungrily and devoured his lips. Nida moaned of pleasure. Zell did the same. Then he pulled away, dragging his tongue down Nida’s hard body until his chin touched Nida’s special place. His tongue dragged from the base to the tip and kissed it before returning up on Nida, plastering his body against the other boy’s. Zell reached next to Nida’s head and brought forth a squeeze bottle with pink see-through liquid. He sat up, straddling his captive, opened the bottle and poured a good amount over Nida’s torso. Nida winced at the cold. Zell leaned down and rubbed his nose in the glistening liquid, nuzzling Nida’s nipple. The hand cuffs could be heard wrestling and Zell looked into Nida’s desperate eyes. He wanted to touch Zell and was now restricted. Zell smirked mischievously and put his face to Nida’s. Nida had only enough room between them to lick the strawberry flavour from the tip of Zell’s nose. Zell went back down, putting his hands up on Nida’s pecs. He smeared the lubricant around and occasionally licked where he wanted to. Then he took his well-slicked hands and stroked Nida’s rapidly forming erection. Then he put his body over top of Nida’s, the hot liquid melding the bodies. Zell rubbed himself against Nida, the lubricant allowing the bodies to slip nicely as Zell pretended to ram Nida. He looked at him as if Nida were inferior to him but he also looked like he was satisfied with his actions. Nida could feel Zell’s erection rub between his legs and he enjoyed the thrill. Every time Zell’s face came close to Nida’s, he tried to kiss him but his limited mobility restricted him from doing so. Zell began panting and moaning as he rubbed himself against Nida and Nida felt the need to pant as well from all his excitement. Then Zell stopped abruptly, struggling to hold back a climax. He sat up, just above Nida, his pants blowing coldly over Nida’s lips. Then Nida took Zell’s in a lustful plea. Zell pulled away to pant. Then he kissed Nida before uncuffing him. He lay next to the sexy brunette and was turned on his back. Nida licked the strawberry off of his partner starting from the bottom of his torso, licking up to the underneath part of his ear. Then he seized him in another wonderful kiss. When he pulled away, he nuzzled in close to Zell and drifted off to sleep. Shortly after, Zell was also asleep.

“Is this gonna hurt?” Squall asked as Seifer leaned him down on his bed.

“It’ll only hurt if you let it hurt.” Seifer said, leaning over Squall.

“But I’ve never...”

“Shhhhhhh................. Neither have I...” Seifer soothed, leaning in to kiss Squall.

Squall welcomed Seifer’s mouth but was quickly withdrawn. Seifer took two leather straps that were connected with a chain and tied Squall’s wrists then threw the chain around his bedpost.

“I think you’re gonna hurt me.”

“Only if you want me to.” Seifer mewled as he ran his hands hardly down Squall’s sides.

“I don’t know if I want this anymore.” Squall said nervously.

“Trust me, Squall; you do.”

Seifer kissed Squall’s sternum then resurfaced. Squall looked into Seifer’s eyes, fearfully as Seifer squeezed in the sides of Squall’s ribs. Squall groaned of pain and tried to get up, straining his wrists on the leather.

“You see now why you needed the straps?”

“Oh, my god, that hurt!” Squall said as he laid down. “WOW, that feels great!” He began to pant.

“Good. Glad you’re enjoying it.” Seifer murmured as he kissed Squall’s chest.

“Hey, I thought that was it.”

Seifer looked up at Squall and smirked mischievously.

“You’re beautifully naive, Squall. I like that.” Seifer said as he licked Squall’s nipple.

Squall huffed that cute noise again.

“But my senses are ultimately sensitive now! Seifer, you’re gonna ruin a perfectly good orgasm just kissing me!”

Seifer went up and breathed in Squall’s ear.

“What if I just fuck you?” He whispered seductively before looking longingly into Squall’s eyes.

But Squall looked terrified.

“I’m not ready. Really, I’m not!”

Seifer ignored Squall’s frightened plea and kissed his nipple again, looking at him contestingly. Then he pouted and bit Squall’s nipple. Squall sighed of sexual pain.

“Mmm... Good pain!” He managed as he arched himself into Seifer’s mouth.

Then Seifer pulled up and untied his promised.

“I’m sorry about the sex thing, I really want you; I really do... But I want it to be perfect. So as not to ruin anything.”

“I understand. And I’m glad that you want it perfect. Because with every day, I love you more. And I want to make you happy. When you’re ready.”

Squall pulled Seifer’s face in for a kiss. Then Seifer laid his head on Squall’s chest, circling a finger around one of Squall’s hard nipples.

“Your body is always gonna feel like this, Squall; sensitive, at the brink of climax from the littlest stimulation... It’ll fade with time but it’ll take a while before you quit feeling like you have a hard-on.”

“So, who taught you that?”

“Nida did years ago. Like when I first came to Garden. He was here but he didn’t complete the written exam. But even then, he knew about physical manipulations.”

“This one is incredible. Like those massages.”

“Do you want one?”

“Yes, please.”

Seifer had Squall roll over on his stomach and he put his hot hands on Squall’s even hotter back. Squall moaned in pleasure as Seifer squeezed his muscles in all the right places. Eventually, his moans turned into silent breaths and Seifer lay next to him, falling asleep only minutes later.

The next morning, Squall woke up, attempting to wrap his arms around Seifer but like most of those mornings, Seifer was out of the bed by the time Squall woke up. He looked over and saw his beloved undressing. Seifer was looking at Squall as he dropped his boxers.


Squall rubbed his eyes.

“You’re naked already?”

“I gotta take a shower if I wanna be pretty for the show room tonight.” Seifer said as he went into his bathroom.

Squall jumped out of bed, or rather, fell out, bringing the sheets down with him. He raced after Seifer.

“I’m coming with you!”

Seifer turned around, smiled and welcomed Squall in the shower with him.

Squall closed the shower door behind him and took Seifer in for a very sex-driven kiss. Seifer held Squall close and kissed him back. But then he pulled away, gazing into Squall’s eyes.

“You know we should save this energy for the room.”

Squall’s lips tried desperately to get back onto Seifer’s.

“Wash me up really fast, okay? I wanna go hunt down Cid and find out the conditions so that we can fuck.”


“I want you, Seifer, and I want that show tonight to be our foreplay and I want you to ride me... and I wanna ride you...” Squall confessed, trailing a finger down Seifer’s hard body. He looked into Seifer’s eyes. “A lot.”

Seifer barged into Cid’s office, Squall not far behind.

“What does homosexuality and Guardian Forces have to do with vegetables?”

“Mr. Almasy, what business do you have barging in here?” Cid demanded as he faced his chair to the intruding youths.

Seifer put his fists on Cid’s desk.

“I wanna be with Squall, Sir, like REALLY want to BE with him. Even if it means expulsion, what’s the danger if we love each other?”

Cid lowered his glasses and stared at Seifer through the brim.

“That very statement can have you expelled, why are you risking it?”

“Because I’ll be here long enough to know why I can’t make love to Squall.”

“How can you guarantee that, Seifer?” Cid asked, defiantly.

Seifer leaned over Cid’s desk, staring into Cid’s eyes.

“Because you wanna see me naked.”

Both Cid and Squall were shocked to hear Seifer make such a statement. Cid turned away. Then he looked back at Seifer.

“You can fuck Squall’s brains from here to Esthar for all I care. Just don’t junction a GF.”

Seifer stood up, even more shocked than Cid and Squall. He tried to maintain that cocky look but was too confused. He turned around and looked at Squall.

“Well, hon, I guess we should just get ready for tonight, then...”

The boys left Cid’s office.

“I’m afraid to sleep with you.”


“That is such a WEIRD condition! Cid knows something and he’s not letting us in on the whole story.”

“Well, can’t we just do as he says?”

“You’re missing my point, Squall. Look what it did to Symon and Ecka.”

“But Cid said it’d be okay.”

Seifer held Squall and looked into his eyes.

“You’re so cute when you’re persistent.”

Squall cracked a smile.

“I recall a time you wanted it more that I did...”

Seifer pulled Squall in for one magnificent kiss.

“Don’t think I don’t want it, because I DO... Tell you what; we get Cid to tell us his story about his theory and if we like what we hear... We can have our own mind-blowing sex.”

Squall snagged a kiss.

“Okay... Koi.”

Seifer leaned in to kiss Squall. Squall pulled away, smirking.

“Let’s save the rest for the room.”

Seifer grinned.


The boys walked into the viewing room where all the other SeeD candidates were. Everyone was excited as they watched a very vivid, erotic performance by Quistis, Xu and Shayne.

“Did we miss anything?” Seifer inquired.

“Yeah, they’ve been doin’ all kinds of sexy stuff since the lights went on.” Another student replied.

“How long have they been going?” Squall asked.

“13 minutes.”

“Oh, so they’re on their third interval already?”

“Yup. The crowd loves them. I think we’re gonna keep voting for them to stay for another 20 minutes, at least!”

Seifer chuckled. He looked over at Squall who was captivated by Quistis’ performance.

“Hey... Squall.”


“You like what you see?”

“Well, I’ve never seen Quisty naked before... She’s beautiful...”

“Yep. She has a beautiful body and she definitely knows how to use it.”

Squall started getting short of breath. Seifer held him tightly and growled in his ear.

“Little anxious, Squall?”

“Uh-huh... I wanna do... things like that... I wanna dominate Z... Uh... I wanna make a good show.”

“You wanna make a show of dominating Zell?”

“I liked doing things to him...”

Seifer nibbled Squall’s earlobe.

“Would you like to?”

“We can’t... It’s too late... and you have to be a SeeD member; cadet or soldier.”

“The only rules is; ‘This is only a show. No sex allowed.’ ...and ‘don’t do the same thing for very long’ and ‘you get five minutes and the audience decides whether they want to see you longer’ and ‘only SeeD members are to know and/or participate in the room.’ Huh. I guess that’s 4 rules, then, huh?”

“...I wanted him to be here, Seifer, I really did...” Squall pouted.

Seifer licked up Squall’s neck then snuggled under his chin.

“Then I have an idea.” Seifer said as he pulled Squall out of the room. “Come on.”

Half an hour later, it was finally decided to let Quistis’ group call it a day and let the next show begin. It was Squall’s and Seifer’s turn. The light turned on and the two of them were holding each other, kissing softly. They pulled away, gazed into each other’s eyes then kissed passionately once more. When they pulled away again, they started walking away from the viewing glass. And it was soon obvious why. The two separated and surrounded a very confused, very adorable Zell. Almost symmetrically, the two removed Zell’s jacket and Seifer stood behind him while Squall stayed in the front. Squall pulled Zell in for a wet kiss and Seifer kissed behind his ear.

“What am I doing here?”

“We wanted to make you a part of the fun.” Seifer whispered.

“But I’m not a SeeD.”

“Nothing anyone can do about it now...” Squall said as his right hand climbed up Zell’s black shirt.

“What do you plan to do with me?” Zell panted.

“Everything.” Squall whispered past Zell’s opened lips.

He kissed Zell again. Zell fell between the two, already completely drowned in lust. He cooed between the two as Seifer massaged his sides.

“I thought I wasn’t allowed to be here...”

“Rules were made to be broken, Zell...” Seifer’s husky voice sounded its sexiest yet.

Zell leaned in to lock lips with Squall. But Squall pulled away and smiled, licking his lips. Squall lift Zell’s shirt up, removing it from him. He stared hungrily at Zell’s naked chest and forced Zell to kneel. He also knelt and bent down to nibble on Zell’s nipple. He used his right hand to massage Zell’s torso. Zell squealed and moaned but was quickly silenced when he felt Seifer grab his wrists. He didn’t fight Seifer. He knew that he wasn’t going to hurt him but he was very curious as to what he was going to do. He felt a leather strap being snapped around his right wrist then his left. He felt the heavy chain fall against his back, forcing him to mewl. Squall suckled at Zell’s nipple then swirled his tongue around it. Then he pulled away and looked up at Zell. He nipped at Zell’s lips before pulling away. Zell was lifted to his feet by the SeeD cadets. Seifer lifted Zell’s arms above his head and Squall slipped the chain over a hook, conveniently placed in the ceiling. Zell was now vulnerable to anything the boys might do to him. Zell moaned to control his erection. He was suddenly reminded about how he liked control and how he liked Squall doing things to him. Squall nipped at Zell’s nipple again, causing Zell to squeal.

“He makes cute noises like you do, Squall.”

“Oh, hush up and do it to him.” Squall said, slightly annoyed.

“Do what?” Zell asked, worried.

Seifer’s hands snaked around Zell’s waist. He pulled Zell so that he was facing him. He pulled him in for a kiss. Zell went along with it, trying hard to keep the kiss going in fear of what Seifer would do after he pulled away. Seifer squeezed hard on Zell’s sides, forcing him to break the kiss and yell. He clenched his body so that he was lifting himself off the ground, hanging from the chain, looking at Seifer angrily, gritting his teeth.

“What’re ya doing?!”

Seifer pinched his thumbs and fingers into certain places of Zell’s body then let go. Zell gasped and panted. Squall released Zell from one of the cuffs. Zell landed into Seifer and onto his lips. This was his thanks for making him feel so wonderful.

“Oh, god, whatever you did, it feels incredible!” Zell said as he pulled away from Seifer.

Zell was cut short when Squall pulled him in for a savage kiss. Zell put his hands on Squall’s upper arms as Squall snaked his hands around his back. Squall hunched down and licked down to Zell’s nipple again. Zell closed his eyes and rolled his head back in bliss. Then he felt Seifer on his other nipple. He sighed blissfully. Their hands seemed to molest the young blond’s body as their mouths ravaged his chest. He wove his fingers through both of their hair, cooing.

“You guys... Squall, I hate being used...”

Squall went up on Zell and looked into his eyes. Zell looked as though he was going to cry.

“Seifer and I are going to be expelled from this place. We knew that going into this that bringing you here would harm our careers. But we’re doing it anyway because I love you. And I want to be with you.”

Zell was silent. He leaned in and kissed with Squall but then he pulled away and licked his lips, opening his eyes slowly.

“Are we bring watched?”

“Yeah. Of course.” Seifer replied, standing up.

“That’s why we call it the ‘show room’.” Squall added as he held Zell in closely.

“Seifer, what did you do to my body to make me feel so sensitive?”

Seifer walked behind Zell again, wrapping his arms around his torso, caressing his chest with his hands and purring in his ear.

“If you’re a good boy, I’ll tell you.”

Zell moaned in an attempt to fight off a spontaneous orgasm.

“What’s the matter, Zell? Getting a little over excited?” Squall asked seductively.


“Good. ‘Cause I wanna taste you all over again...”

Seifer squeezed Zell tightly and buried his face deeper in his neck.

“We’re gonna make you cum till you’re dry, pretty boy.” He growled.

Zell moaned with cooperation and anticipation. Then he squealed when he felt Squall’s hands tugging his pants open. He looked at Squall questioningly. Squall just smiled and opened the front of Zell’s pants.

“You’re gonna do it HERE?”

“Yes, absolutely. I want everyone at Garden to know how sexy you are. All the guys in Balamb already know... But here, I want everyone to know that you’re MINE.” Squall said his last statement two inches from Zell’s mouth. Zell moved in an inch closer.

“What makes you so sure I’m YOURS?”

Squall slid his bare hand down the front of Zell’s pants and grabbed his arousal.

“The fact that you’re hard for me is a pretty good gather.” Squall replied, leaning in to kiss Zell.

But Zell only moaned in pleasure. Seifer was twisting his nipples and nipping at his neck. This combined with Squall’s fabulous massage, Zell was having a sexual overload.

“Oh, god, this is just like my fantasy...”

“What else happens?” Squall asked, licking Zell’s neck and kissing Seifer.

“Well, we’re all naked so it’s skin brushing and not leather or fur... And I’m sucking Seifer’s dick because I think he would taste so good...”

“No reason why that can’t happen.” Seifer implied.

Then there was a beep. Squall and Seifer checked the lights. It was green.

“I guess they want us to continue.”

“Yep, so you were saying, Zell, that you wanna suck my dick?”

“Yeah, and I’ve been DREAMING about getting my lips around yours since I left here, Squall...”

Zell leaned in and kissed Squall but pulled away when he became overstimulated.

“Oh, god.”

Squall pulled away from Zell enough to open his jeans, make them drop a little bit and free his throbbing manhood. Seifer brought a hand to it as well and gently massaged Zell’s jewels and Squall pulled him in for another kiss. Zell lustfully went with it until he pulled away, sucking through his teeth.

“I’m gonna–“

“Shoot.” The other two requested.

Zell did so. He leaned back and a terrific orgasm ripped through him like it was exactly what his body had been looking for all its life. Zell panted to regain composure. Squall continued to massage Zell’s weeping organ a little then brought his hand to his lips. He licked his pinky clean before offering his other fingers to Seifer. Seifer greedily sucked in Squall’s digits, cleaning them thoroughly then forcefully grabbing Zell’s hair, whipping his head back and kissing him roughly. Zell went with it aside from the slight discomfort from being whiplashed and yanked back. He felt Squall rubbing his hand against his chest again then that same hand ventured down, tugging Zell’s jeans the rest of the way. Zell pulled away from Seifer and the two looked down at Squall who was on his knees. Squall looked so cute when he wanted something. He took off his jacket and threw it aside then he took off his other glove and threw it as well. Seifer grinned when he saw Squall lick his lips, staring at Zell’s still-very-happy erection. He chuckled and took off his jacket as well. He stole one more kiss from Zell then took off his gloves. Then he joined Squall on his knees. The two kissed then pulled apart. Squall grinned and stuck out his tongue, dragging it from the base of Zell’s shaft to the tip. He somehow managed this through a smile and never broke eye contact with Seifer. Seifer mimicked what Squall had just done and the two kissed over top of Zell’s tip. Zell moaned loudly of pleasu re. He wove his hands through each of their hair again and closed his eyes as the two continued to give him oral pleasure simultaneously. Then his moans became mewls and Seifer pulled away again, laughing. Squall grabbed Zell’s behind and took him fully in his mouth. Zell squeaked when he felt Squall’s nose poking his body.

“Oh, my... Squall...” Zell panted as he felt Seifer move behind him again. “I’m gonna fall over...”

Squall pulled away and Seifer rested Zell on the ground. Squall removed Zell’s shoes and pants from his ankles, spread his legs open, crawled between them and went back to his previous doing. Seifer went to Zell’s side and stroked his hair over his ear. Zell looked at him, sleepily, desperately. Seifer smiled with satisfaction and leaned in, kissing Zell.

The beep went again. All three boys pulled away and looked at the light. It was still green.

“I want you to share him, Squall.” Seifer said sweetly.

“But don’t you wanna suck ME?” Squall asked, semi-seductively.

Seifer grinned.

“When we’re finished here.”

Squall grinned back.

“Seifer...” Zell started.

Seifer looked over at Zell.

“I scares me to hear you say my name, you know that?”

“Would it scare you even more if I asked you to put your dick in my mouth?”

Seifer involuntarily licked his lips. Then he straddled his thighs over Zell’s head and leaned over Zell’s naked torso. Squall was adorably licking Zell’s shaft. Seifer watched for a few seconds before taking the flesh from Squall’s hand. Squall looked up at him, offended (Yeah... ‘offended’...)

“Share the love honey...” Seifer mewled as he gently yanked Zell’s length toward him.

“Sei– I’m gonna... gonna cum...” Zell managed.

“That’s the point.” Seifer growled back at Zell as he kissed his tip.

Zell moaned loudly before releasing his seed all over his stomach. He threw his head back but pulled it back when he felt two very selfish mouths kissing, sucking, tongues lapping, licking him clean and Seifer’s strong hand jerking him off tenderly. The boys took turns trying to suck Zell dry then pulled up to kiss each other. Seifer pulled away when he felt tugging at the front of his jeans. He looked down at Zell.

“What are you doing?”

“I wanna suck on it.”

Seifer grinned. He kissed Zell’s navel and dragged his tongue up to Zell’s nipple. Zell felt Squall follow Seifer’s lead and licked up to Zell’s other nipple. Zell mewled softly before cringing and tried to sit up. But Seifer’s body was in the way. Zell came again.

“Oh, why do you have to bite?”

Seifer continued kissing up Zell’s body, licking his neck and kissing him upside down. He smoothed Zell’s hair behind his ears again, pulled away and looked into his eyes.

“Because you’re just so delicious, I guess we wanna eat you.”

Squall cleaned off Zell’s stomach, lapping greedily.

“Ung, Squall... I wanna eat YOU guys...”

When Squall finished licking Zell, he kissed up to Zell’s lips.

“That can be arranged.” Squall purred, dismounting Zell.

Squall and Seifer rose to their feet and helped Zell. He was already getting tired from his three orgasms so far. He fell into Seifer then reached his hands between their bodies, tugging at Seifer’s shirt zipper. Seifer looked at him hungrily, seductively. Zell fell into his eyes, moaning, wanting to do something to him or have something done to himself... Seifer’s eyes sparkled with lustful anticipation that drove Squall, Zell and the audience wild.

“Oh, my god, I didn’t think God could make a being so sexy...” Zell murmured as he opened Seifer’s shirt. He looked over Seifer’s muscular body before starting on his pants. When they could drop, Seifer kicked off his boots and tugged off his socks. All he was left in was were his black silk boxers. Zell licked his lips, seized Seifer’s lips in an amazing kiss and pulled away teasingly. He tucked his fingers in the elastic of Seifer’s boxers, tickling him. Seifer took Zell’s head in his hands and Zell started his way down, starting by getting a hard nipple between his teeth. He licked down and got to his knees, smirking at Seifer. He tugged the boxers down and got a look at Seifer’s hard, long erection. It was the first time he’d seen it so it was no surprised that he was a little nervous.

“It’s so big...”

Zell ignored his own statement and put his fingers around Seifer’s shaft and wrapped his lips over the organ. Seifer whined at the feeling, closing his eyes, falling in a bit. Squall’s lips were waiting for when he fell. Seifer put one hand through Zell’s hair and the other through Squall’s. Squall’s hands grazed Seifer’s nipples just enough to tease him even more. Seifer took his hand from Zell, pushed away from Squall and used both his hands to lift Squall’s shirt off of his body. Then he pulled Squall’s chest in and kissed between his pecs. Zell knew Squall was behind him but reacted when he felt something poking the back of his head.. He sucked off Seifer and pulled away, turning around, looking up at Squall.

The beep went again. The boys looked at the light. It was still green.

“They must really like us.” Seifer said, approaching Squall. “So... many... belts.”

Both Zell and Seifer worked at Squall’s belts. They got the two around his waist then Seifer started

on the one in his belt loop while Zell busied himself on the ones around his leg.

“Yeah, Squall, what gives?” Zell asked cutely.

“The longer the wait, the stronger the anticipation.” Squall smiled at his own B-S response.

“Well, I sure am anticipating getting you out of these pants...” Seifer said as he slid behind Squall, wrapped a hand around his waist and the other slid in his pants.

Squall made a noise somewhere between a sigh and a squeak. Zell managed to get the last belt off of Squall’s leg. Squall kicked off his boots and Zell undid the catch on Squall’s pants. Zell saw the impressive bulge under Squall’s tan boxers. He looked almost jealous that is was Seifer’s hand on him. He pulled Squall’s pants off the rest of the way and tugged down the elastic of his boxers. Squall must have been grateful for being freed.

“Did it hurt?”

“Yeah, but it feels so good...” Squall meowed.

Zell put his lips over Squall’s tip and Seifer continued to stroke his shaft. Zell started sucking, hoping to get something out of Squall but he got nothing more than a moan. He pushed his lips on Squall further, forcing Seifer’s fingers back.

“Nnn... Zell, no!”

Zell pulled off of Squall and looked up at him. Squall looked hurt, scared and sorry.

“I don’t... I can’t...”

Zell turned his head away from Squall.

“You don’t wanna come for me... But you did once... Why not again? Don’t I love you enough, Squall? Don’t you love ME?”

The three were silent. Seifer nuzzled his nose in Squall’s ear.

“You gonna be okay?”

“Yeah, it’ll die...”

Squall’s clothes were behind Seifer so he picked up the boxers and put them on Squall, his fingers grazing up Squall’s legs. Squall looked down at Zell who was on his knees, sobbing gently. Squall got to his knees and leaned Zell on his back. He mounted the blond, kissing his chin and neck since Zell wouldn’t allow him to kiss his lips. He kissed one of Zell’s nipples then went back up and looked into his sad, tired eyes.

“I love you, Zell. I don’t wanna hurt you. I don’t wanna lose you. What’s gonna happen if Seifer and I actually get to stay? It’s a slim chance but Cid’s fond of Seifer. I can’t do anything if you go back to Balamb.”

Another tear fell from Zell’s eye. Squall caught it with his tongue before it fell into Zell’s ear. Zell’s eyes were closed and he exhaled quiveringly. He licked his lips and swallowed.

“I love you so much, Squall. I think that now that you told me that, I love you more. And I’m gonna die when I have to be apart from you. I even grew to fall in love with Seifer.”

Seifer forced a scoff/chuckle. Then he leaned down, next to Zell’s face.

“I guess it’s good that I fell in love with you, too, then, huh?”

The two of them kissed then pulled away, breathing heavily. Squall kissed down to Zell’s chest again. He looked up at Zell.

“Can I taste you one more time?”

Zell shook his head.

“It hurts me.”

Squall reached over for Zell’s pants. Then he put them on his legs. Zell lift his butt off the floor and Squall slipped the pants the rest of the way up. Then he went up to Zell’s face again, zipping him up.

“When we make love, then?”

Zell turned his head away, about to cry. Then there was a beep. The light was red. Seifer got up and put on his boxers and pants. Squall stole a kiss from Zell before getting up and putting his pants on. Zell sat up. Seifer handed him his shirt. Zell raised his arms and was about to put his shirt on but he felt Squall straddle his lap and pull the shirt down for him. Once his shirt was over his head, his lips were attacked by Squall’s hungry mouth. Zell slowly pulled away and licked from Squall’s collarbone to his ear. Then Squall kissed under Zell’s ear. The boys hugged. Seifer put his shirt and jacket on then gathered Squall’s attire. Squall and Zell had one last kiss then Squall got off of the smaller boy, helping him to his feet. Seifer handed Squall his clothes and escorted the boys to the door. Zell was the first one out and was horrified when he saw Headmaster Cid waiting for them. Cid grabbed Zell and threw him into the wall. Squall and Seifer were soon to exit and were stunned to see Cid there... But it made sense.

“What are you doing back here?”

“We brought him, Sir! So, don’t touch him!” Seifer barked.

Cid let Zell go and confronted Seifer.

“I invented the room for the students and members of Garden. No one outside these walls was meant to know of this because it’s my shame!”

“Sir, we wanted to be with Zell and we weren’t given any other way. We’re ready for you to expel us for bringing an outsider here or because Squall and I are going to have sex. With or without your blessing.”

The four were silent. Cid looked strongly at Seifer, Squall and Zell.

“Well, I suppose releasing you from here isn’t such a good idea now, either. Since you know, you could talk. And besides, you two are the best SeeD cadets I’ve ever seen. It would be a shame not to keep you around. And Zell, everyone loved your performance and I have to admit; I’ve been quite fond of you since the first time I saw you.”

Zell bowed his head and blushed.

“Uh... Thank you, sir.”

“I guess I really have no choice but to just make Zell a SeeD.”

The trio looked at Cid, unbelievingly.

“Really?!” Zell squeaked.

“On one condition.”

The three fell back.

“What?” Squall asked, almost nervously.

“He has to have no memory of anything that went on here. From his life in Balamb to his life in the cell. You have to erase his past.”

“Well, if we give him a Guardian Force, it’ll stop him from remembering, won’t it?”

Cid shook his head. “It takes too long. The only sure way I know to start him over is through intercourse.”

The three stared blankly. Cid sighed and removed his glasses. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a tissue. As he wiped the lenses, he thought carefully about his words.

“You remember the incident with Symon and Ecka?”


“Well, they had sex. Each one junctionned with a Guardian Force. When they hit their orgasms, those Guardian Forces tried to enter the other’s bodies, running into each other and destroying not only each other and themselves, but the boys as well. That climax was like an explosion in each of their brains.”

“What happened to them?” Seifer inquired, holding Squall.

“Sadly, they both passed away. But sweetly, the died holding each other. It was all they could do.”

“So, again, sir, what does all this have to do with my memory?” Zell poked in.

Cid replaced his glasses.

“How about we discuss this in my office?”

A little later, the boys all gathered with Headmaster Cid in his office. Cid sat in his chair behind his desk and Squall and Seifer occupied the chairs in front. Zell stood between them until Seifer pulled him into his lap.

“Now, Sir... You were saying... There’s a way to make Zell lose his memories through poking him? How come other people that fuck don’t have that problem?”

“I’ll give you a perfect example. When you were maybe not even born, we were having the Sorceress Wars. It was rumoured that two soldiers, each about 26 or 27 years old, would have sex to relieve the pains of injury. They basically made them forget. When I heard there was theory, I was interested but no one told me how it happened. All I knew was that it involved an exchange of a Guardian Force and an orgasm. I didn’t piece it together until Ecka and Symon happened to have an incident.”

“So, what you’re saying is that if someone junctions a Guardian Force and has sex with Zell, then when the person has an orgasm, the GF will slip into Zell’s body and kill his memories?”

“Yes and the neat thing is that the ‘Seme’ can choose any memories or information that the ‘Uke’ would otherwise forget. Like, the soldiers, for example. One of them always had to remind the other that he wanted to be a reporter after he gave him the Guardian force.”

“So... I have to be a sub? Is there any way out of this? I can’t even go home, can I?” Zell started to panic.

Seifer started rubbing Zell’s torso with his fingers.

“Wait, Quistis and I both had GFs junctionned when we had sex. Nothing happened between us.”

“Right. It only works with men.”

Zell looked discouraged.

“Can I think about this? How much time will you give me?”

“Three days. You’ll be glad to know that if you want, Nida is joining us so you could ask him to be your partner if you wanted.”

“Naw, Nida’s got a big dick. He might hurt me.”

“I guess that leaves me out, huh?” Seifer teased as he poked Zell’s soft spot.

Zell squirmed. He pushed out of Seifer’s lap and hung on the arm rests.

“I don’t wanna be pressured into this, Seifer...”

“PLEASE... don’t say my name, okay? It scares me when you do that.”

Squall interrupted.

“Anyway, Sir, I guess that’s all we need to know. Where can Zell sleep?”

“We don’t have any rooms built yet so, I suppose, Seifer will have to share his loft.”

“It’s not a loft, Sir.”

“Well, it’s certainly big enough to be...” Squall snickered.

Zell sat back down in Seifer’s lap. Seifer wrapped his arms around him.

“I guess, I can deal with him staying with me...”

“Good. So, do you have any other questions?” Cid asked, standing up.

“No, thank you, Sir, that was everything.” Squall said, also standing.

Seifer picked Zell up and carried him to the door. Squall followed.

A little later, Seifer and Squall left Seifer’s room. Zell was exhausted and went to sleep right away. Squall waited for Seifer to quietly close the door. The two looked lovingly into each other’s eyes. Slowly, they moved in closer and kissed softly. Seifer pulled away, licking his lips.

“Do you wanna spend the night?” Squall asked, quietly.

“In your room?” Seifer asked.

“Yes, of course.”

“Well, what about when he wakes up?”

“Tsk. C’mon...” Squall insisted as he pulled Seifer’s arm. “He knows where he is... He’ll be alright.”

Minutes later, in Squall’s room, Squall closed the door behind them, lead Seifer to the bed and straddled over him. The two exchanged loving glances then kissed deeply. Then Squall lift up and kissed Seifer’s collarbone.

“I’m gonna freshen up with a quick shower. Wanna join me?”

“Sounds good.”

The two got up and stripped then entered the bathroom. Seifer ran the water then the two got in.

“I had a good time today.”

“Me, too.”

“I’m glad we got Zell in.”

“Yea, me, too. And we’re still SeeDs and everyone loved our performance.”

“Except at the end, but that goes without saying...”

“Did you really fall in love with Zell, Seifer?”

“Yeah. I think he’s so sweet.”

“....But,.. Do you love me more?”

Seifer held Squall.

“Squall, it’s not a matter of who I’ve known longer or loved more. The point is that you are my true love. My soulmate. In fact, I think that my love for Zell may have filtered from jealousy.”


“You knew my feelings for you long before Zell came strolling into our lives again. And HE’s the one you changed for; not me. But I suppose the point is that I have you now, right?” Seifer asked, holding Squall into him.

Squall pushed away slightly.

“When did we get so petty and possessive?”

“What do you mean?”

“Can’t we all three just be happy? I love you and I love Zell and we all love each other...”

Seifer smiled.

“I love you.”

“And I love your smile.” Squall purred as he leaned in to Seifer’s lips.

When the two of them went back into the bedroom, Squall pulled Seifer to the bed, pulling him on top of him. Seifer looked down at Squall longingly.

“Well, aren’t you going to kiss me?” Squall seduced.

Seifer smiled and leaned down, kissing Squall so gently and passionately that Squall felt like he was being teased. He pushed Seifer up slightly and reached over to his night stand. From there, he grabbed a small tube. He looked at Seifer like he was craving sex. Seifer smiled again and kissed Squall. He quickly pulled back and sucked air through his teeth when he felt Squall’s hand on his rapidly forming erection. He looked into Squall’s eyes, questioningly. Squall just looked back, adorably. Like he was pretending to be innocent when he really was planning something naughty. Seifer cringed in Squall’s grip, anticipating something nice. Seifer almost fell on top of Squall but it wouldn’t have made any difference as Squall pulled him in closer, wrapping his legs around him gently. In fact, Squall was so gentle that Seifer hardly noticed. But he did notice when Squall put Seifer’s muscle inside of him. Seifer moaned quietly, leaning down and snatching Squall’s lips.

Seifer pushed in slowly, sinking his teeth into Squall’s neck. Squall held Seifer close to him as Seifer went all the way inside of him. Seifer slowly brushed Squall’s sweet spot deep within his body and slowly continued his actions for an unknown amount of time. The two were so involved in their passion, they only cared about being with each other.

Eventually, Squall groaned in climax, turning his head away from Seifer with his eyes clenched. Seifer pulled out of Squall and rubbed his entire body down with his hands. Squall mewled but Seifer didn’t laugh, only smiled. Then Squall rolled on his stomach and Seifer massaged him to sleep. Seifer lay next to Squall, lovingly and fell asleep next to him.

The next morning, Zell woke up alone in Seifer’s bed. The bed was so big and so comfortable that Zell slept the best he had in a long time. He stretched and opened his eyes. Seifer was just closing the door behind him, wearing only pants. Zell had to ask about that smirk on his face.

“How come you’re smiling so huge?”

“What, I’m not allowed to be happy?”

“Seif, you’re creeping me out. Don’t do that.”

Seifer approached the bed and sat next to Zell. He grabbed Zell’s chin between his thumb and index finger, focusing Zell’s eyes on his own.

“I’m gonna be smiling a lot so you’ll have to get used to it.” He said as he kissed the young blond on the lips.

Zell kissed back for a minute, wrapping his tongue around Seifer’s and pulling him in by his naked torso. He pulled away breathlessly and looked over Seifer’s body. Then he kissed one of his perky nipples.

“You’re still one sexy mother-fucker, though...” Zell trailed off as he teethed Seifer’s flesh.

“You think so?”

“Mm-hmm... And you’re so yummy...” Zell continued as he lay Seifer on the bed.

“What do you plan to do with me, Chicken-Wuss?”

“I’m gonna bite you if you call me that again.”

“Is that a promise or a suggestion?” Seifer growled.

Zell pulled up and looked up at the taller man.

“I’m Squall’s lover. Not yours.”

“Well, then, who’s gonna poke me?”

“I want Squall to do it.”

“Why? Why are you suddenly so selective, Seifer?”

“I told you, don’t call me by my name!”

“Then, what should I call you, ASSHOLE?!”

“Look, I love you, Zell but Squall is my soul mate, alright? He’s more special to me than myself.”

“Oh... You slept with him...”

“.......” Seifer sat up and headed for his bathroom.

Zell followed Seifer in and watched the older one strip completely. Zell was compelled to blush.

“Then how come you did all that other stuff to me, huh? All this changed ‘cause you got your dick in his ass?”

Seifer turned his head and leered at the tattooed youth.

“Do you want me to force my dick up your ass, Zell, is that it?” He approached Zell coldly. “So I can come inside of your little body and bang your blond spikes against my head board? So I can destroy any memories you may hold dear? Good or bad, you have legitimate memories! So what if you make new ones, I don’t want to take away what you have now! You happy, now? Am I so selfish ‘cause I won’t fuck you?”

Zell looked away and processed what Seifer had told him.


Zell looked up to question Seifer. But Seifer guided the young blond’s mouth to his own and forced Zell’s head into the wall, banging him hard. Zell moaned softly in pain as he felt his head tingling and his teeth clash with Seifer’s. He tried pushing the bully off of him but Seifer was much too strong. When Seifer finally let go of Zell, he walked directly into the shower. Zell fell to the floor, the wall breaking his fall. Seifer showered for many minutes, cleaning himself better than he thought he ever had before. Then he opened his shower door to see Zell in the same place he’d left him, huddled against the wall in the fetal position, whimpering. Seifer grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist then knelt down in front of the sobbing boy.


“Leave me alone.”

“I want to know what you want from me.”

“I want to know how you can be the nicest prick ever! It’s not fair! How can you be so sweet and such an asshole at the same time?!”

Seifer smiled pensively.

“I guess it’s just my nature.” He put a hand on Zell’s leg. “Do you want a shower? There’s lots of hot water.”

“I have nightmares that you and Squall rape me... And Squall says that he’s doing it because he loves me. Do you think he loves me enough to do that?”

Seifer shook his head.

“He loves you more NOT to.”

Seifer helped Zell up and removed the nightshirt that Seifer had lent him. He took a hand and ran it down the side of Zell’s body, starting under his arm and dragging it down past his chest, down to his waist. Zell was panting lightly and the two looked down at Zell’s stirring erection.

“Uh-oh... Look what I did...” Seifer said, smirking at Zell.

Seifer moved his hand from Zell’s waist to his appendage, stroking it gently.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because I want you to be happy at Garden. VERY happy.”

“Seifer, being with you would make me happy.”

“Don’t you love Squall?”

“Yeah, but you’re the one who’s here right now. Not that I’m using you but I know what I need to do and I want to do it as soon as possible. And whether it be you or Squall, I’ll have no regrets.”

Seifer gently pushed Zell into the wall, kissing his neck.

“Are you just teasing me or are we going to do anything?”

Seifer looked into Zell’s eye’s hungrily.

“Do you want a shower or do you wanna fuck?”

Zell smiled and took Seifer’s hand, leading him back into the bedroom.

Zell went to the bed and pulled Seifer down on top of him. Seifer took off his towel.

“Do you have a GF loaded with you?”


“Did you come inside of Squall with one last night?”


“You didn’t have an orgasm?”

“......I guess not.”

“Then, come on...” Zell said, pulling Seifer closer into him. “I’m gonna make this the best fucking thrill of your life.”

“Do you want anything?”

“Yeah, for you to fuck me.”

“I mean like a condom.”

“No, do me raw. I want to feel you come inside of me.” Zell said as he pulled Seifer even closer into him.

Seifer snuck the rest of the way onto his bed and wrapped Zell’s legs around his waist. He leaned down to kiss his tattooed wonder then went up, positioned himself and pushed in gently. Zell reared in ecstasy.





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