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Art In Me

By WanderingTonberry

The students buzzed amongst themselves, everyone trying to guess what their more-than-a-little-peculiar-instructor had in store for them today. He had 'said' something about a sort of surprise for his art students. But knowing their instructor, surprises were often peculiar things. Their last surprise had been a pack of Twinkies for everyone in the class. Needless to say, it was a surprise, but not a very good one.

Heads turned as the steel door wooshed quietly open and their instructor entered. A moment's shuffling and the front of the room was reached. The Tonberry waved to his morning class, then stepped up onto the small metal platform attached to the side of his desk. He pushed a round red button, holding his little briefcase in his paws as the electronic lift took him to the top of his desk. Seating his butt on a fluffy green cushion (thoughtfully crocheted by Selphie), he began typing his greeting to the class.

<Good morning, everyone.>

"Good morning, Instructor Wan-chan!"

The Tonberry smiled to himself. He had never once imagined he would have agreed to take a position as an instructor in this great thing that smacked into things, but he had. It actually wasn't that bad. He had begun to become quite fond of these humans that he taught. And it was a class that was modeled after one of his own passions: art.

<As you all very well know, I have always wanted you students to have the very best experience in this class. As we covered in the historical part of our studies, many ancient civilizations painted their people in the nude. In fact, many considered it the most accurate way to convey the human emotion.>

The door swooshed aside as Zell dashed into the room, a half-eaten hotdog in his mouth. The Tonberry glared. He hated it when students were late! It messed up his damn teaching groove.

"Sorry I'm late. Morning hotdog rush, you know?" Zell grinned, chomping on the last of his breakfast. He ignored the giggles he got, grinning. After licking his fingers, he trotted over to his seat in the back row, settling down. He removed a sketchpad and a pencil from his bag, placing the items before him. Zell waved for his instructor to continue, than closed his eyes.

Looked like the little guy was going into another one of his lectures about the history of art and passion. A nice nap was in order here. Hell, if they started on something else, all someone had to do was poke him. The mechanically engineered voice continued to speak as their instructor continued the lecture.

<<So being the good Tonberry I am... I have found a specimen...Um, person who has graciously offered to pose for the class. Nude, of course. See how this ties into the lecture, Mr. Dincht?>>

The blonde martial artist in question jumped with a start. Damn, caught. All he wanted was a few winks of sleep. Was that so much to ask?? One had to get up early to get to those hotdogs!! "Sorry, little guy. I'm still tired from Selphie's party last night..."

The green Ton shook his head. No matter how many times he had tried to get his group of friends to call him by his title in class, it never worked. Well, it's not like he could blame them, but he could sure as Hyne try! He waved to Zell, requesting via computer that he understood, but should pay attention. Otherwise he'd get a detention. For many long boring hours. Alone.

Zell nodded quickly, sitting up straight in his seat. "So...What's this about us painting some naked person?" He winced. That came out soooo stupid. Zell grumbled to himself, wishing he could sink into the metal seat his little bottom was perched on.

The Tonberry would have quirked an eyebrow, had he had one. His paws flashed over the gray keys of his keyboard. <ANYWAY, as I was saying before Zell here decided to fall asleep and drool on his desk...> Zell bashed his head softly against the desk in question. <One of the young men attending the Garden has volunteered to let you paint him. He is an excellent specimen of the human race, but I advise you not to tell him so. His ego is large enough already.>

The girls in the class giggled as their instructor made a bizarre face, eyes bulging and tongue lawling. It was hard not to run up there and give him a squeeze. He was just too cute! One could try, but there was always the threat of instant failure. The Tonberry had been very clear when he had entered that rule into the class syllabus. It's like not it stopped those who weren't his students, though...

<Our volunteer will be offering his services to us during tomorrow's class period and a little while after if you haven't finished. Be sure to thank him once you have completed your painting, I'm too cheap to pay him, so your praise will have to be enough.> Great Ton, that would inflate his ego to monstrous proportions, wouldn't it? Ah, to hell with it.

<See you all tomorrow.> With that typed, he hopped from his perch and waddled out the door. Time for that pack of Twinkies that had been calling to him like a siren's song all morning.

Zell entered the studio that was joined to Instructor Wan-chan's classroom. His sneakers squeaked on the polished floor as he selected an easel near the front of class. Hell, if the model was an excellent example of the human race, he had to see this. He shook his head. No, this was a class. Definitely not a time to be thinking with your dick...Hyne, fuck it.

He set his tattered backpack down by his feet. That backpack was like a constant, devoted companion. He had had the thing for years! The bag had also gone under several bouts of surgery. Cut, sewn, patched, scribbled upon, and punctured. Finally, he had it the way he liked it.

The tattooed face turned to inquire of his mediums. His fangs peeked out as he smiled. Oils. As usual. It began to occur to him that there might actually be a reason why the Tonberry never let them use watercolors. Probably because he didn't have a freaking clue how to paint with them...Zell snickered.

Zell lifted one of the tubes off the tray, looking for the color title. "Afternoon Gray?" Delicate honey eyebrows creased as he frowned in concentration. Why would he need gray...? He grabbed his breast, face the look of horror. Would they be painting Headmaster Cid???? He squeaked, panicking. He did NOT want to see that body naked under any circumstances.

Then his sky-blue eyes fell onto the rest of the colors on the tray. All different shades of gray and blue...Zell slapped his forehead. They were doing a theme painting. Fuck, he had just scared the shit out of himself for nothing. He gave a sigh of relief, rearranging his brushes. He hated how his mind would wander off and come up with such scary conclusions that held no basis. Like the time he had thought Seifer was leaving him because he left his wet towels on the floor...Stupid, stupid, stupid...He smiled. He should have suggested to the instructor to ask Seifer to pose. Hyne, how he wanted to see that body naked...

The classes' attention turned to face the front of the room as the Tonberry arrived, head adorned with a little painter's hat. Today he was dressed in paint splattered set of yellow overalls. One almost wondered where he acquired them, but it seemed just a bit obvious who made his clothes...

Arriving at the floor-level console, he began his instructions. <Our model will be in here in a moment, he's currently undressing. That is if he'll stop bitching about that robe...Anyway, you will all notice that you have each been given tubes of paint that range from light blue to dark gray, and then to black. This will be your color scheme for this project. Let me remind you that this painting will be 40 percent of your yearly grade. Work diligently.>

Zell groaned as his instructor dimmed the lights. The room and small stage were left swallowed in darkness. Zell turned on his small lamp that stood near his canvas. Next he squeezed a bit of soft gray and cerulean onto his mixing palette. He didn't have any idea what his subject would look like, but he figured he might as well get back into the process of mixing colors to his liking. It had been nearly a month since he had last been in the studio, and from what the Tonberry had said, he needed to be in top form to get a passing grade.

A tall robed figure emerged from a side door, walking gracefully to the stage. His face was hidden by the shadows, but no person could deny the man was incredible. Zell lifted his blonde head, pausing in his color melding. His eyes locked on large pale hands. Hands that were pulling the front of the terry cloth robe open. His breath caught in his throat as creamy white skin and solid muscles appeared before his eyes. The dimmed lights played off the strong curves of the model's body and Zell could almost swear he caught a glimpse of shortly cropped golden hair. Boy, was this eye candy, or what? Oddly enough, he didn't feel all that guilty oggling the model...

The small blonde coughed softly to himself, looking around the room at his fellow students who had already started painting. That's right. He was supposed to be painting as well. He squeezed more paint onto the wooden surface, dipping the tip of his brush into a deep blue. Zell bit his lower lip, taking a deep breath. And then he began.

He smeared the paint onto his canvas, creating a rough outline of the magnificent body before his eyes. Soft strokes from the brush started to define the shape of a man. A very handsome man... His honey-haired head tilted as he tried to paint the man's groin area. It felt as if the very temperature in the room had risen a few hundred degrees. Even though it was air-conditioned. He lifted his eyes, taking a moment to admire the body that was half-hidden in the shadows. What he would have given to see more...

The tattooed blonde tugged at his collar, taking off this jacket. He tried to concentrate at the task at hand. Paint. That's it, paint. His sky-hued eyes focused on the model's groin. He swallowed the lump in his throat. Powerful thighs, not to mention a more-than adequate penis. That was the real kicker. It was incredible. Framed in a soft nest of dark golden pubic hair... A shiver of pure, unadulterated lust ran down his spine.

Zell jumped as he felt a tugging on his shorts. His distracted gaze flew down, only to meet the orche-colored eyes of his instructor. "N-no, I don't need any help, thanks..." The Tonberry climbed up on the wooden stool beside Zell's easel. Actually, he required all his students to have one by their canvas so he could inspect. Damn, it sucked being so close to the ground...

Instructor Wan-chan made a sound of approval at what Zell had already completed. Graceful curves and bold lines...It was an interesting style, really. Zell Dincht was an incredibly promising student. Well, he would be if he didn't keep falling asleep in class...The Tonberry turned his head and made a gesture, as if asking whether his pupil needed anything.

Zell shook his head slowly, eyes having returned to the model before him. "All I need is a little more penis..." His eyes widened as he caught his error. "PAINT! All I need is a little more paint! Yes, that's it!"

His blush worsened as the model chuckled lowly. The burr in his laugh didn't ease the bulge in his shorts and he fled to the supply room to save himself from the strange looks he was receiving from his classmates.

The blushing blonde sunk down to the floor, his back sliding against the polished metal of the door. Hyne, someone save him. How could he have made such an ass out of himself?? Especially in front of that specimen of sex on legs! He winced, quickly reminded that he was intensely aroused. And in a great deal of pain. His gaze shot around the surroundings of the small supply room. Nobody was here...He could...And nobody would ever know...

Zell's belt dropped to the floor as he tugged his shorts to his ankles. Like hell he was going back out there with a huge hard-on. A battle-callused hand gripped his erect cock and he started stroking himself gently.

The petite martial artist smothered a moan into his hand, mind brewing up scenes of the erotic nature. He bit his lip, lowering his hand so that he could take advantage of its talents. His small hands cupped his shaft and balls, massaging gently till dew started to dribble from the moist tip. "..O-oh...Hyne...nnnah..."

He closed his eyes, shielding their brilliance from the world as he immersed himself into his fantasies. His strokes sped up a little as he imagined strong hands on his body, petting, stroking. Zell's head lolled to the side as he panted for breath, hands sweating. He groaned softly, rolling his hips to meet his hands. "F-fuck...ah..."

Zell's slim, compact body shuddered as his seed left him and splattered on his hands and thighs. He lay still for a moment, collecting his senses and breath. His glazed eyes cracked open, gazing down at the mess he had just created.

"Fuck...I just jacked off in the supply room, didn't I? Gods, dammit..." Zell snagged a rag from the shelf and wiped himself off. He pulled up his briefs and shorts, buckling the belt the kept his pants from returning to their position at his ankles. "Should I be feeling bad that I just imagined that model in the place of my own boyfriend...?" He sighed. Well it's not like they were really together. Or were they? Damn, everything was so confusing. They hadn't really reached the 'sex' stage yet...He tossed the rag into a bucket and grabbed a tube of white paint on his way out. That's right. Try and look composed...

Much to his relief, nobody noticed his return. He coughed softly and returned to his painting with determination. He would tell his raging hormones to take a fucking vacation and he would finish this painting! And then he'd go back to his dorm and be alone for awhile...Damn, he needed it. Perhaps he'd find Seifer...He shook his head. He'd think about this later.

Brush dabbed in white paint, he added touches to his canvas. The soft contrast in color breathed life into the painting as he lovingly applied the slick medium. Zell smiled proudly. There within the confines of his canvas stood a man full of poise and strength. Almost as if he was a god himself...As he looked closer he smiled to himself. He had made the man Seifer.

Instructor Wan-chan studied Zell's painting, nodding in satisfaction. Excellent work... He waddled back to his briefcase, scribbling down the grade. He gave Zell a paw up, smiling. With the class over, the lights came on. Zell's eyes grew to the size of palette. Oh. Shit. He backed away from his painting slowly, retreating from the man before him.

The model grinned widely, approaching Zell in quick easy strides. He leaned down and kissed his lips softly. "Hey there Chicken...How was class?" He ran his fingers through Zell's soft hair, wrapping an arm around his small boyfriend.

Zell sputtered, eyes raking up and down Seifer's body. Two words kept replaying in his mind over and over like a broken record: Oh. Shit. Oh. Shit. Oh. Shit...Then the cycle was interrupted. Damn. Who would have thought he looked *this* good??

Seifer leaned down and whispered into the shell of Zell's ear. "Now you can't complain that you've never seen me naked, now can you love?" He chuckled. "Pack up your things, I want to go back to my room."





There it is! All done! I know it took me long enough, but I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry it was so short, but it couldn't be helped. Jaa!

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