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An Unlikely Romance: The Lion Meets The Storm

Part 1

By yaoi_flavored_raijin

‘...I’m not just doing this for me . . . I’m doing this for everyone . . . I’m not going to let you destroy it all!’

‘...SeeDs will not defeat me . . . You all will fall and die alone in the channel of Time . . . I will rule supreme . . . ’

‘...I can’t do this alone . . . ’

‘..You’re not alone . . . ’

‘...Ra . . . ’

Raijin stirred in his sleep, slowly rolling himself onto his back, his muscles feeling tensed all of a sudden. He pushed his blanket forward, letting them land on his lap. His muscular, bronzed skin covered in a cold sweat. The dream again, What does it mean?  He gently ran a large hand over his brow and short black hair. Raijin gave out a loud sigh looking around for his clock . . . 5:49 . . . Raijin groaned, he needed more sleep but that dream of his always kept him awake. He let out another loud sigh and decided it better to get ready for the rest of the day.

Slowly Raijin slid off his bed, his large feet touching the cold floor. He stood up letting the blanket slide off him and joined the bed, some hanging off the side. Raijin always slept naked, he felt more freedom and comfort in doing so. He stretched as he walked into the bathroom door, flexing his large muscles, which he took great pride in. His mind drifted back to the task at hand, a nice warm shower to get him going. He made sure he had a towel to dry himself off with, he always had oversized towels for himself, these were the kinds of towels that would be able to fit two people.

Raijin stepped up to the glass shower he had, it was large and customized to fit his rather large body size. He reached out and turned the shower on, he was met with a burst of warm water. He knew cold water would wake him up more, but he also needed to loosen up his muscles. He began to run through his mind the agenda of the day, he would take hi batch of trainees out today, to train near the beach. He wondered why Cid was so willing to approve of it, well, all the better for him. It had been two years after the incident, and they were allowed back into the Garden. Now, they were Instructors at the Garden, Cid was very glad to have them back as a matter of fact, their fighting tactics would prove helpful in battle. He shrugged the thought off, resuming his shower. The warm water felt good running down his body, he closed his eyes and let his mind drift on the sensations.

His mind then brought up Squall, Raijin was puzzled at this, and shook his head to get rid of it. He let his own mind wander again, but it filled with thoughts of Squall. He opened his eyes, narrowing his eyes at the thought. Something was up with him, maybe he was supposed to tell Squall something and his mind was reminding him. He shook his head again, as he reached over to grab the bar of soap. He began to run the bar all over his well-defined abs, then to his massive chest. The soap and his hands dancing all over him, the suds running down his legs muscular legs.

His closed his eyes again, just to register the feeling, he was getting into it. Slowly he felt his member stir, and he looked down at his impressive member. It was six inches and thick, good for a soft piece of flesh. It slowly began to harden, the more he ran his hands over his body. He then snaked his hands to his long hanging balls, and frankly they were as large as tennis balls. As he began to massage his balls and shaft he gave out a low moan, and leaning his head back and closing his eyes. His mind began to fill with thoughts of the female students at the garden. He grabbed a hold of his still hardening member with his right hand, giving it a squeeze, and began to slowly stroke it. He licked his lips, drinking in the pleasure he was giving himself. Suddenly his thoughts drifted to Squall again, but this time he kept them there. He was turned on more by it, Squall as he moved about in his leathery attire, and the way he fought. Raijin’s member was now at full mast, his impressive twelve inch-long monster and three inches across of girth.

He began to increase his pace, moaning as he did. He began to step back against the shower wall for support. He leaned his head against the wall, as well. His thoughts filling more and more of Squall, remembering the time he caught Squall in the locker room naked. His magnificent, lean body, it was not scrawny it coursed with muscle. Raijin groaned as his pace quickened all the more, his breathing becoming rash. He moaned running his large hand along his member, pulling at it with urgency. He gasped and gave a final stroke and began to spew globs of his hot sticky seed out from the large head of his penis. The shower wall was filled with his seed, but was quickly washed off by the running water.

He shuddered in pleasure, and slowly let his orgasm subside. He sighed, sinking to the floor in satisfaction and weakness, and slowly he began to soften. Then it dawned on him, and he did have feelings for Squall. It was not the usual respect for the great hero and fighter, and it was true attraction to him. He cleaned himself up a little, and then reached up to turn the shower head off. He began to reflect on his life, and he had always had respect for Squall. And then remembered whenever he came across Squall, there was always something more that he could not place his finger on. He sighed, as he began to think why Squall and not Seifer, after all Seifer was just equally strong as Squall. But Squall had something more, Squall was different.

Raijin finally came to terms that he was not like the rest of them, and he had feelings for another man. A great man, one he had depended on when he was in need, and that man did give him more than what he expected. He smiled some, rising to his feet, and letting his thoughts register. He then opened the glass door and grabbed a hold of his towel, and dried himself off. He wrapped the towel around his waist, and stepped into his room. He smirked, looking at it, no one would expect what kind of a person he was. His room was the size of any other dorm, but he had some interesting things in his room, too. He had a shelf on the far left corner of his room, it was full of wooden figures he made himself of the Guardian Forces, and also had some metal figurines as well. Adjacent to that was a rack of all the weapons he had, carefully and expertly organized.

His room was also a little more colorful than most others, but he had a blue color scheme throughout his room. Th walls were white, he was not able to paint them because it was prohibited School Regulations. He had other things to make up for that, and he had a blue gray carpet on his floor. His bed was another thing.  It had blue bed sheets, in a mixture of different shades here and there. The bed was also different, it was larger compared to everyone else, it was made just for Raijin, and the fact was, he made the bed himself. There was a small table next to the bed, and had a small lamp there as well.  There was a cabinet located to the right at the foot of the bed. He walked over to it and pulled out the first drawer, he smiled looking down at his array of black and blue scheme boxer briefs. He grabbed a black pair, unwrapping the towel from around his waist and letting it fall to the floor.

He then slid them on, and went to open up the second drawer, there were his trademark vests. The sleeves ripped from either side, gave Raijin a rugged look. He then slid it on, tugging at the sides to straighten it out some. He closed the drawer and moved to the third, pulling out to reveal his navy blue sweat pants. He liked them very loose, so they seem to balloon around his legs, but that was his style. He slid them on as well, and tied the inside of his trousers for a better hold. Raijin then reached up to top of the cabinet, grabbing the large red rope he always wore around his waist, and tied it up. He then grabbed a hold of the workout wraps, and began to swiftly wrap his forearms. He then took a hold at his trademark shoulder pad with the ‘Rai’ symbol on, and slid it on. Raijin was pretty much ready, except he just needed to slip his shoes on.

He walked out into the hallway, like any other day, it was not as busy as the rest of the school. Students were either in their rooms, in their classrooms, and in a variety of other places. The Garden was huge, it had thousands of students, and most likely still had room for more. He nodded some, reaching to the side and grabbing a hold of his staff, and began to make his way down the hall. He nodded a greeting to several students as he paced. He could always tell what they were thinking, just by the look in their eyes. He still held that well known powerful domineer as he always had, but now that he was an Instructor, he had more authority. Yes, he was still part of the Disciplinary Committee, and he would always be part of the Posse with Fujin and Seifer. Not long after being accepted back into the Garden, he decided to become an Instructor at the Garden.

Slowly he made his way to the East wing of the Garden.  He was making his way to the training facility. There he was met by his students. He was still surprised that he had his own set of students, but again it was a required class. He was teaching Physical Education and Strategy.  Some thing he was always good at, evident by his physique.

“Good Morning, Instructor Raijin!” said one of his female students. It was a surprise that the girls would be interested in taking his class, but he thought it was better that every student was prepared.

“You guys are early, class doesn’t start in 10 minutes, ya know? Ya could be doing other things, kinda unexpected, ya know?” he said crossing his arms some, as he looked to his class of seventeen students.   

“Nah, we like your class Raijin-sama. Besides we want to know what we are learning today, I can’t wait . . . ” said a male student.

“Yeah, I want to get going early . . . I want to get to do some sparring!” said another.

“Yeah! C’mon Raijin-sensei! I want to kick some of these guys’ butts!” chimed in another of his female trainees.

Raijin reared his head back and started laughing wholeheartedly, shaking his head some, “Alright, we can get started early, we can get into more things faster that way. Kinda of a good idea, we could stretch now, ya know?” he said with a reassuring nod as he led his students into the Training Center. A bunch of cheers being heard as he did.


Raijin took his students in and started a series of stretches, demonstrating the best types of stretches. He would bend over, flex and contort his body in ways someone with his physique would have thought to be impossible to perform. Raijin was actually quite flexible to back up his high endurance, strength, and stamina. He took them through a series of strength and endurance training. Soon after that he brought them into the field, so to speak, he sent them in groups of three. He joined up with the last two students, and took them deeper into the Training Center.

“Alright, we got sensei . . . There is nothing that can beat us now!” cheered a male student.

“Don’t be too confident that isn’t a good thing in battle, ya know? You could let your guard down too easily, have to keep alert, ya know?” he said as he tried to keep alert, despite the amusement he was feeling from his students.

“Aw, C’mon Sensei! You know you can beat any monster in h–“suddenly a loud roar was heard as a T-Rexuar charged out toward them, “Oh My God! It’s a T-Rexuar!” exclaimed the student.

“Be careful, don’t want ya guys gettin’ hurt, ya know?” exclaimed Raijin, as he immediately cast a Protect spell for one student and then the other. Before he could cast one on himself, the T-Rexuar attacked sending his tail flying toward to Raijin, “AUGH!”

“SENSEI!” shouted his two students, in time to see him fly some feet away from them.

“Don’t worry about me, just defend yourselves, we’re in a battle, ya know?” Raijin shouted through clenched teeth as he tried to fight the pain.

His students nodded and drew their weapons to fight the T-Rexuar. Raijin slowly rose to his feet and joined them. Other students that were around joined in, this T-Rexuar was strong. Defense Magic, Potions, Attack Magic and Guardian Forces went up here and there. Soon they defeated the T-Rexuar. Raijin smirked, looking to his students, and nodding to them, congratulating them all on a job well done. He decided to end the class early, noting that they started early. He sighed some making his way out of the Training Center, holding onto his side some. Suddenly he felt a sharp pain, followed by a very familiar, energetic voice . . .

“Hey Raijin, how ya doin’!?” said Zell as he appeared from behind, the sharp pain came from Zell who slapped Raijin’s back as a friendly gesture.

Raijin grunted some, looking at Zell with a small smile, “Hey there, Zell. You shouldn’t surprise people like that, kinda bad manners, ya know?” Raijin cringed some, looking at Zell.

“Hey, you alright big guy?” Zell asked noticing a bruise or two on him.

“Not really, battled a T-Rexuar, gotta protect my students first, ya know?” he smirked at him, and slowly walking forward.

“Man, Raijin you really should be more careful, ya know? ...I mean . . . ” Zell grumbled some, still trying not to end his sentences with ‘ya knows’ every time he talks to Raijin.

Raijin tries not to laugh, knowing that his ribs are too bruised to take it, “I was, my students were kinda not alert, had to protect them any way I can, ya know?”

“Yeah, whatever. I’ll see ya, Raijin . . . ” Zell, waved to him as he ran towards the Library.

Raijin waved back to Zell, and slowly made his way down the walkway after Zell, seeing as that was the fastest way to the infirmary. He noticed two familiar figures in the distance, and they were Seifer and Fujin. He smiled some, slowly making his way to them. Seifer was the first to notice Raijin,

“Looks like you had a run-in with a T-Rexuar, how were the trainees?” Seifer said with his trademark smirk, as he looked to his friend.

“I did, kinda had to protect my trainees first, ya know?”

“You should be more careful next time, otherwise you could get seriously hurt and where would we be without you?” Fujin teased some, giving him a glare.

Raijin backed up a bit, he knew what was going to come, “I was, just wasn’t prepared at the time, kinda had no time to react, ya know?” Raijin gave a little hurt look.

Fujin shook her head, “I’m not going to kick you Raijin, just get going to Dr. Kadowaki already!” Fujin said, gesturing with her head.

“Fujin is right, you gotta expect the unexpected. Can’t go into battle without spells or potions . . . ” Seifer teased as well, “Just joking Rai, take care fo yourself, huh!” Seifer said, as he and Fujin walked off toward the entrance of the Garden.

Raijin continued to walk down the walkway, he suddenly remembered that he forgot his staff in the Training Center. He shrugged some, thinking he should go pick it up later, after he checked up with Dr. Kadowaki. From the corner of his eye he noticed that the elevator doors opened, and out came the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Squall walked out in his usual clothes, and usual manner he always had. Raijin froze as Squall walked down the stairs, he slowly turned his head to meet Squall’s gaze.

“Hey there Squall, kinda didn’t expect to see you out so soon, kinda rarely see you, ya know?” Raijin said as casually as he could. He fought the urge to jump on him, but in his present condition he couldn’t try even if he wanted to.

“Oh, hey Raijin. Yeah, I’ve been really busy . . . ” Squall said, with an annoyed look on his face. Suddenly Squall got a closer look at Raijin, quirking his brow, “You alright?”

“I was in the Training Center with my students, got attacked by a T-Rexuar, kinda thought of the students first, ya know?” Raijin said, with a grin on his face, but still trying to fight the pain he was feeling in his side.

Squall blinked, shaking his head some, “The trainees can be really annoying sometimes . . . Let me help you to the infirmary, I’m heading there, anyway . . . ”

Raijin nearly jumped out of his skin, Squall was actually going to walk him to the Infirmary. He only nodded, he was so speechless. He walked along side Squall, admiring him from the corner of his eye. Squall was so handsome, and he really changed a lot after the whole incident with Sorceress Ultimecia. Squall felt like was he being watched and automatically assumed it was Raijin, but paid no real mind to it. Raijin had his arm around Squall, and surprisingly enough Squall had his arms around him. Raijin felt alive in his arms, however, the feeling wasn’t mutual. Squall felt awkward holding a man as huge as Raijin, but there was something else there, something he couldn’t place his finger on. Well, soon enough they got to the Infirmary in no time.

“Dr. Kadowaki, I have something to speak to you about . . . ” said Squall as he walked into the door with Raijin in his arms still.

“Oh, Squall. Yes . . . what . . . ” Dr. Kadowaki trailed off as she noticed Raijin come in, holding his side, “Raijin, what happened to you?”

“I had a run-in with a T-Rexuar, kinda thought of the trainees before myself, ya know?” Raijin said, feeling like a kid around Dr. Kadowaki.

“Alright, Squall just help him onto the bed. As soon as I am done talking to Squall, Raijin, I will tend to your wounds, alright?” she gestured  to the bed, as she crossed her arms looking at him, while she absently tapped her foot on the floor.

Raijin only nodded and with Squall’s help he slowly made his way toward the bed, but not before giving one final look to Squall. Squall nodded to Raijin and walked out to Dr. Kadowaki. Soon they were talking, and talking they were, about a lot of things actually. He paid no real mind to the type of conversation they were having, but his eyes were fixed on Squall. He would catch occasional words, but only from what Squall was saying. Raijin was in a trance, as he looked over Squall, so much, he was going to develop a boner if he wasn’t careful of his thoughts.

“I’ll see you around Raijin, I guess...” said Squall, which pretty much snapped Raijin out of his daydream, hard.

“Oh...uh, yeah. I’ll see ya around, kinda going to be here for a while, ya know?” Raijin said, trying to compose himself the best he could.

“Yeah, whatever...” Squall said plainly, he did a usual hand gesture by raising his hand in a dismissive manner. With that he walked out of the Infirmary.

“Well, now that is done with. Let us take care of you...” Dr. Kadowaki said as she walked over to the bed were Raijin sat.

“Okay, came here as quick as I could, kinda still hurts now, ya know?”

Dr. Kadowaki took care of Raijin’s bruises, after making sure there weren’t any broken bones. She then told Raijin to stay in the Infirmary a little longer, and giving him some medicine to go with the wait. After several hours of doing nothing, Raijin was anxious to get out, and fast. Dr. Kadowaki sensed this and said he could go now, and that he did. He was glad to be out of there, and was also glad that he only had that morning class to deal with. It was a good thing only Third Year Trainees could get into his class, and it was quite a few of them at that.

Raijin made his way out of the Infirmary and out into the walkway. There he was met by Selphie, Irvine, and Quistis. They were all dressed in there usual outfits, now only the students would wear the uniforms, unless it was official SeeD business. Raijin would not hear the last of it, especially from Instructor Quistis. Soon after everything came back to normal at the Garden, she was given her Instructor license back.

“Oh my, Raijin are you alright?” asked Quistis as she turned her head to see him. It seemed she hadn’t heard what had gone on in the Training Center.

“Yeah, took the trainees into the Training Center, a T-Rexuar attacked...Kinda had to think about the students first, ya know?” he said with a light shrug.

“I always told Cid that we shouldn’t have a monster as dangerous as a T-Rexuar in the Training Center...”

“Hey, Raijin’s a big guy, he handled that thing like it was no deal. Bet you just got some scratches and bruises, eh?” Irvine jumped on, saluting him some.

“Wasn’t it scary, like the first time I fought against one...I thought I wouldn’t make it. Glad you’re okay, Raijin!” Selphie smiled some, hugging unto Irvine, a bit.

“Thanks guys, yeah, I was kinda scared, but I had students to think about, ya know?” Raijin grinned, giving another light shrug to them.

“Well, I have to get going, I have to take care of a class on the second floor. I’ll see you all around...” Quistis said as she turned, giving a little wave before walking off toward the elevator.

“Bye Quisty! I’ll see you in an hour or two!” shouted Selphie, waving frantically in the air.

“Hey, ya know we got to get goin’ too...We got to go check out that new place in town, I here they have lots of those stuffed animals filled with beans...” Irvine said as he gestured toward the entrance.

“Oh, Yeah! Sorry Rai-kun, gotta go see those new arrivals! I’ll see ya later!” Selphie shouted, as she took off in a run, Irvine being pulled along. As he passed Raijin he tipped his hat, or at least, tried to tip his hat.

Raijin waved a bit, sighing to himself. He was alone again, he didn’t really have much friends, other than Seifer and Fujin. He had Squall and others, but they weren’t as close as he would like. He wanted to get to know them better, he had made an effort several times, but they always had this stereotype about him. He wanted to show them that he wasn’t just some big, muscle bound man, that could only end his sentences if he had a ‘ya know’ at the end of everyone.

His mind shifted back to the battle in Lunatic Pandora, back before everything became peaceful. Fujin and he had come to terms that Seifer wasn’t going to be Seifer anymore, he was someone entirely different. That was when they made a plea to Squall and the others. He was first to speak, but he wasn’t ready to reveal his true side yet. However, Fujin was ready, and spoke like she would with him and Seifer. Fujin knew what Raijin was really like, that was another reason why she kicked him so much, he persisted on using the more brawny side of himself. Seifer, on the other hand, had no idea that Raijin was capable of real conversation. He always assumed that Raijin would always end his sentences in his usual manner.

Raijin began to tear up, there was so much he wanted to do, but was too scarred to do so. He took off in a run toward the Dormitories. He made it look like he had forgotten something there, so no one would guess he was crying. Raijin was quick on his feet for someone his size, and people were in awe as he passed them like a mighty wind. Raijin quickly made his way down the hallway to his room, Squall had just got out of his room, which were three doors down from Raijin’s. Squall’s eyes widened as he saw Raijin coming, and grazed his shoulder a bit. Squall was about to scold him, but noticed his eyes, they had tears in them. In all this. Raijin hadn’t noticed that he bumped into Squall, he was too into his thoughts to notice anything else, as he ran into his room and slammed the door shut.

Squall blinked, it took him a while to register what he had just seen, and he wanted to do dismiss it. However, something inside him wanted him to go check on Raijin, something inside him wanted him to comfort him. Squall was in a mental conflict with himself over this, but the other feeling was stronger than his other feelings. So, slowly he made his way to Raijin’s room. Meanwhile, Raijin had just entered his room, he was a emotional wreck, so many things were running through his head. Raijin leaned against the wall next to his door, tears were now streaming down his face, he placed his hands on his knees. He felt so vulnerable now, he didn’t know who he could turn too, no one he could trust. He thought of going to Seifer, but Seifer would probably think he was weak and wouldn’t even hear him out.

Squall sighed some, he had no idea what he was doing, but he was going to. Hesitantly he raised his right hand to the door, and knocked on it lightly, “Raijin...Raijin, are you okay?” Squall couldn’t believe what was coming out of his mouth, and this was Raijin he was going to comfort. He didn’t know why, but he felt like he had to get close to Raijin, something was egging him on.

Raijin blinked, did he hear right, was Squall actually knocking at his door. He didn’t even see him there, he was so lost in his own thoughts and insecurities. Yes, he did hear it. It was Squall, at his door, checking to see if he was alright. Did he really look that pitiful in this state, “Uh...Yeah...I’m okay, just got something in my eye...ya know?” Raijin said through sobs, he had been crying for a bit and it was already too late to hide it.

Squall heard Raijin, he sounded terrible, he was about to walk away, but he didn’t want to. He actually wanted to help this guy out, “Raijin, I know you want to be alone...Just...” Squall was trying to think of way to continue.

Raijin sighed and swallowed hard, then got to his feet. It was Squall after all, someone he had come to fantasize about. Raijin finally knew what the feeling was whenever he was around Squall. It was respect because he was a good fighter, it was love. Raijin realized at that moment what he wanted, he wanted the love of another man, and that man had to be Squall Leonheart. Hesitantly himself, Raijin opened the door, “Sorry...Squall...I just wasn’t feeling right...that’s all...”

Squall looked at Raijin, he did look like he needed some help, he looked like a mess. Squall nodded to his statement, “I could....” Squall trailed off, did Raijin just talked, and not end his sentence with a ‘ya know.’

Raijin dawned on the fact that he just spoke to Squall normally, that has never happened before. Now he wanted to tell Squall everything, this had to get some getting used to, “Squall, we gotta talk...I really need to talk to you and just you...” Raijin said, tears were still coming down his face. He opened the door enough for Squall to walk in.

Squall blinked profusely, he tried to keep his composure in this, and just slowly made his way in. Squall just plainly nodded to Raijin, unable to really say anything at this point, or rather he didn’t know what to say. He had to say something, “Raijin...I...uh...” was all he could muster.

Raijin closed the door as Squall walked in and grabbed a chair for him to sit, “I know what might be goin’ on in your head....Squall...I want to say so much to ya...I just hope you find it in your ya know...Accept me for it...” Raijin said as he took a seat in front of chair and bowed his head.

Squall wasn’t sure what he was getting himself into, but complied to the silent request to hear Raijin out. Squall took a seat in front of him, and looked down at the bronze mass of muscle before him. He hadn’t noticed Raijin like this before, sure he would always refer to Raijin as some muscle head. But now he saw him now unlike any other time. His thick, short black hair, that pierced brow of his. The signs of a beard, trimmed really short that he was growing, and how smooth his skin looked.

Raijin was worried when Squall didn’t reply, he wondered if Squall was thinking about walking out or doing something worse. He looked up and saw Squall staring at him, as if he was in a trance of some kind, “Uhm...Squall?” he said lowly, hoping to get a response.

Squall snapped from his trance, and just stared down at Raijin, “Oh...sorry. I just got lost in my thoughts again...” he sighed, just trying to gather his thoughts, “Raijin, I don’t know what to feel right now. Just tell me what you want, I don’t I’ll hate you for it...” Squall said, still keeping his eyes on Raijin and every action he did.

Raijin nodded, he was about to tell Squall something that would most likely get him kicked out of the Garden. He felt like he would be hated soon, by everyone he knew and loved. He looked up to Squall slowly, “Squall...I kinda like you...I want to be with you...” Raijin started out slowly, trying to explain himself, “Every time I’m around you, I feel something...and I think I love you...” Raijin bowed his head, “Squall...please don’t hate me...” Raijin began to cry again, he felt lighter after telling Squall, but at the same time still felt terrible.

Squall blinked at Raijin, his jaw dropping as he heard Raijin speak. He didn’t know what to say, or really how to act to this. He looked at Raijin, he was like Rinoa, needing someone there to help, to love, and to hold. He looked so helpless and vulnerable, nothing like he was, he looked to pitiful and scared. Squall couldn’t help but like the bronze muscle man in return, “Raijin, I have a confession to make. I guess I like you too...I always have, and I always feel this way when you’re around. Even when I’m in a bad mood, you always found a way to make me smile....” Squall said this, scooted the chair back, and knelt on one knee in front of the Big, Thunder Man.


Raijin had closed his eyes, and was getting ready to receive a hard hit or a loud shout. But what he expected never came, instead came something much more different. Raijin’s gaze instantly rose to meet the gray, sky blue eyes of Squall, his deep brown ones misting. It was his turn to turn to shock, he never expected something like this from Squall, who was known more for his icy glare than a warm one. He grinned widely for the first time since Squall had come in, and with that reached out and pulled Squall into a hug. He didn’t really have any thing to say, at all.

Squall blinked some, and couldn’t help but smile at the reaction that came from Raijin. Before he knew it, he was pulled into a hug, a tight one at that, Raijin didn’t know his own strength. He grunted as he felt Raijin’s powerful arms hug around his neck, he began to gasp some, “Ah...Raijin...You’re crushing me...” he finally managed to mutter.

Raijin pulled away instantly after that, he went into a more apologetic manner, looking Squall over, “I’m sorry Squall...I didn’t mean to...I was just....” he said frantically, not finishing his sentence.

Squall was gasping for air, winded, but was happy to be alive after that. He shook his head a bit, raising his left arm as a gesture to calm down, “I’m ok, Raijin. Just...don’t hug me so tight...ever...”

Raijin gave a reassuring nod, and still held an apologetic expression on his face, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you...I’ll never do it again....” Raijin said, now looking hurt.

Squall looked at him, and couldn’t help but smile. As much as he hated to admit, Raijin always found a way to cheer him up, and Raijin, despite his bulky appearance, was a loveable guy, “Raijin, I’m ok...really...Just try to hold yourself back, with a guy as big as you, you can easily crush someone if you wanted too...” Squall said, still smiling and began to laugh.

Raijin looked at Squall, he looked so handsome, and his smile was just something that you could not miss, even if you tried. He made him laugh, that was good thing, he rarely seen him laugh, at all. He admired Squall a little more, before emotion kicked in and slowly he leant in. Before he knew it, his lips made contact with Squall’s. Squall was, of course, caught by surprise at the fact that he was just kissed by Raijin. He thought he would be appalled by it, but it actually felt nice, and he returned the kiss. Raijin had lost all thought as he kissed Squall, now deepening it. Squall had great lips, they were soft, almost silky like velvet. He was surprised he could know how to kiss, he had never kissed any one, let alone a man, but somehow this felt so natural. Squall was enticed by Raijin’s actions, his lips were surprisingly, soothing and gentle

Suddenly hands began to roam, Squall’s hands were the first to move, sliding his gloved hand up Raijin’s powerful shoulders, they were hard to the touch even with the gloves on. Slowly his hands trailed down to move to Raijin’s thick neck and slide down his muscled back, as he did the kissed became more passionate, Squall’s tongue sliding into Raijin’s mouth. Raijin joined in the exploration, his hands meeting first with Squall thighs, and worked their way up to his sides along his waist and snaked around to the small of his back. Raijin felt Squall’s tongue slither into his mouth, and he accepted it willingly, sucking on it.  Squall moaned into the kiss, Raijin had found a spot that tickled him, but the tingle sent shivers up his spine. His head was spinning, his brain interfering again, thoughts appearing in his mind. Suddenly, he pulled away, gasping after what seemed like hours.

“Raijin...I...” Squal said pulling away and shaking his head, his expression was a confused one.

Raijin looked hurt and disappointed, “I’m sorry...this isn’t what you love Rinoa...” Raijin said lowly, his voice evidently held heartbreak.

“No, Raijin it’s not that. I just never felt like this before, it’s so strange...But I....I want more...” Squall said as he fought the thoughts that were in his head, “Raijin I never knew you felt this way...I never knew I could do this...But you brought out a part of me...I never knew I even had...”

Raijin smiled, placing his right index finger on Squall’s lips, “Shhh...Squall it’s ok...I understand what you’re saying...If you want to take this slow, we can do that...I want you so bad, Squall. I really do...I’ll wait until you’re ready to continue...” Raijin said, his voice now held reassurance, the heartbreak was short-lived because of what Squall had just said. Things seem to be looking up for Raijin now, he didn’t want this moment to end.

Squall had started to raddle on, but Raijin immediately shut him up. He didn’t know why, but this was something he felt he almost wanted. He expected it to come from an other person, entirely, but now that he knew that it was Raijin. This thought alone gave him a weird, yet promising reassurance. He shook his head a bit, pulling away from Raijin’s fingers a bit, “Raijin, this is all too new to me...I don’t know if I can share the feelings you have for me...I guess I’ll try...” Squall looked blank for a moment, then slowly raised his grayish blue eyes to meet Raijin’s deep brown ones.

Raijin smiled some, that was all he wanted to hear, well not exactly what he wanted to hear. But coming from Squall, it was something, there was a chance for them. Raijin was filled again with emotion and love for the fearless leader he came to know, many times over. Slowly, he ran his large hand along the side of Squall’s firm face, his rough hands grazing along soft skin. He leaned in and their lips met again, and that was going to do it.

Squall went wide-eyed again, that was an other unexpected thing, but soon enough he was melting into it. His eyes closed, closing his eyes to register it, and he returned it longingly. He leaned forward, deepening the kiss as his tongue slid into Raijin’s mouth, searching for his like a predator looking prey. Raijin moaned into the kiss as he felt Squall return it so willingly, his tongue wrestled with Squall’s, but the tables had turned. Raijin’s tongue was becoming the dominate of the two, and so was his posture. He pulled Squall into his arms, setting Squall unto his lap without any effort at all. Squall hadn’t expected that and gave a surprised yelp, but quickly got back into the kiss. Squall’s hands now began to wander over the muscled form under him. His soft finger tips trailing against the hard flesh, which was hot to the touch, but the feeling was not displeasing at the slightest. He was more turned on as he explored Raijin’s muscled form, his hands trailing along his thick neck, and then down his back and along his hard broad shoulders.

Raijin moaned as Squall began to trail his warm, silky fingertips along his body. He grazed all the right spots which made him melt. Raijin pulled Squall even closer, his breathing hot and heavy. He unwillingly pulled away from Squall’s luscious lips, a lustful look in his eyes. His lips trailed along Squall’s jaw then down the side of his neck, and then his tongue slithered out to taste him. His warm, moist tongue met sweet flesh and a moan was heard from Squall. Raijin ran his tongue up and down his neck till he got to the base, there he placed small kisses and began to suckle lightly on the delicate flesh. Squall in the mean time had taken Raijin’s ear into his lips and nibbled on it. All doubts and worries were no longer present as both gave into lust and love at the same time.

Raijin slid his hands up Squall’s sides from under his leather jacket and ran his hands up, tickling Squall slightly. He then slid the jacket off his shoulders, Squall sliding his arms out from the sleeves. Raijin looked down to admire the lean, muscular body under the tight cotton t-shirt, which could not hide Squall’s hard, excited nipples. Raijin then slid his hands lower to grasp the bottom of the shirt and pull it up, Squall raised his hands as Raijin removed his shirt. Raijin could see that Squall had been working out, his body was a lean, yet it had chiseled muscular features and the fact that Squall was smooth all over, help define his muscles more. Slowly he leant down to make contact with his chest, his lips once again falling unto warm flesh. He stuck his tongue out to taste an even sweeter part of Squall, licks toward his left nipple only to engulf it into his mouth. Another louder moan was heard, Squall’s head leaning back at the new sensation of the hot, wet mouth around his sensitive nipple. His member had hardened through the whole ordeal, and was aching to be set free from his leather pants.


Squall was huffed as Raijin continued to suckle on his nipple, and by now he had gone to assault the right one. Squall looked down with a lusty eyes, glad Raijin wasn’t much for clothing. He slid his hands to his waist and worked his way up the muscled abdomen, they felt hard and soft at the same time. Squall ran his fingers up higher, taking a feel at Raijin’s nipples, giving them a squeeze. This caused Raijin to moan as he continued to bathe Squall’s chest and nipples with his tongue. Squall was enjoying this, he tweaked and pinch Raijin’s nipples a little more, and each time drawing a moan from him. Squall wanted to see more, he lightly pushed Raijin back, and soaked in his form. He then grabbed the shoulder pad, tugging it off his arm, and then went to remove the blue vest her wore. Raijin helped a bit, and removed the beads from around his neck and let them join his shoulder pad and vest. He leaned back, his muscles automatically flexing as he did, propping himself up with his arms.

Squall drank in the bronze muscle god before him, and licked his lips. Raijin had chiseled features, he was surprised he had not admired them before, but now that he was up close and personal, he was more than eager to vast in his appearance. Squall leaned in, shifting to his knees to the side of Raijin for better balance, and wrapped his arms around Raijin’s waist. He immediately went for his neck, licking, biting, and kissing at it. Raijin leaned his head back, his eyes closing while a moan escaped his lips, and tried to keep himself propped up. Squall tasted Raijin, smelling his manly musk, their body heat had already been  causing them both to sweat. The salty sweat met his tongue, but it wasn’t unpleasant at the least, it actually heightened his lust for more. He followed the small beads of swat to Raijin’s massive chest, and went directly to his right nipple. Taking it into his warm, moist mouth, and lightly biting on it. Raijin grunted at this, his nipples being one of his hot spots, and all Squall was doing was making him hotter.

Squall went over to flick his tongue out to the left one, before trailing his tongue lower to his stomach. Raijin’s breathing increased his ever flick of Squall’s tongue, and the monster in his pants was trying to rip itself out. Felt the huge tool through the fabric of his pants, and an expression of surprised crossed his face. He could tell right away that Raijin was big, and this was going to be the first piece of meat he has ever seen, other than his own, that is. He licked his lips and was about to touch the large tent on Raijin’s pants when Raijin took a hold of his hand. Squall blinked and looked up to Raijin with a questioning expression on his face, but didn’t say a word.

“I want to do this right, let’s go to the bed...” Raijin said as he pressed his lips to Squall’s sloppily. As he stood up and pulled Squall up to his feet just as he stood up himself, and walked over to the bed still holding unto Squall’s arm. Squall nodded, and just let himself get dragged by Raijin, and still couldn’t believe he was doing what he was doing, yet he still wanted to continue.

Raijin led him to his large bed, then sat down at the left side of it, and casually began to undo Squall’s pants. Squall was about to object, but something about this made him want to see what he was going to do. Raijin hooked his thumbs along the waistband of Squall’s leather pants, and in one swift move pulled them down, along with his white briefs. Squall yelped in surprised, he hadn’t expected that at all. At the same time he was relieved, his straining manhood stood straight up, eight long inches with a nice thickness. Raijin looked up at Squall and gave a wink, before he leaned in and took the mushroom head into his mouth. He sucked on it lovingly, swirling his tongue around it, and teased the piss slit with the tip of his tongue. Squall gasped, then felt his eyes would roll into the back of his head. He began to shudder uncontrollably, and moan loudly at what Raijin was doing.

Raijin slowly began to take in Squall’s length into his mouth and down his throat, his tongue running through the underside of his cock. Raijin took Squall in until he felt his nose press against his groin. Squall couldn’t believe how good this felt, the hot moist feeling enveloping his cock, it was incredible, and he didn’t know he could hold it in for much longer. Squall placed his hands on Raijin’s shoulders and gripped tightly. He moaned uncontrollably, as he felt he would explode at any moment, the feeling sending shivers to his spine. Raijin knew Squall was close, and only worked his cock more.

“Rai..jin....I’m going to...cum...if...” Squall trailed off, as he tried to hold himself from cumming.

Raijin wanted to taste him so much, he didn’t care if Squall came quickly. He sucked harder and bobbed his head faster, and used his throat muscles to massage Squall’s cock in his mouth. With a roar Squall exploded in Raijin’s mouth, spewing his hot, sticky seed in the mouth of Raijin. Raijin in the meantime swallowed Squall’s seed, greedily, and savoring the taste at the tip of his tongue. He continued to suck and drink from Squall, and moaned at the taste of him. Squall began to whimper and moan as his orgasm began to subside, he felt very and leaned forward onto Raijin. Raijin slowly pulled away from Squall’s cock, some his cum trickling down and unto his bare chest. Raijin held Squall up with his arms, and leaned up to kiss him. Squall tried to return the kiss, but was pretty dazed from the powerful orgasm and mind blowing blowjob he just got from Raijin. Both could still taste the cum as their mouths mixed, moans coming from both.

“How was that for you?” Raijin asked as he pulled away with a big grin on his face, as he observed Squall, waiting for his reaction.

“Raijin...I don’t...know...what to say...” Squall said through hard pants, and didn’t know how to describe the feeling. He just leaned in and gave Raijin a hard kiss, having no idea what else he could have done at the moment.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself, Squall...” Raijin whispered and he began to nibble on Squall’s ear.

Squall was slowly gaining his composure, he could still feel Raijin’s hard cock through the fabric of his pants. He hesitantly reached down and began to undo the red piece of rope around his waist, letting it fall unto the bed on either side. He then slid out of Raijin’s grasp and pulled at his trousers as he did, wanting to return the favor. Raijin raised his self from the bed to help Squall, and was actually blushing now. Squall stared wide-eyed at the massive monster in display before him, his jaw dropped as he tried to register the sheer size of it. Raijin blushed more as he saw Squall’s reaction to his well endowment, and didn’t know what else he could say.

“How do you walk around with that in your pants?” Squall muttered after some moments of silence. His surprise getting the best of him, and he shook his head, “Wait...don’t answer that...”

“You don’t have to, if you don’t want to...” Raijin said lowly, looking up at Squall, “I don’t to force you into anything you might not like or hurt yourself in...”

“No, I want to return the favor Raijin...” Squall said as he slowly kneeled down before the bronze giant, and took the massive tool in both his hands. It was so big he couldn’t really wrap his fingers all the way around it, and he remembered back before all this happened, “You said you loved me...I guess I love you too..I can’t explain it...but I really want to make you feel as good as you made me feel...” with that he leaned in, closing his eyes, his tongue sticking straight out. Soon the tip of his tongue met with hard flesh, and it didn’t feel as bad as he thought. He then began to lick all around the big, bulbous head, and then up and down the shaft. The taste of it wasn’t so bad either, and the musk from Raijin were flaring his nostrils like an Aphrodisiac. He was turned on more by and wanted more of it.

Raijin just sat back and watched Squall, and his breathing began to quicken. For his first time, Squall was doing a really good job, and he was getting into it. He moaned as Squall moved to the head and wrapped his lips around it. Raijin closed his eyes and just himself bask in the feeling of Squall pleasuring him. Squall was actually enjoying himself, and knew he couldn’t take it all into his mouth, but tried and could only fit about three inches of it in his mouth. Raijin was starting to huff and puff, the feeling was overwhelming. Here he was getting pleasured by the love of his life and hero, Squall. Squall began to bob his head over what he could take in, and sucked hard mimicking what Raijin did for him. Raijin controlled himself, he didn’t want hurt Squall by trying to force more of himself into Squall’s mouth. Squall worked Raijin’s humongous cock in and out of his inexperienced mouth, and liked it.

Raijin opened his eyes, his breathing now more rash as Squall continued to suck his cock. He then looked to Squall’s ass, and couldn’t resist the temptation. He stuck his large middle finger into his mouth and moist it up with his saliva, then leaned forward. He then slowly slid his middle finger into Squall’s ass, while his other hand massaged his back. Squall pulled away from Raijin’s cock and yelped at the intruding finger. His ass clenched tightly around Raijin’s finger, and didn’t allow it to enter anymore.

“Relax, you’ll enjoy this, I promise....” Raijin said, trying to calm him down.

“UGH! It hurts!” Squall said as his eyes closed tightly, but he tried his best to get used to the sneering pain.

Raijin could see that Squall was in a lot of pain and didn’t want to continue and tried to withdraw his finger. Squall clenched his finger, shaking his head, saying he wanted to continued to try and take it in. Raijin sighed, slowly he let more of his finger enter into Squall’s tight virgin hole. The pain was great, but with Raijin massaging his back, it helped him to relax, and soon the pain became pleasant. He gasped as the feeling was replaced with pleasure, he wanted more of it. Raijin could tell that Squall was now enjoying the new intrusion of his large, thick finger.

“Raijin, I think I want to try to have you inside me...” Squall suddenly said.

Raijin couldn’t believe his ear, Squall actually wanted to take him. He looked down with an worried expression, “I don’t know, Squall....I don’t want to hurt you, I love you too much to hurt you...” Raijin said, even though he wanted it, knowing himself he might rip Squall apart.

“We’ll take it slow, I love you too Raijin...I want to give you as much pleasure as you given me...” Squall said with a pleading look.

“Yes, we’ll take this as slow as you want...but are you sure?” Raijin asked, hoping Squall would change his mind.

“I want to...I’m sure...” Squall said as he leaned up to kiss Raijin on the lips, lovingly. He finally felt close to Raijin, and was now genuinely in love with him.

Raijin nodded, he knew once Squall made up his mind, he was going to do it. He was a stubborn one, and it was true; Squall wore a ring with a Lion engraved on it, and he embodied all its characteristics, even the stubbornness was on the mark. Raijin returned the kiss, knowing that Squall really wanted to do this now. Slowly he slid a second finger, and again Squall was met with the familiar pain. He knew it would subside and it would be replaced with pleasure, and he was right, soon enough he was enjoying the invasion of his ass. His cock had grown hard once again, after going soft after his orgasm it was back to life. Raijin then inserted a third finger, going through all the precautions to ensure that Squall was ready for him. Raijin finally slid in a fourth finger, this would stretch Squall to his limit so he could hand the twelve inch, thick monster.

Squall shuddered, he had taken in four thick fingers deep in his ass, and felt himself being stretched. He really wanted to do this, and he was glad that Raijin was so considerate for his well being. That is why he guessed that he never really had a dislike for Raijin, and now he was getting to know Raijin a little more. He leaned his head on Raijin’s shoulder, and began to pant, feeling himself relax and enjoy the fingers deep in him, “I’m ready, Raijin...”

Raijin nodded, and slowly withdrew his fingers from Squall’s ass, he then help Squall up. Actually, he had stood and took Squall into his arms, cradling him like a baby. Squall was actually amused by this gesture, that he chuckled and wrapped his arms around Raijin’s neck. Raijin turned around and set Squall gently on the bed, Squall removed his arms from around his neck. Raijin then went atop Squall some, and sliding a little further down from him. He then took a hold of his legs, setting them on his broad shoulders, looking down at his fearless leader.

“Are you ready for me, Squall?”


Raijin nodded, grabbing a hold of his cock and positioned it at the entrance of Squall’s ass. He slowly pushed forward and slid the head in, and gave a grunt as he was enveloped by Squall’s tight spintcher. Squall cried out some, the real thing felt entirely different compared to the fingers. Raijin stayed like that for another moment, now shifting Squall’s legs to wrap around his waist. He then leaned down and kissed Squall on the forehead, “Like I said, we’ll take this as slow as you want...” he whispered to Squall, grabbing a hold of his hand and taking Squall’s small hand into his large one. Squall nodded, and tried to adjust himself again, Raijin’s word were comforting him. Squall gave Raijin the signal to continue and so Raijin pushed deeper into Squall. He then rested, but Squall was determined and egged him on to push it all in. Raijin was hesitant, but complied, and pushed the rest of the way in.

Squall’s eyes bulged out, as much as he was stretched, Raijin’s fingers hadn’t gone as deep as Raijin’s cock did. He had the feeling of being filled and the pain was there, so much small streams of tears began to fall from his eyes. Raijin looked down at him, and kissed him lovingly, trying to comfort Squall. Squall got caught up in the emotion Raijin was giving him and tried his best to fight the pain and relax. The pain was replaced with pleasure, but the feeling of being totally filled stayed. Squall was whimpering out of pleasure now, and was slowly grinding up against Raijin. Raijin grunted as he felt that Squall had relaxed and was now impaled on his massive organ.

Raijin pulled out enough till the bulbous head as still in Squall’s ass, causing both to gasp, and Raijin then shoved himself back in. A loud moan escaped from Squall’s lips, his hands now wrapping tightly around Raijin’s neck. Raijin repeated this several times before gaining a sort of rhythm as he thrust himself into Squall. Squall’s face was now flushed from all the pleasure, and began to tightening his hold around Raijin’s cock. Raijin grunted as he felt Squall tighten his ass muscles around his cock, more of this and he would lose himself in no time.

Squall began to meet each of Raijin’s thrusts, moaning loudly as he was being fucked by Raijin. Raijin was huffing and groaning as he began to ram into Squall now. Their minds were now clouded in lust and it was still rising. Their body heat mixing and heating up each other, beads of sweat began to drench their bodies. Now all that was heard was a series of moans, groans, and the sound of fleshing slapping against flesh. Raijin began to pound in Squall, his large low hanging balls were slapping against Squall’s ass. Squall began to shout in pleasure as he felt a second orgasm coming, but he held it back as long as he could. Raijin felt that he was close as well, but continued to mercilessly pound into Squall with an almost animalistic lust. Squall leaned his head back unto the pillow, his hair now drenched in his own sweat that strands of hair were matted to his face.

Raijin growled as he continued to thrust his hips in and out of Squall, repeatedly. He held Squall around the waist tightly, as he increased his pace. Squall was doing the same, and was losing his fight with his orgasm. Soon enough the sensations of pleasure were too much as he reached his climax, shotting another round of his seed on himself and even Raijin. This caused his ass to contract around Raijin’s cock, which squeezed him more. Raijin roared as his cock was being squeezed around the already tight ass. He couldn’t hold it anymore as he gave one final powerful thrust and filled Squall with globs upon globs of his cum. Squall gasped as his orgasm subsided but the feel of Raijin filling him with his hot sticky seed made him spew more of his own unto his stomach.

Raijin slowly began to stop, reaching his climax had taken a lot out of him, along with all the emotion stress he had been under. So many thoughts ran into his head, but he didn’t about anything else, he had Squall. He kept himself propped up so he wouldn’t crush Squall under his weight, and slowly he laid to the side. He pulled out of Squall as he laid next to him panting heavily, the smell of sex and sweat filling the room.

Squall turned to Raijin with a satisfied, loving look on his face, and couldn’t say a word. He just kept panting trying to gain his self composure back. Who’d know he would end up with a guy like Raijin? Who’d thought he’d end up with a guy in the first place? He didn’t care anymore, he had the love from Raijin, and nothing could be more perfect or different. Raijin laid on his back with his head turned to Squall, a big grin on his face. Squall shifted himself so his head laid on Raijin’s bare chest, his arm slung around him hugging him close.

“You were incredible Raijin....Thank you...”

“No, thank you. I love you Squall, that was the best gift anyone has ever given me. And most of all I have you....I hope I can call you my own...” Raijin said looking down at Squall.

“I love you too, Raijin. I guess I’ve always have, just didn’t know that till now...” Squall said, leaning up to kiss Raijin on his chin.

“I love you Squall...My lion heart...” Raijin said, as he slowly drifted to sleep, happy and content, “Good love...”

“Good night...Thunder man...” Squall said as he also fell asleep on Raijin. This would take some getting used to, a lot to talk about in the morning, when they wake up.



...To Be Continued...

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