A Midsummer's Knight's Dream

By J. Marie

Warning!!! This is a lemon yaoi fan fiction. It stars Laguna Loire and Seifer Almasy from Final Fantasy VIII. I know that they have a huge age gap. But think of the possibilities of Squall's rival and Squall's dad. Try it out, you know you want to. This IS not shota-con. Everyone here is of legal age. Are you? This fanfiction will contain graphic sex scenes between two males, so if you are not at least 18 years of age, or if you have a problem with male homosexuality, then please do not read my story. I will not be held responsible for your social deviance; I have my own to worry about. For those of you who read "Black and White", this story does not fall under that continuity. So sit back, relax, pop in a CD, and enjoy the only Laguna/Seifer yaoi story I'VE ever heard of. As always, do not get your computer sticky, as this will damage it. >giggle< ^_^

Seifer Almasy stepped out of the cab and looked up at the huge Presidential Palace of Esthar. He stretched his long legs and straightened his tuxedo, wishing he was wearing his trenchcoat. He hefted his bags and looked behind him at his two friends who were stepping out of the car as well. Fujin and Raijin were wearing matching tuxedoes. Good luck trying to get Fujin in a dress, Seifer thought, she's more of a man than I am.

The huge black man known as Raijin waved happily at the cab driver as his best friend and lover, Fujin, shoved some gil in the cab driver's face angrily. She then stomped away, hefting her bags.

"Hey!" yelled the cab driver, "What about my tip, lady!?!"

Fujin froze, her one good eye changing from blue to red in an instant. She spun around abruptly and started marching towards the cab, fury registering on her harsh, yet pretty face.

"RAGE!!!!!" she screamed, kicking the cab's side door as hard as she could, causing the cab to rock against the force.

The cab driver squeaked in fear and drove off as fast as he could, terror registering on his florid face. He prayed that the pale, angry woman wouldn't follow.

Seifer and Raijin burst into laughter, as Fujin stomped back towards them. She paused in front of them, her unpatched eye changing to blue. She took a deep bow and dimpled as Seifer and Raijin gave her a standing ovation.

"Good one, Fujin," Seifer said with an arrogant smirk. He lifted his bags again and strode over to entrance of the palace, his posse in tow.

"Halt!" called out two Esthar guards, blocking the doorway into the Presidential Palace.

Seifer fumbled in his tuxedo pocket. He wished desperately for his trenchcoat. He pulled out a piece of lacy white paper and shoved it in the guard's face.

The guard looked startled and he and his fellow guard moved to allow Seifer and his friends through. One of them turned suspiciously to Seifer as the trio stepped into the elevator shaft.

"Hey! Aren't you the Sorceress' knight!?!" yelled the guard.

Seifer smirked at the guard as the doors closed, before the guard could question him further. The smirk instantaneously changed to a scowl when the doors were closed.

"SEIFER, OK?" Fujin asked, concern showing on her pale face.

"Who, me?" he asked, forcing his smirk to return. "What else would I be?"

Fujin looked to her dark-skinned lover. Raijin spoke up, "Well, Seifer, we was just wondering, ya know? We thought ya might be a little... ya know?"

"Upset?" Seifer answered nonchalantly, his smirk never wavering on his handsome face, "Nah. Don't worry so much. I'm cool."

Fujin and Raijin exchanged dubious glances and shrugged their shoulders simultaneously.

Yeah, right. Just keep telling yourself that, Seifer. Maybe one day you'll believe it, Seifer thought as the elevator doors opened.

Seifer and his two friends stepped out into a huge ballroom, decorated in blue and white. Flowers of all varieties were everywhere. It was absolutely beautiful. He restrained the urge to scowl.

A short, blonde man with a facial tattoo in a tuxedo rushed over to the trio. He glowered at the threesome, assuming a fighting stance. Fujin and Raijin assumed fighting stances behind Seifer.

"Seifer!!! What do ya think you're doin' here, man!?! I'm gonna kick yer ass, man!!" he yelled, bouncing up and down as usual.

Seifer smirked at his second favorite kick toy. He held up one gloved hand to tell Fujin and Raijin to back off. "I didn't come her to fight, Dincht, I came to watch Squall and Rinoa get married. I was invited. And you couldn't kick my ass without at least two of your little friends to gang up on me, chicken wuss," he growled at the hyper blonde as he shoved his invitation under his nose.

Zell Dincht stopped moving to gape at the invitation, which was personally signed by both Squall and Rinoa. He relinquished his fighting stance, but did not stop glaring at his bully. "Alright, man. I can't go against Squall an' Rinoa's wishes. But if you make one wrong move, I'm gonna be on you like hot on dog. And DON'T CALL ME CHICKEN WUSS!!!!" Zell screamed, shaking with anger.

Seifer just smirked, brushing past Zell, his followers in tow. He headed towards the seating area.

"Hey!! You gotta sit in the back, asshole. I'm the best man, so you better do what I say!!!" Zell shouted, turning red in the face.

Seifer passed the back row, and looked over his shoulder at the spiky-haired blonde. "Nah, yer the best BOY. If Squall was gonna pick the best MAN, he woulda picked me. Chicken wuss," he hissed.

"WHAT DID YOU CALL ME!?!!!" Zell screamed, shaking horribly with anger.

Seifer ignored the loud-mouthed brat and continued on down the aisle.

Quistis Trepe put her arm around Zell's shoulders, trying to calm the boy down, shooting evil glares at Seifer. She and Zell had become quite close over the past year. He had even broken off his relationship with his girlfriend to get to know the elegant, beautiful blonde woman better.

Seifer flopped his length into the seat closest to the aisle in the first row. He dumped his bags beneath his chair and stretched his long, muscled legs, propping them up on the banister. He stretched his arm over to the next chair. Fujin and Raijin sat down beside each other in the second row, right behind Seifer.

Seifer looked around and caught the lovely Quistis soothing Zell with a soft kiss. He scowled. He turned his head and saw Irvine in a tuxedo, still wearing his cowboy hat and boots, kissing Selphie in a corner, who was wearing a bridesmaid dress. His scowl deepened. He even saw Sis, Elle, talking to Nida. When he looked behind him, he found Fujin and Raijin nuzzling each other's faces, ignoring Seifer. Seifer turned his head straight forward and growled beneath his breath.

Squall has Rinoa. Zell has Quistis. Irvine has Selphie. Raijin has Fujin. And I got nobody. Damn it, I'm goddamn well sick an' tired of bein' alone. Calm down, Seifer. Just be happy for Squall. You never could tell him how you felt. You pretended you wuz straight an' dated Rinoa, who was a really great friend, even if she was a girl. An' they met an' fell in love. It's yer own damn fault fer never tellin' him that ya picked on him 'cuz ya liked him, Seifer thought, still unable to replace his scowl with its usual smirk.

"Sir? Excuse me, but, um, that's my seat that you're, um, sitting in."

Seifer's depressing thoughts were interrupted by a clear tenor voice. He looked up to see Squall standing before him.

No, wait. That's not Squall. This guy's hair is long and black. And he's old enough to be Squall's dad, Seifer thought as he studied the small, delicate man before him.

"Ward says that you're the Sorceress' knight, aren't you?" came a dangerous baritone.

Seifer snapped his head to see a huge man with a beard and a slim black man behind the Squall look-alike. Both were glowering at him.

"I'm the ex-Sorceress' knight. The name's Almasy. Seifer Almasy. An' I ain't movin' fer nobody," Seifer growled, sizing the three older men up and figuring, if need be, he could take them.

The Squall look-alike stared intently at the tall blonde. "So you're Seifer. Um, nice to, um, meet you. My son, Squall, told me, um, a lot about you. I'm, uh, Laguna Loire, President of Esthar. And, uh, these are my two presidential aides, Kiros Seagill and Ward Zabac," he said nervously.

This nervous pretty boy is Squall's DAD!?! And he's a president!?! Of Esthar!?! He can't even dress himself!!! Seifer thought as he gaped at the threesome.

Laguna held out his hand and smiled charmingly at the younger blonde, hoping that he wasn't going to become violent. "Squall and Rinoa will be happy you came. They wanted you to know there are no bad feelings, so that's why they invited you. You know, to ,um, clear the air," he cheerfully, broadening his smile.

"Right," Seifer said, surprised with himself as he shook the older man's hand. Laguna's handshake was surprisingly strong for such a willowy man, and was callused by long years of handling machine guns.

Laguna sighed when he realized that other than bodily removing him, this Seifer wasn't going to move. He sat down next to him instead. Kiros and Ward sat down as well, but not before exchanging glares with the arrogant blonde.

"So yer Squall's dad, huh? And Esthar's president, huh?" Seifer asked, staring at the delicate man beside him.

Laguna looked sideways at Seifer, and swallowed, unsure of why this young man made him so nervous. "Um, yes and yes. Is there a problem?" he asked tentatively.

Seifer turned his intent gaze back forward and smirked as he said, "Nah. I was jes' thinkin' that after becomin' a father and then a president, ya woulda learned how to dress yerself."

Laguna blushed and looked down at his tuxedo, realizing that his bowtie was crooked, his shirt was buttoned wrong, his sash was slipping and his left shoelace was untied. His blush deepened as he attempted to fix his clothes.

Seifer noticed the hurt expression on Laguna's face out of the corner of his eye. Geez, he's sensitive. Didn' mean ta hurt his feelings, though. Damn, there I go again, sticking my foot in my mouth, he thought.

The wedding ceremony began with Squall Leonhart Loire taking his place, along with Zell, Irvine, and Nida. He noticed that Seifer had apparently taken Laguna's seat away from him. Squall rolled his eyes. He rolled them again when he saw his father fixing his clothes. When is Seifer going to grow up? When is Laguna going to grow up? They're equally immature, but at least Seifer can dress himself, he thought ruefully.

Selphie soon bounced down the aisle, then the pretty Ellone, followed by the stately maid of honor, Quistis. Seifer watched Rinoa walk down the aisle in her wedding dress with a look of sadness. She saw him and smiled at him, causing Seifer to smile back. A real smile, not one of his patented smirks.

As the wedding wore on, Seifer continued to look more melancholy, especially when he saw the love in Squall's eyes for Rinoa. When they were pronounced man and wife by Cid Kramer, Laguna started to cry in joy. Cheers resounded through Esthar's stateroom when they kissed.

When the reception began, happiness seemed to shine to everybody. Except for Seifer Almasy who slinked off to a corner to watch everybody else have fun. He watched Fujin and Raijin start an arm wrestling contest. He watched Zell dance wildly with Quistis, causing the normally collected instructor to flush with happiness. He watched Selphie and Irvine run all over the damn ballroom with their video camera. The only person they seemed to forget to catch on video was Seifer. He watched Kiros and Ward slow dance together, not caring who knew they were gay.

But most of all he watched Squall and his new bride.

Great. Now that Squall's happy, I'm turning into his old self. I keep talking to myself in my head, and I'm slumped in some corner, being depressed. Life sucks. I mean, I got over Squall and Rinoa months ago. But it still hurts. And I HATE being alone, Seifer thought to himself, his normally arrogant expression replaced by one of profound sadness and loneliness.

Laguna spent his time flitting from person to person, his charming smile never wavering. He watched his son with pride, and he even got to dance with Rinoa. He grinned as his two best friends, Kiros and Ward, threw caution to the wind and slow danced together, even kissing each other in public. He mingled with Squall's friends and even did a speech for a young couple with a video camera. He clapped for Quistis when she caught the bouquet, watching her short, yet strong boyfriend, Zell, pick her up in victory. He watched Elle flirt with Nida, who was shy, but actually danced with her.

Laguna Loire had never felt so alone in his whole life.

Raine's gone, Squall's all grown up and married now. She should have been here to see this. I miss her so much. Kiros and Ward are happy together, and all of Squall's friends have found someone to love. Except for... Laguna thought as his eyes met Seifer's across the room. Seifer broke the gaze to glumly watch Quistis and Zell as they walked by him, arms wrapped around each other, Seifer's existence completely forgotten.

Seifer couldn't stand everybody else's happiness anymore. He got up to walk over to the balcony. He leaned up against the railing, staring sadly at the beautiful city of Esthar.

"Are you okay?"

Seifer looked behind his shoulder to see Laguna in the doorway. He turned back to the sight of Esthar and lit up a cigarette. "Who me? I'm absotively, posilutely, fucking perfect," Seifer said bitterly.

Laguna walked over to stand next to Seifer, studying the younger man intently. Seifer was tall, having several inches on Laguna. He had short golden blonde hair and jade green cat eyes. He had well developed muscles, but didn't appear overly so. He had a perfectly chiseled face, a perfect blonde beauty except for his scar. He was quite handsome. Laguna flushed as he chided himself for thinking about this... boy like that. He was nineteen, and Laguna was forty-five. He could be his father.

"It's just that you, um, look kinda down," Laguna said quietly, hoping the darkness would cover his blush.

Seifer turned his harsh, jade green eyes to study Laguna's beautiful aquamarine eyes. He noticed that the older man was still quite pretty. Laguna had to be in his forties, but he kept his age well, barely looking over thirty. He had delicate features, almost identical to Squall's. He was a little taller than Squall, but was slender and more willowy. His raven black hair hung past his shoulders, making him look rather feminine. Seifer shook himself out admiring the older man. This guy could be his dad. What am I thinking?

"Don't worry about it. Go back to your party and leave me the fuck alone," Seifer said harshly, brushing at his eyes.

Laguna noticed the tears forming in Seifer's eyes wondering what would upset this tough young man. He tentatively reached out to touch the boy's muscular arm. "Hey, it'll be alright, okay? I promise. I don't know what's going on with you, but it can't be that bad," he said, trying to comfort the younger man.

Seifer ripped his arm away from Laguna's hand, a tear spilling down his handsome face. "Yeah, asshole, you don't know what's wrong with me. How the fuck would you feel if the only person you ever loved just got married to somebody else?! How would you feel if your only friends love each other so much that they forget about you half the goddamn time?! How would you feel if everybody you know's got somebody except YOU?!" Seifer asked hotly, not caring about his tears now. He started to storm away.

Laguna looked away sadly. "And all you want is somebody to hold, who'll love you as much as you love them? To not be alone anymore? Yeah, kid, this may shock you, but I know exactly how you feel," Laguna said to Seifer's retreating form.

Seifer stopped dead in his tracks and turned around, facing Laguna. "You? Mr. Personality is lonely? At least I got an excuse. I'm an egotistical bully who pushes everybody away. And the fact that the Sorceress brainwashed me into being her knight, certainly doesn't make me Mr. Popularity," Seifer said sarcastically, wiping his tears.

Laguna looked at the tall blonde seriously. "My wife died eighteen years ago, giving birth to Squall. I gave Squall to Edea Kramer because after presidency was forced on me, I felt that it would be best for him to be raised by her, because I wouldn't have the time. My own two best friends have been lovers for longer than you've been alive. I've had lovers every now and then for the past fifteen years, but never any serious relationships. Yeah, everybody may like me, but they don't love me. And I haven't fallen in love with anybody since Raine died," Laguna said somberly, brushing at his own tears.

Seifer stared at him sadly for a moment before turning his face. "I'm sorry. I didn't know," he said in the softest tone of voice Laguna had ever heard this angry young man speak in.

Before Laguna could say anything else, Seifer turned and walked out. Laguna sighed and went back to the party. Just when I was getting through to that thick skulled, overgrown, immature... Laguna started to chuckle at his own thoughts. HE was calling somebody immature? Laguna found that funny.

Seifer spent the rest of the party brooding in the corner. He kept watching Laguna, who was spending his time mingling. But every time Laguna looked his way, Seifer turned his face away.

Seifer went back to the hotel with Fujin and Raijin when the party ended. When they asked him what was wrong he told them he was tired. They didn't believe it but accepted it and left him alone. He went into his room and took a shower. When he came out, towelling off, he could already hear the rhythmic creaking from Fujin and Raijin's room. Fujin giggled and Raijin whispered his love for her.

Seifer stared at his pajamas when he went to get dressed. He put them down and grabbed his brand new trenchcoat, a small shirt, and his skintight pants. He grinned to himself as he put them on.

Ya only live once, right? Worse he could do is say no. I'm tired of pushin' people away.

After the party was over, Laguna watched Squall and Rinoa off. He waved everybody goodbye when they left, and watched Kiros and Ward retire to their room. Laguna went to his spacious room, showering and putting on a pair of faded pajama bottoms, but leaving his shirt off for the moment. He walked outside to his won balcony, combing his long, wet black hair. His thoughts kept returning to Seifer.

I understand how he feels, but he won't let me comfort him. He's tough on the outside, but sweet on the inside. I wish he would let me close to him... What am I thinking? He could be my son! In fact, he was my son's main rival. Squall said he used to bully him, pick on him... Wait. If I'm right... Then it was Squall that he loved, not Rinoa, like I thought. You almost got to feel bad for the kid, even if he is a prick, Laguna thought to himself, staring out at his city.

Laguna was lost in thought when the attendant approached him. "Sir?" the young woman asked hesitantly, noticing the president's distractedness.

"Hmm? Oh, yes?" Laguna asked, a little startled.

"There is a young man at the entrance that said he was part of the wedding party. He said he needed to return something of yours to you. Personally, he said," the attendant said.

"Oh? Did he give you a name?" Laguna asked.

"No, sir."

"Well, what did he look like?"

"He was tall, sir. Blonde hair, pale green eyes. He was very good looking. Had a scar on his face, though. He was wearing a trenchcoat, and we confiscated his gunblade."

"Really?" Laguna asked, perking up immediately, "Send him in."

The attendant bowed. "Yes, sir."

Laguna quickly put on a button down shirt and his loose-fitting pants. He tied his hair back in its usual ponytail. He was nervously checking himself in the mirror when he heard the knocking on his door.

Laguna practically ran to the door, nearly tripping over his own legs when he got to it. He swung the door open, smiling as happily as ever.

Seifer was standing on the other side, arms crossed and sullen expression on his face. He had his hair slicked down into his face, and was wearing nice cologne. He had on an ornate trenchcoat, a tight shirt with his symbol on it, and a tight pair of pants. He was wearing a silver choker chain, his cross symbol necklace, and knee high platform boots.

Laguna tried not to think about how sexy Seifer looked at this moment. He swallowed and said, "So, um, what did you need to return?"

Seifer brushed past Laguna, walking into his bedroom. He whistled at the ostentatious surroundings. "Nothin'. Wanted ta get in, so I lied," he said airily, turning around to study Laguna.

"Oh..." Laguna said timidly as he closed the door. He was blushing and staring at the ground. "So what do you need?" he asked.

Seifer sat down on Laguna's huge bed, discovering it was a waterbed. Seifer studied Laguna, smirking at the older man's embarrassment. He acts like he's a teenager, Seifer thought to himself. "Not to be alone," he said bluntly, "And not to hear Fujin and Raijin fuck each other's brains out all night long."

Laguna giggled nervously, and timidly met Seifer's intent gaze. "Um, okay," he said, sitting in the chair across the room.

Silence hung in the air for quite some time as they looked into each other's eyes.

Laguna looked away. This kid was too young. Laguna was too old. This wasn't right. Seifer should leave, and he should go to bed.

And then they would be alone again.

Seifer sighed, realizing the older man wasn't going to make the first move. Seifer had never been with anyone before. He and Rinoa dated, but Seifer was gay, no matter how much he tried to fool himself, and that really didn't work out. He was too scared of his homosexuality to confess his feelings for Squall, much less for any other guy. But he wanted somebody.

And he didn't want just anybody. He wanted Laguna. This compassionate, immature overgrown child. He wanted Laguna's sweetness, his company. He wanted Laguna's love.

And Seifer Almasy decided to stop being a coward and fulfill his romantic dream, the real one.

To love and be loved.

Seifer walked over to Laguna with a look of determination on his handsome face. He picked Laguna up by the shirt lapels and dragging him over towards the bed. Laguna cried out in surprise as he was thrown on the bed.

He gaped as Seifer pulled his trenchcoat and boots off. Laguna gave a startled cry as Seifer straddled his legs.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Laguna asked, shock creeping into his voice as Seifer began to tug on Laguna's shirt.

"I'm losin' my damn virginity. An' yer gonna help," Seifer said calmly as he began to kiss the startled Laguna, who began to kiss back, despite his reservations.

Laguna closed his eyes, enjoying the taste and feel of Seifer's mouth. He slipped his tongue past Seifer's dark pink lips, engaging Seifer's tongue in a soft caress. And then he realized what he was doing. He pushed Seifer away and looked into his jade green eyes.

"Seifer," Laguna said, trying to regain his composure, "I'm old enough to be your father."

Seifer went back to kissing Laguna's soft, pink lips. " So, aren't you old guys always sayin' that age is just a number? Don't bother me, none. You're still cute, Laguna," he said in between soft kisses.

Laguna smiled to himself. If he didn't mind... And he was so sexy... To hell with it. Guys my age date nineteen-year-old girls. Why not nineteen year old boys? And I think I'm starting to fall for this one..., Laguna thought to himself as he let Seifer remove his shirt.

Seifer began to kiss his way down Laguna's neck, enjoying himself immensely. He worked his way down to Laguna's chest, tracing the slender muscles with his tongue, pleased that Laguna had not gone soft with age.

"For a virgin, Seifer, you're awful feisty," Laguna giggled, "And I like the tongue ring."

Seifer grinned up at the pretty man and began to lick Laguna's belly button. "This ain't rocket science, 'Una. Just gotta use yer imagination," Seifer said as he moved back up to plant kisses on Laguna's lips.

Laguna opened his eyes and smiled seductively at his young lover. "Hmm... 'Una'? I think I like that nickname," Laguna purred, stroking the younger man's well-muscled chest. He tugged Seifer's tight shirt off, revealing to Laguna that Seifer did indeed have the nicest chest he'd ever seen.

Seifer grinned at the pretty man before him. "Yeah, well, that's good, 'cuz that's what I'm gonna call ya," he said, returning to Laguna's soft lips, stroking Laguna's delicate face.

Laguna smiled impishly and began working Seifer's pants off. Seifer stilled, eager to see what the more experienced man was going to do to him.

Laguna pushed Seifer into the waterbed, stretching the naked blonde out on it. Laguna started to let his hands slide delicately over the younger man's beautiful body, admiring every muscle. Seifer watched him intently, licking his lips and closing his eyes as Laguna's hand slid over his partial erection, causing it to become immediately fully aroused at the feather light touch.

Laguna grinned, and shook his head, noting that Seifer was so eager that it didn't take much to arouse him. He rewarded the handsome blonde by licking the tip of his erection, using circular motions with his tongue to cause Seifer to moan. He ran his fingers through Laguna's soft, black hair, spreading his legs eagerly for Laguna.

Laguna sat up to remove his own pants, despite Seifer's mewling for him not to stop. Laguna leaned up to kiss Seifer's lips. "Do you know what 69ing is, Seifer?" he asked, hoping that Seifer knew what it was.

Seifer looked annoyed and said, " 'Una, I'm a virgin, not an innocent. I know ten year olds who know what that is."

Laguna smiled and shrugged, " Just checking. You kids are lot wilder than us old guys, I guess."

Seifer licked his lips impatiently. "You're not old, 'Una. Now hurry up, it's starting to hurt," Seifer said crossly as he reached for Laguna's legs. He noted with pleasure that Laguna's legs were as lovely as any woman's.

Laguna lifted himself on top of the larger Seifer, his legs where Seifer's head was. He placed himself face down on Seifer and draped his legs over Seifer' shoulders. He spread his legs so Seifer would have better access. Laguna then went back to licking the tip of Seifer's penis.

Seifer kissed the tip of Laguna's erection, watching in fascination as he fully aroused it. He grinned and slipped his lips over the shaft, then engulfing it with his mouth, sucking on it like he would a popsicle. Laguna cried out, pausing his ministrations before resuming. Laguna decided that all is fair in loveplay, and began to suck gently on Seifer's tip, slowly engulfing Seifer's shaft every minute, working his way up to the point where he would have it entirely in his mouth. Seifer almost stopped sucking on Laguna when he did this, unused to this intense pleasure.

Laguna slipped his hand around Seifer's scrotum, gently squeezing and sucking a little harder, causing Seifer to stop for a moment. Seifer intensified his own sucking, running his hands over Laguna's butt. He was pleased to note Laguna also had a nice ass.

Laguna felt Seifer stiffen and then release into his mouth. He was pleased when Seifer did not stop sucking, but allowed his pleasure to cause his sucking to become more intense. Laguna lifted his head and cried out as he released as well, equally pleased that Seifer swallowed.

Laguna rolled off Seifer and then came up to see his young lover was breathing heavily, grinning at Laguna. "That was great, 'Una," Seifer panted, "Wanna do it again?"

Laguna smiled seductively at Seifer, impressed at his fortitude. "What do you want to do this time, Seifer?" he said, leaving the decision to the tall blonde.

Seifer grinned wickedly, shoving Laguna on his stomach, causing the pretty man to cry out in surprise. Seifer straddled Laguna's backside, pressing his newly aroused erection against Laguna's opening. Laguna moaned and wriggled his butt upwards, pleased. Seifer leaned over to whisper in Laguna's ear. "Anything special I should know about before I do this, 'Una?" he asked.

Laguna cast a seductive glance behind his shoulder, rubbing his nose against Seifer's. "Do what comes natural, Seifer. Whatever you want," he whispered back, a little urgently.

Seifer nodded and kissed the back of Laguna's neck, sliding himself in slowly, unsure of himself. Laguna moaned in reception, urging Seifer to thrust. Seifer complied, slowly, but faster as he quickly gained confidence. Seifer kissed the back of Laguna's neck and his shoulders, moaning his name. Laguna rubbed himself against the waterbed, until Seifer's hand crept around it, stroking him. Seifer's other hand was running through Laguna's beautiful black hair.

Laguna arched back into Seifer, moaning Seifer's name. Laguna brought his hands back to grab Seifer's rear end, clutching it in ecstasy. Their thrusts matched each other's, each man wrapped up in the other's ecstasy. Seifer reached climax first, feeling Laguna climax at almost the same time.

Seifer fell onto his back, bringing Laguna on top of him. The smaller man flipped over and began to nuzzle Seifer's face. Seifer held Laguna close and Laguna wrapped his arms around Seifer's shoulders. Laguna felt wetness on Seifer's face, and opened his eyes to gaze at the handsome blonde's face.

Seifer was crying.

A troubled look passed across Laguna's pretty face, causing him to pull back from the embrace. "I'm sorry, Seifer. I shouldn't have done this. I'm really sorry. It'll never happen again, I swear," Laguna said, pulling away from Seifer.

Seifer clutched the smaller man tight and kissed him deeply and passionately. He pulled back to look into Laguna's beautiful aquamarine eyes. "I'm cryin' 'cuz I'm happy, dumbass. I love you and I don't hafta be alone anymore. Why're ya such a worry wart?" he asked, not hiding his tears from Laguna.

Laguna smiled, his face lighting up. "Really? I mean that, I thought that, I... I love you too, Seifer," he stammered happily knocking Seifer over with his exuberant hug.

Seifer grinned at Laguna, pulling him into a tight embrace. Laguna and Seifer nuzzled each other's faces, stroking each other's face and hair. Seifer decided that he liked cuddling.

Laguna just closed his eyes and breathed in his new lover's scent. It was nice to be in love again.

Seifer started to chuckle insanely, causing Laguna to open his eyes and look questioningly at Seifer.

Seifer beamed over at Laguna. "Ya know, my romantic dream, my real romantic dream, was to love and be loved, right?" he chuckled

"Um, okay," Laguna said, not sure where Seifer was going with this train of thought.

"And that this June 30th, right?"

"Um, yeah."

"So I guess this makes this a midsummer's knight's dream, right?"

Laguna hugged Seifer, laughing at his bad joke, thinking it hilarious. Laguna and Seifer fell asleep in each other's arms, still chuckling over the bad joke.

It's not every midsummer's night that a knight fulfills his dream is it?

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