By Purple Penguin

Seifer fell to earth from time compression with a thud. He groaned in discomfort and glanced around. He was in FH; he had recognized the mayor’s house in the distance. What was he doing here?

“Are you okay son?” An old man stopped and looked down at him.

The blonde was stunned. Didn’t this man know who he was? Why wasn’t he afraid of him?

“Umm- yeah I’m fine. Thanks.”

The man smiled kindly and continued down the path.

Something didn’t feel right, he had thought of the only thing h cared about, the only thing keeping him alive, well surely Squall as in Balamb.

He stopped another person. “Excuse me, what year is this?”

The young lady frowned in concern at him but she told him.

His eyebrows shot up in alarm. “T-Thank you.” 30 years into the future? What was he doing here? This was impossible, wasn’t it? Was Squall here? It was hard to believe the brunette being 47 but everyone had to grow up sometime. Squall was probably married by now or at least had a lover, he was too late. Besides he was still 18 and his ex-lover was old enough to be his father.

Squall didn’t need him anymore, those days were over. He wandered around the street for a while longer before his curiosity got the better of him and he stopped another person in the street.

“Excuse me do you know if Squall Leonhart lives around here?” He gave a description. He was a bit shocked that someone would forget the hero of the world, but 30 years was a long time.

The woman pointed to a row of run down houses. “Number 41, I’ve seen him go in there sometimes.”

He thanked her and hurried towards the house that she had pointed to. He had expected something flashier, was this Squall late effort to be alone? Would the brunette forgive him for just turning up like this? Would he hate him for waiting so long? What happened to the friends? The orphanage gang? They wouldn’t just desert him would they?

Seifer walked up to the front door and knocked gingerly. He expected Squall to punch him or at least shout at him. The door swung open by it’s self surprising the blonde. Squall was normally so private, so guarded he would just leave the door open so anyone could wander in. Maybe he was out and had forgotten to lock it. The tall blonde stepped inside. All the lights were off and the curtains drawn. The house looked gloomy and deserted, did Squall still live here? The sun peaked through a gap in the curtains. Seifer went deeper into the house; he was about to give up when he heard a harsh coughing noise. He froze in his tracks listening until it had stopped. The sound had come from behind a jarred door.

He pushed the door open, now being able to hear the laboured breathing. The room was a cramped bedroom. A single bed sat in the centre of the dark room and a figure lay curled up in it, the covers down around his waist. He coughed again into the white sheet and even though it was dark he could still make out the dark red bloodstain on the pale material. The sound of more laboured breathing filled the room.

Seifer froze in the doorway for several minutes in shock and horror. What the hell happened to the pretty brunette?

Being alone hadn’t done Squall a lot of good now had it?

Slowly h walked up to the bed, watching the figure, he realized as he got closer that the brunette was shaking. He knelt down beside the bed, waiting. It took Squall a few moments to realize he was there.

Blue/grey eyes narrowed in confusion. “S-Seifer?” His voice was hoarse from all the coughing but light from sudden happiness.

“Hey baby.”

“You came.” He reached out a hand to touch Seifer’s face. “You look so young.”

“Yeah- well- funny story.” He smiled a humourless smile.

“I waited for you but you didn’t come back.”

Seifer raised a hand to stroke the still soft hair of the beautiful man. “I’m sorry. I’ll change it, don’t worry.”

“We-” He stopped for another coughing fit, he coughed up more blood into his hand.

The blonde the pulled the blankets up higher around the shoulders of the trembling figure.

“We can be together soon.” Squall gripped Seifer’s hand.

“Yeah we can.” He knew that Squall thought he was dead and he wasn’t about to tell him otherwise. He didn’t want his lover to be afraid to die. And only way he was right they would be together soon because he was going to go back and make sure this didn’t happen.



“Can you stay with me? Just until- I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

“Of course.” He moved up into the small cramped bed and pulled his lover into his arms. The weaker man turned to get closer to the larger blonde.



“I love you.”

The blonde sighed and kissed the top on the brunette’s head.

“I love you too, always.”

They stayed that way with Seifer rubbing Squall’s back and talking to him about anything and everything, the brunette’s head tucked under his chin. Until the brunette stilled against him.



He shook the older man. “Squall?”

The blonde removed himself from Squall’s side and felt around for a pulse. He pulled the blankets up higher around the body of his lover and tucked him in. A part of him didn’t want to leave but he had to go back and look after Squall so this didn’t happen again. He stared at face of the brunette as he faded away and time compression took him home.

Something sharp prodded him in the side.

“Wake up!”

He twitched and tried to slap the offensive object away.

“Yo man I think he’s dead.”

“Zell he can’t be dead he just moved.”

Oh great the chickie and the cowboy what a pair to wake up to.

“Seifer?” Someone whispered his name, warm breath fell on his cheek and hair tickled his face.

Green eyes met grey/blue.

“Squall?” He whispered.

He was graced a rare Squall smile. “Glad you’re alive.”

“I’m gad you’re alive.”

He frowned in confusion at the way Seifer was looking at him but he moved out the way as Irvine helped the ex-knight to his feet.

Squall helped the unsteady blonde walk home to garden.

Seifer vowed to himself that he would save his brunette this time.

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