All I Want...

By Sukunami


A cup of cooled coffee in one hand and a mission report in the other, I spend my morning like every other morning in the past five years.  I've already been scolded by Quistis for not having a 'real breakfast', which was quickly followed by Zell showing me his version of a man's breakfast - several greasy sausages sandwiched between pieces of toast.  But thankfully they have already left to take care of their classes.  Selphie and Irvine haven't stumbled into the cafeteria yet, the twosome probably getting well deserved sleep after finishing up a difficult mission yesterday.  According to Xu, their team didn't even walk through the front gates until well after midnight, so it's no surprise for them to be absent.

Which leaves one last annoyance of the morning...

The table shifts a little when someone sits heavily in the chair across from me and a mug is set onto the tabletop.  The papers in my hand are then stolen from my grasp, nearly giving me a few paper cuts.  I pretend to not care about my work being disturbed.  Instead I set down my now empty cup and pick up the fresh mug of steaming coffee before I look up at the large blond.

Frowning at the papers in his hand, Seifer says, "Why can't you be a normal person and read the comics in the morning?  Nobody should be able to read this kind of shit so early in the day."

I say nothing in reply, deciding that a sip of the black coffee would be a better use of my time.

Seifer drops the papers in front of me.  "What a piece of bullshit report, anyway.  Who typed it up?"


He scoffs.  "I should've guessed.  For every word needed, she writes five extra sentences with those pointlessly long words that she loves."

"She's detailed," I mutter over the rim of my cup.

"We just need numbers - people dead and alive, weapons lost and retrieved.  Add in a note about the success or failure of the mission and that's all I give a fuck about."

Knowing that it was a lost battle, I don't bother to correct his point of view.  Seifer never did enjoy analyzing a situation, the man wanting fast action with little energy wasted on thought.  While such spontaneity makes me cringe on occasion, it also makes the blond an excellent Commander and a necessary counterbalance to my tendency to overanalyze a single mission.

Though I still remember when everyone thought I was insane to promote Seifer to the high-ranking position directly after he earned his SeeD status.  Quistis and Seifer himself were the loudest voices to that particular argument, but in the three years since then, he has never made me truly regret that decision.  And unsurprisingly, Seifer has also earned the respect of the SeeDs under his command, especially among the younger soldiers.  The only person who still complains about him being Commander is Seifer himself, the blond never tiring with his accusations that I promoted him to a position where I could work him the hardest.  Of course, I have never denied those claims.

"So... Can you believe that Christmas is in a week?"

I nearly laugh at his attempt of subtly.  "Is that so."

"Yep.  Just seven days until Christmas...  Six days until Christmas Eve..."

I sigh, deciding to end my misery.  "Just tell me what you want for your birthday, Seifer."

Though he attempts to look offended, he gives up and smiles broadly.  "Decisions, decisions... What do I want from my little ice princess...  I know - how about you in a really nice dress?"

It takes all my willpower to blandly stare at the smirking man, as if the request didn't bother me as much as it did.  Meanwhile, in my imagination, I had already kicked the bastard once in the balls and was currently using his face as a punching bag.

"Come on, Squally-boy.  I bet you would look incredible."

My eye twitches at the comment.

"Okay, okay.  It was just a thought," Seifer says with a smirk, which tells me that he still would love to see me dress up for him, but for now he is happy enough to simply piss me off.  "Then how about a tattoo on your ass that says, 'No Trespassing'?"


The blond snickers, obviously succeeding at amusing himself.  "So no tattoo and no dress...  How about you being the mother to my first born child?"

Scoffing, I stand up sharply from my chair with the intention to leave, but Seifer latches onto my arm.

"Damn, lighten up, Shiva.  Listen, all I need is you and a relaxing weekend at our apartment.  Maybe you can cook me something for once, or order a really big cake, or do whatever the hell you want.  Just as long as it lasts the entire weekend.  Sound good?"

Staring down into lustful green eyes, I nod once before pulling my arm from his grasp.  After picking up the mission report, I tell him, "The debriefing for Team C was pushed back to this afternoon.  I'll see you then."

Seifer frowns a little at my formal tone, but huffs out an 'all right'.

I leave the cafeteria at a faster pace than necessary, which I know that the observant man must have noticed, but I can't help myself.  I have to escape Seifer and his sharp green eyes to collect myself.  The elevator ride to my office never felt so long, and the moment I step into the large room, I lock the doors to ensure myself at least a short time of privacy.  After dropping the forgotten mission report onto my desk, I step over to the large windows and press my forehead against the cold glass as I view down upon the snowy landscape.

I feel like a fool.

It has been a month short of a year since we have been together, and before that, Seifer never showed interest in men whatsoever.  No, he was too busy using his irresistible charm to trick numerous lovely women into his bed.  Then one day shortly after last New Years, he pulled me aside and asked what it was like having sex with a man.  Given it was Seifer, I wasn't offended by the blunt question, and by then it was no secret where my preferences lied.  Rinoa was the last woman I was with, and when I couldn't make it work with her, a person I sincerely loved and still love, I had my first clue that I was looking in the wrong place for someone who could satisfy me.

I beat my forehead against cold glass, wishing that I could stop painful thoughts from forming, but they were already there - Seifer wanted a woman, not me.  That fucking request for a dress, for me to cook him something, and for...  for children.  I think that was the final clue I needed to hear.  For him to think of it, even in a joking manner, it implies that he does want to continue his bloodline in the future.  And when that urge takes him over, that will be when he'll leave me.

Stepping back from the window, I smile tightly at how much pain that single thought causes me.  It's ridiculous, but I actually feel happy with this man who used to irritate the shit out of me.  I want him, and I need him in my life.  I don't want to go back to what I was...

After a deep breath to calm myself and close off my expression, I sit at my desk and turn on the vid phone with the press of a speed dial button.  It takes only two rings before the screen changes to show the face of a young woman who was smiling broadly.

"Squall!  What a surprise to hear from you," Rinoa says with a wink, implying the truth that I rarely make social calls.

"Hey, Rin.  I have a favor to ask..."

"No problem, love.  I'm always happy to help you out.  But I have to ask - what happened to your forehead?  It's kind of... well, very red."  She pouts before saying, "Don't tell me you were sleeping at your desk again.  I thought Seify broke you of that habit."

"... ..."


Clutching onto my duffle bag tighter than necessary, I walk up a second flight of stairs with extremely heavy steps.  I don't care that the neighbors are probably going to complain.  In fact, let them.  I need an excuse to strangle the life out of someone who I wouldn't later regret killing.

I can't believe Squall had the nerve to pull rank on me and send me out on a fucking mission that any SeeD worth his uniform could have handled.  Three days I've been stuck out in the desert, and I know that he did it because he has some bug up his butt.  It's been nearly six months since the last time he pulled this stunt to avoid me, but I know his tricks, and I'm not happy that he dared to do this to me after all of our time together.

Muttering random curses, I make it to our third floor apartment that we got for Squall's last birthday.  A temporary getaway, as it were, since the Headmaster and Commander of SeeDs can't afford to live outside of Garden for longer than a weekend or two a month.  Even so, we're only about fifteen minutes driving distance from the mobile base.  A-ah, the shitty responsibilities which come with power.  And to think I wanted this type of rank when I was younger.  What the hell was I thinking?

Just after placing a key into the lock, I pause at the sudden sound of a smoke alarm.  I blink in momentary thought before my lips slide into an amused smile.  I quickly unlock the door and open it wide to be assaulted with the full scent of burnt food.  After dropping my duffle bag to the side and quietly closing the front door, I step through the main room and lean against the kitchen counter to watch Squall jump up and down while he tries to fan away faint smoke from the detector.  Finally the thing quiets, and after a few more waves of a potholder, Squall settles with an exhale of air that causes his long bangs to sway.  He then adjusts his robe and rakes his finger back through the messed dark hair.

"I think I want a trampoline for Christmas, now."

Squall spins sharply at the sound of my voice, his gorgeous blue-gray eyes wide in shock.  "Seifer..."

I smirk at his surprise.  It's so rare to catch this lion off guard.  "Hey, lovely.  Miss me?"

He frowns slightly while avoiding my eyes.  "You're early," he mumbles.

"Sorry, I didn't realize that you were the surprise party type of guy.  Though couldn't you think of something better to keep me distracted than sending me to a fucking desert?"

Squall doesn't reply, his eyes still focused on some invisible spot on the counter.  Poor guy, he hates it when he's proven unskilled at something.  The high-ranking SeeD can kill a Behemoth single-handedly and design a strategy to win an impossible victory, but give him a spatula and he'll sooner kill you with it than cook something editable.  It's not his fault, though.  With cafeteria food and the restaurants in Balamb, Squall never had the motivation to learn how to cook.  I, on the other hand, had women to seduce.  It's amazing how the simple phrase of, 'let me cook you dinner one night,' can make a woman more amiable towards sex.  A very well made dinner makes it practically a done deal.

Still smirking with amusement, I walk around the counter to enter the kitchen area.  "Let's see what you've been up to, hmm?"  Opening up the oven, it takes all of my willpower to not laugh out loud.  Unfortunately, a snicker still escapes me.  "Squally-boy, Squally-boy.  I haven't a clue how you managed this, but you don't put frosting on a cake before you bake it."

A very lovely blush creeps into his cheeks.  "Well, I had no clue.  The directions on the box got all smudged."

I shake my head, and after a final glance at the ruined cake with the child-like letterings of 'Happy Birthday, Seifer', I close the oven and turn to my hopeless princess.  I open my mouth to tease him, but I'm quickly distracted by something I hadn't noticed when I was further away from him.  I reach out a hand to cup his chin and angle him better into the light.

"Uh, Squall, is that... glitter on your face?"

He pulls away sharply as his blush deepens.  "Rinoa went overboard and I couldn't wash it off."

"Wait a minute, how did she even manage to get body glitter within a mile of you?"

Obviously nervous, the brunet bites his lower lip in hesitation, but after a moment of thought, he closes eyes and takes a deep breath.  Upon reopening, the blue-gray eyes are stony with resolution and the blush faded into nothing.  He takes a single step back as his hands go to the belt of his robe.  With smooth motions, long fingers loosen the belt and the robe is quickly shrugged off his shoulders to slide down his body and drop to the floor.

Of course, I don't actually follow the robe that far.  Instead my eyes are fixed on the unimaginable sight in front of me.  The sleeveless dress is a blue-gray color slightly darker than his eyes, but still an amazing match to the stormy color.  The somewhat shiny material looks soft to the touch, but I can't bring myself to move just yet.  Instead, I follow the lines of his body, very impressed with the way the simple dress fits in all the right areas.  And I nearly groan at the sight of the slit which beautifully displays a thigh bearing a dark blue garter.

"It's what you wanted, right?"

My head snaps up at the voice and I gaze into guarded eyes.  Somehow I find my voice.  "More than I wanted, lovely.  Hell, it's more than I ever imagined."

Squall frowns slightly, some of his uncertainty showing through his mask.  That finally breaks my immobility, and I step up close to the man to wrap my arms around his slim waist.

"Mmm, nice material," I mumble out before I lean down to steal a kiss.  He doesn't respond immediately, but soon enough he decides forget whatever is bothering him and allow me deeper access.  Meanwhile, my hand glides easily along the soft material of his dress and I grab his ass cheek hard, earning me a small whimper of shock.  Pulling back from the kiss, I say, "This certainly has some bonuses over those leather pants."

Saying nothing, Squall only wraps his arms around me and presses his forehead against my shoulder.

I rub a hand along his bare arms, marveling at the sight of blue and white glitter on the pale skin.  "Damn, did Rinoa tie you down to do this, or did she cast a Sleep spell on you?"

"... ..."

I sigh, already annoyed with him trying to ruin my birthday present.  "What's wrong, Squall?  You know that you didn't have to do this.  Especially if it's bothering you this much."

"... If you want a woman, why are you bothering with me?"

"What?"  I push him away enough to glare into the stormy eyes.  "Where the hell is this coming from?"

Squall glares right back at me.  "I'm wearing a fucking dress by your request and you have the nerve to ask that?"

I blink, suddenly seeing what direction he was coming from.  "Hn, I never even thought about it like that.  It's just that you're gorgeous and most of the clothing you wear hides your softer lines, and..."

"And...?" he prompts, obviously not happy with my explanation thus far.

After a deep breath, I admit, "You kind of scare me."

The man's tense stance relaxes as his eyes widen in surprise.  "I scare you...?"

"It's not like I want to run away screaming at the sight of you, but some of the time... a lot of the time, you're just so fucking untouchable.  You're always the respected Headmaster, or the badass SeeD soldier, or the freaking Hero of Humanity.  But like this..."  I reach out and rake my fingers back through his thick hair.  "Like this, you are mine."

Squall shivers at my voice, his eyes fluttering close for a brief moment before he meets my gaze once more.  "What about your comment about children?"

"It's called a joke, Shiva."  I smirk.  "In any case, I think we have enough kids to take care of in Garden.  And even if I did want children of my own, I've always imagined myself adopting.  There are too many kids out there who think they are unwanted."

Finally the shields drop completely from the stormy eyes and he smiles softly.  "Do you have an answer for everything?"

"Yes."  And I kiss him soundly, drawing him in close by grabbing onto that tight ass I adore.  After a moment to enjoy the deep kiss which Squall participates in fully for the first time today, I carefully nudge the brunet in the direction of the bedroom.  Perhaps misreading my intention, Squall nudges right back with his exposed thigh rubbing up against my crotch.  I break the kiss with a groan, and stare down into pale blue.  In a husky voice, I say, "I'm trying to move this to the bedroom."

"I know," he replies, "but you haven't showered and I don't want you ruining our new sheets."

"New sheets?"

Pale lips form a rare sly smile.  "Those silk sheets you wanted.  Consider it an early Christmas present."

A pleased hum escapes me as I stroke his silky dress, imagining the same feel while wrapped around him in bed.  "But princess, I plan on ruining those sheets anyway."

"Not with your stink," he says before kissing lightly along my neck, a soft hum sounding to tell me what he truly thinks about how I smell.

"Then I guess we're stuck here," I mumble into dark hair as I run my hands up along the smooth fabric and find the zipper at his back.  But I don't undo it immediately, and instead wait for Squall's predictable reaction of a growl and a sharp bite to my neck, his sign for me to get on with this.  Smirking I obey his wordless command and slowly draw down the small zipper.  Once it hits the base, I slip my hands into the opening and stroke the bare flesh of his back.

Squall sighs at the massaging pressure of my hands and then takes a step back.  With an interesting look to his eyes, he cocks his head with the clear invitation for me to remove the dress completely.  I would never refuse such an offer.  The sleeveless dress slips easily over his shoulders and it drops smoothly to the floor to join the forgotten robe.  But again, my eyes are unable to follow the fall of the fabric as I focus on a new addition to pale skin.

"It's not exactly what you requested, but I thought this would be more... tactful."

Hesitantly I reach out to touch the image etched into the skin above his heart - a dark red tattoo of my cross sword symbol.  "Are... you sure?"

He takes a hold of my hand and presses it tight against the tattoo.  The only reply I need.

Stealing another kiss, I wrap my free arm tight around his bare waist and awkwardly pull him to the other end of the kitchen.  Squall stumbles once from the entanglement of the dress around his feet, but otherwise doesn't resist my movements.  When his legs bump against the table, he breaks the kiss to look at me with a partly disapproving glare.

"What?  You know that it can handle your weight," I say with a smirk.

He sighs.  "Fine, but you're cleaning it tomorrow.  Thoroughly."

I chuckle, but don't comment on the more likely event of him scrubbing it down the moment after he wakes up in the morning.  I help him find a comfortable position on the table before I step back to quickly rid myself of interfering clothes.  While kicking off my pants, I hop over to the drawers to grab a hidden tube of lubricant.  It's then I notice something else lying next to the stove and grab that tube, as well.

Returning to Squall, I set the lube temporarily on the table and briefly show him what's in my hand before I get to work.  In short time, the words 'Happy B-day, Seifer' are written in pale blue frosting along Squall's flat stomach.

He frowns at the relatively elegant lettering.  "How the hell can you write that well with frosting, but all of your reports look like a chocobo wrote it?"

"Come on, Squally-boy.  You should know by now that I do everything possible to annoy you."

He huffs out his agreement with the statement as he leans back to give me better access.

I place a good amount of lube on my fingers and then prepare his tight opening, myself humming out the 'happy birthday' song with the same rhythm of my strokes deep within him.  Around the second or third time of humming out that ever annoying tune, I bend down over Squall's strained erection.

"... Happy Birthday, dear incredibly handsome and charming Seifer.  Happy Birthday to me."  And with that, I blow cool air over the stiff cock, causing the brunet to gasp out loud.

"Shit, Seifer!   Would you just fuck me already?"

I laugh at his blissful misery, but I don't dare deny him at this stage.  I did that once...  Just one time early on in our relationship when I thought it would fun to keep him from release as long as I could.  What a horrible decision on my part.  For the rest of the week, I suffered from a massive case of blue balls, Squall purposefully arousing me with every chance he got.  And fuck, he certainly is the master at getting my dick to salute him whenever he wants.

Placing a hand at his hip, I rake fingernails down his thigh, and then momentarily toy with the garter before moving my hand lower to bend his leg forward.  With practiced precision, I easily force my cock deep into the readied opening.  I have to pause there, always initially stunned by the tight heat of the icy man.  Dazedly I stare down into stormy eyes moistened with pained tears from the first penetration.

With a smile, I scoop some of the frosting from his stomach and place the sugar coated fingers at his lips.  Accepting the offer, he deftly sucks and tongues my fingers in a way that makes me groan.  Carefully I begin my thrusts into the lithe body, every motion causing Squall to gnaw lightly at my fingers, but I can't keep my pace that slow and measured for long.  Pulling back my arm, I then grab onto the edge of the table to brace myself as I thrust hard into the brunet.  A long, quiet cry escapes Squall, then followed by a whimpering breath as he grasps onto the head of the table and helps me to increase the pace and strength of our movements.

It's beautiful to see him like this - open, free, and entirely out of breath.  I wish sometimes that I could just tie him to the bed and fuck him all day long so that he never had to maintain that icy persona of his, but then I wouldn't have my fun harassing him to the point of making him lose his cool.  Talk about losing half of my daily entertainment.

Smirking, I stare down at that blood red branding on his chest and savor in that claim over his frozen heart.  My eyes locked onto that sight, I slam hard into the willing body, wanting to feel more of him and needing to somehow be even closer to him.  But abruptly the tension within me breaks, leaving my breaths short and my energy spent.

Briefly resting, I move my arm so that I can more comfortably lean over Squall.  His eyes half-opened and glazed, he simply stares up at me.  His exhausted expression too adorable to rest, I smile and bend down to steal a kiss, but we're both too tired to manage anything more taxing than a shaky press of lips.

"Thank you for my presents," I say hardly louder than a whisper.

He hums out something resembling 'welcome'.

"Time for bed," I sigh out while removing myself from his comforting heat.

Squall groans at the move, and then grumbles, "No bed.  Shower first."

"Trust me, lovely, those sheets won't stay clean for long."

With a surprisingly fast move, he leans up onto an elbow and manages to grab onto my ear with his free hand.  "Unless you want to sleep on the floor, take a fucking shower."

While the pinching hold is fairly painful, I hide that ache behind a broad smirk.  "A 'fucking' shower is it?  That I can agree to."

Squall scoffs, and then uses my poor ear as a support while he moves off of the table.  I quickly wrap an arm tight around his waist before he has the chance to rip off my ear, and only then do I remember the sticky mess on his stomach.  I curse at the feel of frosting and cum, that making Squall smile knowingly before he turns out of my hold and heads to the bathroom.

Soon enough we're under the warm flow of water from dual shower heads, and I steal the chance to simply hold the man while we recover from the always intense sex between us.  Squall ignores my moment of clinginess as he soaps up his body, but he eventually gives up his attempt to be productive in the shower.  Sighing out his annoyance, he leans back against me.

Grinning, I kiss lightly at the back of his ear.  "I really do love you, you know."


"This has been my best birthday that I can remember."


"But, you know, it could be even better."

Squall scoffs.  "Next year, I'm going to make certain that you're stuck in the desert until after Christmas.  You'll end up killing me otherwise."

I chuckle lightly and rub a hand down to his thigh.  "Ah, but you're still a young man.  You can take anything I shove up your ass."

With an ever suffering sigh, he says, "Seifer, promise me that you'll never test that theory."

I grin while squeezing his ass.  "Can I ask for my Christmas presents now?"




Author's Whining --  Happy Birthday, Miss Dincht (Dec 27th)!  I hope you're happy with this little PWP.  As for the rest of you, this one-shot came about when Miss D mentioned her upcoming birthday and I asked what she might want.  I should've known better - she started suggesting things and promptly changed her mind with every line. =P  And so I somewhat combined several of her ideas - a Seifer birthday fic, cross-dressing Squall, pure smut, a cooking scene, and a one-shot mpreg (which was only jokingly mentioned in this fic, aka doesn't happen, but I'll let her pretend that it does).  Anyway, it was fun to write a completely random one-shot.  I don't think I've done that since February or March (Life Series side stories not included).  Hope you enjoyed, and Happy Holidays to everyone!

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