Author's Note: Now, I know this will be confusing. This fic/filk, "Alleluia," has nothing to do with my other fic "Hallelujah." I derived these "Alleluia" lyrics from Dar Williams.

WARNING: There are allusions to a yaoi (homosexual male) relationship. If you don't like that, then don't read this!


By okanechan

Zell and Selphie and got the house but Irv and Selphie rule
I died eight years ago; I'm still a legend at the Garden
I stole Ragnarok and I wrapped it 'round a tree
But that's OK 'cause no one's gonna make the next century
I'm up in heaven now they say I'm here to stay
Where the clouds are really puffy and the angels sing every day

The cafeteria's got everything, it's gonna drive me mad
'Cause it looks just like a big and fancy party that Rinoa had
It's like the worst B-movie I've ever seen
Technicolor luau all in technicolor green
There's camping trips chocobo rides and singing round the fire
And they signed me up for fighting
But they won't give me Lionheart

But there he was this morning getting fitted for his wings
Leather boots, long grey trenchcoat and saying nasty things
I'd say he was an angel but it's stupid and it's obvious
I said, "You'll hate it here 'cause we're the only ones like us.
It's all sorceress mania, it's Deling-town deliria."

"Yeah," he said, "you're right, and I hate the cafeteria..."

Hey Hyne, we're the bad kids, we're so nasty, mean and vile
Hyne looks like Headmaster Cid, Hyne's got that smile
Hyne says, "How could this be? That's really odd.
I guess I'll have to check my records, silly me, you know, I'm only Hyne!"

The weather's perfect and the sun will always shine
But there's got to be more to death than fighting all the time
I know the signs of self-destruction so I try to stop each new kid
Don't be like me, forever young, forever stupid
Yeah, I found love here, but I could have found him there
Where they don't always make the same joke,
"Gee, you make a heavenly pair."

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