Author's Notes: I'm sure this has been done before, but now it's in my own words. :) I guess it's like what I wanted to happen while I was reading this kind of thing. Okay... so tell me what you think. This is my first One-Shot, so give me some credit. ^_^ On a side note, this was inspired by the song; "I Love You" by Sarah McLachlan. A very good singer might I add. And her music is great for inspiration.

//This would be a flashback.// Don't worry, there's just one, so it's not too confusing. ^_^

A Knight's Eternal Slumber

By Redrum

Weeping! For the first time in years, Squall Leonhart was crying. Even the sky shared in his pain. He felt so alone in his grief, so isolated from everyone around him. He felt like he was the only one who truly grieved for the departed soul, that was now resting in a casket in front of him. Everyone around him had a mask of sorrow. But that's all it was, a mask. Every now and then, he would see Zell fidget and look like he just wanted to go home. Quistis adjusts her glasses like she didn't want to watch the few people pay their respect. Irvine and Selphie were still too engrossed in each other's company to realize what was going on around them. Fujin and Rajin looked like they were pained, but it still looked like they wanted to get home and continue on with their lives. And then there was Rinoa... She looked disgusted. The rain was melting her mascara and hair spray, she looked anything but sad.

After an hour, everyone felt they could return to their own blissful lives without looking too disrespectful. So Squall was left to kneel in front of the grave stone. Alone! The rain was now a steady downpour, but Squall welcomed it in his sorrow. Tears still blurred his vision as he remembered what was lost to the G.F's so many years ago.

//"Squall! Squall! Where are you?" The little brunette shivered, as a rather large thunder clap boomed overhead. Huddling into himself to stay warm, he didn't acknowledge the newcomers voice.

A little boy just one year older then himself, kneeled in front of him, slightly out of breath. Lightning flashed in the distance, lighting up the boy's face. Even at such a young age, the boy's physique promised muscles that would be the envy of many men, a round face that would soon turn angular with age, a smirk that already proved to be a signature gesture, and piercing jade-green eyes that bore into his own grey-blue. The blonde's eyes showed nothing but concern as the brunette shivered from the cold, and his lips turned a light blue. Wrapping his arms around the smaller boy, he pulled him close to his small chest. Rocking back and forth to comfort the brunette, he whispered a promise that would never be forgotten, "I'll always be your knight."//

"Oh God..." Squall shuddered, he couldn't believe that he had forgotten that. Maybe if he had remembered... it would have changed everything. He wouldn't have turned out so anti-social, he would never have a reason to cry.. and his ex-rival wouldn't be in that casket. The whole war would never have started. He was so stupid! Squall shook his head, ridding himself of useless thoughts. It was in the past, and it wasn't his fault that he had forgotten. But... if only.... "Seifer..." Squall bowed his head, placing his lips on the cold granite, then turned to go. Leaving behind his tears, his heart, and his knight.

As he was leaving, a warm breeze caressed his face and a whispered confession came from behind him, "I was always your knight, and I will be for eternity."

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