A Heart Split in Two

Part 9

By Domino

September 1st,

I can’t believe what’s happened! The group’s planned a special ceremony for me and Irvine tomorrow! It’s nothing fancy, but I know it’ll be perfect because of our love for each other. Rinoa’s doing fine. She’s been dating Zell, so I’m only gonna wish the best for her. Selphie’s offered to write my “vows” and Quistis is arranging the quads for our private use. I can’t describe how excited I am. I’ve got to get some sleep now. I have a big day ahead of me!

September 2nd,

I’m so nervous..... I haven’t seen Irvine all morning. I wonder what he’s.....

“Hey Squall! You’re still writing in that thing?!” A high-spirited Selphie shouts as she enters Squall’s dorm. “I’m sorry Selphie.... I guess I lost track of time.” Squall gets up from his bed and straightens out his SeeD uniform, making sure it is wrinkle-free. He then closes the journal and places it on his desk. “Wow.... I can’t get over how good you look in that thing!” She winks while she reaches over to his end table to grab a “But you gotta do something about that hair!!”

“Ouch!! Selphie, stop it! My hair’s fine!” Squall cringes. She yanks and pulls on his soft brown locks. Their owner shrieks to himself. Finally, someone runs in and unknowingly rescues Squall from the pain of getting his hair combed. “Yo, guys! Everyone’s at the quad! You’re gonna be late!” Zell shouts. He is decked out in his SeeD uniform just like the spunky impromptu hairdresser. The three Seeds run out of the dorm and manage to find the quads just in time to take their assigned seats.

The Quads are decorated with simple flower arrangements, tables packed with the cafeteria specialties, and, of course, a cake. The oceanic view combined with a warm breeze and a bright sun makes for a picturesque day. Squall anxiously stands at the makeshift altar with the former headmaster Cid standing behind the pulpit with a book in hand. Quistis stands next to her best student with a air of pride about her. She smiles and corrects her glasses as she looks at the small party in attendance. Rinoa sits next to Zell dressed in an elegant powder blue dress. They hold hands and playfully flirt with each other. Selphie giggles from behind, and Nida sits quietly beside her, occasionally trying to keep her under control. Laguna and company talk amongst themselves in the back row. Xu arranges her piano music and plays softly. All the chatter ceases when Edea, dressed in a lovely ivory gown, walks down the aisle with an exceptionally handsome escort.

Squall turns around and as soon as his eyes fall on Edea’s escort, his jaw almost drops to the ground. Irvine Kinneas, dressed in a black pants, coat and tails, vest, white dress shirt, and a black tie with a single diamond in the center, bends his arm to allow Edea to hold on to it. His cowboy hat somehow ruins and perfects the outfit at the same time. Irvine flashes his infamous smile as he and Edea reach the end of the aisle. The two young men face each other and join hands. Squall leans over and whispers into Irvine’s ear. “You look.... amazing......”

“So do you... I’ve never seen you in your SeeD uniform.... Wow...” Both of them chuckle to themselves and blush when they discover that the others are watching their every move. Headmaster Cid has Xu silence her piano playing and then he begins the ceremony.

“Ahem...... I’ve never done this before so please, bear with me....” Cid opens the small book and begins to read out of it. “We are gathered here on this joyous day to unite these two young people together as life partners. If anyone objects to this union, speak now.....” The group looks around. No one responds. Cid takes a big sigh of relief. “Good. Then, shall we proceed?” Cid has Squall and Irvine take out their vows to each other. Squall begins to sweat as he searches feverishly through his pockets. “Where are they....? This is so embarrassing...!!” His face turns beet-red while he continues his search for the elusive vows. “I know Selphie slipped them in here...!!! Ahh.... Finally!” A very relieved Squall reaches into his right jacket pocket and pulls out a small sheet of paper. His nerves of steel turn into jelly as he unfolds the note. He then clears his throat and begins to read off the paper.


I didn’t want to believe it at first, but when I first laid my eyes on you, I fell in love. You’re so vibrant, so full of life..... We’ve been through so much together and our love has not waned. I would be honored to if you shared my life, and let our love grow until the end of time.”

Squall smiles and folds the paper back up. He shoves it into his pocket, waiting for Irvine’s response. “Before I begin I’d like to thank Rinoa for writing these out for me.” He tips his cowboy hat in a gesture of respect and reaches into his inner coat pocket. Squall stares in shock as his lover unfolds the vows and begins to read his side....


I never thought in my life I’d be bonded to someone at such a young age, but that doesn’t matter. You’ve made me whole again. When you comforted me up in the clock tower, you ignored your cold exterior just so you could get through to me. I think that’s when I realized I was in love with you. Squall, I will love and cherish you. And I promise to let nothing come between us.”

As Irvine folds up his vows, a single sun-drenched tear escapes from Squall’s eye. He smiles and wipes it away. Cid continues with the ceremony. “Selphie, may I have the tokens of their bond, please?” The energetic SeeD reaches underneath her seat and pulls out two small boxes. She shuffles quickly over to the altar and gives one box to each of the young lovers. Squall opens his box first and pulls out his prized necklace: the Griever. He gives the box back to Selphie as she begins to pull back.

“Now, repeat after me Squall,” Cid instructs. “I, Squall Leonhart....”

“I, Squall Leonhart.....”

“Take this man....”

“To be my partner for life...”

“I will honor and cherish him.....”

“Until the stream of time comes to an end....”

Squall takes Griever and clasps the metal rope behind Irvine’s neck. He gently allows the lion-shaped charm fall silently onto Irvine’s suit. The charm shines softly in the sunlight as Irvine opens his box, revealing his ruby-studded bolo necklace. He repeats the same vows as Squall had before and gingerly places the jeweled ornament around Squall’s neck. Once again they join hands and face Mr. Kramer. “These two souls are now united as one.. You may seal your pact with a kiss....” Squall blushes as he turns to Irvine. “(I’m sorry...... I’m a bit.....)”

“(Don’t worry about it. I’m kinda nervous too....)”

“(I’ve never......... kissed you in front of everyone...)”

“(There’s always the first time Squall......)”

A smirk graces Squall’s face as he gently cups Irvine’s cheeks in his hands. Their hearts beat in unison. The air between them warms up with their intertwined breath. Squall then licks his lips and presses them against his lover’s. For some reason this particular kiss is much sweeter than before. The kiss symbolically bonds them as one body and one soul. Their friends stand up and cheer them on. After the ceremony Xu plays some pre-recorded music at the short reception. Squall takes Irvine’s hand and uses it to grab a knife. Together they cut a slice of the cake. The young SeeD picks up a small piece of the spirited confection and impishly feeds it to his new mate. Pretty soon Irvine’s face is covered in a mixture of icing and rum-spiked pineapple filling. After a few hours of food and dancing, the group presents the gifts to the new couple. Out of the many offerings the final one is the one that catches them both off guard. Laguna hands Squall a medium sized envelope.

“All of us donated a little bit to pay for this. I hope you guys like it....”

With a confounded look, Squall opens the envelope and finds a key along with a hand-written note that reads

Confirmed reservations for one week at the penthouse suite in the names of Squall Leonhart and Irvine Kinneas. Congratulations and enjoy your stay with us!

- The Staff at the Balamb Hotel

A blushing Irvine gasps silently as Squall’s eyes widen with disbelief. They begin to water with joy..... “Laguna,” he starts, “you have no idea how much this means to us. Thank you so much guys.....” He throws his arms around Laguna and then embraces his lover. Squall stuffs the letter and the key back into the envelope and begin to head out of the quads. The group waves as the happy couple disappears into the halls of Balamb Garden.....

Later that evening......

“The sunset is gorgeous!” The newly-hitched Squall shuffles his bare feet through the cool, wet sands while strolling down the foamy seashores of Balamb alongside his mate. Both of the young lovers watch hand-in-hand as the sun dips below the horizon and herds of stars encrust the heavens. Pretty soon Squall and Irvine decide to turn in for the night. They return to the posh Balamb hotel penthouse suite. Squall stands on the balcony and deeply breathes in the fresh sea air while Irvine sneaks off to the bathroom. The sniper gradually undresses himself in front of the huge bathroom mirror. A beam of light reflecting from the Griever catches his eye. It is now a constant reminder of his vows to Squall. He admires the exquisite craftsmanship of the chained lion and gives it a soft kiss. “I love you Squall....”

Irvine slips himself into the shower and turns the knob. A hot stream of water splashes his muscled frame as it adjusts to the heat. Steam fogs up the bathroom, clouding Irvine’s vision and hindering his ability to find the soap. Finally he finds a bottle and pumps out a small amount of shampoo into his palm. He works the syrupy wash into his hair. His eyes are closed and are impervious to a shadow that has creeped into the bathroom. A hand reaches for the massaging shower head and grabs it without Irvine knowing. Suddenly, the head sprays Irvine in the face and rinses the soap from his tresses. The next thing he knows he is drawn back by a strong arm wrapped around his waist. A soft, masculine voice whispers to him, “I love you Irvine.....” The shower head makes its way up and down Irvine’s slick flesh, massaging and relaxing his muscles with every spray of water. The stream makes its way past his chest and shoulders, and soon delivers a flood of bath water onto his most delicate skin. He moans when his manhood is grasped by a warm hand from behind. The voice once again whispers to him, “I used to do this to please myself when I thought about you.... Now I want you to experience the pleasure that I’ve experienced.....” By this time Irvine has figured out who has been toying with his body. “Do it Squall,” he whispers back. “Pleasure me.....”

Squall turns Irvine around and kisses his wet mouth. “Oh, gods,” Irvine remarks, “your clothes are....!” Squall’s T-shirt clings to his slender frame, detailing his exquisite muscular form. Beads of water drip from his hair, and his leather pants are obviously ruined. “I couldn’t wait to take you. You look so good when you’re wet like this....” Squall runs the shower stream directly into Irvine’s crotch, stimulating the muscles inside. Leonhart’s hand pumps his lover’s shaft while spraying it with water. The friction and heat gets Irvine off and causes him to breathe heavily. He claws the slippery wall tiles. An orgasm is about to break when Squall turns off the water and lets go of Irvine’s manhood.

“Squall.... Don’t stop!!!” Irvine cries out. Leonhart puts the limp shower head back onto its holder and steps out of the bathtub. Irvine makes a desperate reach and yanks Squall back by his forearm. “You’re so cold.... Don’t do this.....” he whispers as he begins to toy with himself. All of Irvine’s thoughts are concentrated on his climax, something which Squall has yet to fulfill this night. Squall turns around and places his hands on his lover’s shoulders. “Come with me....,” he purrs. Soon Squall is laying down on the luxurious bed with Irvine between his legs. Kinneas takes his time and unzips his lover’s drenched leather pants. He reaches inside and pulls out the hot organ. With a soft but firm grip he slides it into his mouth.

Irvine’s tongue works around the head as his thoughts shift to pleasing his mate. His lips and tongue twirl up and down the shaft, all while Squall moans. His manhood is at the mercy of Irvine’s expert movements. A jolt of ecstasy races down Squall’s body and forces him to buck his hips off the mattress. He screams and unloads his hot liquid into Irvine’s waiting mouth. Without hesitation Kinneas drinks the sticky sweet fluid and licks his lips. He then laps up the remaining seed from his mate’s cock and gently slides off. Irvine crawls up to Squall’s face and kisses him with the passion still fresh on his lips. “You’ve learned well......,” Leonhart whispers.

“I learned from the best. But I think you’ve forgotten something....”

“I haven’t forgotten about you, my love.....”

As they kiss, Squall rubs his hands around Irvine’s waist. He draws him up to where Irvine is straddling his hips. Squall then casts away his wet T-shirt and spreads his lover’s thighs apart. He takes a small jar off the bedside table and opens the lid. A puzzled look comes across Irvine’s face as Squall dips two fingers into the gel-like substance. “What’s that....?” the sniper asks innocently.

“You’ll see.....” Squall reaches between his own legs and caresses his tight entrance. He pushes his finger gently against it and allows his body to swallow it. Irvine stares at his lover’s wincing face as Squall fingers himself with the lubricant. Kinneas begins to play with himself again, slowly growing more lustful by the second. The SeeD then gets up and kisses Irvine, pulling him down on top of him. “Take me Irvine....”

Irvine guides his length to the now closed bud, and slowly pushes inside. Squall grabs the sheets, bracing this new mixture of pain and pleasure. They kiss as Irvine slides in even deeper. He has never done this to Squall before, but the intensity makes him enjoy it. At a rhythmic pace he thrusts in and out, growing closer to his desired orgasm. Squall chokes on his moans, trying to keep his cries of pleasure in check. Finally the older boy cannot take it anymore. Squall’s erection rubs against Irvine’s stomach faster than before, and within minutes he screams Irvine’s name and unloads his fluid onto his lover’s body. Irvine trembles when he sees the white essence and a powerful spasm engulfs his lower body. He thrusts one more time and releases his own seed inside Squall. The lovers gently kiss each other as Irvine slides out. He rests his sweat-dampened head on Squall’s chest and lets out a satisfying sigh. “That was incredible....... That was the....”

“Shhh...... Let’s get some sleep. We have the whole week ahead of us.....” Leonhart touches Irvine’s lips with his finger, silencing him. He then pulls up the sheets, covering them both. After breathing in the sea air, they drift off to sleep.

The next morning Squall takes out his journal and begins writing.

September 3rd,

I think I’m gonna like this “marriage.” Last night was indescribable. We’re gonna make the most of this relationship because I still have that weird feeling about losing him and everyone else. I shouldn’t be so negative, I know.... After we trash the Lunatic Pandora and defeat all the Sorceresses I’m permanently settling down with Irvine. I’m gonna quit SeeD and just live the rest of my life being happy with my true love, my little cowboy. We’ll find a quiet house maybe in Winhill or Balamb, and just live in peace. I have so many plans for the future, and I want them to include Irvine. For now I’ll sign off, and I won’t write in here again until I’ve fulfilled my dream! Until then, goodbye......


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