A Heart Split in Two

Part 7

By Domino

“Dammit! What’s wrong with this train?!” Zell shouts. “We need to get to Deling City!” A conductor walks by and calms him down. “Sir, it’ll be another hour at most. I apologize for the inconvenience.” The man walks off, but Zell is unsatisfied. “(Friggin’ piece of crap train....!),” Zell mutters. Rinoa opens the journal as Zell continues to curse under his breath.

July 12th,

My life’s going to hell. Rinoa’s unconscious, Irvine hates me, Ellone’s missing, and I can’t find the damn White SeeD ship!!! I’ve never felt so alone before. I want to hear Rinoa’s voice again. Irvine hasn’t spoken to me ever since Edea returned to normal. I miss his warm smile, his touch, his kiss. I wish I could make it up to him somehow, but perhaps it’s best for us to be apart for the time being......

“That’s enough from this entry....” Rinoa remarks. “Let’s skip to the next one.”

July 15th,

We’ve finally found the White SeeD ship. But Ellone was gone. She had jumped onto an Esthar ship during a sea battle between Esthar, Galbadia, and the SeeDs. Rinoa’s friends Zone and Watts helped us out with the SeeDs, but they were angry about her condition. I couldn’t blame them. I wanted her back as much as they did. I knew what I had to do. I had to find Ellone. My next destination was Esthar.

That evening I visited Rinoa in the infirmary. No change. She was so cold. I kissed her forehead and apologized for my behavior. I promised her that I would be honest with her from now on. No secrets. Nothing to hide. I quietly walked away and left her “sleeping.” Afterward I went to Irvine’s dorm. I closed the door behind me. He was sleeping so peacefully. I didn’t want to disturb him, but I had something important to tell him. I knelt beside his bed and kissed his lips. He understandably woke up a little stunned. With a groggy voice he spoke. “Squall..... What are you doing here....?”

“I love you......”

“I...... love you too.”

“Listen, I’m sorry for being so stupid. You were right about Rinoa.... About everything. I miss you....”

“Don’t worry about it. You did the best you could. But you still need to tell Rinoa about us.”

“I promised myself I would when I revived her. Irvine.....”

“Something’s on your mind.”

Irvine sat up and held my hands. I told him what was bothering me. “I don’t know why, but I feel as though I may never see you or the others again after we reach Esthar. And I want to cherish our time together from now on. Starting tonight.......”

I slipped into his bed as I kissed him. He unbuttoned his sleepshirt and bared his soft flesh. I ran my fingers through his silken hair as I licked his neck and shoulders....

“Rinoa... do we really have to read this? I mean, this is Squall’s personal.....” Rinoa looks up from the entry and smiles.

“I need to know Zell. This entry has so much passion. Squall loved Irvine endlessly. Just let me read....”

The smell of his cologne was still so strong on his body. Sweat began to bead on his chest as I pinched his nipples. I could tell that Irvine didn’t want to wait. He took my hands and slid them into his pants. I wanted to give him the world that night because I feared I may never see him again..... I uncovered his member and took it into my hands. With a feather-light touch I kissed it. It was time to finish what I started back in Deling City.

Irvine lifted his hips off the bed as spasms took over him. Slowly I slid his whole length into my mouth. I could never get over how good he tasted, and tonight he tasted so sweet. A number of moans escaped him as I sucked and tongued his shaft. He grabbed my head and pushed me closer, which meant he was ready to reach his peak. I took his balls into my hands as he lost control. His sweet fluid entered my mouth, and it ran from my chin. I licked it from my lips and fingers. I had waited so long for this moment..... But I wasn’t finished..... I wanted to take him one last time.....

He wrapped his legs around my waist tight as I positioned myself on top of him. Suddenly he grabbed the sheets and rolled himself on top. As a result we fell off the bed! We were covered in his bed sheets as I rolled myself back onto my lover. I looked into his eyes and saw his love for me. Irvine leaned forward and kissed me. His member hardened once more against my stomach when I guided my own cock to his opening. He gasped as I thrust inside. His moans of passion became imbedded in my memory. The sensations were more intense than before. He felt so tight, the mere thought of the pleasure he was feeling excited me. Irvine held me close as his body began to spasm. That triggered my orgasm as I unloaded my seed into him. He screamed my name as he came a second time. We kissed and I withdrew from his body.

“I love you Irvine....”

“I love you too Squall.... I didn’t pass out this time.... And we didn’t have any champagne...”

“You’re just as sweet without it..... Good night, my love.....”

I didn’t want to leave him, but I had to. The next morning I kissed Irvine on the lips and said my final good-byes. I got dressed and went back to the infirmary. I took Rinoa’s limp body on my back and left the garden. The road ahead of me was long, but I was ready for it. Goodbye Irvine.... Goodbye everybody...

That was graphic,” Zell says. “He’s a regular porn writer! I never knew...” “So that’s what happened...” Rinoa says as she looks up at Zell.

“Yep. Squall snuck you out hoping that he’d make it to Esthar by foot,” Zell responds.

“And when he got there?”

“We rallied behind him in support. He wasn’t the only one who wanted you back!”


“AWRIGHT!!!!” Zell shouts at the top of his lungs. “Rinoa, let’s read the next entry. It’ll make the time pass by quicker.” In reality Zell wants to know how the events affected Squall. Did he love Rinoa or did he love Irvine? The truth is closer than either one thought.....

July 17th,

Esthar’s an amazing city. It’s so advanced. It’s people are so peaceful. But Rinoa’s still unconscious. And those dreams of Laguna are starting to make sense. The last one was of Laguna saving Ellone from a cell. But my main concern was of Rinoa being studied by that circus freak Dr. Odine. The Doc’s assistant suggested that when we were ready to go to the Lunar Gate. I have a bad feeling about this.....

July 18th,

I’ve been told that there may be a way to save Rinoa on a satellite that revolves around the moon. It’s also where they keep the Sorceress Adel captive. They’ve loaded Rinoa’s body into the capsule. I’m ready to do this. For Rinoa, my best friend..... I hereby hand this journal over to Quistis Trepe for safe keeping. For now I’ll sign off.... Wish me luck... May the gods be watching over me....

“That’s the last entry.....” Rinoa closes the book and cries on Zell’s shoulder. The rest of the trip to Deling city is silent. When they arrive they locate the Galbabia Hotel and ask for Irvine Kinneas’s room.

“What are you gonna say to him, girl?!” Zell asks on the way to the room.

“I want to know everything about their relationship Zell. I loved him!”

“Just..... Be careful....”

Rinoa knocks on the door. A short while later a voice answers.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Rinoa, Irvine! Let us in!”

“Um, hold on.....”


Irvine slowly opens the door, but Rinoa pushes him out of the way and enters. A doctor can be seen standing over the bed as Irvine sits down on the edge. The sharpshooter gently grabs a hand that is reaching up for him. Rinoa is stunned to see who is being cared for in the bed.



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