Warnings: Threesome, shounen-ai, het
Notes: I love this pairing ^_^


By Almasy

It was, Rinoa thought, a perfectly logical question.

She was lying more or less dormant in the large, darkened bed with its soft sheets wound around sated limbs. Squall Leonhart was curled into her right side, head resting halfway between the pillow and the curve of her shoulder, arm heavy around her bare waist. This was not unusual; it had been an on-going pattern for the 12 months or so they'd been together. The difference was that Seifer Almasy was sleeping in the same position on her left side.

The question was; what the hell was going on?

Not that she was any sort of blameless party in this. A smile spread across her face as she remembered the look in Squall's dark eyes when she'd propositioned him. His birthday, her permission. In offering him the choice of another partner for the night, she'd wholly expected him to pick a woman. She would have been okay with that, she supposed. Jealous, perhaps, but it being his treat and all, she would have accepted it. She had been trying to guess who he'd go for; assuming that his type was petite brunette girls. Her money had been on a slim, vivacious member of SeeD; a new graduate and an object of lust for most of the men in her year. The look of disinterest on Squall's face had confused her, and she remembered goading him about it, wondering why he wasn't attracted to her. Worrying. It was only when Seifer walked into the buzzing room, -his steps barely audible over the music but his appearance louder than even the heaviest of drumbeats-, that she saw Squall's expression chance. It was a look she clearly recognised. The same look he'd given her when she'd seduced him that first time, the very same hint of lust in his eyes every time he "accidentally" walked in on her in the shower.

To her credit, she hadn't so much as panicked. Squall, as she'd long known, swung every which way he could. There was no doubt that he was faithful, and religiously so at that, but his attraction was easily aroused and she wasn't surprised that Seifer had caught his attention. Understandable, with his walking in in that black aura; tight clothes showing off lines of practiced muscle, jeans riding low on sharp hipbones. As far as Rinoa was concerned, had Squall not chosen the ex-Knight, she'd have made his decision for him. All the same, she was pleased that she didn't have to. Her contribution to their arrangement took the form of convincing a denying Squall that Seifer was a good choice; his fumbling over his feelings for her and insistences that it was her whom he loved made him edgy and tense. She'd watched him chew absentmindedly on his lip, casting glances at the fiery blonde nearby, before she'd intervened and assured him that they both wanted it. She'd even told him that Seifer would be a much more comfortable bed-mate for her than some chick who was thinner than she was. At that, he seemed more confident and eventually, with a bit of alcoholic influence, managed to convince Seifer into taking them on.

Not that Seifer had needed much persuasion.

The thought of bedding his ex-girlfriend and his current crush wasn't something Seifer was going to easily be able to refuse, she mused. Not that she'd known that Seifer was into Squall, or that he still held a candle for her. His confessions had been simple for him, laid open with honest eyes and she had appreciated them. Still, it would make him all the harder to let go of. She'd forgotten how good it felt to be around Seifer; to be infected with his passionate, carefree nature and to stop worrying about the world. Squall was as cool as a cucumber and as sexy as hell, but Seifer was an open furnace and she needed that fire. Squall needed that fire. Shrugging slightly, she dispelled the notion as quickly as it had come. Seifer would leave in the morning and she and Squall would forget this had ever happened. She wouldn't think again of the way Seifer had held her, touched her, as Squall had fucked her. She wouldn't remember the whispers in her eyes, those soft, sinful chuckles. She'd forget the warmth of his hands and the blazing of his eyes. Seifer would leave in the morning, and take all of that with him.

A movement stirred the sensitive skin of her stomach and she lazily cast her eyes downwards. With a soft snort and a contented smile, she watched Squall, -in the midst of his sleep-, reach over the curves of her waist for Seifer's hand.

Maybe this wouldn't be the end, after all.

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