Warning: I’m sorry about the pairings, it’s Selphie’s fault not mine.

A cupid’s work

By Purple Penguin

I flew across the clouds happily; I had a new job. In Balamb everyone was lonely and I was the one to sort it out. I was trusted to do this mission alone, after all I was Selphie the best Cupid ever. I tucked my little gold bow under my arm and held the clipboard with my instructions close to my chest as I flew down to the world below.

Balamb garden sure was pretty from up here, I flew inside above people’s heads. I was invisible so I could go anywhere I wanted. I sat on top of a fish fountain and flipped through my instructions.

Seifer + Squall.

There weren’t any descriptions. I sighed. Amateurs. I’ll deal with them later. I flew into a room where lots of humans were sitting eating lunch. Three figures sat at a table.

“Hey Rinoa, how’s the studying going? Are you ready for the SeeD exam?”

I smiled. I’m sure there was a Rinoa on my list. I flipped through the pages. Yes, she’s meant to be with Zell. I wonder if one of those guys is him.

“Well Zell, I’m a bit worried about getting injured. Mandy told me she nearly broke a nail.”

This was too easy; I’ll be home in time for supper. Rinoa sat beside a man in a hat and Zell sat opposite her so they were both close to me and easy targets. I aimed carefully and fired at Zell, hitting him in the arm. He chatted away oblivious. The next person I hit will fall for him and vice versa. I aimed at Rinoa and fired.

“Oops I dropped my folk.” She bent to pick it up and it my horror my arrow hit the man in the hat.

When she sat back up she noticed the guys weren’t interested in her anymore they were staring at each other. “Hello? Guys?”

I cringed when the man with the hat grabbed Zell and ran out of the room with him. I followed; maybe there’s something I can do to repair this. They ran into an elevator and I pasted through the solid metal doors after that. My eyes widened and then slammed shut. That’s not something an innocent cupid like me should have to see. Had they no shame, this was an elevator anyone could come in here and see that guy with his trousers round his ankles and the other... well, use our imagination.

I pasted through the lift to the upper floor. I was in the dorms.

I barely got out of the way in time before a cadet was slammed into the wall but a huge blonde man. The boy struggled.

“Seifer, leave him alone!”

So that’s Seifer, good. I’ll get it right this time. I studied the new comers, could that be Squall?

“What’s it to you, Leonhart?” He released the boy and focused on the brunette.

Damn, he’s not the right one. Where can I find Squall? I shot Seifer and was about to walk away to find Squall, but the two men started to argue and then fight. I jumped and accidentally fired an arrow. It shot past both men and hit a dog that was sitting outside a dorm.

I sighed in relief. That didn’t count, right?

The blonde man rushed past the brunette and hugged the dog. “Angelo I love you!”

I stared at him. Oh no, that was so much worse.

“Seifer, are you feeling okay?”

“Fuck off Squall I don’t love you anymore!”

That was Squall? Oh not again. Who was I going to pair Squall with?

“You loved me? When?”

I left the confused brunette and the love sick blonde alone and when in search of more targets. Rinoa was still single too, but even I could see hoe terrible Squall and her would be together. I flew back to the front gate. Three people were there, I decided to listen in to them.

“Hello president Loire, I’m Headmaster Cid.”

They shook hands.

“This is one of my presidential aides Kiros Seagill.”

Cid shook his hand too.

Kiros kept shooting glances at the president. I thought they’d make a perfect couple so I aimed and fired at Kiros.

“Squall, come here a minute.” Cid called.

I aimed at Laguna and fired. Just then Squall leaned across him to shake Kiros’ hand and my arrow hit him instead. When their hands met the dark man smiled and Squall blushed.

I winced but they did seem like a nice couple, it could b worse. I watched Seifer walk past holding Angelo in his arms, cooing at him. Well, they were happy so that’s good right? I hope I don’t get fired for this.

I looked back at my list. One more couple to go. Quistis and Nida. The list told me to go to the bridge so I flew up there. This would be easy they were the only two people up there. I fired at Quistis and hit her in the shoulder then I fired at Nida. It flew through the air heading for him it hit his metal SeeD badge and ricocheted off him hitting me in the chest.


I’ve heard what happens; I felt the changes setting in. All thoughts and memories of being a Cupid left me and now all I thought of was her.

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