Under Cover of Night

By Kumaguro


Tsuzuki entered Hijiri’s room. The two looked out at the beautiful lake.

“You didn’t give me your body tonight.”

“Uhh... What do you mean?”

“Well, you gave it to me the last three nights... then in the mornings...”

Hijiri blushed.

“You don’t want to make me happy anymore?”

“Uh, how should I make you happy?”

Tsuzuki placed a hand suggestively on Hijiri’s hip.

“If you don’t remember, maybe I should do it to you for tonight.”

“Tsuzuki... I’m not in the mood.”

“Really? You just told me this morning that you had some strawberry oil for us. You really want to forget about tonight?”

Hijiri moaned as Tsuzuki’s hot breath grazed down his neck. Hijiri accidentally leaned forward, allowing Tsuzuki to stand behind him, put both hands on his hips and lick behind his ear. Hijiri involuntarily leaned forward, his forehead touching the glass of the window.

“The lake looks very beautiful from here doesn’t it?” Tsuzuki growled.

Hijiri took a breath and swallowed, nodding his head and forcing a sigh of agreement past his throat. Tsuzuki wrapped his right hand down the front of Hijiri’s pants and pulled his hips into his own with the other hand. He nibbled on Hijiri’s ear, forcing the younger man to pant and moan unwillingly.

“Why are you fighting me?”

“I... I...”

“You can’t even answer. Are you embarrassed? You don’t have to be. I see your erection isn’t embarrassed.”

“Oh, my God...”

Tsuzuki threw Hijiri on the bed. Hijiri looked away, embarrassed that Tsuzuki knew of an arousal and would appear to be acting on it. Tsuzuki straddled over Hijiri and licked up his neck before making eye contact with the young man. Hijiri gasped. Tsuzuki smiled and took the green-eyed boy’s hands, placing them above his head, leaving Hijiri defenceless. Tsuzuki leaned his lips into Hijiri’s which was not accepted. Tsuzuki leaned up and looked down, interrogating him silently. Tsuzuki closed his eyes and leaned in an open mouth to Hijiri’s waiting mouth. The two kissed and Tsuzuki moved one hand down to pocket Hijiri’s contents. Hijiri moaned again. Tsuzuki undid the catch of Hijiri’s pants and put his hand in.

“Tsuzuki... Stop.”

“Hijiri... You don’t want me to stop tonight, do you?”


“I don’t believe you.” Tsuzuki went down to have his mouth meet his hand on Hijiri’s appendage.

Tsuzuki immediately took Hijiri in his mouth. Hijiri moaned loudly.

“Tsuzuki, stop. Please!”

Tsuzuki lift his mouth off of Hijiri.

“You promised me a wonderful night. I wonder if you’re not Hijiri after all. He was always so willing.”

Hijiri gasped and blushed.

“I just... needed time to adjust again. Please do everything you want with me.”

Tsuzuki smiled.

“Good boy.”

Then the older man went back to his previous ordeal. He licked up Hijiri’s shaft then kissed the tip before going back down on it. Hijiri moaned softly and wove his hands through Tsuzuki’s hair.

“It feels so good!”

Tsuzuki pushed Hijiri to the edge. Hijiri sat up and tried to gently pry Tsuzuki off of him.

“Tsuzuki, I’ll--”

Tsuzuki sucked up and looked into Hijiri’s eyes.

“Did you forget that tasting you is my favourite part?”

Hijiri leaned back in fear then threw himself back on the bed. Tsuzuki slid a hand under Hijiri’s shirt and let his tongue tease the burning organ in front of him. Then he put his mouth over it again. Hijiri panted and released himself into Tsuzuki’s warm mouth. Tsuzuki took all of Hijiri in willingly, licking his lips as he finished his task. Hijiri looked down at Tsuzuki who looked back and swallowed.

“You taste different.”

Hijiri gasped. The two were silent. Hijiri’s pulse raced as Tsuzuki glared viciously.

“What did you eat?”

“Rice and meat. I had wine, like you.”

“You taste good.” Tsuzuki stated blandly as he crawled up Hijiri’s body.

He looked into those deep emerald eyes and smirked when he was drawn by the shard design of the cursed eye.

“You’re beautiful.”

Hijiri’s lips were trembling.

“What’s this? You want me to kiss you?”


Tsuzuki was already back to massaging Hijiri’s piece.

“I mean...”

Tsuzuki leaned down and sealed Hijiri’s lips with his own. He easily wove his tongue into Hijiri’s mouth as well, playing with Hijiri’s tongue. The younger man seemed deprived as he reached a hand behind Tsuzuki’s neck to pull him down further. The two kissed ferociously and Hijiri pulled away to kiss Tsuzuki’s neck and jaw. Tsuzuki huffed when he felt Hijiri bite and suck hard into his neck. He let Hijiri release his clenched teeth to look down at him, smiling.

“That hicky won’t last.”

“Too bad. I tried.”

Tsuzuki smiled and leaned down to kiss the defiant brunette. Then Tsuzuki leaned up and sat up on top of Hijiri’s legs.

“So, are you ready?”

Hijiri nodded reluctantly. Tsuzuki leaned down and nuzzled his mouth in Hijiri’s ear.

“Turn over.”

Hijiri did so slowly. Tsuzuki breathed hotly over Hijiri’s neck and removed the submissive boy’s shirt. He licked down his back, and reached his pants. He slid those off of the green-eyed boy’s hips, forcing loving, sexed moans from the young man. Tsuzuki kissed up Hijiri’s back and placed his naked torso over top of him. He pulled Hijiri’s body off of the bed and finished undressing him by removing his navy blue boxers. Hijiri could feel Tsuzuki rustling behind him. He didn’t look but leaned his face down into the pillow. He felt Tsuzuki press his naked hips into Hijiri’s behind. Tsuzuki grinned when he heard Hijiri gasp. Tsuzuki let his hands rub against Hijiri’s back. Then he let a hand trail around his waist and met with the younger brunette’s member. Hijiri moaned softly. Tsuzuki stroked him at the same time he probed around Hijiri’s entrance with his other hand. Tsuzuki slowly replaced his fingers with something else. It invaded Hijiri to the point where he groaned into the pillow, muffling the great discomfort of Tsuzuki’s act. Yet Hijiri found himself pushing his body toward Tsuzuki to be taken. Tsuzuki went fully in. Hijiri moaned loudly into the pillow as he became fully hard at the feeling of Tsuzuki’s heat pressing against his sweet spot.

“How is it, Hi-chan?”

“Good! So good!” Hijiri moaned.

Tsuzuki continued to push into Hijiri and forced sexed moans from the two of them.

“Oh, god, Tsuzuki, give me more... please... I’ll be good...”

Tsuzuki chuckled and continued to rub in and out of him.

“You want more?”

Tsuzuki stroked at Hijiri’s piece, wrapping his hand around him harder. He rammed into the younger man and panted heavily. He pulled out of Hijiri and joined his member with Hijiri’s between the younger man’s legs. He stroked the two shafts together and kissed Hijiri’s back. Hijiri gasped loudly and was ready to release himself. Tsuzuki grunted and let out his excitement. Hijiri followed. Hijiri joined his hand with Tsuzuki’s and aided in their release. When they finished, Hijiri collapsed and Tsuzuki went down after him. Hijiri rolled over and hugged Tsuzuki. The two held each other, kissing despite their exhaustion. Tsuzuki lay on top of Hijiri, his breath slowly returning to normal. He closed his eyes and cuddled Hijiri. Hijiri closed his eyes as well. A tear rolled down his cheek and his lips quivered.



“I knew you weren’t Hijiri.”

Hisoka gasped. Tsuzuki looked into those green eyes which lost the demonic shard.

“But, thank you.”

Hisoka recoiled in embarrassment. Tsuzuki took Hisoka’s chin and guided his lips to the younger man’s. Hisoka reluctantly kissed back. Then Tsuzuki pulled away and nuzzled Hisoka’s ear.

“Can we do it again sometime?”

Hisoka gently blew into Tsuzuki’s ear. Tsuzuki looked into his eyes once more.

“We can do it again... When I’m Hisoka and you’re Tsuzuki.”

Tsuzuki leaned down and kissed the youth under him.

“Let’s stay here tonight. We’ll talk in the morning...”

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