The Good Partner

By Kumaguro


Tsuzuki laid Hisoka down on his bed admiring how cute he was when he was quiet.

“Gushoshin, will you leave us?”

“Why? Tsuzuki, I think I should stay and take care of Hisoka as well.”

Tsuzuki blushed. “I’ll be fine to tend to him on my own.” He sat next to Hisoka on the bed.

“Tsuzuki, what are you planning on doing?”

“Well...” Tsuzuki went red. “Tatsumi taught me something about being a good partner. And since I want to be a good partner to Hisoka, there’s something I have to do. But I don’t want you to see.”

Gushoshin rolled his eyes.

“Tsuzuki, whatever you have to do, do it. I won’t judge you.”

Tsuzuki scoffed as he took the blanket down off of Hisoka.

“You promise, Gushoshin? Tatsumi and I were great partners because we did this for each other. So I want to do it to Hisoka.”

Gushoshin agreed. Tsuzuki opened the front of Hisoka’s pants. Gushoshin blinked.

“If you’re uncomfortable, you CAN look away.”

Gushoshin did so. He turned on the TV at the same time he watched the fireworks through the window. He could hear Hisoka gently moaning and a strange sucking noise. He didn’t dare look behind him.


Tsuzuki bobbed on Hisoka, taking in the full length of his new partner. He gagged a little but sucked sensuously. He massaged Hisoka with his hand. Hisoka’s sleepy moans became louder and mixed with heavy breathing and gasping. Tsuzuki’s chuckle rumbled over Hisoka’s piece. Hisoka semi-consciously woke up and moaned out loud. The fireworks stopped and Gushoshin lost the focus of what was through the window, being drawn into the reflection. Hisoka’s body was thrashing as Tsuzuki pleasured him. Hisoka was pushed to the limit, releasing himself into Tsuzuki’s mouth. When he was completed, Hisoka sat up and looked down at Tsuzuki. Tsuzuki looked back up at him, swallowing and licking his lips.

“Why did you..?”

“It’s what good partners do.”

Hisoka pulled Tsuzuki up and kissed the older man on the lips. He could still taste the evidence of Tsuzuki’s act. It was bitter but warm, giving it that satisfying aftertaste. He pulled away from Tsuzuki and fell back into the pillow.

“He’s... asleep again!?!?!”

Tsuzuki stood up and decided to get to work.

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