Daydream of a Dance

By spheeris1


The sun is too bright in this little town you and I have

Become stuck in.

Shafts of its’ hot rays spear through the autumn leaves, burning the edges

Of orange, of brown, of red.

Torched, they fall to the ground and crumble under your feet…

…under my fingers, they turn to dust….

I walk and you follow.

You are scared, I know…but try to remember that you have done

All of this before, child.

Such a child, such wide-eyed and sorrowful is your broken innocence.

It pleases me to see you this way.

It causes a tremor over my cold skin to catch visions of you

As we move

Apart, together, apart, together.

Your skin is my skin

And your body is my body

And your pitiful screams are mine to hold through the night.

We reach the top of the hill, the crest of the wave threatening to tumble

Over us in white and blue…

And I take your hand and your eyes of emerald glaze over…

You are so very scared, child….my dear, dear child.

Shhhh…..remember my hands upon you,

Remember my lips upon you,

Remember my claim to you is forever.

I spin you out and pull you back.

I twist you, turn you… a waltz with no true beat in time.

You hit the ground and I descend on you, our shadows

Mingle and you play for me alone,

My marionette…

The sun has gone down in this lost season you and I

Are living in.

And I go down as well, taking you with me.



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